but look at zayn's smile when he goes in for the hug

Harry Styles - Stops Wedding - Imagine

[Thank you!  Enjoy!]

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Ziam Drabble ...kinda

Liam and Zayn are high school friends who decide to go to the same university together. They spend the summer together with their friends, creating memories to ease the separation before everyone goes their own way. They get closer as they discuss their hopes and fears for their next phase of life, intentionally choosing all their classes together for their freshman year because it’s comforting to know they have each other as they prepare to move to a new place, far from their families and everything they know.

As their time in university goes by, Zayn is dubbed the “hot guy” on campus due to his charm and good looks, and everyone either wants to be with him or wants to be him; Liam is quietly confident, friendly and loved by everyone. While both are popular in their own right and neither lacks friends, the bond between the two boys grows, and their unique bond is obvious to anyone who witnesses the two together. The respect and love, unspoken words and affectionate gestures speak volumes.

Their common friends ask Liam if he and Zayn are an item, to which Liam blushes and furiously denies it being a possibility. He can’t see someone as amazing as Zayn seeing him as more than a friend. Meanwhile Zayn receives attention, most times unwanted, from others on campus, but no one feels like home quite like Liam does. Zayn isn’t the most vocal about his feelings for Liam, but he shows his affection through gestures like visiting Liam at the end of the day, slipping a note under Liam’s dorm room when he finds Liam has turned in for the night, or leaving a silent voicemail for Liam to wake up to. A day without seeing the other is a day where both feel off-balance and by their final year in university, they are inseparable. With the end of their 4 years together drawing ever closer, they spend more and more time together, both with mutual friends, but also alone. Liam and Zayn study together, eat together, and chill together. In secret moments, they even tell each other how much they care for the other, how they would choose each other to spend the rest of their life with despite publicly naming other people amongst their friend group, but they can never work up the courage to say those three words.

The two spend as much time together as possible the summer after they graduate. For the first time in years, their lives lead Zayn and Liam in different directions meaning they won’t live the next phase of their lives together.  Liam is a mess when the time comes for Zayn to move. Zayn, still unable to put into words his deep affection for Liam, moves to graduate school without telling Liam goodbye. When Liam hears Zayn has visited their friends to bid them farewell but has failed to visit him, he aches in places he didn’t know existed as he cries himself to sleep. Liam realizes in that moment that he loves Zayn.

Liam busies himself in preparation for his own move to graduate school, reminding himself that Zayn is simply his best friend and the affection he feels is clearly one-sided since Zayn hasn’t had the decency to send Liam a message beyond the mass e-mail he sent their friends to say he’d arrived at his new school and was settling into his graduate program. Once Liam has settled into his graduate program, he sends his own mass e-mail, and choosing to take the higher ground, includes Zayn in the list of recipients. Liam is shocked to see Zayn send a private reply back saying he’s happy Liam is settling in so well as he is feeling homesick.

Zayn ends the email like this:

Hope all is well.
P.S. Stop dreaming about me as i know you want me…just ask me..don’t be shy..hahaha

Liam’s mind is swimming. All he can think of is what a friend of theirs used to say when she’d ask whether there was something more going on between the two boys after watching their playful and affectionate banter, “there’s a little truth in every joke.” Liam thinks this is his opportunity, so he takes it in his own quiet way by replying with:

So I miss you muchly. I just miss your presence around me. 
I dunno why…but I dream of hanging out with you, and am calm/ feel happy you are around..I know you are so damn popular and have 50 million people around you, but I miss YOU the most..I know..pathetic right?!

ALSOOOOOOOO….I have been putting up some of the pics of us I have, and everyone keeps saying how handsome you are….and then I just smile politely….until they say we look good together, to which I OF COURSE agree.
< 3

They continue with emails and phone chats while they are apart. The next time they are both visiting home, they share a hug that is different than any of their other hugs, and they have shared their fair share of hugs. It is tighter and longer, and Zayn doesn’t want to let go, or that’s how it seems to Liam, and Liam is more than okay with that.

An idea sparks up in his head, and while he knows getting her name isn’t necessary to put on the box he thinks he might just be able to get away with it. From the amount of times she’s still written his name though he was the only one in line, Harry doesn’t think it would be weird to her.

So he pulls a pink sharpie out from underneath the cash register, pops the cap open and leans his elbows on the counter so he can steady himself to write, “What’s your name?”

Her face brightened again, even more so than before if that was possible, with something like realization, “All this time I’ve known your name and you’ve never known mine?” she muses, “I know your subtle opinions on Shrek the Musical, and you don’t even know my name!”


Harry really like the girl who works behind the smoothie counter

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Game Day

So, here’s another stab at writing. It’s actually smut! Or an attempt at such! I enjoy writing Sami… I have to branch out.  I KNOW IT’S LATE! I’ve been struggling all night writing to finish this.

This goes out to @wrestlingfanatic for telling me if she could write smut and post it, so could I. @wwe-smutfics for being an inspiration and also telling me to give it a try (even though I’ve written smut before, just not in this fandom). Thanks friends! <3 

I got the idea after the @dirtywweimagines of Sami and his jersey and because, I’d wear his jersey. ;] Also the picture of him wearing said jersey. 

Title: Game Day

Pairing: Sami Zayn x OC

Rating: SMUT! :] 

Summary: OC is preparing for the Canadiens game and comes up with a smart idea to turn on Sami. 

Warnings: Smut, a little language. 

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Harry Styles - Announces You’re Pregnant at Award Show Imagine


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...But we can’t.

Have the Zouis fandom really talked about those rare moments where Zouis have been caught almost doing something, but then realizing they shouldn’t?

I’ve noticed that not many of these moments have been made into GIFs, which makes this post more difficult. Somtimes even the videos have been taken down and can’t be found again. But still, I just thought it could be fun to take a look at, or at least talk about it. No overanalyzing, just some fangirl reaching. ;)


I want to rest my head against your shoulder, but I can’t.

Right after this, after looking into the camera, Louis moves his head away again. Like he realizes they are being too affectionate.

I want to tell you something, but I can’t.

I can’t believe there aren’t any gifs of this whole part. Because first of all, I think Zayn is grabbing Louis butt, and then Louis goes in to whisper something to Zayn but stops himself because it’s probably something he can’t say (he looks into the camera and stops). I would have made a gif myself, but I can’t find the video. It’s an interview from summer 2012… Anyone have the video? I’ve had it, but lost it… :/

I want to hug you, but I can’t.

Do you see how Louis actually moves his arm in the way of Zayn. Also he tilts his head awway from Zayn. I don’t know why, and of course there are hugs that aren’t like this. But I thought I should mention it.

Because even when they do hug, it’s mostly sidehugs.

This is the realest thing we’ve gotten since the “lift me up” hugs. And even this is mostly a sidehug. (nothing wrong with that though)

Anyone notice how Louis always try to keep his hand tied up? So he won’t do anything weird?

Also in this one. Notice how Zouis go for eachother, zayn putting his hand on Louis stomach… Though I guess they’re just too far away.

Here Zayn is holding Louis’ mic, but in a rather private area. We can see Louis thinking about grabbing it.

Here Liam has noticed the struggle and comes to help. Why he can and Louis can’t I don’t know. Even though Louis ends up doing it anyway in the end. (Also this is the interview where Zouis denied being in a relationship together.)

I want to touch you but I can’t.

This one… I mean, look at Zayn smiling and lifting his arm. I think he wants to ruffle Louis’ hair, because we know he likes doing that. But in the end he stops himself. But why?

I want to kiss you, but I can’t.

This one… I mean wow. I’m not even being biased when I say it looks like Zayn is trying to kiss Lou. And Louis is all “Whoa, remember where we are Zayn.“ Zayn seriously has a “Oh, right” face after.

JUST LOOK AT IT! ONE MORE TIME! He’s going in for it. On the mouth!!

I mean obviously Zouis are super touchy-feely all the time, I just thought these moments were quite interesting. :) If anyone want to talk about material for angst.

BONUS NIALL 1: Worrying Zouis will do something too obvious in front of the camera.

BONUS NIALL 2: Hiding Zouis before they do something. King of distraction.

Seriously, Zouis squad! We should talk about this!! ;) <3

Don't judge a book by it's cover - Marcel (Harry Styles)

Guess who’s back. Back again. Marcel’s back. lol remember Marcel the nerd? Im bringing him back and tbh i think this is the best smut I’ve ever written and I hope you enjoy it :) all the love kittens!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to y/n
Happy Birthday to you!’
I wake up to my parents and my little brother singing the Happy Birthday song to me. Shit with all these exams and tons of homework I had totally forgotten about my birthday and the worst part is that I have no idea how to celebrate it.
‘Make a wish honey.’ My mom is holding the cake right in front of me, so I can blow all the candles. Well I don’t have to make a wish I have everything I need. A happy family that loves me, great friends, my crazy best friend Julie, good grades. When I blow the candles dad kisses me on my cheek.
‘Congratulations sweetheart, you’re officially an adult now. How does it feel to be 18?’
Right before I answer my eyes dart from my dad to the clock on the table beside the bed.
‘Late.’ I quickly get up and go to the bathroom. Today is special, but I want to keep it casual. I don’t want to wear a short slutty dress or high heels, it’s not me. A simple shirt and jeans will do. Simple eyeliner, mascara and since my hair is naturally a little bit wavy I don’t spend much time on them, just a decent side pony tail.
It takes me at least thirty minutes to get ready for school. Well it looks like I’m not going to be late after all. After I grab my school bag I go downstairs to the kitchen. Mom is cooking breakfast, dad is reading the newspaper and Mike… . well no one really knows what he’s doing most of the time.
‘Mom it smells great, but I don’t have time for breakfast so… bye.’
‘No wait.’ She says. ‘I almost forgot, tell your friends to come over tonight, you’re having a pool party.’
What? For real? I’m screaming inside. ‘Mom I have tons of friends. Besides we have a lot to do in order to have a pool party, we have to find drinks, food, music –’
‘Already done. Dad and I talked with Julie and that young man Zayn right, and they helped us a lot. They organized everything and we just paid.’
Ok I think I’m going to fangirl hard now. I’m usually the quiet type of girl, but right now I couldn’t care less.
‘Oh mom thank you thank you thank you soo much.’ I kiss her cheek and run in the kitchen again to thank dad. It’s the best day ever.
‘Ok now I have to go and tell my classmates about the party and oh my god it’s the best day of me life.’ I scream and then run out of the house to the bus station without even saying goodbye. Yeah I forgot because I’m so excited.
Ok now let’s see … history first. Yes finally an easy subject and I can also have a small talk with those two fuckers who kept this party a secret. Oh how much I love them. When I’m about to close the locker everything goes dark.
‘Who’s this?’ I hear a voice whisper in my ear. I’d recognize this voice everywhere. I grab his hands and remove them from my eyes. When I turn around I see a super happy Zayn. He’s smiling one of those smiles that you can see his tongue a bit through his teeth and it’s super cute.
‘Happy birthday y/n!’ he hugs me and spins me around, not caring if everyone is watching, but we don’t care at all. We’re kinda the popular kids in school and we know almost everyone so we don’t mind.
‘Ahh thank you, you sweet butthead.’ I pinch his cheek playfully. ‘Where’s your hot girlfriend?’
‘She’s in the classroom. Come.’ Wow that’s the first time she’s not running around in the halls, or talking to different people. She’s even more popular than me, but I can’t blame them she’s hot. She’s not too tall, but not short, slim, tanned skin, long brown hair, with brown eyes. A smile to die for, white pearls. She’s in a relationship with Zayn, they have been for three years now and I hope they get married because they’re perfect for each other.
Talking about Zayn I’m still following him, until he stops at the door, which is closed and inside is quiet. A little too quiet than usual.
‘Ok guys what are you up to?’ I ask Zayn.
‘Open the door.’ He smiles.
I open the door and immediately all my classmates start singing that damn ‘Happy Birthday’ song. It’s really awkward, all I can do is stay like a statue and smile.
As I look around the classroom I notice Marcel in his desk writing on his notebook. What a nerd, but he seems nice and so innocent. I’ve never had a chance to talk to him, only a few times when I needed some help in math.
They finally finish the song and Julie runs towards me wrapping her arms around me.
‘Oh my little baby is eighteen I think I’m going to cry.’ I laugh at her words.
‘Come on you’re just a few months older than me. oh by the way thank you guys for the pool party.’
Zayn comes closer to Julie and wraps his arm around her waist. ‘We knew you’d forget it so we decided to organize everything for you.’
‘Yeah but it was Zayn’s idea.’ Julie says. Oh no not again.
‘But you helped a lot.’ Zayn says to her and then they kiss. Oh god I hate when that happens. Every time they kiss they don’t stop for literally 10 minutes and I know it’s nice to know that they love each other, but come on I’m jealous here because I’m still single. I’ve been single for a year now.
I cough awkwardly and they pull back.
‘Babe let’s go to the last desk, no one will disturb us there.’ And they leave. Well at least now I don’t have to watch them snog in front of me. Uh yeah I totally forgot to tell everyone about the party.
‘Hey can I have your attention please?’ I shout and everybody stops whatever they were doing. ‘So today it’s my birthday and I’m throwing a pool party. You’re all invited and make sure to be there at 6:00.’ The whole classroom is filled with happy cheers from the crazy teenagers except Marcel. Should I invite him? I don’t think he will fit in. I don’t think he will even show up, but why not invite him.
I walk towards his desk and then I stop right in front of him.
‘Hey Marcel?’
He raises his head and looks at me confused. ‘Yeah y/n how can I help you?’ He’s different from the other nerds, he seems more confident, but still a bit shy in a very cute way.
‘You’re invited too, you should come.’ I bite my lip.
‘Yeah sure, I’ll be there.’ He smiles showing all of his teeth and may I say it’s so cute and it’s the first time I notice his adorable dimples that make me want to poke his cheeks.
‘See you then.’ I go to my seat and take my history book out. After a few seconds Julie sits next to me and Zayn behind her.
‘Did you just invite Marcel? Please tell me you didn’t.’ she says.
‘I did.’
She groans. ‘Great.’
‘Come on he’s not that bad, he just needs some … fashion advices.’
‘Girl even if Giorgio Armani himself gave him advices he’d still be hopeless.’ Then Zayn laughs and gives her a hi-5.
‘Don’t be mean, he’s a nice guy.’
‘Hey can we please stop talking about Marcel? I’d rather hear the teacher blabbing about World War II.’ Zayn says.
We all stop talking about Marcel and let the rest of the day pass.

After school I decide to walk home, because I need some fresh air. As I mumble a song to myself I see Marcel getting out of a tattoo shop. Holy shit what’s a nerd like him doing there and judging by the way he’s talking to those boys covered in tattoos they must be great friends, but how? Why? … How? It’s not like he has a toned body to have tattoos anyway, at least that’s what it looks like.
I keep walking anyway, I don’t have time to chat I have to get ready.
Julie and I are getting ready for the party and the guests should be here by now. She comes out of the bathroom wearing a very sexy black and white bikini, while I’m wearing a simple baby blue bathing suit that covers my boobs and ass. Never had time to buy a new one.
‘Oh god, I knew you we’re going to wear that so I brought you something.’ She starts digging in her bag for something. ‘Got it. Ta da!’ she’s holding a pink bikini with white dots and it’s rather hot.
‘Dude you got great boobs and a great ass, why do you keep covering them?’
‘I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable.’
‘Yeah yeah, come on now wear this and I’ll wait downstairs. By the way where are your parents and your brother?’
‘Oh they’re at my grandparents. They think I’m mature enough to have the house to myself for one night.’
‘Girl lucky you, my parents don’t think I’m mature enough to boil water.’ She shakes her head and then leaves the room.
I take off that horrible bathing suit and wear Julie’s bikini. Damn I look hot and it’s the first time I show my breasts and a bit of my behind. As I keep checking myself out in the mirror the doorbell rings, that’s probably Zayn.
I run downstairs to see who that is and I was right, it’s Zayn making out with Julie again, his hands squeezing her ass.
‘Ok I get it, you love to exchange saliva, but please do it when you’re alone.’
‘Oh y/n we’re going to do more than just exchanging saliva when we’re alone’ He winks.
I roll my eyes at them and go to the back yard, where the pool is. It’s so perfect. All the drinks and food are inside and Zayn is going to be the Dj along with his friend and they’re going to be outside.
It’s 6:00 so people should be here by now.
Now it’s almost 6:38 and the party has officially started. I stayed inside the house most of the time, because I had to take care of the guests. Now they’re all here except him. I was sure he wasn’t gonna show up, but he promised.
‘Still waiting for your geek charming?’ Julie whispers in my ear.
‘Pff no I just came here to get a drink.’ I lie. I am a bit upset he didn’t come.
Suddenly the doorbell rings and Julie runs to open it.
‘Where is y/n?’ I hear him saying. Oh god he came. I feel much happier now.
‘Sh-she is i-in the ki-kitchen.’ Why is she talking like this? Oh nevermind I want to see Marcel right now, I’m so curious.
Julie comes in the kitchen and behind her there’s a guy I’ve never seen before. No it can’t be, he can’t be Marcel. Marcel is not … like that.
‘Happy birthday y/n!’ he whispers. Fuck me he is Marcel. He’s wearing normal clothes, a nice shirt, dark jeans and white converse. His hair is all messy now and a bit curly, not perfect and with tons of hair gel like everyday at school, but the best part is that now I can see his eyes. They’re so beautiful and did I mention they’re green? I have I thing for boys with green eyes.
‘Thank you.’ I whisper back, shocked of course.
‘Ermm look I’m sorry I didn’t buy you a present, but I didn’t have much time and I also didn’t know what to buy. I’ll give you a decent present one of these days, I promise.’
Ugh boy just looking at you is my present. You’re so hot it hurts.
‘It’s ok, ermm did you bring swimming trunks?’
‘Yes, in my bag pack. Where should I change?’
Oh boy you can change right here in front of me. ‘Upstairs in my room, I don’t mind.’
He nods and I grab his hand taking him in my bedroom upstairs. I let him get in the room and I wait for him outside in the hall.
After five minutes he’s out and oh god he’s so sexy. He’s so fit and his body is covered in tattoos and he has a never-ending torso and his happy trail makes him even sexier. My eyes go from his belly button down to his happy trail and to the waistband of his trunks. I can even see a hint of his pubic hair and oh god I don’t even want to get started with his damn v-lines. He looks like a sexy greek god.
‘Close your mouth love.’ He says and puts his index under my chin to close it. ‘Let’s go downstairs.’ He grabs my hand and takes me downstairs and I’m really sorry, but I can’t just not stare at his fine ass as he walks.
When we get to the back yard everyone just keeps staring at Marcel. Who can blame them though, just look at him.
‘Hey do you mind if I go for a swim y/n I won’t be late.’
‘Okay.’ I whisper and there he goes. I let out a sigh in happiness.
‘Girl that’s the nerd.’ Julie says to me waking me up from my daydream.
‘No shit Sherlock. See? I told you he was not that bad.’ Not bad at all actually.
‘I never thought I’d say this one day, but he looks hot. And where did those tattoos come from?’ Oh so that’s what he was doing in that tattoo shop today, that’s why he knew everybody, because he’s a regular client.
‘Mmmm,’ I bite my lip. ‘he looks yummy.’
‘Well what are you waiting for, take him upstairs.’
‘What? No! … I mean …not yet.’ We both giggle. ‘Besides I don’t even know if he likes me.’
‘Pfff please I saw the way he was staring at your boobs in the kitchen.’ He what? Ok I didn’t notice that. Maybe because I was too busy checking him out.
‘Ladies what’s going on here?’ Zayn comes out of nowhere.
‘y/n wants to fuck Marcel!’
Damn you Julie and your big mouth. ‘I didn’t say that.’
‘Nah I noticed that too, you like him so what are you waiting for? Take him upstairs and you know talk for a bit, get to know each other and then ask him questions about his sexual life so things will get hot and then start acting.’ Zayn says. Hmm this might work now that I’m thinking about it.
‘Aw Zayn you’re so smart for a butthead.’ I pinch his cheek again.
‘Damn y/n you’re been doing that since third grade, stop.’ He jokes.
‘Never. Now you two go snog somewhere and leave me alone with Marcel. Oh and can you please put like a sexy song or something?’ I turn around and see that Marcel is already out of the pool and is rubbing his body with a blue towel. The only thing that’s ruining the view are the girls around him, talking to him. Ugh they didn’t even know he existed until now. I walk towards him and grab his hand.
‘Wow slow down.’ I hear him say behind me.
I stop and turn around to face him. My eyes meet his and our lips are a couple of inches away from each other.
‘Dance with me.’ I whisper as I hear the song ‘The Way’ start playing.
‘I don’t know how.’ He says. I’m just so lucky, he’s so fun to play with.
I grab his hands and put his arms around my waist. He swallows hard when I put my arms around his neck.
‘Just follow my movements.’ I say and start moving my hips. He hesitates at first, but then starts moving with me. I feel his arms pulling me closer to his burning body and I bury my face in the crook of his neck.
‘I really like you y/n.’ I hear him say in my ear and I raise my head to meet his eyes.
‘What? Why?’
‘Come on, I know what everybody thinks about me. The geek of the class who fantasises about the popular girls, that only reads books all day long and has never had his first kiss, never had sex, never had a girlfriend … well actually those are true, but I mean I can be like other guys. I can date, have a girlfriend, please them.’
My eyes widen when I hear the last word. ‘P-please them? You know how?’
He laughs. ‘Well I’m not that experienced, but I’m more than willing to learn. Plus I know that when the time comes everything will happen naturally.’ He pauses for a few seconds and then continues. ‘What about you? Are you experienced?’
Oh fuck I did not see that coming. ‘Yeah a bit, why are you so interested?’ I bat my eyelashes and smile at him.
‘Just curious.’
Ok y/n it’s now or never. ‘Erm Marcel would you … like to go upstairs in my room?’
He nods and I take his hand to lead him upstairs. I see Julie in the kitchen straddling Zayn and grinding on him. Oh god these two horny fuckers are going to kill me.
‘I have a guest room you know!’ I yell at them and they just give me the finger, without breaking the kiss. Well at least I tried.
Anyway once we’re inside my room I lock the door. We don’t want people to disturb us now do we? I sit on the edge of the bed and pat the spot next to me, so Marcel can sit there.
‘So Marcel I’ve always been curious about your … love life.’
He frowns. ‘Yeah I don’t have one. Yet.’
‘Well I just want to ask you a few questions, that’s all.’ I put my hand on his thigh. ‘Is that alright?’
He swallows and nods.
‘Well I want to know … have you ever kissed a girl? Not make out with tongue and stuff, just a simple kiss.’
He nods again. ‘Yeah a few years ago, but it was a dare for her.’ Oh poor girl, she probably had no idea how hot he was.
‘Have you ever wanted to kiss me?’ I move a bit so I can get closer to him. All I get is a nod.
I bite my lip. ‘Have you ever had fantasies about me?’ he nods again. I like where this is going.
‘Have ever you touched yourself while thinking about me?’ He swallows again and blushes, it’s so adorable. Well I’ll take that as a yes. I get up and straddle him and his eyes widen. I grab his hands and put them on my ass.
‘Hold me or I’ll fall.’ I wink then I wrap my arms around his neck, so my breasts are right in front of his pretty face.
‘Have you ever thought about my breasts?’
‘Yeah.’ Finally. I thought he had forgotten how to talk, my sweet little dork.
‘Really? So what do you think?’ I see him staring at them in amusement.
‘I love them.’ Oh shit I’m getting too excited.
‘But Marcel you haven’t seen anything yet.’ I pout. ‘Here.’ I pull the strings of the bra and take them off. I throw it somewhere on the floor, while Marcel’s eyes widen even more and I can feel his boner against my core.
‘You like?’ I say as I bat my eyelashes at him and he only nods.
Well let’s get to the business now. ‘Touch them.’
‘What?’ he almost yells.
‘You said you were willing to learn and I’m willing to teach you. Touch them.’ I grab one of his hands and put it on my left breast. ‘Come on Marcel, play with it. I know you want to.’
He smirks at me and starts squeezing it and pinching my nipple. Then he brings his other and starts squeezing both of my boobs and this is the first time that I actually notice how big and smooth his hands are. He can do miracles to a women’s body with those hands, he just doesn’t know it yet.
‘Kiss me Marcel.’ I come closer to his face and lick his lips with the tip of my tongue. My Lord they’re so plump and pink and soft and ugh.
‘I don’t know how to, I guess you’ll have to teach me.’ he says.
I smirk. ‘Sure, you just have to open your mouth,’ I kiss his lips gently. ‘then I’ll open mine.’ I open my mouth and take his bottom lip between mine, kissing him. ‘Then our tongues dance around each other, like this. Stick out your tongue.’
He sticks out his tongue a bit and I stick mine out and start swirling it around his a few times then I suck his tongue a little and pull back.
‘See? It’s easy let’s try this again.’ I kiss him again and open my mouth waiting for his tongue. I can tell that he’s hesitating, but he puts it inside anyway, dancing with mine violently.
I feel his hands grab my waist and throw me on the bed. He lays next to me, popped up on his elbow and starts kissing me again. I tug on his hair and he groans in my mouth. Fuck that was so hot. I feel his hand go down south, touching my body. My breasts, my tummy, my thighs.
‘Please Marcel, touch me.’
‘Where?’ he asks, but I’m not sure if he is serious or he’s just teasing me.
‘Pussy. Oh please.’ He kisses me again and spreads my legs. I feel his hand rubbing me through the material. ‘No stop!’
He immedialety stops, shocked. ‘What did I do wrong?’
‘Oh babe you didn’t do anything wrong, but I want to go first. Come on take off those swimming trunks and sit on my studying table.’ I stand up and remove the books and laptop from the table so Marcel can sit there, when I’m done I turn around and I see him standing naked in front of me. My eyes widen as I see his boner, it’s bigger than I thought. Big and may I say yummy as fuck, with a vein around it. He has a bit of pubic hair above it, but it makes him even sexier.
‘Come sit on the table and spread your legs a bit.’ He sits and spreads his long legs just like I told him to. I place my hands on each side of him and kiss his neck. I keep sucking a spot at the crook of his neck until I make sure I’ve left my mark on him.
I go down to his collar bones and do the same, licking and kissing every inch of his skin. When I get to his nipples I swirl my tongue around each of them and suck them. Then I stop.
‘What are those, birth marks?’
‘No they’re nipples.’ He laughs. Four nipples? Why do I find so sexy and weird at the same time? Oh well.
I kiss both of his extra nipples and continue kissing all the way down to his pubic hair. I run the tip of my nose across it, smelling it. It smells great, it smells like Marcel and I love it.
‘Marcel you’ve never received a blowjob, have you?’
‘I just got my first kiss and you’re asking me about a blowjob?’
I laugh. ‘Sorry, it’s just that,’ I pause and stare at his cock. ‘it’s beautiful.’ I look at him and he blushes. ‘and also delicious.’
He laughes awkwardly. ‘Thank you I guess.’
I sit down on the chair between his legs and start kissing his thighs, until I arrive at the place he needs me most. I grab his cock in my hand and start pumping up and down slowly. Shit it’s so big. I see Marcel bitting his bottom lip, trying hard not to moan.
‘Babe you can moan, it’s ok. I’ll love it.’
‘I can’t, I’m too embarrassed.’ Ok fine then, I guess I’ll just have to help you. I stand up and take off the rest of the bikini and grab one of his hands. I put it right on my clit.
‘Rub it in circles slowly.’ I whisper in his ear. As soon as he starts rubbing me I moan in his ear.
‘Ahh fuck, just like that.’ My moans encourage him to go faster and I moan louder and then I grab his cock and start pumping again, faster this time.
‘Come on baby, I need to hear your moans ahhh.’
‘Oh shit y/n!’ he moans. Fuck me, that was the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard in my life. So deep, so husky, so sexy.
‘Mmm keep doing that.’ I say as I sit down again and waste no more time. “Hold my hair back Marcel.” He grabs my hair into a ponytail and once he has his fist around it I immediately put his cock in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around his head and lightly suck on the tip. Then I lick up and down his shaft, running my tongue along the vein that is popping out. I take him in my mouth again and rub my tongue along the underside. Marcel bucks his hips a little, shoving himself farther in my mouth.
‘Oh shit I’m sorry, I just got carried away.’
I look up to see him. ‘Don’t apologize, it was hot.’
He looks sexy as hell when he’s frustrated. I wrap my lips around him again and bob my head up and down and rub with my hand the part that can’t fit in my mouth I bob my head for a couple minutes and he bucks his hips again so I’m deepthroating him. Shit he’s so big. I’m glad I did a bit of practice with my last boyfriend otherwise this would’ve caused my death. I grab his balls and stroke them with my hands. Marcel had his fingers tangled in my hair and he keeps moving my head faster and faster. I can feel he’s closer with every suck.
‘Fuck I’m coming!’ he moans. Shit that’s the first time I’ve heard him swear and it’s so hot. I feel his warm, salty juices down my throat and I try to swallow all of it. I’ve always had trouble with swallowing, but Marcel tastes good, so it’s not that hard this time.
‘Oh y/n that was so amazing.’ He says while breathing hard.
I get up and lay down on my bed. ‘Come here big boy, show me how willing you are to learn new stuff.’ He smiles his bring-it-smile and lays on top of me. Right before he kisses me I hear a knock on the door.
‘Girl if you’re going to fuck don’t forget the condoms.’ Oh shit I had totally forgotten about that, I got too carried away.
‘Marcel can you please get that?’ I give him my best puppy eyes.
He sighs ‘Fine.’ He gets up and walks towards the door. His butt is so cute and I’m just dying to squeeze it, but please let’s not talk about his shoulders oh God. I want to leave scratches all over his back. He closes the door and comes back to bed.
‘Give it to me.’ He gives me the condom and lays on top of me again, kissing me. It feels so good massaging his tongue with mine and he’s getting pretty good at this.
‘Kiss my neck.’ He lets go of my lips and starts kissing all over my neck while his hands worship the rest of my body. Then he sucks my sweet spot leaving his mark on me. This is revenge I suppose, but it’s ok I like it. After he makes sure that he has his mark now he licks the skin between my breasts and I tug on his curls.
‘Please go down Marcel, please.’ I beg. He smiles and takes one nipple in his mouth sucking it hard. A loud moan comes out of my mouth. Damn this kid learns so fast, it’s hard to keep up. He kisses and tugs on the other nipple with his teeth making me cry out in pain and pleasure at the same time. When he starts kissing down to my tummy I stop him.
‘Please stop and go between my thighs.’ He stops and without wasting anytime he goes where I told him to. He puts my thighs on his shoulders and starts kissing my thighs slowly and gently.
‘I’ve always wondered how it would be to have my head buried between your thighs.’ He says between every kiss, until he reaches my wet pussy. Just like I did with him before he nuzzles my pubic hair. It’s not much, just a bit and it’s soft. I wax only the lips ‘zone’ regulary.
‘Do I smell?’ I joke.
‘Mmhhmmm. You smell so good. Tell me what should I do now?’
‘You know where the clitoris is, right?’
He rolls his eyes. ‘I’m not that dumb you know.’
‘Ok sorry. Kiss it.’
I feel his warm and plump lips kiss my lower ones. Dang it I said the clit not the lips. He keeps kissing them gently going higher and higher. Then he runs the tip of his tongue between them going up to my bundle of nerves. He swirls his tongue around it a few times and then kisses it.
‘Shit, just like that, nice and slow.’ I moan with my eyes closed.
I feel the flat of his tongue rubbing my clit in circles, while rubbing my thighs with his huge hands. It’s driving me crazy. I want it fast, but at the same time I want to enjoy him there as much as I can. I look down and he’s staring at me with his gorgeous green eyes and I can come just by the sight.
‘You taste amazing.’ He mumbles against me and I smile at his words.
‘Ok now suck it.’ I order him. All this controlling thing is turning me on even more. He wraps his wet lips around the clit and sucks hard, while moaning against it.
‘Fuck!’ I curse and arch my back from the pleasure. He waits no more for my instructions and does everything he wants to me. Kissing, licking, sucking taking me closer and closer to my high. I leave the condom I have been holding in my hand so far, beside the pillow and dive both my hands in his crazy hair.
‘Marcel shit! Don’t stop I’m close.’ I scream and moan. My hips start moving against his face like they have a mind of their own. He keeps sucking and licking my clit and I feel that burning in my tummy and my mind ready to explode in a million pieces.
Just a bit more Marcel, please please please. Shit. I’m coming!
‘Ahhhh!’ I scream as loud as I can, tugging on his hair and squeezing his head between my thighs as he licks all my juices. I keep moaning over and over again until I come down from my high. Holy Christ what was that?
‘So how was it?’ I hear Marcel say from down there. I bite my lip smiling.
‘Good boy. Come here.’ He comes on top of me again and I kiss him. The kiss is kind of lazy because I’m so tired. Mmm I can taste myself in his tongue, it’s kinda salty.
I pull back. ‘Sit beside me.’ he frowns at first, but then gets up and sits on the bed, his back against the headboard. I get up as well and rip the condom open with my teeth. I giggle a bit when I see he’s already hard.
‘It’s hard not to get a boner when you see a girl come because of you.’ He explains. He must have read my mind. After I’m done putting the condom on him I straddle him.
‘We’re going to try ridding first, then if you want to you can be in charge.’ I kiss his cheek. I grab his cock and put the tip near my entrance and start running it up and down between the lips. After I’ve teased him enough I slowly sit down, his cock buried in me. I grab his arms and wrap them around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck, our bodies closer than ever, my breasts pressed against his strong chest.
‘How does it feel?’
‘So tight and … warm and … wet.’ He says. I smile to myself knowing that he likes being inside me. I kiss him hard and shove my tongue down his throat and start moving back and forth on his lap. Shit he’s so big, how can he hide this monster in those weird pants? I keep moving slowly as my hands are all over him. I touch his neck, tug on his hair, his shoulders – oh god those shoulders – his chest, his long torso.
I feel his hands going down to my ass, squeezing it hard and pulling it towards him. Oh so he wants faster huh? I’ll give him faster. I break the kiss and thrown my head back moaning as I start bouncing slowly on him. I feel his lips around my nipple and his hand on the other, worshiping them. I start bouncing faster.
‘You like this?’
‘Oh shit y/n you’re so good.’ It is good, it feels good being in charge especially when you have to teach the other person because they don’t know what to do. Still there’s something missing … and I know what can make this perfect.
‘Marcel do you know how to dirty talk?’
‘I-I can try.’ He says between moans. Right after he finishes his sentence he rolls us over so he’s on top. Wow I wasn’t expecting that. Just when I was starting to enjoy this. But anyway I’m enjoying this position as well, seeing him on top of me, sweating, frowning, his swollen lips parted, moans and groans slipping from them, just for me.
‘You feel so good around my cock.’ Shit. No stop I can’t.
‘Your pretty little cunt is so wet, can you hear your wetness as I pound into you?’ he groans in my ear. Oh no no stop talking like this, or I’ll come soon.
‘You like it don’t you?’ No.
‘Yes, oh yes I like it so much. Keep going.’ The fuck? I can’t even control my own mouth now?
I feel his hands on my thighs, wrapping them around his waist. He goes faster hitting my sweet spot perfectly. I thought he was never going to find it.
‘Ohh right there!’ I moan.
‘What you mean here?’ He thrusts again hitting that spot making me dig my nails in his back, leaving red marks. He buries his face in my neck and I tug on his hair with one hand.
‘Are going to come for me?’ Wait wait wait since when did we change places? I thought I was the one who could play with him, not the other way around. Nevermind right now the pleasure is too much to think about that.
‘Yes. Yes yes yes!’ I scream and squirt beneath him. He laughs at my reaction and raises his head to meet my eyes. He’s frowning and it looks so sexy, unlike me. I must look like a desperate little girl right now.
‘Come on my baby come for me, I’m close too.’ Oh fuck me the way he called me baby. His baby.
Marcel pounds into me over and over again, with each thrust my walls tightening around him. It’s so erotic, so full of passion, so dirty and so right.
‘Come, baby come for me. You’re safe.’ Oh shit I’m coming, I’m coming again. My vision goes black again as I shut my eyes, screaming his name. I’m safe. He said I was safe.
‘Yeah like that.’ he groans and soon I feel his hot liquid inside me. Too bad we had to use a condom this time. His thrusts are getting slower as we both come down from our highs.
He places his head between my breasts and I bet he can feel my crazy heartbeat. Fuck that was so perfect and most of the time I didn’t have to tell him what to do, like he said it will come naturally.
He pulls out and removes his condom. I don’t know where he threw it, but I don’t care. He lays next to me and I turn around to face him. His eyes are gorgeous I swear, I can stay all day like this staring at him.
‘I know what present I want from you now.’ I bite my lip.
‘What’s that?’
I place my hand behind his neck, playing with his curls. ‘I want you to be my boyfriend.’
He smiles. ‘I really really like you, you know.’
‘Yeah but why?’
‘Because you’re the only one that has been nice to me. You never made fun of me and you were so quiet and sweet with me everytime you asked me for something in math.’
He is right, I’ve never made fun of him and always had like a little thing for him, which is now a big thing.
‘Yeah, but I’m sure those girls are dying to get you into their panties right now.’ I giggle. ‘But I can’t blame them, you are so hot tonight, I don’t understand why do you keep wearing those clothes and those glasses?’
‘Yeah you should thank my sister for that. I told her that I had a crush on you and I asked her for some fashion advices.’ He grins. ‘I guess I’ve never been the guy who is always loved by girls and always the centre of attention. All I wanted was your attention.’
‘And now you have it.’ I bury my head in his chest and he puts his arm around me. I place gentle kisses on all over his chest. ‘You’re my boyfriend now.’
I raise my head to meet his eyes, he’s smiling.
‘And you’re my girl.’ He rubs the tip of his nose against mine and kisses me on the forehead. ‘You know you have a party going on don’t you?’
Shit I forgot about the party. What time is it? Double shit it’s 7:53. I quickly get up and pick up the bikini to wear it. Marcel gets up as well and puts his swimming trunks on.
‘Help me with this bra thing.’ I say to him and immediately feel his hands on my back tying the string of it. He puts his hands on my arms and kisses my neck.
Oh my this feels so good, but I don’t have time for this. When he bites my earlobe I giggle.
‘Ah no stop that.’ I grab his hand. ‘Come now.’ I make sure we look decent, but Marcel’s hair is not helping. They’re just so messy.
Once we’re downstairs at the pool Julie and Zayn come towards me.
‘Did you guys have fun?’ she asks and gives me a wink.
I look at Marcel and his cheeks are getting red. ‘Yeah it was the best of my life. Oh by the way I have something to tell you guys.’
‘What would that be?’ Zayn asks. He has his arms wrapped around Julie’s body and resting his head on her shoulder.
I turn to Marcel and put my hand on the back of his head pulling him for a kiss. I’m not sure how the others are taking this because I have my eyes closed, but I can hear cheers and that’s a good thing. Marcel is the one to break the kiss and looks at me.
‘You’re together now?’ Zayn says.
‘Hold on babe I got this.’ Julie says to him. ‘You’re together now?’ she says it with a louder voice.
‘That’s what I said.’
‘Yeah but it’s about the intonation babe.’ She kisses him.
‘Ok before you two start making out again, yes me and Marcel are together now.’
‘Aww that’s so sweet welcome to the family Marcel.’ Julie gives him a big bear hug and when she pulls back Zayn says the same thing and gives him a hi-5.
‘Ok now if you don’t mind me and this little lady here have some unfinished business.’ She giggles when Zayn pulls her for a dance.
I turn to Marcel. ‘They like you.’
‘And I like you.’ I can’t help but blush a bit when he says that.
‘And I kinda love you.’ I tease.
‘Kinda?’ he gives me his puppy eyes and pouts. No don’t do that. it’s so cute it hurts.
‘Ok I love you!’ I scream, but not loud enough for everyone to hear me.
He wraps his arms around me and puts his forehead against mine.
‘Thought so.’
‘And you?’
He chuckles. ‘I love you too.’
And we spend all night dancing in each other’s arms, until everyone is gone and he spends the night cuddling with me in my bed.
What more can I ask for?

Blowing off his little comment, Y/N slides up besides him, “Do you need any help?” She asks, “And before you go on that spiel about how you’ve handled your own laundry for a whole 3 some odd years, I wan’t to be able to pay you in some way if you won’t take my money.”

Harry thinks on it for a while, nibbling down at his lip, before he slides one of his floral shirts over to her (it’s burgundy, loose, and floaty), “These are hung, but the cotton shirts are just folded.”

“You know,” Y/N works on picking up a hanger in the mass of clothes on his bed, “For 20 something, you’ve sure accumulated a lot of clothing in the last few years. More than Cher,  I’d reckon.”

Chuckling, Harry decides not to ask if 120 years still counted as a few.


Harry’s a real shit vampire and Y/N has no clue (maybe)

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Stranger In A Bar

A/N: As you know, I accidentally deleted my blog (wweoneshotsbycharlie), so I’m reposting all of my stories for you guys. Also, you can follow me on Wattpad (heyitsmecharlie), you can find my stories there as well. I hope you enjoy!
Pairings: Finn Bálor x Reader (with Edge)
Warnings: ———
Summary: One night, (Y/N) meets Finn in a bar, but they never talk again after that. After one year, the unexpected happens.

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Harry Styles - Kids Are a Daddy’s Girl and A Momma’s Boy Imagine

[Harry with kids… I just can’t handle it. haha. Enjoy!]

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It’s Too Late to Apologize | Harry Styles

Apologize by OneRepublic


It’s Too Late to Apologize (1 of 2) | Harry Styles One-Shot Imagine

Request & idea by shhhh-me: You’re an athlete; you and Harry are dating and his friends make fun of your weight and he goes along with them.

November 2015: Brooklyn, New York

Right. Left. Right. Duck. Left Hook. Oh shit!

“Oh and Missy lands one right on Y/N’s head!” The announcer yells.

Fuck. Come on Y/N. You can do this.

Left. Right. Duck. Duck. Left. Right. Oh shit, that was close.

One more… She has a weakness. 

Duck. Hard Right Uppercut.

“And Missy is on the ground!”

Now that was a damn good punch.

“3…2…1… AND THE WINNER IS Y/F/N Y/L/N! STILL CLAIMING HER UNDEFEATED TITLE OF WOMEN’S BOXING!” The announcer grabbed Y/N’s left hand and held it up, slowly turning her victoriously.

She spat out the black mouth guard into her other hand and was soon jumped on by her coach.

“I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!” Her couch shouted as he shook and hugged her sweaty, sore body.

Her mouth was still full of blood, so she looked at Cassie, her water girl who also idolized her and Cassie held up the bucket in her hand for Y/N to spit the blood that had pooled in her mouth.

After a quick interview and a dozen congratulations, Y/N stepped out of the ring and headed towards the locker room as hundreds of hands were waved in her face for handshakes but thank God for security guards.

“Y/N! Y/N!” A familiar Irish voice caught her attention above the thousands of people that were screaming and cheering.

Y/N turned around to see one of her best friends with the biggest smile on his face as he rushed towards her, she nodded at her body guards to let him through.

“Niall! I didn’t think you were going to make it!” She wrapped her arms around her friend and he embraced her, not caring about the sweat that was getting on his clothes.

“Of course I wasn’t going to miss it! What kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t make it to my best friend’s championship fight?!” He grinned as he walked with her into the locker room, his arm draped over her shoulder.

“Well I knew you guys had work, so I didn’t mind!” She nodded as she wiped the sweat from the forehead with the back of her hand.

Before they had a chance to walk into the locker room, Y/N’s coach had pulled her to the side, going over the logistics of the money she had just made from winning the fight and how ESPN wants to interview her after she showered and changed, among other networks.

Niall followed her and sat down on the bench as she picked up her white duffel bag with the familiar gold check mark and grabbed a set of brand new clothes that were given to her by Nike. 

Niall and Y/N had been best friends for about 7 years now. She knew him before he was even on The X Factor but then a coach had found her and trained her and after she won a few amateur matches in Europe, Nike wanted her in America to sponsor and train her in their state of the art facility in New York. After Niall made it through The X Factor UK auditions and was placed in One Direction, she had flown back to support him during the finals. When they lost, she was there, comforting him through it all, promising that this was just the beginning for him, knowing that Niall was way too talented for his dream to end just because of some show that didn’t know how to appreciate his talent.

She was absolutely right, soon after they had lost, Simon Cowell had signed them and then they became the biggest boy-band on the planet a year later.

She met Louis and Liam first during a get-together that Niall had hosted in London about 4 years ago, then Zayn almost a year after that; they all loved her and treated her like a sister. Louis and her had the same taste in music and were seen at concerts together from time to time; Liam thought she was amazing for the fact that she was a boxer, she and Liam even went at each other few times in the ring together and she taught him a few things that even his personal trainers couldn’t. Zayn loved her for the fact that she wasn’t like all the other girls that constantly surrounded them, she was independent, strong and she didn’t care about what anyone said about her nor took any shit from anyone.

She hadn’t formally met Harry until just about two years ago and they hit it off right away. The attraction between them was undeniable and nothing could stop them from being together, not even their Irish best friend. They brought out a different side of each other, one that neither of the boys have seen and they thought that she was really great for Harry, perfect for him. They all supported it, hell, Louis and Zayn might have even had something to do with making their first date happen.

Almost a year after they started seeing each other, Harry finally admitted in an interview with Chatty Man that he was officially with Y/N, the youngest woman boxer and three time national champion. Since then, they have had to work around their busy schedules and make time for each other whenever they could, but to Y/N it wasn’t a big deal because Harry was worth it to her. It had only been a few months since they went public, but they both tried their best to not let the rest of the world affect their relationship.

“Harry wanted to be here and he apologizes that he had meetings all day today that kept him from coming,” Niall hummed as he drummed his fingers against the wooden bench.

“That’s alright! I’m going to fly to L.A. with you tomorrow to see him.” She stuck her tongue out and stepped around him and into the shower.

Niall had to raise his voice when Y/N turned on the water, “Oh really?! I didn’t know that!” He lied, knowing damn well Harry had planned a surprise party for her.

“Yeah, totally last minute!” She craned her neck away from the water and shouted, “We both decided this last night… he felt guilty for not being able to come to my match today!”

Niall pulled out his phone and replied to the messages from his friends as he shouted back at Y/N, “Oh okay! Well wheels up at 4 in the afternoon tomorrow! We’ll be in L.A. by 7pm!”

Y/N didn’t answer Niall, she just finished showering so that she could get going to her interviews and then out with her best friend.

- - - - -

“Y/N! How does it feel to win and defend your National Champion title for the fourth year in a row?” The interviewer asked her.

“It’s unbelievable! I honestly thought she had me for a second tonight but I kept telling myself that I worked hard for this and I wasn’t going to go down without giving it my all, which I did.” She smiled as she spoke into his microphone.

“Congratulations again, do you think you’ll continue fighting next year?” He asked.

“Yeah of course! Boxing is my passion.” She nodded.

“This year you were undefeated, what did you do differently to have that happen?”

“I guess I trained harder this past year and I was completely devoted, 120 percent.” She explained with a smile.

“So being in a relationship hasn’t hindered your career at all?” He challenged her. She knew that they were going to work her relationship with Harry into this; ever since they became official publicly, eyes have been on her more than ever. She was now known as Harry Styles’ Boxer Girlfriend, which irritated her because she knew she was so much more than that.

“No, of course not. Why would it? Harry’s very supportive of my career.” She cleared her throat and looked over and Niall who was waiting for her to finish her interview.

“Do you think if Harry was here tonight, it would’ve distracted you?” He continued.

She was very annoyed at this point but she had to maintain her composure, “No. He has been to a few of my matches this year and it didn’t affect me. When I’m in the ring, nothing matters but me and my opponent. I don’t let anything else bother me, I stay focused.”

After a few more questions and another interview, and she tugged her peacoat close to her body and followed Niall and his security team out to his suburban, as they were bombarded by paparazzi, then headed off to Manhattan to celebrate her victory.

- - - - - 

Los Angeles, California

“How is it not even cold here when it’s November?!” Y/N asked Niall as they both stepped off the jet, dressed and ready for dinner which Niall said they would be meeting Harry at the SoHo House.

“It’s crazy right? Probably why Harry is here all the time when we are on break, he doesn’t care for the cold!” Niall chuckled as they waited for his security to load their luggage into the Range Rover Niall had rented for the weekend.

After they thanked everyone, Niall and Y/N hopped in the car and drove away from the airport with Niall’s security team following behind them in a van.

“You look great by the way! Harry’s going to shoot his load!” Niall snickered.

“You are fucking disgusting Niall.” Y/N punched Niall lightly which made him flinch.

“Oy! I need my arm! I play the guitar you know?! I can’t handle a punch like you can!” He shouted as he continued driving and playfully rubbed his bicep.

“Oh shut up Niall! You use to be my punching bag before you became ‘Niall Horan from One Direction!’” She folded her arms across her chest.

“Yeah well now you have other people to be your punching bag!” He turned on the radio and let the music fill the car as they headed towards downtown L.A.

“Why are we going to Harry’s house? You said we were meeting him at the restaurant… That’s why we had to get ready on the damn plane.” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows together as she fidgeted with the lace from her black dress.

“I have to pick up Louis and Zayn. They need a ride because Harry apparently left them at his house since Zayn took too long to get ready,” Niall shrugged as they turned into the familiar neighborhood.

“Oh…kay? That doesn’t seem like Harry to not wait for his friends…” She licked her lips, “Niall James Horan, do you think I don’t know when you’re lying to me?!”

Niall shot her an innocent and confused look, “What are you talking about?”

When they turned into Harry’s house, Niall pushed the four number code into the padlock to open the gate.

“Why are we here Niall?” Y/N asked again.

“I told-”

“You’re lying.” She cut him off in a dry tone.

Niall didn’t say another word until he parked his Range Rover in the front of Harry’s house that was eerily dark.

“Come on Y/N.”

“Why do I have to go in? I’ll just wait in the car.” She tested him.

“Can you stop being so damn stubborn and just come with me? You know I hate going into places alone.” Niall whined as he opened his door and stepped down from the car.

This was true. Niall was never the type to ever go somewhere by himself for as long as she had known him. But this was even odd for Niall, he was just going into Harry’s house to get Louis and Zayn.

“Fine!” She unbuckled her seat belt and stepped down from the car and followed Niall up the steps. Without even knocking, Niall opened the front door and let himself in and she followed close behind.

“Niall why is the-”


The entire living room lit up and there were at least 50 people shouting, cheering, shooting confetti and blowing noisemakers; the song ‘All I Do is Win’ was playing the background which all together scared the hell out of Y/N, causing her to nearly fall backwards in her heels if Niall wasn’t standing next to her to catch her.

“What is all this?!” Y/N had one hand covering her mouth as she scanned the room to find Harry standing in the middle of everyone with two glasses in his hand and a huge smile plastered on his face.

“This is my surprise party for you! My way of saying ‘sorry’ for missing your fight and congratulating you on defending your title!” Harry walked over towards Y/N and handed her a glass and placed a kiss on her lips, causing everyone to whoop and holler.

“Thank you… for all of this! You’re the best Harry!” She grinned.

“You knew didn’t you?” Y/N looked at Niall who just shrugged and walked off to grab a drink.

Harry introduced Y/N to a few of his friends that she hadn’t met before, such as Nadine Leopold, Sara Sampaio, Chelsea Handler and Sebastian Stan, who was in town shooting a movie, and a few other movie stars that she was a little surprised was even there.

After a few minutes of small talk Y/N went to find her favorite people: Liam, Louis, Zayn and Sophia, who were drinking with Niall in the kitchen.

“Y/N!” Louis wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug, “I wish I could’ve seen your fight in person! I was watching it on the telly and damn! The way you knocked her to the ground! Shit! I really wish I could’ve been there!”

“Congratulations babe, you are bloody amazing!” Zayn was next.

Sophia wrapped her arms around Y/N, “Please teach me how to box!”

“Soph! I’ve been trying to get you to do it with me for years!” Liam pouted.

“Yeah but Y/N’s a pro…” Sophia teased him.

“I can teach you any time you want Sophia.” Y/N grinned.

Liam was the last to give her a hug before they all began to grab a plate and start helping themselves to the enormous amount of food that Harry had ordered for the party.

“Excuse me guys, I have to go say ‘hi’ to some people I recognize! Be right back,” Y/N whispered with a big grin on her face as she tiptoed off with her plate of food to mingle with James, Jeff and Glenne.

- - - - -

As Y/N was about to turn around the corner after using the one of the many restrooms Harry had, she heard a few voices that she really didn’t recognize and one that was all too familiar.

“She’s a bit big for your taste Harry,” One of the voices said.

Y/N slowly peaked her head from behind the wall to see that it was Nadine and Sara that was sitting with Harry on the couch of his second living room, talking.

“What?” Harry’s turned his head away from the telly that was replaying Y/N’s fight from last night.

“Your girlfriend. She’s got quiet a bit of meat on her bones… compared too…” Sara trailed off as she looked at Nadine and smirked.

Harry and Nadine had a very brief fling once upon a time, Y/N knew, but she didn’t care when he told her about it. He said there were absolutely nothing between them anymore and gave her his word on it, so she trusted him.

Y/N felt her stomach drop. 

Are these the kinds of people Harry hangs out with in L.A.? 

Nadine and Sara let out a quiet chuckle and looked at Harry who was debating on what to say.

“Oh come on Harry, you have got to admit… she’s bigger all your other exes. Taylor was basically a twig!” Nadine laughed.

Y/N had never, ever been the type who cares about her size or weight, it never bothered her because she was confident in herself. But in that moment, listening to his friends comment on her size, she felt insecure.

She wrapped her arms around her body and leaned against the wall; she knew she shouldn’t continue listening but she couldn’t help it. 

“Yeah… you guys are right, she is a bit thicker…” Harry’s voice surprised her, she didn’t think he was going to actually agree with them. She stood there motionless and numb, his voice seemed louder than even the music that was blaring in the other room as it rung in her ears.

“She’s so… muscular… her legs are even thicker than mine.” Harry chuckled.

“And her arms!” Sara pointed out.

“How does she not hurt you when you two are fucking?” Nadine crassly asked which made Sara burst into laughter. 

‘What absolute bitches’, Sophia thought.

Little did anyone know, Sophia was listening behind the other wall, on the other side of the room and felt very disappointed in Harry. She bit her bottom lip in anger, afraid that she was going to step out and say something so she hurried off to find the two people she knew that could do something about it, hoping that Y/N wouldn’t hear about their conversation but it was already too late.

Y/N couldn’t listen anymore, she pushed herself off the wall and went straight back into the bathroom and cried. She felt her heart shatter as Harry’s words kept replaying in her ears.

How could he? How could he say those things about her? 

Why didn’t he defend her? Why would he let his “friends” talk about her that way?

Why the fuck was he hanging out with people like that? That’s not the Harry she knew.

Millions of thoughts were racing through Y/N’s mind, all their memories of them laying in bed together and Harry telling her how perfect, beautiful, lovely or gorgeous she was; or when Harry would take her hand randomly and kiss the top of it, telling her how wonderful she was and how he was so lucky to have her.

Where was that Harry?

She wondered where was the Harry that was so excited to bring her home to meet his parents and older sister whom he loved, or the Harry that didn’t care if she didn’t wear make-up and threw on sweats when they went out together.

Tears continued to stream down her face as she sat on the floor of the bathroom, her back against the door feeling more insecure than she ever has before.

“HE SAID WHAT?!” Niall growled.

“What the fuck? Curly? Curly fuckin’ said that about Y/N?!” Louis slammed his drink down on the counter.

“Shhh! I don’t want Y/N to know…” Sophia held her finger up to her mouth.

“Where the fuck is he? I’m going to fuckin’ kill him!” Niall roared.

“Niall, Louis, calm down… don’t cause a scene…” Liam stopped the two of them from leaving the kitchen.

“Liam, you even know that’s beyond fucked up for him to say and it’s about his own girlfriend. We can all agree that she’s fit as hell.” Zayn scratched his beard.

“Of course it’s fucked up but not in front of everyone.” Liam glanced around the dining room to make sure no one was listening.

“To hell with him! I’m going to kick his arse-” Niall quickly finished the beer in his hand and slammed his cup on the table and wiped the remnants off his mouth with the back of his hand, “My best friend! I’ll show him!”

Niall pushed Liam out of his way with Louis following close behind.

“Oh shit…” Liam shook his head as Sophia laced her hand in his.

“You know you don’t want to miss this…” Zayn chuckled as he motioned for them to follow.

“You fucking wanker!” Niall picked up Harry by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall when they finally found him, still in the second living room.

Nadine and Sara both shrieked as they watched in disbelief as Niall and Louis pinned Harry against the wall.

“You girls should leave.” Zayn narrowed his eyes at them as he folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the opposite wall. 

The both of them scrambled to their feet and raced out of the room, their heels loudly clicking against the wooden floor.

“What the hell are you two doing?!” Harry’s eyes were wide with confusion.

“I ought to kill you Styles! How dare you call my best friend fat!” Niall shouted.

“Shhhhh! Niall!” Liam’s voice echoed through the room with Sophia standing next to him.

“I did- I didn’t call her fat!” Harry voice wavered.

“Then did you call her thick? Big?” Louis was the one growling this time, “What the fuck Harold?”

“Can you guys get off me and let me explain? Fuck!” Harry looked down at Niall’s and Louis’ arms which were shoved against his chest, hurting him.

Both of them slowly backed themselves off of him and Harry straightened out his shirt.

“I only said it because the girls were making such a big deal about it, I didn’t actually mean it.” Harry explained.

“Who the fuck cares if you actually meant it or not? It’s the fact that you said it! What the hell would you have done if Y/N heard you?” Niall scolded him.

“But she didn’t-”

“But what if she did!?” Louis interjected.

“God what kind of people- why would you even let them say that about your girlfriend? MY best friend!” Niall shook his head.

“I’m sorry Niall, I didn’t think anyone heard.” Harry said quietly, feeling guilty.

“Well you better fucking pray Y/N doesn’t because she can actually beat you into a pulp!” Louis spat before he turned around and walked away.

“That was not cool mate.” Zayn sighed before he followed Louis outside for a smoke.

- - - - -

No one could find Y/N for the rest of the evening. Eventually after about an hour, she came out of the bathroom and snuck upstairs into Harry’s room.

She looked at her phone to see five missed calls from Niall, one from Louis and dozens of messages from Harry. She tucked her phone back into her purse and grabbed one of the few duffel bags she had there and began packing all of the clothes, purses, jewelry and shoes that she had left at his house throughout the year they’ve been together.

“Y/N?” Harry’s voice made her freeze as she made her way through her- no- his drawers.

“Y/N? I’ve been looking everywhere for you- what are you doing?” Harry walked up behind her and grabbed her hand but she quickly pulled it away.

“Don’t touch me.” She slowly said.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Harry asked, not really sure what was happening.

Y/N didn’t say a word, she knew that if she did say anything at this point she was going to break down, so she kept packing all of her clothes into one of the duffel bags that was open on his bed.

“Y/N! Please talk to me!” 

She didn’t want to talk to him, she wanted to get the hell away from him.

Harry grabbed both of her shoulders and forced her to look at him but as soon as their eyes connect she burst into tears.

“Y/N…. what…” Harry was shocked.

“You!” She pounded her fist against his chest, “How could you? After everything? Why even throw me this party Harry? Why even celebrate my victory?” She shouted as tears streamed down her face uncontrollably, she was still completely shocked by the conversation she overhead but this was the first time she was vocal about it.

“Y/N what are you talking about?” Harry wrapped his hands around her wrist to stop her from hitting him.

“If I’m so fucking THICK why the hell are you even WITH ME?!” She finally shouted and Harry froze.

All the color drained from his face as he heard her yell, his heart even felt like it had stop beating as he now understood why she was in pain. She heard them, she heard him.

Harry couldn’t move, he tried to say something but as his lips parted to apologize, nothing came out. He felt pathetic. He never expected for her to hear him and his friends.

“I don’t even know who you are anymore Harry!” She cried as she turned around and went into his closet to pull the rest of her clothes off the hangers and threw them into the duffel bag that was almost full.

“Y/N… I-”

“DO NOT SAY SORRY! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” She bellowed as she gave him a dirty look.

Harry felt his heart breaking knowing that she was packing HER things, his eyes looked down at all of her belongings that was sprawled across his bed.

“Y/N please, look at me… let me explain-”

“NO! There’s nothing for you to explain! I can’t believe you! Who are you to let your so called ‘friends’ talk shit about me and instead of defending me, you agree with them?! What kind of boyfriend are you? If my weight was such an issue then why the fuck even date me in the first place?!”

Y/N began zipping up one of her duffel bags that was now fully stuffed with clothes and texted Niall to come pick her up.

“No- Y/N… it’s not an issue, I love you-”

“Don’t! You do not love me Harry Styles because if you did, you wouldn’t have said those things, you asshole!” She grabbed the other duffel bag and began stuffing her shoes, purses, a gold pair of boxing gloves that she bought to match Harry’s when they sparred at his house, and a few other things.

“Y/N I didn’t mean any of it! I don’t even know why I said it!” Harry pleaded as he tried to stop her from packing and made her look at him.

“Fuck you! I don’t care if you didn’t mean it! It’s the fact that you said it! You know-” She took a deep breath and wiped the tears from her face, “I never understood why Louis and Zayn didn’t like you going to L.A. all the time but NOW I get it!”

She shook her head, “These PEOPLE you hang out with- what the fuck Harry? Why the hell are you even friends with people like that?!”

“I don’t know…” Harry honestly didn’t. He had met half of them through parties he was invited to and eventually they started inviting him out everywhere.

Y/N removed herself from Harry’s grip and zipped up the second duffel bag. She bent over, pulled both the straps from the bags over each shoulder and it wasn’t until she grabbed her purse that she felt something bounce on her neck.

She grabbed the necklace that rested around her neck and yanked it off, breaking the chain. It was a gift that Harry had bought her on the day they went public, saying that she was his and only his.

Tears continued streaming down her face when she roughly grabbed his hand and dropped the white-gold chain and diamond heart pendant in his hand. Harry felt his heart shatter when he realized what it was as the cold metal touched his skin and looked into her red eyes.

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat, feeling his voice shaking as tears fell down his face and his hand closed, “Please don’t do this Y/N.” 

“I don’t deserve to be treated that way. Bye Harry.” She sniffled before she walked around him and out of the room.

It took Harry a minute to finally gather himself together. He stuffed the chain in his pocket as his feet moved to chase after her and by the time he had fled downstairs and out the front door, Y/N was closing the door to the backseat of Niall’s car and opened the door to the passenger side.

“Y/N! Wait! Please!” Harry said out of breath as he raced up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

She was sobbing at this point and Harry felt his stomach drop seeing her cry like that, he actually had never ever seen her cry like this before and knowing that it was because of him made him feel even worst.

“I’m done Harry.” She simply said after she calmed down and tore away from his embrace.

“Please Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Harry pleaded as he attempted to lace his hands in hers.

“No,” She gently retracted her arms hands from his, “You know what Harry? I take beatings for a living but nothing has ever hurt me more than hearing you talk about me that way.”

“Y/N…” Harry felt like the biggest piece of shit on the planet. He hated himself so much for what he said, for hurting the only girl he has ever loved, all because he wanted to seem cool to his stupid friends.

“Goodbye Harry.” Y/N climbed into the passenger seat and closed the door.

Niall didn’t even look at Harry, he just reversed out of the driveway, hit the gas and peeled off down the street, disappointed in his best mate.

Harry dragged himself back into his now empty house, closed the door and stood there motionless for a moment.

After a while he slid down with his back against the door as he struggled with his breathing. It hurt to breathe, his lung felt like they were going to collapse because she was gone. His felt his heart crumble as tears began streaming down his face, he couldn’t even see clearly in front of him anymore. Everything was hurting.

He realized that he was alone, really alone.

He lost the only thing that made him feel whole.

He lost her.

- - - - - - - - -

Part 2 :: I Need You Like a Heart Needs a Beat

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Preference 134-He Goes to Your Photo Shoot


Master List

Niall: He had showed up too early to pick you up, so he had ended up staying on set for a while. He had been given a tall chair to sit on and watch on as you did your thing in front of the camera. You had been modeling for a new clothing line that was set to come out. He had asked you a bunch of times if he could watch a photo shoot, but you had always said no. It made you nervous just thinking about him being there. Now you didn’t have much of a choice. As he watched on, he had a huge smile on his face, his pearly whites were on full display. He was clapping and making you laugh, adding to your natural-ness that came off on the camera. He had enjoyed watching you do your job, just like you did when you watched him perform. New outfits were put on, more shots were taking, and then the last shot was taken. You had walked over to him, he was smiling and clapping as you walked up. “You did great, babe,” he smiled, wrapping his lean arms around you. You giggled as you hugged him back, thanking him. “I’m glad I finally got to see you in action,” he smiled, pulling back. “Did you enjoy it?” you asked, kissing his cheek. “Definitely did. These are some nice clothes, you should steal them,” he joked, playing with the hem of the shirt. “I would, but they already let me keep them,” you whispered, smirking at him.

Zayn: He had been drooling, naturally, as he sat back and watched you on set. You hadn’t even realized that he had appeared. He had wanted to surprise you, but he was the one who got surprised as soon as he walked in. You were modeling for a lingerie company, wearing some of their best products. You were oomfed, hair and makeup going to the sexy side. He had seen you like that in private, but never in a model stance. It was your first lingerie shoot and you had been nervous, but wearing the outfit had gave you confidence. You had been making love to the camera and you were feeling great. He had been getting turned on, wanting to take you away from the room full of other people’s eyes. He had been in a daze for a bit, having to close this eyes and relax. He had missed the ending call and your heels making their way towards him. “What are you doing here?” you asked, smiling as he opened his eyes. You had a robe on and he had sighed in relief, not knowing if he could handle seeing you half naked. “I came to surprise you, but I was the one who got a surprise. You look amazing, babe,” he said, pulling you closer to him. He was biting his lip and looking at you lustfully, making you know what he had been thinking.

Louis: He had been sighing out of boredom, though you told him that he could leave at any time. You didn’t know why he had insisted in accompanying you to a shoot because you knew he would get bored. He always did. You were sitting in a chair getting you hair and makeup done. He was sitting in the chair next to yours, scrolling through his phone as he waited. “Babe, you can leave,” you said, trying to stay still, but still look at him. He looked exhausted, but it was understandable because it was 6 AM. “I want to see you work, baby. I’ve never been on set, I always just see the finished results,” he smiled, reaching over and taking your hand into his. “Are you sure?” you asked, getting down as the people told you that you were done. “Positive,” he smiled, pulling you closer. You were about to kiss him, but you got scolded about ruining your makeup. You had chuckled and told him you would be back as you went off and got dressed. “Come on,” you said, taking his hand and pulling him out of the dressing room. “I get to see you at work,” he chuckled, squeezing your hand as you led him to a chair off by the computers that showed the picture. “Wait here,” you smiled, walking away as he sat down.

Harry: Your feet were hurting and you were hungry, the shoot was also not almost near over. HE had called, a bunch of times, and you had finally gotten back to him during break. You had told him, well complained, about those two things and he had told you that it would get better. Little did you know, he was going to show up with your favorite take-out. You had been called for a lunch break, confusing you as you walked off set. He was sitting in your dressing room as you walked in, catching you off guard. “Brought lunch and asked if you could have a break,” he had said, getting up and walking over to you. “You’re amazing,” you smiled, taking him into a hug and getting lifted off of the ground for a split second. “I know, babe. Come on and eat,” he said, leading you to the couch and sitting you down. He got the food out and gave you yours before settling down with you. “You were great out there,” he smiled, taking a bite out of his food. “You watched?” you asked, mouth full as you cover it with your hand. He chuckled, handing you a napkin before nodding. “I did. Never seen you in action, looking very… model-y.” You laughed at his choice of words and then thanked him. “I have the best boyfriend,” you said, stuffing more food into your mouth.

Liam: Admiration. That was what his eyes held as he watched you stand in front of the cameras. You were spot on with every stance that the photographer was yelling out at you. Your smile was shining, you hair was blowing, and he thought you looked pretty incredible. He watched on with a smile his face, getting a wink from you every now and then. Every time one look was done, he was clapping and following you into the dressing room to compliment you as you got changed. He had snuck off right before it was over, making you wonder where he had went. The shoot had come to an end and everyone had been thanked and complimented before you headed to the dressing room. You had been changed and ready to leave by the time he had come back. Kisses and congratulations were given as he took you to the car. “I got dinner and some movies for tonight. You worked hard, babe, you deserve a nice night in,” he smiled, leaning over and kissing your cheek. “You did amazing. The camera loves you, almost as much as I do,” he said, pulling away as you playfully slapped his arm. “Thank you. I love you, too.”

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From the prompt list, no 2: 'I know it's 3 in the morning, but I can't find my cat', please. And the ship I'm asking for should be obvious, I think.

Hello love,

Thank you. Here you go (also Ayesha asked for this one or another so will do that one separately)   Hope you like it, even just a bit. 


Zayn’s halfway through killing dozens of zombies when the knock on the door comes.  Its quiet enough that if he was asleep, or had the sound a bit louder on the TV, he wouldn’t have heard it but he wasn’t and it wasn’t so he does.

He glances at the clock next to the TV, its 3am and he wishes he was like that bloke he plays in the video game, that had he some kind of weapon to defend himself with though come to think of it not many burglars or mad axe men announce themselves with a knock at the door.

But thing is, he’s watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds to not be a bit jumpy so when there’s another knock on the door,  he gets up, glances at the door as he walks into the hall and then hurries left to where his kitchen is, rifling through drawers and peering into cupboards looking to find something, anything that’ll defend him against whoever’s lurking behind that door.

He finds nothing, well a packet of Frosties and a can of baked beans, with an expiry date of..well 3 years ago so if all else fails he can force feed his assailant dodgy beans but there’s nothing else as he loaned all his cutlery to Niall for his birthday party and he hasn’t thought to ask for it back yet. 

There’s another knock on the door then and well Zayn has to give this person credit for being persistent as well as polite and its clear they’re not going anywhere soon so he takes a few long strides to the door, and then hands shaking as he turns the key, opens it.

To be confronted by someone who resembles a snowman, and well damn, in all the attention he’d been paying to the game he’d not realised there was a blizzard outside, and it’s still snowing.

As he looks a bit closer though at Frostie the snowman, he can recognise him, even though his lips are fast turning blue, and there’s snow covering the hair on his head and his beard is flecked with bits of snow in it too, he recognises him, he’d recognise those lips anywhere and yes he knows how that sounds which is why he’d never say it out loud.  It’s not just anyone, its Liam Payne.  

Liam Payne, fit neighbour. and fireman who’s also a little bit of a TV star thanks to the programme about Fire Rescues that he co presents with Daisy Smith, the BBC presenter of the moment. 

Liam who’s mumbling a ‘sorry’ but his lips are trembling, and he’s shivering, looking like he’s about to freeze on the spot and okay Zayn doesn’t know him from Adam but there’s no way that this guy’s a danger, so he reaches his arm out and goes to pull him towards him and into the warmth of the house. 

Instead of mumbling his thanks and following Zayn into his house where Zayn’s already wondering where his secret stash of mugs is and whether he’ll be able to find the hot water bottle he last saw about 18 months ago, he shakes his head. 

‘No, you don’t understand and I’m sorry I know its 3 in the morning but I can’t find my cat,’ he heaves the heaviest of sighs which turns into an even bigger shiver and he sounds like he’s about to cry though more out of frustration than being upset. ‘Except it’s not my cat, its my ex boyfriend’s cat and he’s going to kill me and I locked myself out and Mr Tibbles is probably sat in front of the fire right now like the little shit he is, and well like owner like cat right and well I know you know the previous owner of the flat, and he mentioned something about you having a spare key’

Liam stops talking then, out of breath and Zayn hates the snow okay but even if Liam wasn’t fit there’s something about him, something that makes Zayn want to help him, and not just help him by letting him into his flat with the spare key that Louis gave him years ago when he first moved in and which he used on too many occasions to mention when Louis locked himself out or simply forgot his key, but he wants to magic up Mr Tibbles from nowhere and then do whatever he can to warm Liam up, okay maybe that’s because he does fancy him. 

Liam doesn’t know that, doesn’t have to know that and Zayn distracts himself from that thought by grabbing his coat from the peg by the side of the door and then reaching into the drawer of the little cabinet that’s just below the mirror opposite the front door and pulls out the key, holding it up in triumph.

For the first time since he knocked on his door, Liam smiles, just briefly and its as good up close, even if he is still freezing to death, as it is on the telly but as Liam shivers, Zayn steps out into the cold, slams the door behind him, reaches for one of Liam’s hands, which is like a block of ice and pulls him back towards the direction of his house.

20 minutes later and he’s preparing a hot water bottle for Liam, the cups of tea that he’d made for Liam earlier still untouched, Liam’s sat in the settee close to the fire, a blanket Zayn had found in a cupboard wrapped round him, and each hand clasped round one mug as they balance precariously on his lap while he continues to shiver.

Mr Tibbles as Liam predicted was sat in front of the fire and the moment Liam walked in, laid eyes on him and practically fainted in relief, he’d arched his back, tail rising up into the air, turned his head and scurried out the room and hasn’t been seen since Zayn found him sat on top of the toilet upstairs when Liam had begged him to make sure he hadn’t escaped again. 

The kettle boils and he pours the water in, screwing the lid when it’s full and walks in to the living room.

Liam’s still there, still wrapped up, hands still clasped round the mugs which must be cold by now anyway and he’s still shivering, though when he sees Zayn he looks up and smiles, 

Zayn puts the hot water bottle under his shoulder for a moment, takes the mugs from Liam’s hands and sure enough they’re cool to the touch now, he puts them on the coffee table in front of Liam and then hands him the hot water bottle.

Liam breathes out a ‘thank you’ and then he shuts his eyes as he wraps his arms round the hot water bottle hugging it close.  

‘You can go now Zayn you know I’ll be alright, just thanks for rescuing me and Mr Tibbles even if he was a bit ungrateful,’ Liam pauses for a moment and then opens his eyes and with all the sincerity in the world adds ‘I owe you one, well several in fact’

Zayn nods, walks towards the door and he should go, he’s got work in well, 3 hours, and yet something stops him, maybe its the shiver that’s still there as he turns and sees Liam hug the hot water bottle tightly or maybe it’s that he’s suddenly remembering what its like to be with someone in the early hours of the morning, sat in front of a fire and all the nostalgia that brings and maybe just maybe, there’s a big dollop of the fact that he likes Liam.  A bit. A lot okay, he likes him a lot. 

So he does something he doesn’t normally do, takes a leap and what’s the worst thing that can happen? Liam will say no, and Zayn will just walk out the door, sell his house and he’ll move to the other end of the country. Easy. 

‘You’re still shivering,’  He edges a bit closer as he says it and Liam looks up, and he could be mistaken, he always is on this type of thing, but he’s sure he sees a ghost of something and a slight upturn at the corners of Liam’s mouth. 

‘I am,’ is all he says though in response and well just his luck that this is going to be dragged out, that it has to be Zayn to do this.

Zayn scratches at his chin for a moment, and he knows he’s grimacing in that way he always does when he wants to say something but can’t bring himself to say it, except he has to ‘cause Liam is still shivering and well needs must.

‘Well I’ve heard on one of them discovery channel documentaries that Louis, the lad who used to live here, makes me watch to try and impress Harry his boyfriend who’s a Doctor, and it was all about someone getting stuck on Everest and they were with their mate and they weren’t even that close, this bloke and his mate and one of them had hypothermia and they said the best thing to do was share body heat, i mean they had to strip off like and I’m not saying we have to, not at all cos that’d be weird but…,’


He doesn’t hear Liam initially, too busy staring at the floor, wanting the ground to open up and swallow him whole but then Liam says his name again, louder this time and he looks up and Liam’s grinning.

‘I think stripping off on our first date might be a bit forward Zayn and I don’t think I’ve got hypothermia on the level of someone who was on Everest but I definitely wouldn’t be averse to a little bit of body heat,’  it’s Liam’s turn to blush now and well thank fuck Zayn’s found someone as shit as him at this. ‘As long as its your body heat you’re offering that is’ 

Zayn finds confidence in that, the common ground and he walks the short distance to the settee, sinks into it and wraps his arms round Liam and it shouldn’t feel as comfortable as it does the moment he does it, and yet it feels so normal, like he’s been doing it for years almost, like his arms were made for this moment.

So he distracts from it, from that thought because it’s all happening so fast and thing is he’s so out of practice with all this, maybe its just him except Liam did say first date and so maybe just maybe, he’s not wrong but he won’t take the chance.  ‘So Mr TV Fireman, how you going to explain locking yourself out and having to get rescued by your everyday average heart-throb for a neighbour then?’ 

Liam snorts, adjusts his position slightly and leans his head onto Zayn’s shoulder. ‘I’ll just say it was planned,’ and then as he raises his head slightly for a moment and looks at Zayn, he adds with a wink that to Zayn looks more like a blink ‘and maybe just maybe it was’

Harry Styles Imagine: Family Dinner

“At what time should I be ready for tonight?”

“Half past six should be fine.”

“What should I wear?”

“Doesn’t really matter…uh–something casual?”

“Oh..okay. Uhm and do you think we should bring something, like drinks or dessert?”

“No it’s fine! They’ve got it covered.”

“And should we at least bring a gift or flowers?” 

“Wh–is everything alright?”

“Yes. I guess..I guess I’m just nervous is all.” 

The truth was, I hear Harry talk a lot about his family and how much he cares about Anne and Gemma and Robin, so I felt the pressure to leave a good impression on them. We’ve skyped before and we have talked on the phone. Since Harry had been on tour, we usually either met halfway in most places or I’ve stayed with him in whatever city the show was for the day, all the while we’ve been in a relationship. But I’ve never visited his home back in Cheshire. And now that he’s on break, we planned a little family dinner so I can get to know them personally. 

I spent half the day contemplating what outfit to wear. The task became nearly impossible, every option was just not good enough. And I was getting frustrated because I wanted it all to be perfect for Harry. I wanted to make sure that his family liked me because that’s what mattered to him. The media hadn’t been so kind on our relationship and the fans had been as supportive as they can be. But none of that matters, it’s the people that are closest to him that matter. 

“Can you help me choose something to wear, please?” I was running out of options here.  

“I told you, I don’t mind anything you wear. Just don’t go naked,” Harry joked not taking his of the TV screen while laying in bed. 

“Yeah, that’s real helpful.” I rolled my eyes. He noticed the tone of my voice and turned around to face me.

“Hey babe, listen to me.” I looked at him in the eyes. “You’re beautiful and cute and It’s all going to be okay. Don’t worry. They’ll love you as much as I do.”

I smiled at him. Grateful that he was so understanding and kind. I just needed to get out of my head and have fun. I try to shake off my anxious feelings and head into the shower to start getting ready. I decide to wear a burgundy skirt with thigh high socks and a cream blouse. For shoes, I went with some oxford heels. Then I did a simple, neutral makeup and straightened my hair.

This will do. I thought to myself. Then I heard Harry come into the bathroom and he just stared at me. 

“Wh-what? Is this bad?” I looked at him with a confused look. 

“Of course not! You look beautiful babe.” He said and kissed me on the cheek. I exhaled. I didn’t even notice I was holding my breath. 

“Are you ready?” I asked him, it was almost time to go.

“Yeah, let’s get going.” He states and we head downstairs.

Harry parks the car into his parents driveway and we head towards the door. I ring the doorbell and wait for the door to open. Gemma soon opens the door and greets us. 

“Hey guys, how are you?” She states while smiling and hugging each of us. 

“I’m alright thanks,” I say.

Soon Anne appears from the Kitchen to greet us.

“Y/N! It’s so nice to finally see you! Thank you for coming” She states while hugging me and smiling. She was so lovely and beautiful. I can totally see where Harry gets his good looks. 

“Thank you so much for having us,” I smiled at her.

“Hey what about me?” Harry whines being the silly guy he is. Anne goes to hug him as well and then we all head over to the dining room. Unfortunately, Robin couldn’t join us because he was working late but left kind wishes. 

The dinner went extremely well, Anne’s cooking was amazing and we all just talked about life on tour with One Direction, the madness of it all. But also, the simple small things like our favorite books, TV shows, and hobbies. I found that Gemma and I had a lot in common, which was really pleasant. It was also nice to see this side of Harry, him being relaxed with his family on a Friday night. Harry was truly happy, I noticed. When he’s with his family, his eyes shine brighter and his smile grows wider. 

After dinner, I excused myself to go to the rest room. When I came back into the living room, Harry was smiling in a cheeky way which made me really suspicious. 

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked him while sitting next to him.

He looks at me for a second and says, “Nothing.” He smiles again. But I know something’s up.

I narrow my eyes at him but let it go. We were about to watch a movie with Gemma and Anne. And as usual, Harry fell asleep halfway through the film. 

“He must really like you, you know?” Gemma whispers so that only I can hear.

“You really think so?” I say, not knowing how to respond. 

“Yea, he doesn’t bring just anybody to meet us.” She says, reassuringly.

All I can do is just smile at the sleeping Harry, who looks so cute and cuddly. 

“I guess, so” I smile at Gemma, who smiles back at me. I can see us being good friends.

The movie was over soon, so Harry and I decide that we’ve overstayed our welcome and decide to head back home. I thank Anne for the amazing dinner and for being so welcoming and kind. 

“Don’t even mention it, sweetheart! Come back any time you want!” She states while hugging us goodbye. 

We waved back to Anne and Gemma as we drive off into the lonely, dark streets. 

“See, you were worried for nothing, babe! I told you they would like you.” Harry says while reaching to hold my hand and keeping his other hand on the wheel. 

“Yeah, you were right. I’ll give you this one, Styles!” I say to him while laughing. “So what were smiling about earlier?” I asked him with a raised eyebrow. I bet he knew I wouldn’t really let that go. 

“I told you, it was nothing!” 

“I know you, and I know that wasn’t just nothing.” I said to him while looking at him sternly. 

“Okay fine fine–I’ll tell you.” Harry couldn’t keep any secrets from me. He was always so open and trusting. “My mum told me that she really liked you and that you are a lovely girl…”

“Aw that’s so nice of her to say, I also thought her and Gemma were very lovely and I’m so glad we finally met–” I didn’t finish my thought when Harry interrupted me.

“Wait– that wasn’t everything…she also asked me how I feel about you and if I thought you were the one..”

“Wow, that’s–what did you say?”

“I said yes.” 

We stared into each other’s eyes for a little bit, as if words weren’t needed because we both knew what we were thinking. In that very moment, I realized that I loved Harry with all my being.

Anxiety and AMA Afterparties

Requested: can I have an imagine where y/n goes to the AMA afterparties with Shawn and meets all the celebs with him? but like y/n has anxiety and is really scared to meet all the celebs she really likes and nearly has an anxiety attack before she and Shawn go (if that makes sense)? Thank you!!!



Shawn should have won the AMA. You might be a tiny bit biased because he’s your boyfriend, but he should have won! “Babe, it’s fine. There will be other awards. And Zayn deserved it too.”

“That’s bullshit. Zayn isn’t even a new artist, he’s new solo but he’s been around forever. And you’ve worked so hard this year, performing and releasing music. He doesn’t even tour.”

Shawn smiles at your anger in defense of him, and pulls you in for a hug. “I appreciate your support, love, but we can’t do anything about it now. Lets just go have a good time.” He kisses you lightly on the forehead. You’re still fuming inwardly, but you decide not to talk about it anymore, at least for Shawn’s sake.

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Harry Styles - Says He Loves You As More Than a Friend Imagine

[Hope you enjoy and that is’t what you want. Hope I got it right! It’s kinda short, shorter than my usual imagines, at least but… I think it’s cute.]

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From: @guilty1dlove / Laziam (AO3)
To: @josjournal
Title: Twas The Night Before Christmas…

Liam hovers outside the kitchen door, willing his mum to get the upper hand in the discussion she is having with his dad.

“Karen, we have never allowed any of the boys to stay over Christmas. We can’t suddenly make an exception for Zayn.” Geoff Payne gets up from the table in the large country kitchen, coming to a halt in front of his wife, who looks up from stirring whatever fills the room with a delicious aroma.

“I can’t believe that you want to turn him away when he has nowhere to go. He might be 18, but his parents are on a two-week cruise and because the lads only get a week off, they sadly couldn’t take him,” Karen says, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“The other three boys have managed…and their homes aren’t exactly the best either…hell, even Niall unearthed some friends he can stay with. It’s just not the done thing, and that’s that,” Geoff argues.

“He went there reluctantly, and Louis took Harry to Doncaster in the end. They’re hoping that Louis’ father can stay sober for a few days. Those boys are tolerated at best, Geoff…hardly ideal if you ask me.” Karen covers the pot with its lid, shaking her head at him.

The Paynes run a small dairy business and have in recent years taken in young men, who have committed minor offences. The idea is, that living and working on a farm, away from their normal environment, will give them perspective and prevent further brushes with the law. Liam helps out when he is not studying for his agricultural degree. Normally, he doesn’t get involved when it comes to the offenders, but this is about Zayn, and Zayn happens to be very special to him.

Liam fell hard for the soft-spoken lad pretty much the minute he arrived on the farm. He got out of the social worker’s car with an apprehensive smile on his beautiful face and a forlorn look in his hazel eyes and Liam made it his mission to gain the trust and friendship of this quiet boy. Six months down the line, he thinks that he has succeeded, even if Zayn doesn’t reciprocate his feelings on quite the same all-consuming level. They are friends, who listen to the same music, watch the same films and who connect in a way that Liam has never experienced with anyone else before. And for all of these reasons he knows that he has to step into that kitchen and speak up.

“Dad…please, it’s already Christmas Eve. It’s too late to find somewhere else. Let him stay…I like him…please!”

“We all like him, son, but there are guidelines, and they state that the programme has a week’s break over the holidays.”

“No, Dad…you’re not listening…I really like him.”

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more veela!zayn fic

“And if it ever gets to much, I should be able to, like override him. Come find me, and—”

“Zayn,” Harry cuts him off. This is maybe the fourth time Zayn’s told him this since he got to Zayn’s so they could Apparate to his parents’ together. Along with all the other warnings that Harry knows, because he’s been friends with Zayn for years and been dating him for months and he knows the precautions to take. “Zayn, it’s fine.”

“It could be,” Zayn agrees, but he sounds skeptical even admitting that much. There are wrinkles in his forehead, the kind he gets when he’s stressed out and falling into his head. This is supposed to be a step, if not fun then meaningful—Harry doesn’t want Zayn to feel like this about him meeting Zayn’s parents. Officially.

“What are you so worried about, anyway?” Harry asks, catching Zayn’s wrist before he can take out his wand. “Aren’t I supposed to be the one who’s scared to meet my boyfriend’s parents?”

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Louis Tomlinson One Shot - Winners Get Treats

(photo not mine)

Category - One Shot

Smut or Fluff? - Smut

Requested? - Yes! :D I have a request I can’t find any good louis or liam smuts anywhere can you do one where you at a charity football game for the boys and you see your bf all sweaty and get turned on (you can use y/n and you can pic or do both) thanks :)

Pairing(s) - Louis Tomlinson/Reader

Word Count - 1,685

Summary - The boys win a charity football match and instead of going out to celebrate with the lads, you and Louis decide to have a celebration of your own.

Author’s Additional Comments - I hope you guys like it! Sorry if it sucked, smut’s not really my strength lol. But I enjoy writing it anyway :)

You, along with the crowd, stood up and cheered as your boyfriend, Louis, kicked the ball into the goal, making that the 5th point he’s scored for his team. You saw Niall high five him and Liam chest bump him (which made Louis stumble back slightly) and then they ran back to the middle. Louis looked up at the stands, seeing you in the front row cheering him on. He grinned and waved to you and you waved back, then he focused back on the game.

He was sweating buckets. When he wasn’t running, you could see his damp hair sticking to his forehead. The back of his shirt was a little wet from sweat also and if you were completely honest with yourself, you were getting really turned on. You bit your lip and watched him as he stole the ball from an opponent, kicking it down the field until he got trapped by two other opponents. You watched as he saw Zayn wide open, also standing closer to their goal, and he took the risk of kicking it as hard as he could to him. Luckily, Zayn got it and kicked it down the remainder of the field kicking it into the goal just before an opponent was about to steal it.

You stood up and cheered again, shouting Louis’ name. The people beside you were giving you bitchy looks for being ‘that one person’ at games who cheer a bit too loudly. But did you care? Nope. You were proud of your boyfriend and you weren’t afraid to show it.

When the game was over, the team the boys were on won 9-7. The whole team ran to each other and hugged each other, jumping around in excitement. You saw Niall fist pumping and giggled a bit. Louis made his way through them and ran over to you, leaning up a bit since he was on a lower level.

“Proud'a me?” He grinned happily.

“So proud! I’m so happy for you guys!” You squealed, placing both your palms on his cheeks and bending over to lay a kiss on his lips.

“The lads and I are going out for pizza and ice cream to celebrate. Feel like coming?” He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

“Oh…I was actually thinking we could have our own celebration. Ya know, winners get treats.” You smirked.

At that, his smile turned into a smirk that matched yours. “Alright. I’ll tell them you aren’t feeling well.” He said, about to turn around to tell them but you stopped him.

“No, you can tell them. I want them to feel jealous.” You giggled.

He laughed and ran back over to them to tell them the news. You watched as some of their eyes widened, some of their mouths dropped, and a few of them said 'Lucky’ and 'Have fun’ and stuff like that. Louis turned around and waved you over. You made your way to the end of the row and went down the steps, the security letting you pass and you ran out to Louis, jumping in his arms.

He carried you out of the arena and you two were on your way home.


“Should I shower first?” He asked once you two got in the house.

He always asked you that when you were horny and he just got back from the gym or playing a show. He asked you because he knew you loved it when he was hot and sweaty.

“No.” You smirked, going to him and pulling him toward you, leaning up to plant a kiss on his lips.

He deepened it and grabbed the backs of your thighs, lifting you up and putting you against a wall. He pushed his crotch against yours, grinding slightly. You let out a small moan and felt him smirk into the kiss, and he did it again. You broke the kiss.

“Louis, please. I need you now.” You whined.

“Mm-mm.” He shook his head. “I’m the winner, I’m in charge. What I say, goes kitten. You know that.” He smirked devilishly.

You gulped and nodded, more arousal forming in your panties. He took you off the wall and led you to the couch, flopping you down. He peeled off his shirt and settled in between your legs, peeling off your shirt also. He reached behind you and skillfully unsnapped your bra, pulling that off of you as well. He bit his lip at the sight of your breasts and took one in his hand, kneading it gently. He leaned down and took it into his mouth, sucking on it softly, getting harsher by the moment.

“Oh God..” You breathed out, arching your back slightly to push your breasts closer to him, but he pulled away.

“Eager?” He smirked, raising his eyebrows. “Well, since I’m in such a good mood, I won’t do so much teasing this time.” He offered.

You sighed in relief, smiling slightly. He bit his lip again and pulled off your shorts, along with your boy shorts. He stripped off his clothes as well and began stroking his cock. You whimpered at the sight of it, clenching your thighs together around your heat to relieve some of the arousal.

“Awww, does my little kitten get turned on when Daddy touches himself in front of her?” He taunted, still guiding his hand up and down his cock. You whined and began touching yourself also, but he slapped your hand away. “No. You know my rules. Only I can touch you there, understood?” He said.

“Yes, Daddy.” You muttered.

“No, I don’t think you do. I think someone needs a bit of a punishment.” He smirked. You loved spanking. He knows you loved spanking, which is why he did it so much. You were about to turn over and poke your ass out for a spanking, but he stopped you. “No, no. I have a different form of punishment this time. Open your legs wide for me, kitten. Keep them wide open, no matter what.” He demanded.

You did as you were told. He took his hand and stuck both his index and middle finger in your heat at the same time and instead of moving them in-and-out like a little teenage boy, he rubbed them against your walls which felt even better. You let out a loud moan and he smirked, moving his thumb to rub figure-eights onto your clit.

“Daddy.” You moaned loudly, bucking your hips up which earned you a harsh slap on your inner thigh.

“Keep your hips still.” He demanded. “Keep your eyes on me. Don’t look away.” He ordered.

Now, you see what he’s doing. He gives you unbearable pleasure and orders you to not move at all. It was easier said than done. He began scissoring your heat on the inside, his long fingers brushing up against one of your sweet spots and making you let out a loud moan, but forcing yourself to keep still and keep your eyes on him. He removed his thumb from your clit and you whined, but then he shot you a look that made you shut up.

He leaned down and stuck his tongue out, swirling it around your aroused clit. Now, it was nearly impossible for you to keep still and not throw your head back. He kept his eyes on you the whole time, which was a big turn on for you, and then closed his mouth around your clit. He sucked at it harshly, but not too harshly to where it was painful, and you felt your orgasm coming on strong. Your moans got louder and you squeezed the couch cushions.

“D-Daddy! Daddy I’m gonna cum!” You shouted. As soon as you said that, he completely pulled away from you. “No, no, no, no, please!” You begged, feeling your need to cum still there but nothing to fill it.

He only smirked and shook his head, beginning to stroke himself again. Now you really knew what he was doing. He got you close to your orgasm, only to tease you. You wanted to look away from the scene, you really did, but it was just so mesmerizing. Him touching himself turned you on to the extreme and your need to cum got stronger.

“Please Daddy! I’ll be good, I promise!” You begged more.

“I like you begging.” He said and bit his lip, staring at you intensely. “Do it again.”

“Please fuck me Daddy! I want you…I want you so badly!” You obeyed.

He leaned over you, placing his hands on both sides of your head, getting into position. “Again.” He whispered.

“I want your cock Daddy. I want you to fill me up and fuck me like no other man can.” You said, and that was enough for him.

He shoved all of himself inside your soaking heat, letting out a grunt at the feeling. “Fuck, you’re so wet for me kitten.” He said against your neck, gently biting down on the skin there. “Tell me when I can move.” He said, letting you adjust to his size.

“Go.” You muttered once you felt comfortable enough.

He complied and leaned up on his elbows, looking you in your eyes while thrusting in and out of you, hard and deep. The thrusts were slow, but they felt amazing. He let out little moans of his own as he picked up his pace, squeezing the couch cushions. You wrapped your arms around his back, lightly scratching.

“D-Daddy…I’m so close.” You whimpered, already nearing your orgasm because of our delayed one from before.

“I am too, kitten. Cum for me. Be good for me.” He said in your ear.

That was all it took for you to release your juices over his cock, moaning out his title loudly. After several more thrusts, he pulled out and began to stroke himself.

“Open your mouth, kitten.” He ordered, which you happily did.

He threw his head back and groaned loudly as he shot his warm, thick load into your mouth and a little on your cheek. You swallowed what was in your mouth and he scooped some of his cum off your cheek, placing his finger in your mouth for you to suck.

“We need more charity matches if this is what’s gonna happen after every win.” He joked.

Harry Styles - Famous Girlfriend is Pregnant Imagine


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