but look deceptively short looking hair

Consider this: Obi-Wan’s hair would take a while to grow back after the whole Rako Hardeen mess. Did he hide in his rooms at the temple until his hair grew out again? I highly doubt it. So, this highly respected Jedi Master probably went about his days normally.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was somewhere between 36 and 38 years old at the time and I highly doubt he even attempted a beard until his hair had grown out, so for a few months this man went around with a serious baby face.
He looks younger than Anakin for fucks sake
Imagine the result of that.
This experienced, serious, respected master suddenly looks like a 20 year old.
“If I get called padawan one more time… Anakin, stop laughing.”

On the other hand we get Obi-Wan with messy short hair and a rogue-ish scruff as he starts letting his beard grow out. The amount of crushes on him spike however, because hot damn. They had forgotten what the beard did.