but look how happy i am

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so - wait, i've been off the tungle for a while and somehow didn't piece this together, you're marrying the author of dragonoak?! :O :O that is so cool! i just started the first book because of your recommendations and gorgeous fanart and holy crap i'm so happy for both of you!!!!

hahaha i KNOW right its so crazy!!!! 

we were acquaintances on the internet for a While until i reached out to them about reading the novels they had been working on for a few years…which is the story of how we became friends bc i read dragonoak in its earlier stages! and everything just escalated from there and well. now!!! we are here!!!!!

i cant believe how LUCKY i am to be marrying (?!!??!?!) someone who i not only love but ADMIRE so much. its so wild to me that anyone i look up to as much as them would choose me of all people…theyve helped me become more of myself and really start to value myself more as a person, which is so much considering my ex did a really good job of breaking that all out of me before. 

lmao im getting sappy i just. im very lucky and very grateful and very in love and its very nice haha

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Bonus: Alex can't stand to look at a single thing that reminds her of her sister, so Winn takes the tattered cape to Lena. The last shot of S3 for Lena is her clinging to the cape for dear life, sobbing. This is the first time we see Lena completely let her emotions go.



Previous letters: one, two, three, four, five, six.

Mr. Scamander
Dear Newt,

Despite my best efforts, I’m finding italmost impossible difficult to start this letter with our usual banter. I can’t seem to find the words to adequately express how far you’ve thrown me off-balance, in the best way possible. So please forgive me for what promises to be an incredibly short reply.

I can say that I am looking forward to your book, that I’m truly happy about Frank, and that I, too, am glad that Queenie is feeling better. I appreciate your kind words about me and my work though I’m still not sure I believe them, or that I deserve them and you should know that writing you is never, ever a bother—except in situations like this one, when I’m not at all sure what I’m supposed to say…

You said your feelings for me are of a romantic nature. I can’t imagine why, though I refuse to question it. I will admit that part of me wishes to refuse you, because it seems impossible that you could feel that way about me in so short a time. Yet, I refuse to dissuade you because I feel the same. I truly do, and the impression you’ve left on me remains to this very day. I only wish I’d been the first to say it. You say I am strong and capable, but I am far from brave…

Of course I feel similar to you, isn’t that obvious? I’ve carved out a place for you in my life, and not just for your letters. Some days, I feel like I can’t breath, and that is all your doing. I thank you for it, Newt. I can’t imagine not having you around to some capacity, despite the inevitable trouble you bring. We should get into trouble together, you and I. I think you could show me a thing or two about what it means to live, not just exist.

You may call on me whenever and however you’d like. If we must limit ourselves to letters—for now—then so be it. I will be more than happy with whatever you can give, however you feel capable of giving it. I’ve already made the decision to give you my all. I look forward to it.

There’s so much more I want to say, but my hands are shaking too badly (still.) I have sat down and written, and re-written, this letter more times than I can count—that is why it’s been delayed so long. I’m so sorry, but I’m still scared, and I don’t know why! I truly didn’t know how to express what is in my heart, and I still don’t; you’ll just have to hurry to me and we’ll see if I can find the words then. Words are a poor substitute for other things, but I will resign myself to words if that is what must be.

Very much yours,

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its just weird man! like i want to be butch and i want to call myself that and be right about it but im not because i have long hair because my parents wont let me cut it. and since my long hair makes me insecure, i wear more makeup so i look rlly fem (besides how i dress) and literally the ONLY THING STOPPING ME from being 100% happy w my id is my hair. bein a young lesbian is rough man

It is so rough and I am so sorry your parents are doing that. It’s not ok! 
You can be butch though, even if you can’t express the way you want. It’s more than just a style, it’s an identity and a way of relating to gender, gender norms, sexuality, patriarchy, etc. 
For example, I only really wear dresses because pants are sensory problem for me, and my gastro problems cause severe bloating that means I’m never quite the same shape two days in a row. 
I still strongly identify as butch. 
Good luck, and I hope that soon you’ll be able to cut all your hair off! 
(I have so much hair specific dysphoria, I feel you so much.) 
-Mod t

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SO REY TO QUEEN AND ANON, but Jonas and Eva are just meant to be. LIEK SURE eva and Chris would've been cute, but eva wasn't looking for a relationship with Chris. Bc she knows how he is and he proved himself that he's just a thirsty hoe by leaving eva for Emma 🐸☕️ so I am quite happy with Jonas and eva has endgame they were always good to each other (mostly)

i’m happy they were endgame too because they are totally meant to be lol like they were so cute together and they broke up over dumb communication shit and i’m glad they got back together (even tho my heart secretly wants chris + eva still hehe)

Grocery List

Hey, since you’re going to the grocery store

Can you do me favor and get me some baking chocolate?

I need it to kick Susan’s ass in the bake-off.

And while you’re there, can you pick up some motivation?

Lately I’ve been staring at walls surrounded by books I intend to read,

Buried under all the ideas I’ve yet to put on paper

As I wonder why I can’t feel anything beyond apathy

And how my inspiration got traded for boredom with existence.

I would also like (if they haven’t run out) some self confidence.

The brand doesn’t matter.

As long as I can look in the mirror and not hate what I see,

Or be able to assess my skills and feel that I am enough for my friends,

I count it as a success.

Can you also get me a sense of purpose?

I say I know what I want from my future,

(And I do, to be happy)

But I don’t know how to get to that point without disappointing anyone

Or proving their doubts that I can’t handle anything on my own to be right.

So I just end up doing what I’m told.

Even though it’s not the most efficient way

(If it works at all)

To achieve my goals.

Some social skills would also be great.

You know, those shiny things that help you sound like a functional human being,

Who is interested in forming connections with other human beings?

Mine are rusty from fear

That came with being bent out of shape from my own awkwardness

And from people seeing how far I stretch before I snap.

Needless to say, each stutter and out-of-place comment

Only sharpens the knife as it cuts all ties I try to make.

What’s that?

You only have $20 and some lint?

Just the chocolate then.

And maybe some milk if it’s not too much trouble.


lol, got tagged by KoneKat (y u no let me tag uuuuu???) for this Voltron thingamajig, so here we are.  X’D  I go for about nine and a half minutes, so if you just wanna skip me and look at the questions, here they be. X’D

The questions are:

  • name and url
  • tell us a little about yourself
  • how did you get into voltron?
  • had you seen any of the earlier shows before watching legendary defender?
  • favorite character?
  • what are your ships, if any?
  • what are you hoping to see in future seasons?
  • favorite episode?
  • which lion would you pilot?
  • say the following words: shiro, keith, lance, pidge, hunk, allura, coran, zarkon, kerberos, galra, arus, altea, balmera, quintessence

Okay, so who am I gonna tag?  I’m gonna tag the bin.  X’D  @risingmo0n, @hchano, @littleblackchats (WHO TOLD HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY??  X’D), @pwanch, @pozolegirl, @sinfulpapillon, @sinfulmarinette, @toriitorii, and @pocketflutter.  Hope y’all enjoy it!  *^_^*

um okay so as you all know i’m doing that “every time keith smiled” compilation and i decided that i would be very thorough, meaning i’m gonna zoom in on every little keith to see if he’s smiling

and i stumbled across this scene. keith is smiling at lance…

…and lance smiles back as soon as keith turns away (lance that’s gay)

alright cool nothing special here

but wait-

wait, is keith looking back again?! yes. yes he is-

he caught lance’s smile. and look at how happy he is in the next frame-

not to say too much but keith is gay for lance #confirmed

7 Daily Reminders

1. My self worth does not depend on what others think and say about me.

2. My self worth does not depend on how I look or what I weigh.

3. My self worth does not depend on my marks or performance.

4. My self worth does not depend on my number of followers.

5. I am enough just as I am.

6. I can succeed despite a bad day.

7. I am beautiful and valuable – and will treat myself with kindness and respect.



Can I just say

As if I wasn’t sobbing ENOUGH during the end sequence, I fucking LOOOSEE it (FULL ON SOBBING) when I see Leroy leading that 7 dwarfs train as they happily dance on together.