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Newlyweds with the RFA

A/N: right so I’m an idiot bc i accidentally deleted the ask but this was requested by anonymous so here’s some cutesy fluff hope you like it lolol


  • You wake up before he does
  • He looks so peaceful sleeping next to you
  • lololol of course he’s drooling a bit but that’s ok it’s cute
  • His limbs are draped over you like a freaking koala bear but you don’t wanna move and wake your new husband so you settle with a smol kiss on the tiny bean’s nose
  • He does that super cute thing where he crinkles his nose a lil and you giggle
  • Yoosung opens his eyes slowly and when his eyes come into focus he just sees you lying next to him with the prettiest smile on your face
  • He begins to remember the wedding the night before and now he gets to wake up to you every morning and
  • He’s just so in love
  • He doesn’t need to say anything but there’s this big goofy grin on his face before he kisses you and holds you even closer
  • You’re both just so happy and in love and neither of you can’t wait to start the rest of your lives together

  • He wakes up first after an *ahem* eventful wedding night wink wonk
  • As he brushes a strand of hair away from your face, he can’t help but just admire your beauty
  • He’s convinced you’re the eighth wonder of the world
  • “How did I get so lucky?”
  • You stir a little bit and slowly begin to wake up to see your new husband
  • Zen places a soft kiss on your forehead as he mumbles a “good morning, princess”
  • god kill me if I ever hear his morning voice UGH
  • You wrap your arms around him and snuggle closer
  • When you lay your head on his chest you can hear his heartbeat and it’s just so soothing and you nearly fall back asleep
  • Zen notices and lets out a small laugh you know the really deep sexy laugh and ah fuck
  • But his eyes are getting droopy again and he ends up falling asleep with you curled up to him and a small smile on his face

  • When she wakes up the morning after the wedding, she reaches over to your side of the bed
  • But for some reason, you weren’t there
  • Now she’s awake and wondering where the heck you are
  • But then she starts to smell something
  • She sees you in the kitchen with a mug in each hand and gahhhh
  • Her heart is fluttering like crazy and she’s got the cutest smile on her face
  • And you’re smiling too because omg look at baehee my wife with her bedhead and cute pajamas and akdhakhdks
  • You hand her a mug of her favorite coffee and a kiss on her cheek
  • Jaehee is just so overwhelmed with love and happiness and she just blurts out “I love you so much, MC”
  • lol you better considering you’re MARRIED smh what a dork protect her
  • You just smile and tell her you love her too

  • You wake up to the smell of pancakes the morning after your wedding
  • At first, you’re really disoriented because you aren’t at the penthouse and forgot you and Jumin immediately went on the honeymoon once the wedding ended
  • But once you get your bearings, you head over to the kitchen to see Jumin making your favorite strawberry pancakes
  • You wrap your arms around him and lay your head against his back
  • You can’t see but he’s smiling like a dork
  • “Good morning, my love. I hope you slept well.”
  • Jumin turns around to place a kiss on your lips as you hum contently
  • You both stay like that for a moment before you decide to help him make breakfast
  • The entire time you two are stealing glances at each other and pecking each other on the lips as you cook omg how cute
  • He’s just looking forward to a morning like this with you every day now

  • Okay so just like Jaehee he wakes up and sees that you aren’t in bed next to him
  • Poor baby goes into PANIC MODE
  • Seven starts to wander around the house looking for you
  • “MC, where are you?”
  • “What if she’s hurt?”
  • baby calm down she literally went to the bathroom to go pee lol
  • He practically engulfs you in a big bear hug and is going on about how scared he was
  • You’re just standing there like “omg you’re so dramatic jesus christ”
  • It’s okay you love the child man anyway
  • You just go along with it and give him reassuring kisses and snuggles
  • He literally bridal-style carries you back to bed to cuddle even more
  • Seven is just super happy to finally call you his wife!!!!

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Pleeeease tell me requests are still open, plleeeeeeeeeease. Alien companions of ME:A reacting to a squishy human baby for the first time? Pls? And the mom being completely fine with them holding the little bundle of squish?

YES! I loved writing this one! Thanks for the request and hope you enjoy!

“You were on the team that saved the arks!! Hold my baby!!!” The human mother of one particularly squishy and flubby baby yelled.

Eyes bugging out of her skull, freaking out internally as the human baby ball of squish is shoved into her arms. Peebee looked over to Ryder, “Help!” written all over her face as the rest of the crew members laughed at her expense.
Peebee awkwardly held the baby in her arms, the child drooling and squeaking out baby laughs. One particularly loud giggle cause her to laugh though. Peebee smiled at the ball of cuteness, a glint of happiness evident in her eyes for a moment. One, short lived moment. Rocking the baby slightly she look the cute baby in the eyes, “Fat.”.

The baby was thrust into his arms. All he could think of while looking at the baby was how squishy the ball of flub was. The baby grabbed hold of his horn goatee and yanked on it, causing him to grin. “Pretty bold for something so squishy. Don’t you realise you’re mostly made of water?” Drack laughed.

She was careful, almost too careful, trying her best to manoeuvre the baby into her arms the way the woman was showing her. The baby gurgled and giggled, tiny chubby hands patting her mandibles. Vetra’s heart immediately melted at the sight.
“I see why funny human baby videos are watched more than cats.”

He was in love with the tiny human instantaneously. Cooing in Shelesh and rocking the baby. Ryder teased him for his immediate love of human children, “Careful Jaal, she might think you will steal her baby.”
“Do they all come out like this?” “Pretty much.” “So when can we have one?” The comment may have caused Ryder to pass out.

His reaction was similar to Peebee’s except with a more intense freak out. “Am I holding it right? Is it still breathing? Is liquid supposed to come out from there!?! Why is it biting me?! Ryder help!?!”

Probably the only one to graciously take the child, coddle it for a moment and return the child in due time like a normal person. “Was that so hard?” Lexi asked. “Yes” was the resounding response from the non-human crew.

One Piece Chapter 861 Firsts Impressions.

This has been an interesting chapter that I liked very much by its details, but it has annoyed me a little the idiotness that can be my Sanji. Anyway, Sanji is Sanji and we are not going to change him at this point … 

Although, my initial reaction to reading the chapter has been this:

Then… There are a few things I want to talk about with you:

1) The Cover is the most cute thing I’ve seen in months. If you want to find the members of the crew in the kittens you will spend some fun: I have found Luffy, Zoro, Brook, Robin and Sanji. 

Try it!

2) I love the art of the Sweet Commanders. They are amazing! (And Katakuri is HOT!)

3) I am so curious about Mother Caramel. In fact I didn’t think we’d see his face until later. We don’t know who that lady is, and I do not think she looks like Dadan. 


Is she? 

The cigarrette is a clue? The Mother…? 

Dadan was a Mother for Ace, Luffy and Sabo and all her crew… And BM, call her THE MOTHER? Ummmmm…. Interesting.

4) I have the feeling that when the crap plan to destroy the wedding fails, the little gift of Gyojin Island, will explode Big Mom in the nose. (And I’m very curious to know what’s inside …)

5)  When I have seen Cesar with this attitude…

… This song has come to my head and I can not take it from!!:

6) Cuteness everywhere… And then is Brûlée (LOL)

7) Sanji is the most idiotic and perverted boy I ever seen, but I love him the same. 


8) Pudding is a cockteaser.

In my country it is said “calientapollas” and I do not know if the word I have used in English sounds very rude, I apologize if I offend someone, but still, you know what I am referring to.

9) Interesting: Pudding  calling demon to Sanji. I understand that it announces the expected power-up of the cook and his demonic flames. 

I really want to see Sanji burn.

(And yes… Sanji is a perverted Incubus. xD)

10) I like these panels of the Vinsmoke brothers that show the interests of each of them: Ichiji, politics; Niji, women and himself; Yonji, food and Reiju, who cares about everyone. 

11) I love this panel. 

In addition to being the crazy Tea Party of Alice In Wonderland, it is a marvel of details. All the characters are carefully displayed and drawn in a crazy perfect blend. 

Oda is a real genius and no one is going to make me change my mind.

12) And this has made me laugh a lot.

Well, we don’t know what’s going to happen, but what is clear is that Sanji is not going to hurt Pudding … 

I don’t know who will take care of that bitch’s face, Reiju, Carrot or Nami (I’d love it to be Nami), because there are a lot of very powerful female rivals in this arch and all we know that Oda likes to do “one on one” in gender issues … (Of course there are also exceptions such as Zoro against Monet…)

I really want the fight to start … Besides that I’m convinced Luffy will come out of the cake 

And you?

As always, excuse me, my English skills are not as good as Sanji’s acting

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Bonus: Definition of an idiot:

Failed Surprise Date

Word Count; 1116

    A/N: this was requested by wipity-whap-cut-the-crap from Tumblr! I hope this is what she wanted, it was fun to write!


    “Look at them together! It’s so cute it’s almost disgusting!” Veronica said, pointing over to Y/N and Jughead standing together and laughing in the student lounge.

    “They are standing way too close to be just friends.” Betty said, smiling at the two of them. She knew they both had feelings for eachother, it was quite obvious to everyone but they swore up and down they didn’t.

    “You know, I think we should set them up on a date.” Veronica smiled, an idea forming in her head. Betty’s face lit up and she turned to Veronica.

    “We should! If you can get Y/N to Pops tonight I can ask Juggy to meet me there for a fake article for the Blue and Gold!” Veronica nodded her head, giving a slight laugh.

    “If we can get them both there, we’ll make them sit together and we’ll take our seats a few booths over so we know they didn’t walk out on it.” Veronica pulled out her phone and opened up her messages, pulling up Y/Ns name and started typing a text.

     "Alright, I just sent her a text to meet me at Pops at 7:30. Try to get Jughead there a little before then!“ Veronica said, putting her phone back into her purse.

    "Alright! I can do that!” Betty said excitedly. She pulled out her phone and sent a text to Jughead telling him to meet her at Pops so they could work on an article for the Blue and Gold.

                             • • •

    “Hey Juggie!” Betty called from a booth near the back. Jughead made his way to the booth, carrying his laptop bag with him. He gave Betty a confused look as he noticed she had nothing but a small bouquet of roses.

    “Uh, hey Betty.” Jughead took a seat and Betty smiled big at him, pushing the bouquet towards him. “Betty, I-uh… I’m flattered but-”

    “I’m not giving these to you out of affection.” She laughed.

    “Ouch.” he said sarcastically, taking the flowers and smelling them. “Why are you giving these to me then? And where is your stuff, I thought we were working on an article?”

    “You’re going to give those flowers to Y/N when she gets here, and you’re going to sit here and enjoy a date with her.” Jughead smirked at Betty, giving a small chuckle.

    “Does Y/N know about this?” he asked, and Betty shook her head.

    “Nope, this will be a surprise date for her as well.” she smiled proudly and watched as Veronica and Y/N walked through the door. She sprung up from her seat and sat down at a booth closer to the door, grinning at Y/N as she walked over to Jughead. He stood from his seat and held the roses out to Y/N, and she laughed.

    “Oh wow Juggie, are these for me?” she asked sarcastically, taking the flowers from him.

    “They sure are, Betty told me to give them to you for our surprise date.” he said grinning.

    “Surprise date, huh? You really needed Betty and Veronica’s help to get me here?” she asked, stepping up to Jughead and wrapping her arms around his neck. Jughead placed his hands on her waist and she giggled.

    “Apparently. I guess they don’t think I was man enough to ask you out myself.” he said, looking over to Veronica who stood there looking confused as all hell.

    “Wait, I thought you did 6 months ago?” she asked, pretending to be confused. “Or have I just been living in my dream world again?”

    “Wait what? You’ve been together for 6 months?” Veronica yelled, and Betty got up and walked over to the three of them.

    “Going out with me is apart of your dream world?” he asked, and she nodded her head. “Well no, it wasn’t you dreaming, I think we are just very good at hiding our relationship.” Jughead smiled smugly, leaning down inches away from Y/Ns face.

    “Oh my god.” Betty muttered under her breath, staring at the two of them.

    “I think we are too. Now are you going to buy me a burger or what? I’m starving.” Y/N teased and Jughead chuckled, looking lovingly down into her eyes.

    “God I love you.” he said, and she blushed.

    “I love you too.” She said, standing on her toes to close the gap between them. Veronica and Betty watched in amazement as the two of them kissed.

    “6 months, and we never caught on…” Betty whispered.

    “I have no idea how I didn’t know, I’m usually so good with this stuff!” Veronica exclaimed.

    “Don’t feel too bad Veronica, we had all of you fooled.” Y/N said, pulling back from Jughead and laughed.

    “Thank you for the roses though Betty, would you like them back?” Jughead asked, handing the roses back to her. Betty took them, and handed them back to Y/N.

    “No, these belong to her.” Betty mumbled, still surprised. “So six months, huh?” Y/N and Jughead nodded their heads. “Oh. Wow, well congratulations. When were you planning on telling us?” Betty asked somewhat angrily. Jughead laughed and shrugged.

    “I don’t know, soon maybe. Don’t get upset over it though, no one knew.” Jughead said.

    “Don’t get upset? I’m your best friend, both of your best friends! I deserve to know about these things.”

    “Well, you never asked.” Y/N said, grabbing Jugheads hand. Betty opened her mouth to say something, but stuttered on her words, not sure what to say.

    “She makes a good point…” Veronica whispered, shifting on her feet.

    “Well, do you guys want dinner? I’m buying.” Y/N said, sliding into the booth and tapping the seats next to her.

    “You are not buying, this is supposed to be a date, so therefore I’m buying.” Jughead said, sliding in next to her. Y/N rolled her eyes and chuckled.

     "Now it’s a double date I guess, Betty, Veronica, you guys act totally gay around eachother and I’m almost positive you two are hiding feelings for eachother. Sit your asses down and enjoy your double date.“ Y/N pointed to the seats in front of her and the two girls sat down, blushing. Jughead laughed and pushed the roses to Betty.

    "Give those to Veronica.” he said, and Betty handed them to the raven haired girl. For the rest of the night, Y/N and Jughead sat side by side, holding hands under the table and watched as the blonde and the raven haired girl in front of them flirted and blushed, just as they had when they first got together. It was quite a fun night for the four of them.

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i just noticed in Oak’s ig that he’s in the beach recently n omg….all the jeffmads domestic au headcanons :’))

-James being the worried dad n applying sun-screen all over Lucy’s face n arms so “she wouldn’t look like a freckled tomato in the sun” (throwing shade @ Philip)


-campfire songs w the other kids !!! (Lucy lowkey singin a cute love song for Theo jr.)

- flower crowns made w tropical flowers !!!! (kinda like what Moana has)


- beach-side dinner dates !!!!

- Lucy shoving a handful of sand in Philip’s trunks

-Alex falling for Laurens even more bc !! he has !!! more freckles !!! in the sun !!!

-Eliza luving Maria as well w her few nose freckles n Maria’s just “no !!!!! im not cute !!!!”


i just want more wholesome moments in this au i swear :’))


Sims No Filter Challenge

I was tagged by the awesome @katsujii​ ♡

Rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

Before/After with Maachii ~~ I’ve fun plans with her. I promise *winkyface* but with some new faces too… You’ll see sooner or later ^-^

Goodness XD . She’s literally only wearing the skin, eyes, eyebrows and hair cc. This skin’s magical. (I’m not even sure from who it is lolol, sorry, but kudos to them the skin’s great *claps) She still looks so cute *squeals >3<

Let me tag ~~ @simovee, @reenadelenyel, @cidersims, @igotsims, @puffshale, @itsoceansecret, @eenhoornsims, @lilyssims, @jordutch, @cynicalsims

yea, lets do that. Show me your bare sims >:)   *wiggles eyebrows suggestively

bending over, hair falling in front of face,

expectation: wow i look so mysterious and cute,,,this can be a great hair flip moment

reality: i can’t fucking see anything