but look at that character growth though

Rambling about Reigen

Okay, so i really like the popularity of the whole Reigen is asexual headcanon. 

For a lot of reasons. so I’m going to ramble for a bit. not just about that, but also about Reigen and friendship in general.

One thing being; he’s not the sort of character that usually gets seen or portrayed as asexual. He’s not innocent or childish or naive in any way. He’s a sly con man whose greatest weapon is his words and he isn’t above outright manipulation. but he’s also a character who places great importance on being a responsible adult, and damn well tells off adults who pick fights with children. 

But he’s also really lacking in personal connections, and throughout the series thus far has shown no interest in forming romantic relationships, never so much as acting flustered or infatuated around anyone even as a gag. 

but while he has shown no interest in romance he also seems to neglect most other relationships too, but seemingly unintentionally. his neglect of his friendships, unlike his lack of interest pursuing romance, is something that it’s often shown he regrets.

His only real interpersonal connection in the series is with Mob (and Dimple) for the longest time, and after they fall out and we find out more about Reigen’s life outside of his connection to Shigeo we also find out more about the people he knows:

The closest thing he has to friends are a bar full of easily manipulated and flakey people, who turn on him the moment the whole media scandal starts. 

But what makes this different to most ‘loner’ asexual stereotypes is the fact that Reigen is actually incredibly adept at understanding people and isn’t socially inept at all, in contrast to Mob (who in further contrast, is also really good at making friends despite his social ineptitude). 

His main downfall really is that he can be a bit too dismissive of the people he actually cares about at times, both intentionally and unintentionally. Which affects the few interpersonal connections he really does care about since he does take them for granted at times, first with mob in the separation arc, and later in a much more minor way with Serizawa, when Reigen waits until the last minute before asking to hang out with Serizawa for new years:

Serizawa is so important to me as a character, but in regards to Reigen he’s also Reigen’s first real adult friend/employee in the entire series. so while minor, this incident does inform us of quite a bit in contrast to the start of the seperation arc. For one, Reigen accepts the rejection much better than when Mob told him he was busy that time, and even though Serizawa is just as, if not more socially inept than Mob, Reigen doesn’t dismiss his claim of having other friends. So, character growth!

The fandom likes to joke about it a lot, but Reigen has become a beacon of “Dad” to all the kids in the series, as well as the adults who act like kids if i’m honest! (looking at Claw with that statement) And despite being a fraud he’s the one everyone comes to for help, adults and kids alike. 

He’s the person the former Claw members go to at the start of the second Claw arc in order to get help, same with Teru. He’s the one Mob calls to take him and his friends out alien hunting rather than asking his parents. And he’s the one who solves the problems of so many other people in the series using words or plain old common sense. He may not go about things in the most ethical way, but he always honestly tries to leave people in a better place than where they started, even if that involves manipulation.

All in all he’s a unique and complex character, and honestly I couldn’t support the ace Reigen headcanon more. 

Character Arcs Continued

Make sure you remember part one (x)

Please Note: This is absolutely not the only version of the character arc that you will ever see. There are certainly different versions where the points vary, but I chose to explain this one as it has points in common with many others and it is easy to follow.

Every important character should have an arc that carries alongside the plot. This adds a layer of complexity and shows growth in your character. Though roles and patterns are made to be broken, one of the most accepted structures for a character arc looks something like this. Let’s break it down.

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Character growth and the circular narrative in season 12.

This season will never cease to amaze me with just how meta it is. The bookending is just fantastic and these are only a few examples.

1. Cas having Dean torn away from him. The emotional reunion. Dean now having Cas torn away from him in turn. When Dean ‘died’ Cas only cared and asked about Dean even though God was dying, the world was ending and the Sun suddenly rejuvenated, indicating that he should be dead. When Dean thinks Cas is dead, he looks at Lucifer in shock rather than fear, when Jack is born Sam runs into the house, Dean just kneels down in shock by Cas’s side. Their reactions are heavily mirrored.

2. Angel blade stabbings. The visual narrative of these stabbings is fantastic. Mary stabbed Ms Watts in the back with an Angel blade while she was threatening Dean and Cas. In 12x09 Cas then stabs Billie in the back with an Angel blade while she is threatening Dean, Sam and Mary. In 12x10 Cas stabs Ishim in the back after he threatened Dean. Finally Lucifer stabs Cas in the back with an Angel blade while he is threatening Sam and Dean, only for Mary to knuckle dust him into the rift (Knuckle dusters that were first introduced into the show by MS WATTS by the way). 

3. “Are you ok? No”. Dean started the season more open but still with the facade in place. Asking Mary if she is ok, to which she replies NO instead of the usual “I’m fine”, which is a relatively new concept for our Winchester brothers, to actually show how you feel. By 12x23 Dean has gone through such a journey he actually mirrors Mary’s words and admit that he is not fine, re emphasising his character growth from the hugely important 12x22 Mary/Dean interactions. 

4. Crowley. Started the season desperately trying to cling onto his power, to defeat Lucifer, seeking out his minions, killing them with an Angel blade. He ends the season sacrificing himself with the same blade to stop Lucifer after admitting that he has had enough, this is not what he wants. Again, a fantastic mirror for the dark side and metaphorical death of Performing!Dean, which Crowley has always represented.

5. Sam’s self forgiveness arc. Sam starts out the season alone, trapped and hallucinating that Dean, Mary and others all hate him, that everything bad that happened to them was his fault. By the end Dean has let Sam go from the parent - child dynamic. Their toxic codependency is let go and they both grow and benefit immediately from this, Sam defeating the MoL and Dean saving their mother.

I wish I could go on and on because there is so much more. But this is such a fantastic season character wise and the cinematographic choices, mirrors and tropes were so well handled, I really look forward to seeing how it continues into season 13.

Gif sources: @charlie-bradcherry @bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale @fangirlingtodeath513 @weallneedcastiel @livingthegifs @super-sootica

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How contrived and fake do you think the industry is?

It all depends on who you work with. There’s a huge obsession with social media at least on the agent side and I will at some point have to get an agent in order to achieve my goals which to be honest is partly why I started this blog in the first place. I felt I could do something a little more helpful and interesting than just a status update of what I am allowed to say I am currently working on. I have to say that so far it’s worked out pretty well.

A lot of it I think has to do with people who are severely sheltered and relatively well to do and get into film programs where they connect with other well to do people and then feel like their version of the world is the absolute truth when all they see are the well to do parts of the world.

I remember one of the first major projects I worked on I did research for what kind of place a Bostonian could afford if he worked as a baggage handler in 2001. I essentially told them the neighborhood they wanted to shoot second unit in would have been out of the price range of someone who essentially would have been making minimum wage and had to pay fees to go through the tunnel daily. That kind of person would have multiple room mates in order to make rent but this person had never had room mates and never had to work for those kind of wages in order to make rent so they decided to do it anyway because their particular artistic vision was based on their life and their vision of what that person’s life would be and not the actual reality of what the daily grind would be for a person working at Logan for minimum wage.

I think largely it’s that kind of insular nature that leads to the superficiality and fakeness but we’re in the land of fairy tales,  The Hero with a Thousand Faces and story structure so it’s all fake anyway.

Reality is more like a David Lynch movie where you have a bunch of strange and bizzare stuff that gets tossed at you often for no purpose, interactions are awkward and sometimes without focus.

I find myself thinking about that Onion Article that came out six years ago “Man’s Life Riddled with Continuity Errors” It’s true. Life is a messy chaotic thing and it’s almost impossible to define it into a coherent narrative without major omissions that are huge chunks of time in our lives. It’s how memoirs are able to be interesting. They leave out the stuff that is uninteresting to hear about.

Life is quite frankly largely unsuitable for a three act structure even though we like to think of ourselves as heroes of our own stories. Nobody wants to read a story about a guy doing the same thing at a fast food joint day in and day out with no character growth unless it’s a wacky comedy. 

So in that case I suppose we’re all fakes, trying to be more real than the real thing, which in this case is just an idealized version of reality that is inconsistent with what we experience on a day to day basis.

Sorry if this isn’t the answer you’re looking for I got a little philosophical there.

The more I think about Sun and Moon

The more I FUCKING love it.

Yes I do think there are wasted opportunities with UB for main story but that’s a tiny pebble compare to the massive stones of awesomeness.

The Pokemon are fun and really cool! The Pokedex gives a layer of depth and surprising realism to these fantasy monsters.

The characters are amazing.
The trial captains are unique
The Kahuna are strong

Hau is fucking lovable
Lillie’s character growth is really amazing
Gladion’s slow opening is good too!

The villains are what take the cake though.

Each of them have so much in depth that goes really far.

Guzma has an abusive dad who (depending on what you think) either beat him or transferred his own failures into him. He acts stupidly tough but he raised a fuckin Wimpod and every single grunts cares for him.

Plumeria is the Admin but she looks and cares after every single grunt with genuine love and affection. She even starts the Trials anew to turn over a new leaf and Challenge you! She’s a tough chick!

Each Grunt is implied to be rejected who wants to join Skull cause they feel accepted.

Lusamine was amazing awful. She did absolutely horrendous stuff to Lillie and Gladion but post game reveals some hidden stuff about her.
She lost her husband because of Ultra Beast, and he disappeared forever and she (possibly) got infected beforehand. We know she used to be a good mom before she went crazy, and Nihilego’s Toxins are said to bring out people’s desires out to an insane degree. So there are many factors to her actions which makes it complex.

Wicke turned out to be the loving mom we all wanted and what Gladion and Lillie should’ve gotten if Lusamine didn’t go crazy. She truly is pure.

Faba is a snobby asshole who’s barely a threat and hilarious cause of that.

Fuck this game is soooo good!

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I don't know if this has been done, but what are your thoughts on the characters? Specifically things about them fans seem to hate the most, like Armin being a pervert, Kentin being "pathetic", Nathaniel being petty, Lysander being "closed-minded", Castiel being an asshole, and any other characters with flaws people don't seem to like. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but I was just curious since you get a lot of opinions thrown your way, I wanted to know what yours were.

Hmm, what I think about their character flaws and quirks? Well, I guess the obvious one is no one’s perfect, and if they were, they’d be incredibly boring.

But individually, I guess there’s more to say than that. Please remember that these are just my opinions and doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. There could be something I don’t know about that happens in the game with these characters that I just never came across.

Armin being a pervert, huh? You know, they say virgins are the biggest perverts. I can see why it would make people uncomfortable, and it’s not like you can tell the character, “Hey, could you maybe not say stuff like that around me?” like a real person. It’s also on the really tame side. Like, I’m sitting here at the computer thinking, “Is that all you got? Boy, let me show you how it’s done,” and then I proceed to have a one-sided 1-UPing competition with a fictional character on the computer screen. So, I guess I find it harmless? Like, every time he says something like that, it’s like, “Hey, your virginity is showing.”

Kentin isn’t pathetic, if I’m honest. I believe he just suffers from a Napoleon Complex Short-Man Syndrome, which is understandable. He’s been bullied because he’s shorter, nerdy, and weak, and even people who haven’t bullied him were intimidating because of how they presented themselves. Now he’s got a lot of bark to him and some bite, for sure, but he doesn’t know what to do with it or how to properly use it in a situation. He’s acting a lot on emotions, and he’s got a lot of those, too. We have to remember that he’s still just a teenager and his transformation has only been going for several months. You don’t just grow up and mature over night. He kinda reminds me of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. What do you think would happen if we called him short?

Nathaniel being petty can range from hilarious to sick burns depending on the situation. Petty Nathaniel is best Nathaniel, in my opinion. Also, I wanted Candy to throw her spaghetti at Amber and her friends, and Nathaniel couldn’t say jack about it, because he’s thrown drumsticks at Castiel and hit Armin with a chair in the past. I want to be petty, too! Just let me have it, please! I was also hoping that he was bolder now, but after the past few episodes has proven it was just the alcohol talking at the party. What a shame.

Lysander as closed-minded? Hey, I was called that! And I’m often compared to Lysander by my friends… Hmm… HMMMMM…. No, but seriously I don’t think he’s closed-minded. Maybe it’s because I don’t get a lot of wrong answers with him, but he just seems more direct than the others. I think some people don’t agree with his opinions and values, but because it’s a game, they can’t challenge him or present him with new ideas unless Candy does, and that’s not very often. Usually it’s her whose mind is being changed. I don’t think he’d turn down new information just because it didn’t fit what he already believed in. The game just needs to challenge him more, and not with jealousy.

Castiel is an asshole…. Yeah, he really can be; just ask that poor tree he kicked in. I mean, yeah he can be hot-tempered when he’s offended or pissed off, isn’t that normal? He’s obviously supposed to fill the Bad Boy trope where he acts all tough, but turns out to be a real cinnamon roll if you get to know him. Because girls like projects. I actually don’t have much of an opinion of Castiel? He’s the very embodiment of his trope and I rarely see him break away from it. He had a lot more character growth during Lysander’s arc, though. At least, it felt like he did.

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Okay so there's been a LOT....LOT of comparision going on that Cas and Mary are not that different with regards to their recent betrayal(s). *cough* Cas Haters mostly *cough* I wanted to get your opinion on this....

Hello Anon!

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to reply - I’m striving to get better, you guys! I love hearing from you! Now focus on you, Anon, and your question.

Let me open with: who are these *cough* CasHaters *cough* and where can I find one to stroke across the cheek while softly whispering words of comfort so as to convince them to not stray so far from the righteous path? *I’ll find you.* *I’ll find all of you.*

Moving on.

I take it these h8trs mean Mary betrayed her sons when she  went behind their backs to work with the BMoL.

And they mean Cas betrayed them when he went behind their backs to work with Heaven.

Well, you know, for me these betrayals, especially now with the whole season splayed open before me, were part of the character growth necessary for both Mary and Cas, so I can’t see any negative connotation in them at all. 

Like, at all.

The very deeply emotional parallel between Mary and Cas - which ran through the entire season and made me feel as though their relationship was the healthiest one on the show - is rooted in them feeling misplaced, like they don’t belong, both of them struggling to find themselves, to figure out who they are and, perhaps even more importantly, who they want to be. 

So let’s take a closer look at the motivation for each character in their betrayals:


  • Good: We know now that Mary betrayed her sons to, ultimately, protect them, to save them from a world of chaos and death and mayhem. 
  • Bad: She wanted to save them from having to live their life as hunters, thinking she was working with the Good Guys to create a world without monsters, without unnecessary suffering. 
  • Bad: She didn’t consult her sons about whether this was what they actually wanted, she made this choice for them.
  • Bad: She got Sam to believe it was the right way, but he quickly came to his senses - and we all know what Dean’s stance was: the BMoL is a threat and cannot be trusted. This was bad for Mary, however, as it shook her sons’ trust in her to the core.
  • Bad: She was brainwashed as character punishment for her folly.
  • Good: She finally realised her errors, her arc this season reaching its apex in 12x22 when Dean confronted her, and the whole reason for her being brought back in the first place was finally laid bare: Dean’s deep, deep need to come to the realisation that he could forgive her for everything, allowing him to let go of that hatred he’s carried around, and let all that love he feels for her take over.
  • Bad: But she’s not done cooking as she also created a distance between her and her boys, because she is a hunter first and foremost and this has left her riddled with a guilt she still needs to deal with as well as a growing need to truly see herself and accept herself as a mother and a hunter: hence her ending up in the AU dimension. She still needs to work through her own, deeper issues with her past choices - Dean’s forgiveness was the starting point for this.


  • Good: We know that Cas betrayed the brothers while working with Heaven in order to protect them, to keep them from having to kill an innocent woman and her unborn child.
  • Good&Bad: When the nephilim showed Cas the vision of what the baby Nephi deemed “paradise” - a world without pain and suffering, a world at peace - this appealed to Cas for all the right, but very wrong, reasons and he accepted it without question.
  • Good&Bad: Cas tried to allow for the brothers to aid him, but when they clearly couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, he left them behind without further ado.
  • Good&Bad: Cas was never brainwashed - the parallel stops there - but Cas is incapable of questioning his own choices, he has not learned to look at things objectively, and once he believes something is right there is no stopping him from pursuing that mission to its completion–
  • Good&Bad: –this blinds him from making those level-headed decisions that would have kept him alive at the end of 12x23 (aka listening to Dean crying out for him, not leaving the bloody angel blade with Lucifer) - and this is why Castiel the angel of the Lord had to die.
  • Good: This death was the apex of Cas’ arc this season. It will give him the answer to the questions he’s been dragging around with him for a long time: Do I belong here? Can I belong here? Will I ever belong here? And that answer is yes, Cas, you can and you will: as a human being.

Originally posted by thedauntlesshufflepuff

If I’m right about Cas’ arc, if I’m right about what I can see in the choices he’s made since the beautiful 12x19 narrative focused this arc and pushed it to take a leap forward, then I believe very firmly that the reason there is Good in every single beat of this Betrayal Outline is because he was right in his choices regarding the nephilim needing to be born with all his powers. 

Once Jack has been brought up right - as I have been rather convinced of for months now, because it just makes such narrative sense to me - Jack will bring balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

So to conclude Cas’ Betrayal Outline I give you the following:

Cas was punished with death for his inability to learn his lesson and stop charging in guns blazing.

The fact that he was right in all his choices, all that Good will lead to his reward, and that reward will be rebirth.

Because human!Cas will learn the lesson once and for all.

But more meta on that to be posted asap! 

Have I told you lately that I love this narrative? Have I also added lately that I know I might be 100% wrong about all this? No. I could be 100% wrong about all of it. All of it. But if I’m even a little right…

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I don't like Hobo Phoenix either. He's nothing like Phoenix in the original trilogy. It bothers me a lot and I really dislike him. I don't understand the obsession with him.

So I can think their tons of reasons people like Hobo Phoenix. 

Some just for the aesthetic of his look (some like that rugged casual style) especially after you’ve only seen Phoneix in a clean cut suit for three games it can be a refreshing change. (Not for me though I love my men to be clean cute and looking fly) 

 Some like the false face, chess player aspect of his character I think a lot of people enjoy. It’s kinda like the Count of Monte Cristo effect. We know that Phoenix is planning and we can’t wait for him to show his true self. 

His personality as hobo Phoneix shows character growth and everyone loves that. (I mean I do but I hate to watch characters take steps backward) 

Then I there are the angst lovers and love the tragedy of his journey and the fact he has to suffer for so long.  And how hard that had to be on him.

Personally, I like that Phoenix was disbarred it’s a good plot point with tons of potential, but like you anon, I really dislike him in the 4th game. (tho I haven't played past the 4th game so I don’t know if he’s any better in the later games)  So I feel you. 

The Female Gaze

I think, in the end, it was about the women, not the gay. I think the groundbreaking new thing BBC Sherlock wanted to do was to strengthen and re-evaluate the role of women in Sherlock Holmes adaptions. But that went horribly wrong.

Mofftiss always said they wanted to right something with their adaption that everybody else did get wrong. Well, what could that have been, as Holmes has even been portrayed as a mice? We all hoped for Johnlock… as this has been a reading of the canon especially appreciated by female/queer fans, because it takes into account a somewhat different interpretation from the cis white het male reading. Sherlock Holmes is somewhat ideal as a character to captify female readers - as he retorts to thinking and talking and not to violence in the first place to solve a problem, which are classic female strategies. Holmes mostly employs his brain and not his fists - which sets him apart from most male action / crime solving heros in a way women can relate to (but remember Gatiss’s poem, advocating a more physical Holmes? Making him into a cis white male het hero…?) 

But as S4 clearly showed us that Johnlock wasn’t the goal - what else could have been the new, groundbreaking thing everybody had gotten wrong before?

Especially around TAB, but also before, Mofftiss talked excessively about the role of women in Sherlock Holmes adaptions; that the Zeitgeist when the stories had been written didn’t allow for many strong female characters. TAB was sold as a story about strong women and their empowerment - which sparked anger, because the women were portrayed as murderous furies. I’ll return to this later. The point here is that there were even panels at Sherlocked in 2016 harping on “Women in Sherlock”, emphasising their importance.

So, I think what Mofftiss felt necessary for a modern adaptation was to strengthen the role of female characters. Only, the brave thing then would have been to make Holmes and Watson both female. Which Mofftiss didn’t.

This got very long and is therefore continued under the cut.

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A Seiten-Taisei Rant about the new Saiyuki Blast anime:
AKA: Why I’m not as excited about the new anime as I could be

For awhile now I’ve been holding back on posting on tumblr my thoughts on the new anime. I didn’t want to tie my comments to another post, so I have decided to do it’s own post.

Let me be clear, this is why /I’m/ not excited. This post isn’t meant to make anyone else less excited. I’m not here to stomp on someone else’s happiness. You may disagree with me, or you may agree. I welcome comments on the matter.

Because there may be some spoilers, I will put it behind a cut.

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“Jashi wasn’t rushed or badly written”

Ok first yes it was rushed their entire romantic relationship develops in ONE episodes they develop and act on romantic feelings in one episode that is rushed AND bad writing

Second of all before you go “buh buh all these interactions!!” Let’s have a look at them shall we

they first meet ashi spends that time trying to kill him with her sisters there is no hint at a romantic relationship

then the next episode is spent w ashi tied up as jack struggles to save them she still very much hates him but the bare bones of her character growth starts here though no hint at a romantic relationship (no that puff balls comment does not count wtf)

the next episode is jack trying to make ashi understand that aku is evil and she’s been brainwashed she fights against him in this but ultimately realised the truth still no hints that they are attracted to each other besides ashi realising jack isn’t evil

Then jack isn’t in the next one cause he fucked off w that ghost this is ashi seeing how jack has helped people p much ashi growing as a person too saving jack still no hints at a romantic relationship

Then the next episode again not much interaction between them jack gets his sword ashi fights her mother and an army

Then their romantic feelings start and are acted on in one episode one extremely awkward uncomfortable episode that’s bad writing that stalls the plot in a series that has TWO episodes left

And you know what the truth is there just wasn’t enough time for it NOT to be rushed and it was really a mistake to have ashi and jack enter into a relationship because there just isn’t enough time for it to happen naturally it’s no surprise people found it uncomfortable or forced

I mean when we meet ashi she doesn’t even KNOW what affection is now suddenly I’m supposed to believe she understands romantic relationships??!

More doodling for @linesporadic … older Sho, and his crush on Fubuki persisting!

He sometimes wanted to join the Blizzard Group, but Fubuki decides to disband them after a few years.  She still drops by to bug Saitama anyway.  Saitama decides not to comment on how much Sho blushes and stutters around her.

22 May 2017

[Robert’s Car, idling in front of the Emmerdale sign, before the episode begins]

AARON: We’re here now Robert, if we don’t go in soon we’re gonna miss our cue.

ROBERT: Maybe if we do, we can throw them off their game and fix this story ourselves.

AARON: Robert!

ROBERT: I just really don’t want to tell you about the Plot Aaron! I mean, I do, because I’ve had at least some character growth and I want to be the one to tell you even though they think I need multiple people putting pressure on me to get me to do it. I swear though Aaron, I wanted to tell you a long time ago but I wasn’t allowed to. I hope you remember that when the moment finally comes.

AARON: I’ll do my best. Hey cheer up though, we’ve got a new house to move into! I’ve seen the pictures. It looks great! Totally digging the triceratops on the shelves above the telly by the way.

ROBERT: Well, I know how much you love fossils and I used to have a Jurassic Park poster in my room when I was a kid. Though I think now, maybe I was more into Jeff Goldblum than the dinosaurs, but yeah, dinosaurs are awesome!

AARON: I didn’t see any toasters in the pictures though. You did remember to buy one right? I mean, I don’t think Charity would like it if I nicked the one from the pub. But I’ll do it if I have to.

ROBERT: I think your life of crime and the Plot’s need to punish you for it has done enough damage to our storyline. Don’t worry, I remembered to buy a toaster.

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Okay so, the new Game of Thrones trailer came out (which I’m super psyched about!)…and so did more Dany hate.

People can think whatever they want to. They’re entitled to different opinions and I know lots of people probably think very differently than I do. I’m not here to call those people out. I’m also hopelessly biased. But there’s so much hate going around, and it has to be balanced out.

I could talk about each of these arguments individually but I won’t because then this post would be way too long. I’m mainly focusing on anti hate right now. I’m focusing on the reasons why Daenerys Targaryen is my favorite Game of Thrones character and why I’m unashamed of it.

So I’ve popped in and out of fandoms and I can honestly say that no fictional character has made as much of an impression on me as Dany has. I started watching Game of Thrones and reading ASOIAF because of her and I’ve said (sometimes jokingly and sometimes not) that I’ll bow out of the fandom when she dies. I love most of the characters for different reasons, but Dany always has been and always will be my favorite. She’s such a strong character and determined in her moral convictions. She’s the one that no one took seriously, but she was determined to reach her goals-and she did. She’s had to fight for every inch of ground she has. She learns from her mistakes and she moves on. She really does care about the people she rules, even those in the lowest classes.

Because she’s not perfect. Sometimes she makes mistakes or she trusts the wrong people. She’s a little entitled (although that makes sense because it’s what she’s been brought up to believe). She can be ruthless. She’s naive. She’s flawed. And I’m glad of it. I think a lot of people expect too much out of her, even though she’s never been a politician in her life (and in the books, she’s still a teenager). She’s not supposed to have all the answers, and sometimes she makes bad decisions. All rulers do. The point is, she has the drive to do better and the drive to change.

I don’t have many problems with the way she’s handled in the show, but I do wish she had more screen time. One of the problems with having so many plot lines and short seasons is that we only ever get to see her when she has to make a decision or advance the plot forward-we don’t ever get to see her as herself, behind the masks and the roles she plays. And in the later seasons, we see her empire grow but not so much her as a person (which is why I would advertise reading the books if you haven’t already; POV chapters can be extremely useful). Hopefully in the last two seasons, when there are fewer major characters…

It’s obvious why fandom and fiction are so addictive; for some of us, they can be an escape along with a means of entertainment. They can teach us about ourselves, even through characters and fantasy. That’s certainly been the case for me. I’m not afraid to admit that the last few years have been rough (high school, combined with mental illness), and when things have gotten bad I’ve turned to books and movies. And I keep continually coming back to Dany for strength, for advice, for understanding. Especially her book counterpart; yes, I know it takes place the Middle Ages, but still she was a teenager and managed to get three dragons and some armies and conquer a few cities, which means that I can get through my bad days. You can say I’m immature, but this is my reality. I’ve learned so much from Dany about how to be brave even when I’m frightened (because she does get frightened), try new things, and not get discouraged. And she’s always there for me to come back to, whether through books or the show or my own writing. I might not have started posting my writing online again if I wasn’t thinking about how Dany was nervous when she tricked Kraznys mo Nakloz with Drogon so she could get the Unsullied but went through with it anyway. Sometimes she gives me an extra boost of…courage, I guess, when I need it.

Yes, it would have been nice to pick a character in a show that has twenty seasons and doesn’t kill off characters every episode, but I believe that the fandom chooses you and not the other way around. And it’s also too late to back out now. I know she won’t get her happy ending and honestly, with the premise of the books and show I wouldn’t expect her to. And eventually I’ll move on too. But I can still learn from her successes and mistakes now (and look forward to the next couple of seasons).

I’m so proud that she’s going back to Westeros because it symbolizes her growth as a character and how she’s really come full circle. She wasn’t afraid to change her own destiny, even though it sometimes seemed impossible. She taught me that life isn’t about not being scared, but it’s about working through the fear and letting the experiences you have make you stronger.

I’ll wrap this up because it’s getting long. Again, people are entitled to think whatever they want, but I know I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t discovered Game of Thrones and my other fandoms when I did. I don’t know if this even makes sense anyway, but oh well. I wasn’t here from the beginning, but I’ll be here until the end.

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your attitude to Eren, Mikasa, Armin?

Hi anon, 

Sorry for the late response. I’m assuming you’re asking me this because of how much BR I draw?  You can tell my favorite group of kids in this series pretty easily, and generally EMA are not included. I’ll address each of the kids to give you my thoughts.

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Hello! I hope this is not too much to ask, but would it be okay to ask for a brief description of your thoughts on all the V3 girls? As in, strong points (as characters), weak points, how the narrative treats them...

Sure anon, I don’t mind! This is a really fun question, actually. I really love the ndrv3 girls, and it’s interesting because I’d say the strengths and weaknesses of them are pretty varied.

I’ll try and write a little bit about each girl in detail, but it’ll involve discussing pretty much the entire game so there’ll be spoilers under the read more! Only read if you’re comfortable with that!

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Krieg doodles because I must draw my bab.

The outfit on the right is actually a reference to a Marauder concept I saw in the Borderlands artbook. The head looked almost exactly like Krieg’s BNK3R head, and honestly it would be cool if in BL3 they showed character growth by getting rid of his psycho getup. I kept a few of the things from his usual outfit though.