but louis you're so cute

this isn’t really a prompt but i love the outfits you draw in your art, so could you draw louis wearing smthing cute? sorry this is really vague kjdfhfsdk,,,also i missed you and i love you <333    

aahhh thank you so so much for sending this 💕

Preference #195 Thinking Out Loud
  • Liam: ‘well me I fall in love with you every single day’ “____!” You hear Liam shout as soon as the door opens. “In the kitchen!” You respond, stirring the pasta around in the pot a bit, wiping your hands on the dish towel as Liam comes in, holding up five bright green post its. He glances at them, grinning back at you before crossing the room, pulling you into a kiss. “Hello.” You sigh out as you pull away. He chuckles, “Hello.” He pulls the post its he still has in between you two. “You made my day with these.” Liam had had a rough morning, not wanting to go to his press day at all, and the paps were being ruthless lately, so he knew they would be outside his door. You just stuffed some encouraging messages on things inside his bag, knowing he’d use his headphones eventually, as well as the water bottle. It was just something you did quickly while he was in the bathroom, not even a second thought. “Really?” You quip, glancing at the words ‘You can do it!’ written in your scrawl. “Mhhm.” He hums, sighing. “I swear everyday you do something everyday that makes me love you more, if that’s even possible” He says, smiling at you as you blush. “You’re sweet.” You peck his lips, moving to finish dinner.
  • Louis: ‘darling I will be loving you till we’re seventy.’ “I am not going! Especially not since Liam still looks like he is 20. Honest to go the man has three kids and he is still in shape. I eat enough cheetos for both of our children and no, I’m not going.” You sighed, shaking your head as you leaned against the bathroom door. “Louis Tomlinson, it is your bandmates child's first birthday, you’re going.” You argued. Louis got like this sometimes. Yes, he was 35, so his body had changed, but it was sometimes hard for him to accept. But he assured you anytime you cried after having to get a jean size up, so you had to do the same. “Look Lou, you look great, okay? I think I made that quite obvious last night, but honestly, you could be purple and I’d still love you, and your bandmates don’t give a shit. I love your body, and your face and your laugh and Liam has an obsession with the gym so just ignore him, yeah? And I’m out of things to say.” You mumble just as he swings the door open, grinning at you. “I’m going to love you till you’re like 70 and getting all wrinkly.” He says, kissing your forehead. “70?! Look mate, you signed up for forever, not till just 70.” He grins, “Even better.”
  • Zayn: ‘I’m thinking out loud’ You huffed, picking up another one of your sweaters that you saw. You swore half of your wardrobe laid on Zayn’s floor. He was still lying in bed, flipping through a magazine. You finally pick up your last pair of jeans, shoving it into the duffel, letting out breath as you straighten up. “Okay so I am going to go do my laundry and I have to do my dishes because they’ve been sitting there a week but I’ll grab take away and a movie on my way back, sound good?” Zayn looks up at you, brown eyes narrowed for a moment, something you know he does when he is calculating his answer. “Yeah that’s good, and sometime this week we’re going to take all your stuff and move it in here and I will pay what is left of your lease because I hate it when you’re not here.” You widen your eyes for a moment, “Are you asking me to move in with you?” Zayn nods instantly, shrugging. “May as well. you’re here enough and you know, you should get used to it, cause I’m going to marry you someday.” he says, grinning shyly. “You’ve thought about marrying me?” You ask quietly as he blushes, ducking his head. “Course I have. Just never really said it out loud. Sounds right, though yeah? ____ Malik.”
  • NIall: ‘when my hands don’t play the strings the same way, I know you will still love me the same.’ “I feel like a walking zombie.” Niall mumbled from your lap, a towel covering his face and his in ears hung around his neck. “You’ve had a full week.” You offer, playing a bit with his slightly sweaty hair. “Full four years.” He replies, turning to hide his face into your stomach. You giggle a bit, sitting in the silence until he looks up at you again. “You wanna know something?” He asks, blue eyes blinking at you. You smile, “Sure.” “I don’t know like what’s going to happen after all this. Like I can’t do this forever. Eventually my hands aren’t going to be able to play and me knee is finally going to just give up on me, and I know the boys will be there for me, but the one person I can see staying with me in anything is you. You know? Like, you love me cause I’m me. Not cause of all this, yeah?” You smile fondly at him, nodding slightly. He grins again, settling back into your lap. “I lied, I am totally only here to get at Zayn, I mean have you seen that man? Good god-” “I hate you.” Niall interjects, laughing despite himself. You scrunch up your nose, leaning down to press a kiss to his lips.
  • Harry: ‘honey your soul, could never grow old, it’s evergreen.’ “Mum, I’m serious, sit down.” Harry says, shooing his mother away from her kitchen sink. “Harry you have to make sure-” She starts but he rolls his eyes, sighing. “I know mother. The delicate tea cup. You’ve said it three times now, please just go sit. Talk with Gem and ___.” You smile at Anne as she slides into the seat across from you, giggling at your legs that are resting across Gemma’s lap. “Don’t feel bad, I have to fight him on doing the dishes even if he’s cooked.” You say to Anne as she smiles. “Harry, our hero.” Gemma drones as you snort, Harry catching her words and flicking some water towards her. “Always so kind.” Anne says, smiling at Harry’s back, ignoring her children's banter. The two were still at some sort of glaring war and you took the chance to lean towards Anne. “He truly is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known, so you know, thanks for raising him. He gets better and sweeter and more caring each day.” You say as Anne chuckles, shaking her head. “My pleasure.” “Let me help.” You say, hopping up suddenly, standing next to Harry as he scrubs at a pan. You stare at his profile for a moment, before kissing his cheek lightly as he smirks, turning to you. “What was that for?” You shrug, “Nothing. Just love you.”
  • notes: this song is A+++. please send in some requests! If it wasn't obvious that i love writing based on songs, I do! send me songs, ideas, whatever! hope you enjoyed!

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the funniest and cutest part about that mirroing photoshoot gif is that they were aware of it. in photoshoots like that there are usually vt's where you can see how you're positioned and how you're looking so it's extremely cute that when louis lowered his head harry felt the need to do the same. you can tell that zayn smiles just as harry lower his head and that louis smiles at the end too. they're so freaking cute, i can't even.

i can’t seem to get over this - because louis bows his head first and then harry does it almost a split second after - it’s literally like magnets creating their own magnetic field around each other. soul mates tend to do that so i’m told.

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Omg louis and freddie edits you're so cute I want more

nice try they’re larry family au edits as in alternate universe as in its yet to happen as in not real yet as in nothing to do with briana