but look how happy his kitty makes him

Poker & Dragons

commission for @gytech! Thank you so much for the commission–I highly appreciate it!

pairing: nalu

characters: natsu, lucy. mentions of cana, mira, and happy.

word count: 1209


Natsu and Lucy had watched people play poker before, but nothing like this. Tensions were high in the middle of the guild where everyone crowded around Cana and Mira, who played against each other in a game that was fit exactly for the competitive queens that they were.

“C'mon Mira, you’ve got this! Show Cana who’s boss!” Lucy cheered, and Cana threw a glare at her former teammate for the Grand Magic Games. Shrinking down slightly, Lucy tossed up her arms with a little less enthusiasm this time.

Natsu, however, was not to be deterred by such looks from scary women.

“Whoop ‘er ass, Cana!” Natsu shouted, and now it was Mira’s turn to toss a satanic glower his way. Slinking over to Lucy, he let out an exaggerated sigh.

“Did Mira stare daggers at you just like Cana did to me?” Lucy asked, tone slightly dejected. Cana was her friend, and she had thought that cheering on one of her guildmates would have made the card mage happy. But when it came to poker, Cana was not one to mess with.

“Yeah,” Natsu said, throwing his arm around the back of the chair where Lucy sat. A slight flush dusted Lucy’s cheeks, and she turned to take a drink of her long island iced tea to calm herself down. This was a time to be part of the guild, not spend time crushing over some guy who would never like her back!

“Who’s up next?” Cana whooped after Mira shook her hand and returned to the bar. The barmaid definitely didn’t go down without a fight like always but was quite civil about losing.

“I think it’s Natsu’s turn!” Lucy yelled from where she and Natsu sat. The guild turned around and stared at Natsu, waiting to gauge his reaction.

“C'mon, fire breath! You’ve gotta show off for your girl!” Cana shouted, and Natsu’s eyes widened.

“S-Shut up!” he bellowed, launching himself off of his seat and across the room to where Cana sat. “You’re on!”

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last-exit-to-nowhere  asked:

some j/h headcanons, please?

Of course <3 Thanks for this message! :D I’m ignoring season 7 finale and season 8. Also, I don’t take as canon what we saw in ‘class picture’ during season 4, just in case you were wondering about the first one.

–They actually met before Jackie dated Kelso, but it was kind of nothing. They didn’t even talk to the other. It happens that one girl who wanted Jackie out of the cheerleader squad was talking crap about her and she happened to be flirting with Hyde, but he heard what she was saying and then the face Jackie put and he shut the girl up in ol’ Hyde fashion. Jackie only smiled at him in a silent thank you and he smiled back as if it was nothing. 

Both think that once they got to meet the other and she opened her mouth, that was when he started to dislike her at first. When they started to date, she asked why he did that back then, and he said it was because he didn’t like anyone who tried to take advantage of anyone and he thought she was cute and cute girls shouldn’t be sad. 

This is also why she always went to him for comfort, because she knew he would understand deep down and she was going to be safe confiding in him.

– At some point in 1980, Pam left again and this time she was brash enough to even tell Jackie she wasn’t coming back and was going to sell their house. After she left, Jackie was incredible sad and distracted, but asked Hyde and her friends to help her do… something, with her forniture. 

They sold it and she kept the money, but the important thing was what they did with the rest of the stuff: she and Hyde break it all. It was her idea, it started a some kind of tantrum, and Hyde let her do it because he knew she had been bottling up her real feelings about her mother leaving ever since the first time she did it.

But then she started to laugh and say it was fun to break plates and whatnot, and she invited him to do it. To this day, none has ever tell anyone they did it, but both consider it one of the best experiences together. Not only because it was fun but because they felt free at each other’s side.

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Wobbly Kitten (BIGBANG)

“I had an idea that I have to ask you to do for me. Remember the essential benign tremor react for BigBang? One day you video call them from a pet shelter your friends and you had gone to so you could play with the kitties and you beg them to let you adopt this one kitten in particular (you’re living together). “Look at him!” You turn the camera on the kitten who can’t walk straight, “he’s wobbly, like me!” The adoration is clear in your voice. How would the BigBang boys react?”

This will make more sense if you read this one first! Happy reading <3

(gif credit to the original owners)

An undefeated grin would spread across his entire face. Of course he had a soft spot for kittens, but your sweet expression would make him undeniably nuts. He would watch lovingly as you picked up the kitten and snuggled it. His heart/entire being would completely melt before you. Kwon “no composure” Jiyong. The spontaneous video chat would have definitely made his day.

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

He’d smirk like crazy. Like GD, he would quietly watch adoringly as you played with the kitten. A chuckle could be heard from his end. He’d absolutely love the fact you embraced your lil’ quirks and in such a cute way. He’d tell his jagi how cute they are and continue to watch the kitten stumble around you. He’d simply say how much he loved you, causing you to shake the screen with your temor.

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

(i am going throw myself out of a window look at my UB)

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inkwaizumi  asked:

hi your iwaoi apartment AU stuff always makes me grin from ear to ear no matter how many times I look at them thank you for making them you've made a girl very very happy

thank you so much!! Your message made a girl really happy, too!! hehehe

(did you know Iwa-chan gets kinda scared when they are watching alien stuff? Not too much, though. Just a tiiiiiiny lil bit… pls don’t tell Oikawa >___<)

Forget Me Not

Since I’m officially Miraculous trash, I took a shot at writing my own piece of fanfiction based on an idea I had awhile ago. It’s short (for me at least) and simple, but let me know what you think.

The akumatized girl cackled as the citizens of Paris attempted to flee her sight. She used the pen in her hand to capture a few unfortunate souls in the blue light it emitted. It washed over them and their faces demonstrated confusion.

“I am Amnésie,” she declared. Apparently, she had forgotten an anniversary with her boyfriend and he accused her of always forgetting things. Hawkmoth had of course honed in on the anger she felt and gave her the ability to erase people’s memory, so her’s would never be ridiculed again. “I’ll be sure it’s a name you won’t forget. In fact, it’s the only thing you won’t forget!”

The crowd she had just effected look at each other utterly clueless, having absolutely no idea where they were or who they were. This complete lack of self made them the perfect candidates for a mindless army.

“Find me Ladybug and Chat Noir!” She declared. “Only then will I return your memories to you!”


“Perfect timing as always, my lady,” mused Chat Noir as his partner joined him atop the building.

“So, what have I missed?” She asked, examining the situation.

“I’m pretty sure the akuma is in her pen,” he said. “She keeps twirling it but it never leaves her sight. It’ll be tricky to sneak up on her, she keeps herself surrounded by the people she’s infected.”

“It looks like an aerial attack is our best bet then,” she commented. “We’ll scale the building behind her and descend on her from behind.”

“Purrfect plan as alway, my lady,” said Chat. “Though it won’t be the first time I fell for you.”

She rolled her eyes and took out her yo-yo and lead the way.

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anonymous asked:

Hello Senpai! May I request a KBTBB headcannon where the MC forces the bidders to wear cat ears because she thinks that it's cute? (Btw, Love your writing!!)

Eisuke: “You are not seriously consider-” Was all he got out before a pair of cat ears were shoved onto his head. “Oh my gosh Eisuke!” She yelped, rushing to get her camera. He rolled his eyes as he was planning on how to punish her later.

Soryu: “W-what?” Was all he asked as he stared at the photo in your phone of him wearing the cat ears. “Soryu you are so cute!” She cooed, clapping her hands together in appreciation. Soryu felt the blush creep on his cheeks, “If it makes you happy….”

Ota: “What do you think you’re doing Koro?” Ota asked, griping the hand that held onto the kitty ears, “Oh common Ota let me just put them on.” She complained. There was no way he was becoming the pet.

Baba: “Ooh I like these!” Baba said, putting the kitty ears on his head, “How do I look princess?”

Mamoru: “Kid whadda think ya doing?” He asked as Khim shoved the ears on his head, “Awe you look so adorable Mamoru.” She teased. “Kid I’m no cat. If anything I’m that big bad wold thats going to eat you up.” He said, closing the distance. 

Luke: “Huh?” Was all he said in relation to the kitty ears being put on his head, “Since you love cats so much I wanted to see what you looked like as one!” Khim said, although he paid her words no mind as he began pushing her down onto the sofa, “Then all be sure to give you all the attention you need.”

Hishikura: “No.” He said, swatting the cat ears away, “Get those away from me.”

Pshhhh poor Hishy is so salty ahahah!

anonymous asked:

I have a writing prompt. How about teasing playfully matsus to a s/o who's kind of chubby?

I wasn’t sure if you wanted s/o to be insecure about their chubbiness(?) So I went with they’re pretty indifferent to it.

Also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted.


Oso laid his head on your soft tummy, commenting about he’d never need a pillow as long as he had you.
That earned an affectionate scoff from you as you ran your fingers through his hair.


Kara gave your sides a little squeeze, earning a surprised squeak from you, before spouting painful but sweet pickup lines.
He was such a dweeb like that but you loved him regardless.


Choro playfully poked at your soft tummy after you’d told him a horrible pun, he was rewarded with bubbly laughter from you. Thus began him just admiring how gorgeous you looked when you laughed.
You return the playful poke, earning a surprised squeak from your boyfriend.


Ichi lightly stroked you soft tummy, much like he would with a cat, commenting about it was cute. You just shrugged before making yourself comfortable, if it made him happy then you were for it.
After awhile you reached out your hand to lightly pet his tummy, telling him he’s just like a kitty.


Jyushi commented how your tummy reminded him of a puppy, proceeded to drop to his knees, and nuzzled his face against the softness.
You just laughed a bit at how cute Jyushi was, he was too cute sometimes.


Totty smiled brightly as you stretched, your shirt raised up a bit to expose your tummy. Without much thought he waltzed right up to you, placing his hands on your stomach, and gushed over how absolutely precious you were.

- Mod Osomatsu

Arts n’ Crafts, Coloring Books, & Naps

A (belated) happy birthday story for @the-subpar-ghost!~
*whispers* I’m sorry this is so late.

Basically some family fluff between Ford and Mabel.

It was an average day at the Shack. Stan was out working in the Mystery Shack along with that gopher man and redheaded girl, Dipper was hanging out with the redheaded girl (even Ford could see this boy had a crush on her) and Mabel… actually, he wasn’t quite sure what the girl was doing at the moment. Possibly playing with her pig- Waffles. Meanwhile Ford is taking a break from finding an alternate solution to sealing the rift by getting himself a tall glass of water to rehydrate.

He takes a long sip of water and suddenly he hears a loud noise behind him that sounds distinctly like Mabel’s voice and he chokes on his water out of surprise.

“Sorry, Grunkle Ford,” the twelve year old says while patting his back.

“I-hit’s al-ri-ght, swe-ethea-rt,” he coughs while one fist pounds on his chest to help clear his air passages. When he’s finally able to breathe properly he asks, “What is it, Mabel?”

“Oh,” she perks and then smiles brightly at him. “I was hoping we could do something today. Y’know, just Mabel, Grunkle Ford bonding.”

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REQUEST EXO REACTION when you cry because your kitty/pet died


He would let you cry as much as you want, because he knows that after it you’ll feel better. But he would make sure that you know that he is right there for you. Always. Holding you close, he’d give you a peck on top of your head every now and then, softly whispering: I love you. I’m here.


He’d try to lift your mood and forget about it for a while. So he grabs his guitar and plays some silly songs that both of you start to dance to. As soon as he sees you laughing again his heart skips a beat. Feeling proud that he is the one to make you feel better.


Chen is someone who skinships alot to comfort people around him. Be it a pat on the shoulder of one of his bandmates or in your case, cuddling you till you can’t breath. It may be playful but little actions like that make you feel in peace.


After you’d calm down he’d suggest to talk about the good memories you shared with your cat. You showed him pictures and told him amusing stories which led both, you and D.O to laugh out loud. Seeing you this happy again was all he wanted.


Just imagining a world without his dogs was crushing him and so his heart broke as he thought how you must feel. So he wanted to make you laugh. No matter what. Days later you guys met with Taemin and the boys were fooling around as always. “Look (y/n) if you miss your cat you can simply crawl Taemins chin like that. It’s almost the same!”. And finally, that was the first time you laughed.


He’d be truly sad and concerned. He knew how much your kitty meant to you and how much your world just crushed into pieces. But with a simple hug you notice how you calm down as you feel his heart beat so close to you.


His face would fell the moment you told him the news. That little fluffy ball he played with everytime he visited you home was simply gone. But he knew that your emotions were way stronger than his so he pulled himself together and stayed strong for you so you have a shoulder to cry on.


The second he sees tears rolling down your cheeks, he’d come running towards you. Slinging his arms around your body, holding you tight. He would tell you soothing words and rub your back, not daring to ask what happend because he is too afrait that more tears will fall down your face.


He’d be pretty down all day. Knowing that you’re sitting at home and crying your eyes out, he wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate. Half-heartly he’d do his photoshoot while he things of ways to make you feel better when he comes back home.


Leader Suho knows what to do. He always has the right words espacially in hard times. He’d give you advices on how to cope with this situation the best and tells you how much he understands you and hugs you alot, so you can calm down.


As soon as he hears your unstable voice he has to fight his tears so he won’t start to cry too. Your emotions have a huge effect on him, whether they are happy or sad. So this situation is particular hard for him. Both of you just cling to each other, not saying a word.


Xiumin would lay both of you on the bed since this is your favourite kind of conversation. Talking about anything to get things off of your mind. Sharing a kiss every once in a while.


Season 2, Episode 10: Red’s Birthday

This Will Forever Be My All-Time Favorite Red and Kitty Moment

So many great things in this moment, the way Red puts his arm around Kitty and pulls her closer to him. The way they look at each other. That smile that Red gives Kitty, like it’s a smile he saves just for her.

And though Red doesn’t say the exact words ‘I love you’ to Kitty he’s saying just that. Asking her what he loves about her and then it’s like able to pick a single thing because he loves so much about her: how she much she cares about him and his happiness, how she can make him smile, how she’s up to moving things to the comfy living room couch since the bedroom has no ceiling…but instead of saying all this word for word he gives her a short but sweet, Red Forman kind of reply when he tells her ‘Lotsa stuff.’

Plus it happens on the porch/patio and I’m a sucker for those kind of scenes.

There is so much to love much about this episode but this moment…never fails to warm my heart.