but look at that look at that


lance and keith get put into a mission together and keith sorta confesses that he values lance on the team more than himself, and lance can’t comprehend that bc he believes keith is super important too, so they are both rlly confused??

y’all… i tried…. i rlly did

dialogue under cut (my handwriting sucks)

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Inktober 2017, Day 17 “Graceful”

because yes, BC is graceful as Sherlock, i find. 

Pigma Microns and Winsor & Newton Black india ink in a Fabriano Accademia Sketchbook. the 120 gsm paper is fairly thin in this sketchbook, and buckles a bit with water, but damn nothing goes through.(although i haven’t tried alcohol markers)

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Thanks for three thousand five hundred (and sixteen!) followers! You people asked for bishie yaoi-hands Kraglin and delicate uke Yondu, and you damn well got them. I hope you’re pleased with yourselves.

Special mentions to @fournostril for bribing me with sugar, and to @part-time-ravager for reacting to the drafts I sent him with appropriate horror.