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Locked Away

By reddit user Pippinacious

Six months. That’s how long almost half of the new hire last when they become social workers. Some will tell you it’s the pay, others will tell you it’s the stress, still others will complain about poor training or case overload or the broken system. But that’s all bullshit. The reason they quit is always the same; the kids.

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Why Taylor Swift Is The Greatest Living Songwriter (Under 60) Taylor

I recently found myself at a BMI Awards dinner where the song publishing rights organization was handing out some career achievement awards, the first of which went to the classic ‘60s team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. And then they gave one to Taylor Swift, in one of those cases where they have to name the award to the person it’s being given to because it feels a little too uncomfortable to give the standard “lifetime” award to someone in her 20s. In her speech, Swift gave props to her elders: “I first wanted to say to Cynthia Weil, to Barry Mann, and to Carole King, you, the Brill Building, your legacy, are the reason we do what we do. Many of us in this room can’t dream of accomplishing what you guys have accomplished.”

Except she already has. And (heresy alert!) more. Swift is a rightful heir to the Brill Building tradition, with all the mastery of pop craftsmanship that entails, but she’s also the finest contemporary inheritor we have to the confessional singer/songwriter throne. She’s Barry Mann and Bruce Springsteen, together in one silver metallic mini dress-wearing package. That’s why I say Taylor Swift is our greatest living songwriter—under-60 division, just to be safe. But I digress.

I am glad I’m alive in the prime era of Taylor Swift the same way I felt glad to be alive in the half-century of Dylan and Springsteen and The Beatles and Costello. I’ve leaned forward into my first listens to 1989 and Red the same way I thirsted for the on-sale moments of The River and Nebraska and Imperial Bedroom and Time Out of Mind. These are the moments — all too infrequent in the 2010s, if you’re a recovering rock snob — that you live for as a music fan and especially singer/songwriter aficionado: the opening of a magazine you subscribe to, in which the editor-publisher has promised to bleed onto every page in some fashion. You look forward to admiring the craft and you want to know that you’ve been handed the next six months’ or year’s worth of earworms all at once. But most of all you want to feel you’re about to make that passionate connection with a deep-feeler who knows you better than your own best excuse for a best friend.

Where Swift is most like the great confessional rock writers, and least like the Brill Building set, is in her propensity to fill her songs with seemingly stray details. If you’re writing by the books, you learn early on not to include random asides that throw listeners out of the commonality of the lyric. But Springsteen, Dylan, Costello, et al. have faith that, whatever is lost in relatability by including something specifically autobiographical is a gain for fans who know that that weird minutiae confirms the rest of the emotions as authentic. When Swift interrupts Out of the Woods to mention “Twenty stitches in a hospital room/Remember when you hit the brakes too soon,” that’s about as un-Brill as Bruce talking about Crazy Janey and Greaser Lake. But the specificity of the bridge makes the universality of chorus more meaningful, even if the unstable relationship you’re being reminded of by the song didn’t involve a visit to the ER. It may seem peculiar to the 21st century that we can confirm who the significant others in Swift’s songs are by picking out lyrical details about eye colors or fire signs or scarves and checking them against her exes. But is finding out whether All Too Well was about Jake or Harry that terribly different than the thrill of figuring out whether Dylan’s It Ain’t Me, Babe was about Suzi or Joan, but with Google taking the place of waiting years for a biography?

The position that Swift is Actually Quite Awesome is not nearly as controversial among the older white guy set than it would have been a few years ago. You only get a B for courage now, not the former A, if you speak up at a cocktail party and say, “No, I don’t mean it’s good for what it is, or she’s a positive role model for my daughter or a gateway drug to Courtney Barnett, I mean she is truly the shit.” (Crickets may still ensue, mind you, if no longer outright shaming.) You can attribute this in part to Ryan Adams, whose album-length cover version of '1989’ did a fairly excellent job of indie-splaining Swift to people who only needed to hear that her songs could be rearranged in the styles of The Smiths and Elliott Smith to sign off on her. As much as I enjoy Adams’ '1989’, it falls just a little short as reinvention, or revelation: You kind of sense him wanting to get credit for being the first to discover that Swift’s frothiest sounding songs all have minor chords and melancholy under the Max Martin-ization. The real problem with Adams’ interpretations—which is not a fatal problem, given how good Wildest Dreams sounds as an R.E.M. song—is that he doesn’t really have that much use for the words, given how uninterested he is in emphasizing particular words or phrases and how he throws away some of the best lines. (To be fair, this is pretty much Adams’ approach toward his own lyrics, too.) Not that with Swift the lyrics are everything, when she has such a gift for melodic delights and surprises… but, yeah, the words are kind of everything.

Going back to Swift’s 2006 self-titled debut now, it sounds a little primitive, in retrospect. Which is fine: “primitivist” is exactly what you’d expect or hope for from a girl who released at 16 an album of songs she’d mostly written at 14 and 15. No one should sound 30 as a teenager, unless she’s Fiona Apple. (Hearing Apple’s eloquent teen jadedness when she was a freshman artist felt as impressive and spooky as Captain Howdy’s voice coming out of Regan MacNeil’s mouth.) At the time, it was a widely held assumption that co-writer Liz Rose was the brains of the operation. But you couldn’t help but notice that the best song on the album, Our Song, was a solo Swift composition, penned before she had access to the best song editors Music Row could offer. It sounded utterly conversational , establishing Swift’s knack for writing in complete sentences in a way that sounds completely diaristic and completely musical. It embraced both metaphor (“Our song is the slamming screen door”) and the meta (being one of those songs that is self-conscious about how it is, in fact, a song). It was winsome, guileless, and juvenile—in the best way—on top of being freakily expert for a song written by an underclassman for a school talent show.

Two years later (Swift’s follow-up albums have always been two years later, up until now), she came up with Fearless, which was so much more accomplished that it won her the Grammy for Album of Year, the first time that’d been accomplished by a record made by a teenager. But looking back at it now, you can see it was the only time she ever really marked time, stylistically, as a record-maker. The breakthrough that mattered was 2010’s Speak Now, which was her first real “pop album” (at least for those of us who pay attention to content and not the officially mandated tropes that insisted that honor belongs to '1989’). Just this once, she wrote the entire album by herself, in a rather deliberate F-you to everyone who figured she’d been propped up by Nashville pros. Similar auteurist turns by pop and country artists with points to prove have not always gone so spectacularly but Swift used the opportunity not just to defend but to diversify, as great writers and investors will. This DIY show of tour-de-force ran the gauntlet of effervescent girl-group pop (the title song), Evanescence goth-rock (Haunted), cheerful neo-bluegrass (Mean), girl-on-mean-girl pop-punk (Better Than Revenge), and even a token transitional single in the country-folk style of the first two albums (Mine).

'1989’ is the masterpiece of her career so far
'Speak Now’ also incidentally included the most searing, stark, boldly confessional song by a major artist since John Lennon’s Cold Turkey. (Hyperbole intended.) This was Dear John, a slow, epic-length missive to a love-'em-young-and-leave-'em type that was jaw-dropping in its vulnerability and rage. Never mind the lucky stroke that apparently had the rock star who used and discarded Swift being a guy really named John; Swift does like her literalism, so she probably wouldn’t written a public dear-John letter to a Tom, Dick, or (even) Harry. It’s a ballad that creates the illusion of the artist having vomited onto the page—for those of us who like that sort of thing—but actually belies a severe level of craft beneath the bile. The song rises to an emotional victory, as Swift goes from paying witness to “all the girls that you’ve run dry (that) have tired, lifeless eyes 'cause you’ve burned them out” to being the one who “took your matches before fire could catch me, so don’t look now: I’m shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town.” Compare this to the other great fireworks song of 2010, Katy Perry’s, and there is simply no pyromaniacal contest.

With 'Red’ another couple of years later, she bid a fond F-you to her own previous F-you and reintroduced co-writers to her stable, now adding Max Martin and Shellback as collaborators on a choice trio of songs, as if to say: I dare you to knock this block off. Aside from the handful of tracks with those guys, though, 'Red’ felt more like a classic singer/songwriter album than anything she’d done before or certainly since. It was all about lost love, and hardly for the first time, but now Swift was jettisoning her “better than revenge” approach to achieving payback in song and taking equal responsibility for relational failures, and it was all very sensitive and self-examining and enlightened. So when I got my first listen to the determinedly frothier '1989’ a couple of years still later, I lamented the loss of the previous album’s hard-fought breakthroughs in songwriting maturity.

Lamented it for about two minutes, that is. '1989’ is the masterpiece of her career, so far, and that’s not withstanding the thick gloss of candy coating that covered the whole endeavor now that Martin was fully on board as guiding executive producer as well as hands-on guy on about half the tracks. The meme favored by some critics, that Swift had sold out on us with all this interference by the reigning kings of the pop machinery—and after all we’d done to defend her as an artiste!—was misguided even by the usual standards of stick-up-one’s-ass bias and entitlement. It may seem counter-intuitive, for those of us who usually live and die by singer/songwriter yardsticks, to say that '1989’ is Swift’s most mature album, when there is barely a guitar anywhere in earshot for the singer’s tears to fall upon. But as it turns out, it is possible to talk intelligently, walk in rhythm, and chew bubblegum at the same time.

Yes, '1989’ is a less outrightly emotional album than any of its predecessors. Swift herself has said it’s the first time she wasn’t writing in the wake of a heartache. And that’s part of what makes the album so seasoned and smart. If all the previous albums were her “breakup album,” '1989’ is her maybe-we-are-ever-getting-back-together album. It’s about being just a little bit rueful about past relationships—in a less world-ending, drama queen-y fashion than the take-no-prisoners approach that admittedly made a lot of us fall for her in the first place – and largely about that impulse to reconnect, even as you sit by the phone and consider what a terrible idea that would be. She’s thinking back on a breakup that wasn’t that traumatic (possibly one with Harry Styles, if we’re to take the cheeky title of Style literally), and considering every negative and possible angle to rekindling an old flame. As a result, a lot of the songs on '1989’ are about mixed emotions, which are by and large the hardest kind to write.

She understands more brilliantly the power of dynamics — that even the most grandiose song can benefit by suddenly getting completely naked for 40 seconds.

And here is where we quote another great pop writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, who famously said: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” Swift is showing us that first-rate intelligence when she encapsulates the divisions we all experience as we find the good and bad in people, lovers and otherwise: “You always knew how to push my buttons/You give me everything and nothing.” “Ten months sober, I must admit/Just because you’re clean don’t mean you don’t miss it.” “This love is good, this love is bad/This love is alive, back from the dead.” As the CEO of her own corporation, Swift has had a lot of time to think about risk/reward ratios. Grappling with that in matters of love is part of her giftedness and increasing talent as a writer.

I think again of the congratulations Ryan Adams got for bringing out the sadder emotional undercurrents in '1989’’s material. He deserves some of it, but it’s not as if Swift didn’t make that a fairly easy discovery. Bad Blood is the most blatantly confectionary song on '1989,’ with a sing-song-y quality of the chorus makes you think Avril Lavigne, if you’re making comparisons. But would Avril, or any other pop star you can bring to mind, have interrupted the beats and chants for a lengthy, virtually a cappella bridge that brings the mood down with its warnings about bullet holes and living with ghosts? It’s akin to the hyper-produced song on her previous album, I Knew You Were Trouble, where Swift puts an end to all the dubstep to very quietly wonder, almost sotto voce, whether the object of her affections ever loved her, the other girl, “or anyone.” In the big beat era, she understands more brilliantly the power of dynamics—that even the most grandiose song can benefit by suddenly getting completely naked for 40 seconds.

Blank Space, meanwhile, shows Swift to have under-heralded skills as maybe the greatest comedy writer since Eminem. As probably everyone who wasn’t completely divorced from pop culture in 2015 knows, Swift wrote it as a sort of spoof of her own image as a serial romancer (which is to say, a girl known for dating about half as many partners as a typical guy her age). When she says she’s got a blank space “and I’ll write your name,” it’s understood that she means she’ll write an excoriating song about the dude later on—she’s in on that joke. But amid the nearly Randy Newman-esque humor and exaggeration, there’s a real undercurrent of pain and possible self-knowledge. The time limits that come up in lines like “I can make the bad guys good for a weekend” and “Find out what you want/Be that girl for a month” don’t sound like they’re being played strictly for ironic laughs.

She is maybe the greatest comedy writer since Eminem.

Is she a spokeswoman for a generation? You might be on thin ice using that kind of phraseology for someone who spends so little time writing outside of the relational realm. But Swift does have an understanding of impermanence that seems uniquely millennial. She’s talked about how she looks at the length of her parents’ marriage and no longer takes it as a given she’ll find a lifetime partnership, which would probably come as a surprise to the younger Swift who wrote Love Story. But she finds a haunting beauty in what we might call planned obsolescence. “Wildest Dreams” pulls off the particularly tricky time-traveling feat of looking ahead to a future in which you’re looking back to the past… and of being intensely sexy and rueful at the same time. “You’ll see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night, burning it down,” she sings. “Someday when you leave me, I bet these memories follow you around.” That moment when you’re in the heat of passion, leaving your body just long enough to realize you’ll be nostalgic for it someday? If you’ve ever experienced it, you probably never thought somebody would nail it in a song.

Not that you have to be a millennial to be capable of considering how things are likely to end even in the midst of everything going right. I was trying to remember what song the future-nostalgia of “Wildest Dreams” reminded me of, in some weird, roundabout way, and then it came to me: Dylan’s You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go. It’s maybe heretical to compare the bard with this girl from the north country, but not so heretical to say: Great minds wistfully think alike. And we should all feel a little lonely if either of them ditched us.

[TRANS/INTERVIEW] GRAZIA Magazine April 2017 Edition - Himchan & Daehyun

B.A.P Himchan and Daehyun’s relationship is much like that of ‘Tom and Jerry’. It turns out that B.A.P fans have already compared them to such from a long time back. At the sight of them bickering without rest, (we) asked “(what if you guys) fight at this rate,” Himchan and Daehyun both answered at the same time, “this is playing!” and caused a big laugh.


Daehyun’s thighs vs Jongup’s butt
If you absolutely had to have one…,
Jongup’s butt. I’ll refuse anything that’s Daehyun’s (laughs).

Bungee jump vs Skydiving
Ah… (I) have a lot of frights (I’m scared of it),
(so I) give up

Kakaotalk vs Phone call
Phone call. It’s annoying typing out texts.

Sleepiness vs Hunger, the thing that’s harder to resist is?
Sleepiness. I have a lot of sleep

Party vs Time alone
Party with friends and alcohol.


Straightforwardness vs Beating around the bush
Straightforwardness. (I) don’t like it when there are misunderstandings because of words (talking).

Ballad vs Dance
Still dance (for now). (I) like it more when (both) vocal and dance skills are distributed (and) displayed. Like Bruno Mars.

Mello vs SF Movie
Mello. (I) originally (always) liked mello. Especially <A Moment to Remember>(, I) wanted over ten times.


It’s the first time doing a photoshoot with just you two, right?
HC,DH (at the same time) yes.

Were the other members not jealous?
DH They were making fun of us saying “We’re going to sleep in~”
HC (They said that they’re) happy that they don’t have a schedule. But the other members are probably at the practice room right now as well.

(We’re) curious what time of conversation was passed on the way to the studio.
The two (we) didn’t say a single word (laughs).

Really? (We) heard that (you) two are the most chatty, (I) guess not.
HC It’s the truth. (But) in the morning(, we) two (both) don’t have words (don’t talk a lot).
Normally(,) even if it’s just (us) two(, we’re) on fire (chatty).

What do you guys do to play normally?
HC (I) drink alcohol (laughs).
DH (I) eat outside, (and) eat inside the dorm as well.
HC But because this friend ran away from the dorm…,
DH Look at this hyung? Don’t misunderstand. (He) means that (I) became independent from the dorm recently (left the dorms to live on his own).

Yongguk, who left the dorm first, left with the reason that “the members don’t clean.” Why did Daehyun leave the dorm?
DH It’s the same. If (you) see Himchan hyung and Jongup’s cleaning style(,) anyone would want to run away. For example(, they) file (their) clothes on the floor like pancake. (I) suffer from rhinitis and also have sensitive skin(,) so (I) try to be clean(,) but this is impossible in the dorm.

(I) also saw the video where Daehyun scolded Himchan saying to please stop wearing my (Daehyun’s) clothes without permission. How is it recently?
DH Yesterday as well(, Himchan) hyung wore without my permission the shoes that (I) left in the dorm and was caught red handed. So I plan to wear Himchan’s clothes (without permission) as well.

(We’re) curious how Himchan will counterattack?
HC Daehyun and Yongguk are almost at the level of a neat freak. Especially Daehyun is an FM (Field Manual) type (sticks to the set plan). (He says that) everything has to go the way that it’s been planned for (his) heart to be settled. Sometimes(,) it’s tiring because of that.
DH I’ll reveal something again. (Himchan) hyung has a lot of sleep(,) so it’s difficult waking him up every time in the morning.
HC Ah! I thought of something to counterattack. When (we) drink alcohol(,) Daehyun often gets up (and leaves) first. Even if serious conversation is being passed(,) if it becomes the time that (he) had set to go home(, he) leaves without looking back. At those times(,) it’s somewhat disappointing (sad/hurting).
DH If I don’t get up (and leave) like that(, you guys) are going to keep holding (me) to stay.

(You guys are an) idol group, is it alright if (you) keep talking about drinking alcohol?
DH It’s alright, (because) I quit drinking alcohol (laughs).
HC Is that why (you) eat so much recently?
DH That’s right. Until before the music video recording(, I) lost a lot of weight(,) but because of this(, I) gained 4kg more.
HC Ah~ Diet! (I) want to stop eating chicken breast.

(You guys) must be on a diet.
DH (We) two both really like eating(,) but during promotion period(, we) control our gluttony. (Our) styles are a little different. (Himchan) hyung likes spreading out a variety of food and eating it(, while) I go for one food.
HC Because it’s important for an artist to have a variety of experiences (laughs).

(I) think to gain experiences(,) traveling is the best choice. Do (you) travel as well?
DH Early this year(, I) went to Sapporo. It was (my) first out of country travel(, but) it was really good. (I went) shopping, ate good things, (and) saw snow.

What did Himchan do during the break?
HC I went to New York and LA and came back. When B.A.P had a little over a year’s worth of break(, I) lived in New York for about three months(; but I) want to go back. (I) traveled around wherever my feet led me.

(We) heard that (you guys are) leaving again on a world tour soon. (And) that (you) plan to open a Seoul concert prior to it in the coming March 24~26.
DH Last year(, we) opened large concerts at a lot of different countries(, but) this time(, we) plan to hold smaller concerts at less countries. Should (I) say that it’s closer to a fanmeeting?
HC (We) planned a lot of time to communicate with the fans.

During the past winter(,) Bang Yongguk(,) who is both the leader as well as the oldest hyung(,) had to leave the team temporarily due to his panic disorder diagnosis. (We’re) glad that (you guys) could promote again as 6 (and) a whole again.
DH (I) believed that Yongguk hyung will return healthy again, but (I) didn’t think that this day would come this quickly.
HC (I feel) that finally now B.A.P has become perfect again. Not only just Yongguk, but it feels really empty when someone leaves the team.

Matching teamwork again after a long time(,) what type of conversation was passed?
DH (We) each calmly welcomed (Yongguk) hyung’s return in our own ways. (I feel that) this type of method fits the best for someone that is manly and with little words like Yongguk hyung.
HC Rather than words(,) it’s more important to show (him) trust with actions.

In place of Yongguk(,) Himchan(,) who is the same age as Yongguk(,) acted as the leader.
HC There was a lot of burden. Because Yongguk and I have different methods of leading the team(,) our connection with the members fit well(, but since I) had to act alone as half of a leader.
DH The two are complete opposites. If you compare it to a family(,) Yongguk hyung is the simple (and) brave (dependable) father(, while) Himchan hyung(,) should I say(,) like closer to the kind mother who shows plenty of affection?
HC Perhaps because of that(,) the dongsaengs (the younger members) treated me like whatever (laughs).
DH Hey, we worked harder to treat (you) more comfortably because you might suffer alone. Since Himchan hyung often plays along with the dongsaengs (the younger members) goofing around. Anyways(,) for B.A.P(,) both hyungs are necessary.

When did (you) feel Yongguk’s absence the most?
HC When (we) got on the stage. (We were) worried that due to Yongguk’s absence the empty space might look big.
DH Moreover(,) it was when we had released a full album and not a single(,) so it’s the truth that we were under confusion as well. But in times like this(, we) as five worked “really, honestly, (to our) greatest extent” the hardest.
HC And that is why the result of the single album <Rose> released March 7th is really important. It is of course Yongguk’s return, (but there are also) a lot of situations tied in.

What type of situations are (you) talking about?
HC Early this year(,) B.A.P faced our fifth anniversary. While happy in one part(, I was worried) that the days that B.A.P can promote as a whole is not that much left. Firstly(,) Yongguk and my age is now twenty eight…,
DH This means that after about 2 years(,) the (Yongguk and Himchan) hyungs have to go to military.
HC (I) don’t think that there has been a time that B.A.P as a whole has been able to complete a big picture. So that is why during the preparation of this album(, I) portrayed my opinion strongly more than before.

(We heard that) while choosing the title song(,) it was changed 4 times. In this step as well(,) was Himchan’s influence big as well?
There were three songs in competing. At first(,) by the company’s suggestions(,) ‘Distopia’ was the prime candidate as the title song. But giving this and that different reasons(,) Himchan hyung persisted on ‘Diamond 4 Ya’. The other members were for ‘Wake Me Up’.
HC (I) felt that ‘Distopia’ was too obvious (a choice), (and I) didn’t like the beginning arrangement of ‘Wake Me Up’. But if (B.A.P released) a trendy song like ‘Diamond 4 Ya’(, I felt that) it could be a chance for B.A.P to advance one step further.

In the end(, you guys are) promoting ‘Wake Me Up’.
HC (I) quickly folded my stubbornness (gave up) (laughs). Instead(,) while arranging ‘Wake Me Up’, (I) strongly requested that “please have this be done this way, (and) that be done that way.”

Looking over B.A.P’s promotion records(,) there wasn’t a lot of the members’ personal promotions. Is there no plans to release albums as a solo or a unit(,) or to expand your areas toward acting or entertainment?
DH (I) feel that it will remain this way for a while. Last year November, while promoting a song called ‘SKYDIVE’(, I) suddenly had this thought. “Ah, (I) should try working harder as a whole group!”
HC There are still a lot of people that do not know about B.A.P’s existence (laughs).
DH This is the first time I’m saying this here(, but). (I am) really thankful of Himchan hyung(,) and on another side sorry. (Himchan) hyung is talented in many ways in music as well as entertainment skills, but (Himchan) always puts team promotions first.

What part of Daehyun does Himchan think is outstanding?
HC Acting, leading (a program), singing, dance, et cetera(,) whatever he does(, it feels) natural. (He also) gets along with whatever group he is with. So (I) often push him saying, “do something,” but Daehyun keeps taking his foot out (not going with it).

Are you following after (Himchan) hyung’s meaning to put team activities first?
DH It’s more that (I) don’t think it’s time yet. (Perhaps that I want to) polish up a little more? There has been times that (I) attempted this and that while not completely prepared and ended up disappointed.
HC But still starting from the end of this year(, we) plan to expand personal activities. Perhaps (we’ll) start from B.A.P’s main MC Youngjae.

From on forth(,) how will the two people(Himchan and Daehyun)’s life flow on?
HC (I feel) firstly that (I) want to focus on this moment (now). (You) can’t tell what’ll happen even tomorrow(,) so how can (you) draw out a far future.
DH (I) can’t think of anything else other than practicing so that (I) may become a closer to perfection as a singer.
HC But(,) if there is one thing that (I) wish for(, it’s that) even after coming back from military service(,) that (I) want to (still) be a B.A.P member.
DH It will be like that. You can believe it. Rather than words(,) I’ll show it through actions, like (Himchan) hyung!


The Transfer: Part 2

The Transfer: Part 2 (m)

Word count: 7.8k

Genre/Warnings: language, angst, smut, dirty talk

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: Hoseok seems too hard to resist. But are you really ready to take   the next step?

Parts: one


You were walking up to Jin’s apartment door. Looking around, wanting to make sure Jimin and Hoseok didn’t pop out anywhere. Obviously they didn’t live in Jin’s apartment complex but you were scared you would end up seeing them on the off chance they would visit Jin randomly. Because that would be your luck if they did. Jimin seemed to pop up everywhere, especially in high school.

The door opened right as you were about to knock and you saw Cassie walking out. You startled her, Cassie jumping slightly making you both laugh, “Sorry, Cass.”

“It’s okay, babe. Hi, how are you?”

“I’m doing great, how are you? You look nice.” you smiled. She was so cute and sweet. She fit with Jin perfectly, they were an annoyingly attractive couple. Honestly, if they were ever looking for someone to hop into bed with them…

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Colors Part 2

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely

A/N: And here is the much-requested part 2! I an shocked by the response to this story. Based on notes it’s my most popular one so far! Thank you so much! Hope y’all like it! Sorry it took so long! Let me know what you think!


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Blood Sweat & Tears (M) pt. 1

I apologize for this being so late. I had some problems with my laptop for a couple days, then since I’m an amateur/aspiring fx artist, I was pretty busy since it was Halloween. I hope everyone forgives me ♥ This was all purely inspired by their looks in the “Blood Sweat & Tears” MV, hence the name.~ Hopefully everyone enjoys it 

Genre: Spooky Smut~

Length: Hella loonngg 

Kinks: Sir/Master/(and mentions Daddy) kink, a little boyXboy, anal, LOTS of oral, breath play, slight spanking and probably some others…

Originally posted by jeonsshi

It was a pretty laid back, ordinary evening. You and Jin were hanging out, cuddling on the couch in the living room of the place he shared with his friends, while watching some random horror movie. 

“Jin..” You said softly, as you felt him brush his cold hand against your cheek.

He looked down at you, “Hmmm?” He quietly mumbled, moving his hand from your cheek, to your hair. 

Chills ran down your spine as he twirled your soft hair in his fingers. “What are you and the boys doing tomorrow?” You asked curiously, adjusting yourself so you were able to look up at his beautiful face. “Since it’s Halloween, i was wondering if-” You were cut off mid-question by the sound of the front door opening, then slamming shut. 

You looked up at Jin in confusion, as he began looking quite concerned. 

“Excuse-..” He began saying, as he lifted you off him and rose from the couch, only to be cut off by the not so quiet bickering coming from the boys. “Excuse me, y/n..” He said quickly, then immediately walked to the hallway, near the front door, where they were.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t curious, because you were. Very curious actually, but you knew you shouldn’t involve yourself with whatever was happening. 

“Gu- Guys..??” You called out timidly, as the sound of their arguing grew louder. The moment they heard your voice, though, they grew silent. Well, all except Jin and Jimin. 

“SHE’S HERE!?” Jimin angrily shouted. “SHE CANNOT BE HERE RIGHT NOW YOU IDIOT! WE’RE ALL FUCKING STARVING. YOU KNOW THE RULES!” His yelling was followed by the sound of the other boys telling him to calm down.

“LISTEN TO ME NOW!” Jin shouted back, immediately shutting the younger man up. “She is MY guest. If any of you do ANYTHING to her, because you can’t control your hunger…” He growled. “You’ll regret it.” 

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Andre Burakovsky #9

Requested by Anon: Can you please write an Andre Burakovsky imagine where your TJ oshies little sister and you and Andre take care of Layla and Leni. [Here it is! Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 816

Originally posted by welbecks

The box of doughnuts felt heavy on your hand. Truthfully, it’s not heavy, it’s just a normal box of a dozen doughnuts but you already know TJ would bite your head off for bringing that much sugar at nine in the morning.

You barely knocked on the door before it swung open, revealing the two smiling heads of TJ and Lauren.

Your boyfriend, who’s been silent up until this point, chuckled, “wow, you’re not wasting time guys.”

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Andre Burakovsky - Language Barrier

Originally posted by glovesdropped

Finally got this up! I hope you like it! Shout out to @hockeyobsessedloser for giving me this idea!

Word Count: 1320

Warnings: None?

Recently, Andre had convinced you to move out to Malmö with him during off season. You were resistant at first, not knowing if you wanted to leave all your friends, family, and job, by moving to another country. But, he convinced you by stating the fact it’s only a couple months out of the year that you would be there.

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Love- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

Ok so hopefully this was something like you had in mind anon! Alright I’m trying to get another one written before bed for you guys but we’ll see how it goes! Thank you all for being understanding and kind in this time of need for me! Love you boos!

Warning: none

Anon Request: You’re literally the best I love you so much❤️ I would request one with Mitch where the girl hasn’t been in a relationship before, but her parents are divorced and so is her uncle and her friends have had really bad luck in relationships so she is really insecure about love and so, and then mitch does something really romantic and she starts crying cause it was so unexpected and she didn’t really think he loved her? Sorry if it’s too detailed:)


              “I love you.”

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Happily (n)ever after?

Request: Can i request OUAT fic in which reader is henry twin but she didn’t get adopted by regina? When emma and henry reunited, they decided they want to know u. But reader didn’t exactly get her best chance in life. She is not welcoming either. They took her to storybrooke. Regina n the charming tries to get to know her too.

You looked around, checking to see if anyone was watching.
“You alright, miss?” A security guard asked you, looking at you suspiciously.
“I’m waiting for my friend, she said she’d be here at half past.” You said, trying to look worried.
The guard checked his watch. “It’s only twenty past two.”
“Half past one.” You said, going onto your toes and looking around. “Maybe I’m in the wrong shop. Is there another one of these nearby? I’m not from around here.”
The guard shook his head. “No there’s not, sorry, but you can’t be waiting in here, I’m afraid. It looks like you’re trying to steal something. There’s a bench outside where you can wait.”
You nodded, thanking him, then left the shop, walking quickly. Once out of sight of the store, you started running. After a minute or two, you ducked into a quiet area and emptied out your pockets. You’d managed to grab an apple, and a few candy bars. You quickly ate them, knowing your foster brother would most likely eat most of your dinner once you got home.
A shadow fell over you, and you saw the face of your twin brother, Henry. He’d contacted you by email a while ago, telling you how you were related, and about your mother and saying that they wanted to get to know you, even including some pictures. You hadn’t responded.
“What are you doing here?” You demanded, quickly stuffing your candy back in your pocket.
“I wanted to show you this.” He said, handing you a few papers.
You suspiciously looked through them, a frown appearing and growing on your face as you realised what they were.
“Mum’s adopting you.” Henry smiled at you.
You huffed. “I have a family, I live with them.”
“They said it was okay. They signed it. Come on.” He held out his hand, which you didn’t take, walking stiffly beside him back to a yellow car with a blonde woman leaning against it. “Hey Y/N, I’m Emma.”
You folded your arms, trying your best to make it clear to her that you were angry. She opened the car door, and Henry smiled at you again. You decided that you hated him, and his smiling.
“Wanna sit in the front?” He offered.
You didn’t respond, climbing into the back of the car and folding your arms again. On the seat beside you was a suitcase, which you recognised as yours, full of your things, that you’d never unpacked.

A few hours later, Emma parked the car on the street, and the three of you got out, Emma carrying your bag for you. You went up some steps and into an apartment. “I’m renting this place for a while.” She explained. “Henry lives with Regina, who adopted him.”
“And ten years later, you decided to adopt me.” You muttered, looking around. “What changed your mind?”
“Hey, she gave you up to give you your best chance!” Henry argued.
You spun to face him. “Did she tell you that crap? Or was it your loving mom, Regina?”
He glared at you. “Neither of them did! I know because it was the same reason Emma was abandoned. You should just be glad!”
“Henry, enough!” Emma snapped. “Why don’t you go order us some food in Granny’s? And you can find the others, I’m sure they want to meet Y/N.” She softened slightly.
Henry nodded, taking the money Emma offered, then left the apartment.
“Maybe Y/N doesn’t want to meet the others.” You muttered, folding your arms.
Emma sighed and sat down, gesturing for you to sit too. “How bad was it?” She asked softly.
You frowned, still standing. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I have a superpower kiddo, I can tell when people are lying.” She gave you a gentle smile, but you turned away.
“Listen, Y/N, I heard about some of the other places you stayed. I’m a bail bonds person, I know what I’m doing. I can promise you that here is not going to be like any of those places, but if you don’t believe me, that’s okay. Just give me some time. The adoption papers kind of mean you’re stuck with me.” She stood up and walked past you, opening the door and smiling at you. “Let’s go meet the others, okay?”
You nodded reluctantly, following her out of the apartment and into a diner. She gave you a gentle push towards a booth where Henry was sitting with some food. “Go eat, I’m sure you’re hungry.”
You nodded and sat opposite Henry while Emma went to talk to some more people.
“This is for you.” Henry said, pushing a mug of hot cocoa to you, along with a slice of apple pie. “So is this. You seemed to really enjoy the apple you had earlier, so I thought you might like some more.”
“Thanks.” You mumbled, sipping the cocoa, then frowning as you tried to place the mystery ingredient that made it really yummy.
“Cinnamon.” Henry smiled. “It makes it much nicer, doesn’t it?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I never thought of doing that.”
“Well I’m sure you had other things to think about.” A woman with dark hair said, sitting beside Henry. “I’m Regina, Henry’s mom.” She smiled at you.
You nodded. “Hi. i’m Henry’s twin. I don’t have a mom.” You sipped your cocoa, and then started eating your slice of pie, making sure to eat it slowly so that you didn’t have to talk.

A few days passed, and you warmed up to Henry, a bit, but you still weren’t friendly. You were on your way home from school when Mary Margaret caught up to you.
“Y/N, Emma just called me. We’re all going to be spending the night at Regina’s.” She smiled.
“Why?” You demanded.
“The Wicked Witch is threatening our family. Regina has a protection spell around her home. Come on, let’s go.” She gestured to you to follow her.
“Do I have time to get my stuff?” You sighed, having decided to feign disinterest in all the magic stuff, even though you loved it.
“No, come on, it’ll be fun, I promise.” She started walking towards Regina’s house, which was really more of a manor to you.

A few hours later, and you were sitting on a couch in Regina’s living room, your hood over your head, pretending to be asleep.
You felt the couch move as someone sat next to you, and you put a little more effort into pretending to be asleep.
“You know,” Regina began, “Henry thought I was the Evil Queen. At least your adopted mother is the Saviour.”
“I’ve been in enough foster homes to know that after a while, the nice stops.” You muttered.
Regina rested her arm around you. “Y/N, I know this is difficult for you, and you’re scared in case you get hurt again, but is there anything we can do to show you that we’re different?”
You shook your head stubbornly, which made Regina sigh, and then she smiled. “Do you like reading?”
You nodded slightly, and moments later, you were sitting in the middle of a magnificent library. Regina gestured around. “You can read whatever you want, but if you’re using the ladder, please be careful. That door leads to the hallway.” She patted you on the back, and then left through the door she’d pointed out.
Much as you wanted to, you were determined not to give in and read the books, so you sat there, arms folded stubbornly, for hours, until the door opened and Prince Charming came in.
“Go away.” You ordered, and heard him sigh.
“Nope. Come on.”
When you didn’t move, he simply picked you up and carried you out of the library, into the back garden. It looked to be around eight or nine in the evening. He put you down and then stood opposite you.
“Unfortunately, this town seems to be a target for attacks, so if you’re gonna stay here, I’d prefer if you knew how to look after yourself.” He picked up two sticks, tossing one to you. “Ever been in a sword fight?”
You grinned, despite yourself. “Not exactly, but I have been in ordinary fights. And sticks help.” With that, you jumped forward, hitting him in the stomach with your stick. As he let out a groan, a genuine smile rose to your lips, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad here after all, because if they were teaching you to look after yourself, it meant that they couldn’t do anything to you, so maybe they really were the good guys, your ‘happy ending’, if you were to put it into Henry’s words.



Jin was excited to try some authentic Mexican food that his Mexican gf y/n was going to cook. He sat in the living room and secretly looked across the couch at times to examine you. He loved having a girlfriend from another ethnicity because it allowed him to have a deeper understanding of another culture. He waited patiently and his mum like personality turned to that of a child as you shouted “Ready!” He ran to the dining room and was confused when he saw tacos. He always had taco bell and was confused since he was expecting something else. He hid his feelings and took a bite and he had not expected it to taste so different. It tasted absolutely amazing. He could feel the freshness and the authentic flavor, this was nothing like taco bell. He laughed in happiness and smiled at you in joy of how gifted he was to have you.

Originally posted by shanadiary


It was his 22nd birthday and you decided you wanted to make him something more than a seaweed soup. It was like a tradition for you guys so Jungkook had waited in his room waiting for the seaweed soup. You took the groceries out and started cooking. You were from Mexico and Jungkook had never really tried Mexican food and it made you feel like you weren’t showing your heritage properly. In the middle of cooking, Jungkook had smelt it and came to the kitchen. “Whatever you are making does not smell like seaweed soup but it smells delicious” making you chuckle in amusement. He helped you place the food on the table and waited for you to sit down so you could see his reaction. There were many varieties of Mexican food on the table and he looked around to see which one he should eat first. He pointed at a dish and asked you what it was. “Shrimp ceviche” you answered him and he took a bite. At the first spoonful, he could not stop smiling and looked at you in adoration.

Originally posted by apgujeon


“Please y/n!” He had whined at you and you were getting frustrated. You grabbed his cheeks and cutely glared at him. “We have had Mexican food for the past week now” you retorted back. He pouted and it made you feel guilty. You had made him Mexican food last Monday and at first you had been scared that he would not have liked it but in the end, he fell in love with it. He followed you around the house like a desperate puppy and every time you looked back to glare at him he always pouted. You had reached your limit as he nearly followed you to the toilet. “Yah! I’m tired cooking every day for you!” you had barked at him and he looked guilty. “Jagiya, if you cook tonight and teach me I promise to be more considerate and I will also be able to cook for you” He had said causing you to blush at his willingness to eat your cultural food.

Originally posted by tbhobi


He was extremely excited to try your cultural food that he stood behind you watching you cook. He had examined the recipe quietly in his head. “What are you making right now?” he asked you as he rested his chin on your shoulder. “Guacamole” You replied to him while mashing the avocado. He bit your shoulder gently while you were squeezing the lemon causing some to go on his eyes. He took a step back and laughed while you looked for a tissue while being flustered. After you had finished making the guacamole you got out the chips and took a dip and fed him. He chuckled at your action. He made no reaction after tasting it and it made you worry. You raised your eyebrow at him and waited for his response. “It tastes absolutely amazing!, but I feel it would have been better if half of the lime went in here instead of my eye”

Originally posted by myeungho

Rap monster:

Namjoon had been overworking himself for the past few days and you decided to make him a treat to cheer him up. You thought of the days that your mum had made you the dessert ‘freras con crema’ when ever you had a rough day. You wanted to cheer Namjoon up the way your mum did to you. You went shopping for the ingredients then went home to make it. You spent a lot of time on it to make no mistakes. After you were satisfied you put it in a glass and walked in Namjoon’s home studio. He was delighted to see you there and was even more delighted you bought him something. “what is this?” He asked as you gave it to him and all you did was raise an eyebrow to gesture him to test it and so he did. He smiled delightfully. “Where did you learn to make such good food?” He asked you while stuffing himself with the strawberries. “From your mother in law” You replied to him, causing him to choke, making you laugh.

Originally posted by shinenamjoon


He always found it such a blessing how he had a Mexican girlfriend that taught him the language, which helped him interact with other Mexican fans. You loved how he was so interested in your cultural and how he accepted as a part of him now that you were in his life. In thanks of his understanding acceptance you decided to make him a Mexican feast. After he had finished a recording his new song he came home and was met with colourful rows of food. He gave you a kiss on the lips and twirled you around. “Te quiero”

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou


On his V live he saw a fans comment saying ‘oppa, You should try Mexican food!’ which he ignored but inside he realised how much he had been missing out especially at the fact he has a beautiful Mexican girlfriend. Throughout the whole live it kept on bothering him and in the end he ended it with the excuse of ‘Im sleepy now’. He called you instantly. “y/n, I have a Mexican girlfriend right?” in which you went silent with confusion. “So why havent I tried your mexican cooking yet?” He has whined in a nasally tome over the phone causing you to laugh. “Tommorow, okay?” you replied to him and he hummed in acceptance. The next day you went over to his training studio and bought ‘Elote’. He was so joyful upon seeing it that he grabbed it with no thought and took a bite quickly. You were astounded at how fast he ate it. Daebak!. “This is the only type of corn im eating from now on”

Originally posted by bts-jimin16


Curiosity Kills the Cat

Part of Trying to leave him

Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Characters: Youngjae x Original Character

Summary:  Curiosity kills the cat and if only you thought of that when you dug into Youngjae’s past. When you try to leave you find yourself trapped.

Word Count: 1761

This scenario will be group with all Got7 trying to escape him!

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au

Credit to gif owner


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Old Wounds - Chapter Eleven


Gigi could feel her lips opening even though she didn’t know yet what she was going to say. She had to say something to Jack, or she was simply going to kiss him. Or spontaneously combust. Spontaneous combustion was always an option, right?

“Sorry to interrupt.”

Her head jerked around to see who was talking. Wills. Or Will. Or William. Or whatever she was supposed to call him now. “You’re not interrupting,” she reassured him. Gigi could have sworn she heard Jack curse under his breath.

“Do you have the ring with you?”

It took her a few seconds to shift gears and remember what in the hell Wills was talking about. Right. Gemma. Getting married. The ring she had made. “I left it locked in the cabin. I wasn’t sure you would want it tonight with everyone looking on.”

“I was planning on giving it to her on Christmas morning, but I don’t want an audience for it. There’s such a perfect moon tonight, I thought she and I could take a nice walk together, down to the lake, and I could give it to her in private.”

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Confession - Part 1

Chanyeol angsty scenario where you’re his best friend and you’re dating Suho (who happens to be his friend so ofc why not) and he confesses his love for you when Suho is out of the country filming.

I love these kinds of scenarios >:)

This is my first ever written scenario so sorry if it’s a little long and mushy gushy *cringe* (bc honestly I love these types of scenarios)!

I couldn’t have done it without some great friends of mine (you know who you guys are <3)

Also, please let me know how you guys feel about it! I would love to hear your opinions on it! <3

Originally posted by bikons

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A Series of Unfathomable Feelings (6/10)

AU Rommate!Steve x Reader

Summary: After Bucky decides to move in with his long-time girlfriend, Steve has to look for another roommate. But destiny, or rather Bucky, will set him with someone less boring than Steve intended.

Word Count: 1,701

Warnings: Language, Implied Sexual Content

A/N: Cafuné (Portuguese) is the act of running one’s fingers through their lover’s hair.

(cross-posted to Ao3) <- we reached the same chapter so updates aren’t gonna be daily anymore

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Sleep seemed to elude you, no matter how much you tossed and turned in your bed, you were still wide awake. Frustrated, you opened your bedroom door and saw Steve sitting on the sofa. His eyes were locked on the screen but he raised his head when he saw you. With a smile, he patted the empty seat next to him.

“Trouble sleeping?”

“Yeah.” You chuckled and sat next to him. “What are you watching?”

“The beginning of the horror movie you were watchin’ the other day.” He raised a brow at you when you stood up and walked to your room. “Hey, where’re you going?” He reached out for your hand.

“That movie was gross, I don’t want to see it again. If I try hard enough I’ll fall asleep.” You replied without conviction.

He stood up, still holding your hand and brought it to his lips. You raised a hand and cupped the side of his face, tracing the curve of his cheekbone with your thumb.

“Stay. We can watch something else, I don’t mind.” He kissed the heel of your palm.

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The Five Stages of Leaving Him // BTS’ Jimin

This is the story of a boy and a girl who fall not in love, but out of it.

Word Count: 5.9k.

Perhaps if you had noticed the signs, things would have remained the same. Perhaps if you were able to travel back in time to change moments of the past, you would have held onto your source of happiness for an indefinite period of longer. But you hadn’t and you couldn’t, which made all the unfortunate difference in the world that was crumbling around yourself and Jimin.

You didn’t know exactly when it had started, but if you had to pinpoint it to a certain time, you supposed it all began around the three year mark into your relationship with him. Three years, thirty six months, or a hundred and fifty six weeks- a lot of time to spend with one person, wasn’t it? In those three years you had loved each other and spent most of your free time together doing everything and nothing. You had been inseparable. But the more you thought about it, the more convinced you were that maybe that was the reason why he was no longer by your side. You had grown so accustomed to each other’s presence, you’d taken your love for granted and had become weary of the other. The more you forced yourselves together, the more you longed to break your bond and leave for good.

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Locked Away

Six months. That’s how long almost half of the new hire last when they become social workers. Some will tell you it’s the pay, others will tell you it’s the stress, still others will complain about poor training or case overload or the broken system. But that’s all bullshit. The reason they quit is always the same; the kids.

They haunt you. They break your heart. They force you to see how horrible the world can really be. They break you down one tear at a time. You want to make everything ok for them and help them and love them, but instead, you take them from the only family they’ve ever known and place them with strangers who may or may not hurt them all over again. The kids often don’t understand why they can’t stay home and you can’t explain it in a way they really accept. Sure, Mommy and Daddy do bad things, but they’re Mommy and Daddy and that’s all that matters.

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Rule 8: Never Take Anything for Granted (Part 2)

Pairing: Gibbs x Gina (OC)

Warnings: a little bit of heavy making out, some innuendo, nothing graphic (yet…yeah I said yet)

Word Count: 3,381

A/N: Alright here is Part 2! Thank you for all the feedback on the first part! I hope that the second doesn’t disappoint! Oh and there is a little joke courtesy of my sister and her co-workers that fit perfectly with the NCIS character dynamic! Let me know your thoughts on this series! Send me asks, reblog, or replies! Feedback is fuel! xoxo

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The Eighth Story, Nineteen Years Later....

Things I Like:

  • Scorpius. Obviously.
  • Al and Scorpius being pals in Slytherin. They should date.
  • The veteran characters’ interactions with one another. Also their places of employment. (Harry does the cooking. Hermione is the breadwinner. Ginny writes sports pages. McGonagall kicks ass. The quintet and their kids save the world.)
  • The implication that young Sirius Black once attempted to leap from a speeding train.
  • ‘The Augurey’ has a nice ring to it.
  • The casting, which has nothing to do with the script, but I’m trying to be positive here.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Oh, boy. Here we go.
  • The script reads like crap fanfic. I’m so sorry, JTJT.
  • It proves JKR has never read fanfic, if this is what she considers well-plotted and accurately-characterized spinoff material.
  • If the writing had been terrible but the plot fantastic, I could have accepted this as JKR-approved canon. However, the plot is also terrible. In fact, the best thing about this whole debacle seems to be the casting.
  • The proof that this was not JKR came from the humor. Rowling’s humor is zany and natural. Half the jokes in the script fall utterly flat.
  • Why would there be rumors about Draco Malfoy’s wife*? In Pottermore we learned that she was anti-Voldemort and anti-blood purity.
  • *Draco Malfoy’s fridged wife.
  • You’re going to rescue Cedric Diggory? Really? Not your grandparents or your Uncle Fred or Teddy’s parents or Colin Creevey who was sixteen fucking years old or any of the innocents and children and Muggles who were tortured or killed during either war? Some of whom fought willingly, but plenty of whom were just in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  • And you think that Harry – didn’t care? Harry Potter who lived through more deaths in seventeen years than plenty of us do in a lifetime, who cried over Cedric’s body and had nightmares about him, you think he was in possession of a Time-Turner and never wished he could do something with it? That’s the narrative you’re giving us?
  • Actually, about time travel…. We never get a fully-fleshed out thesis on the mechanics of time travel, but in Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry never saw Buckbeak executed, he just heard a thud and saw a cloud of startled birds rise into the air. Then they save Buckbeak, the executioner swings his axe into a log with a thud, and a cloud of birds rises into the air. Didn’t JKR include those details to suggest that Buckbeak had never been killed, because Harry and Hermione had already saved him? But with Cedric – Harry saw him die. Harry saw his body. So… ??????????
  • But as someone pointed out to me, if you can rewrite history it would be freaking stupid to go back to before Voldemort’s defeat and RISK CHANGING SOMETHING. ARGH.
  • Why is the trolley witch attempting to murder a student???
  • Okay, when they discuss all the ~Dark Creatures, why are they including werewolves? It’s been twenty years. Where are your werewolf outreach programs? Where is your werewolf-related reform? Why are you not specifically saying, for example, Greyback’s werewolves?
  • I… don’t really know what to say about Albus (disguised as Ron) kissing Hermione on the mouth. Like. ????? I can’t even bring myself to feel outrage. My brain is just stuck on - ‘What. What? What.’ He couldn’t have kissed her on the cheek?
  • The Ministry of Magic didn’t fix the whole ‘break-in-using-Polyjuice’ problem?
  • I didn’t understand the whole thing with Hermione’s bookcase. I guess it looked good on stage?
  • A few people have called the Scorpius/Al thing ‘queerbating.’ I hate queerbating, but I don’t think that’s what happened here? I think what JTJT did was just painful heteronormativity. Either way, Scorpius and Al should date.
  • I can’t believe Harry and co. didn’t raise their kids to Not Be Dicks About the Slytherin Thing. Especially to their own family. Rose, stop it.
  • Albus, I hate to say this, but suck it up. Or rather – JTJT, write a better protagonist.
  • See, I understand it being difficult to be Harry Potter’s son. I like that storyline.
  • And I’m all for sympathizing with kids who are going through any amount of a hard time, so I hate to say this, but honestly?
  • Harry spent about 70% of his time at Hogwarts with people being assholes to him. He had to live up to his parents’ legend, his own legend, had to deal with people hating him for losing House points and losing at Quidditch and teachers torturing him and teachers taking grudges out on him and students thinking he was evilly trying to kill everyone or attention-seeking while lying or crazy while lying –
  • And JTJT think we’re going to find Albus interesting for going through about 1% of that bullshit and turning as angsty as Harry was in OotP?
  • Scorpius putting Al right in his fucking place (Act Two, Scene Sixteen) was the best moment of my life.
  • Draco, first off, asking if you’ve felt anything in your Dark Mark is not discrimination, so shut your pie hole. Second of all, it’s A DARK MARK it is basically a WIZARD SWASTIKA so GUESS WHO WAS DOING THE DISCRIMINATING??? YOU. AND ANYONE ELSE WHO HAD ONE. SHUT UP THE PIE HOLE SHU T U P
  • Given how he raised Scorpius I honestly thought he’d do less whining about “BUT POTTER AND HIS FRIENDS ARE BEING UNFAIR!!!”
  • Delphi is such a non-character. All of Rowling’s antagonists are oozing individuality out the pores and I understand that the actress will take care of that on stage but I get literally nothing on the page from her.
  • It’s also – and I apologize for using this term – a Mary Sue name. I had a character last-named Delphi when I was nine years old.
  • She also has Mary Sue hair - SILVER AND BLUE??? – and a Mary Sue tattoo.
  • ‘Krazy Krum’? ‘Delicious Diggory’? Ludo Bagman, they are teenagers.
  • What is with the constant jokes about the French?
  • Harry Potter would never tell his son to stay away from his only friend, just because that friend came from a bad family - hello, James Potter and SIRIUS FUCKING BLACK???
  • After all the years of ridiculous bullshit rumors Harry heard about himself, why would he believe the crap about Scorpius?
  • Harry Potter would never dare speak to Minerva McGonagall that way.
  • Sigh. Stop throwing Ron/Hermione under the bus.
  • Stop throwing Ron under the bus. He is not a fumbling idiot.
  • Stop implying that Hermione would turn awful if she and Ron were just friends.
  • S T O P.
  • Draco stop acting like you had no friends. You had a whole pack of friends. Yes, they were stupid and awful, but you basically cried when Crabbe (Goyle?) died in that fire.
  • Being alone didn’t send you to a dark place, being raised as a prejudiced dick sent you to a dark place just SHUT THE PIE HOLE. SHUT.
  • Harry, stop being such a shitstain of a father, please.
  • Cedric doesn’t deserve any of this. He was a good guy.
  • Why is Cedric speaking all weird? “I shall!” Go away Shakespeare Cedric.
  • Humiliation is no one’s motivation to become a Death Eater, fuck off.
  • Myrtle’s name is ELIZABETH WARREN? Like the senator???
  • I move on to Act Three and find myself wishing I, too, could fling myself into a lake. 
  • So if Malfoy hadn’t lost the war he’d be evil and abusive? Even though watching people get tortured makes him feel sick?  
  • Stop making Snape so nice. I’m serious.
  • Bellatrix, one of the only female characters without a kid, now has a kid.
  • Bellatrix was in love with Voldemort… like that. Ew.
  • Bellatrix and Voldemort did the do. Ew.
  • Delphi is powerful because of her parents, and has dedicated her life to Dark Magic or whatever. But Harry is twice her age and gifted at DADA, why is he not putting up a good fight?
  • Does Colloportus stop you from just smashing out a wall? JUST SMASH OUT A WALL.
  • Scorpius, do not ask out Rose Weasley. Ask out Al.
  • Since when is Harry afraid of the dark?
  • Severus Snape’s flaws did not make him greater, I am sorry. They made him a D I C K.
  • *sigh*
The Family You Make Ch.7

>>AO3 link<< Thanks to Cursing Vermin for Betaing!

Chapter 7

Introducing Max to his family had been an absolute disaster.

David wasn’t talking broken plate disaster. First impressions weren’t so easily replaced or glued back together. Everything had been torn to shreds and David knew he would never get the pieces back again. He kind of wanted to blame Daniel for it all. The guy really should have had more tact than to want to talk about his sacrifices in front of a kid. But David knew that he himself wasn’t free of the blame either.

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