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Recently I realised that my need to make “good” art was boxing me in, and I was losing my imaginative flair.

When we were kids we drew and scribbled whatever came to mind, and we coloured it however we wanted, and we went outside the lines, and it didn’t matter if the things we drew were totally two dimensional, because they had character. I used to draw these silly little cartoon crocodiles with one line and they were very very not what crocodiles look like but my dad loved them and I showed him every single one, with no embarrassment. I was proud of them. 

So I’ve started scribbling again. I mean really scribbling. A lot doesn’t make “sense” and sometimes turns out “ugly” but I’m letting my imagination control my hand and not worry about the “quality” of it. And it’s So. Much. Fun. I’ve drawn aliens and landscapes and spaceships and old men and viking helmets and crystal earrings.

So if you’re an artist and you’re getting frustrated about not being “good enough” (because I know I was), then try to clear your mind and let your hand go wild, who cares if it ends up wonky, it’s your special brand of wonky.

  • some kind & patient soul: [writes a whole article abt the connection between slavery, the war of 1812 and the american national anthem]
  • me: [shares said article and links back to it twice]
  • some of y'all: umm??? the national anthem was written abt the war of 1812???? could you be more specific abt what you mean when you say it celebrates the murder of african-americans?? even though you linked an article to it *twice on your blog* and one of those links WAS IN THE POST I WAS REFERRING TO?

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idk how you have no self confidence and yet refuse to listen to anyone telling you that ur being disrespectful about their beliefs/ assuming youre right when they clearly have more authority on the matter as a person who actually follows these beliefs and doesnt collect runes bc theyre "cute"

bc i dont have any self confidence beyond my tiny realm of understanding. runes falls within my tiny realm of understanding because i researched them & i know what each of them means from a lingual and spiritual standpoint, as well as how to use them (like, i literally have a white rabbit fur pelt for them. cuz i know that’s proper, and cuz i also think it looks nice when im using them.) i dunno where u got the idea im collecting runes that r cute, i just said i think the practice & the runes themselves are cute and thats why i use them as opposed to doing it because im genuinely 100% devoted to followin the fuckin word of the aesir.

like i said, this is within my realm of understanding. i know what im talking about, i know abt pagan beliefs & rituals, just because i myself dont devote my faith to following the beliefs doesnt mean i don’t grasp them. i know where i stand & that theres fuckin literally nothin wrong about having runes and not committing to a pagan lifestyle lmao.

like, i could literally just say “okay then im pagan now” and your argument ends because its literally that easy. theres no bare minimum for considering yourself pagan. theres a winding list of pagan faiths to choose from. i could just say “i believe in lots of gods, they are very real to me & i use the runes to commune with them for guidance” and that’d be it. the only thing is that i don’t personally live like that. am i not allowed to use runes suddenly, because i personally attribute the ‘guidance’ to random chance & decide how much faith im going to put into the readings? lmfao. this is stuff i know about.

After All Things (Part VI)

Or: ‘Today, We Are.’

Peter Parker x Reader

This is Part VI of my series that chronicles Peter and a new reader as they deal with the fallout of the events in ‘It’s A Lot Like Falling.‘

Summary: He was here: Peter Benjamin Parker, the man who was made of light. Peter is 25. Words: 1.8k.

This is the end of all things. Thank you for reading.

After All Things: Part I  Part II Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

Mood board and After All Things: A Playlist by @jedistardust

“Marry me,” and it wasn’t really a question, “tonight, let’s get married.” He was still on his knees, red and blue of his suit glowing against the pale color of your sweater, strong arms clinging to you, fingers tight and scrunching at the knitted fabric where he held onto everything. You pulled away from him, chestnut colored curls spilling all over the place as you ran fingers through sweaty, rain soaked locks; glossy brown of his eyes like kindling for the fire in them as he looked up at you.

The bird that was your heart rattled in the cage of your chest, his words terrifying and exciting and enough to cause that little thing nestled safely below it and the strength of his arms to shift and kick at your insides; precious, fluttery warmth asking you, asking him, the only way that it yet knew how.

The feeling of his words was crushing, but in that way that made you jittery and consumed with good.

But then your brain reined you in, clipping at the feathers of those wings a little to prevent your heart from flying away too soon. To prevent you from falling too hard when the reality of his words sunk in and he realized this was probably just a reaction to what had almost happened again.

When he started thinking too hard and too fast.

Your whole body shivered from the rain, the cold air, his words, and the remaining adrenaline pumping through narrowing veins; excess nerves your body was still trying to figure out what to do with.

His arms squeezed a little tighter, pulled you back into him.

“Peter, sweetheart, you need a minute to calm down,” delicate fingers smoothed over messy brows, working to put them back into place; disturbed from the violent way he’d ripped his mask off to get at you, to bring his skin to yours in the desperate way he’d needed to, the same way yours had called to him in that moment, “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t nee - ” Your lips halted as you took in the dejected expression on his face.

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DSC spoilers ahead. At least, my thoughts about DSC ahead.

OKAY, I am reserving any SOLID judgement until we get more episodes because as far as I’m concerned, these two episodes were the prologue. The rest of the story is going to develop however it develops and we will be along for the ride, but here’s what I thought of what we’ve seen. Disjointed and everything, but here you go.

In general, I liked it. I liked a lot of aspects of it. Let’s start with that. I AM IN LOVE with Michael. I feel as though they have given her the opportunity to go through the character arc that Spock had at a much earlier time. In fact, I think we’re meeting her at the tail end of that character arc and seeing how it develops later. I think we’re going to see her embracing both sides of her heritage. The most powerful line of these two episodes was “Was it logic? Was it emotion? I don’t know.” Because I think she’s beginning to understand that every  decision she makes will utilize both – which Spock didn’t learn for a long time.

I’m angry at Sarek, which isn’t new. I’m always a little angry at Sarek. He didn’t speak to his son for so many years, and here he has Michael, who he has PUT A PART OF HIS FUCKING SOUL INTO, who he actually encouraged to join Starfleet (like dropping her off at daycare, my wife pointed out. “Here’s my ward, have fun sweetie”). I just hope they explain why he gives Michael so much that he withheld from Spock. Though I assume it has to do with the expectations he had due to Spock’s half-Vulcan heritage, and he had lower expectations for a full human. I don’t know. I’m upset.

Klingons? Interesting. I’m looking forward to how their spirituality influences their culture, as we’ve seen very little of that in previous iterations of Trek. I think they set up some possibility for a lot of colonialist commentary as well. The line about securing their individuality really stood out to me, because for all I love Star Trek, the Federation has a lot of colonialist tendencies and I’m hoping they actually make the Klingons somewhat sympathetic? Like “we don’t want to buy into your colonization of the galaxy because we are our own culture”? I think that would be an interesting tension to explore, and something that they seldom if ever really address.

Okay, Phillipa. I ship her and Michael so hard I’m fucking FEDEX at this point, and I have about ten thousand angsty fic ideas already, but I’m so mad she died. I am still trying to figure out how I feel about this so for now I’m just going to say I’m really fucking sad. And I hope they explore Michael’s grief well. Possibly integrating it into her trauma from her parents’ deaths? THOUGHTS FOR LATER. ANYWAY.

It was very white. Even with two women of color leading the charge, there were a lot of white faces, and a lot of white faces in power. In part, Phillipa’s death upsets me because she could have been a character that came in and out, a woman of color commanding a vessel that we saw frequently. Instead, she died, and we’re going to have a white dude in the captain’s chair again. It’s just disappointing when they had so much opportunity.

In the future, I hope they have the opportunity to inject some of the optimism of Trek into this show. Like I said, this was the prologue and it’s still early, but I felt as though it was very dark. (and not just aesthetically). I just hope that they have their fun, their campy moments, their vision of the future because that’s why I love Star Trek, and I don’t need any more dark and gritty  shows in my life. In fact, I need fewer. 

Last thought: I love Saru and the whole Kelpian everything because I relate to this alien so hard. Anxious about everything? Suggests running away immediately? Yup. That’s me. 

TL;DR: I’m curious to see how this goes, Michael Burnam is wonderful and I will protect her, Millipa will live forever, and I’m going to have to rewatch the first two eps to form any solid opinions.

Grantaire probably had a lot of bad experiences on the streets and as a result is really strict with things like consent. It took him nearly a year of dating Enjolras to get comfortable initiating things like kisses because he’d worry about consent constantly

Am I the only one that thinks it’s really cute that they’re wearing scarves in the other person’s color?

-Mod Bulb

ive been thinking abt how i really never thought i was going to live to be 16 and how im so glad i did (despite my best efforts) because even though everythings not Better this year ive met a lot of amazing people and started to love things without apologizing again and gotten out of a space where the only thing that mattered to me was how fast and painfully i could implode and im really grateful for every person whos talked to me and every piece of art thats seen me through that… idk im just really grateful to be alive right now because i really didnt think i would be 

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How many chapters do you plan on making FTgo if you don’t mind me asking? I saw you said some stuff about the epilogue with Lucy and everything and was wondering if you already have the ending set up? Love all your work by the way your smut is the best especially Hakobe Ice!❤️

Thank you! :D
And as it stands right now, there’s supposed to be about 200 chapters, but I’m going to try combining some to make the overall story shorter but some chapters longer. It should still be over 150 though. It’s hard to tell.
And yes, I actually have the epilogue outlined. :) Of course some minor details might change, but I know what will generally happen.
I should warn that it might still be longer than I intend anyways. The other day I thought of a scene to add and that’ll take up at least one more chapter, plus I might add more scenes along the way.
Hope you enjoy what I have planned for this story. There’s going to be a lot more twists and turns waiting. :P

am i a hoarder for just v happily looking @ the number of asks ppl send me?? idk im just happy ppl wanna hear blair (me) describe their muses its v cute i love ocs i love ppl’s ocs I LOVE OCS?????

SO. i’m randomly feeling kinda down/lonely??? something?? i’m seriously not sure why, it’s just one of those random af mood drop things?? who knows! anywho, i’m working through all my blogs as per my weekend usual ( and i’m lowkey crushing it like it’s 8:30 rn and i just got two blogs left counting this one! ) – THAT being said, the mood drop is getting me down so, i’m gonna power through my rick grimes replies, but i’m not 100% sure if i’ll be up to write/queue my stuff here by the time i’m through. just wanted to let you guys know!! it’s nothing against any of my drafts ( i love them aLL ), i’m just feeling kinda gross and think it may be a good idea to shut this down early and get a good night’s rest :3 i’ll 99.9% get to mr. o’connell next weekend tho!

AND i’ll be lurking here from my phone like usual ( and most of you guys know how to reach me mobile anyway ) *BLOWS KISSES* i love you all so, so much and i just hope you know how bright all of you make my dash?? like i have so much love and respect for all my mutuals like….you guys are the real heroes tbqh xoxoxo OH. and someone write jonathan.

( I have had these in my inbox for the last century now & I would like to just apologize it has taken my forever to get to them, because I really do appreciate them, like a lot.   You’ve taken the time out of your day, no matter how small amount of time it is, to send these really sweet messages to me. It makes me smile to know people do this for others & just thank you for existing, for being absolute sweethearts in this cruel world. I hope you know how beautiful you really are.

Unfortunately, I typically don’t send these things ( mostly because I intend to & then completely forget ), so I would like to take this opportunity to speak some positive stuff about the blogs I adore. )

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