but look how long my hair is

goooood mornin folks my fuckin appendix is straight up gone now

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somehow you wrote it exactly how it sounds!

also, I’m totally going to take this as an opportunity to answer my own questions:

Favorite Arc: Tie between The Suffering Game and Story and Song (talk to me foREVER about either of these arcs honestly)

Favorite Moment: Both ‘Arms Outstretched’ moments - in The Suffering Game and then in Story and Song. I honestly tear up both times, they’re both so beautiful

Headcanon: I don’t necessarily have a set headcanon for how Taako looks, but I do have a very specific one for how his look/outfits change throughout the course of the series.

I think he had really long blonde hair (dyed) during Sizzle it Up and wore a lot of glam (but not when cooking, because I think he takes that very seriously and as a professional doesn’t wear a ton of jewelry or long sleeves when cooking). After Glamour Springs happened, Taako’s look completely changed. He dyed his hair back dark brown and cut it really short about at his shoulders and kept it mostly back in a ponytail. He dropped all glam and jewelry and tried to look as inconspicuous and plain as possible - this includes flashy makeup. I think he mostly looked like that when he started adventuring, too, and probably during Here There Be Gerblins.

I think as the series goes on and he becomes more comfortable with Magnus and Merle (and probably more sure that he’s probably not going to get caught for Glamour Springs because no one’s come for him yet and he has the BOB probably backing him) he gradually starts gravitating towards flashy styles again. He starts wearing more and more jewelry and wearing more makeup. He starts growing his hair long again and wearing it in different styles again

After he’s learns he wasn’t to blame for Glamour Springs, I think he goes all out with his look again. Because getting rid of the things/clothes he likes was mostly about fear of being recognized, but also a little about punishing himself and screw that, fUCK Sazed, he’s not going to take Taako’s joy in clothing and gaudy jewelry/makeup away from him like he took his cooking show

So Taako in The Suffering Game is full on gaudy, fashionable, flashy Taako, with bright colors, makeup, his hair loose and curly and died blonde again and he’s fucking back baby, he finally feels like himself again. (And then the liches take his beauty yIKES)

(Side note: Lup sees her brother again for the first time in YEARS and he doesn’t even look like himself anymore. Sure, it’s Taako. But what’s with the fucking ugly green cloak. Where’s all his jewelry. What has he done with his haiR? What happened to her brother??)

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(Kinda urgent?) Im getting a haircut today in like two hours and my mom said she wasn't going to pay for me to get a haircut so short and that I would have to wait until I'm 18. Do you have any advice on how to maybe ease her into a compromise on a haircut? I couldn't find anything looking through the faq

Lee says:

It’s in our transmasculine resources! You could also see if you can find the money to pay for it yourself if she says no.


Don’t laugh Bakugou, it’s a serious struggle

Favorite parts of Thor: Ragnarok

•Literally everything

•There was no romance

•I cannot even decide what my favorite parts were

•But here’s a few

•*looks at skeleton* “How long do you think we’ll be here?”

•”Thor, son of Odin” “Surtur! Son of… a bitch!”

•”I’ve been falling for 30 minutes!”

•”Piss off, ghost!”

•”Fine, then point me in the direction of whoever’s ass I have to kick”

•Stan Lee cutting Thor’s hair

•”He’s a friend from work!”

•Loki being nervous around Banner

•”Loki look who it is!” “I’ve got to get off this planet”

•”I’m just really into this kind of thing”

• *throws something at Loki’s head to make sure it’s really him*

•The Revengers

•The ‘get help’

•The quinjet answering to Point Break instead of ‘Thor’ or ‘God of Thunder’

•”I had this unique hammer, made from the heart of a dying star. I would spin it, and I would fly.”

“You rode a hammer?”

“No, I would lie down.”

“The hammer rode you?”

“No, I would spin it and it would lift me off”

“Oh my god, the hammer threw you off?”

“Off the ground, it threw me off the ground!”

•The hole was called the devil’s anus



From script to screen - Pt.2.   [ Pt.1. ]


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I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~

You know how @therealjacksepticeye did the whole #septicart thing again and it’s supposed to be halloween themed.

I really wanted to contribute but i realised i have no idea how to draw gore or blood.

But like i still wanted to do SOMETHING because i wanted to draw more so i still drew jack, and he has an orange sweater because his hair looks like a patch of grass.

And with the “carrots and sliver parsnips” thingy going on… you get the idea.

Basically long story short i just wanted to try new things with the way i draw things like hair and how i shade so yeah…

Im rambling again..


Listening intently to Leader

So I found some photos from before I came out a couple of years ago and I’ve realised how stupidly far I would go to make myself look more visually appealing? Like I would always use a black and white filter and crank up the exposure to hide my acne and never smile or do anything other than look completely blank and a bit scary, actually.

and now I’m just like

I’m guessing that when I finally started to get comfortable with myself I just stopped giving a shit.

he’s not a morning person………………………….

tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌


So my director gave me an idea a few months ago when I started really drawing the twins more often. What if Lisa was genderfluid

So Lisa is Genderfluid. Goes by either she/her or he/him.

At first she would announce it out loud when she was either feeling like a Lisa or a Lee (her nickname). When the world started making her uncomfortable, Zack told her it was okay, he and Lance would know how she/he would feel like on whatever given day it was. Zack was always very supportive of his sister and was the one who would prep her hair for her mood until she was able to do it by herself (he had suggested her getting it cut, but she still loved her long hair on certain days so decided against it). He was also the first she would go to growing up when she needed reassurance.

She looked up to Milo for various similarities they had (one big one will be revealed in a little comic I worked on; my personal headcanon). Melissa didn’t quite understand Zack’s little sister at first, and questions Zack about it, but she does put in the effort to understand how Lisa feels.

So ye, Lisa is genderfluid. I did some research to make sure I wouldn’t be misrepresenting her, and thankfully I have a friend who has a friend who was able to answer the questions I had. I’ll keep trying to portray Lisa as best as I can, and if I do make any misrepresentations please correct me :)