but look at that character growth though

Rambling about Reigen

Okay, so i really like the popularity of the whole Reigen is asexual headcanon. 

For a lot of reasons. so I’m going to ramble for a bit. not just about that, but also about Reigen and friendship in general.

One thing being; he’s not the sort of character that usually gets seen or portrayed as asexual. He’s not innocent or childish or naive in any way. He’s a sly con man whose greatest weapon is his words and he isn’t above outright manipulation. but he’s also a character who places great importance on being a responsible adult, and damn well tells off adults who pick fights with children. 

But he’s also really lacking in personal connections, and throughout the series thus far has shown no interest in forming romantic relationships, never so much as acting flustered or infatuated around anyone even as a gag. 

but while he has shown no interest in romance he also seems to neglect most other relationships too, but seemingly unintentionally. his neglect of his friendships, unlike his lack of interest pursuing romance, is something that it’s often shown he regrets.

His only real interpersonal connection in the series is with Mob (and Dimple) for the longest time, and after they fall out and we find out more about Reigen’s life outside of his connection to Shigeo we also find out more about the people he knows:

The closest thing he has to friends are a bar full of easily manipulated and flakey people, who turn on him the moment the whole media scandal starts. 

But what makes this different to most ‘loner’ asexual stereotypes is the fact that Reigen is actually incredibly adept at understanding people and isn’t socially inept at all, in contrast to Mob (who in further contrast, is also really good at making friends despite his social ineptitude). 

His main downfall really is that he can be a bit too dismissive of the people he actually cares about at times, both intentionally and unintentionally. Which affects the few interpersonal connections he really does care about since he does take them for granted at times, first with mob in the separation arc, and later in a much more minor way with Serizawa, when Reigen waits until the last minute before asking to hang out with Serizawa for new years:

Serizawa is so important to me as a character, but in regards to Reigen he’s also Reigen’s first real adult friend/employee in the entire series. so while minor, this incident does inform us of quite a bit in contrast to the start of the seperation arc. For one, Reigen accepts the rejection much better than when Mob told him he was busy that time, and even though Serizawa is just as, if not more socially inept than Mob, Reigen doesn’t dismiss his claim of having other friends. So, character growth!

The fandom likes to joke about it a lot, but Reigen has become a beacon of “Dad” to all the kids in the series, as well as the adults who act like kids if i’m honest! (looking at Claw with that statement) And despite being a fraud he’s the one everyone comes to for help, adults and kids alike. 

He’s the person the former Claw members go to at the start of the second Claw arc in order to get help, same with Teru. He’s the one Mob calls to take him and his friends out alien hunting rather than asking his parents. And he’s the one who solves the problems of so many other people in the series using words or plain old common sense. He may not go about things in the most ethical way, but he always honestly tries to leave people in a better place than where they started, even if that involves manipulation.

All in all he’s a unique and complex character, and honestly I couldn’t support the ace Reigen headcanon more. 

List of reasons why Mon-el is disliked and hated

now i am going to take out any part of him being a toxic or horrible boyfriend and give facts on why aside from the toxic claims by the fandom, the reasons that most fans have problems with him and with karamel

1. His arrival was followed by the immediate break up of karolsen

  •   after a season of build up there were many fans extremely upset with this
  • Chris Wood tends to always be introduced as a love interest for the protagonist when ever he shows up on a cw show and we all knew that was what was happening

2. His waking up

  • the moment Mon-el wakes up we get an episode centered mostly around him, it has Alex moments and the introduction of sanvers but it revolves mostly around Mon-el
  • this began a cycle of Mon-el taking over episodes not completely but he took a big spotlight in the show
  • he chokes Kara the first time he sees her, now this action is a fight or flight instinct but it is something that was remembered and will not be forgotten by most of the fandom

3. taking up more screen time than most any other character

  • if you look at it, you will see that Mon-el from the moment he lands takes up screen time, and though he can be a good character and his arch can be interesting he takes up more screen time than necessary
  • the use of other characters to prop up his story is evident
  • he in as early as 2x05 is getting near equal screen time to Kara and that is not something that the show used to do, the show used to give more screen time to female characters rather than the male

4. over shadowing Kara

  • at first it was a slow growth of him to over shadow Kara’s screen time but by mid season it was apparent that the show was going to focus not on Kara developing but Kara helping Mon-el develop
  • this took away from the main character it gave us no true Kara story arch but a Mon-el story arch in which he became a hero

5. the Mon-el story arch was because of his relationship with Kara

  • rather than have Mon-el learn on his own and become a better man before entering a relationship they put him with Kara for him to change him
  • this is what put many fans off, now it is not a woman’s job to help a man become better, 
  • they rushed this if they had slowed it down and made it a back ground arch then it would have been better accepted by fans and critics 

6. His lying

now before you stop reading this is not about him abusing kara in any way it is simply the fact that he did lie, weather he planned on telling the truth or not does not matter 

  • he from the moment he landed lied about who he was,even if it was for his own protection he did so
  • he chose to keep that secret even when Kara had allowed him into her home and into her life as her friend
  • he kept it as they began dating and had slept together (many of the fandom see that as a huge problem)
    • they see that in lying to her would she have ever slept with him if she knew
    • doesn’t that mean that he was commuting a form of manipulation and deceit it does not sit well in the stomach to think of it

7. the big villain

  • he became a hero yes that is true no matter what the show sees him as one, but he also brought the villain
  • rather than help his planet and  later figure out how to escape he stayed bringing a terror to earth
  • this meant that rather than the villain being a supergirl villain it was his villain a Mon-el villain

8. they used Sanvers to prop up Karamel

  • they introduced sanvers early on in this season and sadly as the season went on we got less screen time for the couple
  • it started in around 2x11 or so,
  • we are shown in mrs&mr. myx that we get one valentines sanvers scene then a karamel scene it was the beginning of a trend
  • with every small sanvers scene we got a karamel scene with a kiss and such
  • while sanvers only got dialog and maybe one kiss per episode, it was easy to see that they began paralleling the two and were using sanvers to prop up karamel

9. Every episode

  • now it became apparent that he was a lead in the show he had more screen time than alex and near equal to Kara
  • it became every episode was focused on him and Kara being together and there was never a danvers sisters moment to equal it out
  • it focuses on the relationship and on how he was suddenly a new man who was scared of Kara leaving him
  • he was a hero now and the show was more about him than it was anything else we had less super moments and more karamel moments 
Character Arcs Continued

Make sure you remember part one (x)

Please Note: This is absolutely not the only version of the character arc that you will ever see. There are certainly different versions where the points vary, but I chose to explain this one as it has points in common with many others and it is easy to follow.

Every important character should have an arc that carries alongside the plot. This adds a layer of complexity and shows growth in your character. Though roles and patterns are made to be broken, one of the most accepted structures for a character arc looks something like this. Let’s break it down.

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The Tower that Refuses to Crumble

The Death of the CCG has been predicted since the beginning of this Oggai/24th ward arc. Ironically, by one of it’s most loyal and steadfast investigators and the one who orchestrated it’s resurgence and rebirth when it was at it’s weakest point.

Yet we see, all of the members of the CCG left in the cast, not acting as if the CCG is responsible for this situation and on it’s last legs, but rather as if it’s the one whose going to solve the dragon crisis despite the fact that it caused it. If you’re just as confused as I am about the CCG’s role in things, read under the cut. 

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Character growth and the circular narrative in season 12.

This season will never cease to amaze me with just how meta it is. The bookending is just fantastic and these are only a few examples.

1. Cas having Dean torn away from him. The emotional reunion. Dean now having Cas torn away from him in turn. When Dean ‘died’ Cas only cared and asked about Dean even though God was dying, the world was ending and the Sun suddenly rejuvenated, indicating that he should be dead. When Dean thinks Cas is dead, he looks at Lucifer in shock rather than fear, when Jack is born Sam runs into the house, Dean just kneels down in shock by Cas’s side. Their reactions are heavily mirrored.

2. Angel blade stabbings. The visual narrative of these stabbings is fantastic. Mary stabbed Ms Watts in the back with an Angel blade while she was threatening Dean and Cas. In 12x09 Cas then stabs Billie in the back with an Angel blade while she is threatening Dean, Sam and Mary. In 12x10 Cas stabs Ishim in the back after he threatened Dean. Finally Lucifer stabs Cas in the back with an Angel blade while he is threatening Sam and Dean, only for Mary to knuckle dust him into the rift (Knuckle dusters that were first introduced into the show by MS WATTS by the way). 

3. “Are you ok? No”. Dean started the season more open but still with the facade in place. Asking Mary if she is ok, to which she replies NO instead of the usual “I’m fine”, which is a relatively new concept for our Winchester brothers, to actually show how you feel. By 12x23 Dean has gone through such a journey he actually mirrors Mary’s words and admit that he is not fine, re emphasising his character growth from the hugely important 12x22 Mary/Dean interactions. 

4. Crowley. Started the season desperately trying to cling onto his power, to defeat Lucifer, seeking out his minions, killing them with an Angel blade. He ends the season sacrificing himself with the same blade to stop Lucifer after admitting that he has had enough, this is not what he wants. Again, a fantastic mirror for the dark side and metaphorical death of Performing!Dean, which Crowley has always represented.

5. Sam’s self forgiveness arc. Sam starts out the season alone, trapped and hallucinating that Dean, Mary and others all hate him, that everything bad that happened to them was his fault. By the end Dean has let Sam go from the parent - child dynamic. Their toxic codependency is let go and they both grow and benefit immediately from this, Sam defeating the MoL and Dean saving their mother.

I wish I could go on and on because there is so much more. But this is such a fantastic season character wise and the cinematographic choices, mirrors and tropes were so well handled, I really look forward to seeing how it continues into season 13.

Gif sources: @charlie-bradcherry @bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale @fangirlingtodeath513 @weallneedcastiel @livingthegifs @super-sootica

Looking at “Second First Date”

Originally posted by greatestvillianinthegalaxy

It’s obvious that Rad tries too hard to come across as the super-cool, knowledgeable, and super macho guy. This shines through most in episodes focusing on the dynamic between him and K.O. For better or worse, Rad is K.O.’s role model. He looks up to him like the do-no-wrong older brother, feeding Rad’s ego and encouraging his facade. Though, every time Rad tries to bolster said facade, he bumbles. K.O. discovers that Rad doesn’t know the backroom as well as he claims to and that he likes crochet and cute kittens. But, Rad is too proud to openly admit these ‘weaknesses’ or cracks in his proverbial armor. A person has to be patient with him to see the backroom map poking out of his back pocket. To see that, yes, their arguments broke through to him, but he expresses this through small gestures more than words. The fact that K.O. looks up to Rad adds a needed dimension to his character growth. He’s forced to be more responsible and considerate even if only for K.O.’s sake. 

Enter “Second First Date” and Rad’s Facade

“Second First Date” gives viewers one of the more vulnerable looks at Rad’s character. When he was younger, his true self shined through more. He’s a nice, considerate, and sensitive fellow at his core. Though, these are paired with strong self-consciousness and low self-confidence. In part, this leads to Rad trusting and following the questionable council of his friends. Whatever doubts he holds about their advice is crowded out by how confident and self-assured they come across. Some degree of peer pressure and the need to conform. To young Rad, it feels better to build and cultivate this image of the ‘super cool bro’ that he and his friends see as the ultimate endgame. The image was enticing enough that Rad became ‘super cool bro’ and that’s who viewers see in present time. (Side Note: It was pretty funny to hear the meta, self-aware asides characters made in the dialogue. I chalked this up as Rad making Cliff Notes during the flashback, a sign of him looking at things in retrospect). 

Rad’s facade is a huge part of what makes his dynamic with Enid so meaningful. To an extent, Enid is exactly what Rad is trying too hard to be. Where Rad is overly concerned what others think of him, Enid could care less. Enid openly expresses herself and shares her thoughts and opinions on things. Sometimes, she comes across as ‘mysterious’ or ‘cryptic.’ Though, this is more Enid being a woman of few words than anything else. If Enid wants someone to know where they stand with her, she lets them know. In Rad’s case, he spends so much time trying to build up and maintain his ‘image,’ he can lose sight of what consequences could stem from what he says or does. He’s so worried about what others might think of him, he can get stubborn and defensive when someone challenges his persona. Enid is one of the few people that knows him well enough to cut through his facade and level with him on a significant, meaningful level.

Enid and Rad

“Second First Date” comes across as the much-needed reconciliation between Rad and Enid. They originally buried the proverbial hatchet by ignoring the hatchet even exists. 

Their first date established Enid’s first real impression of Rad’s character. She originally liked him for being this nice, sweet guy, but turned away because as far as she knew, he was always an outright jerk. Imagine what it was like for them to meet up again long after that first date. Whatever glimmer there was of Rad the sweetheart is completely gone. Enid’s new co-worker is an obnoxious and doofy meathead. On Rad’s part, he’s challenged by guilt, regret, and what it’ll take to maintain his status quo. He can’t renege on his ‘super cool bro’ image now. Though, he has to make some kind of peace if he wants things to go well moving forward. If Enid even tried to broach the issue, he feigns forgetfulness. Possibly with the throwaway comment “Oh, I’ve dated soo many girls, I can’t remember them all…” 

Looking at their reactions after the Cupid flashback, they’ve probably had a few arguments about the nightmare date. Though, given enough time, lack of a levelheaded mediator, and the need to get along ‘well enough,’ they decided not to talk about it ever again. It’s a “thing that should not be named” locked up with Voldermort level conspiracy and secrecy. This is something that happened in the far-back and long-ago. It may as well have never happened. 

When Rad acknowledges and apologizes for being a jerk, it feels like they finally addressed the elephant in the room. Going forward, there’s more room for intimacy and honesty in their relationship. Rad may make attempts at being more genuine and true to his character rather than pushing the ‘super cool bro’ image. The overall point of the episode was further fleshing out Rad’s and Enid’s dynamic and what kind of impact it has for their character development. Even the walking home scene showcased how much of a relief this was for them. They seemed thoughtful and contemplative, like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

In regards to Rad and Enid’s relationship, I’m torn between Cupid’s comment about platonic friendship and how Rad was looking at Enid on their walk home. I’ve chalked up the episode as ambiguous as to whether or not their dynamic will become romantic or stay platonic. I’m strongly hoping for the latter. My personal hope is to see a Miguel and Tulio (Road to El Dorado) or even Wander and Sylvia (Wander Over Yonder) dynamic between them. There’s definitely potential given their complementary opposites personalities. 

(In regards to shipping interests, I think Carol and Mr.Gar is the closest to eventual endgame canon. At this point, Rad and Enid are as likely endgame canon as Enid and Red Action in my book.)

Haikyuu’s Ch217 and how it massively built up Hinata’s character

For the Haikyuu fans who have been keeping up with the manga, I’m pretty sure the current 200+ chapters have given us more than enough Hinata material to create our little redhead-shaped box case. There were happy times, sad times, times when we desperately wanted to punch him in the face or give him a nice, big, tear-filled hug, and times that cramped our fingers as we hurriedly screenshotted Hinata-centric panels out of fondness. 

This hodgepodge of snippets have metamorphosed into a caricature of Hinata’s character. With reason (and I don’t mean this negatively! If you’re able to portray Hinata this way, then you’re absolutely spot on), we usually end up limiting his character to that sunshine-y, childish, happy-go-lucky, determined, athletic/talented, excitable, grumpy, gullible, sleepy, stupid, intense, and cute little bugger that we know and love. 

What 217 (and this whole training camp arc in general) did was to add an entirely separate panel of traits to this box of Hinata’s character! It was new and definitely refreshing. Here’s a short run-down of the newer, softer aspects of Hinata Shouyou that go beyond the usual smol, hot-tempered and energetic ball of sunshine that he is.

1. Mother Hen

When he sets his mind to it, Hinata Shouyou does it well.

We’ve known that from the beginning. But who knew Furudate would take it to the level of being responsible for the first years’ belongings and caring for them in the simplest ways? Hinata’s got it down after only how many days in this training camp. Keep in mind that Hinata lost stuff all the time (remember that bento incident in the prelims?), but now, he’s attentive enough to look after other people as well! It makes you think–By their third year, could Hinata possibly the new mother hen?

2. Attentive/Intelligent 

Let’s be real: Hinata isn’t the brightest crayon in the volleybox. But after this training camp started, we’ve been seeing more and more of his cute little brain being put to good use. In the previous chapters, Hinata’s brainwaves focused more on his self-worth as a player and rarely other people’s playing styles and movements. 

Based on these panels, however, he’s clearly starting to think more and more and more, shying his attention away from himself and towards others. Given his time off court, Furudate is highlighting the fact that Hinata has the talent to recognize techniques and to adeptly apply his game sense during matches. That in his own way, Hinata is intelligent; he just needed to step away from the ball and court for a little while.

3. Pure and Kind

These panels pretty much speak for themselves. 

While I agree that Hinata is one of Karasuno’s most ruthless players, the purity of his intentions and natural instinct to try and cheer people up is what makes him a walking paradox. Similar to Kuroo and Tanaka, (considered as two of the kindest Haikyuu!! characters), they are considerate without thought and without trying, but often do end up scaring people along the way. Hinata wasn’t trying to give Hyakuzawa a pep talk, but that’s what it ended up sounding like anyway. Hinata instinctually felt like these people were unhappy and, through his own means, tried to help them understand in any way he could! Often, they end up gentle and nurturing, with a nice side of “I still need to defeat you though,” which makes it stay very in character. AND he’s so cute! Look at his small frame next to Hyakuzawa!

4. Self-assured but Humble

Once again, it’s self-evident.

There is absolutely no doubt that he is aware of his own worth. As I recall, many people thought that Hinata wanted to go to the camp for the recognition of his talents, but these panels show that it’s the exact opposite. Hinata understands that he needs to grow by himself, but he also understands that he could’ve done well in the camp. Furudate reiterated Hinata’s humility in his desire for growth and his acknowledgement of talents that he is not likely to develop (like height) while giving us a little taste of the subtle Kagehina we constantly yearn for

Although people would’ve likely suspected these traits of Hinata beforehand, 217 reminded people that there is a soft and gentle side to the pure Hinata Shouyou, and with this came a revelation of his slight but magnificent growths.

Oh, and last thing–remember that this child probably loves you! He’s such a darling protagonist and I’m happy that Furudate is inching us towards a more dynamic Hinata Shouyou. It’s definitely exciting to see him accelerate!

Next stop… Kageyama? 

The more I think about Sun and Moon

The more I FUCKING love it.

Yes I do think there are wasted opportunities with UB for main story but that’s a tiny pebble compare to the massive stones of awesomeness.

The Pokemon are fun and really cool! The Pokedex gives a layer of depth and surprising realism to these fantasy monsters.

The characters are amazing.
The trial captains are unique
The Kahuna are strong

Hau is fucking lovable
Lillie’s character growth is really amazing
Gladion’s slow opening is good too!

The villains are what take the cake though.

Each of them have so much in depth that goes really far.

Guzma has an abusive dad who (depending on what you think) either beat him or transferred his own failures into him. He acts stupidly tough but he raised a fuckin Wimpod and every single grunts cares for him.

Plumeria is the Admin but she looks and cares after every single grunt with genuine love and affection. She even starts the Trials anew to turn over a new leaf and Challenge you! She’s a tough chick!

Each Grunt is implied to be rejected who wants to join Skull cause they feel accepted.

Lusamine was amazing awful. She did absolutely horrendous stuff to Lillie and Gladion but post game reveals some hidden stuff about her.
She lost her husband because of Ultra Beast, and he disappeared forever and she (possibly) got infected beforehand. We know she used to be a good mom before she went crazy, and Nihilego’s Toxins are said to bring out people’s desires out to an insane degree. So there are many factors to her actions which makes it complex.

Wicke turned out to be the loving mom we all wanted and what Gladion and Lillie should’ve gotten if Lusamine didn’t go crazy. She truly is pure.

Faba is a snobby asshole who’s barely a threat and hilarious cause of that.

Fuck this game is soooo good!

More doodling for @linesporadic … older Sho, and his crush on Fubuki persisting!

He sometimes wanted to join the Blizzard Group, but Fubuki decides to disband them after a few years.  She still drops by to bug Saitama anyway.  Saitama decides not to comment on how much Sho blushes and stutters around her.

astrocow  asked:

This isn't really a question and I apologize for that but I wanted you to know how much of an inspiration you are! At first I never gave Trish a second thought since Araki didn't give her too much room to make a personality but your art gives me really good perspective on her. I love her lots now. Thank you! Have a good evening!

Omgosh thank you so much!!  This is such a huge compliment!  It makes me so happy whenever someone says they appreciate a character or ship a little more because of me!  I’m just happily flailing with friends about Jojo on this blog, and it’s exciting to meet other people on Tumblr who enjoy the same kinds of things!!

I LOVE Trish!  But I admit, when she first appeared I didn’t like her much.  She seemed to have a lot of potential:  she had a mouth on her (when Narancia was trying to shoo her away from the public bathroom, she was basically like, “Do you own this bathroom?  Oh, your name must be Mr. Toilette, then, and this is your home.” lol), and where did she get these skills??

We know right away she’s the boss’s daughter, so she most likely has a Stand.  Not since LisaLisa have we had a cool female character who was a main protagonist and fought alongside the guys.  Holly never fought and we didn’t get to see what her Stand even does, Yukako was mostly used to torture Koichi, and Aya was just used by and quickly killed by the main villain… *sigh*
And in her first scene, she wiped her hands on Fugo’s jacket (I don’t care how ugly his clothes are, that was so rude), and was bossing him around for trivial things like the brand of water she wanted when there were more important things to worry about like how everyone’s lives were on the line.  Suddenly her sassy mouth was annoying because she crossed the line from being sharp-tongued to being an obnoxious, rude, and selfish person (later after I knew her better did I realize her actions were because she was scared, overcompensating, and testing how much voice she had in this group).

But Giorno seemed to understand her and when he talked or thought about her, I began to understand her a little more for the first time through his analysis.  

Giorno says she’s very strong-willed after this.  At the time, I thought he was just being generous/kind.  Because at this point, we mostly see Trish as a scared girl.  She’s shoved in this damsel in distress role (which I don’t mind but leaves little for her to do to make much impact on the plot).  Her mother JUST died, she’s had no time to grieve, she was most likely kidnapped by Polpo’s men (who are strangers to her) only to be transferred to even more strangers in Buccellati’s group, who are going to transfer her again to another stranger, her father who she’s just recently found out is boss of the mafia!  Everyone’s been ordered to give her no information so Buccellati’s group is pretty standoffish around her and rarely talks to her, weird stuff she can’t explain is happening around her, people want to kill her for no fault of her own, and she’s all alone in this world where she has no power or autonomy.  Other people decide where she’s going to go, who she’s going to travel with, and she has no choice but to obey.  

BUT!  Things change once the boss tries to kill Trish and Buccellati’s group rebels.  Now there are no orders to follow and the group starts to talk to her more and involve her with their decisions.  Trish, in turn, has fewer restrictions placed on her, can now start making decisions for herself and decisions for the group.  She chooses to help them fight and bring down her father, give them as much information as she can, help the group as a tracking device for her father, and she chooses to not run away (like Shinji Ikari but 5000% cooler and less teen angst).  She wants to face her attempted-murderer and take him down.  We start to see the strong-will Giorno was talking about more and more!


She seems to have a lot of pride and wants to appear calm and collected, though she’s not very good at hiding panic:

Here she’s reaching for him to hold her hand for comfort, they hold hands in the elevator, and it’s adorable.  When we first meet her, Pericolo told everyone that Trish doesn’t like to be touched, but we see her slowly opening up more to Buccellati and his gang as Part 5 progresses.

She finally comes into her own once she awakens her Stand. She changes from a damsel in distress into a full-fledged member of the team.  Before this, there wasn’t much she could do as a non-Stand user, but still she tries.  We saw her struggling on the plane with the decision of running away vs. fighting Notorious B.I.G.  She decides to face the danger and fight even though she knows this decision could very well kill her but because of her decision to be brave, she gains control of her Stand.  She even defies Buccellati because she now has:  1) Power and 2) More information on the enemy than anyone else at this point.  She makes her OWN decision even though the leader of their group disagrees with her, and she ends up saving everyone.

Trish attributes this huge growth in her character and the emergence of her Stand to how much Giorno has influenced her for the better & that’s really sweet!

Her Stand also has an… interesting personality and reminds me of Koichi’s Echoes.  It can sometimes have a foul mouth, which like Koichi makes you wonder if Trish’s internal thoughts and feelings are a lot more… “spicy”… than she lets us believe.

EDIT:  I FORGOT TO MENTION HER SWEET SIDE, TOO!!  Look at her keeping an eye on Narancia after Giorno healed them while deeply considering Narancia’s feelings.  Even though Narancia didn’t need emotional comfort and he even seemed confused about receiving it, Trish still wanted to defend him.  This shows how much Trish values warmth in people.

By the end, Trish has grown SO much as a character, she says one of my favorite lines of all Part 5 during the final showdown against her father:  “I, too, can overcome the fate I inherited from you.  I will not cower or flee!  If you try to stop me, I shall soar beyond you.”  This line is so good because it’s contrasted against the past where we did see her cowering and fleeing.  But no longer.

At the very end, we see how comfortable, happy, and trusting she is around the gang where Mista pretends to scare her with his “weird fingers” and she playfully screams in mock fear.  SHE IS SO CUTE!!!  THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE!!!

I wish we saw more of her cute, playful side.

But yeah, that’s my take on her character.  Part 5 is partially the story of a girl who takes a desolate situation she didn’t choose to be involved in, uses it to make herself stronger, and overcomes the evil that is literally trying to destroy her.  I REALLY LOVE TRISH!!!!!!  (Oh god, this got SO LONG, I’M SO SORRY!!!)

anonymous asked:

How contrived and fake do you think the industry is?

It all depends on who you work with. There’s a huge obsession with social media at least on the agent side and I will at some point have to get an agent in order to achieve my goals which to be honest is partly why I started this blog in the first place. I felt I could do something a little more helpful and interesting than just a status update of what I am allowed to say I am currently working on. I have to say that so far it’s worked out pretty well.

A lot of it I think has to do with people who are severely sheltered and relatively well to do and get into film programs where they connect with other well to do people and then feel like their version of the world is the absolute truth when all they see are the well to do parts of the world.

I remember one of the first major projects I worked on I did research for what kind of place a Bostonian could afford if he worked as a baggage handler in 2001. I essentially told them the neighborhood they wanted to shoot second unit in would have been out of the price range of someone who essentially would have been making minimum wage and had to pay fees to go through the tunnel daily. That kind of person would have multiple room mates in order to make rent but this person had never had room mates and never had to work for those kind of wages in order to make rent so they decided to do it anyway because their particular artistic vision was based on their life and their vision of what that person’s life would be and not the actual reality of what the daily grind would be for a person working at Logan for minimum wage.

I think largely it’s that kind of insular nature that leads to the superficiality and fakeness but we’re in the land of fairy tales,  The Hero with a Thousand Faces and story structure so it’s all fake anyway.

Reality is more like a David Lynch movie where you have a bunch of strange and bizzare stuff that gets tossed at you often for no purpose, interactions are awkward and sometimes without focus.

I find myself thinking about that Onion Article that came out six years ago “Man’s Life Riddled with Continuity Errors” It’s true. Life is a messy chaotic thing and it’s almost impossible to define it into a coherent narrative without major omissions that are huge chunks of time in our lives. It’s how memoirs are able to be interesting. They leave out the stuff that is uninteresting to hear about.

Life is quite frankly largely unsuitable for a three act structure even though we like to think of ourselves as heroes of our own stories. Nobody wants to read a story about a guy doing the same thing at a fast food joint day in and day out with no character growth unless it’s a wacky comedy. 

So in that case I suppose we’re all fakes, trying to be more real than the real thing, which in this case is just an idealized version of reality that is inconsistent with what we experience on a day to day basis.

Sorry if this isn’t the answer you’re looking for I got a little philosophical there.

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I don't know if this has been done, but what are your thoughts on the characters? Specifically things about them fans seem to hate the most, like Armin being a pervert, Kentin being "pathetic", Nathaniel being petty, Lysander being "closed-minded", Castiel being an asshole, and any other characters with flaws people don't seem to like. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I was just curious since you get a lot of opinions thrown your way, I wanted to know what yours were.

Hmm, what I think about their character flaws and quirks? Well, I guess the obvious one is no one’s perfect, and if they were, they’d be incredibly boring.

But individually, I guess there’s more to say than that. Please remember that these are just my opinions and doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. There could be something I don’t know about that happens in the game with these characters that I just never came across.

Armin being a pervert, huh? You know, they say virgins are the biggest perverts. I can see why it would make people uncomfortable, and it’s not like you can tell the character, “Hey, could you maybe not say stuff like that around me?” like a real person. It’s also on the really tame side. Like, I’m sitting here at the computer thinking, “Is that all you got? Boy, let me show you how it’s done,” and then I proceed to have a one-sided 1-UPing competition with a fictional character on the computer screen. So, I guess I find it harmless? Like, every time he says something like that, it’s like, “Hey, your virginity is showing.”

Kentin isn’t pathetic, if I’m honest. I believe he just suffers from a Napoleon Complex Short-Man Syndrome, which is understandable. He’s been bullied because he’s shorter, nerdy, and weak, and even people who haven’t bullied him were intimidating because of how they presented themselves. Now he’s got a lot of bark to him and some bite, for sure, but he doesn’t know what to do with it or how to properly use it in a situation. He’s acting a lot on emotions, and he’s got a lot of those, too. We have to remember that he’s still just a teenager and his transformation has only been going for several months. You don’t just grow up and mature over night. He kinda reminds me of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. What do you think would happen if we called him short?

Nathaniel being petty can range from hilarious to sick burns depending on the situation. Petty Nathaniel is best Nathaniel, in my opinion. Also, I wanted Candy to throw her spaghetti at Amber and her friends, and Nathaniel couldn’t say jack about it, because he’s thrown drumsticks at Castiel and hit Armin with a chair in the past. I want to be petty, too! Just let me have it, please! I was also hoping that he was bolder now, but after the past few episodes has proven it was just the alcohol talking at the party. What a shame.

Lysander as closed-minded? Hey, I was called that! And I’m often compared to Lysander by my friends… Hmm… HMMMMM…. No, but seriously I don’t think he’s closed-minded. Maybe it’s because I don’t get a lot of wrong answers with him, but he just seems more direct than the others. I think some people don’t agree with his opinions and values, but because it’s a game, they can’t challenge him or present him with new ideas unless Candy does, and that’s not very often. Usually it’s her whose mind is being changed. I don’t think he’d turn down new information just because it didn’t fit what he already believed in. The game just needs to challenge him more, and not with jealousy.

Castiel is an asshole…. Yeah, he really can be; just ask that poor tree he kicked in. I mean, yeah he can be hot-tempered when he’s offended or pissed off, isn’t that normal? He’s obviously supposed to fill the Bad Boy trope where he acts all tough, but turns out to be a real cinnamon roll if you get to know him. Because girls like projects. I actually don’t have much of an opinion of Castiel? He’s the very embodiment of his trope and I rarely see him break away from it. He had a lot more character growth during Lysander’s arc, though. At least, it felt like he did.

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Okay so there's been a LOT....LOT of comparision going on that Cas and Mary are not that different with regards to their recent betrayal(s). *cough* Cas Haters mostly *cough* I wanted to get your opinion on this....

Hello Anon!

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to reply - I’m striving to get better, you guys! I love hearing from you! Now focus on you, Anon, and your question.

Let me open with: who are these *cough* CasHaters *cough* and where can I find one to stroke across the cheek while softly whispering words of comfort so as to convince them to not stray so far from the righteous path? *I’ll find you.* *I’ll find all of you.*

Moving on.

I take it these h8trs mean Mary betrayed her sons when she  went behind their backs to work with the BMoL.

And they mean Cas betrayed them when he went behind their backs to work with Heaven.

Well, you know, for me these betrayals, especially now with the whole season splayed open before me, were part of the character growth necessary for both Mary and Cas, so I can’t see any negative connotation in them at all. 

Like, at all.

The very deeply emotional parallel between Mary and Cas - which ran through the entire season and made me feel as though their relationship was the healthiest one on the show - is rooted in them feeling misplaced, like they don’t belong, both of them struggling to find themselves, to figure out who they are and, perhaps even more importantly, who they want to be. 

So let’s take a closer look at the motivation for each character in their betrayals:


  • Good: We know now that Mary betrayed her sons to, ultimately, protect them, to save them from a world of chaos and death and mayhem. 
  • Bad: She wanted to save them from having to live their life as hunters, thinking she was working with the Good Guys to create a world without monsters, without unnecessary suffering. 
  • Bad: She didn’t consult her sons about whether this was what they actually wanted, she made this choice for them.
  • Bad: She got Sam to believe it was the right way, but he quickly came to his senses - and we all know what Dean’s stance was: the BMoL is a threat and cannot be trusted. This was bad for Mary, however, as it shook her sons’ trust in her to the core.
  • Bad: She was brainwashed as character punishment for her folly.
  • Good: She finally realised her errors, her arc this season reaching its apex in 12x22 when Dean confronted her, and the whole reason for her being brought back in the first place was finally laid bare: Dean’s deep, deep need to come to the realisation that he could forgive her for everything, allowing him to let go of that hatred he’s carried around, and let all that love he feels for her take over.
  • Bad: But she’s not done cooking as she also created a distance between her and her boys, because she is a hunter first and foremost and this has left her riddled with a guilt she still needs to deal with as well as a growing need to truly see herself and accept herself as a mother and a hunter: hence her ending up in the AU dimension. She still needs to work through her own, deeper issues with her past choices - Dean’s forgiveness was the starting point for this.


  • Good: We know that Cas betrayed the brothers while working with Heaven in order to protect them, to keep them from having to kill an innocent woman and her unborn child.
  • Good&Bad: When the nephilim showed Cas the vision of what the baby Nephi deemed “paradise” - a world without pain and suffering, a world at peace - this appealed to Cas for all the right, but very wrong, reasons and he accepted it without question.
  • Good&Bad: Cas tried to allow for the brothers to aid him, but when they clearly couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, he left them behind without further ado.
  • Good&Bad: Cas was never brainwashed - the parallel stops there - but Cas is incapable of questioning his own choices, he has not learned to look at things objectively, and once he believes something is right there is no stopping him from pursuing that mission to its completion–
  • Good&Bad: –this blinds him from making those level-headed decisions that would have kept him alive at the end of 12x23 (aka listening to Dean crying out for him, not leaving the bloody angel blade with Lucifer) - and this is why Castiel the angel of the Lord had to die.
  • Good: This death was the apex of Cas’ arc this season. It will give him the answer to the questions he’s been dragging around with him for a long time: Do I belong here? Can I belong here? Will I ever belong here? And that answer is yes, Cas, you can and you will: as a human being.

Originally posted by thedauntlesshufflepuff

If I’m right about Cas’ arc, if I’m right about what I can see in the choices he’s made since the beautiful 12x19 narrative focused this arc and pushed it to take a leap forward, then I believe very firmly that the reason there is Good in every single beat of this Betrayal Outline is because he was right in his choices regarding the nephilim needing to be born with all his powers. 

Once Jack has been brought up right - as I have been rather convinced of for months now, because it just makes such narrative sense to me - Jack will bring balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

So to conclude Cas’ Betrayal Outline I give you the following:

Cas was punished with death for his inability to learn his lesson and stop charging in guns blazing.

The fact that he was right in all his choices, all that Good will lead to his reward, and that reward will be rebirth.

Because human!Cas will learn the lesson once and for all.

But more meta on that to be posted asap! 

Have I told you lately that I love this narrative? Have I also added lately that I know I might be 100% wrong about all this? No. I could be 100% wrong about all of it. All of it. But if I’m even a little right…

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Will be interesting how mutsuki will react since instead of haise/kaneki theres only a monster now. I wonder if mutsuki doesnt care if hes a monster and will still try to pursue him

I wonder too. Though I personally think Dragoneki will help break several characters’ obsessions with Kaneki:




I know Tsukiyama is screaming and desperate to save Kaneki, and Hinami is devastated, and I would think Mutsuki’s reaction to finding out Sensei is the monster will probably be similar. So will Saiko’s, tbh. Personally, while it looks like Tsuiyama’s still quite obsessed her, I’m happy to see emotional Tsukiyama again; calm and repressed Tsukiyama was worrisome and when he’s acknowledging his feelings like here, there’s a more of a chance for growth. 

But I’ve said before that I really, truly don’t know if Mutsuki and Saiko will ever get to the point where they are willing to kill Dragoneki. Obsession breaking might not mean that they (meaning Hina, Shuu, and Mucchan) want to kill him, especially because obsession with Kaneki looked pretty much like wanting to kill him or at least those around him for Mutsuki, lol. Dragoneki might reinforce tor Mutsuki that Sasaki isn’t coming back to that house, not ever. If it was impossible before it’s hella impossible now–but Urie and Saiko will still be there for him. It might be a process though, and Urie might need to do what Chie is currently doing for Tsukiyama: providing a reality check. 

I think the person who will still accept Kaneki after this–but clearly not without difficulty either–is Touka. 

Thank you for the ask!

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Hi Aunt Scripty! My character is a 19-year-old girl who has some pretty terrible habits. She drinks and smokes, both heavily, rarely gets enough sleep, doesn't eat healthy foods, and has little access to proper hygiene. I need her to have a type of illness that takes a few weeks to develop, and manifests seizures. I'd really appreciate your help! 😊

Hey there nonny! 

I typically don’t advise trying to discern a disease around a symptom, but looking up diseases that might affect your characters. 

Seizures are a pretty severe symptom, and for them to develop as part of a disease process over only a couple of weeks is pretty rapid. 

The first 4 things that pop into my head are all possible, and not necessarily a function of her lifestyle. 

First is cancer. A neoplasm of the brain or the meninges is possible, and when that cancerous growth puts pressure on the brain, seizures are a result. In the cases I’ve seen, the pressure can cause nearly continuous seizures, though intermittent ones are definitely possible. 

Second is an aneurysm or arteriovenous malformation (AVM). If your character’s proclivities include drug use, and  has included significant amounts of cocaine, crack, or stimulants like PCP, the “temporary” rise in blood pressure can put pressure on an artery or poorly formed blood vessel in the brain, which could cause seizures. This would also cause nasty focal (one-place) headaches and localized muscle weakness or numbness in other parts of the body. 

Third is meningitis. A viral meningitis will be slower to grow than a bacterial meningitis, and would cause a fever, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, and seizures. It would develop over a few days at most; meningitis is very fast-moving. She may also be sleepy or difficult to wake. 

3a would be viral  or bacterial encephalitis, where the brain itself gets an infection and starts to swell; this is often a latent infection. It’s a common presentation of HIV. This could also be a presentation of neurosyphilis; ie, untreated syphilis that’s spread to the brain, though this is much slower to develop. (Neurosyphilis is also bacterial, not viral.) Symptoms might include fever, weakness, confusion, headache, and seizures. 

Fourth would actually be withdrawal. If your character is chemically dependent upon alcohol, and she decides to stop suddenly, withdrawal seizures are extremely common. While they’re not typically life threatening, they can be, especially if the seizure comes at the wrong time (whiled driving, while stepping out into the street, etc.) 

I hope somewhere in these four ideas you find something that works for you :) 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I don't like Hobo Phoenix either. He's nothing like Phoenix in the original trilogy. It bothers me a lot and I really dislike him. I don't understand the obsession with him.

So I can think their tons of reasons people like Hobo Phoenix. 

Some just for the aesthetic of his look (some like that rugged casual style) especially after you’ve only seen Phoneix in a clean cut suit for three games it can be a refreshing change. (Not for me though I love my men to be clean cute and looking fly) 

 Some like the false face, chess player aspect of his character I think a lot of people enjoy. It’s kinda like the Count of Monte Cristo effect. We know that Phoenix is planning and we can’t wait for him to show his true self. 

His personality as hobo Phoneix shows character growth and everyone loves that. (I mean I do but I hate to watch characters take steps backward) 

Then I there are the angst lovers and love the tragedy of his journey and the fact he has to suffer for so long.  And how hard that had to be on him.

Personally, I like that Phoenix was disbarred it’s a good plot point with tons of potential, but like you anon, I really dislike him in the 4th game. (tho I haven't played past the 4th game so I don’t know if he’s any better in the later games)  So I feel you. 

The loneliest girl in the universe: Some thoughts about Allura

Allura is one of my favorite characters from VLD. Allura is not your token girl in a group or heroes, though she might seem like this in the beginning. She is many things at once that female characters usually don’t get to be: strong and weak, brave and scared, determined and insecure. She is not either or, she is both without being out of character. She is no paragon, but a person with flaws and growth. That’s what makes her so likeable.

I see way too little discourse about her character and so I decided to summarize some of my thoughts off what Allura’s story for future seasons might be.

When looking at Allura at the beginning of the series and where she is right now (season 4) I see one mission for her that seems of most importance: Allura needs to make friends.

This sounds like something she already accomplished by the end of season 1, but I am going to explain why I think that this is going to be a continuous topic for her and why I think it is so important.

At the beginning of season 1 Allura awakes after 10.000 year of stasis. Almost everyone and everything she has known is gone. Coran and the castle of lions are all that is left for her to hold on to and that’s what she does. In the first episode of season 2 she says that Coran is like a second father to her and it is clear that they are close and important to each other. In the course of the seasons Allura grows closer with the Paladins through their common adventures and tells Keith at the end of season 2 that she considers them her new family.

They have definitely become closer, but if I needed to say who of the paladins is closes to Allura I would have a hard time.

While the other Paladins seem to hang with each other outside of the missions a lot, especially Pidge and Hunk

and Keith and Lance kind of,

Allura is not shown to really just “hang out” with the others. Also, she hardly lets her guards down in front of the others. In seasons 1 and 2 she is her friendly and determined princess-self, unless when she gets angry (at Lance for being annoying, at Pidge for being frank and at Keith for being Galra). This is when we see that the face she wears is somewhat of a façade and there is more to her character than the friendly and collected princess.

I personally thing that Allura struggles a lot on the inside. Heck, she lost her family, her friends and her home. She cries when she is unable to pilot the red lion. She is disappointed in herself for being able to fill this role in the team she thinks she is expected to fill. Though she portraits strength on the outside, she feels weak and is insecure on the inside. (This reminded me a lot of two other characters in VLD, but I will come back to that in another post.)

In her Vlog Allura says: “I must portrait strength so nobody can see how concerned I am about the faith of our mission.” and asks the mice to keep that a secret. The mice are actually Allura’s closest confidantes.

Sure, they have a mental connection through their time in the sleeping pod, but she also tells them a lot of things she doesn’t tell anybody else. This also means that her relationships with the (other) paladins is not (yet) as deep as it could be. As I said they don’t really just hang out. I don’t think she shares her worries with Coran either, because she does not want to disappoint him. Her relationship to him is much more like that to Alfor than that to a friend and confidant.

Another reason why I think she might feel lonely is how she approaches Pidge, once the mice told her that Pidge is a girl. Instead of confronting Pidge directly she does this:

This might just be her polite way of approaching the situation, but then Pidge talks about peanuts (yeah, she clearly is not getting what Allura is trying to tell her) and Allura says this:

Allura wants Pidge to confide in her, rather than telling Pidge she already knows her secret. She wants to make a connection, but Pidge is oblivious to this (to be fair, she has other things in mind at this moment). What I think is happening here is that Allura is trying to bond with Pidge, now that she found out that there is another girl on the team. Allura seems to be excited and despite Pidge clearly not being too enthusiastic tries to keep this awkward conversation going. I can imagine that Allura had mostly female friends on Aurus, just because she is a quite feminine character and likes to have her hair done and stuff like that (but again that’s just guessing). When she learns there is another girl in the team she is excited and wants to make friends with her. But Pidge is most likely not like the girlfriends Allura used to have. She is not into any of the things Allura likes and does not even understand Allura’s hints in this conversation. They are both girls, yes, but that does not mean that they have “a lot in common” or that they get along well just because of it. This is another great point the show makes about the topic of gender. It does not determine who you are and whom you get along with.

Allura is clearly disappointed after this conversation and I think it is not only because Pidge did not confess, but because Pidge did not open to her. Pidge does not show any signs that she wants to be Allura’s friend. And I think that Allura desperately wants a friend who confides in her and whom she can confide in. This is kind a funny parallel to the “bounding moment” Keith and Lance have just one episode later: one person is trying to establish a personal connection but the other person just not realizing it…

Allura wants to connect and she searches for people who she thinks are like her. She desperately wants to connect to the Alteans from the other reality, though she does not know them. She is the last one to realize that those people are up to no good, because she is longing to connect with them. Just like the situation with Pidge Allura is looking for communalities, but they turn out to be the wrong ones.

However, I think Allura will get there. We see that her connection to the team grows as she starts to pilot the blue lion. The fact that she yells at Lance (and Pidge and Hunk) though they are just trying to help her, shows that she is no longer her friendly princes-self, but just Allura who is confused as f*ck about how to pilot a lion. She learns to let go and ask for help and this is what makes her able to pilot Blue.

In season 4 it takes a pep talk from Lance (of all people) to make Allura believe in her magical abilities and safe the team. At first this bothered be, because I thought: Allura is a freaking strong and super competent woman, why would she need a pep talk from a guy who has self-esteem issues? But then I realized that Allura and Lance are quite similar. They both keep up a façade of some kind to prevent others from knowing about their insecurities. Lance pretends to be super self-assure if not presumptuous but secretly doubts his contribution to the team. Allura pretends to be strong and confident in order to hide that she has fears and doubts too. Okay, she is a magical powerhouse and a princess, but she is also really confused and scared and nobody told her how to use her powers (yet). This is why Lance is able to reach out to her in this moment of insecurity. He knows how she must feel.

I think Allura is in the process of finding that friendship (or the friendships) she is looking for and I think Lance might be a somewhat unlikely but really good candidate.

They both pilot the blue lion (which also adds to the fact that they are similar characters), they can understand each other’s insecurities, Lance misses his mom, Allura misses her dad and they both enjoy beauty treatments:

So, it is kind of surprising neither of them has realized this yet. I really hope that Lance will continue to get over himself and will be able to see Allura not as “the girl”, but as the person she is. A person who desperately needs a good friend. Also, I it would be awesome if they would have SPA days or sleepover parties. I get the impression that they would be the two people on the castle ship who would enjoy something like this the most.

I think Allura is also starting to become closer with Hunk, but really who doesn’t like Hunk?

I also hope that Allura will deepen her relationship with Shay. Shay and her grandmother clearly know things about Allura’s magic that she does not know yet and Shay just seems to be such a sweet person. I hope they will be revisited.

Concerning Keith, I have the impression that they also have quite some things in common, despite having been rather distant so far (which is putting it mildly considering that he was considering leaving her behind at the end of season 1 and she was being straight out racist to him in season 2). The fact that Keith left the team in season 4 solidifies to me that he is the third member of the “paladins with low self-esteem”-club

The last conversation those two had clearly did not help Keith to feel like he is living up to the role that the team expects him to fill. Allura wants to tell Keith that the team needs him, that they want him to be part of the team and care for him. And though she starts out good by telling him she feels sorry, she switched back to “determined princess-mode” and gives Keith the lecture he already told her he didn’t want. To Keith this is just more pressure instead of comfort. Allura does not know about his insecurities, so she just thinks that Keith is choosing the Blade over Voltron, though he is clearly sad as he leaves the team.This scene kind of reminded me of the talk Lance and Keith had in season 3, though I think that one was a bit more successful.

Allura, Lance and Keith have a lot in common in this regard. If those three would open to each other I think they could do a great job understanding and supporting each other. But I will make a different post on this topic.

Allura jumped to the conclusion that Pidge would be a good fit for a friend because she is a girl, but so far, we haven’t really seen this relationship deepen in any way. Pidge has clearly become best buddies with Hunk, because those two really have a lot in common. I love how they work together. I also see that Matt will hang out with them a lot (They form the triangle of awesome nerds in season 4).

I will leave Shiro out of this discussion because I don’t think the Shiro who returned in the one we saw in season 1 and 2 and therefore I can’t really tell how either of their relationship with Allura will progress.

There are a few more things I noticed about her that I expect to see addressed in future season.

Since Allura mentioned that she did not really learn how to use her powers in season 4 I really hope she gets an arc of studying her powers. That might be through an apprenticeship (thinking of Master Yoda), through self-study or through information which they gather elsewhere (thinking of traveling between different realities). I expect that her powers will be explored in more depth and I think that they are highly likely to be a key to the solution of the conflict. They will be something that will give Allura confidence and get her another step closer to owning herself.

Allura calls herself the “Princess of Altea”, though being the only royal Altean alive should make her the “Queen of Altea” (I have no idea how Altean monarchy works, so I can just guess here). I personally think that this shows that she is still in a process of growing, of becoming the person she can be. I hope that she will be able to call herself Queen by the end of the show, or General (flowing in the footsteps of Leia Organa) or Magical High Priests or maybe just Allura, however she feels.

I personally think that Allura could end up piloting the black lion. She has learned a lot with Blue and her color scheme fits Black’s cockpit best in my opinion. The lighting is pink! I always thought this did not match Keith’s red suit. It felt a bit uncomfortable, just like Keith did with the role of the leader.

Allura would look great in there, but that’s more a matter of aesthetics than actual content analysis…

There is also the fact (which Pidge addresses in the second episode of the first season already) that Allura does not have any kingdom or people to rule. It is kind of unclear what exactly she is going to do after defeating Zarkon. Sure, she is too busy to think about this, but maybe she also does not want to think about it. It is not really clear what her task would be once all planets and systems are freed from the Empire. They have their own rulers. Allura is, for the time being, a princess without a people. She might stay in politics, but once the Empire is gone what reason would be there for the Coalition to keep existing? And even if they keep existing why would they give a position to Allura? She is important now, because she has Voltron. But will she remain important after the war? This is highly speculative, but maybe Allura is also scared about what happens once her mission is over. What will she do then? What is her purpose beyond defeating Zarkon? Probably go on a long and nice vacation and take the mice to the road (she promised them), but she also needs something more to do with her life once the fighting is over.

Most of all Allura needs friends she can confide in, allow herself to be vulnerable around and who will be there even after the fighting has ended. I really hope she is getting more of that.

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What's your take on the parallels between 1x03, when Betty asked Jug to resurrect the Blue and Gold, and 2x03 when Jug asks Toni to help him. Do you think this is intentional? Obviously, it's how BH got close in the first season. What do you think the angle is there? Obviously, hoping they aren't trying to foreshadow but not sure how to interpret it.

i mean, to preface, i don’t think that the writers are trying to imply/foreshadow a similar blooming romance between toni and jug. i just don’t—obviously i can’t speak with 100% certainty because i’m not a show writer, but breaking up a well-received, popular pairing that the writers themselves seem to advocate for/enjoy telling the stories of… for a character who is only recurring is just not logical. so don’t worry about it in that sense.

that being said, i think the slight awkwardness between betty and toni comes less from ~love triangle bubblings and more about the fact that betty is aware that people are often confused or surprised by her relationship—even from the people who have known both of them their whole lives, it still took some time for outward forces to make sense of the two of them together. 

and so i think, honestly, while she’s confident in her relationship and happy and in love and ultimately trusting—she’s still also self-conscious about the fact that people’s first reaction to their relationship tends to be confusion. and thus, she’s defensive of it. 

as in: much of the tension for bughead this season is structured around coming from such polar worlds and feeling pulled in different directions as a result of that. so when betty sees jughead surrounded by people who he maybe, even just aesthetically, fits in with more, it reminds her of all that. 

but i don’t think that was the main point of the parallel—i think it had more to do with keeping the sense of investigation alive, largely from a plot perspective. 

though it did kind of serve to highlight where he was in early s1 vs now—still firmly insisting he’s a loner, but seeking out activities and looking for collaboration and socialization. 

i thought it spoke a lot about the character growth he’s undergone, and how he’s learned to poke fun at his own misanthropic tendencies rather than genuinely desire to shun anyone who he hasn’t had a close relationship with since he was a toddler.  

so yeah—i mean, when i say don’t worry about it, i’m referring to love triangles or almost slapstick/sloppy romance writing. i currently have a lot of faith that the writers aren’t emulating days of cw past, at least with these two.  

but there are genuinely some seeds of tension here that i think are things to watch; not to anguish over, but things that are obstacles for them to overcome and will ultimately be part of the telling of a compelling, realistic love story. all of which require some honest angst and disagreements and miscommunication.

remember, obstacles are good, necessary parts of storytelling. and i wrote a whole thing about why here: [x]

The Female Gaze

I think, in the end, it was about the women, not the gay. I think the groundbreaking new thing BBC Sherlock wanted to do was to strengthen and re-evaluate the role of women in Sherlock Holmes adaptions. But that went horribly wrong.

Mofftiss always said they wanted to right something with their adaption that everybody else did get wrong. Well, what could that have been, as Holmes has even been portrayed as a mice? We all hoped for Johnlock… as this has been a reading of the canon especially appreciated by female/queer fans, because it takes into account a somewhat different interpretation from the cis white het male reading. Sherlock Holmes is somewhat ideal as a character to captify female readers - as he retorts to thinking and talking and not to violence in the first place to solve a problem, which are classic female strategies. Holmes mostly employs his brain and not his fists - which sets him apart from most male action / crime solving heros in a way women can relate to (but remember Gatiss’s poem, advocating a more physical Holmes? Making him into a cis white male het hero…?) 

But as S4 clearly showed us that Johnlock wasn’t the goal - what else could have been the new, groundbreaking thing everybody had gotten wrong before?

Especially around TAB, but also before, Mofftiss talked excessively about the role of women in Sherlock Holmes adaptions; that the Zeitgeist when the stories had been written didn’t allow for many strong female characters. TAB was sold as a story about strong women and their empowerment - which sparked anger, because the women were portrayed as murderous furies. I’ll return to this later. The point here is that there were even panels at Sherlocked in 2016 harping on “Women in Sherlock”, emphasising their importance.

So, I think what Mofftiss felt necessary for a modern adaptation was to strengthen the role of female characters. Only, the brave thing then would have been to make Holmes and Watson both female. Which Mofftiss didn’t.

This got very long and is therefore continued under the cut.

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