but louis is so happy with niall's joke

About the hiatus, Louis flat out said Harry broke up the band, yes in the Sun so taken with a grain of salt but it matches up with other things OT3 have said. Louis said he was the most confident & happy during MITAM & then it all went away w/the hiatus. Liam said he wanted to tour MITAM because it’s his favorite album, he also joked about not knowing what a Hiatus is & said he was lost for several months when it started. Niall resisted the hiatus the most according to both him & liam. All very different from Harry who started recording and filming his first documentary almost immediately & is on record saying he suggested the hiatus in 2014. Also note how long it took OT3 to start to record music for a solo album vs how ready to go Harry was, signing his management contracts on the yacht what 2 weeks after 1Ds last live performance. It’s not just words, it’s also actions by all four of them that point to 3 resisting the hiatus and 1 all ready for it & suggesting it.


@NiallOfficial: Thank you for all the birthday wishes ! Really appreciate the love from everyone . Xx

heading for a small disaster by suspendrs (20k) 

He and Harry have never had an interaction outside of this car, and they probably never will. After all, Harry is just the guy that drives Louis to work, and Louis is just another customer. That’s all they are, really.

Or, Harry drives an Uber and Louis’s life is falling apart.

(thank you @loupsandhirry for the pictures in this post!)

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I would LOVE an interview of Harry, Liam, and Niall where they just talk about Louis. Just band stuff and what he's done and meant to them. And where Louis isn't there to joke or deflect like you know he would. But I would love to see Louis in like a different room having to listen to them gush about him and watch him be all blushy and embarrassed and emotional.

That would make me so so so happy. 😩

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I saw your post about following more blogs about the other boys gave you a different perspective about Louis/Harry and the band as a whole... Can you elaborate a bit more on your thoughts? I'm curious to know :)

Sure. I’m going to preface this by pointing out that I am referring to my dash and nobody else’s dash. I know everyone’s dash is different. Also, anyone can blog about what they want. If someone is primarily a Larry blog, they’re going to blog about Larry. I get that.

Having said that, there are some specific things that tend to get ignored by a lot of Larries, like how often the men shared clothes, not just Louis and Harry. Also, Harry does sexual innuendo with everyone on stage. (I also think stage Harry has a very different persona than off-stage Harry, but that’s neither here nor there.)

In general, I think all of the band members tend to joke around a lot, play around a lot together, etc. They all have relationships with each other, and I think when I was following pretty much only Larries, it was easy to think that it was sort of Harry and Louis against the world. But really, it is–and has been–the whole band against the world.

When I was writing my Niall-centric OT5 fic, I needed to see Zayn in a much more sympathetic light than I was personally seeing him. A lot of that is because I came to the fandom after Zayn left, so I’ve always seen 1D as OT4. Following some more Ziam and Zayn blogs helped me see him as a more complex person than I was seeing him as before.

Niall is often presented/viewed as this happy-go-lucky fifth wheel. You know, the jokes about how he loves 1D more than anyone else? Sometimes the tone is just off. Almost like Niall is lucky to breathe the same air as Harry and Louis, like he wouldn’t be talented enough to do anything on his own. But he does a lot of charity work, he’s whip smart and quick. His golf stuff gets laughed off like it’s just a dumb hobby, but he’s done a lot with Justin Rose for charity stuff. Highly respectable. While I can’t figure out what the hell he’s doing with his album, I think it’s clear he’s worked hard on it. “This Town” has done fantastically, and has been on the air and charts pretty damn consistently since it was released. Also, I think a lot of people still view Niall as this sort of little brother unsexed one, and dude. No.

Liam, in my opinion, is too often dismissed as someone who does what he’s told and toes the party line. I think people ignore how this benefits the whole band. He also has been working with a ton of different people in the music industry, which tells me he’s just as respected in the industry as Louis. But he doesn’t get screamed about the same way. I also think Liam being seen as the buttoned-up one who follows orders (or whatever) can mean that people ignore the deep down sensitivity that he has.

I think some arguments (like Louis is the band leader and everyone else falls in line depending on what he wants, or that everyone admires him) really take away a lot of agency from the other members of the band. I think it’s quite clear that the band members work(ed?) together to be successful. The idea that Louis has nobody before he had Steve is just weird to me, because he had a whole band of people who respected him and whom he respected. I also think, when you follow some other blogs (especially ones that I think are seen as “fringe,” like the ones who think OT5 will get back together), it’s easy to see media narrative in a different light, just because you’re getting more viewpoints.

I think that often Larries are quick to forgive Louis and Harry their images but eat up the other three members’ images as if they must be true. But following more Niall/Liam/Zayn blogs has helped me see the band members, and the band, in a more nuanced way.

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what are ur top ten favorite zouis moments and why are they your favorites? :)

Buckle up, sweetcheeks, You’re in for a wild ride.

1. “…And I Love You.”

This is my favorite, by far. Cant explain to you why, but seeing how naturally that came to mind for Louis, how randomly he chose to say it, just strikes me really hard in the heart. Like, he just wanted to remind Zayn how much he loves him, and is glad he’s with them. Then, you see how quickly Z goes from smiling and being silly, to looking at Louis with utter genuineness, “…I Love You, Too.” LIKE…how does this not play on your Zouie emotions?

2. Just play with his hair, Zayn, dammit!

Do I really need to explain why I love this? Like…? Probably couldn’t if I tried, but the fact that Louis was unspokenly prodding Zayn to pet him was too much sweetness in one moment. And knowing Zayn, he does as he’s asked and rakes his hands though. PLEASE, you two.

3. “You want a spring roll, bebz?”

The entire Zouis moment is great! But, what i love most about it was seeing how adorable they looked feeding each other!

Do you see how tenderly Louis brings the food to Zayn’s mouth? Just nimble little fingers bringing the food right to Zayn’s lips. And like a fresh, newborn spring deer, Zayn takes the food, then offering some back. If you wanna factor in Harry ‘getting jealous,’ so be it. But this is undoubtedly a Zouis moment, full stop. Not a care of anyone else in that room besides the other.

4. The Kiss Down Under

You can literally never ever, ever make me forget this happening. The visuals, the sounds, the kissing. Its all permanently burned into my brain. I can understand Louis throwing his arm over Zayn’s shoulder. What I DONT GET is why Zayn kissed it. He deadass kissed his hand, loud enough to make a sound. The sound of his LIPS smacking against Louis’ hand. How Charming of you, Zayn. To make it even worse, though; Louis acts like a giggly little school boy getting away with something he shouldn’t on the playground. they seal the deal by Louis dragging Zayn away playfully after the interview, off to cause more trouble.

5. Pucker up, pretty paper boy!

It’s silly, but it’s also very cute, and very playful. Louis simply could not deal with not drumming up the theatrics, so of course he had to bring in the kissy sounds while their paper dolls made out. But, judging by that look on Zayno’s face, he didn’t much mind it. : )

6. “What Is The One Thing You Can Not Live Without?”

Ughhhh….We all knew this was coming. We did. And when i watched the video back just now, I literally had to hold my head in my hands and sigh for literally two minutes. I simply have NO words to describe this moment. Do you? Does anyone?? It’s all too much sometimes, how serious and out of left field that response was. Louis wasn’t expecting it, that’s for damn sure. He thought Zayn would come up with some silly, throwaway joke like Niall. BOOOY, did he play himself. Zayn literally looked Louis in the eye, put on a serious face, and answered it as heartfelt as he could. Simply, “You.”

Zayn literally couldn’t imagine not having Louis in his life. Let that settle in your brain. He needed, and still does, need Louis in his life. That makes him happy. And Louis actually was so stuuned Zayn would choose him, he had to clarify whether he meant the fans and not him. “Cause surely he wouldn’t mean me,” Louis thinks. But he did. and pulled Louis into a warm hug. This is one of the most adorable Zouis moments ever. They love each other so much!

7. The Broz and That Balloon

Now, listen….This is a moment I truly cannot comprehend. I simply cant understand why. For some unknown reason, Tumblr only allows five videos in a post, so i’ve linked it here. It literally is such an underappreciated moment. Please, for my sanity, PLEASE look at Zayn’s hand on the back of Louis’ head. And wallow in the pain with me. That balloon is merely acting as a thin, latex barrier between their love. The verge of a kiss, i will never get over it!

8. The Mystery Machine!

Oh, my my! What a fantastic time that was when they revealed they combined their money and ideas to get a personalized, monogrammed, decked out Mystery Machine! Again, video linked here. But truly? We did not know true Zouis happiness until we watched their faces in this video.

They were like two kids in a candy store. All the gadgets, devices, and comforts one two would need for a night of booze and blunts, coffee and video games. I, truly, cannot say enough about this, but i’ll just leave it at this. The Mystery Machine still resides at Louis’ London home; while Zayn, to this day, commemorates it with a tiny, toy version to remind him of what they still have.

9. Soft Bros AT Spin Radio

This one is…Goodness. I have never seen them so touchy-feely before. Louis was so needy that day. Draping himself over Zayn,

Zayn draping himself over Louis,

butting heads, in the cutest way, of course,

And even getting a little handsy,

I couldn’t tell you why, but they were in their feels that day. Video here. My brain has successfully short-circuited, so i cant explain why these gifs are everything, but you can all clearly see how touchy and close they were that early on. Blows my mind!

10. Got Your Back, Bro.

This is a sweet one to wrap up. I couldn’t tell you why this makes me so happy to see always, but it does.

I die twice over every time Louis goes in for a *pat-pat* on Zayn’s bum after fixing his pants. Is that typical dude bro behavior? I dunno, but its cute. Video here, as well. It’s such a simple gesture, but not one you’d be comfortable with just anyone doing to you. Which is why it caught Zayn so off-guard, but once he knew it was his Lou, its was all fine. I love this.

Anywho, this has gone on WAY too far, and my brain hurts from how much Zouis i had to re-digest. But it was worth every minute. They are the cutest, and you cannot simplify  them and their relationship in just a few videos and gifs, but there’s surely so much i HAVENT talked about, but we’ll save that for another day. Thank you for asking, gorgeous, i hope this was worth the read!

“Thanks Liam”

To say he was anxious would be an understatement. Harry had just found out that his longtime celebrity crush, actress (Y/N) (Y/L/N) would be at tonight’s One Direction concert in London. He’d seen her in person before, but that was at one of those gigantic gathering of the who’s who of the entertainment world, so she probably didn’t even notice him. That was okay though because he was just happy enough to catch a glimpse of her and it was enough to make his heart beat rapidly in his chest. 

“Oi, Harry! What’s up with you?” Harry looked to see Niall staring at him with a confused stare. 

“Do you not know who’s out there tonight? Harry’s dream girl, of course!” Louis joked as he ruffled Harry’s curls. Harry rolled his eyes as he tried to take his mind from that one audience member. “Don’t worry lad, she’ll only be sitting in the VIP section,” Louis added, which made Harry’s eyes widen.

“Fuck,” Harry muttered under his breath. Now he was afraid of messing up and making a fool of himself in front of (Y/N). Usually he didn’t mind the little imperfections that occurred on stage, that was part of life as a performer. “Is she here with anyone?”

Just then, Liam and Zayn had joined them, talking about how amazing the audience looked. “We just snuck a peek at the crowd, they’re wild! Oh, guess what Harry? Your-“ 

“Yeah, I know,” Harry cut Zayn off and dropped his face into his hands. “Can we just not talk about her? I’m already nervous enough as it is without you all bringing it up.”

So far everything had gone off without a hitch, much to Harry’s content. He had felt his stomach do flips whenever he and (Y/N) had made eye contact and he could’ve sworn that she had blushed a few times. He noticed that she was there with a few of her costars from her latest movie, all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

When it came time for What Makes You Beautiful, Harry was consistently looking at his crush in the crowd, admiring that smile he had seen so many times on the telly. He started his solo in the bridge he held her eyes with his own, making it appear as if he was singing to her and her alone. Just when was about to belt out that last line, he suddenly felt his pants down to calves. Oh god, he thought. Of all the things he thought could happen in his head, THIS was by far much worse. After pulling his tight pants back up, he tried his best to avoid all eye contact with (Y/N), it was just too embarrassing.

After the concert, the boys were hanging backstage, meeting some of the VIP ticketed fans. Liam patted Harry on the shoulder, then gave him a side hug. “It was all in good fun, mate. If you’re worried about (Y/N), from the looks of it, she couldn’t take her eyes off you.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Well aside from the fact that you two were basically eye-fucking the whole god damn night, she may or may not be looking your way right now.” Liam’s words caused Harry to hastily turn his head and there she was. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) in all her beauty, smiling over at him. “Go on, go talk to her!” a nudge from Liam had Harry walking towards (Y/N), his palms getting sweatier with each closing distance. “You’ll thank me for everything later!” he heard Liam yell.

“Hi…” he started. Hi? Is that the best you can do? He silently scolded himself for his lack of vocabulary.

“Hi, um great show tonight,” she said, flashing him that award-winning smile. “You were fantastic out there, underpants and all,” she laughed, and Harry couldn’t help but chuckle as well. 

He ran a hand through his hair, finding it hard to suppress a grin, “Oh yeah, you think so? I’m glad you enjoyed it, underpants and all,” he mimicked, earning him a giggle. 

“You’ve made quite the impression, I’d say.”

“Enough of one to be willing to have coffee with me?” he said before he even realized. (Y/N)’s eyes went wide and he once again scolded himself for his attempts to ask her out. “That is if you’re not busy or anything…” Well shit, real charming Styles. You’re doing so bloody fantastic.

Harry was too busy focusing on reprimanding himself that he didn’t notice the tugs on the edge of (Y/N)’s lips. “I’d like that.”

You fucking idiot, you made your move too fast, you- “Wait, what?” had she just agreed? She gave him a smile and giggled again. “Oh well um, in that case, let’s go. I know this really nice coffee shop, I’m pretty sure it’s still open at this hour.”

“Wait, so does he do stuff like this every show?” (Y/N) laughed out as she took a sip of her latte. “You should have heard all the girls from where I sat, I’ll be sending you my hearing aid bill by the way.”

Harry laughed, taking a sip from his own coffee, “I think Liam should be the one receiving that bill.” He honestly hadn’t gotten over the fact that he was having coffee with the girl he had been fantasizing about for what seemed like forever.
“So, tell me, Harry Styles, how does it feel to be idolized by millions of girls across the globe?” (Y/N) asked, as she rested her chin in hand. 

“I’d say it’s a mixture of feeling honored and a bit spooked. Like I can’t even tell you how weird some of the tweets I get are. It’s still fairly new to me, honestly,” he replied and took another gulp from his cup. “How about you, Ms. ‘Best Actress of Her Generation’? You’re being pegged to be the next Meryl Streep, that’s crazy!” 

(Y/N) blushed and let out a sigh. Harry couldn’t tell if it was a good or bad one. “I’m still in shock by the thing. It’s strange, you know? Being compared to someone so iconic and talented. Sometimes I feel as though it’s all a dream and I’ll wake up and be someone not as great,” her eyes widened, “not that I think I’m great or anything, but I just…I’m sorry, I’m rambling,” she looked down and focused her attention on her half empty coffee. 

“No, no, it’s fine. It’s really cute,” he genuinely replied. Harry then boldly reached his hand across the table and placed it atop of hers. “And if it means anything, I think you’re pretty great.” He winced, it had sounded less cheesy in his head, but by the look of her face, he knew he hadn’t screwed up.

She looked up at him with smiling eyes, as she felt all the butterflies in her stomach flutter about. (Y/N) had had a crush on Harry ever since she had watched him on the X-Factor a few years back. She had seen him at a few events before, but never could never muster up the courage to walk up to him. He was not only nearly every girl’s teenage dream, but hers as well, as cringey as it sounds. 

“You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you out for a while now. Just never had the balls to until tonight.” Harry said, bringing her back from her thoughts. “I’ve seen you at these events and I don’t know, you just seemed untouchable, like there was this force field or something around you.”

“Really?” she gasped, “I could say the same about you! I don’t think you know how intimidating you are, with those cute dimples of yours, especially with the other four around. It’s terrifying!” 

“You think my dimples are cute?” Harry responded cheekily.
“I, um, well…” she stuttered. She hadn’t even realized what she had said. “If I say yes, will you quit smiling at me like that?” she let out, feeling her cheeks burning up. Harry sat back with in his chair, a huge smile on his face and the feeling of victory running through his veins.

Harry drove her home that night, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that her house was not far from his flat. He parked the car and lightly jogged to her side to open the door. “M’lady” he said as he offered her his hand. 

“Wow, such a gentleman,” she teased, gladly taking his hand. Once she had gotten out of the car, she noticed that he still hadn’t let go of her hand. (Y/N) looked down at their now intertwined fingers and tried her best to suppress the gigantic smile that threatened at her lips. 

“I had fun tonight,” Harry breathed out, taking a step closer to the girl in front of him. She took a step forward as well. “I did too,” she had lost the battle, feeling her the ends of her lips turn up. 

At that moment, Harry felt as though everything around him had frozen. It was like in all those rom-coms he had watched with his mum and sister, the moment when the main guy finally kisses his leading lady. It was moment where Harry Styles couldn’t help the feeling he got when he looked down at her perfect lips and caved in. Their lips met in a sweet, yet passionate kiss, arms wrapping around each other to bring the other closer. 

(Y/N) was the first to break away, furiously blushing as she rested her face in the crook of Harry’s neck. “You know, I’m usually not one to kiss on the first date,” she mumbled. He could feel her smiling, causing him to tighten his hold on her.
“I’m glad I could be the exception,” Harry muttered into her hair. She smelled of vanilla and coconuts, and he was quickly intoxicated by it. “When can I see you again?” he knew that this something he’d want to invest in.

She looked up at his sparkling green orbs, caressing her thumb over his prominent jawline. “You tell me, Mr. Styles.” 

Harry leaned down and once again captured her lips with his, “I’d say as soon as possible, love” he said into their kiss. He pulled back and let out a content sigh, moving a strand of hair that had fallen on her face behind her ear. “You know, I can’t even begin to imagine the looks on the boys’ faces when I tell them I spent tonight snogging my celebrity crush.” This earned him a playful swat from (Y/N). “I guess I have Liam to thank for this.”

Ahh, my first post! This is actually based on an alternate reality I have in my head because well, I’m rather delusional. I wrote this when I should’ve been working on my proposal for class, but priorities, right?


During study hall us Seniors sit with the teacher, and I started listening to MITAM for the first time and my teacher was like “oh no you’re one of them” and looked disappointed?? but after 10 minutes of seeing my reaction to the songs, he looked me dead in the eyes and waited until I took a headphone out to say “I’m glad they make you happy” and if that’s not the nicest thing a middle age, white male has said about 1D idk what is

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your response made me realize something really important about the nouis dynamic. niall likes have louis for support and encouragement and louis likes being able to support and encourage people. also they are both aware of this and they indulge each other. like i can see niall asking lou for advice bc he knows it will make him feel important and i can see louis encouraging niall just because it's his instinct at this stage. nouis!!








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being alive

a vampire!Harry drabble inspired by Sondheim’s “Being Alive” that got a bit out of hand

It’s around the third club of the night that Liam apparently lets the AB positive get to his head, and he starts spewing nonsense like he thinks he’s got a daytime talk show on the telly or something.

“You should shack up with someone, mate,” he declares, completely ruining Harry’s attempts to make eye contact with a decent-looking woman across the room who looks like she’d be easy to woo into the back alley.

Harry glares at him dangerously, his eyes flashing red under the strobe lights. Liam isn’t fazed by it, just grins with his fangs poking out where anyone could see them. Harry has to keep himself from physically forcing Liam’s mouth shut. For a centuries-old creature of the night, Liam is surprisingly daft and childish. Harry, on the other hand, is the perfect level of aloof and disillusioned, full of wisdom and bitterness. He might’ve left Liam years ago to go about his business alone if he didn’t feel like he owed his life to the man. Liam had found him when he was just a few days old, mind shrouded in a haze of bloodlust and pain, and taught him how to deal with the thirst, how to take just enough from several people to leave all parties involved alive. Just because he’s resigned himself to at least a few more decades of companionship with Liam doesn’t mean that he’s learned not to be irritated by him.

“You’re mad,” Harry intones, removing all trace of emotion from his face. It’s best not to react when Liam gets on strange fixations like this. It’s all over much faster if Harry doesn’t play along.

“I’m serious,” Liam insists, dropping his fist a bit too hard onto the tabletop. Luckily, the music is so loud that no one notices the slam. “You need a lover, Styles. Someone to take on romantic walks during the day and make love to at night.”

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Accidentally (Narry)

Prompt: Could you do a Narry one shot where they have been secretly dating and the fans ship them hard and then on tour they come out as a couple on stage on accident?

“Harry, look!” Niall calls to his curly headed boyfriend.

“What?” Harry asks when he enters his shared hotel room with Niall. He smiles fondly when he sees Niall lying on his stomach looking at the laptop screen in front of him. “What is it babe?”

“Look, babe!” He exclaims making Harry’s stomach flutter even after a year of dating. “Fans literally loves us together! You’ve no idea what they say, do. All because they like us together!” He beams happily showing the screen to Harry. “What do you think if at least one of us come out. At least one. Doesn’t have to be the both of us.”

Harry looks at his boyfriend wearily. “I don’t know, Ni. It was hard enough with Mum and Dad. I don’t think I’m ready for the whole world to know.” He chews on his bottom lip nervously.

“It’s okay, baby. You don’t have to. I can. I feel like I’m ready. But if you aren’t it’s okay.”

Harry looks at Niall and smiles weakly. “I just don’t want you getting hurt, babe.” He murmurs cupping Niall’s cheek softly.

The latter smiles softly. “I’ll be fine, Harry.”

Niall tries to assure Harry but he knows Niall isn’t as confident as he portrays to be. He’s nervous and terrified. He fears he will get rejected and hate. Especially from the fans. His family is okay with his sexuality and has supported him ever since he came out as bisexual.

“You don’t have to, Niall. I know you’re scared.” Harry kisses Niall in a soft reassuring way that makes Niall putty in Harry’s hands.

That evening they spent it in the hotel room cuddling and talking. No matter how much time they spend together they never run out of things to talk about. During their cuddling session the other boys decide to join (more like ruin in Harry’s vocabulary) their relaxing evening.

When they leave, finally, both boys get ready for bed. Once they’re settled in a spooning position, Niall kisses the back of Harry’s neck tangling their legs together.

They stay quiet, Niall playing with Harry’s hair pressing soft kisses on his shoulders until their breaths even out; falling into a deep blissful sleep.

In the middle of the concert Harry and Niall are joking as always. Crotch grabs, grinding, singing each other lyrics, playful fighting and winks are just a few examples. For the fans it just looks like playful banter, but to them it’s more than that.

During their performance of Little Things they were sat next to each other. They would steal glances and share secretive smiles. In the last chorus they were looking at each other in the eye whilst singing it. All playfulness was gone when they sang the last line.

“I’m in love with you

And all your little things.”

The stadium who was singing along was now quiet, including the other three boys who were looking at them in shock. Niall is the first to notice the quiet crowd. He noticed ‘the look’ Harry gives only him.

Without thinking, Harry leans in and plants a kiss on Niall’s mouth. He lingers for a moment before sitting back normally. Niall’s eyes bulge out of their sockets. He blonde tries to laugh it off but it comes out strained and weak.

"Don’t laugh, Niall.” Harry says into his microphone seriously. “I love you, Niall. I’m in love with you. And I’ve always been.”

This makes Niall’s eyes bulge out of their sockets even more. Half of the crowd erupts in cheers while the other boo or wail at the confession. Harry hushes the crowd as he stands up. Surprisingly they oblige.

Who wouldn’t listen to Harry Styles?

Harry takes a deep breath before speaking. “Okay, um, well as I guess you all found out, I’m gay.” The crowd once again screams and wails.

“Oh, shut it!” Louis says and once again the oblige.

Harry sends him a grateful smile before speaking once again. “Um, as I said before, I have a special person in my life. I’ve been in love with him for three years now but we’ve been together for only one.” The green eyed lad is looking at the crowd as he speaks, trying to decipher the look in the faces of the closest fans but seeming impossible.

“I know I’ve been hiding this for a long time and i wasn’t planning on coming out today. Or anytime soon to be honest.” He chuckles nervously and takes in a shaky breath. “I’m sorry if I have disappointed anyone in here tonight. Which I know I did because a lot of you thought I was with Louis, but no. I am not. It has always been Niall. Always will be.”

When he turns around, he sees his boyfriend placing his guitar down. Before he can register what’s happening, he gets tackled in a koala hug from Niall. Harry lets out a small ‘omph’ before wrapping his arms around Niall.

“I love you, Harry. So so so much.” Niall whispers into Harry’s ear making him squeeze the blond tighter. Niall kisses Harry’s cheek over and over again until he gets tired.

After the concert they walk off stage and immediately Liam, Zayn and Louis tackle them in a group hug. Someone clears their throat rather loudly making all five boys break away from the hug.

Niall and Harry gulp when they see Paul with a phone in hand. “You two have a call from Simon.”

Harry takes the phone in one hand and Niall’s hand in the other. “Hello.”

“You have a radio interview tomorrow morning with Ryan Seacrest. Paul will tell you the time.”

And just like that he hangs up.

Harry hands the phone to Paul who tells them the interview will be at ten. They nod and head out of the stadium going straight to their hotel.

The next morning, all five boys are gettin ready. Niall is the most nervous of them all. He seems to be fidgeting a lot with his clothes and bouncing on his heels.

“Calm down, babe.” Harry murmurs, wrapping his arms around Niall’s shoulders. “Everything will be okay.”

Niall sighs wrapping his arms around Harry’s torso. “‘M a bit nervous. What if something goes wrong?”

“It’ll be okay. I promise, Ni.” He kisses Nialls temple before letting go and leading him out of the room to join the rest of the boys.


So far the interview is going well. Ryan asks about the tour and upcoming album. He asks about what they’ll be doing over Christmas break, etc.

“Okay, so I heard of a little something that happened between Niall and Harry during last nights concert.” Nialls stomach drops. “Everyone has been going crazy asking about what happened. Would you mind explaining?”

Harry places his hand on Nialls thigh comfortingly. “Well, last night was a bit unexpected really.” Harry starts.

“Why was it unexpected?” Ryan asks curiously.

“Neither of us were planning on coming out anytime soon. It was my fault really. I was the one who couldn’t hold back. I wasn’t thinking but I don’t regret anything.”

Niall squeezes Harry’s hand in a form of appreciation.

“How do you guys feel about it?” Ryan asks looking at Zayn, Liam and Louis. “Because it might have been a shock.”

“You know none of us really mind. As long as they’re happy we’re okay with it.” Liam quickly answers.

“I might say that a few fans are disappointed because they thought that you, Louis, and Harry were together.”

“You know, thing was that it was all a joke. For Harry it’s always been Niall and no one else really.” Louis answers.

“Well boys, that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you for coming. Great having you guys here.”

The boys say their ‘thank you’s’ and head out of the studio. Once they’re outside they are bombarded by fans and paparazzi. Niall gets anxious really fast so Harry comforts him all the way to the van. When they’re inside Niall manages to calm down.

“That went better than expected, right?” He says looking between the other boys.

“I thought it’d be worse, to be honest.” Liam says.

“I was on Twitter this morning and the reactions weren’t so bad.” Zayn interjects with a shrug.

In that moment Niall pulls out his phone and scrolls through his mentions. A smile grows on his face when he sees all of the supportive fans. Of course there are some who are not so happy but he doesn’t care. All he cares about is the loyal fans, bandmates and boyfriend.

He goes to compose a tweet but Harry takes his phone from his hands typing quickly. When he gives the phone back he has a grin plastered on his face. Niall turns to his phone and smiles.

‘NiallOfficial: thank you for all the support ! We love you guys ! @Harry_Styles I love you !!’

“Idiot.” Niall mumbles locking his phone and puts it away. He rests his head on Harry’s shoulder after kissing it softly. “I love you.”

“I love you.” Harry whispers back.

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#006 He tells his bandmates about you

#006 He tells his bandmates about you


Harry was always very open about relationships and his personal life - at least to his boys. So when he suddenly didn’t want to hang out with them after concerts and often went straight to his hotel room, the band began to worry.
“Do you think he’s getting tired of it? The performances, the constant traveling, the fans?” Niall asked one night. They were on tour and had just done a concert in Texas, and Harry again went straight to his hotel room while the boys hung out in Liam and Niall’s.
“No, I don’t think so. He loves it, you can see it on him when we perform. You can’t fake that kind of enthusiasm.” Zayn muttered in response.
“What about the band? Maybe he’s gotten tired of it? What if he wants to go solo? Or if some other band wants him.” Liam sounded uncertain.
“No, he’s not going solo.” Louis stated. “We know as much as him that he wouldn’t be able to do that. Hate affects him a lot, but he knows he can always come to us. He wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Something not as certain is if he wants to join another band. Who knows?”
“I hope not, I want him in our band. It wouldn’t be the same without him.” Niall said, worry and sadness clear in his voice.
“We have to talk to him about it. If he’s not happy here we’ll help him. Okay? Let’s talk to him on the bus tomorrow.” Zayn unwillingly said as he hugged Niall. He didn’t want Harry to leave, but if Harry wanted to go, they couldn’t stop him.
The boys went to sleep not long after this, all sleeping poorly because of anxiety. The next day, they all found themselves in the back room of the bus, and Harry was in his bunk before they called him to their room.
“So, what d'you wanna talk about? He asked as he sat down next to Liam in the sofa.
"Are you happy?” Zayn hesitantely asked.
“What?” Harry asked surprised. “Happy? With what?”
“Us, the band, the fans. Everything?” Niall asked.
“Wha- of course I am! I love you guys, and the fans. Why do you ask?” Harry answered bewildered.
“It’s just… you’ve been so withdrawn for the past few weeks, you never spend time with us anymore. We thought that maybe you’re getting tired of us or want to join another band or something…” Liam said sadly.
“What? Oh God no! I wouldn’t last five minutes in the fame without you, you know this! Come on guys, really?” Harry scoffed.
“Well what else is there to believe? You never hang out with us anymore, it feels like we only see you in the concerts. If this isn’t the reason why you act like this, what’s wrong then?” Louis asked challanging.
Harry stiffened slightly and the boys knew he was considering his next step, what he was supposed to do next.
“Promise you won’t hate me, okay?” he said with a slight smirk. “You know I love you guys, and I’d never get tired of this band. The reason I’ve been absent is because I’ve been talking to my girlfriend y/n.”
The room went dead silent as the boys processed the information. Then they all jumped on him and shouted:
“Since when?!” Niall added thoughtfully as they slid of Harry and surrounded him on the sofa.
“About two months ago. I’m sorry I never told you guys. I’ve wanted to keep it a secret since all of our girls get hate from the fans, and I wanted the relationship to be stable before throwing her into this life. I guess this made me forget to tell you though…” he trailed off at the end.
“I’m sorry Harry, but I can’t not hate you when you’ve had a girlfriend for two months without telling us.” Liam said when the shock had passed. This was not something he’d expected.
“So our baby has finally managed to get a girlfriend? Who is this girl and when can we meet her?” Zayn asked.
“Well… I don’t know, maybe she can visit on tour. If not, you’ll get to skype her.” Harry answered.
“Yes, I can’t wait to tell her all the embarrassing things you’ve done!” Louis exclaimed, and Harry groaned as the interrogation began.


Niall loves Ireland, this is not a secret. But the boys never realised that when the three month break from tour began and he left for Ireland, he’d stay there the entire time. Sure, there wasn’t any specific date for his arrival back to London, but the boys began missing him weeks ago. The rest had been seeing each other once in a while, but three months without their irishman was too long. And they didn’t know what made him stay for as long as he did, no pictures of something special had appeared in the media, and he hadn’t mentioned anything special, so why stay for so long all of a sudden? The boys had no idea why, but they were planing to find out tomorrow when he was going back.
Harry woke up with a weird feeling in his stomach. He knew something had happened to Niall, but he didn’t know what. He just hoped that he was okay. So when he was on his way to Niall’s appartment he didn’t know what to expect. He was the last one to arrive, and after properly speaking with all the boys for months and after enjoying some pizza and beer, they were all seated in Niall’s living room watching whatever really. The boys hadn’t noticed any noticeable difference in Niall, and they were still burning to know what had happened in Ireland, but they didn’t know how touchy the subject was, so they didn’t know how to approach it.
“I know you want to ask, go ahead.” Niall said as he scored a goal against Zayn.
The boys just looked at each other and Liam took the lead.
“Okay then, was there any reason for your extra long stay in Ireland?”
“Of course there is, I’d never stay for that long in Ireland just because. I missed you, you know.”
“So what was it?” Zayn asked.
“Did the single man finally get himself a girl?” Harry joked teasingly.
“Actually, I did.” Niall confirmed.
The room went silent before Louis went: “No. Fucking. Way! No you would’ve told us right away, this is too bloody important for you not to tell us. You’re our baby brother, it’s your obligation to tell us!”.
“Well, I’m sorry but I didn’t. And I didn’t because you’d just freak out and scare her away with your overprotectiveness, so I kept her for myself for a while.”
“And now that we know, you’re inviting her over so we can meet her! Right Niall?” Zayn said with a tiny bit of edge to the voice. “You know we don’t mean anything, we just want to meet her!” he whined.
“Fine, I’ll call her, hopefully she’ll be able to come soon…” Niall said as the boys cheered.


Some people are more addicted to technology than others. Some people can’t last a day without a smartphone and some can last weeks. Liam was the latter, and the boys knew this. He only used his phone to listen to music and tweet something now and then. Of course he’s use it to phone people too, but Liam didn’t talk with his family or friends at home as often as the other lads. So it was a weird sight for them to see when Liam didn’t turn his face away from his phone for the entire flight between Spain and Portugal for the last shows on their tour. Sure, it wasn’t a very long flight, but it was the longest time they’d ever seen him with his phone, no doubt.
"What do you think he’d doing on it? It’s literally glued to his face…” Harry asked the others when they hung out in the back of the bus, as Liam was stuck to his phone in his bunk.
“Maybe he’s playing Farmville… three years after the rest of the world.” Niall joked.
“Maybe, but probably not. He could be doing anything, for all we know he could be writing fanfiction about us.” Louis joked.
“That’d be hillarious, but not very likely. I’d love to know what though. Maybe he’s missing his friends and family from home?” Zayn pondered.
“I don’t think so, he seems more happy than usual, he propably would be moping if it was what’s goi-”
“Harry schh! He’s talking to someone!” Louis whisper-hushed him.
“No Lou, we can’t eavesdrop on him. If he hadn’t told us yet, he doesn’t want us to know. Let’s not force his secret on us!” Zayn defended Liam.
“But we don’t have any secrets from each other. And besides, if it was something really important he’d told us, since he knows we’d find out eventually. Let’s just have some fun with this!” Harry whispered back, and Zayn reluctantly agreed, he couldn’t really argue with that anyway. So they became quiet and listened to Liam.
“Yeah I know. I miss you too."… "No I haven’t, but I will soon, they’ll figure it out soon enough anyway, you can’t really keep secrets from them."… "Yeah, just three weeks and then we’ll see each other again. We can make it, okay? "I love you too honey, bye.”
“Wait a minute, Liam’s got a girlfriend? And he hasn’t told us?!” Louis exclaimed in a whisper.
“And she’s coming to visit him soon, we don’t have a break soon so she must come here!” Niall whispered extatically.
Right then Liam walked into the room with a big smile on his face, which disappeared as his bandmates all stared at him - some with excited and some with pouty faces.
“You heard me, didn’t you?” he asked.
“Yeah we did. And I’m deeply disappointed on you for not telling us about her.” Louis grumbled while the others were smiling, ignoring their bandmate.
“She’s visiting in a few weeks? Can we meet her?” Zayn asked excitedly.
“Yeah, of course, I was going to tell you tonight. But she’ll only come if you’re okay with it…?” he half-asked and looked at his brothers uncertaintly.
“Of course, tell us all about her! We need to know who’s caught the heart of Daddy Direction?” Niall exclaimed.
Liam smirked at his old nickname and sat down beside Harry on the couch.
“Well, her name is y/n…”


After breaking up with Perrie, Zayn hadn’t really gotten back into the dating-world. The boys had nagged on him and tried to help, but he never really found someone he really clicked with, so after a while the guys stopped comming with friends for him to ask out, they thought he was a bit to “picky” so they couldn’t really help him. They teasingly told him that he’d stay single forever, that he’d always find something he felt would be a “deal-breaker”, and break up. So when Zayn found you, he never told the boys about it, scared that it would be true, and he didn’t want them to know if it happened. But now, you had dated for about three months, and it was more than enough time for him to know that you were staying, he had just not found a time to tell them. So one day at the studio he asked the boys:
“Hey lads, d'you have anything planned for tonight?”
They didn’t, so Zayn propsed food and a movie night at his place, since they hadn’t done that in a long time. The lads were excited and it was decided for them to be at Zayn’s place at seven thirty. So he called you and told you what was happening and prepared you for his next call to you, which he knew all the boys’d join in and talk more to you than he would.
When the lads had arrived at his place and the food was eaten, Zayn decided that it was time.
“So, I have something I probably should’ve told you like 11 weeks ago, but I’ve got a girlfriend since 12 weeks.”
“WHAT?!” was shouted out by them all. “How did you meet, what’s her name?” and a lot of other questions were thrown at him.
“Well, her name is y/n and we met at the gym a while ago. I asked her out and yeah. I kinda didn’t tell you in case it’d be over soon, but this won’t end any time soon.”
“Naaaw that’s adorable. C'mon call her! We wanna talk to her!” Harry said.
“Fine, I’ll do it.” Zayn said and opened up his phone. Before you even had time to say hello all of them had shouted a bunch of questions. Zayn soon realised quite soon that the lads were only listening to you, and you only talked to them, so he left you to each other, happy that you got along so well.


On tour there was usually lots of pranks going on. Mainly to keep everyone entertained, and then there was a few revenge-pranks. But most of the pranks were done band against crew, so Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis rarelly pranked each other. Louis, being the jokester of the group changed this in their tour once just because he was bored, he threw waterballoons filled with mayonaise on the lads as a wake-up-call, and they wanted revenge. But they didn’t know what to do, so Harry decided to take Louis’ phone for a while while they were thinking. As Louis searched through his and Harry’s hotel room for the phone, the rest of the boys planned in Liam and Zayn’s.
Just when they actually got anywhere, Louis phone ringed in Harry’s pocket. He picked it up quickly and turned of the sound so Louis wouldn’t hear it through the thin walls, but just as he went to put it down on the table, the name of the caller caught his eye. It was ‘Babe’.
“Lads, look at this!” Harry said and showed them the screen. Right then the call ended and the group only saw Louis’ lock screen.
“What are you on about Harry? It’s just his lock screen.” Liam said confused. Before Harry had time to answer, the phone started ringing again, and now all of the guys could see the caller’s name.
“Oh my, what do we do? Should we give it back to him?” Liam asked.
“No, let’s answer and talk to the girl! We can get to know her and get revenge on Louis by telling her all of his embarrassing stories!” Niall said.
“Yeah, and now he deserves it even more since he’s got a babe and didn’t tell us.” Zayn stated.
Harry answered the phone and put it on speaker, and a girl went “Hello? Louis?”.
“No, this is Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn. Are you Louis’ girlfriend?”
“Oh, well my name is y/n, and yes I am. Did he finally tell you about us?” You asked, a bit taken back when your boyfriend’s band answered, you thought they didn’t know about you yet.
“Well, no. He’s been pranking us a lot so we wanted revenge, and stole his phone while planning, and then you called. How long have you been togehter? Tell us about you!”
This is how the call went, they asked questions about you, and you about them. They also shared some really funny stories about Louis he probably didn’t want you to know about, and one hour later when you hang up, you had gained four nee friends. As Harry hang up the phone, Louis sprinted into the room.
“I expected a vert important call an hour ago. If you don’t tell me where my phone is I’ll kill you!”
“Oh, an important call, why didn’t you say so?” Niall said. “From who?”.
“Yeah, who’s supposed to call? Who could be so important that you have to keep her a secret for 2,5 months?” Liam said teasingly.
“Wha- how did you- oh, she called, didn’t she?” He asked them.
“Who called? I don’t understand what you mean.” Harry was mad at Louis for keeping you a secret, so he played foul.
“Yeah, the only call you’ve missed was a call from 'Babe’ but we took care of it for you. You know, actually getting to know our best friend’s girlfriend who’s been a secret for TWO MONTHS and telling her some stories about us.” Zayn tagged along, feeling like Harry did.
“Well I’m sorry, I was going to tell you… eventually. But stories, what stories?” Louis asked nervously.
“Oh, you know, just how you accidentaly rented a porno for the movie night with your ex’s parrnts, when you spilled alcohol over your crotch, when you mixed up the song order and started singing the wrong song at a concert, and so many other lovely moments.” Harry said, smirking.
Louis face went all read before he went: “I’ll fucking KILL you!” and he attacked the guys on the sofa, starting the world’s most uneven wrestling match ever.

One Direction Preference: When You're Upset

Liam: “I miss you, but this is what you need so I’ll let you go,” Whenever you’re upset, you just need to getaway for awhile. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes for over a week, no matter how long, Liam always understands and supports you. You feel guilty and selfish for doing this, but Liam doesn’t mind as long as you come back to him happy in the end. He would wait forever for you to heal. That’s all that matters to him.

Zayn: “I’ll cancel all of my plans, just for you,” You’re naturally an independent girl, so Zayn can tell when you’re upset because you become needy and clingy. It hurts him to see you so sad. He’ll clear his schedule and focus on taking care of you. Whatever it may be, whether it be watching chick flicks with you or making your favourite meal. He’ll do it all for you.

Louis: “There’s that beautiful smile I’ve been missing,” When you’re upset Louis knows that the only way for you to be happy again is to have fun. So he’ll take you to an arcade and tell you jokes the whole time on the way there. Within minutes you’re mood will change and the bubbly you will return again. As soon as his ears fill with your laughter and you flash him you’re smile, butterflies will erupt in his stomach.

Niall: “You deserve everything, because you’re my everything,” It scares the living shit out of Niall when you’re unhappy. He’ll immediately go out for awhile and return with bags full of things he bought to cheer you up. There will be an assortment of chocolates, teddy bears, movies,and jewelry. He’ll frantically hand you each item, one at a time, hoping that with each present your mood will be lifted.

Harry: “Don’t push me away, because I’m not going anywhere,” Whenever you’re upset you don’t like anyone seeing you vulnerable. So you’ll isolate yourself. You’ll become quiet, sleep a lot and request you be left alone. It kills Harry and breaks his heart to see you like this. And as much as you say you want to be alone and that you’re fine, he knows that deep down you’re just scared to show you need anyone. So he’ll join you in bed even against your protest, and shower you with kisses as the two of you silently cuddle. Not a word spoken between you two. Just his presence makes you feel better.

Like I Can (Narry)

Words: 3442

the title(which is a song) doesn’t have to do with the story but I was listening to it while I wrote it so

Niall is startled awake by the constant banging on the door of his home. He rubs his eyes and stands up. He furrows his brows when he hears sobbing coming from the other side of the door. He opens the door and is surprised to see Harry crying.

“Jess. S-she broke up with me.” He sobs and falls against Niall’s chest.

Niall is taken aback but he slowly wraps his arms around Harry and rubs his back. He closes the door and gently guides Harry to sit on the couch.

“Jesus Christ, Harry. What were you thinking?” He mutters to himself when he sees Harry’s hands shaking and bottom lip trembling. “C'mon.” He guides Harry to the bathroom where he fills the bathtub with warm water while Harry undresses himself.

He looks for clothes and sets them on top of the toilet lid. He leaves the bathroom and lies on his bed waiting for Harry.

The door opens and a red nosed Harry walks out. His eyes are puffy and red rimmed. He sniffles and sits down next to Niall.

“Do you want tea?” Niall asks softly to which Harry shakes his head.

“Can we cuddle?” He mumbles sleepily.

They shift to the top of the bed and get under the covers where Niall lets Harry cling to him. Harry starts to quietly cry again making Niall sigh.

“You’ll be fine, Haz. Look on the bright side! We start tour in two days and you’ll be busy and get distracted.” The blond reassures.

“You think so?” The Cheshire natives sniffles.

“I know so.”

Harry laughs loudly at one of Louis’ jokes while being on stage. He’s happy that Niall was right. He’s been so distracted he’s barely thought about her. He has barely had time for his thoughts because everytime he looks like he could go deep in his thoughts, Niall is there to distract him. And whenever he does have the time he is too tired to actually think and goes straight to sleep.

After the concert, Liam and Louis head to the bus whilst Niall and Harry go to the hotel. On the way there Niall cringes at Harry’s smell and laughs when the curly haired boy pouts.

When they arrive Harry is the first to shower and Niall follows quickly after. When he’s done, Harry is in deep thought. Niall frowns and sits next to him.

“You alright?” He asks concerned.

“Yeah. Just thinking about some stuff.” He shrugs and attacks Niall in a cuddle, arms and legs wrapped around the blond.

Niall laughs wholeheartedly and ruffles Harry’s hair with fondness. He just sighs and gets as comfortable as he can with Harry wrapped around him. Niall places his bicep under Harry’s head, knowing the lad still needs support. He really loved the girl and they never fought. For him they were like a match made in heaven.

They were perfect. Maybe a little too perfect.

When Niall wakes up, he has a spot of drool on his shirt that could only be Harry’s. He cringes and takes it off before lying down again and snuggling his body into the blankets. He sighs when he realizes they smell like Harry and whoa. Stop it right there.

He quickly shakes his head because it is creepy to think about your best mate like that. But either way he engulfs himself in the blankets and goes back to sleep.

When he wakes up for the second time it’s Harry who wakes him up by jumping on him.

“Christ, Harry.” The blond mutters.

“You need to wake up. It’s mid day already.” Harry tells him.

“Go away. Let me sleep.” Niall pushes Harry’s face away and covers his head with the duvet.

The chestnut haired boy rolls his eyes and pulls the duvet away from Niall’s curled up body. “Get up and eat. We have a day of interviews ahead of us.”

Niall curses under his breath as he gets up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Harry smiles fondly at the blond before plopping on the bed to wait for him. He’s casually scrolling through his Twitter feed when Niall’s phone chimes.

“Niall, you’ve a text!” Harry calls too lazy to get up and walk to the bathroom.

“Who’s it from?” Niall calls back from the open bathroom door.

The brunet grabs Niall’s mobile and sees it’s from Maura. “Your mum. Should I open it?”

“No, I’ll just text her later.” Niall’s voice wavers slightly but Harry doesn’t catch it, too busy answering to his own mother. When the blue eyed boy walks out of the bathroom he isn’t surprised to see Harry hanging upside down from the bed. “Let’s go, loser. I’m starving.”

Harry smiles and follows Niall outside and down to Liam’s room where the rest are waiting. Louis wiggles his eyebrows suggestively but Harry only rolls his eyes and flips him off.

A few days later Niall and Liam are talking to kill time. Niall listens as Liam talks about Sophia, whining about how much he misses her. Niall suggests for Liam to call her or set up a Skype date but Liam tells him she’s busy.

“What about you, Ni? Anyone caught your attention?”

Niall swallows at that because no one knows about the little crush he’s had on Harry for a while now. Way before Harry and Jess had gotten together. He just hadn’t realized it. It had killed Niall to see Harry with her but he smiled because Harry was happy and that was all that mattered to him: Harry’s happiness.

“Kind of.” He shrugs.

“Bird or bloke?” Liam asks once again. Niall’s happy he told the boys he swings both ways and none are bothered about it.

“Bloke.” Niall mutters and sighs at how easy it is to talk about someone you like with Liam because Liam doesn’t judge. He just listens. “For a while now.”

“Do I know him?” Niall nods. “Am I close with him?” Another nod. Liam goes in his thinking mode and Niall lets him because at one point Liam will still figure it out. “Can’t think of anyone right now.”

“We’re like really fucking close Liam.” Niall huffs staring at a spot on the bed.

They stay quiet for a moment until Liam gasps. “No fucking way. It’s Harry!”

Niall buries his face in Liam’s pillow, cheeks a bright red. He curses at how fast Liam guessed and how he will never hear the end of it now. He curses even more when Louis decides to walk in. But he’s never cursed someone more than Liam at the moment because he just had to tell Louis. Louis cooes like the ass that he is making Niall’s cheeks flame up even more.

“Hey, lads. Got someone I want you to meet!” Harry calls as he walks in the room with a pretty brunette who’s hand is on his bicep. “Guys, this is Violet. My girlfriend.”

Niall’s face falls and his stomach churns in an unpleasant way. The girl is pretty, he can’t deny it. She has electric blue eyes and a thousand watt smile. She seems nice and it kills Niall once again. Liam and Louis look at him sympathetically but Niall just shakes his head and smiles at Harry before excusing himself to go to his room. When he gets there he takes a deep breath and rubs his chest to relieve some of the pain. He lies down in his bed and buries his face in his pillow. He yells into it and thanks the gods above that the walls are soundproof.

He’s gone through enough pain already. He doesn’t think he can go through more.

Whenever Violet is around, Niall avoids Harry at all costs. It hurts him to do so but it hurts even more seeing Harry all cuddled up with her backstage and on the bus. He doesn’t want to be mean or anything but he can’t wait until she leaves so he can have Harry back. Whoa slow down there, Niall. He tells himself. But the blond man knows Harry likes the palm of his hand. No one understands Harry better than he does and he doesn’t think anyone has loved him as much as he has.

He sighs as he flops on his bed. He’s alone now that Harry has a room with Violet and it gets pretty lonely in the night. Liam or Louis sometimes sneak in and cuddle the boy telling him how it’s going to be okay. Tonight it’s both of them who walk in, each on either side of the blond. Niall makes a noise in the back of his throat in appreciation. He whimpers quietly when he remembers it was usually Harry who cuddled him at night when he mostly needed someone. Liam shushes him and tells him to go to sleep.

After the blond is asleep Liam and Louis share a look of pure concern for the blond. They both know that it isn’t just a small crush, they know it’s something more. Louis bids Liam goodnight as he stands up and goes to his own room. Liam stays the night with Niall, not wanting the blond to feel alone. He sort of knows what it’s like to feel this way and it hurts that his best mate is going through this kind of pain.

The next morning Niall wakes up with Liam sprawled out beside him. He slightly startles at Liam’s snore and gets up to get ready. When he’s done he wakes Liam up so they can go down for breakfast. When they get to the breakfast bar, Niall steers clear of Harry’s view. He doesn’t want to see how happy he is so early in the morning. It annoys him to no end and he doesn’t want to be grumpy for the rest of the day.

Liam notices quickly and frowns. He smiles at Harry as a good morning and grabs his breakfast before sitting across from Niall. “You know he isn’t stupid right?” He says spreading butter over his toast.

Niall rolls his eyes. “I know he isn’t stupid, Liam.” He mutters. “It just hurts.” His words are just above a whisper but Liam catches it either way.

“It’s going to be fine, Niall.”

“Wanna share a room?” Harry asks Niall as they sit in the bus in silence. Liam and Louis had dozed off a while ago and it’s just the two of them.

Niall looks up from his mobile and sees the hopeful look in Harry’s eyes. It’ll hurt him even more to break that look than to share a room with the curly haired boy so he says yes. Harry beams at him and turns back to his phone. Niall sighs quietly and says he’s going to his bunk to catch some sleep before they reach the hotel. Harry says good night but Niall doesn’t answer; too tired to do so.

Harry wakes him up when they reach the hotel at one in the morning. He rubs the sleep from his eyes and takes his suitcase after slipping on a shirt. They walk inside and are greeted with Sam who gives them both key cards before they find their room. Niall sets down his suitcase and strips to his boxers before climbing in his bed. He ignores Harry and goes straight to sleep, too exhausted to do anything.

The next few days are bearable for Niall. Harry’s barely talked about Violet and things are slowly coming back to normal between them. Although, for Harry nothing seemed off between them, he’s happy Niall is his bubbly self again on and off stage.

It’s one late night that Niall walks in his shared room with Harry that the Cheshire native is Skyping with Violet that Niall goes back to his quiet state again. He only waves and smiles at Violet before going to shower. He walks out in a fresh pair of boxers drying his hair when Harry tells him to be decent and put on a pair of sweats as he turns his laptop away.

“As if you haven’t seen my dick before.” He deadpans as he lies on his bed.

“Niall!” He squeaks as Violet laughs loudly. “Don’t say that around my girlfriend.”

“What? That we’ve seen each other’s dicks before?”

Harry glares at the blond who smiles back before turning his own laptop on and going on Netflix. He’s halfway through an episode of Arrow when Harry plops next to him. He shifts the laptop so the can both watch it and lies his head on Niall’s shoulder. He tenses a little but relaxes because, Jesus, it’s only Harry. About four episodes later, Harry is asleep so Niall turns the laptop off and goes on Twitter on his phone insteadFor a while He opens Snapchat and takes a selfie with Harry curled next to him and sends it to Liam with the caption ‘I win for tonight ! 🙈’

Liam answers with a wink making him roll his eyes and goes to sleep instead.

He wakes up alone and he is not surprised at all. He rolls over to his other side and squeaks in surprise when he sees Harry stark naked. He feels his cheeks heat up so he covers his face with the duvet. “Jesus Christ, Harry. Cover up.” He mutters and smiles when Harry laughs his squeaky laugh.

“As if you haven’t seen it before.” He snorts. Niall rolls his eyes and peeks to see Harry dressed already.

“Why are up so early?” He asks.

“Have to catch my flight to L.A.” Harry answers and that’s when Niall spots all of his luggage by the door.

“I thought that was tonight.” He stretches his arms and back as he sits up.

“No. I have to get going. See ya, Ni.” He tackles Niall in a hug making the blond laugh and push Harry’s kissy face away from his. “You should come with me!”

“No thanks. Got a flight home tomorrow.” Niall tells him giving up completely and just letting Harry lie on him.

Harry pouts like a child and widens his eyes. “Please. I want you to come with me. Please. Please. Please. Please.”



“Shut up and let me sleep for a bit more.”

The brunet boy pouts but gets off Niall after slobbering his cheek with a kiss and runs out of the room cackling. Niall just wipe his cheek and goes back to sleep with a hint of a smile on his face.

After landing in London Niall goes straight home. He greets Willie but goes straight to his room to sleep. A few hours later he gets a call waking him up. He groans into his pillow and blindly searches for his phone. He answers it without thinking twice with a groggy ‘hello’.

“Shit, I woke you up!” His ears re filled with Harry’s voice. “I’m sorry. I’ll call tomorrow.”

“No, it’s fine. What’s up?” He asks as he sits up on his bed.

“How long are you going to be in London?”

The question catches Niall a little off guard. “Don’t know. Why?”

“I’m going home. Think I can stay in for a day or so?”

Niall rolls his eyes. “You don’t even have to ask, idiot.”

“Great! Tell you when I land!” And with that he hangs up.

Niall just mutters under his breath and goes back to sleep as it’s only two in the morning. When he wakes up a second time it’s one in the afternoon. He decides to stay in after getting up and eating something. His plans fail when Harry walks in with tired eyes.

“Thought you said you’d call.” Niall says from the couch.

“Hey.” Harry sighs putting his things down and kicks off his boots. “You wouldn’t answer your mobile.”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear it.” Niall frowns.

Harry shrugs and just lies in the couch next to Niall. He traps the blond in a cuddle and falls asleep. Niall usually forgets Harry is clingy when he’s tired so he lets him be and cuddles him instead as he watches the Derby match Willie recorded for him. Not long after, Harry’s steady breathing lulls him to sleep.

‘Got home safe and sound! :) xx’

Niall reads the text Harry has sent him and his heart stutters at the two x’s at the end.

‘Great ! Tell your mum I said hi !’

He locks his phone and lies on his bed that oddly smells like Harry. He inhales his blankets without shame and sighs at the musky scent. He texts Harry back and forth that day and night. It seems weird because Harry’s been clinging to Niall the few days he stayed and he hasn’t mentioned Violet once. So he decides to shoot Harry a text.

'Are u and Violet okay ?’

'Not really.’

'What happened ?’

'We’re sort of falling apart. She says it’s too much with the distance and that I’m always busy. I know that! I miss her, Ni but I think we’re going nowhere. This is why Jess and I broke up in the first place. I don’t want to go through it again. What should I do?’

Niall thinks it over. He can’t just straight out tell Harry to break up with her. It’ll seem selfish of him and that’s the last thing he wants to do.

'Talk to her, mate . Think it’s mostly fair for you to explain your point of view in this too !’

'What do I say?!’

'Idk she’s your girlfriend harry’

'You’re no help :(’

Niall rolls his eyes at his best mate. Harry can be so thick sometimes.

'How do you feel about it ?’

'Terrible! I miss her loads but she won’t talk to me! I’ve sent her hundreds of texts and I’ve called so many times I’ve lost count. But I just think it’s best if we break up. I don’t want to hurt her like this anymore. And I’ve kind of liked someone else for a while now.’

Niall chokes on the air he inhales and immediately calls Harry.

“You fucking wanker! Why didn’t you tell me?!” He exclaims into his mobile.

“Sorry.” Harry says sounding sheepish and guilty. “I didn’t want to tell anyone until I got my head straight. And I did. I’m breaking up with her and calling the person right after and tell them how I feel.”

“Alright, Haz. Do want you feel is right. Call me tomorrow and tell me how it went. I’m fucking dead on my feet.” He grumbles.

“Whole day playing golf. What else do you expect?”

“Oh, fuck off, tosser. Good night.”

“Good night. Love you.”

“Me too.”

“Say it right, Niall.” Harry huffs.

“Love you, too, fucker.”

“Why do you always ruin the moment, Niall. Here I am trying to have a moment and you ruin it.”

“Oh, shut up. You have stuff to do. Bye.”


The front door of Niall’s house swings open and he’s startled to see Harry shutting it close behind him. He cocks his head to the side confused. “Harry? What are you-”

He’s cut off by Harry’s hands on his cheeks. He looks at the blond with fondness in his eyes and a small smile on his face. Niall’s cheeks heat up under Harry’s gaze, his arms are limp on his sides not knowing what to do with them. Niall squeaks in surprise when Harry bumps their noses together.

“It’s you, Niall. You’re the person I’ve liked for a while now. I can’t stop thinking about you and fuck, Niall.” He breaths out knocking their foreheads together.

They’re both surprised when Niall closes the few inches between them and connects their lips as he wraps his arms around Harry’s waist. He pulls him closer, flushing their bodies together. The kiss is indescribable for both boys. It’s sweet and soft and languid and everything Niall ever imagined.

Harry is the first to pull away with a sigh. He can’t help but chuckle, rubbing his thumb along Niall’s cheek. “I’m guessing you like me as well.”

Niall chuckles and hides his face in Harry’s neck. “Yeah. For a while now. Before you and Jess were a thing.”

Harry gasps at that. “Niall! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“You were happy.” He shrugs. “I just wanted you to be happy. And I didn’t realize it until a while ago.”

Harry hugs the blond closer and plants a kiss on his hair. “You’re an idiot for not telling me before. Would’ve never been with Violet.”

Niall shrugs again and pulls away to close the door behind them. He takes Harry’s hand and guides him upstairs to his room. The two of them crawl into Niall’s bed and cuddle under the covers. They spend the night kissing and cuddling and giggling like the children they are until Niall falls asleep curled around Harry. The lanky boy cuddles into Niall’s chest and falls asleep with a content smile on his face.


Zayn: K guess I’ll say something.

*Yeah he does*

We fell in love, but it was only a joke. Banter! Yeah, but we’re still really happy together. Such lovely, sexy lols.

Liam: *Storms field in designer clothes to kick a ball into a net because he’s so excited to hear from Zayn* 

For Zayyyynnnn!

Do you think he saw?

Louis: G…I…R…L…


Shit. Do you have another one of these photos?

Harry: Oh hayyy. Just wearing these totes adorbs short shorts to show off my new tattoo.

*Sidebar: WHAT IS THAT?*

Niall: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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doing a grand gesture of love harry

Small suggestion to listen to She is Love by Parachute before you read :)

“Come with me,” he said softly.

“Harry, I’m sleepy,” you told him.

“C’mon, it’s not that late, c’mon,” he whispered. He started to pull your fatigued figure off the sofa and he wrapped his arms around you tightly. He inhaled your hair as he gently nuzzled your neck. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too, I could have done this laying down,” you said knowingly.

“Would you just…?” He chuckled. “Please?”

You smiled and took a deep breath. “Carry me,” you ordered weakly lifting your arms up like a toddler. He smirked and shook his head. He couldn’t believe you were real. You were so sweet and gentle. Cradling you in his arms, he walked you down the steps and out the apartment building. There were very few people milling about and Harry took advantage of this. Of the few people who were out, they smiled fondly at the couple that looked lovingly at one another.

You cuddled into Harry’s chest as he gently swayed you, rocking as he took each step. “Where are we going?” You murmured into his neck. You left small little kisses on his collarbones and his throat.

He smiled as he squeezed you closer. “Just up’ere,” he said quietly. You sighed and settled into his arms.

He loved you too much. It made his chest swell and he thought he was going to pop if he loved you any more. But he was willing to–he would love you forever. When he arrived in the park he set you on your feet and rested his hands on your hips. He pulled you back against his body and kissed your cheek and then slid his hands up to your cheeks, covering your eyes. “Walk,” he said.

“Harry, you can hardly walk with your own two feet, how are you going to do it with mine?” You wondered, but you trusted him anyway.

He laughed softly but moved you forward anyway. He smiled as you sighed and talked quietly as he moved you through the park in small steps. “Alright, just wait one second, yeah?” He asked and kissed your forehead. “No peeking,” he whispered and stepped away. You heard a few small shuffles, rustling and then silence. The silence didn’t last long because soon the gentle music you loved played in the air. Harry didn’t sing, but you’re almost grateful for it.

“Open,” he said softly.

So you did. And you could barely breathe as you took in your surroundings. Harry stood beneath a tree wrapped in twinkly white Christmas lights. They dangled from branches and wound around the trunk. Niall was nearby playing his guitar. Rose petals littered the grass around him and a small table with a bottle of champagne, some glasses and something that looked like an edible arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries–your favorite. The other three boys holding pieces of cardboard. Harry held a bouquet of tulips. Your favorite. “Hi,” he said.

You smirked. “Hi,” you whispered.

“I have to ask you something.” You nodded. “I really love you,” he said.

“I really love you too,” you answered.

“Good…good, keep that in mind,” he took a deep breath and swallowed as you gazed at him with those perfectly, gentle eyes.

“Now, Harold?” Liam asked.

“Shush,” he hissed. You giggled which kept the smile on Harry’s little face. You waited. “I love you…and I just…sometimes I just want our mornings to go on forever–and I know that doesn’t make sense–”

“Nothing he says makes sense,” Zayn mumbled.

He turned to glare at his friends. “Would you just–please?” He asked them. You waited patiently and stared at him. “Kitten?” He said. You nodded knowing where this was headed, but you were still excited. “Will you marry me?” He asked.

The boys held up their posters, one for each boy. Please Say Yes.

You laughed and nodded. “Of course Har-bear!” You said and tossed your arms around his neck and he was so happy. So happy. His heart couldn’t take it. He just started crying and of course that made you cry.

“Jesus the two of you are made for each other,” Louis rolled his eyes and joined your hug. “Yay, Harry!” He shouted.

“Princess, I really thought you would know you could do better,” Niall joked and also joined your hug. Harry’s eyes couldn’t and wouldn’t leave you. Not when Zayn joked at him and Liam rubbed his shoulders.

Harry was too in love.

And so were you.

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I always see the gif where Harry says he needs organic guacamole on tour but can't finish because he is laughing. Can you explain the joke? I don't get why it was so funny. Thanks and love the blog btw :)

interview ask him what he need on tour bus and harry said “organic guacamole”

after that louis’ face light up 

harry and louis laugh together

and all of them happy (liam tiny smile,harry and louis being themself,niall smile)

so that’s i can explain about the jokes (louis think harry jokes is funny)

thank you for loving my blog <3