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omg yaaaassss I LOVE THIS!!! JYP artists need to collab with each other more and make amazing music. pls.

You Will Forever Stand Alone

Fandom: Knights of the Old Republic
Pairing: F!Revan/Carth Onasi
Warning: character death 

 Title comes from something Malak says to Revan: “You belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.” I wrote this, as one does, in a text message at around midnight because I wanted to give @letmetellyouaboutmyfeels some feels to tell people about. It comes from two things: an exploration of Revan choosing the dark side ending without being wholly evil (inspired by something Kreia says about Revan becoming dark lord out of necessity) and the cut dark side ending with the Carth romance. 

I would say enjoy, but, well. 

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This was really fun to make! I tried to stay fairly true to Luxray’s original design, since it’s already so awesome~ You seem to really like the shiny version (shiny Shinx was my Holy Grail back in elementary school, coincidentally), so I went ahead and used the profile view to play with an alternate color scheme. Hope you like it, and thank you for considering my entry! ^^


Personal feelings are taboo, but…. yes.

gif request meme || @frayderike​ asked: favorite episode of Keizoku 2: SPEC || episode 5

Five Last Lines

Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next.

Thank you for the tag, @magicaldestiny! I tag @abadpoetwithdreams and @theamiableanachronism and @peonymoss and @janinekspendlove anyone else who wants to do it because I can never remember who has written at least five fics!

Here are five recent ones! And they’re more like last paragraphs, because I like context.

1. With only his brother in the picture, the picture changes.Maybe after all, they are not quite the doomed family of Gondor. Perhaps they are more like two small beings in a great world, who climb a cragged mountainside.Who make it to the end, if not past it. [Supernatural + LOTR, “we are truth speakers”]

2. He supposes that he could have gone with Sam. Haunted the Palo Alto area, gotten some grunt job while his nerd brother went after the school dream. Dean could have made enough money for both of them. Maybe Dad would miss them enough in combination, head out that way too—But the fellowship is broken. [Supernatural + LOTR, “o brother where art thou”]

3. You were supposed to be dead. You were dead. They loved you then. And you were Sherlock Holmes, then, and so you let them. [Sherlock, “scribbling on the sky”]

4. Because sentiment, after all, is a chemical defect. And Eurus knows all about those. [Sherlock, “sixteen by six”]

5.  Because pain is anger, and anger is power, and scars are the reminder that power is the only one of those three that does not last. [Heirs/왕관을 쓰려는자, “Scars”]