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I wish you would right a fic where Peeta is spoiling buttercup and Katniss tries to put a stop to it .

I like this prompt, @jroseley​!! It was fun to write. Hope you enjoy! The title is a phrase my Mom used to use instead of saying that she bribed us to get us to behave. ;-) RATED T+

Positive Reinforcements

“Last thing we need to discuss is Buttercup’s weight,” Dr. Tigris says as she levels me with a serious look.

“What about his weight?” I ask.

“He’s gained almost a pound and a half. That isn’t good for his age.” For a moment, I stare at her, confused. I’ve kept him strictly on his diet and don’t understand how he’s gained weight unless…

“Peeta,” I mutter under my breath and Dr. Tigris peels off her gloves to dispose of them.

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Happy Birthday smartalexy!

We are sorry to be posting this late, but we wish @smartalexy a happy birthday on the 7th of September. To help celebrate, the lovely @booksrockmyface has written a special Everlark fic just for you! We hope you enjoy it :)

Title: The Whole World Could Change in a Minute

Gift for: smartalexy        

Rating: M (alcohol use, mild language, and talk of a sexual nature)

Trigger warning: There’s some vodka drinking involved.

Author’s note: I hope this friends to lovers fic finds you well on your birthday! Happy happy day! Title comes from the Sugarland song Want To.


Peeta let out a frustrated groan as he followed Katniss into the next store. She didn’t like shopping much either, but Prim had made some very specific requests about the dress code for her wedding party. Being the supportive best friend he was, Peeta had agreed to accompany Katniss on her search for possible dresses. This was the fifth store.

“Is this periwinkle?” Katniss asked as she picked up a dress from the nearest rack.

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To Peeta, with love

I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything, let alone posted it, and I’m sorry for that. So I tried something different. Hope you enjoy.

(I don’t own the Hunger Games, I’m just having fun)

Imagine that Modern AU, where Katniss and Peeta are still in school and they are friends. But Katniss starts to long for a little more than a platonic friendship with him and, to get that stuff out of her chest, she decides to write him a poem. It’s easy to say that that doesn’t go very well, it turns out to be way harder than what she thought it would be. Just trying to make words rhyme is impossible, and lets not even start with writing down her feelings, it just, ughh. No, thank you. The paper ends scrunched up on the floor of her bedroom.

Enter Prim. Sneaky little Prim, snooping around her older sister’s bedroom, looking for that white stuffed goat of her sister so that it can have tea with her stuffed cat, Buttercup. But Prim ends up finding something else. Something much, much better than the old goat. A ball of paper lying inconspicuously on the floor near the end of the bed. A paper that, after straightening and taking her time reading it, happens to contain the best secret in the world ever. Ever. In the entire history of secrets.

But Prim can’t deliver it like that, oh no, so creased and stained, and look! It’s not even signed! She has to pretty it up. It is a declaration of love, after all.

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See Link above for the original picture. For @norbertsmom and all of my Buttercup loving friends.

A little Modern AU Katniss

Rated G, unbeta’d all mistakes are mine :

Peeta stood there desperately trying to hide his mirth. He gripped his cup of tea tighter as his shoulders shook.

His tough as nails with a mushy center wife, Katniss stood in front of the back screen door making faces at a cat. Not just any feline, but an ugly huge tabby with muddy eyes, named Buttercup, that belonged to his wife’s adorable sweet sister Prim.

He held his laughter in, as he sipped his tea. It was endearing, to watch her scowl. It was a contest of wills. Prim’s cat came from next door, every morning to stare through the back porch, at Katniss. His wife gave as good as she got.

True she had merit for scowling. To list a few of his major offenses, the mangy cat had torn apart their garden, delighted to rip the screen porch to shreds every summer, and scared all of the bird’s from the birdhouse he’d made when they first moved here.

After the strawberry patch incident this spring, they thought they’d gotten rid of him. Katniss had chased him out of the yard with a hose, but sure enough, the cat was back the very next morning looking grumpier than the day before.

Though no matter what Buttercup did, they forgave him because of Prim. If not that cat would’ve been toast by now. His wife was an expert hunter and trapper. Peeta secretly loved the mangy cat and he knew that Katniss, despite her ranting had a soft spot for Buttercup. He leaned up against the edge of the counter, taking in his beautiful wife. 

The golden sun streamed through the screen and illuminated Katniss’s face, making her eyes look like mercury. This was Peeta’s favorite time of day. He also loved watching his cool composed wife lose it over a cat that had to be on his ninth life.

This morning though, the ‘face’s battle’ had taken a whole new turn. Prim was out of town. She was a Doctor and volunteered to help the victims of the deadly Hurricanes down in the Caribe.

Katniss growled, “I’m going to bathe you, every day until Prim comes back, you fleabag!”

MRRRRRRROWWW,” Buttercup replied his tail bristled.

“That’s right Prim’s away and she left you behind, let’s see whose high and mighty now!” Katniss opened the screened back door.

In marched Buttercup head held high tail wagging. Indignantly crying, “Mrreow.”

“Ha!” Katniss replied, “ As if you had a say. You know I’d eat you! Make you into rotten kitten soup!”

Katniss walked toward the arched kitchen doorway talking to the cat. “Don’t you dare try any of your tricks in this house buster. I don’t care if you’re Prim’s cat. You take one swipe at my petunias or the sofa, and you’re out buddy. Picture it, sleeping outdoors…In The RAIN, no food, no water…I mean it…-”

Buttercup hissed and Peeta swore he heard the cat grumble.

Katniss spun around standing akimbo. “Don’t you dare try sassing me!” She stared down at the cat then shook her head, before turning around. Leaving the kitchen muttering she, “What kind of a name is Buttercup anyway..you’re such an ugly cat, a menace-”

Buttercup followed her ‘meowing’ back.

Peeta grinned then thought to himself he had to keep these two happy. He didn’t want a full-blown war in his tranquil home for the next week.  He made a mental note. He would have to buy chew toys and catnip for Buttercup and a nice merlot, some cheese, chocolate, and enough ingredients to make cheese buns for Katniss for the next few days. After all the old saying was true, ‘Happy wife. Happy life.’

Peeta finished sipping his tea. It was going to be an interesting week.

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“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Everlark

Tipsy drabble #1 for the night. My apologies Anon. My mind went off the rails. I blame the 16% by volume wine. RATED M: For le smut. It’s brief, but it’s there. You’ve been warned. Bottoms up!

“I’ve seen the way you look at me,” Katniss hisses. “And it won’t work. You’re not getting in this bed.”

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Hi! I really really love your blog! I was hoping you could give me a singledaddy!peeta for my birthday on November 25. Any rating will do, just fuck me up with some everlark and toastbabies please!! Thank you!

Originally posted by whencookiesscream

Wishing you a most wonderful birthday! To help you celebrate, the lovely and gracious @katnissdoesnotfollowback has crafted this delightful little fic just for you!

Custody Arrangement

Rated: K


Back aching and head throbbing, Peeta’s shoes scrape the pavement as he trudges home. Hands dig in his pockets for the bottle of aspirin and he tosses back two dry right before pushing in the waist high wrought iron gate leading into the tiny garden in front of the narrow brownstone in which he lives. The rent was a steal four years ago, affordable with the addition of a second job. It also came with the added benefit of finally moving out of his mother’s home. Away from her constant judgements and interference. Away from the crushing memories of his father and the unending reminders that one stupid grief driven mistake led to the one thing he’d done in his life that matters at all.

He shrugs off the melancholy thoughts, rolling his shoulders to work the kinks from them. Second week pulling double shifts at the bakery is leaving its mark. At only twenty-eight, he shouldn’t feel this tired and worn. As he inserts his key into the lock, squealing fills the house, travelling to his ears and making him smile. He’d thought she was just about too old to be greeting him like that anymore.

“Daddy’s home!”

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To @norbertsmom for all of the funny hijinks our pets do so does Katniss and Peeta’s beloved Buttercup.  Based off this picture a little Fluffy ‘G’

PS: un beta’d all mistakes are mine…enjoy…

Nothing in the house seemed right. Katniss pushed the chair to the side in the baby’s room. She stood back and looked at the nook. Her hands settled on her hips. Her nose wrinkled, she wanted a sitting area in the room, but no matter where she put the chair it didn’t sit well with her.  

Katniss put her back against the chair and moved across the room near the window, and then moved away carefully considering it, she took a small table and pushed it across the floor next to the chair. She pushed her hair away from her face, “Mother of pearl!”

It still wasn’t right. She rubbed her back, her belly was huge. She was in her ninth month and the urge to clean and move furniture had finally kicked the paralyzing fear she carried with her when she felt her baby move.

“UGHH,” Katniss muttered, her ire building, she’d changed the entire house.

Her fingernails tapped on the pant leg of her overalls. These days nothing fit except and absolutely nothing was comfortable except for dresses or Peeta’s painting overalls.

The clock in the house rang. It was five in the evening, Peeta was due at any minute and she had to get this right if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. She cocked her head to the side, she wanted the chair and table to face the window before Peeta got home but she couldn’t get it right.

It drove Peeta crazy to move the furniture around, but he didn’t complain because he knew she’d do it herself.  If he found her moving furniture again, she was sure her patient husband was going to blow a gasket.

The problem was Katniss couldn’t help it. She couldn’t stop cleaning their home, Katniss tried to explain it to Peeta but he was firm on her resting.  All because of one doctor who said she needed to make sure she stayed healthy due to not having a spleen. He didn’t want her to use the heavier cleaning products for fear the overexposure would cause her harm. But she’d found a way.

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A Place to Call Home

Prompt 31: I would like to submit a prompt for Firefighter!Peeta, rescues Prim and K is grateful so she agrees to a date when he asks. [submitted by @alliswell21​] 

This is lightening striking in a bottle when I saw @alliswell21 Prompt…thank you for this.  Peeta in a uniform is always well….YUMMM….

 Rated G/K …warning un beta’d

A Place To Call Home Pt 1…by @mega-aulover 

“PRIM!” Katniss ran after Prim who chased after Buttercup down the street, thankfully it was Sunday Morning and the Bronx streets were empty. 

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Hey! My birthday is on November 3rd and I would really appreciate it if someone wrote me a birthday drabble. I really like stories where Everlark are already in an established relationship and live together, modern AU too. Thanks!!

Originally posted by mori852

Happiest of birthdays! This lovely bit of Everlark goodness was written especially for you by @peetazeus. Enjoy!!

The Devil Wears Fur


A/N: There are references to sex, alcoholism/drinking and to devil/satan for the trigger warnings! 

“I’m home!”

Katniss pushed the front door behind her and leaned against it slightly, closing her eyes momentarily. The drops from the rain fell onto the floor, dripping off her jacket which she hastily put up on the hooks Peeta drilled into the wall after most of their (her) things ended up in a pile on the floor.

Not that she complained, watching her husband with tools and a drill turned out to have quite an effect on Katniss after all.

“In here!”

An amazing smell filled her nostrils and it made her mouth water, her fingernails press into the skin of her palms and her knees weak. She was used to this. Being greeted by some water watering smell and it never got old. She smelled something savoury, with a hint of various spices and maybe chicken? And something sweet-definitely pie. Oh, she really hoped it was apple.

Peeta’s food senses had really rubbed off on her.

If there was something Katniss could possibly love more than her husband, it was his cooking.

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Buttercup III

Katniss stared at the creature in her child’s hands, her scowl as deep as it could go. “Peeta?”

Wiping his hands on a rag as he walked, Peeta walked up to her smiling, “Yeah?” He stuck the rag into the front pocket of his apron. “Oh, no. I know that face. That is the face you used to get when But-”

“What is that…. Thing doing here, and in my child’s hands, no less?” She asked, pointing to the thing, never taking her eyes off of it.

Peeta just laughed. “Well, Katniss, that thing is a kitten, and it is in our child’s hands because I gave it to him.”

Katniss turned her head to her husband, leaving her finger pointed at the thing, a look of sheer bewilderment on her face.

Peeta had to bite his lip to not laugh at the way she looked.

Walking up behind her, Haymitch put a hand on her shoulder and said, with his usual smirk, “Yup! And he has named it, ‘Buttercup III’.” He moved his hands above his head as if he saw the name in lights.


Everyone looked over to where the little boy sat with the purring kitten in his lap.

Walking over and kneeling beside him, Peeta said, “Yes, son?”

“I think I want to name her ‘Prim’.”

Peeta had a lump in his throat as he turned to look at his wife. He saw her features start to soften, and behind her, Haymitch smiled proudly and nodded.

Turning back to their son, Peeta said, “Okay, Finn. Whatever you want. But why P- That name?”

“Because mommy has told me so many stories about auntie Prim, and she was so brave and so beautiful, I just thought it fit.”

Peeta had tears pooling in his eyes as he turned back to his wife once again. She had dropped her hand and was staring at their son with a look that conveyed amazement, bewilderment, sadness, and joy all in one. I guess that’s what love looks like, he thought. She had silent tears running down her face.

Behind her, Haymitch had placed his hands on the top of each of her shoulders and was rubbing gently, one silent tear running down his face, and a glint in his eye that Peeta couldn’t tell if it was pride or sadness.

Gripping her upper arms tightly, Haymitch leaned in to whisper so only she could hear. “You did a hell of a job with that one, sweetheart. I’m proud of you. Now, when are you going to tell lover boy that you are going to have another runt running around here?”

Katniss walked over and sat beside Finn, placing a hand on his back as he smiled up at her, and she smiled back. “I think that is a beautiful name.”

Finn beamed.

“And we can name the next one ‘Buttercup III’ so we don’t hurt daddy’s feelings.”

Peeta tilted his head and looked at his wife. “Next one? What? What are you talking about?”

“Well, Prim will get bitter like Buttercup if she doesn’t have a companion,” Peeta chuckled, and she continued, “Plus Finn’s little siblings might get jealous-”


“Hallelujah! Thank God, she finally told him!” Haymitch hooted.

“Finally told me?” Peeta turned to Haymitch.

“Yes, Peeta. She may have been the You-Know-Who, fought in the You-Know-What, and competed in two You-Knows, but telling you has made her more uptight than her first interview with Caesar.”

“You still don’t know the effect you can have, do you?” Peeta asked, turning to Katniss with a goofy grin on his face. She looked down at the floor bashfully with a small smile, and he lifted her chin up with his finger then tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Peeta, I’m pregnant. Again. And before you ask like last time…. Real.”

Mockingjay Part 1 Review and Initial Reactions

Okay so I just got back from seeing Mockingjay Part 1 and I wanted to talk about my initial reactions. Please forgive me if I post things out of sequence. Also this will be gif heavy and none of these gifs are mine, I also may use a lot of Troy Barnes gifs because he seems to be every fandom’s spirit animal. So with all of that said:

Spoilers under the cut, this is prety much a complete review of the movie, so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled

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The thought of that scruffy old Buttercup posting himself on the bed to watch over Prim comforts me. If she cries, he will nose his way into her arms and curl up there until she calms down and falls asleep. I’m so glad I didn’t drown him.

THG, Ch.4

It occurred to me, as I read this passage, that it isn’t just Katniss that parallels Buttercup. He also can be compared to Peeta.

In the same way Buttercup protects and comforts Prim, Peeta looks after Katniss, holding her so that she can sleep. In both cases, Katniss’s first reaction was to kill the two of them - Buttercup for being a nuisance, Peeta for posing a threat in the arena. But in the end, she came to understand and appreciate them both. 

As the story unfolds, one could make the comparison between how determined Buttercup is to get back to his beloved Prim against all odds, and Peeta’s tenacity at finding his way back to Katniss.

A Place To Call Home (pt 2)

Prompt 30: Peeta trying to impress the girl of his dream buy getting her tickets to see Hamilton : The musical . Only problem it impossible. [submitted by Anonymous]

Dear Anon, thank for this Prompt it actually worked beautifully with the first part of this story.  I hope you enjoy it.

Rated G/K warning un beta’d

A Place to Call Home pt 2 by @mega-aulover

“I found my thrill on blueberry hill…..” Finnick crooned in Peeta’s ears.

 “Awe hell Finn how long have you been standing there?”  Peeta rubbed his face how long he stood by the entrance of the Park staring at Katniss and her younger sister walk away he did not know.  All he knew as that for the first time he didn’t mind living in the Bronx. 

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My thoughts after seeing Mockingjay Part 2

So here it comes. I had to take it off my chest. It can be a little off chronology but I have seen the film only once.


- Katniss’s bruised neck gave me chills. And her voice! I appreciate this scene so much, it gave you the idea, how much harm Peeta have done

- Josh’s acting in the scene with Prim blew my mind :O I mean, I knew what was coming but it turned out I wasn’t prepared at all. And when he asks about his family I might have just died

- Johanna’s arc is so different from the book, but so true to the character! I only hoped they mention what was done to her in the Capitol… But I’m glad they saved the morphiling part and a line about “hearing each others screams”… That was so important to me (and heartbreaking all the same)

- I must say the wedding scene was overall beautiful but I don’t know, something was missing for me… (Peeta’s cake? xD no, that’s not it…)

- “You’re not particularly nice” I”M DYING!!! And what he says next, about how he would have saved himself so much pain if he gave the bread to the pigs! I thought my heart would explode

- The Nut scene was so intense! And it was rather terryfying how Gale could not see a reason to save civilians. 

- Too much Galeniss kisses… I mean enough with the love triangle, they had so many kisses in past films too, the books say about like two times they actually do that?

BUT: Gale’s line that kissing Katniss is like kissing a drunk person was hilarious

- I know I’m lost in chronology now, whatever.

- I was a little confused when Katnnis went alone to Capitol in secret. But now I think it was a good solution for a film. 

- I didn’t like the dynamics of the scene with Snow at the round table. It was a bit too long for my taste.

- I mean I know I’m not objective on this but Peeta Mellark murmuring to himself wa soooo dusturbing. He looked so vulnerable and again bravo to Josh Hutcherson <3

- Katniss saying she will kill Petta, because he’s a mutt. MY HEART STOPPED!!!

- Finnick was so good to Peeta, “you can ask”, “can you walk?”. Bromance shiping so hard <3

- “You’re painter. You’re baker…” 

- Peeta hitting his head with a handle of his rifle… I WASN’T PREPARED FOR THIS AND NOTHING WOULD HAVE MADE ME PREPARED

- The sequence with Peeta attacking Katniss was so fast, I couldn’t breathe

- Peeta telling the squad to kill him. My poor baby!!!! :(

- “You’re still trying to protect me…” “We protect each other” with Gale listening was masterpiece

- “Stay with me” kiss was so so so intense!!!! And this acting!!! 

- Death of Finnick was… devastating… Him screaming “Katniss”… Nightlock, nightlock, nightlock…….

- I didn’t like the conversation between Peeta and Gale as much as I thought I would like it. I would prefer if they kept with the book more

- Saying goodbye to Peeta… I can’t wrap my head around it. So much love in this scene

- The bombings, kids, Prim… I hold my breath and even though it’s been a couple hours I still can’t utter a word about that…

- No one can show pain as naturally as Jennifer Lawrence. No one.

- Killing Coin was epic. Snow’s bloody laugh gave me chills. And I was so relieved they kept the scene of Peeta rescuing Katniss from suicide.

- I loved the letter from Plutarch

- HAYFFIE!!!!!!!! <3 

- The scene with Buttercup was so raw, so down to earth, so emotional, so heartbreaking… And people in the cinema laughed……. Seriously? I hate people…

- GROWING BACK TOGETHER. OH MY FUCKING GOD. SOO GOOD. The looks they give each other!!! <3

One disappointment tho: I needed an EVERLARK KISS. Not sex. (Ok, it would be good, but that’s beside the point). I needed one kiss after “you love me, real or not real” scene. For closure, for faithfulness to the books, for my personal and many other’s pleasure. I love you, Francis, but that was a mistake. And a big one to be honest.


Peeta playing and hugging with his son. Look he gives Katniss. Happiness. Content. Peace. MY TEARS.

love-peace-everythingsweet  asked:

I everlark 100% but MJ never really proved that Katniss loves Peeta at all even though they stayed together in the end. My friend and I have gotten into disagreements over this many times.I've always felt that she chose him just because he is their.

I mean she did want to keep him alive but it’s just not enough for me. I mean not once did she give him an “I Love You” like she did to Gale when she chose him. The real not real is cute but not the same. I just hope the movie portrays it better so i

Can believe it that she does genuinely love him if not my friend owes me 10bucks. BTW I like how you have answered ever ask over katniss and Gale with positivity.

First, Katniss never tells Gale she loves him. The quote is “I am his. He is mine.” Katniss is not the type to freely admit her feelings. To anybody. Does she even tell Prim she loves her outright? All we have are her thoughts. Katniss is a reactionary person. She’s not big on words. Her actions speak for her. So even when we have her trying to convince herself she doesn’t have feelings for Peeta (like in THG), her actions prove otherwise. There’s subtext here that Suzanne Collins was very smart with. This is where critical thinking comes into play, and I don’t mean that to be condescending, but with most/all literature, you need to look at the textual clues.

I think it’s pretty evident Katniss’ love is right there in the text. She doesn’t say “I love you, Peeta.” But he asks her “You love me, real or not real?” and she says “Real.” That IS an “I love you.” This series isn’t a flowery romance; there might not be huge declarations of love–or at least, when there are, Suzanne/Katniss often skims over it (probably because she’s uncomfortable with feelings)–but the “real or not real” is a huge, huge theme throughout the series. It’s not an accident that Suzanne chose that method to reveal that Katniss does indeed love Peeta. 

Don’t forget Katniss’ inadvertent slip when she says “Haymitch loves [Peeta] too.” Meaning…Katniss loves Peeta. Katniss doesn’t use that word with Gale.

I think to say that Katniss “settled” for Peeta is to undermine the trauma she went through by the end of the war. Her sister is dead. She’s lost almost everything, including nearly her humanity. Her mind is more than a little preoccupied by the end, she’s not in a romantic sort of mood. And she won’t be for a while–that’s what PTSD and having most of your loved ones killed will do to you. But as soon as Peeta returns? She comes back to life. She even says she’s waiting for something–and I think at that point it was either death or Peeta, and she held out because she wanted Peeta to come back to her. Once he does, suddenly she starts giving a damn again about living–going out to the woods, hunting, taking a shower, making herself look better, cleaning her house, taking care of Buttercup. 

Why? Because that is love.

  • Prompt 42: We all know Katniss is not good with words. What if, in the middle of a flashback, all of Peeta’s old insecurities about Katniss and Gale resurface and the only way to snap him out of it is for Katniss to convince him he was always her dandelion in the spring, that she did not just settle for him and is still secretly pining after Gale? [submitted by Anonymous]

Hey! So I hope I did your prompt justice. I might write a part two to this (dealing with whatever it is Gale came to say), but for now, here’s this. I know you wanted Katniss to actually use her words well for once, so I tried to keep it as in-character as I could. I’m bethylark on here and on ao3 and ffn, so come tell me what you think! -Gail :)


I wake to sound of birds chirping in the trees outside, the early morning sun shining through the open bedroom window.  I register something heavy lying on my chest, and memories of the night come back to me.

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