but look at our babies!! all bronzed up!!

Looking Around in All the Wrong Places

So, this happened during a campaign myself and a few of my friends were a part of. Along with my character (a Ranger), there was also a Rogue, a Paladin, and a Dracomancer. During our first session, we bluffed our way into an orc camp and discovered a wounded baby Bronze Dragon they were keeping captive. An old orc asked us to take it back to its mother before the orcs either sold it or killed it. This is what happened.

DM: The next day, as you make your way up the mountain to the dragon’s cave, you come across a wide chasm, with a bridge stretching across it.

Me (ooc): I roll Perception to see if the bridge looks stable enough to cross!

DM: Alright, go for it.

I roll, succeed, and find out that the bridge is in perfect condition, but is only wide enough for one person at a time to cross.

Paladin (ooc): There might be enemies on the other side, though! I roll Perception to see if there are any enemies hiding on the other side.

DM: Seriously? Well, alright, go for it.

[Paladin] rolls and, like me, succeeds. However, all he can see from our position is that the bushes aren’t that thick. There aren’t any enemies to be seen.

Rogue (ooc): But if there were enemies, maybe they booby-trapped the bridge! I roll Perception to check the bridge for traps!

DM: Oh for the love of god! You succeed, but there aren’t any traps! Just cross the bridge already.

Me (ooc): Alright, alright, man. Geeze, take a chill pill.

I cross the bridge first, followed immediately by [Rogue]. Once we both cross over, the Dracomancer (who is carrying the baby dragon previously mentioned) starts to cross.

DM: As you reach the half-way point on the bridge–

Dracomancer (ooc): Oh, screw you!

DM: (continues) –four bugbears and a hobgoblin climb up from under the bridge.

Me (ooc): Oh, so that’s where we were supposed to look for trouble!

DM: (irritated) You weren’t supposed to be looking for them!!