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“Eyeliner is like my life.  When I don’t wear eyeliner, I am shy and I feel like I can’t dance hip hop.”

Park Jimin, supporting the positive effects of makeup on your sense of self worth and looking damn fine doing it.


Wowzers I was tagged by @yoonseok(the fucking queen), @changkyuh(the fucking goddess) and @dearmyjimin(the fucking wife) for dem selfies. Thank you gorgeous beauties for tagging me♡♡. Its almost time for valentines dayy hehohohoh do you see the style in my makeup no ok cool.

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Someone on Undertale Amino requested me to submit this to you, miss nekophy
Its by SnowySapphire.
I hope you like it as I promise her to submit this to you

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popstar AU drabble

something i scribbled at work during the water shortage

(rose’s and dirk’s handle abbrvs are the same and i can’t use their colors but it’s pretty obvious in the narrative when the switch happens) 

Strider: Have A Fashion Emergency 

TG: my god this is asinine
TG: youd think with a wardrobe the size of a manhattan apartment and a team of professional stylists and a gazillion labels sending me free shit all the time id actually have something decent to drape over my meat puppet

TT: You’d think.

TG: what do you even wear on a date rose
TG: i dont go on dates im not a date guy

TT: Are you asking what I wear on dates specifically? Because I am not lending you another dress.
TT: You are catastrophically hard on clothes.

TG: you mean that time at the grammys because that was not my fault

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