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as long as vlad stayed in amity park, dani wasn’t really safe or comfortable there. the ghost zone wasn’t really safe for her either - skulker was probably looking for her and she’d be a target for other ghosts. so she travels the country, hiding in the back of trucks, swiping food as she can, blending into families so she doesn’t look alone. she’s at a random diner in Arkansas when a rough looking woman walks up and stares at her, “you know, i thought you were my nephew for a minute there. you look just like him”

“hehe, yeah… just got one of those faces, ya know?”

and that’s how dani meet danny’s aunt alicia.

(honestly i would just love for dani to spend time with alicia and learn survival skills and other things from her. they’d share stories and finally find another person they can quietly enjoy their time with)

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Gives totodile a great ball sticker because I think they're GREAT!!! And because I think it looks like them, hehe :P !!

totodile really appreciates the sticker! and they think you’re great as well! <3 <3 <3

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I like blue, but orange is the opposite of blue so dis poneh ish my mortal enemy! …. but hey he was cool looking and you seem like a cool person, plus it gave me a reason to try drawing again, been a year since i tried heh >w<; sorry! Stay your awesome self and hope the best for you!

Gosh thank you! it looks cool! hehe look at my grumpy angsty punk. ^u^ love how you did the hair and eyes, and the tail…ah i love it all!

And nahhh i’m not cool, i’m more a dork than anything aha. thank you for the fanart ^u^ i needed this pick me up 


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Park Seo Joon’s Bday~ Taehyung’s the one holding the cake~


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Had this idea in my mind for so long. I never imagined I’d actually put it into comic form without quitting! :)


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