but look at the eyes

a horrifying concept

The knock comes at a quarter to three. Dean, of course, is still awake. Drinking in the library. Ashamed as he is to admit it, his heart still lurches with hope at the sound.

He wipes off his hands and tries to convince himself that he’s not rushing up the stairs, heart pounding all the while. He opens the door and his face hardens into a frown. 

“What do you want?” he spits.

“You know why I’m here.”

Dean shakes his head, wiping a hand down his face. It’s still cool with the condensation from his bottle. “Yeah, well, you’re too late. Sorry.”

He abandons the front hallway and walks back to the library, not caring if he’s followed. Judging by the quiet sound of tinny footsteps on the stairs, he is. His eyes follow his guest as she takes the seat across from him at the table, eyeing his bottle of liquor. He doesn’t offer her any.

He’s hit with an idea, sitting here and staring at her. It’s all but a shout. “Teach me,” Dean blurts.

“I can’t,” she says. “You know what it does.”

Dean grits his teeth. “I don’t care. I want you to teach me.”


Dean’s fists unclench, his shoulders drop. “Because I lost someone too. And I need to do something.”

A chair slides back from the table with a quiet squeak. Dean doesn’t raise his eyes, sure that this is the end. His last resort slipping through his fingers. But war-hardened hands take his and he does look up, right into the vacant stare of someone too far gone down the road of revenge.

Lily Sunder nods. “I’ll help you.”

Dean doesn’t feel afraid. He’s very good at making deals.

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This is such a beautiful ask I’ve looked at it nonstop ever since I got it. Thanks so, so, so very much for this, ‘cuz like. The Kleinsen fanbase is just so talented and dedicated I felt like I didn’t belong (/dramatic), especially since I can’t draw either of them well. Yet all the comments I’ve gotten on my art are so uplifting I’m!!! inspired to create more content and share it with everyone!!! ilu nerds!!!

(screaming inside and attempting to do cartwheels around the room)

ofc I had to draw smth for the occasion, featuring the insanely cool palette @richardgoranski uses for jared because it gives me life

Jared: AYYYYY //finger pistols

Evan: Yeah, I-I love like it too.

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real talk question though: Why is Yuuri so pretty? All that fan art is killing me. The one with the gun?? Ugh. I can't. Death by pretty Yuuri

ikr??? I mean, they always say in the anime that he’s supposed to be this normal looking, ur average japanese guy, a dime a dozen right but booooy just LOOK AT HIM

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this boy is beautiful and I’ve got no words, simply no words, it’s no wonder vitya nikiforov took one look at him and was like THAT BOY BE MINE