but looks so good

hey happy trans day of visibility everyone. i just reblogged a similar post but. here’s a shoutout to:

  • trans/nb people with mental illnesses
  • trans/nb people with chronic illnesses
  • trans/nb people with learning/intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • trans/nb people with physical disabilities
  • trans/nb people with invisible disabilities
  • trans/nb people with disabilities not otherwise stated

whether you post a selfie today or not, you’re still incredible and you deserve to be visible today just like abled and neurotypical trans/nb people

this is so accurate.

Omg guys !!! I have 1084 followers!! Wow. 1 0 8 4. I made this blog on Saturday and it already has 1k+ followers! Thank you THANK YOU. I love you all so much, & here is a pic of cactus cos i love you all like i love cactus and I love love loooooove cactus. Ok. Omg i love you all. Let me cry now. 😭


happy trans day of visibility everyone! i was debating wether or not i should post about it but i feel like i should. 

some people i know irl follow me on here and i was scared and still am a bit if they see, but i kinda want them to know?? 

i feel like the only way i can accept myself is if i tell others. so this would be the first time im admitting on public social media that i am trans which feels like a big leap for me lmao im lame !!!!!!!! so here it is folks

ftm, he/him pronouns

Sky’s like

No words to say … Ideal for a spring/summer relaxed but chic style. Don’t you think so ?