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Alright so I got an idea it's kinda long but bear with me pls I promise it has a point I'm just awkward and don't know how words work ANYWAYS Lance is hella good at singing like insanely so and planned to pursue a career in music because he never thought he could get into the Garrison because that shit costs a lot of money and he's a self sacrificing family guy so he's not gonna put them through paying for him but low and behold he takes the test to get in anyways and ends up getting a full-

-(musical Lance 2) scholarship there and that was his dream no matter how much he loves music and so he goes and everything plays out as normal Langst goes because this boy is always humming and when he’s not doing that he’s tapping on something and the others can have quite a short fuse at times and though it’s usually unintentional they end up saying some pretty mean stuff but that doesn’t really stop Lance aside from toning it down when the others are in the room SO one day blue boy is - 

-(musical Lance 3) roaming around the castle because there’s still so much to be explored within it and eventually comes across this room filled with musical instruments from all over some of which he can’t even tell what they’re supposed to be but god this is everything he ever could’ve asked for so he starts going there in every bit of his spare time that isn’t dedicated to training and whatever responsibilities he has around the castle and the team starts to notice and they’re like shit did-

-(musical Lance 4) did we go too far with that whole humming thing it’s too quiet around here now and one day Lance hits what he thinks is a recording button but instead his voice is now being broadcasted throughout the entire castle and the team is like ??? We have radio signals all the way out here ??? And Coran is like no of course not it’s probably coming from the music room and then freezes and turns to an already frozen Allura because how is anybody playing one of those instruments ?? Let-

-(Musical Lance 5??) alone singing that good ?? And so the team is like ?? Well ?? Where is it and so Allura and Coran start leading them there and they hear Lance fuck up on what he still thinks is a recording and cursing to himself in Spanish then it cuts out and they’re like holy shit 2.0 Batman !! And they eventually get to the room and Lance doesn’t even notice them because he’s too caught up in trying to make this song perfect and eventually he notices them all and is like u guys aren’t-

-(musical Lance 6) aren’t gonna tell me to stop this too are u ? And yeah then they all have a moment and learn a bunch about lances past and stuff and yeah I’m horrible with endings and writing in general so ta-da ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is amazing, oh my god, I have nothing to add it’s perfect

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Omg if they do have spencer having a twin i NEED her to crash ezrias wedding and when the minister person says "does anyone have an objection" i need her to walk down the aisle and be like i do


That is giving me Trish Stratus interrupting Lita & Kane’s wedding circa 2004 REALNESS (if anyone gets/remembers this, we are now officially married). 

I swear I literally fantasize about Ezria’s wedding being ruined. I had a thought like what if EzrA is A.D. and on the day of the wedding, the girls are getting ready and Aria realizes she forgot to bring…..whatever. She starts panicking and the other girls tell her not to worry and that they’ll go back to Ezra’s apartment to get it. Time goes on as the girls search for this object and Hanna (bc she would be the one to find something) starts fishing though Ezra’s things and low and behold, she comes across papers, receipts, pictures, emails, plans, and everything else that appear wildly incriminating. She gets the girls’ attention and they start slowly putting things together and before you know it, they are finding more and more things that A.D. had/use against them and that’s when it reality hits. 

Ezra is A.D.

Meanwhile at the wedding, everyone is waiting for the girls to come back but Ezra starts getting restless, urging Aria to start without them. After some hesitance, She agrees and there begins the ceremony. The girls realize they need to stop Aria from marrying him ASAP so they rush out of the apartment. Cue the dramatic music and camera cuts as the girls race to the wedding while Ezria start their vows. Spencer hops into the driver’s seat of the SUV and tells everyone to hold on while she starts the ignition and thrusts the gear into drive in one fluid motion.

“Ezra Fitzgerald, do you take Aria Montgomery to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage?  Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Ezra grins with his mouth spreading out across his face. The girls are holding tightly onto the grab handles of the car as Spencer floors the gas and speeds past other vehicles - a couple of scared squeals from the others as we, the viewers, start to notice how evil Ezra’s smile is becoming while Aria is obliviously staring up at him with heart eyes.

“Aria Montgomery, do you take Ezra Fitzgerald to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage?  Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Aria happily beams, smiling with her teeth. Her eyes begin to slightly water just because she’s been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever and it’s now finally happening. They’re really doing this. They go through the process of giving and receiving the rings when Spencer flies right onto the curb outside the establishment, not caring to waste time to find parking. The girls undo their seat belts and jump out the car, hiking up their dresses as they run as fast as they can in their heels.

“And now by the power vested in me by the State of Pennsylvania , I pronounce you husband and w-”

“ARIA, STOP!” the girls scream out in unison as they burst through the double doors of the entrance. Everyone’s attention snaps to the back with the entire building frozen in shock at such an abrupt interruption. Aria’s eyes go wide as she watches her friends stroll down the aisle, breathless.

“Aria…you…you can’t marry Ezra.” Spencer warns her.

“Wha-what are-what is this?!” Aria finds herself confused yet gradually growing infuriated by the second as she sends dagger-like glares at the girls. “Why not?!”

Emily sorrowfully steps forward with a hyper-realistic mask in her hand as her and Aria’s eyes lock. 

“Because he’s A.D.”

………………….Now you tell me if that’s not something you would love to see happen???lmao idk why i just busted out into story-mode that’s a true pipe dream of mines. But now that you brought up the Spencereitta ruining the wedding, I’m just as excited! Man, the possibilities! 

After nearly thirty hours of being awake, I’m finally took a nap for about four hours and now I’m here. Cool. Gotta get ready for a BBQ tho, but first I guess I feel sorta eh about something. 

I saw a lot of people talking about the fact people aren’t respecting their rules and going so far as to harass them for not RPing with them. Hm. Interesting. It got so bad that it started to become guilt-tripping, a whole lotta blaming and all that magical stuff. Seems pretty interesting, yet again. 

I feel like this is something that flies over people’s head who have asked for RPs. People are busy folks. Let’s have me as an example because I seem to be the perfect (not really) example of an RPer who literally is just on here to RP but low and behold, I gotta adult.

Currently, I am working two jobs and will be attending night school too. Meaning. I have no free time. I live paycheck by paycheck to pay my bills and to be on top of every single one of them. I’ve been doing pretty good so far, but hey…I struggle. Its fucking hard but I do it. The thing is. I’m barely on here as a result. Real life is my priority, becoming a Forensic is currently a dream of mine that I wish to pursue. Trying to fix this damn justice system is what I wish to fucking do (while also solving crimes because damn we have a lot of them in the US of A).

However, I come on Tumblr to RP. I don’t come here to take care of the problems of the many (I am only human my dears and only one person), I am not here to RP with everybody (I have over 1.5k of you and still climbing THERE ARE TOO MANY OF YOU), I don’t always have the heart to write because I’m tired after the end of my day. My days literally include me working from 7AM to 5AM, getting home around 6AM and then trying to catch up to all my vids while fitting food into my system and making sure I’m hydrated as all fuck before I go to sleep. I talk to my boyfriend and our mutual dominatrix friend. I try to catch up on games to relieve my damn stress, because holy shit I live with so much anxiety its fucking crazy.  My weekends consists of visiting my mother (because I did just recently move out and she’s about 15 mins away, also…dropping off them recyclables), trying to catch up on sleep, trying to hit up some friends, and staying the fuck home because I can’t afford to WASTE my money.

In conclusion, I’m a very busy person. I don’t go on Tumblr all that often and when I do, I either lurk or never leave the comfort of the drafts. Tumblr is the place where I RP at and even that is becoming something I barely do now. I’m adulting. I’m doing the thing I don’t really mind doing, but I’m working so fucking much. More than my little unhealthy body can deal with. So suddenly people think…that I’m obligated to RP with you?

I barely ever get those messages. I barely ever have to deal with the amount of NEED that people wish of me. I’m glad to have friends who understand that I’m legit working my ass off, not sleeping, barely eating and dealing with the hard life that is adulting and trying to stay afloat. I’m not going to RP if I have no heart to. I’m not going to RP with a lot of people who ask for interactions, because I have no HEART to. If you don’t read my rules, expect me to kindly ask you to read my rules and to please respect them.

I’m busy. I’m fucking stressing. I’m working my ass off just so I can fulfill my own dreams. I love my muse. I love the friends I’ve made on here and I love RPing. I”ve been doing it for years. YEARS. I doubt I’ll stop fully, but I think people need to take into consideration a little bit more that the people who you want to RP with are human. A lot of them are busy with school, work, kids, etc. Not everybody has large amounts of free time. Not everybody wants to get out of their bubble and RP with people, especially if you don’t read their rules.

Its gone around tumblr before but I’ll say it again.


Thanks. Have a good day. 

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"#Are we all thinking the same thing#Cause I'm literally shaking" what are you thinking 👀


Things I’m Sure Of:

  • One Direction was supposed to attend and they didn’t. 
  • Liam couldn’t have been at the award show longer than 10 minutes. He went for the sole purpose of picking up the award and left immediately after.  
  • Something changed tonight.

Now, we’ve been dragging Jeff non stop for being a bad manager for months, but part of me has always reserved the thought that /maybe/ he was restricted in what he could or couldn’t do. Just go with me. When Harry and the Azoff’s first started being seen together, everyone was all like, “omg 1D is firing shots at their team” but as things progressed, that mentality sort of faded away. I’ve still kept it in the back of my mind, though. Harry is the face of One Direction; I don’t think yachtgate was only for Harry’s career; I think it was for the band’s too. Just.. maybe there was a hold on things – on what Jeff could/couldn’t do – and maybe that hold is just starting to break. I’m not saying it’s happening all at once but… And all the family chiming in at the same time?? That’s not normal. At 8:30 it all just started happening; Harry’s family, Louis, Liam’s sister I think I saw? Plus the people at full stop?? Coincidences don’t exist with that band, it means something. 

Simon was not expecting Liam to show up. Straight up. He said “I’m milking this,” with his smug, ugly face because he had every intention of giving a speech talking about how he created them and blahblahblah. Then low and behold, Liam Payne looking like he just came in from off the street, snatched that sucker out of his hand, and peaced out again. Liam doesn’t do that. Literally say what you want but Liam is always the same; diplomatic, the Serious Face of 1D. Not tonight. He came in, he handled it, barely even touched Simon, made it SO clear there was tension between them, and left. Without thanking anyone. The whole thing was stilted and awkward and RIFE with tension; anyone should have seen it.

And then there’s Annas. Annas who handles all of Louis’s public (stunt) outings, tweeting about the Afterparty and for what? Louis is home in Doncaster. And then there’s Louis. Papped in London TODAY and then off to Doncaster? Made SURE to mention he was in Doncaster? Okay.

My boys pulled a fast one and March is going to be insane. I feel it in my gut. Something broke. Or maybe something cracked. Maybe things won’t happen all at once but this was a power play I can feel it.

Voltron Season 3

Okay, so, I can’t be the only one that doesn’t want Keith to lead Voltron in the beginning of season 3–at least, not easily at all. How much effort has been put into Keith and Shiro bonding with their lions aside, it just seems like a really, really bad idea for the team dynamic. 

Which I guess might be the whole point. If Keith does try to lead Voltron, I want it to go really, really badly. I want Red pissed at him and I want Black frustrated with the whole thing. I want them unable to form Voltron. I want Keith saying he’s gonna lead and Lance flipping his shit. But then Keith says “well, Shiro said he wanted me to do it!” And while this kind of shuts everyone up on the subject, tension is high (especially when every time Lance tries to say something, Keith shuts him down). 

I want Keith to be solely focused on rescuing Shiro, to the point where it’s a hinderance. Because, c’mon, ya’ll know he would be. While Keith isn’t selfish in his intentions (as he accused Pidge of being in the beginning of season 1), he can be in his actions. He’s always the first one to go off on his own, act rashly, and end up in battles he shouldn’t be facing alone. 

Keith is a loner and hasn’t yet learned to connect with his teammates enough to be a good leader. The only character he has a semi strong bond with is Shiro. And as he lacks the supportive leadership skills that Shiro has, it stands to reason that he’s not going to be very good at understanding his teammates. While in a battle he may know what needs to be done, he doesn’t know how to deal with people. His social obliviousness has been made clear multiple times. 

That aside, if we’re going to be changing the lions around, who’s taking over the spare lion? Is it Allura? Coran? And which lion is getting the switch? Why isn’t Allura getting the black lion and being the one in charge (this is how it should be, by all rights)? Maybe she will, we don’t know. 

BUT if she doesn’t–if Keith ends up in charge–it shouldn’t stick. There’s no way in hell Lance would rally behind Keith. Not with how poorly Keith will handle the team dynamics. It will fester, as will the fact that Shiro decided to put Keith in charge in his absence instead of someone else. And through Lance it will make Hunk and Pidge uncertain. 

I see them looking for Shiro and getting a distress call, but Keith wanting to ignore it in favor of looking for Shiro. Allura will have issues with this, but so will Hunk. After his reaction to the Balmera, you think he’d be okay with not trying to save enslaved peoples on their way through? Bad feelings begin to fester.  

They’ll find leads on Pidge’s family, but Keith will, again, want to focus solely on Shiro, feeding Pidge some bull about them being able to more efficiently look for her family after they find Shiro (look at how he reacted in season 1–you know that’s what he’d say). Again, bad feelings will fester. 

Until, finally, Lance loses it with Keith “bossing” everyone around, even if that wasn’t Keith’s intention (likely, Keith thinks he’s doing the right thing). They’ll get into a huge fight, Hunk and Pidge both agreeing with Lance’s points about Keith’s behavior. 

Keith will be frustrated. He feels out of place in the black lion and like he’s trying to fill shoes that are far, far too big for him (because they are). But he also feels like the others aren’t seeing the big picture. They have to find Shiro because they can’t save the universe without him. That should be their priority number one, in his mind. So you know what he does? In typical Keith fashion, he decides to deal with the situation on his own. He goes back to Red (if he’d ever left her in the first place) and leaves

He’s gonna find Shiro, even if he has to do it on his own. 

Thus, Team Voltron falls even more to shambles. 

Upon learning that Keith has left, Lance tries to remain bitter, but the guilt gnaws at him. While Lance does have the people skills that Keith lacks and could step up to the plate, his lack of self-esteem (because Lance’s confidence is about as thick as tissue paper) doesn’t allow him to do it. After all, he’s the jokester, the idiot, the one no one takes seriously. And he soon comes to believe that Keith leaving is his fault. 

So you know what he does? He goes after Keith. 

Which leaves Hunk and Pidge as the only lions left at the castle. This allows for two things–it allows Hunk and Pidge to stretch their legs in leadership positions as well as give the two the chance to form relationships with Allura and Coran. After all, Hunk wanted to be the head. Well, here’s his chance whether he wants it or not. Hunk being Hunk, however, wants to keep what little of the team is left together. Pidge was thinking of leaving too, to go look for her family, but Hunk stops her. He promises her they’ll look, explaining that going solo is only going to get them all into deeper trouble. Therefore, it becomes Hunk’s personal mission, and the heavy, heavy weight on his shoulders, to get the team back together. They go off in the direction they think Lance and Keith may have gone, answering any and all distress calls along the way. They get clues as to the locations of their friends, about the Galra, and make friendly with all kinds of peoples, even some that Allura probably doesn’t approve of. 

Because Allura’s arc will be her dealing with her own prejudice as well as the loss of her team and what she views as a failure on her part. However, Hunk is the perfect person to help rebuild her and get her back on the right track. 

Ultimately, it’s Hunk and Pidge, with Allura and Coran, that end up finding and saving Shiro. This is their big victory, so to speak, and goes very, very far in developing Hunk’s character, which is sorely needed. Big Man needs a situation to expand his strengths and become the rock of the team he’s supposed to be. It will, therefore, be Hunk who brings their leader back, as is fitting.  

You know who doesn’t get to save Shiro? Keith. Keith, who in his reckless determination has abandoned his family and realizes his mistake too late. Because, low and behold, he can’t do things on his own. I want Keith to learn some lessons because, frankly, he’s too much of a loose cannon not to. I want his lion stolen and him forced to trust and depend on others to help him from planet to planet hunting for for his lion and Shiro. I want him to learn nothing about where Shiro is and instead get lead upon lead about others in distress. I want him to see those families suffering at the hands of the Galra that he spoke of in season 1 and be unable to do anything. You want to know why? Because if there’s anything Keith has clearly never been, it’s helpless (at least, not since he was a child, which could make the whole thing even more interesting if he’s the way he is so as to avoid the helplessness he was dealt as a child *shrugs*). He needs to learn to depend on others and listen. In the end, he gets his lion back, but he’s faced with a crossroad. Does he follow a vague, undefined rumor he heard about Shiro, or does he follow all the clues he’s been getting about Pidge’s family? 

Keith gets to rescue and bring back Pidge’s father now (not the brother, because that’s too easy, obviously) because that’s what he learns is the right thing to do. Together–because Pidge’s father is a genius–they find the castle of lions and regroup, only to find Shiro already there. 

But Lance is still missing and learning that Lance left to go after him after he foolishly abandoned them eats horribly at Keith, as it very well should (Keith is one of my fav characters, guys, really XD).  

Lance, meanwhile, gets a treatment very opposite to Keith’s. He’s having doubts when it becomes clear he can’t track Keith. He’s reflecting on whether he even deserves to be a paladin and what he manages to bring to the team. he feels worthless and lost, and even his typical front of flirting and over-confidence begins to break down. But I want him to meet someone, someone older, that acts as a mentor to him. Because, frankly, Shiro makes a good mentor to Keith and Pidge, but hardly paid any attention to Lance and Hunk. And while Hunk doesn’t seem like the type to need that kind of support overly much, Lance is. But this person needs to be someone significant–maybe a member of an underground resistance outside the Blade of Marmora, maybe a previous paladin (I like this one a lot), I don’t care. But, one way or another, they–with Lance at the helm–save a fuckload of people and, you know what, because Lance deserves his moment too, they discover/save something/someone(s) huge. Or, better yet, diplomatically negotiate with a civilization that is powerful, but been in hiding as a result of the Galra empire spreading. Maybe they’re special because they know something about the lions. Maybe they built the fucking lions and it’s only through Lance’s growing confidence in his ability to be diplomatic–using the people skills he has but more or less abused in the past–that they convince this society and their awesome army/technology/badass ships/robots to join the Voltron cause. 

Lance’s character, above them all, needs this victory. He needs this proof of his value and as a way to solidify himself as the Blue lion. Lance needs his fucking moment, both for himself and the viewers, who have been as unable as Lance himself to truly see his value.  

When will this moment come? When he and this society (I really like this idea, okay?) hear through some high tech communication stuff that the castle of lions is in danger and that the Galra have brought down their whole fist in an effort to beat them/steal the lions. I imagine this society being either similar to the Alteans or related, so they’ll have the ability to make worm holes. 

Anyway, back on the castle of lions, shit is hitting the fan. They don’t currently have the support of the Blade of Marmora because, well, this isn’t the show finale and we need to leave some “gathering of allies” for later (you know, Avatar style). Which means they’re stuck minus one lion. But damn if they don’t come up with an awesome plan and make some epic dents in the Galra fleet (probably Lotor is around being a creeper too, because I get the feeling he’d probably have been around the whole time. Probably harassing team Hunk and being a passive-aggressive little bitch). Still, despite said awesome plan, they’re screwed. 

Until, boom, Lance shows up with the fleet of whatever it was he made an alliance with and the advantage is gained. The Galra are sent scattering (for once), Voltron is formed, and, uh, maybe Voltron fights Lotor, because this gives Lotor an excuse to see Voltron’s true power (and realize what his ridiculous father was always going on about). Upon being royally assaulted by Voltron, Lotor runs away. Which basically means he can’t go back to the Galra and, thus, we get a spoiled-brat prince with allegiance to no one continuing to cause problems in the next season (hint, hint, he’d eventually become good).    

Probably end the season with the team kind of getting a sort of victory (the Galra run away, so it’s not like they won the war or anything). There’s a bit at the end–maybe a cheesy reunion that doesn’t hold a lot of weight, because, boom, you have to wait till next season. Where we’ll get heavy on the Pidge and heavy on the Shiro again (since he’d been basically gone this whole season) and heavy on the Lance and Keith learning to be friends instead of rivals. 


Read my headcanons for season 4 here!

Maybe I’ll just end up writing this as a fic myself >.<

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Being stubborn and unreasonable is a good way to make your business fail with me...

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

So I own a few residential properties, I used to maintain them myself but I have a small business that needs my constant attention so I hired a property management company to maintain the properties. Property management companies handle everything, fix anything broken, screen the tenants before moving in, evict them if they don’t pay rent etc, while I just collect my rent money minus their little reasonable fee they take every month. When I chose this company, who I’ll call SPM for shitty property management company, they seemed to be a very good company. Local, been established for awhile, nice people, etc. I needed help marketing my properties and getting good tenants moved in, so I chose them.

While most of my properties we’re vacant at the time, I did have a few occupied, and 1 tenant living in my higher-end condo property and he was my favorite tenant, who we’ll call FT. I screened him and approved him myself before I hired SPM. He was a very good tenant and he rented from me for 3 years which is a long time and a great thing for landlords. Paid rent on time, made repairs himself without deducting rent, didn’t smoke etc. I ended up getting to know him because he wanted to buy the condo and he was a great tenant, so we became very good friends.

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So I found a way to cheat dress code at my school by wearing tights under my shorts and they were ripped a little at the knee and when I get to school they call me to the office and tell me to get different clothes, I tell them I’m in dress code and low and behold when we check it turns out this is completely allowed in the code of conduct. So the next day when I come to school wearing the same thing, they now have a policy against ripped tights. So I wear a pair that aren’t ripped the next day and they call me too the office once more. I say they aren’t ripped and they change policy to no tights. They literally fucking banned tights because I found a way out of dress code.

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May I request something? The RFA's reaction to finding out MC is a really popular youtuber.


Youtube Gamer

  • Yoosung was on LOLOL
  • some of the guys in the guild were raving about this cute youtuber
  • Yoosung being a nosy little shit decided to check them out
  • legit choked on his drink when he saw it was MC
  • decided to binge watch all their videos
  • MC walks in like wyd?
  • Yoosung bombards them with questions 
  • MC thought Yoosung already knew lol
  • Yoosung thought she was just hella rich and really into video games
  • MC asks Yoosung to join them in a Let’s Play!
  • Yoosung was really camera shy at first but he soon forgot about it being with MC (aww)
  • It was basically MC and Yoosung dicking around for 20 minutes
  • MC’s fans are shook
  • They’re like #bringbackthecuteblonde
  • Yoosung starts appearing in more of MC’s videos
  • MC’s really happy cause “video games with the bae”
  • and Yoosung’s happy cause he can rely on MC to buy video games as he a broke college student


Beauty Guru

  • some time into the relationship Zen was thinking of getting a bigger apartment so him and MC could move in together
  • Mc’s like fuck yeah
  • after like months of preparation MC finally moves in
  • in the midst of carting MC’s stuff she asks him to carry this heavy box into the house
  • Zen being a nosy little shit #2 decided to look in it 
  • low and behold a box equal to his weight of makeup
  • Zen’s like
  • why do u need so much make up if ur flawless already
  • MC explains that she’s a youtube beauty guru
  • Zen’s offended™ that wasn’t told sooner
  • begs MC to be in one of her videos
  • highkey tries to feature in them
  • Zen just happens to be walking to the bathroom whilst MC’s filming
  • her 1 hypeman


DIY/ Life Hack Youtuber

  • Jaehee was visiting MC’s apartment for the first time
  • MC was giving her the grand old tour
  • Jaehee’s just thinking why MC’s apartment is so aesthetic™
  • teacup lights
  • fishbowl plants
  • you name it
  • MC explains that she make everything herself
  • Jaehee’s like TEACH ME
  • MC directs her to their Youtube channel
  • Jaehee feels like she’s unlocked the secrets of life
  • like she always wondered why MC had a solution for everything
  • MC is always giving Jaehee lil tips she’s learned
  • Jaehee helps MC film
  • They do origami together
  • MC told Jaehee that it was a stress reliever


Cooking Channel

  • lol Jumin knew already
  • MC was ready to reveal it in extravagant way 
  • like inscribed on a cake or smth
  • becomes MC’s official taste tester
  • Mc’s fans all go wild when MC moves from her smol kitchen to a state of the art one
  • always gets excited when MC makes cat themes stuff
  • MC teaching Jumin to bake and shit
  • fluffy morning breakfast videos when Jumin has days off
  • Jumin takes MC to all these different restaurants so she can try the food for her little foodie travel vlogs
  • MC cursing out all the fancy foods like caviar and truffles
  • then ending up taking Jumin out for street food
  • Elizabeth always popping up tryna eat Mc’s food
  • MC having to refill like 12 times cause Elly decided to climb on the counter
  • MC doing a cat food segment specially



  • another one that knew already
  • he found out in one of his shady background checks
  • takes unflattering screenshots of MC and posts them on the chat 
  • Mc’s like
  • creates a fanpage for MC
  • Seven isn’t exactly discreet so MC’s subscribers notice his presence
  • SO many videos of MC and Seven fucking about in public
  • probably banned from a few stores now
  • they also do challenges together
  • mostly ending with MC being traumatised and Seven cackling on the floor
  • videos keep on getting flagged cause MC won’t stop making dick jokes
  • Seven tryna turn it into a family friendly channel by adopting a cactus called Saeran (cause it’s prickly)
  • real Saeran roasting everyone in the comments
  • Seven quoting biblical memes 25/8 
  • vanderwood giving everyone the side eye from behind the camera

~Admin Petty

Date in a Box

Words: 9.7k
Genre: Fluff. So much fluff. 

Read more at Service Series

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He called and you came running.

Knock Knock.

The door swings open; a boy dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and timberlands greets you with frightened doe-eyes. “Are you-”

“Yes I am.” You push your way in, not having enough time to slip off your shoes politely. You take one quick scan of his apartment. “How much time do we have?”

“She’s coming in five minutes.” He says in alarm, scrambling to look at the clock.

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Alphabet Game

This is very long so click the read more!!

A— Arguments:

When Barry’s angry he tends to shut everyone around him out. After a squabble with you, he’d storm out to clear his mind, allowing both of you a good amount of time to calm down before he returns and you two can actually talk things through.

We all also know that Barry is a crier so it’s highly possible that he would break down into tears when either he or you try to apologize. But the night would definitely end with some I’m sorry cuddles or some makeup sex.

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Misdialed Call (Final)

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 796

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pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

summary: you live across the hall from Captain America, but you never really talk to him. When you find a giant spider in the bathroom, that all changes. 

warnings: big spider

Friday had finally come to a close, and you were relieved to be able to take your shoes off by the front door of your apartment. The clock under the tv read that it was only 9:20 pm, so you decided to have a glass of wine before settling in bed. It didn’t take long for you to down the whole glass, especially since your day consisted of your boss making rude remarks and low-tipping customers. Your eyes began to droop, and you decided it was time to find your way under the sheets. But low and behold, the moment you were finally comfy your bladder decided it was party time. After a few curses, you got up from the little burrow you’d made in the bed. You flicked on the bathroom light, and squinted momentarily.

A giant black spot on the wall made you stop in your tracks. You grimaced as you recognized the spot to be a spider, and it seemed to be staring back at you with it’s many eyes. Putting a hand on your mouth, you attempted to prevent a scream from ringing out across the apartment complex.

Being an independant woman was something you were used to from living in the city for so long, but your nerves were shot as of late. There was no way you were getting close to that damn thing, not just because spiders are gross, but you didn’t know if it was venomous or how fast it would be. The idea of running to a neighbor seemed childish, however, your neighbor wasn’t just some random citizen of New York. You’d only seen him in the hall a few times, and he was nice enough to ask you how your day was going, and even bring you a few misplaced packages. Maybe he’d help you in this dire situation of getting that damn spider off the wall. Not only that, but he would probably get a kick out of it as well. After practically running out of the apartment you called home, you knocked on the door across the hall from yours.

A deep voice rumbled from behind the door with a slight accent, “Who is it?”

You coughed, trying to rid your voice of any shakiness, “It’s your neighbor, Y/n,” The man was silent behind the door, “I need some help with a slight emergency.” There was a few moments of silence, and then you heard the chain being dragged away from the lock behind your neighbors door. The man who opened the door had an unfamiliar face, and he squinted his eyes at you. You’d only ever seen Steve going into the apartment, so you were about to walk away in fear him not being home.

Then, he quickly yelled over his shoulder but still managed to keep his eyes on you, “Steve, some short girl is here!” You smiled at the light jab, since it was obvious he was playing around. While he stood in front of you waiting for Steve, he pulled his long brown hair into a loose bun.

Captain America came into view from one of the rooms down the hall, and the man with long hair moved out of the way, “Can I help you?” He looked down at you with worry, and you knew you were in good hands. Even with a look of concern on his face, Steve looked as handsome as could be.

Instead of explaining how stressful of a week you had, you cut straight to the point, “I know you don’t really know me, but I have a really big spider in my bathroom.” You pleaded, “Can you please kill it for me?” A pathetic smile lifted your cheeks. Who else could say they asked Captain America to kill a spider for them? But it’s not like you were being dramatic considering the arachnid was bigger than your fist.

Steve bit back a laugh and nodded his head, “Sure, show me the way.” He took a step out of his apartment, and then added, “Oh, and please call me Steve.” The man with long hair was right behind him the whole time Steve was speaking to you at the front door, and finally waved the two of you off as you walked back across the hall. The whole situation made you giggle, you’d never spoken to Steve before, but here you are asking him to kill a spider in your apartment. Walking into your apartment you suddenly realized that it was a hot mess, so you immediately jumped to apologize and tried to explain that you were barely ever home. Steve just laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Bucky makes more of a mess than you do.”

You pointed through your room, with a shaky grin, “Okay, the bathroom is to the left, and the spider should be on the wall straight ahead when you walk in.”

Steve took a few quick strides towards the bathroom, and not even a half of a minute later you heard the toilet flushing. He came back out of your room, and smiled as he entered the living room, “The threat is gone.” His hands rested at his hips.

With a little shake of your head, you sighed, “Thank you Steve, hopefully I can sleep tonight and then enjoy my day off Sunday from this crappy place.” You could tell Steve was trying to look you up and down with each nod of his head, so you simply explained that you were a waitress and that your boss had been a dick as of late.

“Maybe I’ll stop in one day, shake your boss up a little.” Steve charmingly smiled, “If you need anything else or want to go get coffee or something, here’s my number.” He grabbed a marker, and wrote on the mini whiteboard on your fridge. Your heart was pounding a million miles every second as he closed your apartment door on the way back to his own. It felt like you’d just been thrown for a loop, but for some reason you were undeniably excited.

This was only the beginning for you and Captain America.

funny story

When I was in high school the policy was that you couldn’t have hats or backpacks in the hallways, they were to be stored in a locker.

So one Friday I’m walking into school with a group of my friends and a couple of us are going to the same section of lockers. The evil vice principal, forget her name so I’ll say Mrs. G, who gave all my friends (and myself) a hard time constantly was in the front of school ‘welcoming’ students. Obviously since we’d all just gotten there we still had our bags with us.  She sees us with our bags and shouts over the noise in the hall to “go to our lockers and put away your bags!” A younger me, already at the peak of authoritative resentment for having been lawfully contracted to wake up for school at the crack of dawn every day and relinquish my constitutional right to freedom, decided to utter a counter retort. Only when I said “where does it look like we’re going stupid” some magical force had quieted the hallway just enough for my voice to be loud.

Immediately I was faced with a life changing decision, accept the consequences of my actions and wait for her to waddle through the crowd, or option B. So I bolted up the crowded stairs- the 2 lines of students heading up or down the narrow stairs had apparently all heard my dilemma play out and were sympathetic because the stairway parted like the red sea with everyone shifting to the side. My friends and the rest of the hall of students assisted my escape, closing the path back up as I’d gotten through.

The rest of the day I avoided Mrs. G. Since she probably didn’t know my name I made it through all my classes without getting called to the office. I was home free, a celebration for my friend group.

I got to the school basketball game that night and low and behold one of the 2 vendor/ticket people you give your name to was Mrs.  G. From that day on she knew my name.

My thoughts on John Watson

I think no one would argue that he suffers from depression, low self esteem and has contemplated suicide more than once.

I think he found a slice of happiness with Sherlock. Even stopped dating and was planning on spending the rest of his life with him. I don’t think anyone can deny that John was hitting on Sherlock that first night at Angelos. I think after ASiB he was ready to live a life with Sherlock, even just as friends.

Then Sherlock committed suicide in front of John. I’ve no doubt that John blamed himself for that, after all everything is his fault, he’s said so himself. He was undoubtedly depressed after. I would not doubt he contemplated suicide again. I think there is a lot of evidence to say that he saw/heard Sherlock in his head this whole time.

Low and behold Mary comes along. Now, she was no Sherlock. But she showed interest in John. John, who obviously doesn’t do well alone. He likely thought that at least he’d have someone. And oh how Mary took advantage of a poor, depressed, unhappy man and hooked her claws into him. Look at MHR and the beginning of TEH. Did John look like a happy man to you? Nope.

Then Sherlock swooped back into his life unannounced. And during John’s “romantic” *eye roll* proposal. Shocks the shit outta John. And then, when they really need time to talk, Mary doesn’t fuck off, instead she sticks around and also sides with Sherlock the whole time. Real nice Mary. So John discovers that Sherlock faked his death, lied for two years, told a bunch of people but NOT HIM and never once tried to contact him. (not that Sherlock didn’t suffer too, but this post is about John, so chill Sherlock lovers).

So, John decided to still propose to Mary. Sherlock has, at this point, shown zero interest in a relationship with him. From JOHN’s POV easily replaced him Molly for cases (he has no idea Sherlock was hearing him in his head or calling his name out loud). Oh COURSE John would still marry Mary, why wouldn’t he? Sherlock then showed extreme interest in helping plan the wedding. From outward appearances didn’t show that the wedding itself was distressing to him, even Mary played into this lie, telling John that he just needed a break and to get out on cases. John even tried ONE MORE TIME to hit on Sherlock on his stag night, with no result again. Again, why is anyone surprised he still got married??

And then Mary was pregnant. So, even after he was miserable in his marriage, and Sherlock wasn’t contacting him but was still chatting with Mary behind his back, what was he supposed to do? Even after Mary shot Sherlock. John DID leave her for MONTHS. But SHERLOCK told him to go back to her, that she didn’t mean it bla bla bla. Obviously Sherlock didn’t want him. Mary was having his baby, and Sherlock WANTED him to go back to her. OF COURSE he went back. Even though it made him miserable and depressed.

Then S4 happened. And although I’d rather forget it, I just can’t. It starts out with Sherlock ignoring John’s texts. With Sherlock telling John he’d rather have Mary along on cases than him and them both joking about John and comparing him to a dog. Real nice. Real great for someone with depression and low self esteem. Then Mary dies, it all still seems really fake and over the top to me, but whatever. I’m sure John thinks Mary is the only person that will ever love him. Now she’s dead. Now he’s alone again. Leaving the baby at “friends.”

I honestly think John was trying to make a clean break from Sherlock for the good of the both of them. It obviously didn’t work as he forced back in. It’s a shame S4 went so off the rails.

These are just my thoughts on John’s POV. I do think both he and Sherlock have made many mistakes. I do believe both those idiots are in love with each other too. With John we have a man with trust issues and depression and self esteem issues. These two guys really need to sit down and have a good talk.

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tbh nothing will ever be as good as liam's rap about zayn being "wrapped all over by mr. liam payne" like ????? truly iconic and it deserves a grammy. Also why did liam expose ziam like that??

Just totally platonic bro things that happen to bros who are just bros is what that was and not Liam trying to pull in front of 20,000 people

Zayn loses his shit and makes a face the equivalent of “poorly caps locked crying”. Behold the grainy low HQ that i took 3 seconds to make:

The most “me” reaction in the room belongs to Paul, though:

Guys guys guysguys. Guys.

What if the avengers are playing hide and seek (for whatever reason you want) and the whole tower/mansion is pretty much fair game.

So like Natasha is it and she basically finds everyone pretty quickly because she’s Natasha. (Bonus is Steve like the dork he is FALLS out of his hiding spot)
All the avengers sans tony are hanging around looking for tony. They check all the ‘obvious’ places like the workshop and the garage. The common floors and even the flippin kitchen cabinets. But they can’t find him.
After about an hour they panic enough to call pepper. “Did you check in his room?”

“He has a room?” Clint jokes. At least, Steve thinks it’s a joke. Anyways the avengers follow Jarvis to Tony’s bedroom and low an behold there adorable genius has fALLEN ASLEeP. Some one asks him why he chose his room of all places and he simply responds

“Well it worked didn’t it?”

Sugar daddy basketball

So we had a student vs teacher basketball game to raise money for a local charity and the people playing had to pick a nickname, so one of the students picked the nickname of “sugar daddy”. So every time he went on court or made a basket the announcer would mention his name. “Sugar daddy takes a shot, AND HE MAKES IT.” But low and behold the announcer was a priest of the local Catholic Church. I’m not sure if he knew what a sugar daddy was or what, but it was hilarious. I tried to get a video of him announcing him but couldn’t get the timing right :/

Your Elsewhere University post reminded me of an actual incident I had at my university the other day. I had to walk halfway across campus after dinner to the fine arts building to get some assignments so I could finish them. My friend came with me and we were exploring the building, which was mostly abandoned bc it was nighttime, and looking at the art posted. Now this is a state school, but our art program is pretty large and we have a really nice gallery where professional artists exhibit (1)

As we went back down to the ground floor we heard music, which definitely wasn’t playing before. We finish looking at a group of drawings, and we went to check out the student gallery. It was closed when we got there, but as we approached the music kept getting louder. Across from the student gallery is a back door to the professional gallery, and low and behold the door was propped open. We felt a strong desire to go in, but our better judgment won out. Nothing good would have come of that (2)

There was no other art for us to look at, so we decided to leave. But for whatever reason we left by the entrance that goes by the professional gallery. That area is all windows and clean looking, and the doors to the gallery are also glass. The lights were all still on in the gallery, even though I’m sure it should have been closed, and there was a group of people spaced between the pictures on the wall dancing to the music. Sometimes they each moved freely, sometimes they were in sync. (3)

The desk attendant was still there. She was oblivious. At one point the girl dancing closest to us moved in front of the door. She had to have seen us. We stood and watched for the rest of the song, it went for a long time. I texted another friend about it afterward an they said we were lucky the dancers didn’t invite us in. (4)