but look at the cat

Also, the solution to being unable to choose between a dragon and a cat is to have a sphinx, obviously. Wings, catlike features… she’s a little of both.

Plus, wisdom and riddles. You know how I feel about wisdom and riddles, guys.

The other two are on their way back, and this little buddy arrived today instead! I love the way her paws are tucked under her.

askjustalio  asked:

What's your opinion of robot OCs, and why don't you have like 20 of them like I do? :V

because your obsessed but tbf your robot OCs are adorable as hecka! (especially Arthur I mean CMON SO CUTE) but I do love Robot OCs .o. I am just not good at drawing them! I have like…one robot OC I think?? And she basically just looks like a cat anthro :I ;;;;;;; Her name was like Dart or something??

sunburntkeith  asked:

1, 4, 17 and 45 with sheiiiith, i cry <3

1. How do they fall asleep? Wake up? Any daily rituals?

AHH, so I imagine Shiro as the little spoon :3 and when they wake up, Shiro wakes first and just admires how beautiful Keith looks when he’s asleep because Keith (much like some cats) is always prepared to fight when awake, but when asleep, he’s just soft and curled up and looks so sweet and it fills Shiro’s heart with a swell of affection. <3

As for rituals… Shiro makes the coffee and when Keith wakes up to the lovely aroma, he just smiles because Shiro’s such a good boyfriend (or husband) ❤️

4. First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?

So one of my favorite pre-kerberos headcanons is Keith being reluctantly impressed with Shiro and Shiro being highly impressed with Keith. So at first, Keith is a bit Wary™ as he is wont to be when he hears about Shiro… but then once he gets to know him, he just can’t seem to stop thinking about how kind and gentle Shiro really is… AND ALSO Shiro continues to be more and more impressed beyond his expectations because Keith is so different than what other rumors have said about this prodigy pilot and he finds that Keith is much more interesting and he totally falls for the hardheaded determination in Keith AND I JUST— ALSKDJALKSDJLKA I’m a slut for how Sheith meet and fall in love oh my god.

17. What would make them break up? Would it be permanent?

So I see you want the angst. *cracks knuckles*

Well, besides death, I feel like one way I can see it not working out (even though I think they would both be mature enough to work through their issues realistically) is if Keith’s hardheadedness vs Shiro’s sage-like advice giving butted heads too much. Like Keith wanting to have his own control over his own life and over his own shit and getting sick of Shiro giving suggestions or acting like Keith is a mess that needs to be taken care of (if this happens too much). Maybe Shiro gets annoyed at how Keith still loses his temper so often. And on the other hand, Shiro always tries to act all level-headed and Keith just gets sick of it. This is just one possibility anyways.

Also, in canon, when Shiro asks Keith why he blew up, Keith doesn’t wanna talk about it. If he constantly keeps things to himself first (probably a combination of fear of Shiro telling him what the right thing to do is / fear of losing Shiro / wanting to keep things to himself by default because that’s how he operates) - that could lead to some arguments.


45. Any special dreams or goals they have as a couple? Any heartbreaks? Regrets?

What I love about their goals in canon is that they both—as individuals—take saving the universe very seriously. So in general, that is what I see their special goals together as, platonic or romantic. :)