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Hi my name is Steven Dark’ness Dementia Nomad Way and I have short ebony black hair (it’s not blonde anymore) with vanta black streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Robert Redford (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Clark Gable but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a super soldier but not like flying or laser eyes. I have pale white skin. I’m also an Avengers and I used to live in New York with Tony Stark but not anymore and now I live in Wakanda. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Army Surplus Stores and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black stealth suit with matching gloves and a black leather jacket (I look super hot in leather) and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Wakanda. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about because Wakanda is a dessert. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

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So apparently my wetlook black top looks rather good with my new black corset, black fishnets, and the black stilettos.

Just in case anyone was wondering.

BOXES : pcy

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also, i am a rek for boyfriend!chanyeol and fluff. someone hold me.

As long as I can bring my Power Ranger blanket, I’ll start packing tomorrow.

word count: 945 (hot dog, you can divide that by 5… which is 189 in case you were wondering…)

It’s just past 3 in the morning when your phone wakes you from your sleep. You curse whoever made you to be such a light sleeper as you answer it without looking at who is on the other line. “What?” you don’t mean to sound like an ass, but you would kill to have a proper night of sleep. “Oh you were sleeping?” He sounds sorry and once you realize who is on the other end you soften, knowing that you typically are awake at this time; it’s not his fault he called you on the night you happen to go to bed at a decent hour for once. “Baby, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to be so cranky. Are you okay? Is there something you need?” you say as you sit upright in case you need to be ready to go to him. “Oh, I just wanted to know if … maybe you’d let me …” its silent for a few seconds aside from some slight rustling, for some reason he’s nervous. “Yes Chanyeol?” You’re not quite sure what he wants so you keep your voice steady, hoping its nothing serious. He takes a deep breath before he speaks again: “do you think I can maybe come over and sleep with you? I can’t really fall asleep and I’ve noticed my best sleep is when we sleep together. I know I pretty much have slept over almost every day the last few months but I’ve gotten so used to you being next to me. I know it’s late but—“ the sound of your laughter cuts him off. “Yeollie, you have my spare key, you could’ve just came. I’m surprised you’re even asking anymore. I’ll get the extra blanket for you, since you always steal our shared one.” He lets out a sigh of relief and chuckles as he speaks, all the nervousness he had completely gone.

“I know. But you know I always ask before breaking and entering. And I may hog the blanket but you toss and turn in your sleep, makes it very difficult to hold you sometimes.” He tells you he’ll be over in ten minutes and to keep the bed warm for him.

When he arrives he comes in quietly in case you fell asleep again but he’s pleasantly surprised that you did indeed wait up for him with the extra blanket set up for him on the side he usually sleeps on, or as you call it, his side. You sleepily smile at him as he slides off his shoes and removes his sweater, leaving him in just his sweatpants, and crawls into bed. It takes a bit of tossing and turning before he’s finally comfortable enough with you in his arms. “You’re bed is the best place to sleep hands down. I wish I never had to leave it.” You snuggle closer to him and take a big smell of his scent. You’re slowly drifting to sleep as you whisper to him, “I’m starting to think that you like it more than you like me.” Shameless as always he answers, “Oh but I do”, as he brings his face level with your breasts to lay between them, “although your boobs make better pillows than—“ You interrupt him when you tug firmly at his hair. “Hey! Ouch, I’m just saying! I love your boobs.” He rubs his sore scalp for a few seconds before lifting up your shirt to kiss your bare breasts and setting it back in its place to return his head to his favorite pillows. You two finally get comfy enough to turn out the lights to sleep.

After a few minutes of silence, it’s your turn to be the nervous about what you’re going to ask. “Chanyeol …” He lifts up his head to look at you as best as he can in the darkness. “Yes Koala?” There’s another pause before you’re speaking again. “Why don’t you just move in …?”  You hope he doesn’t take notice at how fast your heart is beating at the question. “I mean, you’re always here already, and you have a lot of clothes and a toothbrush here, and you say It’s hard to sleep when I’m not with you and you already like my bed, and you have a key. I mean you know it’s okay if you don’t—“ You’re interrupted by a soft kiss on your forehead. “We’ve been together for 2 years now haven’t we?” Though it’s dark, you can faintly see him smile at you. “Y-yes, last month marked the second year …”

“As long as I can bring my Power Ranger blanket, I’ll start packing my stuff tomorrow. Baekhyun was saying his cousin needed somewhere to live anyway and I’m tired of him always stealing my socks. He makes for the perfect best friend, but a borderline mediocre roommate … don’t tell him I said that.”  You sigh and run your fingers through his hair. “You can bring the blanket as long as you don’t touch my Pokémon plushie set.” To that he gasps loudly, “How could you do that to me! I thought you loved me!” He dramatically clutches his heart as you break into a fit of laughter. “Fine, if you must, but ONLY because I love you.” He gently places his hand on your cheek to guide you in for a gentle full-lipped kiss then guides you to return to your previous cuddling positions as Chanyeol speaks again, “Then it’s settled. We go get boxes tomorrow. Oh and (Y/n)?” “Yes?” “I love you.” “I love you too.”


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This is what my YouTube channel looks like with YouTube’s new restricted mode, which has unfairly targeted some LGBTQ content for being “sensitive material.”

21 of my 43 videos disappear. 

In case you missed it: YouTube says it “wrongly” filtered out a ton of LGBTQ-related videos in a recent update to its Restricted Mode feature. This has affected virtually every queer YouTube creator from @tyleroakley to @everyoneisgay to little ole’ me. So, if you watch my YouTube videos in Restricted Mode, the videos above with an X through them aren’t available. 

Oh, and YouTube’s statement about the whole thing just sucks:

“We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform – they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about. The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience. LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be. We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and passion for making YouTube such an inclusive, diverse, and vibrant community.”

So under that logic, the “more sensitive issues” that aren’t suitable for a “tiny subset of users” (like, say, a teenager with unsupportive parents who’s trying to get online from a school library where PORN IS ALREADY BLOCKED) include:

  • A discussion with my 90-year-old grandmother about how she eventually accepted having a gay grandkid
  • A conversation with my mom about This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids and why I didn’t have a proper coming-out
  • A crowd-sourced glossary of the differences between bisexuality and pansexuality 
  • A silly video with my fiancée where we write down things we love about each other
  • A collaboration focusing on the experiences of queer people of faith

And a lot more. I’m livid. Queer YouTube means so much to so many people. For millions of LGBTQ people (especially youth) whose rights are under attack, YouTube creators and viewers have built a community of resources that you just cannot find elsewhere. This is a mean and senseless kick when we’re already down. And we’re not going to shut up about it. 

Send LGBTQ YouTube folks good vibes & subscribes today. (If you’re not already subscribed, find your friendly neighborhood bisexual YouTuber [it’s me] here or on Twitter.)


I have so much love for this game! 

I honestly see a lot of myself in Mae. I only wish I had her sense of humor! And Jack made this such a wonderful experience! I think I found my new favorite series and I’m looking forward rewatching it many times. If you see this, dude, thank you. <3

In any case, here’s the whole batch of edits in one post! 

All stills from ‘Come Meet Me!’, gifs from, uh… multiple episodes of Night In The Woods.

wolfraya4  asked:

Hi, I really like how you draw and also how you do your style, but could you publish a drawing that is from your beginnings ?. Well I've been drawing for some time but sometimes I do not see progress in my drawings. I would be inspired to see how you started to keep going and get to your level

i could really spare myself the embarrassment and really cherrypick this but nah let’s do this

remember that as long as you’re drawing and making an effort, then you’re evolving as an artist. improvement can be a slow process but the more you work, the more you learn new things and discover different methods to try. not everything will be good and sometimes things will feel really good- there were a bunch of times i looked at a drawing and thought “this is my finest work so far” and now it’s just…. not because i kept moving forward from it! i guess my cheesy inspo advice is: take pride in your work but never get complacent because there’s always room to grow! case and point, here’s some stuff i was very proud of at the time i drew them lmfao:

This property is HOA-Free.

This is a long one, because it involves a growing escalation of actions. TLDR at the bottom. Some terms are translated because I don’t live in an English-speaking country.

We moved houses last year, to the ugliest in the street. The previous owners must have loved Mondriaan, because the front was red/blue/yellow in windowframes and door. One paintjob, many thankful neighbors and several months later, I get an invitation to a voluntary “Collective of inhabitants”, the terms read like an opt-in HOA that you can never leave. A long list of restrictions, and no benefits? No thanks.

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jacksonwang852g7: No matter what, it was always there right beside me. Thank you so much for walking with me till this point today. All the scars you have, the fact that you have to bump against all other luggage cases, also the fact that you have to carry heavy weights all the time, it was all because of me. I am sorry. And I couldn’t even imagine about leaving you. Sigh… actually when I bought my new luggage case yesterday, after cleaning up all the stuff out. I felt so sad after looking at you standing at the corner of the room alone with all the scars you have. Thank you so much my luggage case,and I promise, no other luggage case will replace you. Thank you again and I love you.

A D.Va print I made to match with the Lunar New Year event going on right now~ I love her hanbok design and the way her mech looks so much that I couldn’t help draw it 。(>ω<。)

It is a print on my Society6 as a tote bag, phone case, pillow, and even a notebook! They have notebooks there now which is awesome! But yeah click here to check it out!

reasons why you should try the "ace attorney" series

- its a fucking classic

- “objection” “objection” “objection” “objec

- you can even play the games on your phone like some millennial

- the main trilogy + apollo’s game have sick ass pixel art as well as sick ass pixel sprites with sick ass animations????????

- the 3d models look like memes??? the ones in soj and dd atleast

- music??? good music???? we got some intense af chiptunes here?? its even got chiptune jazz

- so much puns and pop culture references that you’ll turn into the upside down smiley face emoji

- choosing the wrong piece of evidence or objecting on the wrong statement will give you anxiety but youll still have fun dont worry

- you will love every single character and they will all personally love you back (except for maybe kristoph)

- germans

- “oOoO AaaAaCchHhtuuNnGgg BABByy”

- “fooLlshhLY FOOl iSH H FO oLS”

- “join us on the american kotatsu.” “eat your hamburgers apollo”

- you can talk to dead people

- your favorites dont die (sometimes– my fav died 8( )

- if the present time games arent ur thing……… dai gyakuten saiban exists

- ^^^^ japan history book??? the meiji period??? bro u can educate yourself with this

- ^^^^ smooth boy sherlock holmes is in it??

- ^^^^ steampunk


- diverse ”“"american”“” cast

- you can use some weird black magic shit to be a lawyer

- everyone looks ridiculous

- the characters??? actually like grow up when a new game comes out?? theyre not eternally 21 or smthn

- each case is a good story that makes you go “oOoOoOo shHIIiT”

- professor layton crossover ????????

- the adorable promo art that the artists come up w/

feel free to add more im tired

Really Cool True Crime Websites

I’m often asked what websites/blogs I use to study for my blog. I’ve decided to compile a wee list of my favorite sites where I get most of my inspiration and, sometimes, facts :)

1. Murderpedia.com

This site is an amazing resource for anyone interested in true crime, and I cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for new content to read. The site is really easy to use, and the cases are sorted alphabetically, making it simple to look up a particular killer or just to browse.

2. Hellbeasts.com

This site is maintained by a dedicated writer who regularly posts about little-known crimes and cases. The cases are categorised by the type of crime (Murder, Child Abuse, Animal Cruelty etc) as well as providing links to news items. I really like this site for when I want to find out about little-known cases, and there is a section dedicated to abused and vulnerable children.

3. HistoricalCrimeDetective.com

This site is managed by a published true crime writer who is passionate about “forgotten” crimes and cold cases. You can easily spend hours reading through the posts, and the fact these cases are somewhat older and unsolved makes this site invaluable if you want to research cold cases/historical crimes.

4. CrimeDocumentary.com

This is a newish site that offers hundreds of true crime documentaries for free! The sheer amount of content means theres something for everyone to enjoy, and the docs are organised into categories so its super easy to navigate and peruse. Some of the docs are not in English, but I’m pretty sure subtitles are available for most of them.

➺ Sweet Ardor (m)


Pairing: Min Yoongi x female Reader

Genre: some sort of fluff, smut; sugar daddy!au

Warnings: mentions of alcohol, language, public teasing, dom/sub themes, powerplay, dom!Yoongi, rough sex, choking, face fucking, hair pulling, orgasm denial, light bondage and the biggest kink: aftercare

Word count: 7,766 words

Synopsis: You like dicks and you like money. To your luck, Min Yoongi has both.

Note: I always wanted to write a sugar daddy fic, especially after reading @floralseokjin‘s sugar daddy!Hoseok so here it is! A big thank you to @gukvory for giving me the starting and ending sentence, to @kittae, @icedrice, @godsavemefrombts and @probabilitae for being lovely betas, and to all of my friends for hyping me up. This is dedicated to @dailydoseofdia, @yoongihime, @yoonseoksofty, @solastiaoriginals, and @minmelly, I hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is appreciated. 


Min Yoongi’s dick may be big…

You looked at the hand traveling up your thigh under the table, under the slit of the midnight blue and horrifically expensive dress, and tapping his fingers against the sensitive flesh of your inner thigh. It remained there for a while, tracing patterns and gently squeezing your thighs. He retreated it when the food arrived but as soon as you finished your dessert, it slipped back to its former place, all the while he was conversing with the other guests right across the table. You leaned back against the backrest of the chair, parting your legs to grant him even further access and you licked your lips with a small smile when you saw him smirk as his hand slowly inched higher and higher. Breaths hitching when his finger slowly caressed the front of your delicate lace that barely covered your core.

You tensed, crossing your legs while heat shot up to your cheeks and you hoped that you could blame your flushed skin on the three glasses of wine you had consumed. The corners of his lips quirked up as he looked at you with dark, playful eyes and it was then when you finally shot out of your daze and diverted your attention to the conversation taking place.

You tried to answer the middle aged lady’s questions as well as you could, being mistaken for his very young wife because of the shining ring on your finger.

“Oh no, we’re not married. She’s my girlfriend.”

Actually, you weren’t even his friend. He paid for your company. Your dress, jewelry, your shoes.

Min Yoongi. One of Seoul’s top lawyers and your sugar daddy.

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The moment we realized she was blind

Set the Scene: The half-celestial elf Zuriel is staying with the tiefling Lilcyra in a temple that acts as a half-way house for the good aligned travelers at 1 gold per night per person, run by bipedal carnivorous bee people (lovingly named the Beeple) that worship a deity of bees and wary travelers. This is a summary of the events that transpired.

Lilcyra(OOC): So I’m going to write a letter to you-know-who before going to sleep

DM: Yeah that’s fine, just pm me what you’re going to say

Lilcyra writes the letter and the setting switches to Zuriel discussing the Beeple’s odd carnivorous ways and the rotting meat honey they create from this diet.

Some 40 minutes later discussing where Lilcyra can buy this “honey” after sending off her letter

Zuriel: Do you have any idea where the market is or are you just wanting to look around for it.

Lilcyra: In case you didn’t know I’m blind, and new to this town so I don’t know where the market is.

Zuriel: No no I guessed that back when you tried to read the scroll, couldn’t, and then asked me to do it for you. I had just assumed that you were either blind or couldn’t read, not that I would judge you either way-

DM: Wait, oh my god you can’t read…

Cue my confusion as both Lilcyra and our DM bust a gut at the realization that Lilcyra is blind and couldn’t have written a letter, so essentially she just sent a page of scribbled on paper to someone extremely important because they forgot that their character is blind.

The Signs as Clone Wars Quotes
  • Aries: "unHAND ME BRIGGAND"
  • Taurus: "It was a GIANT. TOWER. of course i saw it"
  • Gemini: "Why do you even ask for my opinion? We never do things my way" "We crashed the ship your way"
  • Cancer: "Hellooo ugly"
  • Leo: "So I said to her: 'Baby, you and me could really-'" "You never even met a girl"
  • Virgo: "Ugh. Well it seems boys are the same whether they're republic or separatist"
  • Libra: "Study the bottom of my boot!"
  • Scorpio: "I like your new legs. They make you look taller"
  • Sagittarius: "I don't think Luminara wants to see how it works" "No. I don't"
  • Capricorn: "Be careful not to choke on your stupidity"
  • Aquarius: "Well. You want the bad news? Or the really bad news."
  • Pisces: "We have to stand and fight. Or in your case just stand"
  • McQueen’s crash was really fucking brutal like god damn they did such a good job with that scene like I know everyone is all “oh haha he dies” but sitting in the theater watching it happen you just feel paralyzed because holy shit. Anyways, major kudos to Pixar for making that probably my favorite scene in the whole movie because of the beautiful cinematography.
  • Jackson Storm!!! I thought I was gonna hate him, and I did he is a grade A jackass, but just oh man he’s just so fucking cool and sleek and the black and blue coloring is sooo good. Yes I hate him but also I love him. 
  • The colors of all the new gen racers were so great!! They were all so sleek and shiny and cool looking and colorful!
  • At first I didn’t really like Cruz, she kinda bugged me in the overly happy kind of way, but that didn’t remain the case because OH MY GOD I’M SO PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER!!!
  • McQueen doing the warm up exercises to get Cruz to come with him was so great. McQueen is A+ dad material.
  • McQueen mentoring Cruz on the beach without even realizing he’s mentoring her gave me life. 
  • The entire demolition derby. 
  • I was honestly expecting the school bus to be a guy so I was absolutely ecstatic that it ended up being a girl!! Anyways, I love Miss Fritter she’s fantastic and amazing and so badass.
  • Fritter trying to straight up kill McQueen and then later while being interviewed being all exited and saying how she’s always liked McQueen was so cute.
  • “Racing wasn’t the best part of Doc’s life, you were.” 
  • I can’t believe Doc Hudson is a gay icon.
  • I make a post about a week ago predicting that Cruz would race in McQueen’s place AND I WAS RIGHT, I WAS RIGHT, I WAS RIGHT!!!
  • McQueen up on the platform with the headset on coaching Cruz almost broke me I was flipping the fuck out oh my god he was the splitting image of Doc it was amazing.
  • Cruz doing the wall flip trick. I had a fucking conniption fit it was so good it was perfect it was, although a bit predicable, absolutely astounding. 
  • Cruz took Doc’s number. So good. What a way to bring it full circle. 

Studying from a Textbook :: How to Get Started

Through trial and error across my academic career, I’ve developed a system of textbook studying that’s been very successful for me even in graduate school. This post outlines my basic procedure. Of course, different techniques work for different people, so be sure to pick and choose which ideas you add to your own strategies. Thanks in advance for reading!

Reading a textbook is a formidable task; after all, they contain a lot of information per page across a lot of pages. Therefore, it’s useful to divide the book into more manageable pieces. Most textbooks do a pretty good job of this by pre-dividing the material into sections (or even subsections). If there’s no pre-existing division (or if each division is fairly lengthy), I recommend focusing on about 10 pages at a time. However you choose to divide, my basic strategy amounts to this:

Tackle the textbook section-by-section, only moving onto a new section once you’re comfortable with the previous section.

If you’re under a time constraint, then I’d say make yourself as comfortable as you can within that constraint.

This begs the question: how do you become comfortable with a section? Well, you’ll need to read it more than once. Today I’m primarily discussing how to make your first reading as useful as possible, especially for future readings.

First off, I suggest reading through the section in its entirety on your first pass. There will be material you don’t understand, but that’s okay: spend a couple of minutes trying to understand it and then move on. During your first reading, you’re getting the lay of the land; you don’t have to understand everything perfectly (or even at all).

Along the way, I keep track of my understanding via sticky notes, flags, and index cards.

My Index Cards Strategy

I keep three types of index cards as I read, each with its own theme:

  1. Questions: This index card lists questions I think of while reading, usually organized by the page number on which I have the question. Questions include things like “What’s [specific terminology] mean?”,  or “Is this related to [some other topic]?”, or even as generic as “What is [this subsection] talking about?”
  2. Definitions: When a new word is introduced, I write it down on my definitions card. Beside each word I draw a bubble in one of three colors, with each color representing my current understanding of the word and related concepts: green means “fine as is”, orange means “could use attention”, and red means “absolutely needs attention.”
  3. Notations: Some textbooks use abbreviations or symbols that I don’t recognize, so I keep an index card of these notations for quick reference.

You can easily replace this system’s index cards with notebook pages or similar media. Whatever works best for you!

My Sticky Notes and Flags Strategy

Using sticky notes placed within the textbook, I summarize challenging paragraphs and recap important ideas. This process forces me to grapple with the text, ultimately resulting in nice one-sentence summaries. These summaries help concepts stick in my brain and are extremely useful on subsequent reads of the text. I also use sticky notes to write questions that I couldn’t fit on my questions card. For the most difficult passages, I use flags: a quick, wordless way of saying “What in the world is this author talking about???”

Post-Reading Analysis and Subsequent Reading

I love this system because it not only lets me know how I feel about the material, but also generates specific concrete tasks to better my understanding. The vague task that is “learn this subject” becomes the more manageable tasks of “answer these questions”, “learn these words”, and “summarize these topics.”

I try to do the first reading in a single study session (although it’s not imperative to do so). Then, in a separate study session, I look up topics and words that I struggled with. The internet is particularly useful for this! Once I’ve improved my understanding some, I begin reading through the section again, this time with a fine-toothed comb. I use the notes I made the first time as guidelines for where I should spend my time and energy.

It’s very likely that during my second (and subsequent) reads I’ll think of new questions or come up with new ways of recapping material; in that case, I record them just as I did during the first reading.

In this way, I keep revisiting material I don’t understand until I feel like I understand it; again, external resources can be very useful for this! I only consider the section completed once I have a solid understanding of the section’s terminology and big ideas. Chances are I’ll still have questions at that point, but that’s okay:

I aim to be comfortable with the material, which is not the same as understanding 100% of what’s written in the textbook.

So, yeah! That’s my method in a nutshell. I hope you find parts of it useful in your own studies!

Thanks for reading! I’m wishing you the best of luck!