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Hey Soldier (Bucky x Reader Smut)

You stood by the bar and ordered a cocktail, you gained confidence and self esteem when containing alcohol. Tony didn’t help much when he found this out either. Nearly made you an alcoholic. “You’re drinking mild tonight.” Speak of the devil. “Yes, Tony. I will never drink with you again. I swear I thought I had to go to the ER at one point.” You explained to him. “Wasn’t planning on it. I heard that you are looking for a boy toy tonight.” Tony smirked at you. “Not with you, Anthony. I would like to be remembered the next morning.” You told him. “I know. People gossip that you’re looking at a metal arm for those wantings.” Tony answered. “By people you mean Wanda and Natasha?” He cleared his throat and nodded. You nodded and finished you drink and the next one before You walked over to Bucky.

“Hey soldier,” You touched his flesh shoulder and smiled. “Hi, Y/n.” He mentioned after looking at you. “How about you teach me how to swing dance?” You smirked. “I don’t know, doll. Once you start it’s hard to stop.“ Your heart jumped and leaped, he never called you doll before. “I’m sure. I would like to try, especially with you.” You winked and he grabbed your hand, taking you to the dance floor.

Steve smiled at the two of you. He never seen Bucky so close to the 1940s Bucky until now. His smile was as brightest since then too. “What do you think of that? Y/n and Bucky?” Natasha asked Steve. “It’s good for him.” Steve replied and Natasha smirked at you two.

Time was mixed together. One moment you were dancing with Bucky. Next, you were on Bucky’s bed with him on top of you, kissing you aggressively. Both of your clothes scattered across the room. “Bucky, shit, solider! Touch me! Anywhere please!” You begged in a moan. Bucky drew his lips down to your breasts, giving attention to each of them with one hand and his lips. Bucky’s metal hand made its way to your pussy, sticking a finger inside of you. “Ooh, yes, hmm!” You grunted and gripped onto his back. Bucky’s eyes looked up to you and brought his head down to where his metal hand was. You wriggled under him. Bucky licked your wetness and sucked on your clit. You gripped his hair tightly. His tongue wasn’t going to show any mercy.

He looked up to you and removed his tongue and smirked when you whined. Bucky kissed your lips and you felt his cock go inside you. “Bucky, shit! You’re so big! FUCK!” You exclaimed and lifted your hips to meet his. You gripped his back as he started to go rougher. Bucky dipped his head down and gave attention to your chest. You moaned at no hesitation. His thrusts became faster. “Oh, yes, Bucky! Keep doing that!” You moaned. Bucky grabbed and raised your hips and continued his rough thrusting. “Call me soldier again.” Bucky grunted to you before kissing your neck. “Hmm, soldier, go deeper. That’s a direct order.” You told him. Bucky pounded into you, and the bed began squeak. “Oh! Yeah, soldier! I’m going to cum! I’m going cum!” You announced. “Shit! Hit that spot again, soldier!“ Oh he definitely did. Five times. “I’M CUMMING!” You gasped in a yelled and arched your chest into his. Bucky was quick to follow and came inside of the condom he had on.

He laid beside you and panted. He then brought you close to him, making you the small spoon. You kissed his cheek, “Wonderful job, soldier. You went beyond the call of duty.” You whispered.

Headcanon nobody asked for:

Lance, talking to Pidge: “Okay but seriously there isn’t a song in the universe that you can play for like ten days straight and not get tired of.”

Keith, on Pidge’s laptop across the room: “Hang on a sec, I got this one.”

*Pidge and lance simultaneously raise an eyebrow*

Keith: *looks over his shoulder and smirks*


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Also Lance: mArRY mE

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its yours and Lance's first time together, but its your actual first time. youre nervous to tell Lance and as he starts unbuttoning your pants, you stop him and tell him youre a virgin. he's shocked for a moment, but then smiles softly, a look youre not used to seeing as opposed to his usual smirk. he slowly slides your panties off with your pants and hooks your legs over his shoulders, lowering his face to press a kiss to your hip bone while saying "dont worry babygirl i'll be gentle"

“I’ll spend a couple hours getting you ready” he says lowering his head and pressing a kiss to your clit

Sinful Sunday™

Watching 2013 VIXX Global Showcase made me realise how far these tall, gorgeous, occasionally violent men have come.

No official lightsticks yet.
0 wins for now. Half a month in and they’ll have their first win and they’ll make all of us cry with N’s heartwarming message.
Official introduction is still clear. All letters are enunciated. lol
Ravi’s rap is still rusty. Damn, imagine his reaction if he hears himself now. :)
Tiny Hyuk! Well, not so much but still tiny and innocent and non murderous.
Hongbin’s arms were starting to get larger and his voice deeper.
Ken and Leo’s vocals are already top notch, with ocassions cracks lol, and beautiful.
N’s booty and smirk were already legends.
They all look like babies!

So much love and respect for this group. They, and the fandom, have grown so much over the years.


“Nah it ain’t weird. I missed ye too. I definitely felt lonely all on my own in bed last night. And Connor didn’t even come home, t’ fuckin’ idiot.” He snorted as they walked, making their way to the park. When she got all flustered he found it cute and he stopped walking, tugging her hand to pull her into him.
“Ye look beautiful.” He smirked before kissing her deeply. He wound a hand into her hair as he kissed her, not caring that they were out in public as he nearly fucking jumped her. He found it hard to control himself around her.

“Ye killin’ me love.” He grinned as he broke away. He laced his hand with hers once more and started walking again. Part of him felt like finding somewhere secluded in the park so he could have his fucking way with her. What was she doing to him?

First Kiss (Honey X Trois)

Sucky one-shot for you beautiful people. Im at a party and this was the only thing keeping me entertainment.

It started with glances.

Honey would look over to Trois and expected a look back. Most of the time Trois would look back at him with a smirk or an exhausted expression replying with “What’s wrong?” Or “What is it now Honey?”. Honey would look away immediately and deny ever looking at him. Trois shrugging and leaving them in silence.

When Trois didn’t look back Honey would get pissed, but nevertheless he’d continue looking at him. Eyeing every little detail from the rim of his glasses to the yellow tile of his hair.

Glances turned into questioning.

“What’s your favorite color?”

“Mint green.”

“Favorite store?”

“Victoria Secret.”

“Ever been in love?”


Honey asked the questions and Trois answered honestly and quickly. He never minded or called him out on it. Trois never bothered with asking because he knew that would earn him being flipped off and Honey insisting on him only answering questions.

Then it turned into touching.

Tapping the shoulders and poking. Honey wanted to security of having Trois by his side at all times. He would sometimes tug on his clothes or casually put his arm around his shoulder, using the excuse of needing something (or someone) to rest on.

Honey would sometimes want to hold hands. He’d reach and his fingers would shake just as they were about to touch Trois’ pale hands.

But every time he chickened out and his hands were left to be on their own.

Sometimes they would lay their backs against each other and talk. No arguing, comebacks, or grunts. Instead there was nodding, laughing, and agreeing. These were rare, but Honey treasured them every time. Only wishing they would last longer.

Honey needed reassurance of Trois’ presence no matter where they were or how close Trois was to Honey.

He’d guard him unexpectedly, get anything he needed, reminded him of the many things he would forget, and always made sure they were within reach of each other.

These events unknowingly progressed over time. From the day they met to present day in Nanba.

It was only when Trois had gotten himself into the Nanba infirmary for the first time that Honey realized.

He had been in love.

That day, Trois had gotten himself tangled in a fight between two new inmates arguing over food.

He was trying to stop them. Only trying to prevent the fighting by talking some sense and separating them apart. That didn’t work into his favor though as one of the inmates had them punched him in the stomach, sending him to coughing out blood from the impact.

Honey stayed by his bedside the entire time. Holding his hand and pushing back his hair. Occasionally giving kisses on his forehead.

The inmate was transferred to another building with a good yelling from Kiji. Lucky they didn’t have to worry about him anymore.

“Wake up dammit… it’s been a week.” Honey grumbled. His grip on Trois’ unconscious hand tightening.

He slept, ate, and sat there for another week.

Until one day a miracle came.

Trois’ eyes opened for the first time. Weary and exhaustingly, but he still opened them. He looked to Honey first and saw his hand being held.

“Honey?” He drained.

Honey’s head looked to Trois and tears dropped down his face, hitting the blankets of the bed and earning a chain of breaths meant to be laughs from Trois.

Honey had brought Trois in for a hug. Burying his face into his shoulders and the tears falling harder than ever. He lifted his face and kisses Trois’ cheek repeatedly.

He realized what he did and pulled away, his hands still around Trois’ shoulders though.

“I… I’m sorry.” Honey apologized as he looked away. A blush around his face.

Trois was going to say something but was interrupted again by Honey.

“Wait…. no. I’m not.”

“I’m not surprised?” Trois replied.

“Shut up you beautiful bastard, I’m coming clean. I love you… and dammit you had me worried sick about you.”

Trois was taken back. His eyes now wide and his own hands on Honey’s shoulders as well.

That surprise turned into realization and soon to understanding.

“I see… well then.”

“The fuck do you mean ‘well then’? I told you I loved you. What kind of reaction is that?”

Trois laughed. “Shouldn’t two people in love kiss then?”

Honey stared. Trois felt the same… they loved each other and he thought everything was one-sided. No words could describe his mixed feelings.

“Jesus… come here.”

Honey tugged on Trois’ shoulders and brought him in for a kiss, tilting his head to the side. He felt a push back and a grip on his shoulders tightening.

It was short-lived but adventurous. They pulled apart. And for the first time…

Honey laughed and smiled. His hand cupping Trois’ face and their foreheads touched together.