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I never actually noticed how tightly he was holding onto her. Looking at this I realize now that he wasn’t holding her to shield her from the flames, but to stop her from putting herself in harm’s way.

In the span of about two seconds, Alphonse recognized that he needed to both throw up a protective barrier between them and the fire, and stop Riza from getting herself killed attempting to protect Roy.

At 14 years old he picked up on the intimacy of Roy and Riza’s relationship and integrated Riza’s breakdown just moments prior into his understanding of her as a person, and then used that information to both recognize that she would act impulsively and take action to stop her from doing so. All in the span of approximately two seconds.

This kid is way smarter than anyone seems to give him credit for. He can think on his feet and make snap decisions, and evaluate people’s behavior really quickly. He can do all three at once.

More love for Alphonse Elric please.

I wanted to practice drawing more girls, so I chose one of @zamaron‘s character, Miya! I was immediately drawn by her cute design. I hope you like it!

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Do you ever thing KS will become an anime & if it does would you watch it?

I don’t think I can see KS getting animated and aired because of censorship and what not. But if it does ever get animated, of course I’d want to watch it.

One of the cleverest things about the “weaponized soul” in Dirk Gently is how it only activates in circumstances that mimic what the soul is used to.

The two times we see the shark activated, it’s when the kitten is flying through the air in a way that would (to the shark) resemble the feeling of being underwater. No wonder it wants to break free.

Whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that Robert is going to sleep on Aaron’s side of the bed tonight. Breathing in his scent. Don’t think about how he is going to wake up tomorrow, expecting Aaron to be there and when he puts his hand out and looks…his stomach drops and his heart hurts when he realizes where Aaron actually is. Don’t think about him sitting at the table alone that morning, unable to drink his coffee because all he can do is think about Aaron and how much he misses him. Don’t think about how that next night he wears Aaron’s hoodie to bed just to feel close to him again. Don’t think about it :)))

@abazethe100  I don’t know if you saw my response to the post you tagged me in, but I am more convinced than ever after episode 4, the confrontations with Monty and Jasper and the parallels with Jaha and the Ark, that Clarke is going to recognize free will and choice this season.

The confrontations were amazing. They weren’t calling her evil or blaming her for the circumstances, they were straight out telling her it’s how she’s leading. But Clarke isn’t getting it. She’s very much so in the mindset of it’s the burden of a leader to do this, a la Lxa, Dante, and Jaha. She’s not listening to Monty and Jasper when they tell her it’s not the decisions themselves that she’s making, it’s that she’s deciding, alone. She isn’t God. But she’s taking on that persona, the persona of Wanheda, deciding who lives and who dies. It’s not who she is and they know that but Clarke doesn’t seem to, not anymore.

Clarke is still focused on the decisions. Like with Monty. He understood why he wasn’t on the list, it’s how she made that list, that she’s hiding it that he’s angry about. Disappointed in. But Clarke isn’t listening. She only sees one way, her way. She’s sorry, torn up over making the list, but she isn’t listening to why people are upset. In the scene with the crowd she was all head. Clarke kept giving people rational answers that didn’t respond to the questions they were asking. She needed her heart but he wasn’t there. And Jaha stepped in with a solution that so clearly confused Clarke because though it was fair it didn’t optimize their chances of long-term survival. It wasn’t a solution of the head.

Clarke is making decisions that directly parallel what she hated about the Ark. But instead of recognizing the error in that, the flaws of the system she recognized so clearly in season 1, she’s rejudging Jaha to support her current decisions.

Lxa could get away with it because of the flame, because her people’s religion gave her a spiritual authority that allowed her to make decisions that way, allowed her to believe she was justified in everything she did. But they rejected her, rejected that leadership. Clarke saw that but still doesn’t get it.

Her circumstances, her past trauma is leading her to sympathize and emulate leadership she rejected previously because she thinks she has to do the same as they did in order for keep people alive. Because it gives her some temporary peace of mind. She isn’t remembering that these leaders failed, only that they led and so is she. She hasn’t yet realized that there’s another way to lead, hasn’t remembered who she was in season 1. Hasn’t remembered that she and Bellamy had figured out another way, or recognized the necessity for it now.

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//suggests genderbends of Ivy Phantom Kaito and of (whats it called) the witch Meiko from PDX. So like- Ivy Phantom Kaiko and witchy Meito? Oooh or genderbends of Whistle Meiko and Genius Kaito?


I’ll be real tho..
I did not do Strawberry witch Meito. 
Mostly because??? he was the whole reason i didn’t post the rest of these sooner?? bc I have no idea for him whoops 
but  I have like 3 more asks about him???? SO i’ll get there eventually ;]

This was probably already pointed out, but I still felt the need to get that out of my system.

So I’m rewatching the Weblum ep, and I realized. For me, one of Keith’s qualities that made him a good potantial leader was his quick decision making. Yeah sometimes it can seem reckless, but sometimes that’s what you need. But more than that, I realized there are other hints that Keith can be a good leader. 

I honestly think Shiro would have acted the same way here (maybe not the same words/body language, but same processus : state facts, lightening the mood, and praise). Now, I don’t think Keith will be a good leader right off the start, one of the main reason being I think he’ll be the first to doubt himself. There are team dynamics to account for too, but I can see that part go both way.

Also, everything people are accusing Keith to be are things other characters in a leading position/they want to see in a leading position share with him. (Goes to attack instead of thinking about it? Shiro did it too. Can be tactless and will probably be bossy? Allura is like that too. Exemples given by @unxpctedlygreat : The time they saved Slav for Shiro, and the first things Allura says to Lance, about his ears.)

At first I had more to say but I’m too lazy so it will do.

Randomly got a gift and a card in the mail today from an old high school friend that I haven’t seen for 13 years and who recently became a patron of my self directed writing program. And I’m so touched and flabbergasted at her kindness and faith in me. It’s strange the way your life is touched and shaped by people who don’t spend that much time in it.

I’m from a small town and a small school the kind where you are all together from kindergarten but somehow me and her never managed to become friends until halfway through Junior year and even then we are both such introverts and had family obligations and college to pay for so we didn’t spend a lot of time together outside of school. Yet somehow we managed to have some deep and memorable conversations and form a friendship much stronger than kids I did spend my time with. She asked me on the bus coming home from a field trip what my craziest dream was and I told her it was to live in a lighthouse, own a sailboat, and be a writer. It was silly but it was also true. She didn’t laugh she asked me why and so I explained it to her.

For graduation she gave me a frame with a lighthouse around it and inside a hand lettered quote from Langston Hughes “hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly”. Worried that I wouldn’t like that quote she actually included others but I never changed it. For years that frame and quote have traveled with me and been displayed in my room. It sits now at my desk and when I am blocked or paused in my writing I look at it. It always reminds me of my wild dream, something I likely would have forgotten without the physical reminder, and encourages me to try to live a bigger life than I thought myself capable of.

And I don’t know how to tell her about the difference she has made in my life because of that gift or the difference she has made by being a patron and by sending me a card with words of encouragement. I am humbled by her friendship and proud to know her. I am in awe at what one person can do for another just by being thoughtful and kind. I hope I can do the same for someone else someday.

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Shelolly the x files au.

Sherlock and Molly teaming up to investigate possible alien encounters? Um, yes please. Where do I sign up?

Sherlock doggedly pursuing any leads to prove the existence of alien life forms. (His sister disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he was a child, and he’s never been able to forget the bright light that lit up the house the night she vanished - no matter what his older brother Mycroft says.)

Molly as his skeptical partner-in-crime, assigned to work with him because she believes in science and facts above all else. (I mean, she’s already a pathologist - this AU practically writes itself.)

Together, they probe into cases that have so far gone unsolved, dubbed “The X Files” because the only space available to file them is in the almost-empty “X” filing cabinet. They come to depend only on each other, even though it takes them way longer than it should to admit their feelings for each other.

Add in Mycroft as a top government agent who secretly gives his brother information, and Moriarty as the leader of a shadowy government agency known as the Syndicate, and I think we have a winning combination here.

look my dude I know that tony stark is a beautiful complex mess of a character who has a heart of gold despite the front he puts up in public, but the mcu did not capture that, and a lot of his actions in the movies (especially in civil war) were straight up out of character. tony stark deserves so much better than the movie universe has given him tbh.

im really motivated to play with winters save now we have a few more things to get through (a lot of which is ruby and juno now that bennetts in a happy content place) but we’re almost done with their teenage-ness!!! probably only 2 or 3 more weeks of it depending on how often im posting but.

as a child who was homeschooled i have a very important question for those of u who werent. what is prom like?


all i want to listen to for the next month 

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In a fannish context, queer baiting is a term used to describe the perceived attempt by canon creators (typically of television shows) to woo queer fans and/or slash fans, but with no intention of actually showing a gay relationship being consummated on screen. Harry is not a character in TV show. He's not a writer trying to lure in fans. He's real life human living his life. How YOU anon interpret his life is not his fault. The rainbow flag does not belong to larries. Harry made a lot of 1/

Accepted & welcome. He made us love ourselves because our favourite loves us. It’s not his fault if you and others equate rainbow flag with larries. It is sickening larries did that but I love it that Harry insisted not giving up the flag to them. He has supported us as long as I can remember. His insistence in expressing his support despite the shit storm larries raise to complicate his life made me appreciate him so much. Hate Harry I don’t care but don’t dismiss what he did for some of us 2/2