but look at my hair tho

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The thing about The Witcher: Witcher is book series by Sapkowski, it has film adaptation (and game). Witchers are mutated, but only Geralt's hair are white, because they turned to this color during attempt of grass (idk how its called in english sorry :/) and its unique just for Geralt. Witchers are also believed to be washed out of emotions. Sorry I might sound like some smart ass but I needed to correct you 😩 (sorry for my bad english ;_;)

i did not know this, probably because the things i’ve looked up has only been off the games. Oh well, i probably won’t change it because I’ve come to like the white haired keith. I’ll take some liberties here and there for this au ;v; Thank you for the info tho. 


I don’t usually actually tie him to the cross ties so he had himself a good ol time jingling things around and bopping his head around.

I think he was genuinely confused because he’s very light and responsive to halter pressure, so he would feel pressure on one side and yield to that pressure, which created pressure on the other side, and so he was going back and forth like ‘where does my face go???’

I kept an eye on him to make sure he didn’t hurt himself and it was all good.

Look at his stupid hair tho.

He has so much of it and it’s so ugly. I’d roach it if it wouldn’t grow back in 2 seconds and if he didn’t have a sad spaghetti strand for a neck.


recently I’ve been feeling like everything I’m drawing is a mistake and outta my league and shouldn’t be doing this but I really needa push past that. I’ve been so messed up like I’m telling myself I shouldn’t be drawing ppl outside of my race, learning how to draw different types of hair, drawing lgbt characters etc; but I really should stop thinking like that, cos diversity is a good thing. Pride is a good thing. I needa remind myself this.
Here’s sapphic Sof tho. I was looking at the some of my old concepts of her and wanted to redraw one of the hairstyles I sorta tried out.


Magnus Bane - Pandemonium punk outfit:

Magnus’ second outfit has a punk styling with marble-effect black jeans topped with a zebra-patterned long coat that has double chains on the back and a Magnus style sequinned collar and silver buckles. The belt itself is strung with tiny silver teeth. His makeup is dark and his hair is dyed with a splash of red and spiked high.


I feel like it’s been a long time since I drew the tsundere pineapple and his dragon wife, so this happened (。♥‿♥。)

(I wish my hair was as gorgeous as Takumi’s…)


We can’t let these legendary Markbum pictures die. No lies. The second pic made me Markbum AF so quick all my mutuals were scared I will swerve…

and I did. 💁🏻

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thor's short hair makes me so mad cause i first saw it and i was like "hey, chris hemsworth is doing another movie!" which is obviously a bad thing since the look of the movie doesn't give off thor vibes. i literally thought it was some sorta john carter movie im shaking in my boots I MISS THE LONG HAIR