but look at these gems

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What did the gems look like back in the day? IE buddys book

Here you all go!! Some Buddys Book Gem’s! For your enjoyment. I am glad with how each of them came out. Enjoy!!

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Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar


Fire agate wasn’t my first choice. In fact, I had a list with a dozen other gems like emerald and selenite to choose from. When I was creating this character, I had a theme in mind: a fencer with strong leadership qualities. I wanted to find a gemstone that would work with those traits. I would then develop the personality with the gem’s metaphysical properties. I decided on fire agate because it had what I was looking for and I wanted to challenge myself with using a wide range of colors. If I had picked a different gem, you’d be looking at a completely different character. 

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Mirror Eyed Lapis is so much better then "Neon Boring Lapis". Why do they have to ruin her, seriously, who from the Crewniverse can I thank for this? I mean, I used to like Lapis a lot back when she got introduced in Mirror Gem. I liked her look and the way she acted. Now she's just a embarrassed character and I don't care for her anymore. I'm really disappointed about this...

I shed a single tear every time I think of what’s happened to Lapis

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Kind off-topic, but. Since Bloodstone/Heliotrope is s Quartz, do you thing she would look the same than the others or she would look like a totally different gem-type?

i dunno maybe, i’m not really expecting a  new gem, just ronaldo in a outfit or possibly  fused with steven 

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Goopy I'm freaking out the gem I chose for my gemsona is heliotrope (or bloodstone ,same gem, different name) and it looks like there's gonna be one on the show tomorrow

I don’t see the bad on that!
Is YOUR gemsona, it doesn’t have to look like the show’s one!

LMAO look at this gem from Spanish Good Smile Company’s official facebook

Dude: Why are you showing Victor painted and not Edward, for crying out loud

GSC Spanish: In simple terms, current popularity stands at: 

Victor >>>>>>> nearly infinity >>>> Edward 


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.


It’s not always easy to understand Rose’s choices… but we have to stand behind them.