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More Than Stars: The Milky Way’s Dust Mapped In 3D For The First Time Ever

“But the Milky Way is more than just stars, it’s also full of gas, plasma, and – most importantly – light-blocking dust. This dust indicates where clumped neutral atoms are, reddening the stars behind it, but not in front of it. Where the dust is coolest and densest, future stars will someday form. Preferentially blocking bluer light, this dust distorts our view of any background objects.”

Wherever we look in the night sky, we don’t just observe the background sources of light shining our way, but also the effects of all the matter in between those distant sources and our eyes. Since all of that inbound light needs to pass through a portion of the Milky Way on its way to our eyes, it’s vital that we understand how that light is distorted by our own galaxy. That means we need an understanding of the dust in our own neighborhood. In the past, that meant using a variety of models, but for the first time, a 3D map of the Milky Way’s dust has been constructed. This will not only allow for a better calibration of distant objects – such as galaxies, supernovae and anything we’d use to measure dark energy – but it uncovers some surprises about the fundamental nature of dust itself.

Come read, and see, the spectacular story of this unprecedented cosmic map in pictures, videos and no more than 200 words on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

I. Your smile is vicious. The talking predator. Your eyes are so intense the moon can’t compare. Your skin is a jagged maze of despair. Your hands are as a course as sand. That seems to say it all. Nobody looks.

II.  Your history is a war. Bloody, violent. There are no stars in your dark sky. Inky black, you look up and fall into the abyss.

II. You just forgot the stars never disappear. They’re always there. You never bothered to wait for the clouds to pass. There are clouds, you just couldn’t see them. Wait for them to pass.

III.  There’s too many comparisons to Atlas. It doesn’t fit you. You feel empty but you forgot that you’re Prometheus. You tricked Zeus, you’re the Titan that gives everyone else power. Someone will come along to thank you. You just don’t realize it.

—  Be patient with Prometheus, they’re being ripped apart and healed back together every day. The skin stays raw. ( c.d. )
Seems to me a different time of emotions and struggles
Cloudy sky of my heart is turning clear motions
I saw the daisies blooming under my eyelids and in the rain under my feet of giggles
I see the reflection of my past ghost
God how I adore to be over my dead soul
And how much I am grateful to tell you this in a dust pot of quiet mind
To let you hear from my lips to my voice
Innumerable bowls
of growth flowers
Blooming until the end of the year
And look
Finally once and all
the sky now is clear
—  @barktrees
//for who I am now this is why I’m grateful to you//
Name Withheld Part 7

I leaned against the taxi door and huffed as I looked out the window to admire the pitch-black sky and city lights. I let out a sigh as I placed my chin in my hand and tried to think of ways to get out of this predicament but everything I think of happens to only leads to me not getting away or possibly getting myself killed in the process. I let out an irritated sigh and ran a hand through my hair as the cab came to a stop outside of the place that my father had instructed me to meet him at.
“Thanks. My father will send the payment to your company.” I said as I stepped out of the cab and closed the door behind me.
I heard the driver mutter something under his breath before speeding away to pick up his next customer for the night. I rolled my eyes as I wrapped my arms around myself to fend off some of the cold that rolled off the water in waves. I couldn’t control the shiver that ran down my spine from the cold and eerie feeling that fell over me as I continued to walk down the dock towards the specified area in my text messages. The wood creaked underneath my feet as the heels of my shoes tapped against the grain, echoing into the distance as if to alert someone of my presence.
It took me nothing short of five minutes to make my way towards the building with two men standing out front. They immediately went into defense mode and pointed their guns towards me.
“At ease boys. It’s just me.” I said as I stepped under the light of the overhead lamp with my hands on my hips.
“Ah, Miss. (Y/N), forgive us. The Boss is inside waiting for you.” One of the brutes said as he lowered his gun. The other man was new, fairly young from the looks of it and it was probably his first day, because his eyes immediately looked me up and down and no one was allowed to look at me like that. That was Dad’s rule after all.
I let out a sigh and shook my head as I walked up to the door. “How many times do I have to tell you boys not to call me by my first name?” I growled at him before pushing the doors open and walked inside. “Also, teach your underling to keep his eyes on a woman’s face. Her eyes are not on her chest or hips.” I said as I looked over at the new recruit quickly.
“Sorry ma’am. It won’t happen again ma’am.” I heard the same man speak, followed by a slap and some harsh words being thrown at the younger man.
I smirked to myself as I walked towards the voices that were growing louder with each step I took. I stepped around some large crates to reveal my father and his current business partner exchanged words and numbers.
“Ah! Angel Face! You’ve finally arrived!” My father called out as he came over to wrap his arm around me and direct me to where he was standing. “Mr. Gaines meet my darling daughter and financial supervisor (Y/N). (Y/N) this is Mr. Gaines, he is a potential buyer for the second shipment.” Black Mask stated as he motioned to the man in front of me.
I shot my father a look before putting on my best smile and stretched my hand out towards the man in front of me. “I’m only here for the money you promised.” I whispered to my father before directing my attention to the man in front of me. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Gaines. I assume my Father has gone over the necessary details with you?” I asked as I began to withdraw my hand from him, but his grip only tightened on my hand.
“He has and I do have to say that he is a man of his word.” He stated with an unsettling smile on his face as he pulled my hand up to kiss the back of it.
I let out a light, yet nervous, laugh and gently pried my hand away from him. “So, I’ve been told. Now, if you’ll follow me we can work out the finer details of your transaction and have the goods sent to you on a secured truck.” I said. I looked over at my father with a piercing gaze so that I could express my dislike of the situation before disappearing towards an open room.
I sighed softly as I closed the door behind us and turned to the man with a smile. “Now, shall we continue the business transaction?” I asked.
“Yes, we shall.” He grunted and pulled out his wallet from his back pocket.
As soon as he was about to pull out the amount that my father had told him a crash sounded from one of the nearby windows followed by screams and gunshots.
Mr. Gaines head shot up and quickly turned to the door. “What the hell is going on out there?” He asked as he quickly shoved his wallet back into his pocket.
“Seems like we’ve been caught. It would best for you to exit out through the back-entrance Mr. Gaines.” I said as I pulled out the handgun that I kept in my purse for these occasions.
The man nodded and quickly walked out of the room we were currently inside so that he could escape the building with no problems whatsoever, but that dream was short lived. He let out a grunt as a kick was thrown into his side and he tumbled to the ground clutching at his side in pain.
I let out a sigh as I shook my head and cocked my gun so that I was ready to make sure I had some form of defense if someone came after me, but when the person came around the corner I couldn’t help but stand there blinking.
“We really have to stop meeting like this sugar.” Red Hood said as he leaned against the door frame. He was obviously caught off guard at the sight of me but he remained cocky as he looked me over. “Is that your gun or are you just happy to see me?” He teased.
I lowered my gun with a sigh as I shook my head. “You really do have impeccable timing Red Hood, or you are just stalking me.” I hummed as I placed my gun back into my purse after I put the safety back on. “How did you know we were here?” I asked softly.
“Hold that thought, I have some baddies that need to be taught a lesson, so you just keep your sweet ass right here until I come back, okay?” He said and I could swear that he was winking at me from under the helmet as he disappeared.
I stood there blinking as he closed the door behind him and shoved something up against the handle that I wouldn’t be allowed to leave the little safe room. I sighed and shook my head and leaned back against the wall so that I was at least somewhat comfortable.
Ten minutes passed before I heard someone shuffling around the door to my little safe room and the yanking of the object that held the door in place, the door swung open to reveal the two men that were stationed out front.
“Ma’am are you alright? We need to get you out of here asap! That Red Hood bastard is still out there fighting with the Boss!” The man said as he took me by the arm and began to drag me out of the room. His grip was tight so I made a face of discomfort and tried to pull my arm away from him.
“Alright! Just let go! You’re going to bruise me!” I hissed as I tugged my arm towards me to try to make him release his hold on me.
“I’m afraid I can’t do that ma’am. The Boss gave us orders to get you out of here unscathed.” He said in a gruff voice as he quickly picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder.
I gasped as I paced my hands against his back to steady myself from the sudden movement. “Hey! Careful!” I barked at him, catching Red Hood’s attention along with my fathers.
“Get her out of here boys! I’ll deal with the red bastard!” Black Mask snapped at them as he reloaded his gun.
“Tell me something Black, do you fancy kidnapping the same girl over and over again?” Red Hood asked in a cocky tone.
Black Mask let out a laugh as he shook his head and pointed the gun at him. “Kidnapping? Why would I kidnap one of my workers? An even better question, why would I kidnap my own daughter? What good would that do for me?” He asked in a snarky tone.
Red Hood stopped in his tracks and stared at me in what I could only assume was astonishment. “She’s your daughter? Wow! I’m surprised you were able to create someone that’s easy on the eyes, let alone get someone to let you touch them.” He snorted but his discomfort was evident.
Black Mask growled at Red Hood before charging at him in a full sprint. “I’ll put a bullet through your head before you talk about my daughter like that again!” He snarled as he attempted to throw a punch into Red Hood’s stomach, but it was successfully blocked.
Wow, who knew the asshole could be caring when he needs to be.
“If I didn’t know any better I would have to say that you actually care for someone other than yourself Black! Even after you tossed her out of a window the other night!” Red Hood stated with ease as he decked my dad in the face. He looked over at me one more time before pulling out his grappling gun and pointing it towards the ceiling. “See you around kitten.” Was all he said as he fired the gun and disappeared out of sight.
I gasped when the man shifted his grip on me and lightly hit his shoulder afterwards. “That hurt you brute! Put me down now!” I snapped at him.
“Ah, sorry Miss. (Y/N). I was losing my grip.” He said as he sat me down on my feet.
I rolled my eyes as I adjusted my shirt slightly and smacked his hand away when he tried to take hold of my arm once again. “Don’t touch me. I can fix this on my own.” I hissed as I moved to walk up to my father. “Well. That went well.” I grumbled as I frowned at him.
Black Mask grumbled as he got to his feet, dusting his suit off in the process. “I’m going to put a bullet through that head of his next time I see him.” He growled and I just rolled my eyes.
“Well, thanks to you Red Hood now knows who I am to you, and who’s to say he won’t come after me to get to you?” I snapped as I placed my hands on my hips. “I can’t believe you told him that I was your daughter!” I groaned as I ran a hand through my hair.
Black Mask just sighed and shook his head as he rummaged around in his pocket for a second, only to pull his wallet out and flip it open. “If he tries anything funny I’ll take care of it alright Angel Face?” He grumbled as he pulled out the cash from the back of his wallet. “Here, for the trouble tonight.” He held out a thick stack of bills to me in an unamused way.
I stared at him in disbelief before letting out a light laugh and shaking my head. “You are unbelievable you know that?” I said as I snatched the stack of cash from his hands. “First, you threaten the person I’m seeing because of how I spoke to you. Secondly, you pull me into another one of your schemes to get money and sell illegal goods. And now I may have a bounty on my head because I’m related to you.” I stated as I shoved the cash into my purse. “You have definitely won the award for Dad of the year.” I grumbled.
I looked up at him once more before frowning deeply and pulling out my phone to call a cab. “Don’t bring me into this again Dad. I want nothing to do with your lifestyle.” I added and headed out of the building with a massive headache approaching the front of my head.

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i love this weekend and i love that today the weather is Summer.. the window is open and i didnt need a jacket. when i left friday morning it was glove weather and no flowers, now there is blue squill and crocuses everywhere! i love it! also i got myself a tattoo from bitch ink :)) and it was very nice to hang out with moa !! when i came home jonny had bought a tasty cheese and wine. today i was lying on the asphalt with some friends at lunch and when we had to go i looked up at them against the blue blue sky and i loved them so much! so much love now!

boundless sky


3 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

Feeling good about the race and the weekend in Syracuse.  A relaxed 13 mile shakeout in the park to recover from yesterday’s half marathon (16 miles total on Sunday, the Half plus 2 mile warm up/1 mile cool down).  Went into the store last night after the race to receive some deliveries, the left bicep is sore from the lifting; and the hamstrings cramped up briefly while sleeping.  Still in one piece, though.

I love these recovery runs, or any easy ones, they’re my sanctuary, a brief but blissful respite from the world.  I often look up at the sky while running, sometimes straight up and up ahead at other times.  That was the case this afternoon when the day’s fog had cleared and the clouds were a little behind opening up the pale blue sky underneath.  One of the earliest images I can recall is of the sky and clouds, I must have been a toddler, before I knew what is good and what is bad, and I remember feeling good looking up at the boundless sky.  I still get that feeling looking at the sky, especially while running.  

That moment when the sun has just gone down but its not totally dark yet but everything is still and you can feel the fresh air gently blowing on your whole body. If you look up you can see the stars but the sky is still a warm fluorescent blue and you feel so in tune with the earth, thats how i feel about you