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No Regrets - On Set Date

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Dean x Amber (kinda sorta…)

Warnings: None really.  

Word Count: 823

A/N: This one is written for @atc74 2k Celebration Challenge. My prompt was the gif below.

This drabble can be read as a stand alone just like all the others. It will make more sense though if you know the series. It is part of my Living with Regrets / No Regrets Universe. This one takes a few months after season 12 started filming.

Thanks to @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this .

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Jensen was dragging you behind him, paying little to no attention to your complaints. You had both just started working again, which made being apart from the girls really hard on you. AJ was a little over a year old now and Rebecca had turned 6, but that didn’t change the fact that you felt you were missing out on so much, with you and Jensen both working long hours. It wasn’t bad while the hiatus was going, since you had the entire day with your kids. Having a date night every now and again had been a nice escape. Every since filming had started back up almost two months ago, you and Jensen hadn’t had a night to yourself. He clearly missed the two of you spending time alone together and so did you of course even if you were the one making a million excuses every time he suggested a date night.

Today however, Jensen had practically kidnapped you from your shared trailer with no explanation before you could get to hair and makeup, turning from Amber back into Y/N. Jensen was also still in his Dean clothes as he dragged you back towards set. The direction only served to confuse you even more as your husband refused to tell you what he was up too.

“Jensen, I swear if this is some prank you and Jared…” you started as he dragged you into the garage set, but the moment you saw the the candles lit all around the Impala you stopped. You froze solid, standing there staring with your hand still in his and your mouth hanging slightly agape.

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#10: “We can’t keep this up forever.” -Seth Rollins.

Thanks to the anon for the request! Hope you like it! 

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Thanksgiving Pt. 2

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Oliver puts the last dish in the dishwasher. After a long, hard day full of revelations and secrets being unveiled, he is glad that he still got the chance to have a Thanksgiving dinner with William and Felicity.

Turning the knob to the start setting, the machine comes alive in a gentle hum. Gazing around the clean kitchen, he comes face to face with a scene that melts his heart. Felicity is sound asleep, snuggling with her forest green blanket tightly around her.

Huffing out a sigh, he quietly goes over to her and turns the T.V off and gently picks her up. When she is secured in his arms, she instantly curls into his chest and hums a content sigh. 

Walking to his room, he savors her embrace. Reaching the bed, he expertly pulls back the sheets from the perfectly made bed and lays her down, being cautious of her head.

Once she is comfortably laid out, he pulls the sheet and comforter over her petite body. Kissing her forehead, she turns over to his side of the bed, unconsciously reaching for him. When her movements stop, he smirks and exits the room to turn off the rest of the lights, so he can join her in sleep.

Walking out of the master bedroom, he is surprised to see his son in the kitchen getting a glass of water.

“William, you’re still up?”

“Yeah, sorry I got thirsty.”

“It’s ok, I was about to head to bed.”

Hesitating, William puts the glass on the counter and turns to Oliver.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For tonight.”

“But I didn’t do this.”

“I saw the text on your phone.”

Knowing he’s been caught, his shoulders deflate. “You caught me. I knew how much you were looking forward to this and I didn’t want to disappoint you. And frankly I wanted it to.”

“it was nice. I just realized that this was the first holiday I celebrated without mom.”

“I know it’s not the same.”

“No, it wasn’t but it was nice, especially having Felicity here.”

“Yeah, she did make it better didn’t she?”

“Are you gonna marry her?”

Caught off by the question, Oliver looks at him with wide eyes. 


“Are you going to marry Felicity?”

“I mean, one day I hope. Why, would you be ok with that?”

“Yeah, she’s really cool and nice and I really liker her.”


“Yeah, she kind of reminds me of mom. Well not the long babbles and incoherent sentences. But the strength and gentleness.”

Looking at his son in utter amazement, he takes a deep breath.

“You know, I didn’t get the chance to say what I was thankful for earlier, and I wanted to say that I’m thankful for you. I’m not saying I’m happy with how we ended up here, but I am thankful for the fact that I get to know you.”

“Me too. You’re pretty cool.”

“Not as cool as you.”

“Goodnight dad.”

He doesn’t say anything at first because his voice was caught in his throat at the fact that William just called him dad. But before William closes the door he manages to say something.

“Goodnight William.

When the door clicked, he just looked at it and couldn’t have asked for a better day.

He thanks whatever force that helped him survive those five years in hell, so that he could hear his son say that one word to him. And hopefully one day soon have Felicity call him another. 

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Hey hey, First I want to say how happy I am with this Tumblr page!! I always find good fanfics to read Recently I lost my phone and the fanfic I was reading. It was really good and was wondering if you could help me find it again. Clarke and Octavia became college roommates (Clarke pre-med I think and Octavia dance) and best friends. Clarke and Bellamy didn't get along in the beginning. He studies History and lives with Miller and Harper. There are does cute text messages in every chapter. ThQ

anon: hi!! i’m looking for a fanfic where clarke and octavia end up being roommates in college, and bellamy thinks clarke is stuck up at first. octavia is a dancer, and bellamy lives with harper and miller! i really hope this helps, since this is as far as i got before i lost it!! thanks so much!!

Sometimes I Can’t See Myself

Thanks to @isla1975 for finding this fic!

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hii i just found ur blog like a few minutes ago and i've been scrolling from top to bottom ever since ahahaa... ur art is super super soft tho i love the colors and the shading style that makes everything look so plushy!!! i love how u draw the stone ocean gals the most esp ermes, the lil gap in her teeth is so cute aaaaahh;;!!! the way you use colors especially inspires me, would it be ok to use some of ur palettes just for fun?? this is kinda out of nowhere but i love ur stuff ok bye!!!!

WHOA!! What a sweet message.. wtf.. hopefully i’m not responding to this too late… You are so sweet, I am so happy you think so T__T i’m not sure why i started drawin  her teeth like that but it just seemed right.. Hermes is rly speciall..all the stone ocean girls are so special..whaha.. Please by all means!! though keep in mind I have no idea what i’m doing evr when i choose palettes so i apologize if they are a mess… Thank you so much for the nice words, i can’t tell you how much it helps to hear them. Have a good day~!

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okay i met with my gf and she was like my high school dream come true (also my current dream tbh skdkkdkdmms), i'm so soft for her and also she got another tattoo done and looked so badass awdjdjk. when straight men tried to flirt with me she was so mad and almost killed them on the spot, how the hell am i so lucky ughhhh you feel me?

me thinking abt people who r happy and in love w their gfs: 💘💞💝💓💖💗💕💘💗💞💝💞💗💖💕

  • Cana: What's with the flashy skirt, Luce? Wasn't Erza wearing a dress with that color, yesterday?
  • Lucy: Umm.... I may or may not recall that... ;;;>___>
  • Cana: I'll betcha you do, ya copycat~ Natsu kept looking at Erza, after all. n___n
  • Happy: Who''s copying a cat?! It better not be me, aye!
  • Lucy: I am NOT copying you. Stupid cat. -___- And them's fightin' words, Cana. You think I like Natsu?! How do YOU know? Maybe I'm just imitating Erza. :P
  • Happy: *gets up and walks off*
  • Cana: Well, you were an Erza fangirl when you first met her...
  • Lucy: HEY!!!
  • Cana: ... But you've been making an awful lot of passes at Flamebrain today, and he hasn't even batted an eye. To your frustration. n___n
  • Lucy: -___-*
  • Happy: *comes back... Carrying some kind of costume* Here ya go, Luigi~ n___n
  • Cana: But if it gets Natsu to notice you~
  • Lucy: *chuckles* Nice try, but you're not gonna bait me...
  • Happy: You're right, there's no way you could be as cute as me, you eat way too many sweets~
  • Lucy: ...!!
  • *5 minutes later...*
  • Lucy: Natsu, stop giving me fish, damnit!
  • Natsu: Shhh, you're breaking character, Happy! n___n
  • Lucy: *slumps over the table* This is not what I had in mind! T___T
  • Happy: *dressed as a chibi Lucy* Shut it, stupid cat! n___n
  • Natsu: O.O Whoa! I thought you were really Luce there for a sec!
  • Happy: *Lucy-style wink*
  • Lucy: -_____-

Motivational post 😂
Lately I’m feeling so much better about myself, it’s actually nice to wake up and being okay with what I see in the mirror. I’m quite happy with how I am lately and I’m very okay with being curvy. Of course I still have my days where I feel horrible but I have a man by my side who treats better than I’ve ever been treated, weirdly enough he’s the reason why I’m gaining so much confidence in myself again. I’m still average looking but I’m okay with that, for the first time in over 5 years, I’m okay with being me and I actually mean it when I say that.
The man in my life has made me so much more of a better person and I’m so happy he’s all mine ❤️

So a bunch of my aunt’s friends who haven’t seen me in over a year saw a photo I took recently at that gala that my cousin was being honored at

And it was a group photo but literally everyone was commenting on how great I looked. One even said “Everyone looks good, but Tanaé! Omg she looks so happy and healthy!”

And I was like wow… It actually SHOWS that I am no longer dealing with the depressing, abusive situation I had been in from 7 yrs old up until August 2016.

These people have seen me smile plenty of times but now they can actually see that I’m finally happy.

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Hiya, I hope you don't mind if I drop a little message here!! You're doing super well and I want you to know how proud I am of you!! I know that you can keep going, you are so strong and amazing and I believe in you 100%!!! Even if times are bad, they won't stay like that forever and I guarantee you will be able to be happy again, just like you deserve to be!!!  Please keep looking towards a brighter tomorrow, I promise one will come!!! 💟💟💟

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So! I don’t think I told anyone this before, but a few months ago Bonnie ordered the limited edition PS4 release of Undertale so that she could finally play the game for herself (she doesn’t play games on her computer), AND so that she could get that really beautiful locket and artbook and other merchandise and…surprise! It got delivered earlier than we expected and it’s wonderful!

She’s the one who’s playing it cause she’s a lot braver than I am and because she’s the much bigger Undertale fan/expert. XD I’m just watching her play it and no need to worry! She’s going for the pacifist route, as our poor sensitive little hearts can’t handle the genocide route at all, lol. 

We’re only on the part after we first meet Sans, but I can tell that she’s having a heck of a time playing it already, even if it’s challenging! I’ve been having fun watching her play too, and being able to read what the characters are saying out loud. XD I’m so happy for her~

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I️ turn seventeen a week before shape of water comes out and I’m so happy to have my first “official” R-rated movie be the shape of water

IKR i mean they’l still stop me and ask me how old i am/id bc i look like im 14 even tho im 19 bUT YES I AGREE 


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I can't believe how quickly we passed from Selena/theweeknd to Selena/Justin. I am very happy but it's still weird.

In think it feels like that because we are just outstanders trying to look in and the truth is that we only know like 1%. Maybe things have been off with The Weeknd for much longer than we believe. Maybe Jelena have been in contact for a while, they probably hung out a lot more often than we know of.

What I’m trying to say is that it might seem pretty fast for us which feels weird, but for them, it’s really been a build up.

Or well, maybe they just saw wach other and it made click and they talked about things and then couldn’t just stay away from each other.

Either way, The Weeknd seems to be moving on pretty quickly as well and if they are all happy, so am I. I am really happy, anon! :)