but look at marton


When I came to the U.S. I met people who were very specific and individualistic, contrary to the stereotype I had encountered; warm human beings interested in things beyond themselves.

The celebration of the individual is also something that was refreshing to me. Rather than pull down someone who achieves something there was an embracing of what that person had attained. That of course, can swing the other way, whereby if people do not achieve ‘success,’ they are not embraced. I don’t much care for that.


The favor that Aegon the Conqueror showered upon Orys Baratheon made many credit the rumors that he was Aegon’s baseborn half brother. Though never proved, that tale is widely believed to this very day. Others suggest that Orys rose so high because of his prowess at arms and his fierce loyalty to House Targaryen. Even before the Conquest, he served as Aegon’s champion and sworn shield, and his defeat of King Argilac only added further luster to his name. When King Aegon granted Storm’s End to House Baratheon in perpetuity and named Orys Lord Paramount of the Stormlands and Hand of the King, none dared suggest that he was unworthy of these honors. x