but look how beautiful

I don’t know what I’m doing but I sort of like this picture, haha…

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forever in love with your snapchat story 😍 i can't believe how beautiful that sunset looks

natalie omg you lovely girl!!!! pls come visit me, it’s been beautiful lately, pretty sure i’ve captured 5 out of 5 sunsets this past week ahahaha :))) 🌟🌟🌟

give me super slow burn threads where muse A and kieran meets and their first thoughts of the other and week after they bump into each other again and this time, invites the other out for coffee as friends

give me slow burn threads where there’s description of the dates and lunches they go on together and the little texts they send to each other as they go on their day, how it makes them smile to know that the other had a really good fish and chips lunch and gosh, i need to take you there it’s really good

give me slow burn threads where they start to realize that they’re slowly falling in love with the other when they’ve spent the evening on a walk around the park and watch a fireworks show and discovering how beautiful the other looks in the moon light

give me slow burn threads where they meet at the other’s workplace after office hours offering a ride home cause it’s dangerous and it’s late

give me slow burn threads where the other breaks the truth about their feelings and they won’t move onto second base just yet cause kieran is still so shy with the aspect of sex and he could only do chaste kisses and the tension is so obvious between them!!

give me slow burn threads where they finally kiss at the doorstep of Kieran’s flat and it’s! So!! Sweet!!!

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#remove kannas nose 2017 how dare she breathe that's illegal in my anime world i own full copyright to all anime characters because i said so ur not allowed to use ur own beautiful art style thats illegal and you drawing fictional characters and minding your own business is an absolute felony how dare you make pure and vibrant art that looks really beautiful and stuff smh 😤😤😤

shit ur right


laura mercier “rose rendezvous” highlighter

things we have by the end of 2A:

- The Wedding Kiss™
- The Balcony Scene™
- The Sleeping Beauty Kiss™
- The Date™
- The Gift™
- The Balcony Makeout™
- The Face Grab™
- The Hugs™
- The Forehead Touch™
- The I Love You™