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HOW TO BE IN KOREA?? *ugly cry*

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Oh oh question! Da4 is going to be announced soon, I just know it! So... What do you think your da4 protagonist will be like, if you could give us a little insight of what you think? Thank you so much uvu

Uhhh I’m so happy you’re asking me this! 
I’d love, love, love if DA4 started in Tevinter. Given the last (I think it’s the last yeah?) cutscene of Trespasser, I think and hope it quite certainly will. That’d lead to (at least) two very interesting protagonist origins: elf slave and Magister. 
Here’s what my character would look like if there was the possibility to start as Magister/Magister apprentice:


I stole it from you. What? The Urca gold. I told you we were deceived about its having been recovered by the Spanish. Wasn’t entirely true. You were deceived.

Yesterday I started studying the korean alphabet for a bit, and now I feel excited whenever I recognise some characters and can kinda read them.