but look at my baby gracie

Gracie loves to cuddle up under the covers as if she were a person, and I’m pretty sure she thinks that the other side of the bed is “her side” lmao. She’s also a friend to any and all ace and aro spec folks that need her. Just look into those beautiful, big, blue eyes and you’ll see what I mean. 💜

Taylor Swift Unreleased Song Trade

All night diner
Am I read for love
American boy
American girl
Baby don’t you break my heart slow
Barnyard Song
Being with my baby
Better off
Brand new world
Brought up that way
By the way
Can I go with you
Check out this view
Closest to a cowboy
Cross my heart
Dark blue Tennessee
Dark blue Tennessee (piano)
Diary of me
Didn’t they
Don’t hate me for loving you
Drive all night (south of knowing why)
Fall back on you
For you
Here you come again (cover)
Helplessly devoted to you
Hold on (feat Jack ingram)
Honey baby
I’d lie
I know what I want
Im every woman (cover)
I used to fly
In the pouring rain
Long time coming
Love for the little things
Look at you like that
Love they haven’t thought of yet
Lucky you
Made up you
Making up for lost love
Me and Brittany
My cure
My turn to be me
Need you now
Never mind
Never mind (country)
Never fade
One Thing (acoustic)
One Thing (studio)
One way ticket
Our last night (better than Ezra cover)
Perfect have I loved
Permanent marker
Point of view
Rain song
Same girl
Smokey black nights
Spinning around
Stupid boy
Sweet tea and God’s graces
Tell me (acoustic)
Tell Me (studio)
Ten dollars and a six pack
There’s your trouble (cover)
Thinking bout you
Thinking bout you
This here guitar
This is really happening
Till brad Pitt comes along
Under my head
We were happy
We were happy (piano)
What do you say
What to wear
Who I’ve always been
Writing Songs about you
You do
You don’t have to call
Your anything
Your face (acoustic)
Your face (studio)
Wait for me


A perfectly good heart
A place in this world
Beautiful eyes (acoustic)
Christmases when you were mine
Crazier (alt)
Cold as you
I heart ?
Picture to burn (acoustic)
Picture to burn (studio)
Shake it off
Sparks fly (original lyrics)
Teardrop on my guitar (for Dixie chicks)
Tim mcgraw
Tied together with a smile
The outside
Oh my my my
Our song
When you think Tim mcgraw (piano)


“But look how happy they are with their baby.” Ibis pointed at Kayne who had approached Gracie to help her out. He had managed to soothe Gracie’s doll and make it ‘fall asleep’.

Emma looked at him in disbelief. “Who the hell is this kid? Like, for real… how is he only human?”

“He has a baby sister.” Ibis offered as explanation.

“Well then. It’s settled. Demon doll stays with him at night. Co-parenting is important, you know.”

“No no. I didn’t go through the trouble of quieting mine so that another crier can be in my room.” Then Ibis thought about it for a minute. “Though I suppose I won’t be there tonight since it’s vampires’ hunt night.” He resolved on suggesting to Grace to leave the doll with Kayne for the night. Maybe he’d work on it in the morning and apply some of the magic.

“It’s settled then! And Gracie said you were a jackass - wait, no. That was me… Oops!” She walked away smiling.

Disneyland. (Tony Perry Fluff.)

Request: Hey can I have a Tony Perry imagine please? One where Tony and y/n meet at Disneyland and soon he finds out that y/n has a daughter and they all have fun there.

A/N: I hope this was okay, it was friggin 1,844 words. Enjoy. To the Vic Fuentes Anon: its coming, I promise!


“Grace! Get back here!” As soon as we stepped into the park my 4 year old ran from me, not waiting to even make sure I was following her. I ran after he as fast as I could, she was just barely in sight as I called after her. I earned many disapproving looks from other families for being merely 25 and unwed, and obviously unable to control my child, but I didn’t care. They were simply seeing the excited side of her, and the tired side of me.

As I finally caught up to her I swooped her up into my arms and walked to the teacup line, where she was obviously headed. She had been talking about it since the moment I even mentioned going to Disneyland, and we’d had a conversation about it at least once everyday since. And that was obviously hard considering I had to muster up enough money to get this place for even one day, and here we were nearly 8 months and 16 paychecks later staying 3 days and 2 nights at Disneyland, 4 hours away from home.

After what seemed like hours in the heat but I knew I had only been approximately 6 minutes, Grace had already started to complain.

“Mommy its too hot!” She whined, pulling on my shirt.

I sighed and tore her hands away. “I know, baby, but the lines long and its summer. Its going to be hot for a very long time.”

“But Mommy its reeaallyyy hot!” She yelled, pulling once again and dragging herself to the ground, nearly dragging me down with her.

I struggled to get her off the ground, but even once I had she only pulled us down once again, leaving me to give up entirely and sit on the ground with her.

The woman behind me scoffed at my actions, the way I fought with my daughter; the way I’d given up and gave her her own way, but I didn’t care. Grace was happy and the line wasn’t moving anyway.

Within the next 30 minutes in line we seemed to move up about 2 feet, and it felt like it was starting to get hotter. I sighed, taking off my sunglasses and lifting my shirt over my head, I was wearing a sports bra underneath so I didn’t see any problem. I slipped my sunglasses back on before hearing murmuring and scoffing from behind me.

I sighed and turned around to the woman who had been continuously shaming my actions, fueling my anger. “What was that?” I asked the woman, who stopped talking to what looked like a close friend of hers and looked down at me.

“Excuse me?” She asked. Goddamn, even her voice sounded snobby.

“You seem to have a problem with my actions.” I lifted Grace and stood up.

“Yes I do. Your outfit is not appropriate for public.” She lifted her pale, over-foundated nose in the air, sticking her hands on her hips.

“Well, pardon me, your highness but its hot. I’m sorry of your son is adolescent and you’re overprotective.” I smirked.

She and her friend gasped at my words while the mother glared at me, proving my point exactly.

“Well, then, no wonder your daughter is a spoiled brat without a father. How rude of you.”

“At least my kid’s happy. Your kid’s too fucking old to be here.”

She gasped yet again. “Watch your language!”

“Make me!” At this point we were right in each others faces, neither of us backing down.

“Is there a problem here?” There was a third voice. I turned in the direction it was coming from, nearly entranced by the man who emanated it. He was gorgeous. Those eyes, that hair, the tattoos, he was perfect.

“Yes, there is.” The woman said, tearing me from my thoughts.

“And it is..?” He asked, looking between the both of us.

“This girl,” She said before I cut her off.

“What’s your name?” I walked to him.

He blushed slightly, turning to me. “I’m Tony.”

I smiled, “I’m Y/N. What’re you doing here all by yourself? Does your wife know where you are?”

He chuckled, catching my drift. “I’m not married… Shouldn’t your husband be protecting you against offensive women?”

I smirked at him, glad he caught on and was so easy to talk to already. “I’m not married either.”

He smiled and held his hand out for me to shake. I gladly obliged, taking his hand and shaking it firmly before letting them rest back at our sides.

“So, Tony, what’re you doing here all by yourself, honestly?”

He shrugged. “I like Disney. My friends are here but they’ve all got their little girlfriends and all.” He shrugged it off like it was absolutely nothing.

“That seems sucky.” I gave him a sympathetic look.

“It’s alright, though, really.” He told me, looking into my eyes. “What about you?”

Just as I’d opened my mouth to speak, “Mommy! It’s our turn, come on!” Grace yelled at me, even though we were nearly 5 feet away.

I laughed and nodded towards her. “She wanted to come. Care to join us?” I asked him, gesturing towards Grace.

“Don’t mind if I do.” He followed me onto the ride and into the teacup Grace picked out, where we were all strapped in.

As the ride started, Grace started screaming and laughing, having the time of her life, it made me so incredibly happy to see her like this, but not only that, she had seemed to take a liking to Tony as well.

She threw her arms in the air when Tony had, leaving me to wrap my arms around her waist to secure her safety.

“This is the best day ever already!” She yelled, causing both me and Tony to laugh. I kissed her head, Tony looked at us lovingly.

As the ride ended, we walked off, Tony going the other direction.

“No, come back!” Grace yelled, running after him.

“Grace!” I ran after her, though Tony soon turned around and caught her in a tight hug. I smiled at the two of them, the way she laid her head on his chest, the way he engulfed her. They were too cute.

Once I had finally caught up to them they had settled on the ground, talking about the princesses Grace wanted to see and who Tony’s favorite princess was. I sat down with them, Tony smiling up at me and Grace hardly taking any notice of me.

“I really like the princess Laia from Star Wars.” Tony told her, smiling.

“Ooh, I like her hair,” Grace giggled, playing with her hair. She turned around to me. “Mommy?”


“I want to go meet all the princesses,” she giggled.

“Awe, honey, if we meet all the princesses today we won’t meet any tomorrow!” I told her, already knowing who we’d have to find.

“Well then.. I want to meet princess Aurora!” she yelled, running off toward where we’d seen her earlier in the day. I groaned and immediately followed after her, Tony behind me.

Once we had caught up to her once again, I pulled her to face me. “You have to stop running from me, alright?” I said, out of breath. “You’ll get lost.”

She nodded, but then said, “But Mommy!”

“Yes, baby?”

“I found the princess!” She turned and pointed down the path of people toward princess Aurora, who was smiling brightly. “Can we go see her?”

“Of course Gracie!” I took her hand, and looked over at Tony, before walking down to see the princess.

By the time we made it to Aurora, Grace was completely amazed. She looked up at her with her jaw dropped, then she smiled brightly.

“Oh my gosh, Mommy, look! She’s right here, she’s right here in front of us, do you see her?! Its princess Aurora!” She yelled, practically jumping out of my arms and running to hug the blonde princess.

Aurora giggled and leaned down to her. “What’s your name?” Wow, she was good. She sounded just like her.

“My name’s Grace! I’m named after you, my middle name’s Aurora, and I want to be a princess when I grow up!” She babbled on and on to Aurora, Aurora looked up at me and Tony and sent a smile and a wink our way. I laughed and tapped Graces shoulder. “Why don’t we slow down and breathe, alright? I’m sure Aurora will do everything she can to make sure you’re a princess when you’re older.”

Grace smiled as I picked her up, waving at Aurora. “Well, don’t you just have the cutest little family here.” She smiled at the three of us.

“Oh,” I laughed and blushed. Tony looked over at me, just as stunned as I was, we laughed together and turned away, Grace sending her last good bye.

By the end of the day, we had ridden on 4 rides, met 3 princesses and eaten the nicest dinner we’d possibly ever had. Grace was finally getting sleepy as Tony and I walked up to the room, Grace falling asleep over his shoulder.

Once we made it inside Tony laid Grace down after changing her clothes and put on a movie for her. I sat on the couch and Tony sat down next to me, taking my hand.

“Today was fun,” he told me in his soft voice, within all this time I began to notice that he was extremely shy, but I found it absolutely adorable.

“I thought so, too.” I smiled at him, intertwining our fingers. “I don’t think Grace will ever forget this.”

His eyes finally met mine, flickering between them and my lips. Soon we found ourselves leaning into each other, our lips brushing against each other softly before finally crashing together and taking my breath away, creating sparks. His kiss was like magic, it was filled with love. We had only met earlier in that very day but I felt like I had spent an entire lifetime with him. I was just hoping he wouldn’t leave.

We pulled apart from each other slowly, put of breath. The moment was so sweet, so perfect; it was gone too fast.

“Mommy?” A little, tired voice said.

“Yes, baby?” I asked her, my voice quiet and soft.

She turned her body towards Tony and I, her eyes just barely open and her voice just above a whisper. “I like Tony.”

I giggled as Tony wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. “I do, too.”

She smiled and yawned. “Can we keep him?”

My eyes averted to Tony, to find he was already looking at me. He nodded slightly, his eyes on my lips. I smiled and turned to Grace. “Of course baby.”

She smiled and shut her eyes, “Goodnight Mommy.”

I smiled and yawned, feeling myself begin to get tired as well. “Goodnight, Grace.”

“Goodnight Tony,” she said sleepily, finally falling asleep.

“Goodnight,” he whispered softly to the sleeping ladies in the room, making himself comfortable and sleeping as well.


Pairing: Dad!Dean x Reader, Castiel x Reader

Prompt: Reader and Dean have a daughter named Gracie

Tags: Pregnant!Reader, Dad!Dean, Dad!Cas 

Words: 1190

Note: I don’t even know. I just wanted Dad!Dean and then this happened. 

Also I literally hate title’s so much. 

Originally posted by ksenianovak

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Magical Disney(Tony Perry~Y/N)

Anon asked: Hey can I have a Tony Perry imagine please? Where y/n and Tony meet at Disneyland and soon he finds out that y/n has a daughter and they all have fun there. Sorry if it’s to complicated but I really love you’re writing 😊

Written By: Gwen

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* I’m willing to ‘trade’ (needed songs are at the bottom) but I will only be doing three songs per request for those looking to acquire the songs below. AND JUST TO BE CLEAR: I’m not one of those rude Swifties that puts you down, questions your intelligence or forces a trade, song for song. If you want some of these songs (maximum three per request), just ask! I’ve been doing this for FOUR years; I just want everyone to have a fair chance t hear Taylor’s amazing lyrics.

And I’m Canadian, so it’s impossible for me to be mean. ;)


• Beautiful eyes
• Better off
• Brought up that way
• Dark blue Tennessee
• Dark blue Tennessee (piano)
• Diary of me
• I’m every woman
• I need you now
• I know what I want
• I wished on a plane
• Just south of knowing why
• Long time coming
• Making up for lost love
• My cure
• My cure (acoustic)
• Never mind
• Never mind (country)
• One thing
• R-E-V-E-N-G-E
• Smokey black nights
• Sweet tea and God’s graces
• Tell me
• Thirteen blocks
• This is really happening
• We were happy
• What do you say?
• Your face


• A place in this world (demo)
• Am I ready for love (demo)
• Breathe (demo)
• Cold as you (demo)
• Come in with the rain (demo)
• Crazier (demo 1)
• Crazier (demo 2)
• Christmases when you were mine (demo)
• Fearless (demo)
• Hopelessly devoted to you (demo)
• I almost do (demo)
• Invisible (demo)
• Mary’s song (demo)
• Red (demo)
• Spark’s fly (demo)
• State of Grace (demo)
• Superstar (demo)
• Sweet tea and God’s graces (demo)
• Teardrops on my guitar (demo)
• Tim McGraw (demo 1)
• Tim McGraw (demo 2)
• Trecherous (demo)
• You dont have to call me (demo)
• You’re not sorry (demo)



• All night diner
• Angelina
• American Boy
• American Girl
• Baby, don’t break my heart
• Being with my baby
• Brand new world
• By the way
• Can I go with you?
• Check out this view
• Closest to a cowboy
• Cross my heart
• Don’t hate me for loving you
• Down came the rain
• Didn’t they
• Fall back on you
• Fight for me
• Firefly
• For you
• Gracie
• Here you come again
• Honey baby
• I’m alright
• I used to fly
• In the pouring rain
• Live for the little things
• Look at you like that
• Love they haven't  thought of yet
• Love to lose
• Made up you
• Mandolin
• Matches
• Me and Britney
• My turn to be
• Never fade
• One way  ticket
• Perfect, I have loved
• Point of view
• Rain song
• Same girl
• Sparks fly
• Spinning around
• Stupid boy
• Sugar
• Ten dollars and a six pack
• Tennessee
• There’s your trouble
• Thinking about you
• This here guitar
• Til Brad Pitt comes around
• Under my head
• Welcome back song for Grunwald
• You do
• Your anything
• Your face
• Wait for me
• Who I’ve always been



• Breathe (piano version)
• Mary’s song (alternate version)
• Picture to burn (alternate version)
• Should’ve said no (alternate version)
• Teardrops on my guitar (no Drew)
• Today was a fairytale (pop version)



• Breathe (studio piano version)
• Change (studio piano version)
• Fifteen (studio piano version)
• Hey Stephen (studio piano version)
• Love Story (studio piano version)
• Our song (studio piano version)
• Picture to burn (studio piano version)
• Teardrops on my guitar (studio piano version)
• Tell me why (studio piano version)
• The best day (studio piano version)
• Tim McGraw (studio piano version)
• White horse (studio piano version)
• You belong with me (studio piano version)
• You’re not sorry (studio piano version)


• Beautiful eyes (acoustic studio version)
• Breathe (acoustic studio version)
• Change (acoustic studio version)
• Fearless (acoustic studio version)
• Fifteen (acoustic studio version)
• Love story (acoustic studio version)
• Mine (acoustic studio version)
• Picture to burn (acoustic studio version)
• Should’ve said no (acoustic studio version)
• Teardrops on my guitar (acoustic studio version)
• Tell me why (acoustic studio version)
• Tim McGraw (acoustic, extremely rare)
• White horse (acoustic studio version)
• You belong with me (acoustic studio version)
• You’re not sorry (acoustic studio version)



• Hey Stephen



• All because of Ellen
• Barn yard song
• Both of us
• Crazier
• Electric barnyard jingle
• Eyes open
• Hold on
• Hysteria
• I’d lie
• I heart ?
• Love the way you lie
• Mary’s airplanes
• Monologue song
• Permanent marker
• Pour some sugar on me
• Red (ft. Alison Kraus & Vince Gill)
• Ronan
• Safe and sound
• Set fire to haunted life
• Thug story
• Today was a fairytale
• Two is better than one
• When love and hate collide
• You’re not sorry (CSI remix)



• Ain’t nothin’ bout you
• Breathless
• Cry me a river
• Dancing in the dark
• Dare you to move
• Drive by
• How to save a life
• Irreplaceable
• I want you back
• Just a dream
• Iris
• Missing you
• Nashville
• Our last night
• Radioactive
• Run
• Titanium
• This love
• Viva la vida
• White blank page
• When daddy let me drive
• Wrecking Ball



• A perfectly good heart [DELUXE]
• A place in this world
• Cold as you
• I’m only me when I’m with you [DELUXE]
• Invisible [DELUXE]
• Picture to burn
• Mary’s song [Oh, my, my, my]
• Our song
• Teardrops on my guitar
• Tied together with a smile
• Tim McGraw
• The putside
• Should’ve said no
• Stay beautiful



• Last Christmas
• Christmases when you were mine
• Santa, baby
• Silent night
• Christmas must be something more
• White Christmas



• Breathe
• Change
• Come in with the rain [PLATINUM]
• Fearless
• Fifteen
• Forever & always
• Forever & always [PIANO / PLATINUM]
• Hey Stephen
• Jump then fall [Platinum Edition]
• Love story
• Superstar [Platinum Edition]
• Tell me why
• The best day
• The other side of the door [PLATINUM]
• The way I loved you
• White horse
• You belong with me
• You’re not sorry
• Untouchable [PLATINUM]



• Back to December
• Back to December [ACOUSTIC / DELUXE]
• Better than revenge
• Dear John
• Enchanted
• Haunted
• Haunted [PIANO / DELUXE]
• If this was a movie [DELUXE]
• Innocent
• Last kiss
• Long live
• Mean
• Mine
• Never grow up
• Ours [DELUXE]
• Sparks fly
• Speak now
• Superman [DELUXE]
• The story of us



• Back to December / Apologize / You’re not sorry
• Bette Davis eyes
• Better than revenge [ALTERNATE VERISON]
• Dear John
• Drops of Juipter
• Fearless / Hey soul sister / I’m yours
• Fifteen
• I want you back
• Last kiss
• Love story
• Mean
• Our song
• Speak now
• The story of us [ALTERNATE VERSION]
• You belong with me



• All too well
• Begin again
• Come back, be here
• Everything has changed
• Holy ground
• Girl at home
• I almost do
• I knew you were trouble
• Red
• Red [DEMO]
• Sad, beautiful, tragic
• State of grace
• State of grace [ACOUSTIC VERSION]
• Stay, stay, stay
• Starlight
• The moment I knew
• The last time
• The lucky one
• Treacherous
• Treacherous [DEMO]
• We are never ever getting back together



• Begin again
• I knew you were trouble
• Love story
• Mine
• Our song
• Red
• Safe and sound
• Today was a fairytale
• We are never ever getting back together
• You belong with me



• Aching Like A Boy
• Bother Me
• Boys and Love
• Castles Crumbling
• Chevy Radio
• Don’t You
• Drama Queen
• Foolish One
• Her
• His Lies
• I Bet You Think About Me
• I Can See You
• I’m Looking Out For You
• Kid in the Crowd
• Let’s Go
• Mr. Perfectly Fine
• Nashville (not live)
• Scream
• Someone Just Told Me
• Someone Loves You
• That’s When
• This One’s Different
• Timeless
• Too Beautiful
• Welcome Distraction
• Wonderful Things
• You All Over Me
• Your Guardian Angel


“Hello, welcome to Hooters. My name is Katylin. How may I help you?“ the girl says. “Umm, can I have a Sprite?“ Swazz asks. “Anything else?” she asks while leaning on the table. You can clearly see down her shirt. She smiles and bats her eyelashes at Swazz. I kick her leg and she falls and hits her head on the table. “Whoops.” I smile. She runs back into the kitchen and another waitress comes out. “I’m Gracie, now what would you like?“ she smiles at Swazz. Do they only pay attention to the guys here? "Excuse me.” I say, tapping her on her shoulder. “What?” she snaps. “I want a Sprite but sorry I don’t have a dick.” I smile. She turns back to Swazz and gives him a note. He looks at it, smirks then throws it away. While she is swaying her hips back to the counter she turns and looks at him and blushes. Swazz and I talk for about 10 minutes then he says he has to use the bathroom. I let him go and look at my phone and start to scroll though Twitter. In about 5 minutes I hear the door open again. I see Swazz coming out the bathroom and the girl following behind him. She starts to wipe her mouth and pulls down her dress. Swazz is fixing his pants. Gracie smiles at me and continues to help the next costumer. There is no way Swazz just let that girl give him a blowjob m. He brought me here to show me how faithful he was. Apparently he isn’t faithful. “Hey baby.” Swazz smiles, trying to kiss me. I put my hand on his lips and whisper “Can we go home?” "Yeah, sure baby.” Swazz smiles. I feel so dumb for taking him back. I see in the corner of my eye Gracie mouthing call me to Swazz. “He won’t, don’t worry Gracie.” I yell while walking out. The ride home is silent. Swazz keeps putting his hand up my skirt but I keep moving it. When we get in the house I start asking questions. “So you’re just going to cheat on me right in front of my face, huh?” I ask. “What are you talking about baby?” Swazz asks while shutting the front door. “So what did you do while you were in the bathroom?” I asked. “Used the bathroom.” Swazz says while shrugging. “Don’t lie to me Swazz. What did you do?” I ask while tearing up. “What I just said.” he says. “I saw her come out of the bathroom with you Swazz.” I say while crying. “Baby I can explain.” he says. “I’m going to ask you one more time. What did you do in there Swazz?” I ask. “I let her give me a blowjob.” he says while rubbing the back of his head. I couldn’t think of anyone else to run to except my best friend. “NATEEEE!” I yell while running upstairs sobbing. I bust into his room and hop on his lap, sobbing into his shoulder. “What’s wrong lil mama?” he asks while rubbing my back. “Swaskxkskskssskskkfhbfnedi.” I say, trying to cry and talk at the same time. “Shhh lil mama, you have to stop crying.” he says while wiping my tears away. “Now, what happened?” he asks. “Swazz, cheat, Gracie, Hooters, blowjob.” I say while crying again. “Slow down.” he says. I take a few deep breaths and I collect myself. “Swazz took me to Hooters to show me that he was faithful and this girl started flirting with him then he went to the bathroom. He came out 5 minutes later with the girl right behind him. She was wiping her mouth and pulling her dress down. I confronted him about it after we got back home and he said that she gave him a blowjob.” I say while crying again. “HE DID THAT?!” he yells. I nod into his shoulder. “Uh lil mama stay right here, I’ll be back.” he says, anger layering his voice. When Nate goes downstairs, I hear some yelling and some bumping then I hear people stomping up the steps. The door flings open and I see Nate holding Swazz by the collar. “I’m sorry Y/N, I should have been more faithful.” Swazz says. “It’s okay.” I laugh. Nate lets him go and Swazz walks out. “Thank you babe.” I smile. “No problem, just looking out for my best friend.” he smiles. “I’m sorry that I’m such a baby.” I say. “What do you mean?” he smiles. “I literally ran into your arms crying and you just held me.” I smile. “Well, you’re always going to be a baby to me.” he says, kissing my head as I cuddle into his chest. We start to watch the movie that was on. It was some Denzel Washington movie, Nate was always watching a movie that Denzel was in. Even though I got cheated on today it was still a good day. After all, I am cuddling with my hot best friend.😉😉😉😏😏😏 @swazzswhore you helped me threw this thank babe💋💋💋

how i think the boys would be as parents

magcon addition. if you feel like the term “don’t tell your momma” is being repeated its bc it is. this is my first preference thingy so bare with me here.

includes: Cameron, Nash, Matt, Carter, Taylor, and the Jacks


Cameron: I feel like he would extra caring. You’d be on bed rest as your pregnancy got further and further along. You felt so bad for Cam like he’d have to chase after your 4 year old all day and somehow manage to cook and clean for them both. All you could hear was your little boy, Casen, yelling and his little footsteps echoing in the hall. “Casen Evan! Your mom doesn’t like it when you run! Please don’t!” Cam screamed after him. You laughed and got up, waddling your way to the door. You opened it and looked out slowly. Casen was naked and food was all over everywhere. You came out and picked up everything real quick, “Cameron, baby,” “YN! Get your cute little ass back in that bed! I got this!” he ran up the stairs and swooped you up and laid you down kissing you softly. “I can do this babe.” he smiled. “I believe in you, baby, but Casen doesn’t, and if i’m not mistaken thats the back door opening.” you laughed as Cameron ran out “Casen Evan Dallas!! Get back in here!”

Nash: He’d be that cool dad that everyone would want. Your little 7 year old was having his very first sleepover party with his friends from school. “No girls allowed, mommy! Girls are nasty.” he said pushing you out of the way when you answered the door for his friends. His friends moms laughed as you introduced everyone. Nash took Noah and his friends to the backyard where laughter and failed tent attempts was all that could have been heard. “Snacks, anyone??” you came out leaning against the door. Nash hurried and jumped up retrieved the snacks and gave you a quick kiss before shutting you back in the house. You shook your head with a laugh. Eventually, you headed off to sleep with Nash watching over the boys. You got up around 6 to head off for work when you see Nash and a huddle of 7 year olds playing violent video games surrended by sugary snacks and red bulls. “Noah, whatever you do, don’t tell your mother about this, she’d kick my ass.” they all laughed. “Consider it done, Hamilton.” you glared at him walking over to the door. “Ooohhh!!” Noah and his friends laughed.

Matt: He’d be so caring omfg and  he’d just love you while you’re in your mother mode. You would be cleaning up the kitchen after cooking dinner while Matt puts your baby girl to sleep. He’d sneak by down the stairs watching you with a smile on his face. “What are you smiling at, Matthew?” you look at him confused. “My beautiful wife.” he said sweetly and walked to you and kissed you sweetly. You smiled. “Aw, i love you babe” he sat you up on your newly washed counters and kissed you hands on your thighs. “Mm, Matthew Lee what do you think you’re doing??” you hummed playing with the back of his hair. He smirked against your neck “Fucking my beautiful wife on the counters she’d just cleaned.” a blush crept onto your cheeks “Matthew! Isabel will wake up… No..” he kissed you again “Too late, it’s happening now, deal with it.” he kissed you again, just as he hands slid up your shirt Isabel started crying. You smiled as did he “Get used to it, Espinosa, this is our life for a couple years.” “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he smiled big and headed up to Isabel’s room.

Taylor:  He would be a little careless, he wanted his children to have a fun life. He’d be their best friend, because he knew how hard life could be“Don’t tell your mother about this, Michael, or so help us god..” Taylor spoke down to your 12 year old son. “Don’t tell me what??” you spoke rounding the corner. “Oh shit.. Nothing babe.” he smiled. “Yeah, mom, i’m a good kid, you know this.” Michael smiled at you, looking just like his dad. “No you aren’t, you’re Taylor Caniff’s son, now what did you two do??” you looked between them both. Michael looked up to Taylor and he shook his head no. You glared at Michael, “Tell me or you’re grounded for a week with no electronics.” “Mom! Dad!” he looked up at Taylor. “1..2..” you started “Okay! Dad let me drive the Corvette around! He even let me push 90!” Michael confessed in a hurry. You raised an eyebrow. “You’re fucking dead, Caniff.” you said glaring at them both. “Which one?” questioned Michael looking between you and Taylor, “Both.” you gave them both the best evil mom glare you could. “Son, run.” Taylor said as they both took off running.

Carter:  He’d get anything and everything his little princess could ever want. Matching outfits, shoes, beanies, everything. It’s not like she needed it, they were twins already. “Babe! Look what Elowyn did today!” he brought her in there and laid her flat on the ground, she grunted a few times and eventually rolled over. “Awwww! My little baby is growing up so fast!” you cooed and scooped her up and hugged her tight. She pulled on your hair and turned around to her dad and smiled at him blowing spit bubbles. “She’s such a daddy’s girl. Its not fair.” you laughed and pouted handing her over to Carter. “Yeah, just like her momma, daddy’s girl.” he smirked and slapped your ass. You gasped “Carter!” he laughed and smirked. 

Jack J:  His little princess would be just like him. In every way. And god, did Johnson love it. “Momma! I made a friend today! Her name is Grace too!!” your little girl, Grace ran up to you and hugged you after coming home from school. “Hm, sounds like her dad huh? Making friends with her same name..” Jack spoke up hanging her bookbag in the door way. “Shut it, Jack. Tell me all about her, hon.” you picked her up and took her to the kitchen fixing her lunch. Johnson walked up and took her, “I love my girls, you two mean the world to me.” he smiled ad kissed Grace’s forehead and your lips, he whispered in your ear “Since Grace is my mini-me, after she’s asleep we can start working on making you a mini-me.” he kissed your ear and then walked off with Grace, “Hey, lets call uncle Jack and he can come and get you and you can tell him all about your new friend Grace!” they both cheered and you bit your lip excited for what will come.

Jack G: He’d be that dad that would be overprotective yet melt when its just him and his princess around. His little girl, Finnley, had him wrapped around her little finger and she knows it. You had sent him out to pick up some basic milk and eggs and he came back with 4 new dresses and 3 bags of candy with a giggling Finnley on his back. “Jack! What’s all this?” he sighed “I just can’t say no to her, babe.. She’s my little Princess.” he smiles sweetly and sets all the stuff down, including Finnley. “If she’s your princess, does that make me your queen?” you said biting your lip a little. “Of course, baby.” he walked over to you and kissed your neck and whispered seductively in your ear “My sexy ass queen that i’m gonna make scream later.” you gasped a little. “Hey, Fin, you wanna go have a play date with Uncle Jack and little Gracie??” you called out while Jack kissed your neck one last time “YEAAHH!” she yelled. “I even got new princess dresses!” she screamed throwing the bags around looking for them. 


hope you enjoyed, i tried really hard on these. 

And The There Was... (Part Three)

And Then There Was… (Part Three)


I ran into Grace’s room, to find Dean holding her kissing her head, running his fingers over her nose.
‘Put her down.’ I growled, as I ran in.
‘She is amazing.’ He said softly
‘Who the hell are you?’ he turned and looked at me surprise, shock, and sadness in his face.
‘It’s Dean.’ He said hurt, I shook my head.
‘You’re not Dean.’ I cried ‘Give me my baby.’ I demanded, I wanted to look for Sam and Dean hoping they were behind me but I refused to take my eyes of this man. I held my arms out.
‘She really is beautiful. She looks like you.’ He said, tears in his eyes. ‘I didn’t think you…’ his voice caught. ‘I didn’t think we wanted kids.’ I stood watching him. ‘I see her and I realise how much I…’ he struggled to talk. I was so confused. He gently stroked her face, taking in the sight of her. He held her hand as she nestled into him. I was freaking out,
‘Is this some sort of prank? Dean this isn’t funny.’ I said, there was no way he beat me to her from the viewing room. I looked at the shelf above her cot, and quickly grabbed her silver money box, I pressed it to his arm and watched as nothing happened.
‘I’m not a shifter. I’m me.’ He said.
‘You are in the viewing room with Sam.’ I growled. ‘Give me my baby.’
‘Is this what you dream about? A family?’ He looked at Grace and my stomach. He reached out to touch it. Sadness in his eyes.
‘You’re scaring the crap out of me.’ I told him. ‘SAMMY! DEAN!’ I yelled, listening for footsteps. No-one came. It was weird they run like the flash if Gracie sneezes. I pulled the phone out my pocket and noticed it wouldn’t work.
‘You know she’s not real?’ he asked softly. I shook my head.
‘You’re lying.’ I gasped in disbelief.
‘I wish I were, believe me baby. I would rather nothing more than for this to be real. To be at the bunker, holding our baby girl. You round with our next child.’ His hand found my stomach and rubbed it. Tears rolled down his face. ‘Sweetheart, this is all in your head. You’re dreaming.’ I started to panic. Shaking my head. My chest heaving.
‘No.’ I said quietly. ‘No, she can’t be a dream.’ Not my sweet princess.
‘You were in a car accident, it was raining. The weather was pretty bad, a drunk driver ran you off the road. You’re in hospital, you have been unconscious for several days.’ His voice catching, trying to tell me what happened.
‘What?’ I asked, tears running down my face. ‘No.’
‘You were heading to meet Charlie. Going to see some new movie. I am so sorry baby.’
‘How?’ I asked, struggling to take it in. ‘How are you here?’ I started hyperventilating.
‘Dream root. I have been trying to get you to wake up. You started to come to a few times then fell unconscious again.’
‘Oh God.’ I struggled to stand. No, No, NO. My hands went to my mouth, I thought I was going to be sick.
‘You cut your arms up good, from the glass. It just missed you main vein.’ I look at the scars on my arms, the ones I couldn’t remember where I got them from.  I watched as Dean kissed Grace again and placed her in her cot. I felt my legs give out and I fell to the ground. Dean caught me just in time. Pulling me up. I panicked pushing him away.
‘Gracie.’ I cried running to the cot, my daughter was gone.
‘WHERE IS SHE?’ I screamed, turning to face him. ‘What did you do?’ he tried to grab my arms, but I pulled back.
‘DEAN! SAM!’ I screamed.
‘Baby, please, you need to realise what happened. You need to wake up.’ The Dean in front of me had tears running down his face. ‘Baby, please. I can’t lose you. Come back to me.’ He pleaded.
‘DEAN! SAM!’ I screamed again, I looked in the cot Grace was still missing. I ran out the room.
‘GRACIE!’ I ran through the hallways of the bunker. They were longer than I remembered, eventually I came to the library, Grace’s floor mat and play area we had set up was missing. I ran into the viewing room, all the toys that once took over the floor were now gone.
‘NO!’ I screamed hysterical. I turned finding Dean behind me.
‘Baby, she wasn’t real. This,’ He put his hand on my stomach, ‘this isn’t real.’ I watched as my bump disappeared. Crying I fell to the floor. Dean wrapped his arms around.
‘I’m so sorry baby. I truly am, but you need to wake up now. Please Y/N open your eyes.’ I looked at him, tears running down my face. I pushed him off of me, I had no idea what he was. But I was going to kill him for what he did.

I climbed to my feet and ran to the garage. Hoping to find my Dean. Instead all I saw was my charger, she was crushed like a soft drink can.
‘Oh My God.’ I whispered, approaching her, my hand flew to my mouth.
‘We can fix her. It will take time, but I will get her on the road.’ Dean said from behind me. ‘Do you remember any of it?’ He asked softly. I ran my hand along the twisted metal, shaking my head.
‘She’s not real, Grace isn’t real.’ I sobbed, ‘The baby wasn’t real.’ I was crying even more now.
‘Oh sweetheart, they can be. If you want them, come back to me and when you are better we can try for kids. I didn’t know how much you wanted them or I wanted them until I saw her.’ He pulled me into a hug as I cried.
‘Y/N?’ I heard from the doorway. I looked up and saw Dean standing there holding Gracie, and a newborn.
‘Mummy.’ Gracie said holding her arms out.
‘Stay with us. Don’t leave.’ Dean said. ‘Come back inside the bunker. It’s raining out. The weathers bad.’ I struggled to breathe, my chest heaving.
‘Don’t stay here baby.’ Dean whispered in my ear. ‘Come home. We can have this life, apple pie, all of it. Just come back to me. This isn’t real you know that.’ He squeezed my hand.
‘They need you.’ Dean said, looking at Grace. ‘We all do. We love you Y/N.’ I turned away from them, struggling. I couldn’t handle it anymore. The other Dean had gone, he was nowhere. I ran outside into the rain as a lightning bolt struck nearby, lighting up my eyes.

‘Dean.’ I called, panicked. Sitting up, I could hear the beeping of the monitor.
‘I’m here.’ He grabbed my hand, jumping up he kissed my head. ‘Thank God.’ He murmured into my hair. The doctor came in and checked my obs. Everything was as normal as can be expected. I could go home in a few days.

Once he left I burst into tears, when I realised I was in the hospital. It truly was a dream. My hand went to my stomach.
‘I’m so sorry baby.’ He said softly, covering my hand. ‘I didn’t know you wanted kids.’
‘I planned on them when there was nothing left to take them away.’ I sobbed into his arms, ‘I didn’t think we could keep them safe until them. I didn’t realise…’ I burst into another wave of tears. Dean climbed onto my bed with me and held me. I heard him whispering to Sam about what happened.
‘Is my charger really a write off?’ I sobbed. Dean shook his head.
‘No, sweetheart. We will fix it. I promise, we always said we wanted a project car.’ I nodded, I closed my eyes and saw the faces of my two sweet babies who never were. It felt silly mourning their loss, their pregnancies never took place and yet I felt like it was real. I could still smell that sweet, milky baby smell Gracie had, hear her giggles, feel her sloppy kisses, the way her fingers wrapped around mine.

‘Were we happy?’ Dean asked later that evening, once Sam had left. He kissed my forehead.
‘Yeah. Happier than I thought. Sam kept telling me we worried for no reason.’ I laughed through tears.
‘Do you want to have kids?’ he asked, I shifted so I could look at him.
‘Do you?’ I asked, wiping my tears.
‘I didn’t think I did. It’s not that I never wanted them, it’s just hunting is no life for a kid. I want our kids to have normal not screw up.’
‘In all fairness, knowing what’s out there Dean, is apple pie, oblivious to the dangers, the best option?’ I asked
‘Probably not.’ He smiled. ‘When I held her, I felt complete.’ He admitted. ‘I know it was your dream, I know it sounds silly and I knew and know she wasn’t real. But looking at this little girl who was made by us. She was perfect. She was something I want more than anything, but never knew.’ He said sadly. ‘Seeing you, round with our baby. God I want that too. I want to sleep holding it, to feel the baby move, to watch as your belly grows bigger.’ He smiled at me, realising his owns dreams. ‘What about you?’
‘I want it.’ I said softly. ‘Apparently in my dreams we can handle it.’ I said, taking a breath.
‘But?’ Dean asked, sensing my apprehension.
‘But I can’t risk feeling this way again anytime soon. It hurts so bad, I know it’s silly. But they were real to me. I don’t know how I would cope if we had kids and something happened to them.’ The tears fell again. Dean kissed my cheeks catching the tears, with his lips.
‘It’s ok. I understand. If ever you feel ready tell me.’ He murmured, he held me while I cried some more. I could tell my answer hurt him. He realised his own dreams and possibly lost them too. But we will get through this, as we always do. The two of us.

Bun in the Oven - Luke (Requested)

This was requested by Gracie and I hope that you like it because I spent quite a bit of time on it! - Kimmie

Request: Can I have one with Luke? Where i get pregnant and everything started being difficult because the fans and all the pregnancy “sympthoms” but at the end everything is okay and i have a beautiful baby called Isaac PLSSS my name is Gracie ;pppp PLSSS


*Okay, I can do this. It is just one sentence and I have to tell him sooner or later*

“Hey um Luke, can I… Um… Can I talk to you for a second” I ask nervously while standing by the hotel door. All four boys give me a weird look but Luke gets up off the couch and heads towards me.  “Yeah babe, what’s up?” He asks. I peek around him at the other boys and then bite my lip nervously.  “No I mean in like private” I say. He shakes his head yea and brings me to the bedroom on the opposite side of the suite we were staying in for the night. I motion for Luke to sit on the bed and I begin to pace in front of it. “You aren’t breaking up with me are you?” he asks looking worried.  “Oh God no!” I say “I just hope you don’t break up with me after this” I finish. Before Luke can interrupt and before I could back out I looked him in the eye and spoke as clearly as I can - though it came out with a tremble. “I’m pregnant and yes I am sure. Lou took me to the doctor for blood work when I took the test and it came back positive” I looked at my feet. “I’m so sorry Luke, I know that you have this whole wonderful future ahead of you and I just, I can’t be the one who ruins it but I can’t just get rid of it. So I guess it’s your move, you can help, or you can ask me to leave and I will understand. We can make up a story so that no one will know you are the father” I finish as I sit down next to him paying with my hands. “Wow” he breaths out. “A little one? Like a tiny human that we made…it’s growing inside you” he puts his hand on my stomach. A tear falls down my cheek and when it falls to his hand that is still on my belly, he reaches up and wipes the tear tracks off. “I could never make you do this on your own Gracie. Of course I want to be there for every last step of this journey” he kisses me softly and puts his hand on my non-existent bump. “We have to tell everyone though, you know that right? Our parents, the boys, the fans”  “Yeah, I know. I’d like to just get it over with. Let everyone know and not have to worry about it” I say. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ With a little help from the more technologically advanced members of Luke’s tour team we got a Skype session put together with our parents. I was thrilled that it had gone so well and that everyone seemed to be taking the news well. Our mothers both screamed in happiness and when Luke said he was surprised that they weren’t mad Liz jumped in with “Well there is nothing we can do about it now is there? So we should just celebrate and be thankful that this little peanut’s parents have good heads on their shoulders”. I can’t tell you how grateful I was for that. “But listen Gracie, you need to understand that these fans are a little crazy. You are going to get a few people who don’t think that you deserve this or Luke and I just want you to remember that he chose you for a reason and that you two love each other. Don’t let them get to your head.” “Thanks Liz, I love you guys. We are going to go tell the boys and then hit the hay. We get on the bus tomorrow so we have to make sure everything is together. I love all of you.” We said our goodbyes and logged off before walking into the living room. Luke let out a little cough and when all the boys looked up from the television Luke just blurted the news out. “Gracie is pregnant.” That’s it…that’s all he said and he looked more panicked then when he told our parents. I let out a sigh and finished for him. “We know that this is our responsibility, but we would really like your support on this. I am going to let you talk it out as a band but we wanted to tell you that we are keeping him or her and that we just really hope that the baby will have 3 very excited uncles to welcome them into the world.” Michael just stared blankly at us as Ashton smiled and Calum jumped up from the couch. “YOU NEED TO HAVE A BOY!” I laughed and looked at my stomach.  “I don’t really think we have a choice with that Cal” I replied before he got eye level with my belly. “Actually, as long as I can teach you to play footy, I don’t care what you are” we all laughed and the boys went in for a group bear hug before Luke stepped in front of me. “Be gentle because I swear to God I will murder you if you hurt the peanut” and with that, the bear hug turned into more of a gentle huddle. ~*~*~*~*~8 and a Half Months Later~*~*~*~*~ “Really Gracie? Bacon and Starburst?” Luke asked. “Well I can’t help it. The baby wants what he wants and by the way, remind me that I need to kick Calum’s ass because the little one is recreating the world cup in there” I rub my stomach and head towards the back door of the venue. “Is he outside? I need some fresh air anyway” I ask. “Yeah, they are talking to some fans” I stop in my tracks.  “Never mind, I think I have to go to the bathroom” Luke gives me a funny look. “Since when are you afraid to go out by the fans?” he asked. “Since they started a club on twitter posted pictures of me looking like Jabba the Hutt and sending me hate because you left the stage for 3 minutes last week when I had that weird cramp in my stomach” you leaned up against the wall and looked up at Luke. “You need to go out and interact with them. Show them how much you still love them and don’t worry about me. I will be fine back here. I’ll go to the toilet, and go lay down and you can see me later. OOOOO I think I’m gonna have some chips. Oh but my ankles are already swollen, I don’t know if I should have any more salt” I walked away grumbling to myself and left Luke at the door. When I didn’t hear it open I turned around. “Go Luke. I’ll be fine.” I must have fallen asleep in the dressing room because the  next thing I know I am being woken up by Ashton who says that Luke went on the bus after the gig because he thought I was on there. I start to get up when I feel a weird sensation in my lower abdomen. “Hush now little one, mommy can’t take much more movement”. Ashton puts his hand out to help me up off the couch and I take it. We head back to the bus talking about how they have a 2 month break now that this tour is over when I stop suddenly and look at Ashton. “ I guess little one has perfect timing then” I see Ashton’s eyes go wide as he looks at the ground beneath me.  “LUKE! LUKE!! SOMEONE GET LUKE!” he starts to yell.  “Ashton, that isn’t helping. Oh God, I need to change before we go anywhere. I refuse to get in a car with wet pants on” Ashton just stares. “Go, tell Luke to get my green sundress and I will be there in a OW, OW, OW, OW, OW, OW”  “I could say the same thing” I barely hear Ashton say when I realize I am squeezing his hand. “I better warn Luke about this as well.” When he jogs off to get on the bus I see the blinds fly up and Calum and Michael looking as Luke runs behind them to the back room I have been sleeping in. He then comes out with the green dress in hand.  “Do you expect me to change right here Luke?” I ask before holding my stomach again “ ow ow ow ow ow ow ow I hope this goes quick because I can’t imagine this for like 18 hours.” Luke takes my hand and helps me onto the bus into the front room.  “OUT EVERYONE OUT! Gracie needs to change and I’m not making her walk all the way to the back” Luke shouts.  “Will everyone please stop shouting!” I say and when everyone is out, I change into the dress quick before getting back off the bus and into a van nearby. We get to the hospital in about 10 minutes and Luke rushes in to get a nurse. 2 minutes later, a tall brunette woman walks out with a wheelchair and a still frantic Luke. The woman, Sam, helps me into the wheelchair and brings me inside with the 4 boys in tow. “I’m sorry about this Sam. First baby and all, the boys are a little scared” I laugh. “I understand it completely. You can only have two of them in the room with you though, the others will have to wait out here in the waiting room” she replies. “Um well Luke, the father is coming with me but we are waiting for Lou, she is going to come in with us because she has been through this” I chuckle. The pain hadn’t been too bad for the ride but when I went to get into the bed, a sharp pain shot across my back. Sam explained that it is just the baby settling into the birthing position and that it is actually a good sign. She hooked up some monitors and helped me change into the hospital gown before telling me that my contractions were pretty close and that I wouldn’t have to wait long to meet our boy. I smiled when Lou walked in, the effects of the epidural setting in and the pain decimating slightly.  “Doctor says a few more hours. I sent Luke to take a quick shower because he was still pretty smelly from the gig” I told her. “You look beautiful babe. I can’t wait to meet the peanut! Lux is bouncing off the walls right now but I think the others can handle her. They had to get a different room because apparently everyone knows you are in here and oh the frenzy” she waved her hands dramatically. “5sos and 1D in the same area!! What ever will we do?!” I laughed until I felt a pressure stronger then the others. Luke had just walked back in the room smelling of hospital shampoo, but it was better then the smell that had my pregnant nose cringing. “Uh Lou? How do you know when I am ready to push?” I asked.  “Let me go and get the nurse” she said after watching the monitor. I guess she knew what she was looking for although to me it just looked like a bunch of wavy lines. 5 minutes later Lou walked back into the room with the nurse and doctor and things began to move awfully fast. The whole situation was a blur of  “take a deep breath” and “push” followed by the sweetest sound I have ever heard in my life. My little boy’s first cry. “Here he is” the doctor said as he placed the baby on my torso for Luke, Lou and I to see. I knew I was crying along with Lou, and I could see Luke trying to hold it back. “Have a name yet?” the doctor asked. I looked up at Luke. “Isaac James Hemmings” I said with a smile. “Welcome to the world little buddy.  I was faintly aware of all the movement around me after the birth but I was not focusing on it because I could not stop staring at the blonde hair blue eyed tiny human that I was now responsible for.  “You ready babe?” Luke asked.  “Hmm?” I replied not looking up. “All the boys want to come in and see Isaac, I just want to make sure you are ready to let the others hold him for a bit.” he says giving me and Isaac a small kiss.  “Yeah” I said with a smile. “Send them in” All 8 boys walked in but instead of being loud like I expected, there was hardly a whisper. Louis was the first to approach us and he gave me a small kiss on the cheek as I handed over Isaac for him to hold. I watched in awe as all the boys took their turns holding him before Luke had him back in his arms. “He is one lucky kid you know?” I asked to no one in particular as I watched Luke sway back and forth trying to put Isaac to sleep. “Why is that?” Niall jumped in. “He is only an our old and he has already met you lot and survived” I laughed. All the boys joined in before I spoke up again. “But really. He has so many people that already love him and I hope that if there is something that we can’t figure out, one of the 11 of us will be able to do it.” I smiled. I never believed that this could have been so perfect.
Sugar on the Asphalt: Twenty-Nine
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Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! <333

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teacakes of the southwestern world; august 9, 2013

When Rebecca told me she was having a luncheon at the house tomorrow, she asked if I could make something that wasn’t cupcakes. She thought that because it was early, cupcakes might have been a little heavy for afternoon tea. Thankfully, I had just the thing. Getting the recipe, however, was going to take a little help. That’s why—after I took a seat by the window on the bus—I pulled out my phone to dial Ace. It was still early in Franklin, so there was a chance he wouldn’t answer.

Gracie?” When he did answer, after four rings, he sounded like I woke him up. I wasn’t surprised. It had to be just after 4:00 in the morning. I felt guilty, but he was still on summer break.

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Hey fuckas so I'm lame I know I haven't been able to write the amount of Jily Fics that I've been meaning to lately. My sister got arrested for breastfeeding my nephew in public so the feminist in me has been on a warpath, and now that I've calmed down a bit I decided it's time to write more Jily yay. So this event has inspired me to write a modern day Jily AU. So without further ado enjoy this lil fic here. Also happy St. Patrick's Day 😘

“Sir, could you please tell your wife to put her breasts away or go do that privately in a bathroom? This is a family establishment.”

The old man with a disgusted look upon his face addressed James Potter with so much irritability it was rubbing off on the rest of the restaurant.

Shock was the only thing James could portray at the moment. And the wife in question, Lily Potter, detached the four month old from her nipple, re-adjusted her bra and quickly stood up.

“I’m sorry what?” Lily snapped, raising to meet this mans level.

“Me and my family are trying to enjoy our dinner and my son does not need to be seeing that.”

“She’s feeding a baby.” James spoke up finally stating the obvious.

“And that can be done in the ladies room, not in public.” The man retorted.

Lily huffed, switching her baby from one arm to the other. “So my baby has to be eating her dinner in the bathroom then?”

“No I am telling you not to expose your breasts in public,”

“She’s not ‘exposing her breasts in public’,” James stood up now, leaving the four year old Harry to be the only one sitting mindlessly playing with his food. “She’s feeding my fucking daughter. Should your wife and son go eat their meals in a bathroom then?”

The man was silent.

“Exactly,” Lily said, baby Graciebanging her tiny chubs hands against Lily’s chest, “So then why should me and Grace go spend our time in a bathroom?”

The man did not respond to Lily this time, instead he turned to face James completely, towering over the young father by at least six inches spoke with ferocity and a harsh tone. “I keep my wife’s tits in private. You should learn to do the same.”

With those words Harry and Gracie began crying simultaneously and James socked the man in face.

Lo and behold Lily had to give Sirius a call that night, needing someone to look after her children while she went to bail her husband out of jail.

Thankful For you (Jelena One shot)

(Justin’s POV)
It’s thanksgiving.Selena is home in Texas she told me to go with her But I Said I need time to think about it.After all our relationship is a very “New” thing and Honestly I Don’t know If I Can look into her mother’s eyes.However look at me waiting for the Next plane to Texas.I Decided not to Tell Selena I Wanted to surprise her

(Selena’s POV)
Ah Thanksgiving.My favorite holiday After Christmas Of course The Turkey was and the good food was the best part of the whole thing and of course Being with My family.Watching Gracie helping Mom Preparing Turkey reminded me of my own childhood.I’ve missed my family so much But there is one more person I’m missing:Justin.I Told he can come with me If he wants But he said he has to think about it which is good because I Don’t Want us to rush our relationship again.We just got back together and I Don’t want to lose him.My thoughts were interrupted When I Heard my Phone.I’ve got a message from Justin and I Instantly smiled
From Jay <3: “Open the door”
I Raised my eyebrow in confusion But I’ve got up and went to open the door.And there he was standing in front of me with a cheeky smile on his face
“Hey”-He said and I Jumped in his arms

(Justin’s Pov)
“You came”-she said while hugging me tightly
“Of Course I Spent too many thanksgivings without you”-I Answered while pulling away.She kissed My lips
“I’ve missed you”-She mumbled on my lips
“I Missed you more”-I Mumbled back
“Come in”-She said taking my hand and leading me in the house.This is the moment I Was scared of.We were about to enter in the living room and there she was.Mandy sitting on the sofa.I stopped walking and I  Looked at Selena  she squeezed my hand Stepping in the living room
“Mom”-She said and Mandy Looked at her.Than at me.I Instantly looked at the floor
“Mom I Told you that Justin will possibly join us this year right ?”
“Oh Yes”-She stood up and walked in front of me
“Hey stranger.Long time no see”-She said and That’s when I Dared to look in her eyes
“Look Mandy I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done.I Know that Selena cried a lot because of me But I Promise you My only goal in life is yo make her happy”-I Said and what happened next was a miracle.She hugged me tightly causing me to let go of Selena’s hand
“Welcome back Justin”-She said and my heart melted
“Thank you”-I Said and I Pulled away.I Looked at Selena and I Wiped the tears away from her eyes
“Don’t cry”-I Whispered
She smiled and took my hand again
“Come on I Want you to meet someone”-She said and led me upstairs.We entered in a full pink room and there was a little blonde angel playing with her toys.
“Gracie”-She called.No way ?! She is Gracie ?!  Last Time I Saw her  she was just a little baby.Gracie Looked at Selena and started to run towards her.She picked her up and Kissed her cheek

(Selena’s Pov)
“Gracie I Want you to meet someone”-I Said and turned to Justin with Gracie in my arms
“This is Justin My….Brstfriend”-I Saw Justin’s Smile when I Called him my bestfriend and I Couldn’t Help but smile too
“Justin This is Gracie My Little sister
“Oh But we know each other right Gracie ?”-He asked stepping closer to us.Gracie shook her head “No:
“No ? How comes You were this little when I Held you in my arms”
“But I’m Bwig Now”-She answered
“Of course You are big now.I Don’t even know If You still fit in my arms.Wanna find out ?”-Justin asked her and Gracie Nodded her head “Yes”.Justin took her from me and held her in his arms
“Oh Look at You.You still fit in my arms”-She smiled at her and Gracie giggled
“Wanna swee My dolls ?”-Gracie asked him
“I’m dying to see your toys”-Justin said and out her down.Gracie took his hand and led him to her dolls.It warmed my heart seeing the playing together.Justin is so good with kids I’m sure he will be the greatest dad in the world

*1 Hour Later*
(Selena’s Pov)
We were now all sitting at the table.Justin and Gracie became besties.She dosen’t let him go for one seconnd and Justin has a cute nickname for her “Baby” While she calls him “Jay” Just like her sister.Oh well.Anyway Justin apologized to Brian as well and He reacted just like my Mom.It was Justin’s Turn to say the things he’s thankful for this year.He stood up and started to speak

(Justin’s Pov)
“There’s a lot of things that I’m thankful for:I’m thankful for my family,my friends ,My fans,my number 1 album”- I Than stopped and Looked at Selena-”But The most important thing that I’m thankful this thanksgiving It’s . the one who makes my heart beat.I Tried to live without her But It turns out I Can’t.I’m thankful for second chances.I’m thankful for you”-Everyone started clapping and she stood up with tears in her eyes and kissed my lips
“I Love you”-She whispered just for us to hear
“I Love you more”

Happy Thanksgiving for Those who celebrate it today

Not Again

I decided to write one of the prompts that has been sitting in my inbox for a while as a break from writing To Hell and Back (I’m writing ahead, I swear I didn’t just write one part then get lazy). So here it is!

Hope you like it anon! It’s VERY fluffy! Part 2 of TH&B will be up on Monday night at 5pm AEST.

2600+ words of pure SFW (very fluffy) fiction! Enjoy!


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And Then There Was...

And Then There Was…


AUTHOR’S NOTES: So I was going to post this tomorrow but I am far to excited.

‘Y/N, you need to wake up now.’ I could hear Dean, but struggled to move. God I was so tired.
‘Please, c’mon sweetheart open your eyes.’ I could hear noises in the background, struggling to focus.
‘Baby, I need you to wake up. Please.’ He pleaded sounding desperate.
‘But I only just closed them.’ I tried to tell him, struggling to wake up.
‘It’s been too long, please.’ Dean asked again, I heard the noise now more clearly, a baby crying. I opened my eyes.
‘Sorry sweetheart, but she is hungry.’ I watched as the tough, strong man in front of me held and rocked our sweet daughter. ‘I tried to settle her, I know you’re tired. I’ve done the changing thing, wrapping, unwrapping, rocking, walking, bathing. But Gracie is hungry and Mummy is the only one who can fix that.’ He explained looking adoringly at his daughter, I smiled.
‘Thank you baby.’ I struggled to sit up. Dean kissed me and placed Grace in my arms.
‘I still struggle to believe she is here, that she is real.’ I said in awe as she latched on to fed.
‘Same. I can’t believe we made something so perfect.’ He gently ran his hand along her head.
‘If she was perfect she wouldn’t have kept us all up last night.’ Sam mumbled as he walked into the viewing room. ‘Her scream was like a police siren.’ He grunted. Sitting next to me.
‘How dare you.’ Dean growled playfully ‘My daughter is without a doubt perfect. She’s just like her Mum.’ I blushed.
‘Sorry Sammy, I tried to quiet her. 5 weeks old, they did warn us for wonder week.’ I smiled. ‘I just wish it wasn’t so much feeding. Every hour and half is a bit much.’ I sighed.
‘But she’s worth it.’ Dean said watching his daughter.
‘Says he with no cracked nipples.’ I groaned.
‘No it was more the loud crash Dean made when he flew out of bed to her crying last night.’ Sam explained
‘Yeah, sorry I tripped and smashed the lamp.’ Sam laughed. Dean got up, ‘Want your water?’ I nodded. Grace finished feeding, and I burped her. Before laying her back down in my arms. I watched as her face shifted into funny expressions, her hands closed and opened. Sam was watching his niece in awe.
‘Ok, I lied she is perfect.’ He said softly, kissing her head. ‘I’ll take her you go get some sleep.’
‘Is that so I can sleep or you can cuddle?’ I asked him smiling.
‘Both. But Miss Gracie and I have it set now, she lays on my chest while I recline in the chair and read my book. Works well, you and Dean can catch up on some sleep.’ I looked at my daughter, I was still amazed that she was here. Dean came up behind me, and kissed my neck handing me my water. ‘Let’s go, take him up on the offer.’ He tugged at my hand pulling me into the bedroom.

It wouldn’t take long for sleep to reach me, I was so tired now days. I pulled my track pants off, getting comfy in a shirt and shorts. Looking at the scars on my arms as I climbed into bed.
‘You know what fascinates me?’ I mumbled snuggling up to Dean.
‘What’s that?’ He asked kissing my head, running his fingers through my hair.
‘I forget where I got some of these scars.’ I laughed softly, ‘I guess with the amount of hunts we have been on it’s bound to happen.’

I drifted off to sleep, enjoying the quiet. Dreamless sleep, I didn’t realise how tired I was. I woke again to Dean calling me.
‘Baby, can you hear me.’ I felt him kiss my head.
‘Sweetheart you need to wake up now, Charlie’s here.’ He squeezed my hand I forced my eyes open.
‘I didn’t realise she was coming.’ I mumbled. Dean kissed me again,
‘Of course she came baby, you’re her best friend.’ I closed my eyes again for a second and then dragged myself out of bed. I hugged Dean, kissing him sweetly.

I walked into the viewing room to find Sam introducing Grace to Charlie. I watched tears form in Charlie’s eyes as she held Grace.
‘Oh my God guys, she is absolutely beautiful.’ She wept.
‘I’m glad you think so.’ I smiled, ‘Cos well Aunty Charlie,’ I started
‘Aunty Charlie?’ she squealed ‘Aunty?’ She was so excited, I nodded and laughed,
‘If you want to be.’
‘Yes.’ She squealed loudly, before panicking as she caused Gracie to stir.
‘Well Aunty Charlie,’ Dean said grinning. ‘We were hoping you would also be Godmother Charlie?’ he asked, wrapping his arms around my waist. Charlies jaw dropped,
‘Are you serious? Me?’
‘Do you know another Aunty Charlie who would fit the role any better?’ I grinned.
‘Wow! Kiddo I have so much to teach you.’ She looked down at her Goddaughter. ‘Who is the Godfather?’ she asked.
‘I am.’ Sam grinned. I smiled at the scene in front of me, it was so surreal. So amazing.

Later that evening I walked into our room and found Dean rocking Gracie singing Hey Jude. I stood in the door and smiled. Seeing the two of them together was such a beautiful sight. When he finished Hey Jude, he started on Lives- Heaven
‘I don’t need no one
To tell me about heaven
I look at my daughter and I believe.’
He sung softly, rocking her before slowly lowering her into her bassinette. He walked to me and wrapped his arms around me, still singing and dancing slowly.
‘I love you Y/N.’ He mumbled, kissing my lips. ‘I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.’ He kissed my head.
‘I love you too. You are my life. You and Gracie, I couldn’t even dream up something more perfect.’ I kissed him. He kissed my lips, cheek and neck. I sighed.
‘That’s what got us Gracie in the first place.’ I chuckled
‘Yeah, and with how amazing she is, I’m happy to go again.’ He murmured.
‘Baby, you didn’t have the 9 hour labour or recovery. Let’s hold off on another baby. At least a few more months.’ I smiled. ‘We need to go see Bobby soon.’ I said softly, Dean nodded. His grip on me tightened, he pulled me in tight. ‘I’m going to go have a shower.’ I headed to our bathroom, stopping to look at my little princess. She was so cute.