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Request for blurb night: getting a matching tattoo and Harry being a sweetheart and comforting you through the whole thing. I love your writing!

He’s holding your hand and smiling at you whenever you wince in pain. “Shh, love. You’re doing amazing.” He keeps switching between talking to you and talking to the tattoo artist, asking questions like, “how long have you been doing this?” And “What’s the weirdest piece you’ve ever done?”

Never once does his grip on your hand let up, even though your hand is starting to get a bit sweaty. But his tattoo looks so good, and you know yours will as well. Especially when you’re standing side by side.

He catches you eyeing his tattoo and smiles. “Looks good doesn’t it? Yours is going to look even better. My brave girl.” He lifts your hand to his lips and you catch the hint of a smirk before he speaks again. “Look how well my baby takes the pain.”

And then it dawns on you… Harry was so keen on getting these tattoos not only because he adored you and your relationship…. but that little fucker has a thing for pain.

You should’ve expected this, really. And looking back you should’ve put two and two together when you saw him getting his tattoo and biting his lip, one hand covering his crotch. He loves this, loves seeing you take this so well.

He watches as the pieces click on your brain and he smirks once again. He speaks as if to the tattoo artist, but he’s looking deep into your eyes. “Think I should treat her to somethin’ nice after this, hm?”

And you know exactly what he means.

It's Not A Prank (Fred Weasley x Reader)

A request! I love Fred, thanks for the cute request!❤

You were on a crowed platform 9 and ¾ waiting for your parents to pick you up for summer holiday.

‘They’re always late, you’d think they’d be early to pick up their only daughter’ You thought to yourself.

Suddenly your good friend Angelina sauntered up to you with an odd smirk on her lips.

“Looks like Weasley’s making eyes at you”

You sighed and turned to see Fred Weasley’s eyes flick away and try to talk casually with his twin.

“I’m starting to think it isn’t a prank, (Y/N)” she said, keenly, raising her thin eyebrows at you.

“Yes, it is! I can tell, he’s alway sniggering with his brother whenever I’m around”

“But, what if it wasn’t a prank? Would you say yes then?”

You just stared at her, a knowing smile swiping across her face. “Shut up” you snapped back, causing her to giggle.

Suddenly her face brightened “What?” You asked curiously as you turned to see Fred heading your way. You turned back to her quickly.

“Please don’t leave” you whispered.

She looked pitifully at you for a moment before yelling “Oh, George. I have to hug you goodbye!” she walked toward the other Weasley twin, throwing a wink at Fred as she past him.

You groaned quite audibly. “Hello, (Y/N), looking forward to the summer?” Fred asked confidently, with a smile. “You must think I’m an idiot” you spit, looking accusingly at him.

Fred’s eyebrows scrunched suddenly “I’m sorry? I don’t know what you mean?”

You rolled your eyes “I mean, I know your fake little crush on me is some stupid prank to turn me green or dye my hair, well I’m not falling for it!” He opened and closed his mouth, obviously dumbfounded, trying to find words to say.

'He’s just shocked I figured his stupid little plan.’ you though as you turned, finally spotting your family and walked quickly away.

“See you next year” Fred waved slightly, his voice faltering on the last few words.

Suddenly he felt his brother give him a thump on the back. “You convince her yet?” George asked, wiggling his eyebrows. “Not yet” Fred said looking at you while you hugged your mother, bitting his lip “not yet.”

—time skip—

Your parents dropped you off at Kings Cross and you quickly grabbed your trunk and headed to Platform 9 and ¾.

Your summer was long and quite boring so you were very excited to start the new school year and see all your friends again. One particular person though, was prominent in your thoughts over your holiday.


You found yourself wishing for hours that his 'crush’ on you last year hadn’t been a prank. You though of what it’d be like to have holiday at his house, spend nights with him by the fire in the common room, make jokes with him, cuddle with him, kiss him.

This is when you stopped yourself. 'Constantly thinking about it won’t change the fact that he doesn’t like you.’ You thought as you pushed through the barrier. You looked, confused why the Hogwarts Express wasn’t on the tracks and there were scarcely any people on the platform.

“Oh, we’re just early, Dear. The Hogwarts Express hasn’t arrived yet”

You turned to see a short, ginger, motherly looking women who smiled kindly at you. “Oh” you laughed, checking your watch

“I guess I just got excited”

You dropped your trunk near a post. “What’s your name, Dear. You look familiar” the ginger witch asked politely. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” you said, smiling, as you shook her plump hand.

“Oh! (Y/N) (Y/L/N)! I’m Molly Weasley. You’re the girl my boy, Fred hasn’t stopped talking about all holiday!” She said cheerfully, taking your hand in both of her’s.

“So beautiful, just as he said. Good marks, too! And a prefect! The perfect young women you are!”

Your face was shocked and you stammered out thank yous whenever you could.

“Now I know Freddie doesn’t get the best marks but it’s only because he apply himself properly. But he’s a man who’d take take care of you, I tell you.” Mrs. Weasley rambled on and on about her son, not noticing the flabbergasted look on your face.

“But very handsome, too. He make a fine-”

Suddenly she was cut off by a “Mum!” You looked away from Molly to see Fred looking terrified.

“Um, Ron needs you immediately, his uh… tooth came out”

Mrs. Weasley dropped your hand and looked strangely at her son

“Ron’s already lost all his teeth”

Fred took her shoulders and guided her off

“Well, then you’d better get over there”

Fred looked back at you, his face was flushed and you saw the nervous look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry if she made you uncomfortable, you know mums”

You looked intensely at him, your jaw still dropped. You suddenly felt very flustered.

“W-was a-all that t-true?”

You stuttered. Fred bit his lip quickly “If she told you what I think she did then, um, yeah”

You’d never seen Fred like this before, his hands were trembling and he was avoiding your gaze, looking at the floor.

“Oh, well-” Fred suddenly got a burst of courage “I’m in love with you, (Y/N) and I’m sorry if I ever made it seem like a prank or something because, I do honestly feel that way and if you don’t feel the same, I understand. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about yo-”

“I haven’t been able to get you off my mind either, I’m in love with you too” you said confidently.

Fred’s eyes went wide “Really?” You stepped forward, so you were inches away from him “Really” you whispered. Fred stared into your eyes for a moment then closed the gap between you. He rested his hands on your waist and pulled you close, you put yours on his chest and slid them up to wrap around his neck. The kiss was cut short when you heard Mrs. Weasley walking back.

“I don’t know what you’re up to Fred but Ron’s teeth are fully- FREDRICK WEASLEY GET YOUR MOUTH OFF THAT POOR GIRL!” She shrieked.

Fred pulled away from you, laughing. His bright eyes looking lovingly at you

“Way to go, Freddie!” You heard George shout from a distance.

“Now I’m much more looking forward to this school year” Fred said, looking down at you. “Me too” you said, smiling as he wrapped his arm around you.

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How many wink/ smirk gifs have you MADE????? I feel like everytime I see your face on my dash I have to prepare myself

THIS IS HARD. I have so many! My mouth is a little wonky so it just looks like I’m smirking every time I smile. It’s unfortunate.. Here are all the ones of me actually smirking/ attempting to smirk.

(This ones not really a smirk but this post needed some Captain Jack)

(Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy old camera)

(Plus one OOC)

I think there’s a lot more of them, but these were the ones I could find right now.

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Okay, can you do "You're so easy to manipulate" with Jamilton for the angst thing? Thank you and I hope you had/are having a great day!

‘You’re too easy to manipulate’

Thomas never thought 6 words would hurt him so much. He stared at his boyfriend- ex-boyfriend in shock. “You-”

“Did you really think I could ever love you?” Alexander stared at him with a mocking  gaze and laughed. “I would never love someone as useless and worthless as you.”

Each word only hurt him more and the pain was terrible, it was like a stabbing pain to his chest. “W-Why…?”

“It’s nice to see the look of pain and betrayal on your face.” He never stopped smirking as he walked away from him.

Thomas crumbled completely, he loved him but he was played for a fool. He grasped at his chest as his breathing picked up as his mind flooded with thoughts and he knew that he was starting to have a panic attack.

‘Everything will be okay.’ He remembered the words everyone told him, but now he knew they were lies.

“No it won’t. I-It won’t ever be okay…” He whimpered, tears streaming down his face, blurring his vision as his knees went weak and he collapsed to the ground in a sobbing mess. A choked sob tore from his throat.

“They say only fools rush in but I guess I was the fool to trust you.”

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23 pretty please

“do you really need all those sweets?” (i changed it from candy because candy is very american lol)

Aaron raised an eyebrow as Robert put another bag of jellies into their basket, adding to the mess of chocolate and crisps. They’d gone into Hotten to go to the big Tesco there, stocking up for a lazy Friday night in.

“Do you really need all those sweets?” he asked, the slab of beer he was carting around starting to feel a bit too heavy, his arms aching. They’d been in Leeds for a couple of meetings that afternoon, and Aaron was feeling more than uncomfortable in his suit as they wandered the supermarket.

Robert nodded. “If we’re having a lazy weekend in, I want sugar.”

“You remember last time you ate that amount of sugar you were too sick to move for about a day?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, I’ve got plans for you tonight Mr Dingle.” Aaron smirked, looking at the basket. “And that second bag of jellies might put a spanner in the works.”

Robert’s eyes darkened, and he chucked the sweets back on the shelf. “Lets go then.”

Aaron grinned, delighted his plan to get Robert to leave Tesco quickly worked. A little more bribery, and he’d have Robert cooking dinner without so much of a protest.

He loved how easy it was to push Robert’s buttons sometimes. 

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*slides glass of whiskey toward Negan* Daddy, I want to say thank you for all that you do for everyone. *stands up and strips* And I think since I was your favorite I could be your gift for tonight. I'm here to be used as your personal toy tonight 😘❤

*takes whiskey and looks it over* All in a day’s fuckin’ work, babydoll. Glad to see some goddamn appreciation around here. *takes a sip and looks at you with a lustful smirk as you strip for me* Good fuckin’ thing, too, darlin’. Because I’m in the goddamn mood to get my dick wet tonight. - Negan

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Josh Dun Imagine Just Acting

Requested by Anon:  Josh dun imagine where the reader is an actoress and josh is on set when they have to do a sex/murder scene (whichever)

Josh’s hand squeezed yours, as you led him onto the set for your latest film. It was his first time visiting you whilst you were filming, because he’d just finished the tour. Your colleagues gave you a smirk and you looked at Josh. 

“I’ve never been on a set before.” He mumbled, eyeing the various cameras. You grinned and pecked his cheek, before explaining how things worked to him, until your director called you over.

“I’ll see you soon.” You kissed him and walked over to your director and the other lead. 

“So, we’re filming your death scene today (Y/N). Now everyone thinks you’ve betrayed them, so your murder is what drives the final act, when they realise that they were wrong. I want fear and sadness (Y/N), ok?” You nodded, excited for the scene. 

You took your place, against the wall, opposite a door, where the villain would emerge from. Your director started the scene and you quickened your breathing, as the villain gave a monologue about their plans.

“This will never work. I’ll tell them and-” You stopped as the villain produced a gun and aimed it at your chest.

“I don’t think you’ll be very talkative in a few minutes.” You gulped and snapped your gaze to the fake window. The villain smirked and fired the gun before your character could even move. You crumpled to the floor, as your breathing slowly became shallower and the villain fled the scene.

“Cut! That was perfect. We’ll reset and do a few more takes, but I think we have it.” The director called and you skipped over to Josh, who was looking upset. 

“Hey, are you alright?” You asked, looking at him in concern. Josh wrapped an arm around you. 

“It’s just…you’re really good and that just seemed so real, I-” Josh stopped and you saw that he was upset by your scene. 

“This isn’t real Josh. Nothing is going to happen to me. It’s acting. I promise. If it’s difficult to watch, I understand if you want to leave.” You kissed him and he relaxed at your touch.

“I know. I’ll stay and see how things are.” You gave him a quick kiss and walked back over to the set, preparing to do the scene again.

Requests are open

And the Birds sing no more by AzraelGFG | Chapter 61: Sansa
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“Tell Gendry I visit him later,” Arya told Lyanna.

“I am sure you will,” she answered laughing, closing the door behind her.

Arya turned to Sansa and the others, who looked at her, smirking.

“What?” she asked. “I like to watch him swing his hammer.”

“I am sure you do,” Sansa said as innocent as she could, but she couldn’t keep herself from smirking as did Alys, while Shireen and Jeyne only giggled.

What? Did I miss something? IDK what they mean…

*blushes innocently*

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*whispers* Oliver Wood :) please and thank you

You sorta felt bad for telling Oliver that you couldn’t fly well, when in reality you were amazing at it. But come on! Who wouldn’t lie to spend some quality alone time with Gryffindor’s Quidditch Captain?!

“Y/N!” You heard your voice and looked up from the bleachers to see Oliver flying towards you. 

You smiled as he hovered in front of you, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

You shrugged, “It’s fine. It’s a nice day out anyway.”

Oliver stuck his hand out to you, “Come on.”

You looked at him curiously, “You want me to get on your broom with you?”

He smiled, “Don’t you trust me?”

You hesitantly said, “Sure,” and climbed on. When he began to fly further away from the Quidditch pitch you became confused, “Wait, what are you doing?”

Oliver looked over his shoulder and smirked at you, “Did you honestly I wouldn’t find out that you actually know how to fly on a broom?”

You couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment, “I-uh-”

“You know, if you wanted to spend time with me, all you had to do was ask.”

“Really?” You asked with an all too hopeful tone.

You felt Oliver chuckle, “Yeah. Now let’s go to Hogsmeade in style.”

Send me an underrated character and I’ll write a drabble.

so here i am again. obsessed with that hostage scene.

first, i would like to point out how nadine’s men followed rafe’s orders. their boss would have died if nathan hadn’t stopped sam. after the incident was over and they had the opportunity to shoot, nadine hadn’t given any order for them to not shoot. nadine WANTED them dead.

when rafe is laughing and having a good time about the whole situation like it was a joke. nadine is just staring at him with such a dirty look on her face… like “if you don’t hurry the fuck up i’m going to kill them and you”

knot is laughing along with rafe and only gets tight lipped as he sees his boss looking his way. orca smirks every now and then, but he’s mostly analysing the situation and staring at nadine.

nadine does have an all business nature about her work, but her mercenary business was crumbling to the ground and she wasn’t blind to that. when she’s beating on sam you can hear her telling sam how ‘this isn’t a game to her.’  i love how she develops throughout the game. her first interaction with the boys is very civil and professional: she’s not alone, she has several men with her to handle risks, she is very much in control of her men. later, she appears alone (when she yells at rafe for not allowing her men to be around, she goes in without them around, although this could be because most of them have died, still. she could have taken knot and orca, but they were with rafe, her right-hand was at rafe’s side...) because she went in alone, she ended up as a hostage, this humiliation would weigh heavy on her throughout the game.