but lucas and nathan are both scotts

Adore You - Nathan Scott

Title: Adore You 

Pairing: Nathan Scott x Reader 

Relationship: dating 

Warnings: heated moment (not smut)

Prompt: Lucas walks in on Nathan and the reader

Nathan had just moved into his apartment and announced that he was throwing a housewarming party. With an hour before the party, final things were being added; a bag of chips here, a bottle of soda there. You knew Nathan was bored, 45 minutes until people would be arriving. You slipped on one of his shirts, leaving your original top and pants discarded on the floor. You quietly snuck up behind Nathan, wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“Hey,” You whispered, interlocking your fingers with his. He turns around, looking at you from top to bottom. 

“Damn,” he muttered, his eyes connecting with yours.

“We have 44 minutes until people start showing up. 30 if you wanna play it safe." 

Nathan exhales a shaky breath, leading you to smirk. You connect your lips with his, standing on your tippy toes to reach his face. His hands grab your hips, lifting you up, allowing your legs to wrap around his waist. He brings you back to the bedroom, kicking the door closed behind him. Placing you down on the bed, he removes his shirt, throwing it over by your pile of clothes. His lips quickly reconnect with yours, pinning your wrists above your head. Few words were exchanged between the two of you, and a couple minutes later, the both of you were tangled up in the sheets. Your nails were digging into Nathan’s back, adrenaline pumping through your veins. That was until the door opened.

“God, Nathan.” Lucas groaned, shutting the door as quickly as he opened it. You and Nathan let out a chuckle, putting on clothes you had lying on the floor.
You snuck into the bathroom, fixing your hair and checking your phone. It was 7, you still had 20 minutes until people started coming.

“Why didn’t you lock the door?” Lucas asks Nathan, he wasn’t angry, just more disgusted.

“The real question is why didn’t you knock?” Nathan went back at him. They both let out a heavy sigh, stopping the conversation from going any further. You were friends with Lucas before you met Nathan, you’ve been friends forever.

“Just-Just don’t hurt Y/N, okay?” A tiny smile crept onto your face.

“Yeah, of course Luke. Trust me, I haven’t been with anyone like her. She’s the better half of me, you know?” Your smile turns into a grin as you listened to Nathan talk to Lucas about you. Maybe it wasn’t so bad that Luke walked in on you guys after all.


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Lucas grinned as he saw you come over, “Hey, babe.” He mumbled before kissing you. Both of you were too caught up in each other that you didn’t notice the darker haired brother of Lucas watching, jealousy coating his face. Oh yeah, Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott were both in love with you.


Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x08 Truth, Bitter Truth

LUCAS: I know you don’t understand what I’m doing, but I need to ask you a favor.  
NATHAN: Okay. 
LUCAS: If my mom ever asks, I got the test and I’m fine… and the same goes for Haley, alright?  
NATHAN: If that’s what you want.   
LUCAS: Thanks.    
RADIO: Holiday,  
BOTH: Holiday, It’s the best day. It’s an ice cream day. I am only happy when I have, holiday, holiday, holiday.