but look at that character growth though

The more I think about Sun and Moon

The more I FUCKING love it.

Yes I do think there are wasted opportunities with UB for main story but that’s a tiny pebble compare to the massive stones of awesomeness.

The Pokemon are fun and really cool! The Pokedex gives a layer of depth and surprising realism to these fantasy monsters.

The characters are amazing.
The trial captains are unique
The Kahuna are strong

Hau is fucking lovable
Lillie’s character growth is really amazing
Gladion’s slow opening is good too!

The villains are what take the cake though.

Each of them have so much in depth that goes really far.

Guzma has an abusive dad who (depending on what you think) either beat him or transferred his own failures into him. He acts stupidly tough but he raised a fuckin Wimpod and every single grunts cares for him.

Plumeria is the Admin but she looks and cares after every single grunt with genuine love and affection. She even starts the Trials anew to turn over a new leaf and Challenge you! She’s a tough chick!

Each Grunt is implied to be rejected who wants to join Skull cause they feel accepted.

Lusamine was amazing awful. She did absolutely horrendous stuff to Lillie and Gladion but post game reveals some hidden stuff about her.
She lost her husband because of Ultra Beast, and he disappeared forever and she (possibly) got infected beforehand. We know she used to be a good mom before she went crazy, and Nihilego’s Toxins are said to bring out people’s desires out to an insane degree. So there are many factors to her actions which makes it complex.

Wicke turned out to be the loving mom we all wanted and what Gladion and Lillie should’ve gotten if Lusamine didn’t go crazy. She truly is pure.

Faba is a snobby asshole who’s barely a threat and hilarious cause of that.

Fuck this game is soooo good!

More doodling for @linesporadic … older Sho, and his crush on Fubuki persisting!

He sometimes wanted to join the Blizzard Group, but Fubuki decides to disband them after a few years.  She still drops by to bug Saitama anyway.  Saitama decides not to comment on how much Sho blushes and stutters around her.

I need more scenes with Rafael and his children on screen. I need substantial father-son bonding with him and Mateo. Without Jane there or her popping in after like 5 seconds. 

And even though Mateo is the main baby on the show, let’s not push the twins to the side. Give me Mateo and Anna & Elsa playdates. I want more him with his twins. He would totally be a daughter’s fool. Him learning and navigating on how different/similar twins can be would be delightful. Rafael is a good, present father who has always want to be there. How about you show it more?? It adds to his growth and character development, so don’t take this away from him too. 

And superficially, Rafael looks even hotter when tending to his kids. C’mon, there’s a bunch of adorable pics of Justin Baldoni and his daughter Maiya for inspiration! 

Krieg doodles because I must draw my bab.

The outfit on the right is actually a reference to a Marauder concept I saw in the Borderlands artbook. The head looked almost exactly like Krieg’s BNK3R head, and honestly it would be cool if in BL3 they showed character growth by getting rid of his psycho getup. I kept a few of the things from his usual outfit though.

why alex ernst is the best

i. idk his smile?? is just really nice his teeth are also good 10.5/10

ii. his sense of humor is also really good nonchalant humor is great

iii. the dopey little smile he always gives after he makes a joke is just the best ok you can tell he really loves making people smile it is a pure and wholesome thing

iv. his love for bailey (c’mon, guys with animals are the cutest. alex just does it better than most)

v. he’s actually so sweet lol 100% a good person 

vi. he’s improved a lot as a person. if you look at his opg videos and him now, it’s almost like two different people (not saying that alex in opg was bad! you can improve as a person and still like who you were before). positive character growth in a person is just a really admirable thing.

vii. can we talk about his biceps for a sec though? the way someone looks has nothing to do with his or her character but. his biceps??? (also his eyes are beautiful alex ernst is a beautiful man both on the inside and the outside and nothing anyone says will ever convince me otherwise)

viii. he’s like aggressive and angry a lot but he does it with love, y’know? like after a skit or after david makes him do some stupid shit for the vlog alex still gives that smile like he can’t help it and it is just. really good. 13/10 would recommend

ix. anyone who can brave the desolate wasteland that is minnesota winter without dying inside just deserves like a bravery medal or something i hate it here please send help

x. he admits his faults and owns them! like maybe you didn’t go to college but hey, college isn’t for everyone and besides, academic intelligence is absolutely not a measure of how much somebody is worth! he’s confident in himself and that’s a really admirable trait to have.

i mean yeah he’s kind of an asshole sometimes but he does it well. so. (he’s like only 2% asshole though and everyone is kind of an asshole anyway so whatever)

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In season 5 of GIRLS we see a lot of growth in Jessa's character; she's more caring and responsible. This season though, at least in some scenes, they seem to have had her revert to her previous snarky and guarded personality. They've also seemed to take some of the deep genuine emotions out of her relationship with Adam. Though her insecurity and annoyance at the way Adam portrayed his relationship with Hannah was moving. Basically, have you noticed this as well?

I have TOTALLY noticed this!! And it’s reaaaally frustrating… though not surprising as this seems to be a bit of a habit of Lena’s.

I can’t count the amount of times one of the characters has started to show growth and growing up only to have them go back to being a complete asshole a few episodes later. I mean last season we got such an incredible episode for Marnie that seemed to be such a turning point… and look at her now, worse than ever!

Jessa has never been the jealous type either, that was very out of character.

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So Wish Robin is here for the Evil Queen, right? I'm surprised that they already have Regina realizing she's not going to fall in love with this new guy, but wow. That's gotta be a bit disappointing for the OQ fans. But they're giving him dark tendencies and I feel like I know where this is going. I really don't want him to just run off to another realm with the EQ though - Regina still needs to get rid of her.

I really have no idea where the Robin story is going … it sounds like you think this Robin will be a love interest for the Evil Queen? That would be an odd way to end this …

I mean, it’s not looking good but OQ has never been about Robin for me, it’s always been about Regina’s growth as a character. I was very happy to see Robin call her out on her still keeping hearts of her enemies (seriously, is she going to return them or …)

I think whatever is planned in 6x14 will make it clear what this is all for in regards to Regina so we’ll have to see when we get there!


i mean seriously






kick ass

literally i cant wait for the crystal adaptation of this arc/season. i’m really starting to think r is my favorite (or tied with supers, at the very least) arc. there’s so much to it- character growth (for EVERYONE), an amazing plot, time travel, and lots of usamamo. plus so much more. there growth usagi goes through in this arc is incredible though. she has to face a lot of things on her own this time around, not to mention losing her friends yet again. it’s matured her, changed her. there’s so much to this arc and i was so disappointed with the 90s anime adaption once i actually read the manga (90s anime r is my second to least favorite) which is why i hope for so much more this time around. 

although i enjoyed crystal for what it was, i’m hoping for improvements with this arc (though even if nothing changes, ill still be happy tbh). 

While it isn’t gone into in TOO much detail in John Dies at the End, it is thoroughly established in the sequel, This Book is Full of Spiders, just how unreliable David is as a narrator. In fact, it isn’t just established; the fact of Dave’s unreliability is a cake that our faces are shoved into with great gusto while the narrator also fucking farts in our faces.

This is shown primarily (though not solely) through Detective Lance Falconer. Lance Falconer, while not really a main character, appears several times throughout the book in a variety of situations. He is established from the very beginning to be not just handsome and cool-looking-

He sat in my tattered recliner, making himself right at home. Probably forty or so years old, dark hair with a little gray at the temples, about three days’ growth of beard stubble that followed an angular jawline. He had a chin butt. He wore a leather jacket that had been manufactured specifically to look worn and faded right off the rack, over a black button-up shirt that sat open at the collar with the top three buttons undone. He wore jeans and cowboy boots, legs crossed casually. He looked like he had been clipped out of a catalog and I immediately knew this was the owner of the Porsche.

-but also, on top of that, having led an adventurous and impressive life.

“Wait,” interjected John, from behind the detective. “You’re Lance Falconer!”
“Shut up or I will shoot you in the face.”
“That was driving me nuts all night. You’re the detective who caught the Father’s Day killer, right? Didn’t you throw him out of a helicopter?” Falconer didn’t answer. John said to me, “He’s famous. I saw this whole thing about him on A&E—”

His fame is referenced multiple times.

Before Cowboy could react, John said, “Hold on. Do you know who this is next to me? This is Detective Lance Falconer.”
Cowboy looked like he sort of recognized the name, but couldn’t place it. John said, “You can’t tell me you haven’t seen him on the news. He caught the Portland Strangler?”
From behind Cowboy, a lady said, “Oh my God, it is him!”
“Show them your ID, detective.”
Falconer did. The lady was duly impressed.
Falconer said, “I’m standing up now.” He did. No one objected.
A kid in the crowd said, “What’s it like to fight somebody on top of a train?”

As are his looks.

But when I opened the door, there was Detective Lance Falconer, in a black turtleneck and looking cropped from a cover of GQ. It actually took me a second to notice the crutches.

And his Porsche, which some of you might have noticed mentioned at the end of the first quote, but I’m not gonna go find more material. Needless to say it appears numerous times.

All of these things are established, and then, in the epilogue, things are finally wrapped up. This part is a bit long, so please bear with me.

“And how are you going to tell the story?”
“I’m going to tell the most ridiculous possible version of it I can think of. People are going to close it and be like, ‘What the fuck did I just read?’”
He nodded. “I have material that you won’t have access to. I got transcripts of the radio chatter between the pilots. Some other stuff you won’t be able to get.”
“I’d love to have you on board.”
“I’ll cooperate on one condition. You portray the coolest version of me possible. I’m talking total action hero here. If you’re making things up, then embellish me into a badass.”
“I can do that.”
“And give me a cool name. And make me good-looking.”
“And say I drive a Porsche.”
“What? Where are you gonna get a Porsche on a cop salary?”
“Because I’m awesome. Alex Cross drives one. So does Lucas Davenport.”
“What, are those cops you know?”
He headed for the door, moving more smoothly on the crutches than I did on my own legs. On his way out he turned and said, “And don’t put a bunch of bullshit in my mouth, or get cute and try to make me look stupid. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the salon to have my pubic hair straightened and dyed white so that my dick looks like Santa Claus.” He closed the door, farting loudly all the way to his car.
I went and pulled my taquitos from the oven. I let them cool and went back to my place at the kitchen window. Falconer’s gleaming new Porsche was turning around in my yard, pulling through the snow and disappearing down the street. Actually, now that I looked at it I think it was a Ferrari.

So, there you go. As I said, there are multiple examples appearing throughout both books that set up just how little information of David’s that we can really truly trust, but Detective Lance Falconer as a character is the most, well, blunt example, and therefore the easiest to pull from the text to show those who are either not familiar with the source material, or (like me) not good at reading into literature, or possibly both.

Look, my point is, there is nobody who can truly claim with all absolute certainty that Dave, Amy, and John aren’t all lesbians. You can’t prove they aren’t. Reality is an illusion, and at best a huge joke. Fucking fight me.

We see this even in films without an apparent political perspective.
Consider Jurassic Park for a moment. Ellie’s role as a professional woman who treats an ailing stegosaurus and who braves the raptors to switch on the power would seem to suggest a much more progressive view of women than is traditionally presented in mainstream film. This is quickly dispelled, however, when we look at Ellie’s dramatic role in the film. She has no doubts, no hesitation, and no conflict or growth, so that her actions indicate nothing about her internal life. Instead, her dramatic function is to smile knowingly at Grant when he is around children, thus serving merely to mark his progress through the acts. While she is portrayed with the mannerisms of a feminist, her dramatic role is that of a static signpost against which we measure the male character’s growth. It is worth noting that even though Jurassic Park is not advertised or thought of as a political film, it conveys, as do all films, a political meaning nonetheless"

Ken Dancyger and Jeff Rush, Alternative Scriptwriting: Successfully Breaking the Rules

This is why we need complex female characters rather than strong female characters. 

i realized the appeal:

terezi, amethyst, and sans (yes, sans) are all very fun + easy to draw because we tend to project our own impulsiveness onto them

like. what character is more likely to be drawn hanging upside down, or drinking soda at 2am, or looking an utter mess, or annoying their friends? they are all about feeling, or sometimes lack thereof. they are the Instinct heroes.

this counts to an extent with dave as well, though post-retcon dave also has growth as a character development, and becomes appealing to us who have grown up alongside him.

Things Fangirls Say Regarding Tom Hiddleston as Thomas Sharpe in Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak shows off Tom Hiddleston’s acting skills…and all of his “ass”ets.

Even if people don’t care much for the story (which I personally loved) they can’t come away with thinking that any one of the main cast is a grade A actor…especially Hiddleston with his subtle but obvious growth in his character throughout.

We see the beautiful green puppy dog eyes

We see a manipulator

We see the manipulated

We see the doubter

We see a protector

We see a tortured soul

We see silent love growing

We see him dancing (which isn’t hard to see he’d be good at it considering…well, considering its Tom)

We see sexuality

And we literally see his ass…unfortunately only the one time. Even though this one has nothing whatsoever to do with acting ability…I just like looking.

We need to just take a minute to talk about Tiffany’s amazing character growth throughout the series though. At first she was insane and hated other inmates just because of them being lesbian and not believing what she believed. And now she’s come to realize how she was acting and that her actions were really hateful and wrong. Her and Boo were bitter enemies and wouldn’t even want to look at each other. Now they’re sitting in their bunk sharing candy and talking and laughing together. Tiffany finally realized that everyone deserves to be themselves and that nobody should hinder that freedom and her growth is so incredible to see. God, this show is so fucking amazing

Advice for Character Growth

Here’s a long answer to a short question!

When a person ages, their face and body changes. Remember everyone is different, so take your characters’ body type and gender into consideration. This is going to go at a different rate depending on whether the character is male or female so I’ll write M/F to explain.

M&F: On average, it is safe to say that very young toddlers/children are pretty round in shape. When you draw that same child as a preteen, girls tend to stretch and become lankier. Boys will stay shorter for awhile and may keep a bit of their roundness. 

M Teen: Your character will hit a growth spurt somewhere in this range. Their faces will probably stay the same, though may thin out a bit. This is an awkward stage, so don’t be afraid to make the character look a little out of his element. His ears and hands, and maybe even his eyes, will be a little disproportionate. 

F Teen: This is where your character will hit her metamorphosis and define who she is. Explore how she dresses, whether she wears makeup or not, how she stands/sits. She is starting to look like an adult now, so her chest has probably stopped growing for the most part and she has hit the body type that you associate her with.

M Adult: Men’s face shapes change a lot once they hit adulthood (this may take a long time). Their jaws will get more defined, their eyes will look smaller on their faces, their ears will look the right size compared to the rest of their head. Also now consider their build. Are they strong and fit? Tall/slim? Maybe on the heavier side? Unlike teenage years, this is probably the age span that men most “fit into their own skin” so make sure they look confident in themselves (even if the character is self conscious)

F Adult: Similar to teenage years, but everything will start to fill out. Her lips will be fuller, her chest and hips will probably fill out as well. Her face will look more delicate and refined, even if your character is not very feminine. Her taste in clothes will change as well. 

M&F Older Adults: Not everyone looks as good as they once did. If you’re drawing a woman, she most likely has let herself go a little bit or perhaps she’s had children? Her body will be thicker, and her face rounder. This does not mean she is any less beautiful! I think a lot of males age faster than women at this point. They will probably gray sooner, and may get shaggier. His ears and nose will be bigger the older he gets, so he will start to look out of his element again. He will probably get a bit heavier as well, whether it’s a beer-belly or he’s developed a stocky build.

Remember this is just some basic rules for aging a character. Don’t forget that everyone is different, whether it’s in shape, size, gender association or otherwise. I hope this helps!