but look at how my inhalers are all cozied up to one another

Balcony Scene (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which an impromptu performance of Shakespeare occurs at the foot of your stairs.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,558

A/N: @snugglebuck requested: Omg so I just say this prompt list and one of them was “i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me” and all I could think about was ALIL and Bucky doing this or like even when the reader is at the top of a staircase and like even better when he’s drunk or something. This takes place between “The Honeymoon Phase” and “Jealousy”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I can’t thank you enough for always editing my stuff for me. 

Originally posted by sixsunflowersbloom

After what felt like an endless day of classes, you decide to treat yourself to a night off. In order to fully enjoy yourself, you change into the coziest pajamas you can find and take all of your best snacks out of hiding. Once you’ve gotten everything you need in order, you close the door to your room and turn off the lights. The darkness adds to the overall movie theater atmosphere that you want to create for your night of Netflix and relaxation.

You’re halfway through your second movie when your door flies open. The bright light from the hallway is a shock to your system and you cover your eyes automatically, blindly searching for the space bar on your laptop to pause what you’re watching. “What?”

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Yoongi X Reader


Word Count - 3516

Request -

where you trip over some boxes/files that were left on the floor by Yoongi (your crush and a long-ish time friend) and spill coffee you had on your new shirt. he wants to by you dinner as an apology and things take off when he wants to drive you home ^^

A/N -


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Your arms were engulfed with coffee cups and folders as you rushed to your desk. You were already 5 minutes late, and you knew your boss wouldn’t be happy.

Fuck you hated your job.

You saw people exchange glances as you sat on the small table, slamming the folders down carelessly. You were in no mood to return fake smiles today.
“Now that’s not the right attitude to come into work with.” The, deep, tense voice that made your smile turn into a frown every time your ears recognised it. You turned to look behind you, to see him. His jet black hair seemed glossy, a smug smirk placed on his lips as he looked down at you. You turned back to your computer screen.

“Sorry, Mr. Min..” You mumbled, typing impatiently as you tried to ignore your bosses presence.

“No need to apologise, Y/N, but you need to understand, that in this company, we all have a positive attitude.” He whispered from behind you, his lips inches away from your ear.

You couldn’t help but snort at his remark. Was he that stupid to not realise that not fucking everyone was as happy and cheery as him? Yoongi raised an eyebrow at the unusual sound that escaped you.

“Yes.” You nodded, breaking the awkward silence that was taking place between the two of you.

“Okay, good.” Yoongi nodded, his hand squeezed your shoulder. The warmth against your clothed skin made you feel slightly uncomfortable at his unnecessary touch.

“Please don’t touch me.” You asked, your voice blank as you tried to stare at the computer screen. Failing in the process. Your eyes travelled to his large hand, veins bulging as he gripped your shoulder.

Although you had no possible intimate feelings towards your boss. You had to admit that he was a handsome man, and that if you were to have a ‘crush’ on this man, you would gladly fall at his feet.

“You must have taken my sign of reassurance out of context, I apologise Y/N” Yoongi chuckled, his hand falling by his side again, a smirk playing at his rosy pink lips.

“Well I apologise for taking it out of context, Mr. Min.” You smiled, turning around so you were facing him once again.

“Please, call me Yoongi” Yoongi smiled down at you, his hands now placed behind his back. He was indeed a formal man, who was enthusiastic enough to keep his workers irritated and tired 24/7.

“Okay, Yoongi, now please can I get back to my work?” You asked, annoyed at his lingering presence.

Usually people would scurry away from your boss, trying their best to ‘behave’ in a formal manner. To look good in front of him. To be like him.

But you decided to turn the other way, being honest and rude to him as much as you could. You couldn’t help it. He just seemed to dehumanise everything in his way, and you weren’t going to let the impact he had on other people, affect you.

“Of course” He nodded at you, patting your shoulder once more before turning his back to you and walking to his office.

“Oh fuck this” You breathed out, your eyes glancing at your watch.

You were going to be late, again.

You sipped your at your coffee, hissing as you swallowed the scorching hot liquid, you took no notice of your untied shoes, and before you knew it, you were tripping over your own feet, the hot beverage spilling carelessly over your hand.

You cussed, trying you hardest to focus on the way you were going.

You yelped, crashing against a soft chest. The large hands found their way to your hips as everything you had once carried was now on the ground. You cussed as you felt a sting against your chest, a painful, burning sensation that had settled there.

“Woah, hey, those boxes shouldn’t have been there” A deep, soft chuckle broke the awkward silence.

“Shit.” You muttered, wincing as you started to realise that your face and body was pressed up against Min Yoongi’s, you slowly pulled your face away from his chest, to look up at him, flustered and embarrassed at the position you were both in.

His eyes studied your shy, guilt ridden face before travelling down to your chest, where the coffee had made your sheer red blouse expose your black, lace bra. Your breasts looked so plump and round in the wet shirt, that it was merely impossible for him to not think about dirty things.

“Y-you look like you’re in pain.” Yoongi stuttered, grabbing your wrists and pulling you out of the way of the boxes and anything that could possibly cause another commotion.

“Yoongi, I am fine.” You reassured him, trying to pull away from his firm grasp.

You could see the lust in his eyes, you could smell his desire. He wanted you so badly, seeing you, there, with your breasts practically exposed as your teeth overlapped your bottom lip in a why that turned Yoongi on.

You turned him on.

Yoongi thought for a moment, before releasing his grip from your wrists, a smile playing on his lips. “I should have looked where I was going, I was actually looking to see where you were-” He started, running a thumb across your heated cheeks.

God dammit why was he always following you.

“You know, to see if you had those files I needed for the meeting later this evening.” He smiled, shaking his head as he thought about your shocked expression when you had collided with Yoongis chest. He felt comforted by you, the weight between you two had been such a stimulating experience, even if it only lasted a minute or two.

You cussed under your breath. Yoongi had specifically told you to bring those files today. The meeting he was going to was practically his promotion on the line.

And you had let him down, once again.

“Shit, I’ll go home straight away and get them, I am so sorry, I was in such a rush this morning and-”

“How about we go out for lunch, and then I can overlook the papers with you, so were both confident about the level of work?” Yoongi asked, grinning.

“I mean, I guess so. But I have to change, I can’t go anywhere looking like this.”

“In my eyes, you look gorgeous-”

“Watch it, Yoongi.”

But if you are worried about your appearance, I would happily drive you to your home so you can change.”

You hesitated, but nodded, turning around, grabbing the folders you had brought with you to work and threw them on your desk. You were coming back later anyway.

On the car drive home all Yoongi could look and think about was you and your body. The way the seatbelt wrapped around your curvy body made your breasts pop out made him grow, but Yoongi was a man who could control himself in these types of situations.

“Turn right” You told your boss, your voice hoarse and shaky.

You were nervous to say the least.. You had never really interacted with Yoongi out of work, so this was a first for you.

“Just park there, my car got towed a couple days ago so theres a free spot.” you mumble, pointing at the empty space.

You stepped out of the car, hissing as the cold air hit you. Rushing to the door, you unlocked it, motioning him to come inside quickly, it was cold, and your apartment was warm, cold usually overtakes heat at a rapid pace. And you liked being warm.

Without argument Yoongi rushed inside, looking around the room. It seemed cozy, a suitable size for someone who lived alone. He couldn’t complain.

“I’ll be 5 minutes, make yourself at home.” You muttered, strolling to your bedroom, grasping clothes from your wardrobe as if it was a race.

You slipped out of your clothes and placed on a white button up shirt and black jeans slipping on grey converse. You weren’t going to make yourself look sophisticated, you were too tired.

Yoongi looked around your apartement, his long slender fingers trailing across old novels that had been shoved into the oak wooden bookcase, to never be used again.

Without thinking he had walked right into your room. You were facing away from the door. But he saw you. In all your glory.

Your black, lace underwear hooked onto your hips, your ass lightly bouncing as you hummed softly to yourself. He looked at the mirror tactically, to get a better view of those beautiful breasts.

Fuck he shouldn’t be doing this.

He forcefully pulled himself away from the door, walking quietly back to the living room, Yoongi slumped onto the sofa. taking a deep breath, he inhaled your sweet, musky scent. The house smelt just like you, like it was embedded with roses and pine.

“I’m sorry for taking more than five minutes” You chuckled, standing infront of him sheepishly.

He smirked, standing up before gesturing you towards the door. You nodded, grabbing the files that were intended to go with you this morning.

Yoongi had told you that you were going for lunch. Not to the fanciest restaurant in town.

“I’ll just have the steak, tender, with fries.” Yoongi nodded at the waiter, passing his menu to him.

“Can I just have the pasta?” You asked shyly, passing him the menu too, thanking him as he walked away.

“You don’t need to be so shy..” Yoongi laughed, clapping his hands together as he stared down at the files.

“Ah, yes” You placed the papers on the table and started to go through them with him, pointing out your mistakes and what you thought could be improved.

He loved the way you spoke. You talked too fast, and that made him smile. And whenever you asked what was so funny, he would just shake his head and waver his hand for you to carry on with the conversation.

The way your fingers fumbled with your bracelet whenever you admitted to a mis-correction in the work. It made him smile. The way your cheeks puffed out as you started to get more tipsy. It made him smile.

Everything you did, made him smile.


You made him smile.

You both staggered out of the restaurant, giggles and chuckles muffled by the wind. Yoongi waved his hand out for a taxi. Once one had accepted the request, you both slid into the back.

“Fuck.” He hissed, shaking his head.

“I must have left my phone at yours.” He sighed, apologising for the inconvenience.

“Its okay, just come and get it” you shrugged, resting your head against the window. It felt cold against your heated skin.

You gave directions to the taxi driver, sitting quietly.

Yoongi glanced at you, he bit his lip. You looked so fucking hot. Your hair was stuck to your face from the heat inside of the restaurant, he bit his lip, looking away.

You gestured for him to come back inside of you apartment, throwing your coat onto the dining room chair carelessly. You turned to face him. You had to admit, within the past few hours, you had started to feel squirmish. There was no lying that you were drunk. But even when you were sober, you felt too comfortable with him.

How about you tease him?

Everyone teases, it cant be that bad, right?

You decided to go with the choice that could possibly make you lose your job. You looked at him, his black hair was messy from the heat and rain, his face was shiny from the humidity in the restaurant, he looked so inviting.

“Yoongi..” You smiled kindly, your voice seemed to had become higher within seconds of making your decision.

“Yes?” He looked at you, his brown eyes locking with yours, He was intimidating, even when you were drunk, you could still see the danger in those orbs.

“Its getting pretty late, I mean, you could bunk here for the night?” You stammered, your voice laced with alchohol.

“Are you sure? I mean I could just take a cab home.” He suggested, biting his lip as he smiled.

“I’m sure.” You gave a laugh, walking to the kitchen before grabbing a bottle of wine, “Wine?” You asked, stumbling slightly as you grabbed a wine glass, waiting for an answer.

“Of course.” Yoongi chuckled as he watched you from the sofa, smirking at your drunken state.

You poured the liquid, spilling some of it on the white kitchen top, causing a pool of red booze to form around the half filled glasses. Picking them up you brought them to the oak coffee table, leaving the spillage in the kitchen to miraculously clean itself.

It had been a couple of hours or so since Yoongi and you had stumbled into your apartment ‘under the influence’, and you both had started to sober up.

But that didn’t stop you two from flirting with each other.

During the hours the two of you had spent together, you had started to tease, subtly, unbuttoning the buttons on your shirt leisurely, until the crease of your breasts was exposed. You could see him starting to stare at your chest more and more throughout conversations, his eyes laced with lust and desire.

“Don’t do that.” You smirked, raising your eyebrow accusingly at the young man.

“Hm?” He snapped his head back up to your face, shaking away his devilish thoughts.

“Look at my chest while we’re talking about smoking in offices.” You chuckled, biting your lip purposefully

“That’s not the only thing that’s smoking tonight..” Yoongi gave a growl, his hand creeping up to your thigh.

“And what would that ‘thing’ be?” You breathed out, leaning in closer to him, you could feel his hot breath radiating off your nose.

“You.” He whispered, pressing his lips against yours, he pushed you back, his lips still connected. Your head hit the arm of the sofa softly. Yoongi laughed, his hand lay at the side of your head as he hovered over you, licking his lips in anticipation.

“Then cool me down…” You whispered back, cupping his face with your hands.

He winked at you, nodding slowly as his head started to lower, leaving a trail of colourful marks all the way down to your stomach. You gave moans of delight as the sweet touches sent shivers to your core.

His hands fumbled with your shirt, unbuttoning the last few buttons that were closed. they travelled to your jeans, he paused and looked up at you, “Do ever wear anything else?” He teased, sliding them off with no trouble.

You rolled your eyes at his sarcasm, your hands grasping his hair as he kissed your pelvis, his lips travelled down to your thighs. You blushed as he lay on his stomach, opening your legs and pushing the black lace material that covered your slick folds to the side. He observed the pink, juicy flesh, humming to himself.

“So vibrant Y/N..” He chuckled, spreading your lips with his fingers, your breath hitched as he did so. The two digits brushing against your clit, “Oh did that feel nice?” He raised an eyebrow, repeating the action.

You released a short moan, your hands gripping the sides of the sofa. He chuckled, his tongue licking a long stripe up your folds. You groaned, involuntarily spreading your legs wider.

“That feels good..” You whispered, biting your lip.

He mumbled against you, the vibrations making you arch your back. he released his lips from your heat, admiring your lower half for a couple of seconds before delving back in. You whined as he pushed his middle finger inside of you, the long digit sliding in and out of you, your juices shined on his finger.

His lips found their way back onto your core, engulfing the soft pink flesh that lay before him. A chorus of moans escaped you as he flicked his tongue into your delicious pink heat.

You were starting to feel lightheaded, and the tight coil that was once wrapped securely inside of you had began breaking and before you knew it, it snapped. You were practically drowning in pleasure, tingles travelling through all parts of your body at once. You exhaled, the hazy feeling of the aftermath of your orgasm coming to you all at once.

Looking down, you caught a glimpse of yoongi, his eyes looking up at you, his hands wrapped around your thighs and his lips, shining with your juices.

“Oh Yoongi…” You groaned as his licked his lips, the sound of his belt unbuckling making you sit up automatically. He looked at you, licking his lips hungrily. You smirked, grabbing his collar and pulling him towards you, your face inches away from Yoongi’s.

Your hands grasped at the material that covered his lower half, pulling them down eagerly. His cock proudly made a tent in his boxers. You licked your lips in anticipation, your fingers hooking under the cotton fabric, dragging them slowly down his toned legs, your nails scraping delicately against his warm pale skin.

The fabric pooled at his ankles, along with his pants. Your fingers started to trail back up his legs, you laid eyes on his sex, it had arose even more, his shaft an angry red. it was noticeable that he hadn’t had much action for a while
His head tilted back as you wrapped your hand around his member, slowly pumping him, a chorus of groans escaped him as your hand moved faster and gripped tighter by the second, along with that your confidence grew stronger as you cupped his balls, your mouth watered as you stared at the image infront of you, Yoongi, his cock being pumped by your small hand, his adams apple bobbing as he moaned, his toned arms and legs flexing as he tensed up. You knew he was close to his climax already.

Your tongue swirled around his tip, making him grasp your hair, tugging at it desperately, “Oh baby.” He groaned, looking down at you, you looked so fucking hot with your pretty little mouth wrapped around his hard cock, it was a sight to remember.

You tried your best to take him all, but you started to gag, your eyes watering, instead you used you wrapped your hand once more around the length you couldn’t take. You started to move your head and hand at the same pace, your lips dark and wet with saliva, hollowing your cheeks intensely.

Yoongi releases a groan, he was so close to spilling his see, the overstimulation that you were causing him made him wince. He growled, before pulling you away from his member, you were so focused on sucking him off you gasped in shock as you were turned around and bent over, his hand made contact with your ass, the slight sting making you moan with pleasure, you were still soaked from before, he pulled your panties down, you couldn’t see him but you could hear him sucking on his finger, the loud ‘pop’ indicating that his mouth wasn’t the only thing that his finger was going into.

The digit slipped inside of you easily, sliding it in and out the pleasure that waved through you as he slipped another finger in, stretching you out. His fingers leaving you and replacing themselves with his cock, he teased you slightly, lingering around you entrance, pressing against your lips until he slipped inside of you.

The feeling was unimaginable, Yoongi didn’t know it was going to be like this. Warm and wet. And good. So good, to be surrounded by slick and heat, the tightness of you putting the right amount of pressure on his dick to make him thrust into you like there was no tomorrow. You groaned and moaned, your fingers digging into the carpet as he quickened his pace, slapping your backside after every few thrusts.

He grunted, low growls releasing from the back of his throat as the sound of your body viciously smacking against his rang in his ears. Your vision darkened as you reached your peak, ripples of pleasure wavering through you effortlessly. Your juices dripped down your thighs.

Yoongi was nearing to his high, one final thrust and he started to feel dazed, his breaths getting heavier as he came, the hot white seed shooting out of him, and into you, he pulled out a white string of his cum was the only thing attaching you two.

The white liquid trickled down your thighs, mixing with your juices. He stood up straight, rushing to the bathroom. You stays there on all fours, unsure on what to do.

He came rushing back a towel in his hand, cleaning you up he tusked at the red marks he had made on your ass cheeks, he smoothed them out, cooling the stinging marks. “oh shit’.” he mumbled about the imprint he had left, you laughed shaking it off.

“Its fine, I enjoyed it.”

“Did you?” he raised an eyebrow, throwing the towel behind him, you turned over, laying down on the carpet, exhausted.

“I did.”

The Breakup Bureau

Words: 8.1k
Genre: Fluff, Angst

Read more at Service Series 

Originally posted by eatkookiie

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Held hands over the table, she looks at him with softened eyes and a thoughtful expression. As he finishes with a gentle exhale, she nods. “You know what? You’re right! I deserve better!”

“You deserve the world and more.” He charmingly smiles, gaze dripping with honey.

She breaks out into a grin and pulls her hands away from his, leaning back in her chair. “How could I have been so blind?! I can’t believe I went through a relationship like that for an entire year!”

“And now you get to start fresh again. With someone who will treat you the way you deserve.”

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Under The Back Porch

As a kid I lived with neglectful parents at best. At worst dad would turn his screams and fists on me but I learned quickly how to dodge the worst of it. Mom wasn’t much help, she’d just smoke in the kitchen and bitch at him for staying out so late.

At the time we lived basically in the middle of nowhere, our nearest neighbors were a long walk away for a six year old and we had trees between us. No one to run to for help. But I was pretty small for a kid my age. I learned I could fit pretty much anywhere. The closet. Dryer. I think even once I tucked myself under my futon in such a way I could still get some air but no one could see me.

I was a master at hiding. But it wasn’t for a good reason.

One night though, one night I chose to do something different.

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Act Surprised

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set the night before 2x13. (I’m just gonna say that Lindsay came back the next morning after her conversation with Hank at the end of 2x12. I’m not sure if there was a time gap, but for the purposes of this fic that’s the timeline).
Genre: Smut.
Rating: M

A/N: I would like to dedicate this fic to my two fiercest supporters @justkillingtimewhileiwait​ and @allenting​ who always have the right words for me.

I would also love to thank you for the unbelievable response I got for my last fic. I am so happy you guys enjoyed it. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to answering all your reviews (crazy few days). But I appreciate every word!! I love you guys, and I love that you’re enjoying my writing.

Without further ado, enjoy the smut!

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Eleven Years

Pairing: Jikook

Length: Oneshot, 2.2k

Description: For Jikook Fluff Week Wedding Wednesday ft. Tender Talk Tuesday. Jungkook has been in love with Jimin since he was eleven.


“Hyung, what if I told you…I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” There’s no hidden meaning behind his words. The genuine curiosity shows in the slight inflection in his question.

Jimin pauses to think for a second before answering, “Then I’d just say I’d love you for the next eleven years and beyond to make up for lost time.”

Crossposted on AO3

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The princess and the bad boy part 3

Hey everyone, Mr.E here and still alive! yay! sorry about the long wait but I decided to take the last month off from writing. I realized that despite the fact there were periods of time i couldn’t write for whatever reason, in the nearly 2 years (this june) I’ve been writing, I hadn’t actually taken an actual break. like a real break where i wasn’t concerned about what i was going to write. 

So i took one and I come back to you at the turn of the tide, refreshed and ready to go and what better way to start than a super late prompt for @starcoweek3 haha I’m so sorry i didn’t mean to be gone so long and i know this is so late but i hope you enjoy it

a special thanks to the person who left me a review on ff about this very idea. I really wish I could remember who it was but i can’t seem to find the review. I will update this with the info asap but for now onward with the story.

So in this third part of the au, Star’s parents are thinking of sending the princess back to Saint Olga’s and Marco isn’t having any of that but the real question is how far is our bad boy willing to go to keep star in his life?

Have an amazing week, stay awesome everyone! I’ll be back with my au of choice legend of zelda, maybe ladybug and a covy phantom thief au i’ve been obsessed with because damnit persona 5 came out. stay awesome everyone!

part 1 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11341726/72/There-s-always-a-star-and-a-hoodie

part 2 https://mrevaunit42.tumblr.com/post/142780634772/princess-and-the-bad-boy

and let me know if you want to be a part of the tag list.

@artgirllullaby @hipster-rapunzel @isolated-frequencies @aweirdlatina

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Love Lingered On His Lips (Biadore) - Lemonade

AN: I’m sorry it’s been…close to a month since I last submitted something. My mental health and creative muse took a road trip to rock bottom and they didn’t come home until a few days ago lmao. Anyway I hope y’all enjoy this!! Italics = thoughts. (also i’m sorry my author notes are a mess this is the #realme) (also x2 to the anon who asked about my abc fic like two weeks ago i am planning on continuing it!!! i have some of it written (along w/ four other unfinished fics bc i am trash)  i don’t know when exactly i’ll get it out but i 100% want to finish it)

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mysticmessofcrap  asked:

Asthmatic MC about to have sex with RFA (V+Saeran included) but they start to have an asthma attack. Like, they can't breath and they have to get talked through it to breath again.

Thank you so much for the ask :D It was rather challenging, since I don’t know much about asthma so I had to ask my best friend Google for help there, but I like a challenge. I also hope that it’s okay that not all of them ‘talked her through it’ per se…some people handle stress situation better than others :P



♬ you were very excited as Zen was above you, giving you that dirty smirk you knew meant fun

♬ he began trailing kisses down your body, nibbling at skin and leaving his mark

♬ you weren’t allowed to do that, because he’d just have to cover it up with make-up, but he fucking loved doing it to you

♬ a private mark to remind him that you were his

♬ he kissed your thighs, his hot breath tickling your skin

♬ you could feel the arousal soaring through you, heart rate picking up

♬ when he goes down on you it’s like an explosion, really

♬ he’s damn good at it, sucking and licking at your clit while fingering you

♬ that is when you first start noticing that maybe you gasping for air wasn’t just a reaction to the overwhelming pleasure

♬ you brush it off at first

♬ you haven’t had an asthma attack in years

♬ instead you attempt to focus on the pleasure, rocking onto his wicked tongue licking inside of you now

♬ that is when you start to notice that damn familiar tight feeling in your chest

♬ soon followed by panting

♬ and then the damn wheezing sets in

♬ fuck

♬ you feel Zen freeze between your legs and look up at you in confusion

♬ you know what he must be thinking right now; what kind of unsexy sex noises is she producing

♬ what you didn’t expect was to him to immediately stop and to pull you up into a sitting position

♬ he kneeled in front of you, looking up at you with worry in his eyes

♬ he cupped your face, inspecting you before nodding with determination

♬ apparently he figured out what exactly the problem was

♬ “Do you have an inhaler with you?”

♬ you tried to answer, but only more wheezing came out so you shook your head

♬ another short nod on his part

♬ “Breathe with me. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. 3 seconds in, hold it and 3 seconds out. Yes, just like that.”

♬ he talked you through the entire thing and you’ve never been more thankful for anything

♬ or more embarrassed, for that matter

♬ you apologized a couple of times, but he stopped you every time

♬ “The only thing you should be apologizing for is not having told me you used to have asthma attacks”, he says, voice gentle.

♬ Despite you reassuring him that you were alright he insisted on bringing you to the nearest hospital

♬ not only that, but he carried you there

♬ in his arms

♬ the entire way

♬ once there the doctor gave you a new inhaler, suggested some treatments and told Zen he did good

♬ it made him feel proud to know he’d done good by you

♬ you thanked him for a kiss to the cheek

♬ he blushed

♬ “Lucky for you actors get stage fright so I know about a million different way to breathe and calm you down!”


★ when the two of you decided to finally share your first time together both of you were nervous

★ neither of you really knew what you were doing

★ it didn’t matter though, since you loved each other and were happy to share such a special moment

★ you’d gone about it a little methodically, reading up on the internet, preparing condoms, lube, music and such

★ you were still nervous though, because you’d read that the first time hurt and you were so bad with pain

★ both of you decided that it was best to start with making out, take your time and get into it

★ everything was fine at first

★ you were kissing, slow and sweet

★ then things started becoming a little more heated, passion taking over, tongues fighting for dominance

★ you could feel yourself getting wet, turned on, but also breathless

★ when he broke the kiss and started kissing down your neck your breath started to get faster

★ and faster

★ and faster

★ and yet your lungs didn’t seem to be filling with air

damn it

★ you began wheezing and apparently that got Yoosung’s attention because he stopped and stared up at you

★ had this not been such a serious situation, you might have laughed at his expression

★ he looked like a deer caught in the headlight, really

★ sadly this wasn’t funny and breathing became even harder

★ then Yoosung started to panic as well, gripping your shoulders and shaking you

★ what on earth was he doing

★ “Oh my God, breathe! You have to breathe! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.”

★ you sincerely hoped that animals didn’t have asthma…because they would have been dead

★ “Oh God, you’re not breathing. Why aren’t you breathing?”

★ possibly because he was shaking you like a rag-doll, but you weren’t quite sure

★ when he noticed that telling you to breathe and calm didn’t help when he himself was a wreck of nerves and anxiety you began pointing towards your bag

★ luckily you still carried your inhaler

★ at first he was confused but after about half a minute he finally got what you were getting at

★ he ran towards your bag and took the poor thing apart until he finally found the inhaler

★ he handed it to you, watching you take a puff from it every thirty seconds

★ usually you’d only have to do it once a minute, but he’d gotten you worked up

★ after ten puffs you stop, finally feeling like you can breathe again, and exhale

★ meanwhile Yoosung is kneeling in front of you, head hanging low

★ you reach out and brush through his messy hair

★ “I really messed that up, didn’t I? Man, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll do better next time.”


♨ this woman is literally prepared for anything, even things you’d never expect

♨ when you first decided to have sex with one another you were both knew to it

♨ not sex, but sex with other women

♨ you’d gone in head first, Jaehee had read up on it on the internet

♨ you were a good team, calm meeting crazy

♨ which is why it didn’t surprise you at all when she pulled out an inhaler during your asthma attack

♨ you’d been getting cozy on the couch, watching the latest of Zen’s play on DVD

♨ one thing led to the other and you were kissing

♨ you were straddling Jaehee, grinding against her in desperate need for friction

♨ it felt great and you wanted more than just that, wanted to feel her against you bare and naked

♨ the thought got you aroused, worked up even

♨ sadly, a little too much, as it seemed

♨ suddenly you found herself coughing and wheezing

♨ the fact that you were having an asthma attack when it’d been years worked you up

♨ you got nervous, and the symptoms got worse

♨ luckily Jaehee reacted quickly

♨ she gently pushed you off herself to sit upright on the couch

♨ she calmly disappeared for a couple of seconds only to return from the bathroom with an inhaler in hand

♨ you didn’t have a lot of time to worry about where she’d gotten it from or why

♨ you accepted it, putting it into your mouth and inhaled

♨ meanwhile she held up her wrist, staring at her watch

♨ “You’re not too far gone so I’d say one puff every forty seconds should be enough.”

♨ You had no idea how she remained so calm, but you appreciated it a lot

♨ “Take another puff exactly…now!”

♨ you did and about five minutes later you felt much much better

♨ once you could breathe and talk again you couldn’t help but ask

♨ Jaehee merely shrugged, a sweet blush to her cheeks

♨ “I noticed that you run out of breath at work much quicker than I do. I wasn’t sure whether I was right with my asthma theory, but when I googled the symptoms did add up and I’d rather be safe than sorry.”


♛ it had taken months to convince Jumin to have sex

♛ even just thinking it made you feel dirty

♛ not that he’d been repelled by you or the idea of sex with you, but he really wanted to wait until marriage

♛ when you explained to him that you weren’t quite ready to say yes though, he soon caved

♛ maybe the cat ears, tail and little bell to wear around your neck had something to do with it too…

♛ but who cares about minor details like that

♛ the second he came home and saw you in that outfit, his moral soon flew out of the window

♛ honestly, he just did it because he wanted to be better than his father anyway

♛ Jumin had admitted to never having had sex before, so you’d been worried it might not be good

♛ you worried for nothing, let me tell you

♛ you couldn’t tell whether he’d watched porn recently or read up on it or whether it was just pure talent

♛ but he was wicked good and you hadn’t even been naked at that time

♛ he was worshipping your body, touching you everywhere, feathery light

♛ caressing every inch of skin he could get his hands on, always tender and loving

♛ you were so overwhelmed with emotion you felt like you might actually cry

♛ especially when he stopped the naughty bits to press a kiss to your hand, just as a reminder that it wasn’t just about sex

♛ that is when you felt like all air got sucked out of your lungs…

♛ …and no new air was coming in

♛ how unfortunate

♛ he’d stopped when he’d noticed something was off, that you’d gone tense

♛ you weren’t wheezing yet, but from how you remembered your attacks, it would set in soon

♛ Jumin was looking at you, frowning slightly as he didn’t seem to understand what the issue was

♛ when you gasped out for an inhaler, it quickly made click

♛ he got out his phone and called for his servants employees to get you an inhaler

♛ while waiting for them he talked you through the attack

♛ his voice had always been low and soothing, but in that moment it was even more so

♛ by the time someone came the inhaler you were mostly calmed down again

♛ he still told you to take a puff or two for good measures

♛ “See, that is what happens when you have sex before marriage. Now please tell your doctor to send me your medical records immediately. I need to take precautions.”


☼ he’d been holed up in his room for almost a week

☼ apparently working on some virus that was harder to program than he’d anticipated

☼ when he’d finally come out, Seven had been stressed and tense

☼ you’d figured it’d be a nice gesture to…relief some of the stress

☼ you’d pushed him down onto the couch, straddling him

☼ after making out for a while, things turning heated rather quick, you decided to climb down and go

☼ you went on his knees, ready to give him the blowjob of his life

☼ Seven’s looked wrecked from the kiss alone, so you were hoping that would blow his mind entirely

☼ his eyes were half lidded, lips parted and spit slick and God was that vision hot

☼ when you took him into your mouth he moaned, hand coming to fist your hair

☼ you groaned around his length, sending vibrations down his shaft

☼ apparently he liked that a lot, because he bucked his hips and thrust into your mouth

☼ you didn’t like that

☼ mainly because for even just a split second you felt like you were choking

☼ and that set you off

☼ you found yourself pulling off, panting and gasping for air

☼ then the wheezing set in and Seven finally reacted

☼ not that it was optimal

☼ in his half-panic he reached for an empty bag of Honey Buddha Chips and pressed it to your mouth

☼ you really would have loved to been able to roll your eyes

☼ however, all you could was breathe in and out of the damn bag

☼ you could still taste the faint note of chips with every breath

☼ eventually you’d calmed down enough to get rid of the bag, glaring daggers at your idiot of a boyfriend

☼ “Did you seriously just press a dirty chips bag against my face to breathe into?”

☼ at least he had the decency to look ashamed, scratching the back of his head nervously

☼ “Not really clever of me. In my defense, I’m sleep deprived. Still…not my prouder moment. Sorry.”


☀ You were lying in bed, wrapped up in your own world

☀ making out with Saeran was something you appreciated a lot

☀ for one it took a lot of trust in you to let you this close

☀ he also was a great kisser

☀ whether it be feathery light and just a brush of lips or passionate, licking into your mouth and claiming it with his tongue

☀ this time, however, you were surprised when he began touching you

☀ his hand disappeared under your shirt, slowly roaming upwards

☀ his touch left a pleasant shiver behind wherever it went

☀ when his hand wrapped around your bare breast, fingers playfully twisting your nipple you gasped

☀ you arched into the touch, biting your lip to muffle any embarrassing sounds

☀ you hadn’t been touched like that in a long time, so your body was hypersensitive

☀ suddenly his hand was gone though and you were about to pout when you felt it sneak under your skirt and ~ oh!

☀ He used two fingers to push inside you while his thumb circled your clit

☀ it took your breath away

☀ which was fine, until he literally took your breath away

☀ this attack came so fast you barely saw it coming

☀ clutching your chest you gasped for air

☀ Saeran just blinked and calmly removed his hand from your body

☀ he then turned around leaving you facing his back

☀ you felt hurt for a moment, almost close to tears until suddenly he turned back and pressed an inhaler between your lips and pressed it, forcing you to inhale a deep breath

☀ a minute later he did it again, expression almost eerily calm and neutral

☀ you calmed soon after, still staring at him with wide eyes though

☀ what had just happened?

☀ when you asked him where he’d gotten the inhaler from he told you he’d brought it a couple of months ago

☀ you asked him whether he had asthma but he said that wasn’t the case, leaving you even more confused

☀ “I hacked into your medical record and saw that you had asthma so I took care of it. I need you alive. you also didn’t tell me you were allergic to eggs. That was reckless of you.”

☀ you just kind of gaped at him at that admission

☀ well, he certainly had a unique way of showing you that he loved you

☀ “And look, I got it in your favourite colour too.”

Jihyun Kim/V

📷 the entire day you’d felt somewhat breathless

📷 it had been rather stressful at the party, so you figured that must have been the reason

📷 especially as you’d watch V get on stage to sell his last photographs

📷 now he had none saved and left to sell and was incapable of taking more

📷 while he’d moved on from Rika and you’d actually gotten him to agree to the surgery, it’d been to late

📷 at that point, a couple of years after the actual incident, the doctors had said there was nothing they could do anymore, it was permanent

📷 you figured the heavy feeling on your chest was your heart sinking at said fact

📷 when you’d gotten home you’d still felt somewhat sad, but V had just laughed and shaken his head

📷 he’d seen this event as something to be celebrated, to be happy about

📷 after all he’d been able to follow his dreams and passions and take photographs until the very end

📷 when he put it that way, you couldn’t help but agree

📷 you’d kissed him then, innocent and light

📷 V, however, had other things in mind

📷 soon you’d found yourself pressed against the nearest wall, a leg between yours for you to grind against

📷 you shamelessly did so, panting and gradually getting more out of breath

📷 by the time you noticed what was going on, that you’d been wrong about those signs throughout the day it was too late

📷 the asthma attack hit you hard, the weight on your chest almost unbearable, forcing you to your knees

📷 you’d felt like you were suffocating and no matter how often you took breaths, nothing stuck

📷 to your surprise, V had remained completely calm

📷 he’d followed you on your knees and didn’t come too close, instead keeping enough distance to let you breathe

📷 he breathed along with you, showed you how to do it, soother you with his calm words

📷 when you’d calmed enough not to choke on him he got up and returned with an old looking inhaler

📷 you’d taken a couple of puffs and handed the inhaler back

📷 “I used to have asthma as a kid. This thing is old though, so we better get you a new one just in case.”


I’m sorry if there are some mistakes, I’m hella tired at this point and have been staring at this for hours XD I really hope you like it nevertheless 

Cheesecake Shirt

The last time Niall dated was back in high school but that was years ago when everything was simpler.Now he’s dating again and it feels like a brand new experience because all the things he knew about dating felt obsolete.

Niall remembers his date from hell with a girl Louis set him up with a few weeks ago.The girl,Megara, waltzed in the restaurant,to the back of the room for privacy reasosn, a few minutes late in a blue velvet dress that was clinging to her body and a pair a undeniably painful transparent heels.

The conversation was flowing fairly well throughout the wining and dining and Niall was having a good time until the waiter brought out the desert and Megara asked ,in her thick New Jersey accent, am I your bae or nah?The waiter was still setting the plates in front of them and Niall briefly caught the jump of his eyebrows the smallest trace of a shock on the young man’s face.Megara was straight backed in her chair,one hand holding the stem of her wine goblet.Her voice seemed so casual like the question was just off the top of her head but her eyebrow was was rapidly rising to touch her hairline said something differently.

Now,Liam educated Niall well enough for him to know that bae means shit so obviously Niall said no.Plain and simple then reclined coolly in his chair.The poor girl in front of him stared at him with her mouth wide open and eyes blown wide ,momentarily reminding Niall of a goldfish.Recovering,she smiled darkly,eyes narrowed like a leopard’s when angry.She pressed the bowl of the wine glass to her cheek before laughing lowly.Niall chuckled nervously before starting to ask what was wrong.The following series of events went by in a haze and Niall had no time to dodge the slice of cheesecake that was coming his way.

 Megara burst into a fit of anger before leaving in a huff,heels clacking against the flooring and muttering that Niall was a fuckboy.

Driving home,Niall was confused even more so when Harry came over the next morning to hear about the date.

“She asked you what?”,Harry asked ,his head turning to watch Niall, voice higher at the end and his face scrunched up in confusion.

“She asked if she was my bae,”,Niall said trailing off.

They were out on Niall’s back porch,the sound of the mid morning birds chirping and leaves rustling in the breeze.They were leaning against the railing on the elbows, drinks in hand.Harry head retracted to meet his neck giving him a double chin and his eyes looked bewildered while he mouthed the word bae. “Then when I said no she threw her cheesecake in m'face,”,Niall continued. Harry was serious for a second before giggling.In a moment’s glance he was hunched over the railing laughing his lungs out when he heard Niall got cheesecake in his face.

“Oh ho!You got cheesecake in yo face-”,Harry rushed out,voice coated in giggles but was cut off my his own bout of hyena-like laughter.

Niall rolled his eyes and looked away from his curly haired friend,cheeks and ears burning a scarlet red.Harry laughed and sputtered before coughing and heaving with tears at the corners of his eyes before the laughter picked back up again.When it died down to giggling then he composed himself,clearing his throat and wiping away his tears with his ringed fingers,leaning on the railing.

“Niall,she means before anyone else…you know bae,”Harry said,”It’s a term girls like to hear guys say to them.”

Niall looked dumbfounded,”How tha bleddy hell was I s’ppose t’know that?”

Harry draped a loose arm around Niall’s shoulder,”Niall,calm down mate,I’ll enlighten you..but first hit me with that cheesecake story again…oh-aha hit me!’’

As Harry goes over some phrases and terms Niall thinks of himself as a bit silly for letting himself become so rusty in the dating department but can you blame him?His job keeps his schedule packed and when he wasn’t working,bet your ass he was sleeping or watching a series on Netflix and that regime didn’t allow much free time to brush up on his knowledge of the dating world.

The second date was planned badly because Niall did a half-assed job of absorbing some of Harry’s teaching and the girl was glued to her phone the entire time.Niall stayed 30 minutes,(trying to engage her in conversation but she wasn’t interested in it) before going to a Burger King to get dinner for himself instead.

He and the boys laugh about it over some beers and Niall feels a lot better after he talked to them even though it was embarrasing.They give him some pointers and some terms the “hip youngsters” use and set him up on another date.This time it’s with one of Liam’s friends ,y/n.

When Niall enters the posh restaurant he’s buzzing with energy and confidence because this is the face of a man who knows what he’s doing.Harry leant him a white button up but the light wash jeans and shoes are both Niall’s.

Somewhere between him striding across the hardwood floor to the table his confidence fizzled out and his eloquence was gone with the wind.Maybe it was when he saw you and how beautiful y/n looked under the soft golden lighting,hair down and cascading around her shoulders like waves.You stood and shook his hand,a pleasant smile on your face before smoothing out her mossy green t-shirt dress to sit again.

Louis said to start conversation with a joke but did y/n get the joke?Does she not like llamas?Was that one of Harry’s jokes?Shit please don’t think I’m not funny… or crazy.Niall’s already nervous and now he’s overthinking everything.

y/n asked about sports Niall is interested in and he starts saying things like Neymar’s hairstyles are goals and you know they are but why say ‘goals’ there?

Y/n says she loves Beyonce because Queen Bey encourages positivity in people and he says Beyonce slays.

Y/n’s confused because Liam talked about him in such high esteem,why was he being so shallow?

Niall’s tapping his foot anxiously because he wants nothing more than to crawl into bed and watch Game of Thrones now.He’s already shamed himself enough.This isn’t like Niall it’s like an idiot using all these dumb references.It may have worked for the other guys but not for him.

“Niall,are you ok?You..you’ve been acting off all evening,”,y/n asks eyebrow arched perfectly in question,pink luscious lips slightly pouted.

“Yeah,never been better…am I you’re bae or nah,y/n?”

She looks up at him with a bitch really look on her face because did he really just ask that?

Niall is grateful they haven’t ordered desert yet and there’s nothing to ruin this shirt because it’s Harry’s and he needs to return it clean.

“You do realise bae means crap right?”

Niall is red with embarrassment and wants to shrivel up and cry and hide under the table.

“Be real with me here,why have you been saying all these things?You sound like a teenager.”

Niall tells her everything.Every cringy detail about the past two dates and the boys ‘helping’ him with his dating.You don’t laugh you just smile and sigh.

“Can I tell you a secret?”,you ask.


“If it were up to me,I would have happily eaten a box or two of pizza with you or some jello no bake cheesecake because this joint is far too fancy for my liking,”you say scrunching up your nose at the silky red table cloth,chandelier and the waiters buzzing around.

Niall laughs whole heartedly,smiling a toothy grin.

“If we’re still being real,I’d be wearing sweat pants too because God knows I can’t dress myself,”,you continue.

“But you look so pretty…I don’t get it,”,Niall says shocked because you look stunning even in this simple outfit.

“Oh my friends dressed me and did this make-up,“,she says smiling and waving a dismissive hand,“everytime I try to do that winged eye thingy I poke myself in the eyeball,I don’t know how though,“she laughs at herself and Niall laughs along with her.

“Harry dressed me tonight in one of his shirts.I,personally, would have liked to wear my grey jumper and be all cozy,”

You gasp and nod in quick succession,“Sameee,but my friends told me the restaurant is too fancy for that,”

It’s half past nine when you leave the restaurant with Niall and he waits with you for a taxi.It’s late and you’re wearing heels that are waging war against the soles of your feet so you strip yourself of them and surrender.Niall’s holding your heels now and you’re wiggling your toes happily against the cold concrete.Niall’s just standing there listening to the sound of the car horns while trying not to look like a creep when he’s inhaling your strawberry scented shampoo.Out of the blue you wrap his free arm around your waist and he blushes but you smile contently,feeling little sparks go off where his hand lay and squeezed the skin the softly.

You pass the time playing I spy and talking about football but your cab pulls up and you have to go.You kiss him goodbye and slip him your phone number telling him to call you tonight.Niall nods and you take your shoes from him,clambering into the back of the cab.

Niall sighs happily and when he gets home he calls you making sure you got home safe before he gets into bed,smiling into his pillow before drifting off to sleep.

The thought struck him late that night and wakes him from his slumber.He’s a hopeless romantic but that doesn’t mean he’s useless.In the new fangled days of relationships he may not know everything but he knows he’s a true gentleman…and the owner of a cheesecake stained shirt.

reminiscence pt. III

part one : part two : part four 

Author’s note: ANOTHER NOT-SO-GREAT CHAPTER YIKES, I have a lot of cute lil ideas for the fourth part and I just wanted to build up to that, so here’s another filler chapter, I’m really sorry! I’ll make up for it by writing the last chap by tonight. This was originally going to be the last part, but it was far too long so I decided to divide it into two separate chapters. Thank you guys for all the positive response, it really means so much <3 Requests are currently open!


Your name: submit What is this?


Pearl dust. Ashwinder eggs. Peppermint. With the addition of every new ingredient, Sirius began to grow more and more nervous. He stepped back as Y/N briskly chopped up rose thorns, picking up the little powdery fragments on her knife and scraping them into the cauldron. He watched her tentatively, with a lot of admiration as the girl mixed in every ingredient patiently and with perfection, making Sirius feel quite sloppy as he looked down at his own messy, haywire table. Some random green, viscous fluid was running off the edge, and bits of leaves and petals had drowned themselves in the goo, creating a rather sticky situation.  

Y/N had noticed Sirius’ little spills and accidents but she was quite adamant on ignoring him at all costs. She had decided it was time she got over him, pushed him away into some far corner of her mind. Still, it wasn’t easy, what with Sirius constantly acting like an adorable goofball. His apologetic smile, as he tried to soak up the liquid with a sponge, made her melt inside and turn into goo herself.

He was so attractive, and it was as if he was completely unaware of it. Yes, inarguably his features were stunning; a chiseled bone structure, sharp jaw line, perfectly messy bed hair, devilish smile and his strong build was enough to make anyone weak at the knees. And it did indeed, with his many fangirls and fanboys clear proof that he was nearly godly. But it was his personality that she was more attracted to. On the outside, he was cool and calm, stealing hearts left and right with his charming lines and low voice. Sirius Black, the player, the one who had a new girl every other week. To his friends, he was a total sweetheart. Still rebellious and a complete prankster, he loved those who were close to him passionately and would do anything for them. Y/N had seen it firsthand. He was so brave; standing up for his friends, protecting them, making sure nothing could ever harm them. Sirius would be the one to make everyone laugh after a long, exhausting day. It wasn’t everyday you found a guy like him and Y/N knew that. Other girls knew it as well, and that was really why Y/N had decided to let go of him. There would always be someone smarter, prettier, nicer and Sirius deserved the best.

With the addition of a few demented looking twigs, she turned towards the disheveled-looking boy, raising an eyebrow at him whilst gently tapping the side of the cauldron with her fingernail.

“It’s done. We just need to let it brew and simmer for a little while longer,” she exclaimed, sitting down on her little stool, placing her backpack in her lap. Sirius sat right beside her, leaning in a little closer than usual. There was so much he had to say to her, he just couldn’t form the words.

The dark haired boy opened and closed his mouth twice, sentences lodging themselves in his gullet, refusing to come out. Finally, he mustered up the courage, taking a deep breath before clearing his throat as quietly as possible, earning a small glare from Y/N. Her gaze itself was enough to make him speechless, and it made him absolutely furious. He was always so calm and collected, ridiculously charming in front of every other girl. But when it came to her, he ended up gawking and staring at her like a fool, unable to comprehend what it was about her that made him so dumbstruck.

“I like you… your hair. Your hair is lovely today,” he mumbled, mentally smacking himself for stumbling over his words like a 12 year old talking to his crush. Y/N’s confused, exasperated expression made him want to hole up and die, his face heating up and going red from embarrassment.

“Look Sirius,” she mumbled, turning towards him and frowning a little, her hands fidgeting as they often did when she was nervous.

“I don’t like you like that.” Lie. She was head over heels for him.

“You’re just a friend, my best friend really and we wouldn’t even be that great together, right?” More lies. They’d fit together like two puzzle pieces.

Sighing softly, she placed her hand over his, squeezing ever so gently, not daring to look at him in the eyes. “Sirius I know how you are with girls, and I’m sorry I just… I don’t want to be another one of your toys.”

Flashing him a remorseful smile, Y/N stood up and walked away, checking on their potion to distract herself. Her heart felt as if it had been shattered into pieces. She had finally done it, and she had hoped to feel light, happier and more at ease. Then why did she feel more alone and defeated than ever?

Sirius was mirroring her feelings, though unlike her, his distress was clearly visible on his face. His usually cheerful expression was gone, and the boy took a few steady breathes before standing up rigidly. Y/N was just another girl. He could easily move on, there were plenty of more attractive women fawning over him. He had been rejected before. Why did this rejection feel so different?

Joining the girl, Sirius forcefully yanked off the lid, hoping to get even the slightest reaction from her.  He knew she liked him, he liked her too, they were meant to be. What he had- or could have, with her was not even remotely comparable to all his previous relationships. He was determined to prove it.

As he pulled off the thin lid, cloudy swirls of steam and vapour rose off the surface of the liquid, curling around the pair invitingly, pulling them in closer. Sirius leaned in first, taking a whiff, the smell already demonstrating its intoxicating effects.

Lemon. Lemon shampoo and coconut perfume, were the first most distinguishable scents. Closing his eyes, he pictured himself, hugging Y/N, burying his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling the citrusy smell of her hair, mingled with her warm coconut perfume. She always smelled tropical, fresh and inviting and he had always complimented and adored her signature scent.

He could smell coffee and leather, leather-bound books to be more precise. The Potter’s house. A cozy, safe shelter, one of the only places besides Hogwarts where he was truly happy.

The smell of peppermint chocolate pervaded his senses, taking him back to Honeydukes, cold, winter days when he’d buy mint chocolate candy bars for Y/N, who in her childish delight, would hug him very tightly, peppering his face with little kisses.

It was her. She had been right in front of him, yet like an idiot, he had hopped from girl to girl trying to find his right match. And he had found her, finally. He had known her all along, she had been right by his side. He was just too blind to see it.

Sirius turned to look at her, his girl, his face glowing with excitement, his smile wider than ever. Upon seeing her expression however, he stopped, holding his breath. Something was off.

Y/N looked up at him in utter confusion, her arms crossed. She leaned over the cauldron almost immediately recoiling, turning to face him whilst shaking her head.

“We must have done something wrong.”

“What?” asked Sirius in bewilderment. The potion looked absolutely fine to him. “This has to be right, I could smell all sorts of things.”

“Really?” whispered Y/N, not quite meeting his gaze. She glanced at the cauldron, a frown etched on her lips as she turned to face the boy again.

“That’s odd. I just couldn’t smell a thing.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy your writing!So I decided to ask if you could maybe write a Roadhog fic where his S/O has severe social anxiety - so she (fem pronouns pls) comes home one day (after suffering a really bad panic attack) and he tries to cheer her up and just fluffffff! (That would be really awesome :3 Thanks in advance!)

Boi, get ready ‘cause I love me some sweet big piggy.

That was weird.

Moving on.

I’m so happy you like my writing! ^-^ I hope you don’t mind that I wrote in second person instead of third!

Also, I’ve never experienced social anxiety or a panic attack so I apologize in advance if the symptoms and how I write the situations are a little off. However, I did do some research on the subject, as I do with all requests connected to these subjects, so I’m not just guessing or pulling stuff out of my ass of what I think know. Just to give everyone about to read a little heads-up.


You stumbled along dirty streets and pushed weakly through crowds of people, making a beeline for the home you shared with the only person you wanted to see at that point in time. What exact moment had triggered the panic attack you were currently suffering from, you weren’t sure, but it was one of the worst ones you’ve experienced. Your heart was pounding so hard in your chest that it actually hurt, you were shaky and dizzy, your hands felt numb, and the world felt like it was closing in and collapsing all around you. What was worse was that while exiting the building in which you worked, you’d left all your belongings behind, including your phone. This meant calling your partner wasn’t an option.

And the copious amounts of people you had to trip through to get anywhere definitely weren’t helping.

However, after what seemed like hours of struggling to breathe and walk, you finally reached your safe haven. At the same time as Mako, apparently, because he was just entering the house when you stumbled up the walkway. Luckily he noticed you before he closed the door and quickly caught you before you collapsed on the concrete steps.

Being the quiet, observant man he was, it took him less than a minute to piece together what problem you were facing. While you hid your face in your hands and your hair, he carefully scooped you up and brought you into your silent home where he then rested you on the couch. He removed his mask and his weapons, placing them on the rather large coffee table before he sat next to you and held you close.

“T-too many people..” you whimpered, burying your face into his arm; you were coated in a thin layer of sweat and shook like a leaf. “Th-there were big meetings and c-company groups kept showing up a-and s-someone had a birthday and there was so much noise a-and chaos and my superior k-kept pushing me to ‘stop being a wallflower’–”

You would have continued to ramble on, had your big boyfriend not placed a finger on your lips and caused you to look up at him. Deep cerulean blue eyes made darker by worry met your own eyes briefly before he bent his head to nuzzle his upturned nose at the base of your hairline.

“It’s okay, sweets.” He spoke low and quietly, the hum of his deep voice running through his body and reaching your own. “You’re at home with me now, not at work. It’s quiet and it’s just you and me.”

Mako wasn’t one for talking, so it was always a surprising and pleasant experience when he did so. His voice was so rich and rough at the same time, and could be so soft and caring despite the big and more than mildly intimidating body that housed it. If it weren’t for your current situation, you might have commented how you felt he could make a hell of a living reciting audio books if the whole one man apocalypse thing didn’t work out.

Your slowly calming thoughts were interrupted by your partner’s speaking once again. “I’m going to have you do something for me, okay? Does that sound okay to you?” You nodded and he continued while relocating you from sitting next to him to resting on his lap against his large belly. “I’m going to count from one to ten, alright? While I count, I want you inhale until I count to ten, then exhale at the same rate. Concentrate on your breathing and calming yourself down. Understand?” When you gave him another nod, he began the process, and you with him.

Mako counted slowly, causing you to take deep breaths to calm down and clear your head from the anxiety that had clouded it. As he counted, he massaged your clammy, tingling hands, then traveled up your arms to knead at your shoulders and neck. One hand continued down your back while the other moved to your legs, rubbing your thighs in turn before massaging each of your calves and finally ending at your feet. 

The combination of his soothing voice, his comforting massaging, and your deep breaths worked slowly until the chills stopped and your heartbeat calmed and the overwhelming dread you felt turned to heavy sleepiness. Now all you could do was curl your small body into your handsome hog’s own while his voice when from counting to sweet nothings in your ear. These soft whispers continued until you eventually fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

When you woke up, you were in the large bed you and Roadhog shared, wrapped in a soft pink blanket and clinging to one of Mako’s many piggy plushies. You sat up and stretched, feeling weak with sleep but not with a hint of stiffness due to the massage you’d been given earlier. Looking around, you noticed the Roadhog mask laying in the mound of pillows beside you, something Mako always left as a token of comfort and well as proof that he was still around the house (he never left the house without wearing it). 

You picked up the mask and slipped it over your head before sliding out of the huge bed. With the pink blanket still wrapped around you and pig plush in hand, you wandered out of the bedroom in search of your boyfriend and was greeted by the mixed smells of various foods. Your nose led you to the kitchen, where said boyfriend was currently busying himself setting out an array of delivered pizzas, Chinese food, sushi, burgers, fries and several deserts.

You stood in the doorway and mimicked pig snorts to get Mako’s attention; he turned to look at you with a smile and chuckled at your cozy, mask-clad form.

“Hello there, little pig.” He wiped his hands on the sweats he now wore and walked over to you. He reached to remove the mask from your face but you hugged him instead, nuzzling the mask’s snout into his belly. This earned you a chuckle as he plucked you off the ground and touched his nose to the snout instead. “How are you feeling?”

Keeping up your hog charade, you snorted in response.

“Is that so?” Roadhog’s eyes sparkled with amusement. He rested you on the counter next to the buffet of food and took the pig plush from your hands to replace it with a paper plate. “Well, at least you’re feeling better. You were worn out after that panic of yours. I thought we’d make up for lost time by a food fest. How does that sound, piggy?”

When you snorted again, he let out a rumbling laugh and pinned you in place by placing a large hand on either side of the counter next to your thighs. Then he began to nuzzle your neck and shoulders and chest with his nose, mimicking hoggy snorts until you were a squirming, giggling mess underneath him.

“M-Mako!” you squeaked between giggles, weakly pushing at him, “Sto-o-op! It ti-tickles!”

“Ah, so the piglet does speak!” He finally backed away to look at you and pushed the mask you were still wearing up until it rested on your forehead like a hat. He returned your sweet smile with a cheeky smirk of his own. “Just only in squeals. Good to know.”

You’re flushed face blushed deeper and you stuck your tongue out at him while lightly swatting him on the shoulder with a blanket covered hand.

“Your smile means the world to me,” he hummed after a moment of quiet, then leaned down to press a kiss to your forehead, temple, nose, cheek, and finally your lips. He rested his forehead against your own and looked you in the eyes, his brightly colored eyes filled with a loving look that you’d never gotten quite used to, even after years of being with the man.

Slipping your arms around his neck, you began, “Well, as long as I’m with you–”

You were interrupted by not only your stomach rumbling aloud but Roadhog’s as well. He laughed, a sound that rumbled through his body and yours, as he slid away from.

“I agree,” he said, patting his stomach, “Wait until we’re full and all cozied down. Then you can woo me and I’ll give you something special in return.” 

Your hummed in approval before slipping of the counter to pile your own playe high.

You and Me (Ch. 2)

Summary: Ian joins Mickey on the drive to the Mexican border. They dive deep into their feelings about each other.

Word Count: 1720

As usual, Ian woke up first the next morning. His arms were swung around Mickey. They were lying on top of a few blankets in the back of the van that the convict had been using to sneakily get around. Fortunately, it wasn’t extremely uncomfortable for either of them. While Ian knew the fake bed they set up was considerably cozy because he’s felt what it was like to sleep on benches as a kid,  Mickey thought it felt like heaven because he was used to hard as rock prison beds.

Ian didn’t wake Mickey up for a while. Instead, he decided he’d rather keep his big spoon cuddling position with his shorter boyfriend. He inhaled the scent that he missed so much and allowed a silly grin to plaster across his face.

After about a half hour he checked the time and realized he needed to get to work. He slowly rubbed Mickey’s back to wake him and frowned at the way the other man flinched. Once Mickey realized his surroundings he settled down and rested his eyes again

“Hey,” Ian said. “I gotta go,” he put his shoes back on. “Back to work and shit.”

Mickey sighed. “Gonna see you again before I go?” He turned to grab a cigarette and placed it in his mouth before lighting it.

Ian paused. He approached the boy who was lying under the covers, and removed the cigarette so he could kneel down and lovingly kiss him. “Yeah, baby, of course you are,” he kissed his forehead. “Love you!” Ian yelled and jumped out of the van.

Mickey was left with a great big smile on his face for the rest of the day.

* * *

Later that day, Mickey called Ian to meet him in the parking lot of the abandoned warehouse that they would always sneak to as teenagers. It was time to leave for Mexico, so Ian had to make up his mind quickly.

Ian knew he didn’t want another minute away from Mickey, but he knew he couldn’t leave right now with the hectic family that he is looking out for. He decides to find an ultimatum.

As he wait in the parking lot, he begins to feel jittery. Anything could wrong, but at the same time everything could go right.

Eventually, a silver Jeep pulls up to the area where Ian is waiting. Clearly, Mickey stole it, but it is a really nice car so it’s amazing that he could pull it off.  When he approached him, Ian notices Mickey has cut his hair and shaved. He looks good.

Mickey looks down, not wanted to see the expression on Ian’s face. “Is this goodbye?”

He asks through the window. The pain in his voice nearly broke Ian’s heart.

“It’s never goodbye.” Ian throws his backpack in the car. Mickey’s eyes lit up and a big white smile flashed across his faces. “Let’s ride,” Ian’s said. “I figured out how we’re gonna do this.”

Mickey’s smile never fades as he begins driving. “So how’s this going to work? You coming with all the way to fuckin’ Mexico?”

“I’m comin’ with you to the border.”

“What about after that? I don’t want you going down from this if I get caught, tough guy.” Mickey jokes but the seriousness in his voice doesn’t miss Ian’s ears.

Ian breathes in. “Don’t be pissed, okay? I got you a cell phone.” Mickey’s eyebrows shot up.

“The fuck? I could get track–”

“Don’t worry I put it in Liam’s name so they won’t trace it back to you.”


“No, Mick, listen to me. I need to know you’re okay while you’re there.It was different when you were in prison because I knew exactly where you were, but this is the fucking whole country of Mexico.” He looks to the man who is driving. “Six months,” he whispers.

“What? What about six months.”

“If everything isn’t worked out in six months, I’m gonna come meet you wherever you’ll be living.”

Mickey doesn’t respond. This might work for real. “Six months.” He nods. “It’s gonna fucking work out, Gallagher. We’re gonna work this out.”

The boys smile at each other and sit in a comfortable silence. Mickey mentioned something about picking his cell mate, but he is nowhere to be found so they leave him. It might be a shitty move, but neither of them care.

“So,” Mickey says thickly. “How many guys you fuck while I was in there?”

“Two,” Ian replies. “The guy I’ve been fucking recently is a clingy one. Nice and shit but I don’t know. Fuck, I should probably text him and tell him to back off.”

“Nah, keep usin’ him while I’m gone.”

“The other day he saw the letter you sent and told me he wants to meet you.” Ian laughs. “Well he actually said ‘I want to meet the thug you talk about in your sleep,’” he giggles again.

Mickey laughs. “You still do that, don’t ya? Used to always take about Terry in your sleep whenever you’d have a nightmare.” He pauses. Anything about the Milkovich father is not a good memory for either of them. “Do you kiss him?” Mickey wonders and tries to ignore the fact that he spoke about his dad.

“Fuck no,” Ian reassures him. “He tries but I push him off every time. I only kiss you.”

Mickey chuckles. “Better not be fucking lying,” there’s no threat in his voice.

“I’m not, babe.” He looks at his boyfriend. “What about you? Let any of them give it to you up the ass like I do?”

“Please, I wasn’t going to be anyone’s bitch. My ass is yours only.” The sincerity of his voice calms Ian’s nerves.

Ian nods. “How many?”


“Not too bad,” Ian says. “I’d like to beat their asses.”

Mickey snorts. “They were bigger than me. You wouldn’t be able to!”

“Fuck off,” Ian says. “I know you’re planning on fucking up the guys I was with.”

“Of course I am. It’s my job, Firecrotch.” They smile at each other in a protective manner.

* * *

The day has come to end now. The boys have ended up under some bridge by a pond in Texas. They set out a blanket and took some beers from the car.

As they laid down, they silently reminisced on their past. Ian thought about the beginning and how stubborn he and Mickey had been. Ian had been stubborn to get Mickey into admitting his feelings while Mickey was stubborn about not letting Ian get to him. Fortunately for Ian, Mickey caved and admitting that he had fallen in love with the redhead.

Mickey tilted his head to the side so he could stare at his boyfriend’s features. He couldn’t help but think that Ian Gallagher is the most beautiful human being alive.

Despite these happy thoughts, he grew annoyed with the other man because he hasn’t seen him in so long. Suddenly, he sits up and asks for another beer. After Ian hands it to him, Mickey slams a punch into his arm. “What the fuck?” Ian shouts.

“You never fucking visited me,” he fought to hide the emotion behind his voice.

“It was hard to see you,” Ian looks down sadly. “You said you were okay with the letters, Mick.”

“I was,” Mickey replies. “Hated not being able to see you though.” Even after all these years it’s shocking for Ian to hear Mickey speak like this.

Ian nods guiltily. “I know, I’m sorry.”

The two of them leaned back again. Ian breathed in the fresh air as Mickey let out a sigh. “Fuck, I missed you.” He turned over to be closer to him boyfriend.

Mickey threw his arm around the taller boys waist, and shoved his head into the crook of his neck while Ian tightly wrapped his arm around his boyfriend’s back. “I missed you too, Mick. Way too much.” Then they slept in each other’s arms.

* * *

“Are you listening to me?” Ian asks.

Mickey shrugs. “Yes, what the fuck,” he says as he finds a place to pull the car over before the reach the border.

“You need to text me at least once a day, okay? Please, Mick.” Ian pleads.

Once they stop, Mickey begins to grab a dress, a wig, heels and earrings. He plans on acting like a woman and showing the guards his stolen passport and ID to get through the gate. It’ll be tough, but hopefully everything works the way it is supposed to.

“I know that. I’ll tell you about my day, let you know I’m not in any troubled and you do the same.” He begins to undress so he can make the transformation.

“Good. You’re gonna look fuckin’ hot as a girl,” Ian winks. “You got nice legs.”

Mickey scoffs and rolls his eyes. He then proceeds to walk closer to the tall boy. His hand goes to cup Ian’s cheek and kisses him softly.

He then pulls away. “Fuck you, Gallagher,” he responds to the girl comment. He pats his cheek and continues to get everything ready. Now that the dress was on, he gets the wig.

After he’s all dressed he walks closer to Ian who has tears welling in his eyes. “Fuck,” Ian says to himself.

“Hey, baby,” he whispers back. “Don’t be upset, okay? Six months is gonna go a lot faster than two years did.” He reassures him.

Ian shakes his head. “I hate leaving you. I fucking hate it.”

Mickey closes his eyes and inhales his boyfriend’s scent. “You’re not leavin’ me. You’re never leavin’ me, remember?” He swallows. “You and me, baby, you and me.”

Ian also shuts his eyes now. “Marry me.”

Mickey keeps his hands around Ian, but his eyes fly open and his head shoots back. “What? When?”

“When we see each other again in six months.” A smile creeps onto his face. “Marry me, Mick.”

Mickey starts to giddily laugh. He kisses the redhead long and hard. “We’re getting fuckin’ married.” They grab each other’s faces and kiss one last time.

Ian backs away for Mickey to enter the car. “I love you, Mickey.”

“I love you too, Firecrotch,” and with that, he closes the door and successfully drives through the security at the border with no problem.

Let Him Have Cake (Part 2)

So, part two, then. Not gonna lie, probably the last part, unless I am convinced otherwise by all you nice people. Ended up being longer and smuttier than I had anticipated, hope you don’t mind.

AO3 (<link)

Nesta felt her breath leave her completely. Mates, they were mates .

Mates, mates, mates

The word throbbed through her, again and again. “Why-” he voice faltered, “why didn’t I notice it? Yesterday? Or, or before?” Do I even feel it now? She thought, a little anxious that she was doing it wrong, somehow…

He let out a hard breath, “You probably did, it’s just a little hard to notice… especially if you only know a little bit about it…”

He was looking down, at his plate. It was like he didn’t want to look at her, “Why aren’t you looking at me?” She whispered.

She saw him swallow, “I can’t. I-” he sighed, “It’s the bond. Can you feel it?”

“I feel something…” she said quietly.

“Close your eyes,” he said, just as quietly. She did as he asked. She felt a pulse, like a heartbeat, like a wave… She could hear him, his soul… it told her get closer to him.

“It’s telling me to get closer to you…” she said.

He snorted, “Your side is much more polite than mine.”


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Back at it with part two of THIS request!! Now for my deep story mode guys, I’ll do the minor trio soon I promise!!! I’m having a little writer’s block since I was working on a personal story today; four thousand words later I can’t even think T-T I’m a weakling I know, a lot of y’all can crank out 20,000 words a day but I’m working on it ^^
-mod cozy <3

- Jumin needed company for his up-and-coming trip to his favorite cherry farm (you know the one)
- Unfortunately, Juju once again, wanted to sit back and let people pick the cherries for him
- You were having none of that
- You dragged him along, suit and all and forced him to help you get the hard-to-reach fruits because he’s so ding dang ginormous
- The fact that you got a pretty good view of him stretching out definitely helped though
- You spotted a particularly gorgeous looking cherry and had Jumin reach it for you, deciding it would be a waste to wait and eat it, you split apart the stem holding the cherries together and handed one to Jumin,
- Mr. trustfundkid didn’t look all that happy about eating in such an uncultured manner but one look at you and he was all but inhaling it
- You smiled up at him when you finished and any resolve he had was lost
- He grabbed you hand and leaned in so he was face-to-face with a very blushy you
- “It’s going to taste like cherries.” He winked and closed the space between you
- “Forgive me kitten, you looked so cute I couldn’t help myself.” At which point you pulled him down for another kiss
- The poor farmers accidentally walked in on the both of you making out get a room you two

- Seven had the most brilliant idea to hold an impromptu master chef competition between the two of you after watching far too much food network
- Unfortunately, poor baby doesn’t really know how to cook for shit
- He literally plates honey buddha chips and pours phd pepper into a wine glass oml
- You followed in his footsteps and plated phd pepper before pouring hbc into a wine glass
- You won on the basis of creativity and man he has never been more in love with you
- You guys were giggling idiots, and you did that thing that they do at weddings where the couple links their arms before taking a bite of the cake
- But this time it wasn’t cake
- It was chips
- And you made the mistake of looking up
- Annnnd now you were both bright red messes
- You stood there for a really awkward amount of time with goofy smiles on your faces and blush dusting both your cheeks
- The second Saeyoung finished his chip, he snaked him arm around your waist and leaned in to whisper something to you
- “It’s going to taste like Honey Buddha Chips.” With that, he crashed your lips together
- If you thought you were red before

Aftershocks Part 5

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Grant Ward, Captain America, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Nightmares, Smut, Possessiveness 

Word Count: 2428

Summary: Another late night bonding session becomes a little more than planned 

Authors Note: God, that Bucky Barnes can just be so damn dreamy sometimes. But man he’s still got some issues. I tried a little bit of POV flipping so hopefully it reads ok, feedback always appreciated. If you want to be tagged just drop me a line! Hope you guys enjoy this one, I really enjoyed writing it. Part 6 will be posted tomorrow, so read up dolls! 

Tags: @crapythings

Aftershocks: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 8b, Part 9, Part 10, Part 10b, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Post Credit Scene

Ward flips you to the ground getting a knee pinned against your chest, you try to fight your shoulders up and his shin slides up to press against your throat. You slap at his thigh to signal your defeat. He releases you standing up over your gasping body. “If you keep tapping out, you’re never gonna learn to fight back, what is the point of tactical training Y/N if you won’t train?” 

He laughs at you as you roll your eyes on the mat, “Can’t you just give me a gun and teach me how to aim, I don’t need to fight, I’m here for tech, not combat.” “It’s important that you know how to defend yourself, I won’t always be there to protect you.” Ward sighs in exasperation before pulling you to your feet. “Oh come on Ward, you know you love protecting me, admit it, you get off on it.” You tease, shoving your hand playfully against his chest, his fingers catching around your wrist as he pulls you into his firm embrace. 

His body presses hard against yours as he catches you up in a deep and forceful kiss. You are dazed at the speed of his actions but recover quickly as you press your palms up against his chest, using all your strength to dislodge him from you. “What are you doing?” He tries to pull you back in, “No, Ward.” You say firmly, still surprised by his actions “Are you serious? I thought. I mean you are always flirting, making jokes,” He stares at you, eyebrows raised, expectant. 

The memories filling your dream suddenly swim and transform, Ward moves forward grabbing you by the back of your hair. “I will make you suffer” he growls, sudden flashes appear and you hear the sparking of the car battery and feel the burn on your skin.

A scream rips through your throat as you thrash in bed and bolt up right, dripping with sweat, your sleep shirt sticking to your drenched skin. You sit up, pressing your healing feet to the cold floor. You stand up and begin to peel off your drenched clothes allowing the cold air to dry your hot skin as your heart rate begins to slow down. 

You redress in a pair of running shorts and a tank top and head to the kitchen to get water. The green light of the stove flashes at you, mocking you, 2:17. You know full well the likelihood of you falling back asleep tonight is slim to none. 

You decide to head into Starks massive media room, you flop onto the large and overstuffed couch, curling up and crossing your legs while turning on the TV. After a bit of searching you finally find a movie that you want, Wall-e, and begin your routine of nightmare recovery. 

You sit, becoming deeply absorbed in one of your favorite films, giggling at the antics of the adorable robot. Suddenly you feel a gush of wind and see a large form flop down on the couch beside you, making you jump and tense, your body curling inward as your neck snaps towards the intruder. 

Bucky sits beside you, eyes intently focused on the television illuminating the hint of a smile as you stare at him. He continues to stare straight ahead at the TV for another moment before rolling his head to the side and smiling boyishly “We have got to stop meeting like this.” You laugh nervously, your chest feeling warm in his presence, your breath becoming steadier as your adrenaline rush slows. 

“Here” he says, handing you a white plate with a grilled cheese on it. “Bucky, what is it with you and food” he smiles wider, “Just eat it doll,” you feel a flush of heat wash through your cheeks at the sweetness of the pet name, “it’s one of my specialties, lot of things change over the years, the tastiness of cheese is a constant” 

His gaze goes back to the TV but you notice the small movements at the corner of his eyes as you reach for the sandwich and begin to eat. “So, what are we watching?” “Wall-e” you garble, your mouth full of food, he laughs loudly, catching you off guard with the strength of the noise, taking far too much joy in your compromised state. 

You barely mind as your heart beats hard against your chest, you feel the richness of his laugh reverberate in your head.  You swallow forcefully, “Wall-e” you repeat giggling slightly. “I liked how you said it the first time” he chuckles quietly. 

You sit in silence for a few minutes absorbing the movie, it is coming up on the heart warming climax of Wall-e’s triumphant return, you beam, eyes transfixed on the screen, until you feel Bucky’s eyes on you. Out of the corner of your gaze you notice him, reclined back into the couch, watching you smile away like an idiot, an equally idiotic grin spread wide across his face. 

You shiver at the intensity of his gaze and suddenly you feel it lift from you as he sits forward from the couch. You sense his movements beside you as your gaze snaps back to the movie, focusing intensely. You feel his bare arm graze yours as he shoves a warm bundle into your lap, resting his forearm on the inner thigh of your crossed leg. 

You feel a heat pool in the base of your stomach at the pressure of his warm touch on your inner thigh. You glance down at the bundle and over at Bucky, who now sits there, arms exposed, in a white tank top, stretched tightly across his chest. He makes eye contact with you as you finish examining his chest, pushing his quarter zip more persistently into your lap. 

You smile and take it from him, pulling it up over your head, feeling the warmth still left on the cozy fabric. The smell of the cloth is intoxicating as it drags over your head, like cedar and campfire smoke mixed with fresh rain and something else. You feel the pool from your stomach move down between your legs, coming to awareness behind the small shorts that barely cover your curves. 

You snuggle into the shirt, leaning back onto the couch so your shoulders are pressed beside his, hands scrunched around the fabric of the sleeves, resting in your lap. With a sudden pulse between your legs, you register the flip of his arm in your lap as his fingers slowly pull back towards him dragging against the inner most part of your upper thigh, forcing a sharp inhale from you. 

You barely control a moan at the softness of his touch. What is this man doing to me? His arm tenses as he halts his movement across your thigh, eyes trained on you looking for further responses. Your eyes burn as you attempt to keep them focused on the movie in front of you. 

You feel your face hot and flushed at the effort you are exerting to keep your breathing steady. His arm relaxes as his hand comes to rest on your thigh, the heat of his hand radiating through your skin making your clit pulse with wanting and your core hot with desire. You can’t help but think of his hand sliding up your thigh, his soft fingers gliding gently between your legs and slipping up and down your slit. 

You bite back a moan at the thought, chewing your lip slightly. You feel the heat between your legs intensify. Stop. Stop right now. After a few moments like this you relax slowly, your breathing regaining a steady rhythm. The movie comes to an end and Bucky quickly sits forward to snatch up the remote, immediately choosing another Disney picture and starting the film. 

Shifting in his seat to incline towards you at a more angled position, you take the opportunity to snap your knees closed, providing a slight bit of relief at the pressure your thighs provide on your clit. Pulling your knees to your chest, you angle slightly more towards Bucky, bracing a shoulder against his solid form, only to have him move immediately beneath you, placing his arm on the back of the couch, forcing your shoulder to rest against his chest.

You sit like this for many minutes as the movie presses on, you feel your eyelids getting heavy as your knees relax their tension against your chest, and drift lazily towards Bucky’s thighs. You are vaguely aware of a deep breath from the man next to you, as you snuggle in deeper, your eyes quickly closing, feeling the comfort of his smell, and the warmth of his embrace as his arm drifts down to encase your curled form.


“Well isn’t this just the cutest damn thing you ever saw!” “Sam, leave them alone” “Aww come on Cap, we at least have to take a picture, I mean how often do we get a live production of Beauty and the Beast” Sam gushed loudly, standing in front of the sleeping forms of you and Bucky curled up in each other’s arms on the couch. 

“I agree with Fly Boy” Stark chimes in from the doorframe “God knows I’m running out of blackmail to harass the Toy Soldier with” You feel a shift underneath you, the warmth and comfort dislodging slightly, your eyes blur open to see Sam Wilson and Steve Rodgers standing in front of you. Lifting your head you realize that the warmth you felt was the groggy form of Bucky Barnes beneath you. 

You jump, slightly, quickly righting yourself and scrambling to a safe distance from Bucky. “Whoops, spell’s broken, last rose petal fell” Sam yells into the kitchen to a chuckling Tony Stark. “You guys are such punks” grumbles Bucky as he rubs his eyes sleepily,  

“Hey, I didn’t say a word pal, I was on your side” Steve insists, scolding his best friend. You stand quickly, moving past Steve “Sure you were,” you joke shoving him on the shoulder and heading for the kitchen. The two men laugh behind you as they round on Bucky once more.

Bucky’s POV:

Sam and Steve stand there watching her hips sway in that perfect way as she delicately steps into the kitchen. “Morning Sleeping Beauty” he hears Stark chuckle. “So… Buck…” Steve starts, snapping his attention back to the two guys in front of him, “What a… what’s all that about.” 

Bucky leans forward, resting his forearms on his thighs, rubbing his temples, “Rogers, what are you on about?” “Oh come on JB, you two were all curled up on the couch this morning, fast asleep in each other’s arms, Cap’s too… well… Cap like, to ask it, but I’m not. So what happened last night?” 

Sam spoke with too much energy for Bucky. It was early and he was tired and yet here he was pressed with all these questions. He rolled his eyes and stood making motions towards the kitchen. “Awww come on Buck, we were only teasing.” Steve says trying to intercept Bucky’s moves towards the kitchen. 

“Yeah, calm down Barnes, she’s fine as hell, we just wanted to live through you.” Bucky whips around to face Sam, shaking his head and gritting his teeth. “Don’t… Don’t talk about her like that” He breathes out slowly, still bleary from the night on the couch, still very aware of the cold air against his side reminding him that her heat is no longer next to him. He hears Y/N laugh from the kitchen and makes moves towards the sound, Sam and Steve following hot on his heels.


“Morning Snow White” Sam says cheerily as he bounds into the kitchen, sneakily racing past Bucky and Steve to arrive through the doorway first. “Can you jerks just pick a fairytale and stick with it?” You roll your eyes as Stark chuckles at your exasperation. “Aww did someone wake up on the wrong side of the Buck?” Sam continues, Bucky shoots him a withering stare and Sam crumbles beneath it, “just kidding man, damn.” 

You begin rummaging through the cabinets as Steve and Bucky settle in on the bar stools. Sam moves quickly towards the radio, turning it up till the music floods the room while he bobs his head along with the beat. Tony rolls his eyes and quietly excuses himself and his omelet, heading towards his lab. 

You rummage about the kitchen, collecting all you need to make pancakes. Sam moves animatedly throughout the kitchen dancing around as he prepares his coffee. You laugh as he catches you around your waist and pulls you into a silly kind of polka dance, spatula still in your hand. 

You hear the amused laugh of Steve join in with your own and even catch a glance of a smiling Bucky. Sam releases you as he continues his energetic dancing, rapidly speaking the lyrics. “Cause you ain’t that average groupie, I’ve seen them dancing,” You continue to dance of your own accord giggling with joy at the random absurdity of the activity. 

You turn back to your pancakes, looking to flip the one at hand “Baby got back” Sam exclaims, suddenly you feel a sharp wallop on your own behind and yelp out in surprise. You barely have time to process the occurrence, as Bucky darts from the counter to Sam, wrapping his metal hand around Sam’s wrist and the other around his neck. 

“You do not touch her like that,” He growls, forcing Sam up against the fridge “Bucky.” Steve speaks firmly “Apologize” Bucky continues, anger palpable in his voice. “Bucky!” you yell, fear painting your tone. Immediately Bucky’s shoulder muscles relax and he draws back from Sam, releasing him to the ground. 

He backs away slowly, looking to you and Steve with pain and regret in his eyes. You step forward gently, but he quickly turns and races out of the room, away from the situation. “Buck…” You start forward only to be gently stopped by Steve “Let him go Y/N, it happens sometimes, you just, you have to give him space” 

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, we were dancing, it was a joke.” Sam sputters, rubbing his neck. “I know,” You nod to him, “Don’t worry about it.” You smell your pancake burning and return quickly to the stove turning away from the two men as your eyes fill with tears, Bucky’s look of fear and sadness swimming across your vision, making your stomach twist.

Treat me well

PAIRINGS: Stiles x Reader


Request: @deserve-to-be-saved  Can you write an imagine where Stiles after a long time(cause reader didn’t want him to find out about her father) finally meets Y/N’s father and he finds out that Y/N’s father doesn’t treat her well?(like he’s yelling at reader without any reason etc.) And Stiles decides to do something with it?

A/N: It didn’t turn out how I wanted to but I hope you like it :) Sorry if there are mistakes, English is my second language. Please let me know what you think ♥ (Requests are still open - only Teen Wolf and Supernatural) 

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I signed, closed the book I was currently reading and put it on the table. The library was really quiet so my activity made a noise. I was so exhausted but I did not want to go home, maybe because I couldn’t find the coziness and love in it. It was just a house where I used to live…

“My eyes are closing, guys! I cannot read anymore.”, I laid my head on Stiles’s shoulder. He hugged me and kissed my forehead.

It was Friday night but the pack and I decided to stay after school and make some research about the Dread Doctors.

“Me too”, Lydia exclaimed “It’s Friday and except being on a party or at least resting, we are reading those books which are leading us nowhere. I suggest to stop for today and… continue tomorrow ?”

We all nodded in agreement. I collected my stuff and put it in my bag. Holding hands with Stiles we exited the school.

“I feel like I can sleep for days.”, I smiled

“Only if I join you, honey.”, my boyfriend smirked.

“What would you do if I don’t let you in my bed”

“Mmm…I don’t know. Maybe this ?”, he leaned and kissed me gently, “or this…”, he moved to my jaw and neck which caused me to bite my lips in pleasure. “and definitely this”, he sucked my sweet spot just under my ear. I moaned and tried to push him.

“I’m still not letting you in my bed.”, I smiled “But if you want to convenience me, not in public.”, I grabbed his hand and led him to his jeep. We got in and except turning the car, Stiles attacked my lips again. The sweet kiss soon became more passionate. I buried my hands in his hair, his left hand landed on my hip and moved up and down. Before the things got more heated I pulled back.

“It’s getting late.”, I said trying to normalize my breathing “And I was supposed to be at home an hour ago.”, as soon as I remembered that fact my mood just dropped. I looked away and asked him to drive me home.

“Is there something wrong ?”, his fingers found my chin and turned my head so I could see him directly in his beautiful eyes.

“No, of course not, I um… I’m just tired and need some sleep”

He smiled and turned the car. At the same time the radio turned on and the music filled the car. I looked through the window…If only he knew.

‘Till we reached the destination, we were holding hands and smiling, well mostly Stiles, I was only trying not to show how I really felt. When the car stopped and I saw the light in the living room my heartbeat speeded up. I inhaled and exhaled deeply. I turned and kissed Stiles on his cheek.

“I have to go, honey.”, I smiled at him. As I opened the car’s door Stiles grabbed my hand and stopped me.

“Don’t you think it’s time to meet your dad ?”

And here was the question I always tried to avoid and lied about.

“I don’t think now is the right moment.”

“(Y/N), we’ve been dating for months and every time I ask you this, you always tell me that.”, he was becoming suspicious which wasn’t anything good.

“I know but…”, I was interrupted by my boyfriend’s words

“His job is hard and he is really tired when he gets home, yeah, I know.”

“I’m happy you understand, but I have to go.” I got out of the car and waved at him. “Goodbye, Stiles.”

He smiled and waved me too. I turned my back and walked to the door. When I was at the threshold I prepared myself for the worst. I opened the door entered the building. I closed the door quietly, trying not to awake the beast.

“Where were you ?”, the familiar drunk voice came from the living room. I saw my dad’s back. He was watching something but what caught my mind were the empty bottles on the table.

Not again.

“I…I was in the l-library with s-some friends”, I stuttered while explained.

“How many times did I tell you not to lie me?”, he said with his cold voice and turned around.

“I-I’m not…”, but before I could finish my sentence one of the bottles flew straight at me. I tried to crouched and hide with my hands but I was too late. The bottle hit the wall inches from my face. Glass pieces stuck in my skin so deep that my hands were soon covered with blood.

When I uncovered my face I saw that my dad had stood.

“You stupid liar.”, he hit me. “Just like your mother.”, another punch, and another , and another. I felt blood in my mouth.

“P-please s-stop.” But he didn’t hear me. Now I was crouched in the corner crying

“Only when you learn your lesson.”. He kicked me once, twice.

“Stop!”, I screamed in pain and for a short time I thought he heard me but when I looked up I saw Stiles punching my dad.

“Stiles…”, I said but nothing.”Stiles…please, stop!”, I begged him a little louder. When he heard me, he was holding me within seconds.

“Babe, are you alright?” with his thumbs he rubbed the tears. I nodded in response. Stiles helped me to stand up and wrapped his hand around me. “Come, sweetheart.” As we were ready to exit the house, Stiles turned and screamed at my dad.

“If you ever touch her again, if you try to even talk to her again, I swear I will broke your hands and beat you up with them.”, he was ready to punched him in the stomach but I placed my hand on his chest and looked at him directly in his eyes. I saw the rage and sadness in his eyes. He understood me without saying anything.

Stiles laid me on the seat in his jeep. He took his shirt off, ripped it in two halves. He wrapped them around my hands slowly in order to stop the blood. I was still sobbing but when I saw the concern and love in his eyes mi lips formed a small smile. He kissed my forehead, got in the car and drove us to his house.

As fast as he could he carried me bridal style to his room in particular his bed. He took away the cloth and then tenderly began to remove the glass from my skin. Hopefully they weren’t a lot so damage wasn’t serious. Then he took the aid kid and cleaned my wound on both my face and hands. His movements were so gentle that I barely felt the pain.

“My poor girl.”, his broken voice made me look at him. He was crying. “I shouldn’t have let something like this to happen to you…Why didn’t you tell, sweetheart?”

“I…I couldn’t! But hey, you helped. If it weren’t you, the things could have ended way worse. They’ve been worse.” I smiled trying to calm him down. He connected his lips with mine. When he pulled away, he took a shirt and shorts from his wardrobe. After he helped me to put them on, we laid in bed, his arms around me in a tight hug.

“You know I won’t let you go in that house again, right ?”, I nodded in agreement. “And you know that you can stay here.”

I smiled and turned around.

“I know and I would love to.” , giving him a goodnight kiss I placed my head on his chest and cuddled with him. Being in his arms I felt safe, I felt home and I knew that anything bad like what happened that night would never happen again, because he was my hero. He was my Batman.

Icky (Request)

Can you maybe write a one-shot about Harrys little girl being ill for whatever reason and her ending up being real snuggly towards harry and not wanting to leave his side x


When you groggily opened your eyes, saw that the time on the clock read 8:00 a.m. and noticed that there wasn’t a little three-year-old sprawled out in between you and Harry, you knew something was up. Your daughter consistently woke up incredibly early and came into your room to cuddle in the mornings. At first, you had been a little wary about making a habit out of it but you were at least thankful that she wasn’t waking you up in the process. If she was content to lay there and let the two of you sleep for another couple of hours, you were okay with that.

So when it was well past the time that (Y/D/N) typically crawled into bed with you and there was no sign of her being awake at all, your stomach jumped a bit. You rolled over, facing Harry who had one arm slung over your waist and gently started poking him awake.

“Harry.” You whispered. “Harry!”


“Harry, look at what time it is.”

Harry blinked his eyes open, squinting in the morning light and looked up at you.


“It’s past 8.”

He plopped his head back down on the pillow and closed his eyes again.


“(Y/D/N) isn’t here.”

“So?” He mumbled. “Maybe she just wanted to stay in her own bed for once. Don’t discourage it; how often do I get to snuggle with you in the mornings?”

“I know, I’m not.” You replied. “But she’s always here; and she never sleeps past 7.”

You heard Harry sigh and nuzzle his face down into your shoulder. “You want me to go check on her, is that what you’re hinting at?”

“You only have to peek in and see if she’s awake. I’m just worried she’s sick or something.”

Harry grunted a bit and then slowly rolled himself up into a seated position, legs hanging over the side of the bed. His hair was wild and he took a second to rub the sleep from his eyes before standing up and grabbing a t-shirt from the pile on the floor.

“Thank you.” You called after him.

“Sure.” He replied. “But I’m still mad that you spoiled my uninterrupted cuddle time.”

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