but look at their faces!!!!

Request for…a lot of people lol


My Red Dwarf XII set visit - February 2016

As well as my ‘Bucket List’ photos (having a cuppa in the midsection, flying Starbug, and sitting in Rimmer’s navigation seat were kinda essential!), I tried to capture some pictures that helped pick out the detail and demonstrate the sense of space in the Sleeping Quarters to help all you fellow fan-fic writers out there. Enjoy!

I don’t know what came to me but today I felt like trying out a little bit of “realistic” digital painting. Chose Kiriboy to be my guinea pig hahaa xD I’m still fond of a more cartoonish/ comic book stylized painting though, I’ll probably paint him using the second method next

Please, keep the caption so I can receive credit as the artist! :)

Okay, so are we really sure that Lucifer is Jack’s biological father because he is so much like Cas it’s uncanny. The mannerisms, the awkwardness, it’s like he basically imprinted on Cas before he was born. And then we get this moment where they’re reunited and I just can’t even… great, now I need another tissue.


I just got my braces taken off! I don’t have any comparison photos because I was never in the habit of smiling with my teeth showing since it always invited rude comments about my teeth. questions of when the hell I was gonna get those things fixed.
well, finally, at the ripe old age of 22, I finally got those things fixed. and I’m gonna be smiling with my mouth open forever now


“they really locked me in katsuo’s room…” 💀