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Handle Myself.

Request: Hi hi hi I was wondering if you could write some Carl grimes smut for me? Something a little less lovey dovey, maybe the reader did something really bad ass and he kinda just has raging hormones and idk the world needs more Carl grimes smut.

a/N: I agree the world does need more Carl Grimes smut. So here’s some now. Also I’m sorry if this sucks!!! xo

Warnings: SMUT, language lol

Summary: When you leave Alexandria you find out that Carl followed you. You, thinking he followed you to chaperone you, told him your could handle yourself. Carl  finds out that you can handle yourself. And he thinks it’s hot.

Don’t be afraid to request anything!!! xo

You grab your bag from the sofa and leave the house as fast as you possibly can. You wanted to go on a run today by yourself. There wasn’t really a particular reason why but you liked the idea of being alone when looking for things. You walk to the gates to see that Spencer is on watch and you smile to yourself, knowing how easy it’ll be to leave Alexandria.

“Everything alright?” He asks and you simply nod at him.

“Yeah, I’m just off out to get a few things.” You continue to walk but Spencer stops you.

“Is it important stuff, because you can’t go out if it’s unnecessary.” He shakes his head and you raise your eyebrows at him.

“You think I don’t know that. Of course it’s necessary.” You mutter before looking over your shoulder to see if anyone had figured out that you were leaving Alexandria. You look back at Spencer and he shrugs his shoulders but when you can tell he’s going against his better judgement by the look on his face. He slides the gate open and you almost run out but you walk normally so that Spencer doesn’t get suspicious.

“Thanks Spencer.” You smile at him and he nods at you before closing the gates. You breath in and let out a big sigh as you begin to walk.

You find a small sort of town and begin to look in shops and you find essential stuff like toothpaste, toilet roll all the stuff you know you need but you also come across silly stuff like stuffed animals and the one thing that catches your eye is a necklace. It had a heart on the end of it and although you knew you’d never wear it, you kept it anyway. You continue to look through every shelf when you hear something coming from the isle next to yours.

You take your knife out and hold it in front of you as you begin to walk towards the sound. You take a deep breath as you try to be as quiet as you can. You turn the corner to see who or what was in the isle but instead your head comes in contact with a chest. You move back quickly, raising your knife to see Carl with his hands raised and smiling.

“Please don’t kill me, I beg.” He says in a monotone. You give him a sarcastic smile and turn back around to look for more things.

“So you’re following me now?” You utter and Carl gives you a wry chuckle. He catches up with you and walks with you, side by side.

“No and yes. I followed you because you left Alexandria without telling anyone and-” You cut him off before he can say anything and stop him from walking so that he listens to you.

“Actually I told Spencer and besides I don’t need a chaperone when I go on a run.” You growl and he smirks.

“I’m not chaperoning you, I decided to go on a run too and we just sort of bumped into each other.” He whispers and you roll your eyes. Cocky bastard.

You leave the shop, with Carl trailing behind you of course, and enter another. You search each isle for things you could take back but find nothing. You move to the last isle and as you turn the corner your eyes widen. Several walkers begin to walk your way.

“Carl!” You shout but then you realise he’s by the entrance of the shop which means it would take him a while to get to you. You take out your knife and plunge it into one of their heads. You do the same to 3 others before taking out your gun and shooting the rest of them. One by one they all drop to the floor and when you turn around you see Carl stood there, staring at you.

“What?” You ask and he raises his brows smiles.

“That was kind of hot, holy shit.” He says in disbelief as he continues to stare at you.

“Me killing walkers is hot? Keep it in your pants alright.” You scoff as you stride past him. He follows behind you and just before you leave the store you feel his hand on your arm. He tugs and you’re back is against a wall as Carl’s face is dangerously close to yours.

“It’s not the killing the walkers that’s hot. You can definitely handle yourself. That was hot.” He whispers. You gulp and realise that your breathing is very fast paced and so you take a deep breath to try to control it. You look him in the eye.

“I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment.” You whisper and he tilts his head to the side and nods slowly.

“A compliment.” He says as he moves to the door. You stand still for a second and take a deep breath. “You coming?” He asks, his hand still on the door. You nod your head and follow him out the door.

“Let’s find another store.” He sighs and you continue to follow him but your mind is somewhere else. You were aroused and confused. Carl had made you aroused and confused and you frown. You weren’t going to lie, it turned you on. You walk through the door of a new shop and Carl sets off to find stuff for Alexandria but you feel as though you can’t move. You’d never felt this turned on before. And you’d never felt this turned on by Carl before.

Sure, Carl sometime’s made you all hot and bothered and sometimes you wanted to kiss him. Actually you wanted to kiss him all the time but he never really showed a sign of interest.

“Earth to (Y/n). Are you okay?” Carl waves his hand in your face and you are brought back to reality. “Come on I found something.” He says as he takes your hand and leads you to an isle and he shows you a bunch of ammo. “This could be very useful for my dad, me. Maybe even you if you’re gonna shoot some walkers again.” He whispers to you and before you know it your back is against some shelves and Carl’s lips move to your ear.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how hot you looked.” He mumbles and he lowers his head to your neck and places a soft but wet kiss there. You tilt you neck so he has better access and then he bites and sucks at you neck, making sure to leave a mark. Your breath hitches in your throat as his tongue licks over the spot he just left a hickey.

You raise your hands to his face and pull him to your lips. You kiss each other hard and rough and his hand roams over your body.

“Bet you’d look even hotter without clothes on.” He mumbles, his lips still connected to your slightly. He steps back a bit and you are breathing quickly and harshly as he lifts your top over your head and quickly get’s rid of your bra. He attaches his lips to your neck and begins to travel south of your collar bone and then down to your right breast. He attaches his mouth to your nipple and sucks hard. You moan out as you arch into his mouth and he looks up at you and winks.

“Tell me what you want.” He says when he moves from your breast to your face as his thumb runs along your bottom lip. You roll your eyes.

“I want you.” You whisper and Carl stands back and shakes his head.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific than that.” He says while his fingers start to toy at the button on your jeans.

“I want you fuck me Carl.” You whisper seductively and his eye’s widen. He smirks at you as he undoes the button on your jeans.

“Your wish is my command, but first I have to have a taste.” He says and it a second he is on his knees and tugging down your trouser and your underwear along with it. You look down at him and he looks up at you before diving in. He licks up your slit and then starts to kitten lick at your clit. You scramble for something to hold on to and so you find the shelf behind you and Car’ls hair.

He moans when you tug and you moan at the vibrations he sends through your pussy as you breath heavily.

“I’m gonna come soon Carl, oh my god.” You whimper from above him and he stops his actions. You look at him as he raises himself. “What are you doing?”

“I’m granting your wish.” He says with a smug smile and he tugs down his jeans and grabs a hold of himself but, to Carl’s surprise, you drop down to your knees and return the favour. “What the hell- oh shit.” He says but as soon as he feels your lips around his cock he moans. 

You bob your head and his hands move to wrap your hair in his hand. You continue to bob until you take him out of your mouth and lick a stripe up the underside of his cock and then your place your lips around the tip and suck and look up at him while you do it.

He winks down at you and you smile before removing your lips from his cock. He pulls your face up to his and kisses you roughly.

“Will you grant my wish now?” You bat your eyelashes at him and he chuckles. He moves his hand to align his cock with your entrance and he looks at you and nods as if to ask for approval. You bite your lip and he throws his head back as he thrust up into you hard. You both moan out loudly and he thrust into you again and again, each thrust followed by a moan.

“God I’ve been wanting to do this all day, you feel fucking amazing around my cock.” He whispers against your neck. You both buckle from the pleasure and end up on the floor of the shop. You are underneath him while he continues to thrust into you and your back is arching from the floor.

“Fuck me, oh my God Carl.” You moan out loudly and he moves his hand down to your clit and rubs fast circles.

“I thought I was.” He sarcastically comments and you smile as your eyes widen.

“I’m gonna come.” You shout and he starts to thrust into faster and harder as he pants. It’s not long before your back is arching and your lips have formed the perfect ‘o’ shape. You start to spasm around him and that’s when Carl pulls out of you and comes over the floor, careful not to get any on you. You both lay there panting and staring up at the ceiling.

“Holy fuck.” He says before he stands. “Come on. They’re probably wondering where we are.” He says and you stand as you both get dressed. You buckle up your belt and Carl notices something pink. He walks over and picks it up before showing it to you. “For Judith?” You nod and he puts it in his bag. “Aren’t you glad?” He asks and your furrow your brow.

“Glad about what?” You ask as you both leave the store.

“Aren’t you glad I followed you now?” He says and smirks. You laugh and punch him in the arm.

“No, I can still handle myself.” You laugh as you both head back to Alexandria. Carl doesn’t need to know, but you really are glad that he came. He can follow you every time you leave Alexandria for all you care.

Warmth Pt 3

Imagine: Being the little sister of Daenerys and risking your life for Jon Snow.

Part 1

Part 2

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Your heart had been in shambles for days. You felt your heart breaking more and more with each day that Jon was gone. You’ve never felt this type of pain before and secretly wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. It was torture waiting…waiting for a sign that Jon could be alive…or dead. You were in a depressed and foul mood. Daenerys could barely get a few sentences out of you. You were unwilling to have conversations when your heart was in terrible pain.

When Jon first suggested that he would go to Eastmarch and hunt down a Wight Walker…you lost your composure. You begged everyone to reconsider this mad idea. You knew it would only end in disaster. What you could piece together from the short weeks that Jon had been at Dragonstone, the Knight King had amassed an army unlike any other.

This Knight Night seemed to have it out for Jon.

For you, it seemed like this whole quest meant absolute death for everyone going—including the man you came to fall in love with.

That morning when you woke up, you knew something had shifted. Something in the air just set the alarms in your head to go off rather violently. You dressed as fast as you could and hurried to your sister’s chambers knowing she would be there early that morning.

You were right and stunned with the sight that greeted you.

Daenerys was clad in snow white armor. Her hair was being braided by hand-maidens. Tyrion was at her desk with a deep frown itched on his face. “You’re awake.” Daenerys looked surprised to see you awake so early. Since Jon had left, you’ve taken to being locked in your chambers and only coming out for meals.

You look towards her desk and you see it. It was a small scroll and it had a familiar symbol on it. Your heart sank and you look up at your sister, “I’m coming.”

Daenerys shook her head and shoot down you down, “No, you are not.”

You glare at her fiercely and the dragon blood in you was beginning to stir, “Yes, I am. You know you cannot stop me not when it comes to him.” Your voice is a powerful growl and your stance is tall and firm. Daenerys had hoped to have taken care of this problem without you even knowing until after she left—she had been foolish to think so.

Daenerys knew you very well—she was your older sister, after all. She knew there was nothing on this green earth that would stop you from saving the man you loved very dearly. She felt for you…and knew she couldn’t drive you away from Jon Snow.

Losing Jon would devastate you.

And Daenerys wouldn’t live with herself if you had to go through what she did with Khal Drogo. She wouldn’t allow it, she wouldn’t.

It wasn’t long until you were clad in similar armor but your hair hadn’t been braided like your sister’s. Your sister loved her hair being braided but you didn’t. You preferred your hair to be loose or tied by a single band. Your heart was racing with fear…you were not sure what to expect but you just knew you had to get there and help Jon.

Tyrion had repeatedly stated his opinion as he walks behind you and Daenerys. Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are napping lazily not too far from the Castle. They wake as they sense their mother’s presence. Viserion gently presses his muzzle against you and you murmur and coo at him. You loved Tyrion as an older brother or uncle but today…he was getting on your last nerves. You were collected enough not to snap at him because what you and Daenerys were doing was completely reckless.

Viserion helped you mount him.

He rose to the ground and the ground shook underneath the steps of these three great beasts. Tyrion could only watch with worry and fear as Drogo spread his wings and gave out a loud, snarling roar before diving off the cliff.

Tyrion looked at you as Rhaegal and Viserion spread their wings, “Please…” Tyrion said loud enough for you to hear, “Don’t be anything stupid.”

Viserion lurched forward and you gave the Lannister a smile—the first one he’s seen on your face in day but do not have the chance to reply because you are suddenly flying. You know that this rescue could come with dire consequences’ and that you might die trying to save the man you love…or perhaps even losing him.

But you were willing to take those chances.


You have never flown for so long. You never felt such freezing wind or snow. Snow…you have never seen snow before but already you hated it. Beautiful it was when covering the ground but it was annoying when it was hitting your face—they felt like tiny spears.

You were thankful that your armor and cloak were of very thick and heavy material. It was doing its job in protecting your body from such dangerous temperature. You weren’t sure how anyone could live in these barren, cold wastelands. You had flown over Eastmarch and had seen this Wall. It was unlike anything you ever see.

You were awed by the huge stature of such a thing and were completely unsure on how it was built by just men. You would ask Tyrion or Ser Davos for more information…that was if you survived.

Beyond the wall, the men there set up flames resembling an arrow pointing where you needed to go. There would be no time wasted, good. In those short hours, you’ve thought of everything under and over the moon. Would you die in this unfamiliar and unholy place?

Would your sister because she was trying to save the man you loved?

It wasn’t long…perhaps an hour or so after flying over the wall when you saw the horror that Jon and his men were facing. Your eyes were wide with horror at the sheer numbers of these Wight Walkers—there were so many that they looked like some colony of ants from up in the sky but you could see them—the group of men fighting off thousands.

There were on top of a rock island in the middle of a frozen lake. You couldn’t spot which was Jon from your perch. This was it…the moment that would define everything. You steeled yourself and said, “Dracarys.” Viserion snarled and released the dragon-fire deep within his stomach.

There were so many…

There was wind in your ears and snow in your eyes but you maneuvered Viserion expertly to avoid hitting the group of men. The air seem to grow hot from the hot blasts of fire breathe leaving the dragon’s mouths. There were too many…you realized that killing them all wasn’t an option. The dragons would tire. You wanted to focus on rescuing Jon but knew that your sister would handle the rescuing. She had forbid you from even touching the ground. You were to remain in the air with Viserion and Rhaegal. You were to watch her back and so, you did.

Rhaegal’s roars caught your attention as he took care of those on the ledges of the mountain. It was sight to behold…you never thought that you would see such a Godly sight. You and Viserion took care of those surrounding the lake by burning them alive or plunging them into the freezing darkness of the lake.

Your eyes were trained on the island of rock.

Drogon and Daenerys had landed and Drogon was warding off the undead while Daenerys reached her hand out. It was then that you see him—he pushes through his group of men to look up at your sister but it isn’t long before his eyes are wandering the sky and landing on you.

Your heart pitters violently and your breathing catches in your throat. There are tears forming in your eyes as you gaze at him…he looks so much like a King. Jon doesn’t take your sister’s hand and instead wards off those of the dead who managed to cross the lake without burning or falling into the lake.

He is allowing his men time instead of saving his own skin.

The act made you realize how much a good man Jon was. He would risk his life for others. He is fighting them off as the rest of the group climbs on top of Drogon. “Jon!” Jorah yells for him. You steer Viserion so that surrounds the island with a circle of broken ice and water. It is to give Jon an opening to run back to Drogon and Daenerys without worrying of the dead chasing him.

You are too busy watching the scene below to notice another danger flying towards you…or more importantly Viserion.

Something hits Viserion on his shoulder which causes an explosion of ice and fire. He screeches in pain and you cry out in shock and hold on for dear life. The world around is spinning and Viserion is plunging downwards screaming in pain. You are confused and frazzled unsure what to do as he attempts to fly but ends up spiraling into the frozen lake.

You scream in horror and cry for your dragon.

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He is screaming back you—Drogon and Rhaegal are screaming as well for their hurt brother. In an last attempt to save you, Viserion jerks his body roughly to the side sending you flying off of him right before he crashes into the ice. You scream in fear as your body is suddenly black and there is nothing but numb water surrounding you. The water seems to shake violently as Viserion crash lands. You kick the water with panic and try to break the surface.

The water is moving around you. You can feel the undead in this water. Your heart is pounding with panic and your mind is racing with scary thoughts. No, no, no, you won’t die here! Viserion, please, no!

You break the surface with a gasp just in time…to see Viserion hunched over and dying. His green eyes are on you automatically and for a moment they look relieved before the beautiful life drains from him and his eyes darken to black. You scream in horror, “Viserion!”

You begin to swim his way but he is already falling into the blackness that is the lake. You watch in complete horror and grief as your brother dragon falls into nothingness. “Y/N!” Your name is being screamed by your sister. Jon is fighting his way towards you calling out your name and trying to grab your attention—something else is coming for you.

The Knight King.

This monster with ice blue skin and white, blue eyes is staring at you and coming towards you. He is the one responsible for the death of your beloved Dragon. You scream at him feeling rage consume you so much that the numbing water doesn’t bother you. You get out of the water and try to regain control of your body.

But your body is weak and exhausted.

It has never been put through such work before and coped with the emotions you were feeling…your body was ready to black out.

This monster is staring at you as you stare back with hate—there is fear creeping in the back of your mind telling you to run towards Drogon, Jon, and your sister. Your could hear the cries coming from Drogon.

Then you see it…the ice spear being handed to the Knight King. It was the weapon that killed Viserion. Your eyes widen with horror before you turn around to scream, “Go! Leave! Fly away!” Daenerys is staring at you with crystal eyes.

“Go!” You scream at her with every inch of power in your voice.

You would rather die then let something happen to Drogon, your sister, or anyone else. They all had to live and you would give your last breath in order to do so. Daenerys commands Drogon to take flight. Something can be heard flying by into the air—the spear. You watch with baited breath and fear as the spear speeds towards Drogon and your sister.


Daenerys jerks Drogon to the side and the spear narrowly misses the dragon.

You can breathe a little easier now.

But what about you?

You gaze around as you realize your situation. You suddenly can’t see Jon anymore. Where is he? He was just a few yards away from you! Your eyes search frantically before suddenly there is movement behind you.

The Knight King is staring at you.

The undead are slowly surrounding you.

Was this it? Drogon is flying away…

Suddenly there is another screech of fury and there is dragon fire raining around you. The fires lick your skin and bring warmth to your freezing body. Rhaegal has come back to save you!

The furious green dragon screams in anger and spits around you. His eyes are full of hate and anger as he takes out the surrounding Wight Walkers and sends the Knight King back to a safer distance.

You run towards the island knowing that Rhaegal will intend to land but at a safe distance. You do not know what happened to Jon and your heart is too overwhelmed with emotions that it numbs you. You want to die here…at least you would die with Jon and Viserion but Rhaegal was here and you wouldn’t let his efforts be wasted.

Rhaegal backs the Wight Walkers and its Leader back at a safe distance before flying back over to you. He lands and helps you scramble on top of him. You cry and sob with relief and apologize to the dragon that lost his brother.

Rhaegal gives a powerful scream—a farewell to his fallen brother before he takes flight.

You look back on the chaos and cry helplessly against the warm body of Rhaegal. No, please, let this be a dream! You chant in your head.

But it wasn’t a dream.

It was reality.

You had to hope that someway Jon was alive and that he would come back to you…somehow in that mass of undead bodies…but even you knew that, that would be impossible. You hadn’t even seen what happened to Jon…perhaps he was already dead.

You would never feel his warmth ever again.

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Part four!

The Neighbors ( 3/?)

 Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing, bad flirting.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader


                                         Part 3 : The PJ Party

     After you shower and make yourself breakfast, you’re more than ready to pass the hell out. You crawl into your bed, pulling the blankets up to your chin and snuggling yourself further into them. You set an alarm for 6:45pm, making sure to give yourself enough time to get ready before going across the hall. As you lay back down, you can’t seem to stop thinking about tonight.

  What am I going to wear? Who the hell has pajama parties anymore? But Sam’s so sweet, like a little puppy. Should I wear what I have on right now?

You pull your blankets away so you can see your pajamas. You have on a pair of comfortable underwear that has flamingos all over them , and another giant band tee shirt.

I can’t wear this. I’ll look like a weirdo! Maybe I can dig out a pair of my old sleep shorts. Yeah, that sounds good.

After 15 more minutes of debating what to wear, you finally doze off.

   Beep Beep Beep

You go to hit the snooze button, but end up knocking the entire clock on the floor.

 "Son of a bitch!“ You roll yourself onto the floor to pick it up and place it back where it was. You’re still not completely awake, so you drag yourself to your bathroom and throw some cold water on your face. When you wake up a little more you start to get yourself ready to go to the guys. You fell asleep with your hair wet, so you try to tame the lions mane that your formed. You manage to smooth out your waves, so they don’t look as chaotic. Perfect start, now let’s find some pants.

 You rip through all of your drawers, looking for the pile of shorts you know you have somewhere. You finally find it in the last drawer. You drop the pile on your bed, picking each pair until you stumble across the winners.

  OH HELL YES.   You pick up a pair that you completely forgot about. They use to be your favorite before you opted for sleeping in just underwear. You slide the shorts on and switch out your band tee for a new shirt.

    You look in the mirror happy with your appearance.Your hair is down in somewhat tamed waves and you decide against makeup. You’re sporting black sleep shorts with a white stripe down the outside of your legs, and a white V-neck tshirt. The shirt wasn’t too baggy but it wasn’t too tight. You twist your body to get a better view of the back to make sure everything looks alright.

   Damn, did they always make my ass look like this…? You notice that the shorts cling on to the curve of your ass perfectly, but you can’t tell if they’re appropriate or not for tonight. You look at your clock to see how much time you have left. It’s already 7:50? How is that even possible? You decide to leave the shorts on, but you throw on some slipper boots, grab your phone and make your way across the hall.

 Before you knock on their door, you take a deep breath. Remember, they are just normal people. That occasionally save the world. And are hot. Super hot superheros. Damn it, Y/n! You make yourself blush, but knock on the door anyway.

  Sam answers and pulls you inside. You look around, noticing that all the boxes are gone and that it looks almost exactly like the setup of your apartment.

  "Well what do you think? I set everything up while those two slept last night.” You keep glancing around, noticing the décor and how awesome everything really looks. It was just a typical guy’s apartment, but it was really tidy. It was clean and simple. You love it.

“Sam it looks incredible! It’s so neat and organized,” you say as he leads you to the couch. When you look down at it, your eyes light up. It’s the biggest couch you’ve ever seen. The kind that people only see in the super expensive store. The cushions are  almost the size of a small bed and look so soft. Huh, must be from Stark.

You look at Sam before you dive onto the couch like a child. He lets out hearty laugh then follows your lead throwing himself down next to you.

“You know Y/n, you can’t have a pajama party without a fort…” Your eyes light up like a child’s on Christmas morning.

That’s it. He’s my new bestfriend.

“You’re totally right, Sam. You know what else? Candy, can’t have a pajama party without candy.”

You both just stare at each other before he speaks, “Did we just become best friends?” You both have the biggest, dorkiest smiles on your faces.

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“Yep!” Oh my God, he just quoted Step Brothers with me. Well played Wilson, well played.

               “Fucking finally someone to get my movie quotes! Those two still aren’t caught up to this time period, all my good reference go right over their heads,” he angrily confesses. You let out a snort and put your hand on his shoulder.

  “This is going to be a beautiful friendship, Sam Wilson.” He throws a fist into the air in celebration. Just then, Steve and Bucky walk through the doors with 4 boxes of pizza and a couple bottles of Pepsi.

When they see you, they both smile and say hello while they drop the items off at the counter.

Bucky gives you both a suspicious glance. “What did you two do? You look guilty.” Sam rolls his eyes, you laugh and shrug your shoulders.

“Nothing, yet.” You and Sam burst into a fit of giggles, and that causes Steve to laugh. Bucky just rolls his eyes as he walks over and sits down next to you, handing you a plate of pizza.You thank him, and watch as Steve brings Sam his. Sam picks a movie out of his very large movie collection and plays it without telling anyone what he chose.  Before you know it, the opening credits to Billy Madison starts playing, and you almost spit out your pizza.

  “THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES,” you yell in excitement. Sam throws his hand up for a high-five, and you gladly give it to him.

  “At least someone likes my movie choices,” he exclaims. Both of his roommates roll their eyes and continue eating.

   “So Sam…fort time?” You ask, sending him an excited grin. He jumps up, ready to do it right that second. Bucky’s expression lights up too. I already love all of them.

“That’s what you two were plotting when we got here? Steve says. “No way! No forts! Buck and Sam can’t stand each other in normal spaces, I’m not dealing with them arguing over a fort.” You all huff in response to Steve’s parent-like attitude.

  You hear Sam mumble what you think is ‘Captain Buzzkill’. Bucky just flicks Steve off, earning him a glare. You laugh, noticing a smile on Steve’s lips as you do. All of a sudden, you feel a cool metal hand lay gently on your bare thigh. You look towards Bucky, raising your eyebrow. What is he doing?

“You know Doll, if you want to fool around in a fort we could always build one in my room. I could show you a few things, if you- “

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  Steve cuts him off by whipping a pillow at him. Bucky glares at him, sending you a wink. “The offers always open.” You roll your eyes, and he squeezes your thigh before removing his hand. Way to be discreet Barnes.

   Halfway through the movie, when everyone was full and finished eating, Bucky turns to you and asks, “So Y/n, have you always lived in New York?” The way he asks makes you think he already knows the answer. I bet anything they had Stark do a background check on me to make sure I’m not a stalker. Not surprising. You tell him about your hometown and the need for a change. As he keeps asking your questions, Sam and Steve join in. After Sam asks about your best friend, you decide it’s your turn.

“Woah woah woah, it’s my turn to ask guys!” They all nod in agreement, so you continue. “How long after you met me did it take for you guys to have Tony Stark run a background check on me?” They were all silent, until Bucky speaks up.

“Wow doll, you think we would have Stark do a background check on you? How cold.” You start to feel guilty and are about to apologize before he continues, “We had Natasha do it. If you want snooping done right, you’ve gotta have a spy do it.” He winks at you and you smack his arm.

“You ass! I almost felt bad about that!” He just chuckles and moves to his next question.

“So sweetheart, are you single?” Steve spits out his Pepsi, right at Sam, and Sam lets out a string of profanities.

“Jesus Buck, way to be subtle,” Steve mumbles. You can see a faint blush on his cheeks.

You let out a light laugh, “It’s okay Steve, I had a feeling it would be asked. And yes Bucky, I’m single. Are all of you?” You hold your breath, half wanting to hear Steve’s answer, half not wanting to know.

They all answer yes .Looks like the Universe is on my side for once.

    The night continues with random questions, some funny, some serious. By the time you all seem to run out of questions,  it’s about 4 a.m. In one night, you feel like they know you more than most people. You tell them about your family, past relationships, more about your best friend. It’s so easy to talk to them that everything just flows out. You also find out more about them than you could imagine. From their lives before the Avengers, to what they do in their spare time. You even unwillingly learned of Sam’s shit schedule, thanks to Bucky. When you go to leave the guys’ apartment, you hug them all goodbye. You notice Steve and Buckys hugs last a little longer than Sam’s does for you. You aren’t going to think too much into it though. Bucky offers to walk you to your door, which sends a laugh through you.

“Barnes, it’s literally 15 steps away.” He shrugs his shoulders, resting his hand on your lower back guiding you to the hall.

“I’m from the ‘40s, it’s the gentleman thing to do. Just humor me, doll.” You shiver at the nickname and a blush blooms across your features. You don’t miss the victorious smirk on his face.  if it was really part of the '40s charm, why Steve didn’t offer? Oh well. When you reach your door, you give him another hug, and turn to unlock it. When you turn back around, Bucky’s eyes are still lingering where your ass was just a minute ago. You clear your throat and cross your arms.

“My eyes are up here, Doll.” You smirk. Bucky blushes at being caught red-handed.

“Goodnight Y/n,” he says. You take that as your cue to step into your home. As you’re stepping away, Barnes lands a decent smack on your ass. You let out a yelp but by the time you turn around he’s already at his door and laughing.

Being a gentleman my ass. What the hell am I getting myself into?

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Night Light

Jungkook x Reader


Originally posted by nochuie

Genre: FLOOOOOOOOOOOF (flufffffff)

Word Count: 1,754

Summary: Y/N finally admits that she doesn’t like the dark when Jungkook catches her switching on every light in the vicinity late at night.

A/N:  / (⁎˃ᆺ˂)\

You tiptoe out of Jungkook’s bedroom, not bothering to shut the door behind you as you hadn’t planned to be out of the room for long, and pad quietly towards the kitchen for a glass of water. It was incredibly dark out in the dorm, and you try not to let the imposing thoughts of evil ghosties or bloodied serial killers get to you… Which was actually impossible. 

The thoughts creep into your mind like ants who discovered an extensive cache of sugar in your house, filing in one by one to grab a piece of your sanity with each pass. Your breathing becomes shallow as you reach a hand out to run along the nearest wall, feeling for any possible light switches.

The thoughts grow deeper and deeper in your mind, filling the majority of your thoughts like that of a bathtub, and a chill travels down your nerves from the growing fear. Your hand follows a cold, smooth bump in the wall, and stops at a square bit peaking out from the rounded rectangle that you figure is the frame of a light switch, and grasp the erect plastic with the tips of your fingers, flicking it upwards. 

Light. You shield your eyes from the luminosity, allowing your eyes to adjust to the abrupt change, and continue toward the kitchen. 

The thoughts still tug at the back of your mind, reminding you they are there, but you try to ignore them as you find another light switch to the kitchen, and wander around the counter towards the cabinets in search of a glass.

As you had only been at the dorm a couple of days, you were still unfamiliar with the location of everything, so you opened the first cabinet to find—plates. Shutting that cabinet, you open the next one—bowls. You sigh, closing the tiny door, and walk over to the next one—vitamins and medicine…

You peak in further, plucking a particularly interesting looking bottle from its position in the cabinet, and stare down at the label. 

“Vitamin D3…” You say to yourself quietly. Turning the bottle, you read that is good for immunities among other things, and hum in surprise. You plop it back where you found it, and move onto the next cabinet. 

Cups! Thank god! You sigh in relief, as you lean on your tippy toes in search of a suitable glass when a gravelly voice makes an appearance behind you.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” You swing around in a flash, gasping dramatically, and clutch a hand to your heart, attempting to ease its incessant pounding. 

“Jungkook! What the hell?! You can’t just sneak up on someone in the middle of the night like that!” Jungkook rubs at his eyes sleepily, and groans.

“Y/N, lower your voice it’s like,” Jungkook looks around the room sleepily. “I don’t know what time it is, but it’s late. You’ll wake everyone.”

You sigh heavily, leaning back against the counter with your hands, and hunch in on yourself. “What are you doing up then?”

Jungkook blinks up at you sleepily. “You woke me.”

You blanch. “Oh shit. You were sleeping on the couch.” You smack a palm to your forehead, feeling like the biggest asshole in the universe. “I’m sorry, Jungkook. I just wanted to get a glass of water… I didn’t mean to be so loud.”

Jungkook narrows his bleary eyes at you. “I didn’t even hear you. I just noticed all the lights coming on at once. It was a strange sensation…”

He stretches his arms behind and over his head, one eye closed as he yawns. “One second it was pitch black, and the next all I could see behind my eyelids was white.” Jungkook chuckles lightly as he says the last bit, and you wonder just how tired he really was.

You turn back around to grab a glass, but the one you want is too far out of your reach, and you huff in annoyance when you aren’t able to grab hold of it. “Jungkook, do you think you could—” 

You turn to face Jungkook and ask him if he could get the cup for you when you are met with a very firm chest in your face. Your eyes widen significantly at the sight, and you back up, squishing yourself closer to the counter, and away from Jungkook’s marvelous t-shirt clad chest, avoiding any and all thoughts of the incident the other day with the towel.

Jungkook leans over you, grabbing the glass you had been reaching for and pulls back to hand it to you. Only then does he notice your strange expression.

He raises he eyebrows in question. “You alright, Y/N?”

You look at the floor quickly, fighting the blush attempting to crawl up your neck and into your cheeks and ears, eyes still wide as saucers. “Fine.”

Jungkook narrows his eyes at you suspiciously and smirks, closing the distance between the two of you, and crushing your lower back into the hard edges of the counter. You hurriedly grasp at the counter for stability, and you look up at Jungkook with incredibly wide eyes. “Jungkook?” You squeak. 

Jungkook lifts an eyebrow teasingly. “Yes, Y/N~?”

“W-what are you doing?” You giggle nervously. Jungkook’s body was like that of a furnace—warm heat radiating off of him in small waves, and the parts of him touching you felt like scalding metal, searing your nerves to the point where they sparked.

Jungkook sets the glass down behind you, leaning in close to your face, smirk ever-present. You chew your bottom lip tensely and Jungkook bites his own lip as his eyes flicker down to your plush, inviting ones before returning to your eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” Your heart seizes suddenly at Jungkook’s impromptu question, your lips parting in surprise. “I know… I know you said you aren’t quite used to all of this yet, so I’ll understand if you… You know…” Jungkook nips at his own bottom lip shyly, avoiding eye contact. 

“Jungkook, I…” Jungkook leans away from your body slightly, but it’s enough to bring back the cold air of the dorm crashing over you, and your hands fly out to stop his movement.

Jungkook looks up at you in surprise. 

You look down at your shuffling feet with a light blush. “Umm…”

Jungkook feels like he’s at a loss for what to do, so he waits for you to feel comfortable enough to speak again. 

You let out a shaky breath and look back up at Jungkook timidly. “I mean…”

You rock on your feet slightly, trying to get rid of the flitting butterflies and jumpy nerves and pull Jungkook back to you slowly. “I… want you to…”

Jungkook takes in a sharp breath at your declaration, and hesitantly reaches out to hold your lower back, pushing you closer to his body. “Okay.”

You nod your head slowly, staring up at Jungkook with a slight blush. “Okay.”

Jungkook begins to lean down ever-so-carefully, watching your reactions with open interest, and flickers his gaze down to your lips. You hold in a breath as you anticipate Jungkook, but he halts.

“Y/N, are you sure?” The look of concern and care on Jungkook’s face has you feeling slightly lightheaded. 

“Jungkook…” You whine. “Don’t make me change my mind.”

“Okay! Okay. I just wanted to make sure you really wanted this.”

You feel your heart clench at Jungkook’s apparent concern, and before either of you has time to think, you lean into him, tilting your head upward enough to reach his lips and look him in the eyes right before you clench them shut and dive in.

Jungkook sucks in a breath in surprise, and after a moment or two, you feel him begin to relax into the kiss, where he then begins to move them slightly against yours. First kisses are rarely perfect (you certainly had a few stories), but for some reason, you felt that this was the closest to perfection that you’d ever receive. Jungkook was a surprisingly shy kisser, but you didn’t mind one bit considering your own tentativeness at such affection. Jungkook’s lips molded well with your yours, the curves and dips and lines made you feel like you were being fitted into a puzzle. It felt right. You press yourself closer to your boyfriend and wrap your hands around his waist, grasping at his t-shirt, and shove yourself further into Jungkook’s lips, wanting more, but all the same, not wanting this sweetness and tender affection to end. At some point during the kiss, you feel Jungkook’s tongue tentatively poke out against your mouth, and you gasp in surprise, pulling away with a giggle. 

“Sorry, I just… I wasn’t expecting that.” Jungkook shakes his head and smiles down at you. 

“Don’t worry about it. We can save that for another time if you want.” You stare up at him, disbelieving and wonder how you got so lucky. 

“I really like you.” You blurt out suddenly. Laughter bubbles up from Jungkook’s chest, and he giggles at your adorableness.

“Well, I should sure hope so. I mean, after all this time, you would think, but with you… Who knows.” Jungkook teases light-heartedly.

“Shut up.” You flush, embarrassed, looking down at the floor, but Jungkook chases your eyes, forcing you to look at him.

“Hey. Really, don’t worry about it. One step at a time, okay?”

You nod, and Jungkook smiles at you, eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Why are you up, though?” Jungkook says as he pulls away, leaving your body feeling cold all over again, and you shiver.

“I told you… I was thirsty, so I was getting something to drink.” You turn around to grab the cup Jungkook had so graciously gotten for you, closing the cabinet door behind you, and turn back to Jungkook, waving the cup at him.

Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “And you needed to turn on every light in the apartment to do that?”

You grimace at him. “Well, no… I, um, I just don’t… Idon’tlikethedarkverymuchactuallynonotatallbecauseIalwaysgetsoscaredsoeasilyandIjustreallyhatethedark…”

Jungkook blinks at you, and there is a tense moment between the two of you as Jungkook processes everything you just said before he bursts out into a fit of giggles. “You’re so cute, oh my god.”

You punch him in the chest lightly. “Shut up.”

Jungkook pulls you back into him and kisses your forehead sweetly. “I like you too, by the way. Even if you are a scaredy-cat.”

“I said shut up.” You say, voice muffled by Jungkook’s firm chest.

Jungkook chuckles. “Okay.”

A/N: KYYYYYAAAAAAAAA. I really need to stop writing fluff. I’m gonna kill myself if I do. asjsdfhikrugjdklsugh

Speechless - Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader

Request:  Can write a Natasha x Reader fic where Reader is wearing a wedding dress for a magazine and when Natasha saw it she’s speechless?

You sighed as you trailed out of bed and into your shower. Today was the day of the photo shoot Tony had arranged for you. Well more like blackmailed you into with a promise of paying you. Dodging all the Avengers, you left the tower, taking a hired taxi (Tony could be helpful at times) you arrived at the studio.

You growled under your breath as you were dragged into hair and makeup, being prepared for the shoot as the artists talked you through each outfit for the shoot. You blushed as they showed you a wedding dress on the rail with the other outfits before you were passed an outfit to change into.

You tugged on the leather jacket sleeve as you posed in front of the blinding lights with camera flashing as you were ordered into poses and what facial expression to do. You wanted to glare at them all but you knew they’d just treat you worse. The studio was well known as high quality photographers, although their methods were quite irritating to say the least.

You sighed as you got to the second to last outfit, the wedding dress that you weren’t really looking forward to until you were wearing it. Even the makeup artist agreed you looked stunning as you began to follow their poses and instructions, being given a bouquet at one point.

You smiled as you looked at the last outfit, it was for the front cover as Halloween was approaching and this magazine was a mix of different outfits. The outfit was dark with lace and dark makeup making you look evil in a good way. You smirked as they guided you to your throne as the Queen of Halloween.

As the day ended and the shoot was over, you were allowed to look over the photos taken as the magazine company chose the best ones for the magazine. 

The magazine was posted weeks later, of course it had slipped your mind by the time everyone was sat in the common room bar Tony. Everyone sat waiting for him before Tony ran in, throwing several magazines on the table. 

“Y/n they finally posted that magazine you posed for!” Tony grinned causing all the Avengers to look at you before diving at the magazines. You covered your face with your hands in response. 

Natasha smirked as she saw your expression, looking through the magazine. She froze at the photo of you in a wedding dress. Her mouth slipped open to speak but no words escaped. Wanda smirked as she noticed this as she looked at all the photos. 

“Who knew Y/n could actually be photogenic?” Sam joked causing you to glare.

 “Seriously though Tony, that company treated me like shit.” You snarled causing Tony to grin sheepishly at you. “But the photos are good, your highness the Queen of Hell.” Tony joked causing you to glare before smiling.

“I’d love for everyone to do an Avengers photo shoot though, it would be so fun…” You replied before everyone got into discussing the magazine.

You smirked as you saw Natasha’s face, this was the first time ever that you’d seen her speechless. You guess you really must have looked good in that dress…

A Guide for New Viewers of The Good Fight

Just subscribed to CBS All Access to watch Star Trek: Discovery? Wondering if The Good Fight is worth watching even if you never watched The Good Wife? This guide is for you. 

You don’t need to watch The Good Wife (TGW) to enjoy its spinoff, The Good Fight. But it might be helpful to have some background information. That’s where this guide comes in: it’ll catch you up on the premise of TGW, the characters, the relevant plot details, and all the references in each episode of The Good Fight. This guide is meant to be shared and reblogged, and it’s a work in progress, so if anything’s unclear, just send me a message.

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You'd be writhing under his touch, grinding your hips for more friction but his damn metal arm would hold you down. He'd give off a dark chuckle as he kisses you over the lining of your panties. "'S so pretty. Smells like heaven." And you'd just moan in response. "C'mon doll. Gotta say somethin' I can work with." He'd say kissing the inside of your thighs. "Please...J-James, please!" You would manage to cry out, him nibbling on your clit softly, your panties still on. "Please what doll?" (2/??)

Finally after begging for what seems like hours he complies and slowly takes off your panties with his teeth. He’d blow a bit of air on your clit and it’d cause you to gasp lightly. He’d grab your waist and pull you closer to his face, holding you down as he licks a strip on your lips, stopping to suck on your clit for a moment. He would stiffen his tongue and flick across your clit while using his fingers to tease the area around it. “You like that, doll?” He would pause to ask and you (3/??)

would just groan as a response. “You always taste so good.” He’d say, before kissing your clit again. “Look at me, doll. Show me how good you feel.” He added before you force yourself to look at him. He’d immediately dive in again, this time adding two fingers and pump in and out of you, occasionally curling up his fingers. You’d gasp and moan, clutching his hair, panting “James…James…” over and over again, to the point where your legs would begin shaking. He would feel this, (4/??)

of course. And it would make him chuckle instantly. But that motherfucker takes his time. He’s slow when he licks your clit, slow when he curls his fingers up, adding an occasional bite to your thighs. And when you cum, goddamn is it incredible.You’re shaking, moaning at the top of your lungs to the point where you begin to push his head away from your soaking cunt. You’re trapped between moans of “stop!” and “more! Please, more!” He just lifts his head up and gives you the cheesiest grin (5/??)

No, but he still carries on fingering you. Dragging out your orgasm to the point where you arch your back and your eyes roll to the back of your skull, your nails beginning to dig into his skull. “P-please James, I need it so bad. It’s so so fucking close I need to cum.” And he would just say it, while rubbing circles on your clit. “Cum, doll.” Giving you the most incredible orgasm. You would lie there panting, while hes licking up your juices slowly, shockwaves flooding through you. (5/5)

sounds perfect right now - Gen

Sinful Sunday™

Web of Lies (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: In which they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but what if they’re one in the same?

Part 2: Enough to get in

This is the perfect song for this series. Listen here if you would like!

Also, don’t be shy, leave a nice comment! Feedback is always appreciated! I am also going to be doing a tag list, so if you’d like to be tagged, let me know.

Web of Lies (Masterlist)

Originally posted by hardyness

“So, who do you think was watching us last night?” Ned whispered, walking next to Peter as he carried his books in his hands.

Peter had gotten his backpack stolen, again, thus why he was carrying all his belongings, but his main focus was the crime scene they were both currently passing by.

“Damn, now that it’s light out, this is really bad.” Ned spoke aloud, snapping Peter’s attention to focus on his friend.

“I know, that’s why we need to figure out who is behind all of this, it was clearly a message, but to who I have no idea.” Peter looked around at the scene in front of him, before walking off with Ned to school.

They both arrived to class, you were already sitting at your seat, looking over notes, making Peter and Ned both roll their eyes at you. It was normal for you to be that extra nerd.

Peter and Ned both sat down next to you, startling you for a brief second, before you looked up and saw their playful judging stares.

“Hey, I’m going to ace this test alright? You might not because you don’t take the time to actually study, but I do.” You grinned, making Peter snort in response and Ned just let out a dramatic huff.

Your teacher soon arrived, passing out the test, and you were pretty confident you were going to ace it like you said, but for Peter and Ned, you could tell they were struggling, which made you give them both a small smirk, in which they gave you a playful glare back.

The first two classes went by quick, which you were thankful for, as much as you enjoyed learning and being one of the smart ones in the school, you needed lunch, you needed food, you needed freedom.

You sat down at your familiar table, giving Michelle a small wave as she gave you a questioning look, before diving her nose back into her new book.

Soon Peter and Ned both joined you, talking about some Lego Death Star thing Ned had just gotten and how excited he was to build it.

“Y/N, do you want to join us later to build it? It’ll be fun.” Ned wiggled his eyebrows, making you laugh and shake your head.

“I can’t actually, I’ve joined this new club and my first day is actually today.” You grinned, taking a bite out of your apple, seeing both their curious stares.

“What club? Since when did you join anything other than the Academic Decathlon team?” Peter questioned, looking at Ned who was also interested in knowing about this ’new club’ you had suddenly joined.

You looked between the two of them, giving a small shrug, continuing to eat your apple.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to branch out a bit, explore what else is out there.” You smiled, as they both looked at you a bit skeptically, making you laugh.

“Okay look, it’s like what you’re doing Peter, it’s like your Stark Internship, just not as epic because well, it’s not with the Tony Stark.” You explained, making Peter’s eyes widen slightly.

“Oh, well, seems fun, maybe we should join too?” Ned piped up, making you almost spit your water out, which didn’t go unnoticed by Peter.

“No! -I mean, -it’s just, I love you guys and all.. But I need something for myself.. You know?” You tried to cover up your frantic expression, making Ned nod slightly in agreement.

“I guess you’re right.” Ned admitted, glancing at Peter who was focused on you, he could tell something was off, but couldn’t place his finger on it.

You felt your phone buzz, your face growing serious for a split second as you read the message.

“I have to go. If someone asks for me just say I went home early or something.” You told the two of them, their faces scrunching up with confusion.

“-Wait, Y/N! Where are you going?” Ned asked, but you were already throwing your lunch away, quickly exiting the cafeteria.

Peter had no idea why you needed to leave so suddenly, it was unlike you to just get up and ditch school.

“What was that about?” Ned muttered, looking at Peter who’s gaze was still fixed on the door.

“I have no idea Ned, no idea.” He muttered back, looking at his friend who was just as confused.

They say vengeance is a dish best served cold but, sometimes it’s as warm as a bowl of soup.

“You’re late.” The voice boomed across the dark room, making you sigh and kick a rock on the floor.

“I was in school, it’s not exactly easy to sneak out.” You defended, crossing your arms as you looked into the pure darkness.

“You are committed though, I will give you that.” The male voice continued, making you grin slightly.

“Was it enough?” You questioned, pressing the mysterious man to give you the answer you’ve been dying to know.

“Yes. You start tonight.” His voice echoed in the darkness, you wanted to squeal with excitement, but you couldn’t afford to let that side show through.

“Come with me, I’ll tell you what you need to know.” The male voice instructed, and you did what he said, disappearing into the darkness, but not before you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, pulling it out to see you had two missed calls from Peter.

You heard the male getting impatient, so you quickly shut your phone off.

No more distractions.

This is not a story about forgiveness.

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Ghost pt. 8

Bucky Barnes x reader

Notes: SMUT. most of this chapter is smut. Swearing, violence.


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‘I hate waiting’ you huffed as you dropped back down on Bucky’s bed after getting up for the 100th time to pace.

‘I’ve noticed’ Bucky sighed as he joined you on his bed, determined to keep you there. Your pacing was getting on his nerves.

‘It’s been twenty hours already! Is Tony wining and dining the son of a bitch or questioning him?’ You yelled out into a pillow, making the sound come out muffled and quite comical apparently as Bucky laughed at your frustration.

‘Have patience, Doll’ he murmured as his hands ghosted over your skin, barely touching your scarcely clothed body. ‘I think I might have a way to keep you occupied for the time being..’ his voice trailed as you felt the mattress move and dip below his weight next to you.

Before you could comply or protest he was straddling your hips, softly pushing his crotch agains your ass.

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#20 and Kenny Omega? :)

#20 - “Come sit on my lap.”

You always knew that the black lace ensemble you purchased would eventually be put to good use.  The babydoll nightie gave you ample cleavage and the garter belt just made you feel extra sultry.  The way Kenny looked at you when you had any piece of lingerie on…well, it made you feel like the sexiest woman in the world.  

Tonight was no different.  Considering you hadn’t seen him for weeks, you were sure you could have worn a potato sack and Kenny would have fucked you senseless.

But no.  You wanted to make him wait a little more.  You wanted to make him suffer – revenge for leaving you alone for all those weeks.  

The two of you had no commitment whatsoever.  You just had an agreement of sorts, an agreement that saw you as…well…fuck buddies.   You had your own job, working in the international office of your company, and you had met him through your job.  One of your bosses treated Kenny to a sponsored dinner once and you happened to be invited to attend too with a few other colleagues.  Kenny was thoroughly surprised to see a woman attending amongst the sea of males.  You slept together for the first time that night and had been keeping it up ever since.  

“Are you just going to tease me all night?” his words interrupted you from your thoughts.  He was sitting in your armchair shirtless, eyeing you up in your lingerie.

You giggled at his words.  “Maybe.”

He let out a grunt.  “Come sit on my lap.”

You strutted over to him, your high heels clacking on the floor.  You did as you were told, straddling him and letting him take in your body so close to his before sitting on his lap.  At this point, his face was practically on top of your breasts.  His hands immediately went to your thighs, tracing your garter belt.  Normally you wouldn’t have let him touch you yet, but you knew he was desperate.  “How was your tour?” you asked.

“Don’t talk about work,” he said immediately, almost as a command.  “All I’m thinking about is what’s underneath those lace panties of yours.”

You could only see lust in his eyes as he gave you a quick look before diving into your cleavage.  It felt good, like every other time he did so, but you couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling that this was all routine; that you used Kenny and Kenny used you only for physical satisfaction, and that’s it.  There was never any talking, never any catching up – just ‘take off your pants’ or ‘I’m going to rip that lingerie off you’.  Soon enough, he’d pick you up, bring you to your bed, and give you rounds and rounds of pleasure.  But by morning, he’d either be gone or on his way out.  You’d text back and forth for a bit, he’d leave for a slew of shows, then come back and do the exact same thing.  Sometimes there was phone sex, or racy pictures.  But there was never anything deeper.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of you,” he whispered into your breasts, his tongue darting out.  

You giggled.  You had to.  Because if you thought too much about whatever…this was, you knew you’d drive yourself crazy.  Wondering if this could ever be anything more.  Whether Kenny had anyone else besides you.  How much longer this could go on.

You bit your lip, bottling it all up inside.  “Show me how much you want me, Kenny,” you purred, knowing that he’d be able to take your mind off those questions, even if it was just for a little while.

the pianist | m

◇ “Will you actually let me play something?”

◇ Jun x reader

◇ Jun smut ive waited for this moment for centuri es


A soft, delicate melody rang throughout the practice room. Jun’s eyes were fixated on the black and white keys underneath his fingers, leaning forward to read the music sheet splayed in front of him. The music was beautiful; quiet, yet loud, beautiful, yet flawed, soft, yet rough - the concentration painted on his face intensified, eyebrows furrowed as he bit his lip.

You sighed, turning away from Jun and towards your phone. You had a strange thing for Jun playing the piano; whether it was because he looked so in control, or so concentrated, or that he always bit his damn lip, you don’t know - the only thing you knew was that in between your thighs was heating up incredibly quickly as you spotted his reflection in the practice room mirrors.

Looking up again, you take in his image - floppy brown hair, big brown eyes and lean, tan skin that you wanted to leave purple and blue blotches on-

A groan is caught in your throat as heat pools in your stomach. You bite your lip - you want him so bad, but you know he’s adamant on practicing the piano for at least another hour, while everyone else is out - though you don’t know if you can survive that long. Maybe… maybe you could make him break?

You tap your fingers on your thigh nervously as you think about what you’re about to do, and before you can chicken out, you set your phone down on the floor, standing up with a stretch and walking over to him quietly. He doesn’t spare you anything more than a smile as you sit next to him on the bench, making sure your skirt rides up to reveal your thigh, smooth skin brushing against his clothed leg.

If he notices your advances he doesn’t show it; he continues playing, only stopping momentarily to readjust his fingers on the spruce keys.

Biting your lip, you decide that you need more to make him glance your way. Fanning yourself, you unbutton the first few buttons of your shirt, revealing your cleavage and the silver necklace gifted to you by Jun, settled right on top. You see him raise an eyebrow but other than that, he continues his melody.

You inhale deeply but quietly. Usually, Jun would’ve dropped everything he was doing to press you against the wall and fuck you, but he seemed to be restraining himself. Time for your final trick.

Arching your back, you raise your hands above your head, letting your head fall back and your chest thrust forward. A small moan escapes your mouth as you stretch, and you see Jun clench his jaw before he turns to you, removing his hands from the piano.

“Do you think this is a joke?” He asks, brow arched and taking in the way the curves and dips of your body flowed. He spins around so that he can get off of the piano bench, walking around the wooden chair until he was in front of you.

“What are you talking about?” You ask, but you wrap your arms around his neck anyway, a mischievous smile blossoming on your face as he wraps his arms around your waist, kneeling in front of you.

“Don’t act innocent, ____,” he chastises, leaning up and starting to pepper kisses against the soft skin of your thighs, where the fabric of your skirt had purposefully rode up, revealing his canvas. He paints purple, reds and blues onto your skin with his mouth, tugging skin between his teeth and sucking harshly. “If you wanted me, you should’ve just asked.”

“You would’ve said you were busy,” you gasp breathlessly, watching as he pulls up your skirt, rutting his nose into your clothed pussy. He places an open-mouthed kiss over your clit that has you whimpering into your hand, before he moves up, placing kisses until he came to your cleavage.

“I always have time for you, sweetheart,” he coos teasingly, grabbing the delicate skin between his teeth until it was red and bruised. You giggle at his comment, running your hand through his hair and feeling the soft strands brush against your fingers. 

“You know,” he suggests against the skin of your breasts, “I should tease you as much as you just teased me-” A sound of disagreement escapes your mouth, making him chuckle, “But I think we’re too far gone to survive teasing, right, baby?”

You moan in answer, bra pulled down just far enough for him to nip at the sensitive buds, licking and sucking at anything he could reach. He continued for a few more seconds before he finally reached your neck, one of his favorite places to mark you. His tongue licked stripes up to your pulse point, before he’s winding his arms around your waist to pull you closer so that he can get better access to you.

“You told me you wouldn’t tease,” you gasp out, clutching his shoulders like a lifeline. He only laughs in response, pulling back to look at you for a second before he’s diving in, moving his lips against yours. You’re so concentrated on him; you’re surrounded by his scent, his arms are wrapped around you, he’s sat in between your legs and you can’t possibly get any closer.

He breaks the kiss for a second to switch your positions slightly; he sits on the piano bench, back against the piano and accidentally hits off a few keys in the process; you’re on his lap, legs wrapped around his waist, one arm wrapped around his neck and the other around his shoulder, grinding harshly against the bulge in his jeans.

“Fuck,” he’s muttering against your lips, grasping your ass in his hands and helping you grind. He pulls away from the kiss, resting his forehead against yours and screwing his eyes shut as his signature whiny groans escaped his lips. Your breaths are coming out in pleasurable gasps, feeling his clothed cock bump against your clit through layers and layers of clothing. 

“Stop, stop,” he gasps suddenly, heaving you off of him and onto the bench next to him. He says nothing else before he’s standing up, pulling down his jeans and removing his long-sleeved shirt, not bothering to fully remove his briefs before he’s sitting down again, pulling you back on top of him. Your bra is still pulled down, skirt hitched up around your waist, and he pushes your panties to the side, making sure you’re wet enough.

“Wait,” he frowns, biting his lip. The head of his cock is lingering just outside of your opening and you whine, bucking your hips, only to have him grab your hip uncertainly, “I - I don’t have a condom, jagi-”

“It’s fine,” you mutter, trying to grind yourself against him, “You have tissues in your bag, right? Just pull out before you cum.” He’s still frozen and you groan, reaching underneath you to take him in your grasp, sinking down slowly with a breathy moan.

“Shit,” you whine, starting to buck your hips back and forth over his lap. Jun’s mouth is wide open as he leans back against the keys, creating his own original melody, and watching you ride him expertly. His hand trails up from beside him, up your thigh, until he’s grasping your bouncing breast in his hand, thumbing over the nipple roughly and making you keen.

“______,” his head is thrown back and his bottom lip is between his teeth. He’s such a beautiful sight, and you wish you could take a picture and capture this moment forever; hair clinging to his forehead, muscles contracting underneath your touch, mouth hanging open and hips bucking. He looks delicious.

Jun’s eyebrows knit together, pleasure coursing through his body; he’s close, so close, but he doesn’t want to pull out before you cum. He pulls one hand away from your breasts, trailing it down to where you’re connected. He’s transfixed by the sight for a second - your swollen lips engulfing his hard cock - before he catches sight of the bundle of nerves he was aiming for, and after licking one finger, he brings it down onto the precious pearl.

“Fuck!” You feel like sobbing now, the pleasure doubling as he rubs rough shapes onto your clit, body lurching forward and head resting on his shoulder as you continue to take him as best as you can. “Fuck - Jun - I’m s-so close-!”

You’re cut off as you feel your vision turn black for a second, pleasure overwhelming every single nerve in your body, toes curling and mouth turning into a perfect circle as your powerful orgasm washes over you, pussy clenching around Jun and drenching him with your sweet nectar.

Jun let’s out once last grunt as he signals you to lift off of him; you sit back on his knees as he pumps himself in his fist 5, 6, 7 times, and then he’s shooting his cum onto your stomach and chest, groaning into the humid air.

“Fuck,” Jun whispers a few minutes after, wrapping his arms around your waist despite the sweat and cum that’s painted onto your skin, pulling you close and resting his head on your shoulder and screwing his eyes shut. “That was… that was pretty amazing…”

“It was, wasn’t it?” You’re teasing him lightly, snuggling against his warm skin until you realize that you should probably clean up and get dressed before someone either walks in on you or realizes what you’re doing.

Jun fetches the tissues from his bag and helps clean you up, laughing to himself when you wince at the sensitivity in between your legs. He dumps them into the bin in the corner of the room, returning to pull back on his jeans and shirt and help you with yours.

Tiredly, you place yourself on his lap, feeling him set his head on your shoulder and place his fingers on the piano keys. “Now,” he speaks in your ear playfully, lovingly placing a kiss on a sensitive spot that will surely bruise, “Will you actually let me play something?”

Taking it Easy / Jace Wayland

Words: 1329

You have trouble holding back your moan as you stretch out across the towel you had just placed on the sand right under the sun. You had been waiting for this day for weeks.

It was rare for you to have some time to just relax-not having to worry about your family or friends or any mission. Today was just about you, the sun, the sand and the water.

Being the kind person that you are-you had practically forced your friends to come with you, knowing they needed a break just as much as you did. A day to just relax. Izzy and Clary were more than willing to join you at the beach, they headed straight for the ocean when you all arrived. 

Though it took much more convincing on your part to get Alec and Jace to come.

You admit it. You weren’t exactly fair on your dark haired friend…for you had bribed Magnus, who by the way completely agreed with you that Alec needed to relax, to convince him to spend the day with you. You didn’t feel guilty though, you knew it was the only way Alec would end up coming and besides-you also knew he would have been more than happy with his partner’s coaxing.

Jace on the other hand…well technically you were still convincing him to join you as he stood a few meters away from you with his arms crossed as he surveyed the beach.

You shift so you were lying on your side and facing your boyfriend. Lifting your sunglasses, you rest them on the top of your head before calling out to him, “Jace!”

His head snapped in your direction and you point to him before using your finger to beckon him over only a moment later. Jace was soon by your side, standing over you-completely blocking your sun. 

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thirteentales  asked:

Question form someone looking into grad school and confused /overwhelmed by the options- what's the difference between public history and museum studies masters programs? (Especially in terms of future careers and PhD chances)

Hello @thirteentales! This is kind of a tough question. I’ve been told and read so many contradicting opinions on this that it’s hard for me to answer. What I’m going to say is just my opinion based on my own research and experience. Others may feel differently and I totally respect that. I am not the definitive expert on this stuff. If anyone else has anything helpful to add I welcome it!

Museum Studies teaches the basic practices of a museum and their purpose in society as well as hands on practices of specific jobs within museums such as educator, curator, registrar, collections, preservation, etc. So if you are interested in a specific museum job (or in all of the museum jobs) this is a good degree to get because you will learn the skills those specific jobs require. And you’ll learn about all of them so you have a wide range of abilities when applying to museum jobs. That’s why I’m pursuing this degree. I want to be a curator. They’ll teach me the skills I need to be a curator. The hands on, here’s-what-you’ll-be-doing skills.

Public History is sort of a combination of museum studies and history. It’s academic research and knowledge of history with learning about how history is presented to the public (this is not limited to museums in the way a museum studies degree is). This is good for libraries or if you want to be a “historian”.

Many schools also have concentrations. You could get a history masters with a public history concentration. It all really comes down to what you want to get out of this degree and can this program give you that.

Now each program and school is different. Some public history programs are more like the museum studies programs and vice versa. My definitions are not exact or written in stone. Make sure to take a good look at the classes offered and the degree requirements to see if it matches with what you’re looking for. 

No matter what degree you choose there’s usually the option to pursue a PhD. Whether it’s linked to your masters or not is up to the school you look at. However I suggest earning work experience before diving straight into the PhD as experience can be more helpful than degrees. The chief curator of the museum I work at only has a BA in history yet he’s done very well for himself and is one of the most intelligent and experienced professional i’ve ever met. 

When it comes to future jobs that’s hard to say. I’ve talked to people who told me that a museum studies or public history masters is less preferable to a history masters and I’ve also been told the complete opposite. There’s no guarantee that either one of these degrees will get you a job. Not in this job market. So it comes down to what the program will give you in terms of knowledge and experience. The degree or school name isn’t as important as what you get out of the program. 

So basically it comes down to what you want to get out of it. Look through programs and find one with the classes that will give you the knowledge and experience needed to do what you want to do. (There’s always internship options for hands on learning as well. forgot to mention that above.)

I found this one article that may be helpful in your search as well. Just in case my babble doesn’t make any sense.


There’s two quotes in this article I want to put in this response. Both are said by Melissa Bingmann who wrote “Advising Undergraduates about Career Opportunities in Public History,” published in the March 2009 issue of Perspectives on History:

“To reiterate, a public history program will emphasize content and mastery of the historical discipline first and foremost. It will provide training in research and interpretive skills that are specific to a variety of audiences. On the other hand, museum studies programs offer courses that convey academic and professional knowledge that supports all aspects of museum work, including education, exhibits, collections, and development.….In summary, if they [students] want to be flexible to work in any kind of museum, in most types of positions, then a museum studies program is probably the best fit. If they want to be able to market themselves as a historian who wants the flexibility of working in a museum, preservation agency, archives, or other career that values historical research and interpretation, then public history is a better bet.“

“Students who graduate with little or no internship experience at either the MA or PhD level will find it difficult to find gainful employment. The MA graduate with work experience will probably be more marketable than the PhD without work experience…A better option might be to earn the MA, work in the field, and then go back to earn the PhD either to advance in the public sector or to seek a tenure-track position teaching and researching public history at a university.“

I hope this is helpful and I wish all the luck!!!!! Take your time and thoroughly research programs. You’ll do great :) 

If I Had My Choice: Part 9

Alexander x Female Reader

Part One

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Word Count: 7080

Tags: @yehummno @robotic-space @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @sorryimacrapwriter @a-meme-you-cant-sweat-out @justanotherhamiltrash @marquiis-de-la-baguette @akarihamada @voldecrux @whowrotetheother51 @bruuuhhhh-here-i-am

A/N: As promised! (Were you getting nervous I wouldn’t update today? I’ve still got 10 minutes to spare, man.) It took me twice as long as usual to write this. Therefore you are getting a twice as long as usual update. I love this chapter and I really hope you do too. Thank you guys for everything. Enjoy.

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Vernon/OFC: Waking up together

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 730

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Prompt, 10:  “I know you don’t want to, but you’re going to have to wake up soon.”

Morning rays invaded the room like it was a race, filling up every inch of the bedroom until it was bathed in golden white. The apartment was silent, the television turned off hours ago, and the couch strewn awry with throw pillows. There were two empty bowls in the sink, and one empty carton of vanilla ice cream in the garbage. The only noise was from the bedroom, the soft, slow breathing of two people.

Head hidden beneath the covers, she reached a blind hand to her nightstand, finding the familiar tiny remote. With a lazy click, the blinds began to whirr to life and close part way so that minimal light bled through the bedroom. When it was safe to get up, she pulled off the covers, groggily taking in her surroundings.

A long, lazy arm made its way onto her waist, pulling her closer. It was a little too warm and a little too tight for her liking, but it made her all the more hyper aware of her bed partner, his face half-sunken in his pillow.

He looked even more beautiful when he was sleeping, she noted. His eyelashes were impossibly long, like wisps of copper, and his mouth was parted open like a napping kitten, relaxed and peaceful. For once, his brows weren’t furred together in frustration, the stress lines between his forehead melted away. His cupid’s bow, pink and kissable, was just waiting for a good morning kiss. She only had to lean forward a centimeter before her lips grazed his, chapped and unresponsive. She giggled to herself, it took a lot more than that to wake Vernon up.

“Hey, Sleeping Beauty,” she teased softly, hand reaching forward to muss up his bedhead even more. “I know you don’t want to, but you’re going to have to wake up soon.”

Her fingers trailed to his neck, to the bump in his Adam’s apple, back up his jawline, tracing the fine features until he wrinkled his nose together and groaned in protest. His voice was deep and thick with sleep, and she couldn’t help but find it a tad bit attractive. He made grabby hands to her.

“C’mon,” she said again, backing away. “You’re going to be late. Do you want me to open the blinds?”

Bruh.” he moaned, throwing an arm over his face.

“Bruh.” she mocked, in her low-toned Vernon-rap voice.

“Five more minutes.” he whined.

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Redamancy Pt3

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

Pairing: Baekhyun x reader x Jongin
Length: 3.5k

Part 1 | Part 2Part 3Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

The apartment was eerily quiet.


A little tingle crept up your spine and when you look over, you see her sitting on your shoulder with curious eyes.

“Tinkerbell? What are you doing here?” 

You quickly look around your apartment. 

“Is Peter… here?” 

Tink looks down and hops from your shoulder to your desk while shaking her tiny head. 


You look down at her, before taking a hair and scooting closer to her. She hadn’t changed one bit from the last time you saw her. If you had to describe pixie’s, you would say they looked like tiny humans, about the size of a soda can, but with wings and huge eyes in comparison to their head. Her blond hair was tied in a ponytail and her white little dress was softly waving up and down in the breeze. 

“So, why are you here then?” 

She gave you a silent stare before rolling her eyes and looking around the desk. You giggled. Pixies were very witty and playful, but could sometimes even lean towards mean. You had encountered multiple times where a passing Pixie would just pull your hair for the fun of it, before flying off just as quickly. Tink was quite nice to you though, you reckon she had grown quite attached to you. She gave you a light tap on your arm and made a sign as if she was writing on her hand. 

“Something to write?” 

She nods with a smile as you pull out a note block and a pencil. She flies up a little and grabs the pencil with both arms to try to write something. It was pretty funny to see her handling the -in comparison- giant pencil. But then she began spelling each letter carefully. It took a while to decipher the messy handwriting. 


Tink nods again and starts tugging your finger over to the window. 

“Wow, wow, Tink, hold up. I can’t just leave.” 

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The Little Mermaid (Clint Barton x Reader)

Originally posted by shutthefuckupthranduil

Request: @deansinkdbitch requested a Clint x Reader where the reader is a  professional mermaid in her spare time and Clint finds out, 

This is not exactly what you have asked for but I hope you like it anyway.

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Warnings: naked Clint?

Words: 780 (is kinda short)

My Masterlist

The Little Mermaid

Being an Avenger was the most stressful job in the world but you wouldn’t change it for anything… the world is always in danger and it needs heroes. Although, when you have free time, you like to do anything that was not related to your job, a really hard thing because you had powers since you were born.

You can definitely control your powers. That was not a hard thing to do, you learned to control them at the same time that you were learning how to walk.

That gave you the best childhood.

Your imagination was huge and your playtimes were the best. Of course, there was alway gonna be mean kids who call you a freak, but you’ve never given them the power to affect you. I mean… how awesome is to have the power to transform your body and things that are around?!

Now, being 11 o’clock of a Wednesday night, you go to the swimming pool of Avengers tower and put a bikini top before concentrate to change your legs onto a mermaid tail. You admired the result still amazed by the beauty of your powers. The green and violet scales of the tail shimmering with the light.

Before you started using your power to help to save the planet you used to do this a lot, even in summer when the kids will be amazed by the result. You would change your hair to a “redder than Natasha's” color- as you were doing now- and pretend that you were Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

You put your memories aside and began what you came to do… to swim. You began to move in the water effortless, with swishing movements of your tail. You did a few tricks, jumping and making pirouettes in the air.

“So… Have you lost your voice, too?”

You fell ungracefully in the water with a smacking sound. You emerged with messy hair bothering your face.

“Clint! That hurts!”

He bit his lip not to laugh.

“It’s good to know that you still have your voice,” he said sitting on the edge of the pool with a smile, pulling his jeans out and his legs into the water.

You combed your hair with your hands and looked at him mischievously before you dive to his side. This time, you surface graciously.

“Would you want me to sing?” you asked provocatively.

He nodded and you almost forgot what you had asked when you lost yourself in his smirk. It was supposed to be the other way around but you couldn’t avoid it.

“What do you want to hear?”

“Your voice” he quickly said “Just sing what you want to”

You find your way between his knees and giggled a little when his hands went to the sides of your waist. You put your hands on his thighs to pull yourself out of the water to steal a kiss from him before you plunged again.

“Well… this is a kids show, you know…”  you started moving backwards splashing him with the end of your tail on purpose.

When you were in the middle of the swimming pool, lying down with your back to the surface you started your performance of Part of Your World.

That feeling.

You loved that feeling you got when you sing. That feeling of freedom of belonging. When you finished the song, you were so compromised in what you were feeling that you didn’t notice that your boyfriend was standing naked before of you.

“Can I have a tail too?”

The placed were filled with your laughter.

“You can be Merida” you responded giving him a huge, curly head of hair.

“That’s not fair!” he complaint jumping into the water and swimming to reach you.

You moved your tail faster, giggling; until he caught you and you gave him his real hair back.

“You’re swimming naked in Tony’s pool, he’s gonna be soooo mad”

“Then give me a tail!”

You shook your head.

“You have to give me a kiss first”

He gave a little peck to your noise.

“You have to pay for the magic, Clint”

He smirked again and kissed your lips passionately,you reciprocated it with the same intensity holding his arms and pulling him closer to you until your chests were touching. When you stopped it, you concentrated and gave him a tail just like yours.

“Don’t worry, babe” he whispered in your ear “I’m gonna make your night magical”

SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Unit giving you oral

JEONGHAN - Receiving Oral from Jeonghan would be a roller coaster ride. He loves to hear your mewling and he enjoys it whenever you intertwine your fingers through his hair, but what gets him going is when he overstimulates you. He would use his tongue, lips and fingers just to put you on edge and he is definitely the type to enjoy giving you oral, he lives for your satisfaction although he may tease you a bit and keep you from reaching your climax, you will thoroughly enjoy his teasing as well as his mouth on your heat.

JOSHUA - Jisoo might look innocent but he enjoys teasing you and winding you up. He would enjoy asking you who made you feel so good and he would definitely enjoy getting the answer out of you. Jisoo is a musician, his fingers would do wonders with your sex, he would tease and lick you everywhere. He would surprise you with little things, especially when he uses his tongue. He loves the very taste of you and giving you oral brings him joy because he knows he’s making you feel good.

WOOZI - Jihoon is a straight forward kind of guy. He will use everything he has to his advantage and would want you withering and squirming beneath him. He loves to eat you out, especially the reactions you give him, it encourages him more to give more loving to you. Jihoon loves to play around with your sex using his fingers. Putting them inside of you, at the same time licking your heat, he enjoys your moans a lot. He’s also the type to make you beg when he purses his lips against your sex. He’s not gentle but he’s not aggressive either, Jihoon likes to play between those lines to keep your toes curling when he goes down on you.

DK - Seokmin looks gentle and he is, but when he goes down, with your legs spread out and your sex wet as can be, he loves to ravage every single bit of you. He uses his tongue to his advantage, licking you in circles or in long stripes, he loves feeling your sex against his mouth. Seokmin could eat you for hours until you were overstimulated, he finds your sexed up face to be a turn on, but he likes to take his time with you and give you lots of attention. Just like the rest of the vocal unit, Seokmin enjoys teasing you but not as much as the others. He would look up and smile at you, maybe give you a wink before diving back in and lap on you.

SEUNGKWAN - Seungkwan would be sloppy at first, especially when he’s naturally shy doing intimate things but when he goes down on you he makes sure he tries his best to get you off with his mouth. You will easily get lost from his mouth, he would nip, tug and lick your sex. Seungkwan would be the type that doesn’t have any formal technique but he makes you feel like your on cloud 9 every time he goes down on you. He loves it when you push his head down to give you more, it encourages him to stick a finger or two and even stick his tongue inside. With Seungkwan you’ll be surprised every time he puts his lips on your heat.