but look at him...he's earned it lol

  • Fiona: Harry hated it [the heart monitor game], so I'd love to do it again.
  • Nick: Yeah, I think he did hate it. Cause, you know he's never that bothered but he was texting me being like 'Is it alright? Was it embarassing?' And I feel like it bothered him. In a mild way, not in a serious way.
  • Fiona: I'm not surprised! He had to unbutton his shirt, sitting here with his chest open, looking at pictures of really awkward things and trying not to show how he really felt about it.
  • Nick: Shouldn't have been famous then, sorryyyyyyy!

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“Is that my shirt?” For reddie, pretty please?? Extra fluffy if ya don’t mind

I feel like this is a fast food order lol. One Reddie, extra fluff coming up! I added a side of Stan, hope that’s alright.

Richie hummed as he walked into the kitchen, ignoring a rather grumpy Stan who had a coffee in one hand and paper in the other. He moved towards the fridge, rummaging through it loudly earning him an annoyed look from his roommate. “Is there something you’re trying to find?” Stan sneered, taking a drink from his morning joe.

“I’m going to make breakfast.” Richie replied proudly, pulling his ingredients out with a grin.

“Oh yeah?” His friend jeered, “And what do I owe this great honor to?”

“It’s not for you.”

Stan raised an eyebrow, leaning against their counter and eyeing his closed door. “You got a girl in there?” He asked, smirking. “She must be pretty important for you to actually get up, let alone cook.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” He poked playfully.

As he removed the pan form the cabinet, Stan’s interest peaked, noticing his roommate’s optimistic cheer. “So who is she?” He asked, tossing his paper aside since he had something better to play with rather than the stupid crosswords. “Is she hot?”

“Smoking.” Richie replied, spraying pan on his skillet. “Hotter than anyone you ever brought home.”

Stan’s face scrunched in annoyance, “Do I know them?” He enquired, watching the trashmouth hover his hand over the heat and fighting back to urge to make a crude joke. Richie shrugged, placing strips of bacon that sizzled immediately. “Well I know it’s not Bev…”


“Is it that girl from the coffee shop that you always flirt with?”


“Oh, how about that brunette form our sociology class that slipped you her number last week.”

Richie shook his head, chuckling lightly. “Dude you’re never going to guess, so just stop while you’re ahead.” He retorted, starting his eggs on another burner.

“I’ll get there!” Stan replied, determined to defeat his smug friend. “Is it that chick from down the hall?”

“The one with the cocker spaniel?”

“Yeah, that one.”


Stan debated his next guess, the smell of breakfast making its way through their apartment. “Huh, well I know it isn’t that girl from English, you already shot her down so who in the hell….” He was lost in his train of thought, not noticing the guest who had appeared beside him. There was a small grunt that caught his attention and he waved off the boy with little interest, “Hey Eddie.” He muttered, rubbing his chin. “Is it that lady from our aerobics class last year?”

“I didn’t know you took aerobics.” Eddie replied, eyeing the loser questionably.

“Yeah, I wanted to impress Mike last year so we took….” Stan paused, looking at Eddie fully for the first time. “No.”

“Yes.” Richie replied, a shit eating grin growing on his face.

“No fucking way.” The curly haired boy hissed, shaking his head sternly. “This is not happening.”

“Yeah, this is happening alright.” Richie chuckled, looking over to his friend. His eyes caught Eddie and he raised an eyebrow, “Is that my shirt?”

A blush crept up Eddie’s neck, lingering on his cheeks so that they were colored crimson. “Yeah, I couldn’t find mine. I hope it was okay.”

“You look adorable.” He replied, taking a few steps to place a gentle kiss atop his lover’s forehead. “Take my clothes any time.” They embraced tenderly, slightly swiveling at their friction.

Stan huffed, grabbing his paper and coffee and turning towards the front room “I hate you both.”


starter outfits

[edit: forgot this important piece of lore lol^]

ed obtains johnnys shirt and wears it as a bandanna

ed is now wearing johnnys shirt over his own and johnny has obtained ed’s jacket and RJ’s hat, as well as RJ on his back [hmmmmmmmm why didnt ed just give him the shirt back if he was gonna give him the jacket hmmmmmm] [tbh i could see johnny bein at ed like “gimme ur jacket i gotta cover up” “oh hey do u want your shirt back then-” “NO…. u earned it… U DEFEATED ME IN COMBAT… but i want ur jacket so”]

hat gets lost here

and is still gone when ed runs away from his new pals

but then i guess ed found it on the ground or somethin and picked it up so now he’s wearing johnny’s shirt and rj’s hat :^)

best friend! Hoshi

anon asked:  ooooh thennmaybe i can request some best friend!hoshi headcanons to *w*

a/n: im sorry if this is late :((

  • the two of you met in a smelly taekwondo studio
  • your dads knew each other from highschool and as your dad decided to move back to Namyangju,
  • he of coursed had to introduce you to his dad and son
  • this is how you meet kwon soonyoung
  • by awkward parent introductions that should make you guys avoid each other when meeting on the street
  • but it didn’t because when you guys were forced to sit in the corner and ‘get to know each other’ 
  • and you found each other soooo hilarious and such down to earth people and hit it off so well
  • and as soon as you start your first day at your new middle school
  • he comes up to you begging you to be in the dance club
  • you like ehhh i can’t dance,,, but he’s making it sound so fun so you agree to go to one practice
  • the whole time he’s so supportive even when you squash his toe
  • seems like he can make anyone a dancer because in a year your,,,, about as half a good as him LOL
  • everyday after practice you since walk home together and take turns spending money on snacks
  • and one tradition you have is every friday you guys would walk the little extra distance to get the best potato tornadoes in the city
  • and then walk home talking about school and how your both not doing to well
  • and agreeing to work harder
  • aka switching between each others houses and studying with many study breaks that consist of your moms cooking and the snack stash you both have built 
  • him teaching you many shinee dances 
  • you becoming almost as obsessed as him
  • and whenever ‘ring ding dong’ comes on, you’ve promised to dance together no matter where you guys were
  • and one day at practice your having a full out jam session to shinee
  • then you both sit down and he whispers shyly like “how good of a dancer do you think i am”
  • and your like yeah and IVE SEEN SOME OF THAT CHOREO your a talented mofo
  • so when he tells you nervously about pledis
  • and he’s never told you but he always thanked you for that because even when some of his other friends were telling him idol life is impractical and he’s not good looking enough omg f them
  • you were always there
  • you were there to send him a little package every two weeks, whether it was all his favorite snacks, little toys, or photos or your self eating two potato tornadoes to tease him
  • you watched all of his Andromeda’s and told him your username so he would know your comments, and laugh at your jokes 
  • you supported him through and through
  • and when he finally debuted you personally came to the concert and went backstage, meeting the other members for the first time, and handed soonyoung a package
  • a package pranked into exploding with confetti as soon as he opened it
  • a moment you got on video OF COURSE
  • and you tell him about how your mother effing moving to seoul because you got transferred to a college in seoul
  • and he gets all excited and shit and you have to be like chill out i got into a college you freakin debuted
  • but he’s like yeah but it isn’t easy to get into that college either so CELEBRATION TIME!!!
  • and two years later, when soonyoung is having a freakin world tour, with a well earned successful career,
  • and you, who is half way through your degree, top of your class, attend the concert in seoul
  • like before you, go back stage, where sweaty soonyoung is waiting for you with a smile on his face
  • you bring him a package
  • “just like old times?” he giggles, taking the box from you
  • “yeah just like old times, meat restaurants pays better so you’ll be surprised”
  • he looks at you kinda shook, “you shouldn’t have” 
  • and you just think lol he wont be saying that after he opens it
  • “yes i should have~” you sing brightly
  • he smiles and starts ripping it open
  • the bomb of rose quartz and serenity glitter and confetti floating through the air, landing on his hair and outfit
  • “MMWWOO???” he looks at you with a wtf look, the members and staff passing by laughing at him
  • you immediately start giggling before transitioning into full blown laughter
  • and of course he can’t keep the straight face and immediately bursts into laughter 
  • he looks at you creepily with an evil grin on his face 
  • and your like “no. stop. SOONYOUNG”
  • he responds of bearing hugging you transferring the glitter all over you and your outfit
  • “you’ve updated it from rainbow to seventeen colors” he grins, finally pulling away
  • you smirk and wink, “don’t worry i actually got you something else”
  • you pull out the bag from you bookbag, and he immediately knows what it is
  • “it isn’t the exact of course but I think it tastes pretttyyyy similar” you say,
  • pulling out the potato tornadoes and handing him one
  • he gets this look in his eyes and full out grins, his eyes disappearing just the way you remember as kids
  • “i really love you you know” he says, sighing and about to take a bite
  • you take your own potato stick and use it to shove his away from his mouth
  • “i love you too, but i wont if you put that in your mouth” 
  • you fake glare at him and hold the stick in front of you expectantly
  • laughing sheepishly, he clinks his stick to your, “cheers~” 
  • “cheers~” you laugh, finally taking a bite 

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~ admin seri

Retail revenge

This story happened several years ago when I worked in a small town 2-man hardware store.

One of the services we offered that you can’t get at the big city box stores is window repair.  Basically, you could bring in your sash with a broken pane and we’d replace any broken parts and the glass. Total cost was the price of the glass plus $3 labor… we certainly weren’t getting rich off of the deal but that type of service kept our customers happy and coming back.

One day a man who only shopped with us once or twice a year brought in a small aluminum framed window off of his storm door which had a broken glass and corner clip busted. I put his name on some masking tape and stuck it on the broken glass, told him how much it would be (I don’t remember exactly but it was around $8.50), told him it would be ready the next day, and then set it on the work counter to fix when we weren’t busy with customers.

About 2 weeks later he shows up for the window. I go to the back to get it, put it on the work counter, and go back to the cash register to ring it up for the total I quoted earlier. All of the sudden he starts throwing a fit saying that’s way to much for a piece of glass. I explained how it’s $3 labor plus the price of the glass. He then goes into a tirade about how the big box center in the city 20 miles away sells glass for a lot less and I should drop my price to meet theirs. Now I knew my competition and I knew for a fact 1) our glass was cheaper, 2) they don’t cut the glass, and 3) they would never go to the trouble to repair the window, let alone do it for $3.

I stand my ground with him and tell him it’s $8.50. Oh hell no, he’s having nothing to do with that. He wants it cheaper. Finally, I figure shit, I have lost nothing if he never came back so I walked the few steps back to the work counter, grab a hammer, and smash the glass with 5 or 6 good blows right in front of him. The glass covered the work counter which was no big deal to me, it happens all the time. I will never forget the look on his face when I handed him his frame and tell him, “no charge.”

He just stood there looking at me in disbelief. I thanked him for the opportunity to earn his business and told him, “You’re just going to have to go to that big box store to get it fixed now. They’ll save you lots of money.”

Worst Nightmare

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader where they are traveling for his book and the reader encounters a boggart? And the boggart is of Newt dying/severely injured/leaving her, etc.? And then he takes care of the boggart and comforts the reader? Really angsty but then all fluff? Thank you so much!!<3   AND   Hi i love your writing and was wondering if you could do a Newt x reader where they’re both in the case and newt is in his workshop and his boggart gets loose while the reader is in the fields and readers worst fear is newt being tortured so she cant use the riddikulus charm and then newt comes and sees her worst fear and then captures the boggart again and comforts her (lots of fluff please) :))) (sorry if its long)

Word Count: 1,423

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @whatinbenaddiction @studyforthreehands @thosefantasticbeast2

The first scream comes from behind you.

The diricawls at your feet freeze. Their food, forgotten. Their hunger, ignored. Each and every one of their eyes is focused on the grove of trees behind you, a miniature forest Newt grew to give the bowtruckles more space to live. Yet as you turn to peer into the shadows of the trees, not a single bowtruckle is present.

Unsettled, you turn back to the diricawls and throw more seeds on the dirt, hoping to break them of their trance. A few blink when seeds bounce off their neck and beaks, but none turn from the forest.

The second scream terrifies you. It’s not quite human, but not quite beast; a weird combination that turns into a moaning howl halfway through its long serenade. The diricawls disappear in small pops, vanishing before your eyes. Hands shaking, you slowly crouch and lift your wand from where you placed it in the dirt.

The third scream, the worst one, sends you into motion. It’s loud, carrying over the treetops, breaking from the shadows, a noise that would horrify even the most experienced of aurors. What’s worst, though, what sends you into a dead sprint, heart slamming against your ribs, terror pulsing with every fast heartbeat, is the familiarity of the voice.

“Newt.” You try to shout, but your voice is just a whisper, strangled by the fear that has taken a hold on your movements. You’re slow, think you may very well be running through honey as you force your feet forward. Your hands are shaking, your legs are wobbling, but Newt screams again. It tapers off into loud sobs, wails, and a few curses.

“Newt!” You shriek successfully this time as you reach the grove. You trip over a root, hardly noticing the lack of bowtruckles on the trees as you stumble into the shadows, eyes anxiously scanning the area. You turn into stone at the sight. Every limb freezes, you can’t even think about moving as you process what’s happening.

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Wonder Woman #34

Previously on what’s looking increasingly like a bad practical joke: James Robinson spent three issues telling us about stuff that happened in another comic.

Also: Darkseid is a baby, and his sexy evil half-Amazon daughter is helping him age up by feeding him the demigod children of Zeus. (And, incongruously, the nymph-turned-bear Callisto, because James Robinson’s Wikipedia game is not up to scratch.)

So far Diana’s been kind of a bit player in the story, appearing in less than 50% of the first three issues. She only made five pages of the first issue; last issue she didn’t feature at all. But this week she’s back, and guys, I just have this feeling that things are looking up for–


At last! JASON! The hero for all those comic fans who’ve ever been reading a Wonder Woman comic and suddenly found themselves wondering, but what about the mens? Who will be the champion for them??

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Hak the shrewd businessman~

So I’ve been thinking… Hak is really good with money and finances. Like, really good. He is always very practical when it comes to money and provisions. Coupled with his great survival skills (basic cooking, hunting), he truly is a warrior and a survivalist.

Hak never forgets to joke about earning a few easy bucks (when the Wind Tribe young kids were being openly affectionate to him and when Yona inadvertently stripped in front of the Awa pirates).

Talk about bad first impressions: Kija caught Hak rummaging through his stuffs in his room looking for weapons, food and better yet, money.

Apparently he can do quick and accurate calculations on finances and is able to swiftly find alternate solutions for difficult financial situations. He didn’t deny it when his adopted brother asked if he had accepted the bodyguard job just for the money (with Yona right there listening, no less, lol). Of course big bucks wasn’t the real reason he went for that job but it still shows Hak appreciates money. When Yona demanded that Hak come with her on a journey, Hak coldly asked if she could offer any payment for his abilities and skill set. Although he did this to guilt her into staying behind in Fuuga with the Wind Tribe for her sake, it also shows Hak has a practical mindset.

More on that note, Hak also joked with Elder Mun-deok that he deserved a big reward for his service in saving Lili’s life in Sei’s arc.

So I wrote a thing based on this post, specifically the tag #also he probably encouraged her to go for Eleanor. Enjoy!


James looked up. One of the women from the brothel had just sat down opposite him on his table at the tavern. Although she was barely more than a girl, really. In fact, James was fairly sure it was the girl Eleanor was always talking about. Her innocent crush was almost painful to watch, and James felt fiercely protective of her every time she mentioned it.

“It’s Max, isn’t it?” he said, attempting to smile up at the girl. It wouldn’t do to upset her, if only because that would upset Eleanor. “I’m not interested, I’m afraid.” He looked up again when there was no response from the girl, to find her staring intently at him, a smile playing on her lips. “And I’m busy,” he added firmly.

Max snorted. “I wasn’t here for that” she said, in her accented English, and James wondered vaguely about her background.

“Oh,” he said, feeling wrongfooted. “What are you here for then?” As soon as he said it, he knew he had said it too roughly, and cringed internally. Max, however, didn’t seem to be put off - on the contrary, she was smiling even wider.

“You are close to Miss Guthrie, are you not?” she asked eventually.

“I see her as a partner, yes,” said James, wondering what she was insinuating. He hoped not that. He and Eleanor were…friends, he supposed. Partners and allies, certainly. Nothing more than that.

“Then, will you tell me, captain Flint…” Max trailed off, suddenly looking shy. “Does she like me?” Her voice was quiet, less confident, but imbued with quivering feeling, and James was knocked off his feet by the memories that brought back.

“She talks about you all the time,” he said in a hushed voice, and then immediately berated himself. That was supposed to be a secret. Eleanor hadn’t wanted him to tell anyone. What if Max hurt her?

Then he looked at Max and saw the softening of her eyes, the joy lighting them up from inside, and he knew Max wouldn’t hurt her, not if she could help it.

“Thank you,” she said. “I just had to be sure, before…thank you.” She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, and he sat there for a moment, blinking slowly, confused about what had just happened. When he focused again, Max had gone.

Later that day, Eleanor found him on the beach, where he was overseeing the repairs of the Walrus. She immediately embraced him, much to his surprise, although not, he found, to his displeasure.

“Eleanor,” he cracked out.

“Thank you,” Eleanor whispered in his ear, and then his cheek was kissed for the second time that day.

“What for?” he asked as Eleanor drew back slightly, looking at him affectionately.

“For what you told Max. We’re - well,” she cleared her throat, looking both embarrassed and pleased. “We’re together now.”

James smiled and this time it was truly genuine, feeling a surge of love and protectiveness for this young girl that he didn’t think possible, least ways not for men who weren’t fathers themselves. “I didn’t really do anything,” he admitted.

“Oh, nonsense,” she said. Her voice went quiet, in a way James recognised as her saying something meaningful. “Thank you for being so supportive of me. Even in- even in this.”

James softened. “Eleanor, I-” What could he say? There were so many things he wanted to say, that this was one thing she would always have his support in, that she was never to feel any shame for her feelings, that he had been taught by someone much better and braver than him, and that James only wanted to pass on that legacy…but he said nothing, merely shaking his head. “You’re welcome,” he whispered.

Eleanor nodded and smiled, bright and warm, and James thought, unbidden, how Thomas would have loved her. He turned away from her light, desperate to hide his pain from her - she did not need to see that, did not deserve it.

“Goodbye, then, Captain Flint,” she said, sounding a little uncertain suddenly.

James just nodded, attempting a smile again.

As she walked away, James wondered if he ought to bring Meditations for Eleanor to borrow next time he visited Miranda. Part of him curled up defensively at the thought of letting anyone but Miranda and he so much as touch it, but on the other hand…he couldn’t shake the feeling that Eleanor had earned it. 

LoL // Kim Doyoung


the prompt: can I request a fluffy-ish doyoung fic where both of you are gamers and you always play games together like league of legends? hope I wasn’t too vague, thanks <3 and then after our dms you let me change it to: doyoung being clueless abt LoL and you trying to teach him.

words: 1102

category: fluff

author note: right so this is kinda short bc i didn’t want to offend you by getting any terms wrong. and also i watched a lol beginners video that was really helpful so every term i write is thanks to that video and you, my lovely 🐼 anon. i hope you like it. (feel free to correct me if any of this stuff is wrong haha)

- destinee

Originally posted by dovounq


Doyoung sat beside you on the couch and rested his head on your shoulder as you played League of Legends on low volume. He had just returned home from practice, and as per usual, all he wanted to do after he cleaned up and ate was cuddle with you. “You’re always playing that game. Why?”

“It’s fun,” you replied, not looking up from the screen.

Doyoung watched the characters on the computer for awhile before sighing. “I want to play too.”

“Really? It’s not for casual playing, you know. You have to be invested.”

“I can be invested.”

This got your attention. “When I’m done with this game I’ll make you an account, okay?”

“Okay.” Doyoung said. He settled happily into the couch cushions and watched as you continued to click away at your keyboard.

After nearly thirty minutes, you were finally done with your game and had moved to creating an account for Doyoung. When you were finished, you set the laptop in Doyoung’s lap. “Here you go.”

“Wait, what do I do?” Doyoung asked as he clicked the play button.

“Okay, well first click that option,” you instructed him, pointing to the screen.

“Co-op vs. AI?” Doyoung read aloud. “Why can’t I do the PvP one?”

“Because smurfs like to go prey on beginners like you in PvP.”

Doyoung snorted, “I think I can handle myself against smurfs.”

“That’s just what we call them.” You rolled your eyes. “It means an experienced player who makes an account and poses as a beginner so they can win.”

Doyoung frowned. “Well that isn’t very smurf-like at all.”

You snorted. “Now just choose your champion.”

“How can I have a champion if I haven’t even played yet?”

“I don’t know, why were Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter called champions in the fourth movie when they hadn’t won the tournament yet?” you challenged him.


You waited for Doyoung to pick a champion, but he had trouble deciding which one he wanted.

“Pick Ashe. She’s my favorite. She has a bow and arrows.”

“Really?” Doyoung clicked Ashe’s option. “That’s cool.”

Once he was in the actual game, you tried to help him as much as you could. “Okay, you’re goal is to destroy the enemy’s nexus.”

“What the heck is a nexus? It sounds like a car.”

“It’s that big jewel-thingy at the end of the map. You see?” You pointed to the map at the bottom of the screen.

“Oh. Okay.” Doyoung clicked the ground beside Ashe to try and get her to move. “Why isn’t she moving?”

“Right click, Doyoung.”

“I am right clicking.”

“You’re left clicking.” You grabbed his hand as it rested on the mouse and pushed his finger down to right click.

Oh. You see, I had no idea I had been left clicking my whole life.”

You flicked him lightly on the shoulder. “You’re an idiot. Now get back to the game.”

Doyoung chuckled. “You’re so serious about this game. It’s cute.”

“Flirting will not hide the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing.”

“I really don’t,” Doyoung agreed.

“Go to the bottom lane.” Once again, you pointed to the map at the bottom of the screen. “That is where you go, since your weapon is long range.”


“I don’t know. That’s just what a lot of players do,” you answered.

“Fine. I’ll go, even if I wanted to check out the middle lane,” Doyoung said.

“Good. Now see those little guys? Those are minions. They help you. The other side has minions as well that you need to farm so you can get coins.”

Doyoung looked at you. “Farm? Are we harvesting them?”

“Farming then means killing them,” you explained. “You have to kill them before they— now you’re dead.”

“Oh.” Doyoung looked back at the screen, rather disappointed. “I want to play again.”

So the two of you were back at it. You would coach Doyoung on his playing skills and he would somewhat listen to what you were saying. For the most part, he was simply jesting you, pretending to forget terms so you would get frustrated and ask him to let you take over. Then he would hold the laptop out of your reach while you complained because, “There are champions dying, Doyoung! You’re letting them die!”

Doyoung rolled his eyes, “I know what I’m doing.”


Doyoung didn’t know what he was doing. He really didn’t. He had memorized the terminology you told him rather quickly, but he was still confused on a lot of things.

Honestly, he didn’t want to mess up in front of you. If you thought he was just joking and playing around, you wouldn’t know that he actually sucked at the game. Sure, he was a beginner and it was obvious that he would suck, but he didn’t want to look bad in front of you. He knew you were ranked high in the game, having played it for years and earned yourself a name in the LoL community. How could he just play a horrible game in front of one of the best? He wanted to impress you with his quick learning skills.

When you left to go to sleep for the night, he assured you that he would finish the game he was on and then log out and join you for some well-needed shuteye. Instead, he stayed up all night playing League of Legends in a struggle to become better.


You awoke to find him fast asleep on the couch, the laptop in his lap emitting noises of a battle. You realized that he had stayed up all night playing and chuckled, leaning down to kiss his cheek. “Your champion is dying, babe.”

Doyoung pushed the laptop away and pulled you onto his lap instead. The two of you snuggled into each other as Doyoung replied, “Let them die. I’m too tired to care right now.”

“Don’t you want to finish the game?” you asked.

“I stayed up all night playing that game just to try and be a good enough player for you. The least you can do is let me have a break and sleep.” Doyoung said dramatically, his head flopping against the back of the couch.

You reached up and kissed his cheek again, “Aw, you love me.”

Doyoung took your hand in his and held it tightly. “Of course I love you. When I wake up I’m going to play a game and show you how much I’ve improved since last night.”

“Sounds good,” you said, snuggling into his chest as he slowly fell asleep.

~the end~

Bigbang:  Your parents telling them embarrassing stories from when you were a child

Original Request:  “Bigbang reaction to your family member telling embarassing stories about you, maybe showing nude kid pics lol”


Youngbae would absolutely love hearing the entertaining stories about your strange habits from when you were a child.  Each new story would earn a fit of giggles from him, finding it crazy that it’s possible for you to be even cuter than he thought.  When your parents broke out the regrettable baby photos, he eagerly looked at each one with a smile on his face.  Later on, he would very smugly bring it up.  

“So, jagi, I talked with your parents today….”

Originally posted by sofiatherese92


Seunghyun probably would have asked your parents for some humorous stories, while you were around, before they could even think of doing so.  When he asked, you immediately tried to cover his mouth, trying to hide his words so your parents didn’t embarrass you so badly that you turned into a pile of mush.  However, this only encouraged the stories and photos to appear, to Seunghyun’s delight.

Originally posted by fantastic--babies


While your parents were explaining how you used to refuse to wear socks on any part of your body, except your hands, when you were a toddler, Jiyong repeatedly glanced towards you, a sheepish grin plastered on his face at the sight of you covering your face with your hands to hide the image of you blushing uncontrollably.  For the next week, you would have to suffer Jiyong bringing it up whenever one of you was getting dressed. 

Originally posted by ijyong


Expect some teasing from Seunghyun.  Not nearly as much as Seungri, but there will definitely be some present.  He might even ask to keep one of your baby pictures, specifically of the one where you decided to cross dress at the age of eight.  Every so often, he would bust out the photo, claiming that he ‘had dirt’ on you.  Even after the sixth time, you still turned into a blushing mess, while Seunghyun was forever grateful to your parents for blessing him with the stories and photos.

*Broadcasting your baby picture to the world with no shame*

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Daesung would be asking lots of questions about your habit of putting bowls on your head as a toddler, along with making jokes, even going as far as to re-create the story on himself, earning many laughs from your parents.  What started as your parents embarrassing you turned into a nightmare with both of them laughing at the hilarity of your childhood.

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Taehyung as a dad [PT.1]

- So I can totally see you guys having 3 children; 2 boys & 1 girl


- This lil fluff ball would go with you to all the antenatal classes (more like force you to take him with you LOL because it’s VERY ‘NECESSARY’ that he’s there to know what his role as a father and to make sure you’re okay because he doesn’t wanna leave you alone ;-; 

- Honestly throughout your pregnancy I can really see him always putting you first (not that he already didn’t) but ESPECIALLY because he’s so excited and doesn’t want anything to happen to you

- All the mom’s will be looking at you like judging so hard but he wouldn’t care

 - Secretly wishing they were all you ;-; don’t we all 

- SO PROTECTIVE OF YOU AND HIS CHILD - ‘Taehyung…it’s just stairs…really, it’s okay babe I can do this myself' 

-'NOPEEEEE. No. Not today’ *holds you hand and guides you with his other hand on your lower back or the baby bump 

- The type of husband to go ‘Yes, yes we’re pregnant and expecting in a about a few months.’

- Honestly Taehyung would deffo be the excited dad to make sure you’re eating all the right things and taking in whats good for you and his baby

- Would ALWAYYYYS sing to your baby


- And you’re not having any of it LOL. Someone need to go earn the money otherwise HOW ARE YOU GOING TO RAISE THE EXPENSES OF YOUR FIRST CHILD?!?!

- And then you’d offer to go back to work because you know that will work once you say it to him

- AND YOU’RE RIGHT!!! He’s like NO.NO.NOOOO you stay RIGHTTTT here. Don’t move.

- Like he’d come back from work and you’d be lazing around on the couch 

- He’d walk into the room and straight to you asking how you’d been and you guys would cuddle a little sharing a few kisses before he moves to down you baby bump and starts to talk to it 

- This would be an everyday Kim Taehyung thing btw~ so be prepared EMG IM CRYING RN I WANT A KIM TAEHYUNG

 - I’m actually being real when I say this but he’d SERIOUUUUSLY take care of you so well

- Remember that time when he almost burnt the whole kitchen trying to make cereal for you on your anniversary?

- yEP WELL HE CLEARLY DOES. So he wants to try again and actually learn to cook for you

- So this determined bby takes cooking lessons from Jin 

- Eventually Jin gave up, LITERALLY face-palming at how he could someone always mix up the salt and the sugar and getting sick of how he would keep taking it as a joke to the point where he actually considered telling you to come pick his ass up from there and N.E.V.E.R to even let him walk into the kitchen let alone touch an oven LOOOL


- But boi was so determined HE LEARNT HOW TO COOK RAMEN FOR YOU!!!! :))))

- Like one morning he’d get up supeeer early like i mean super, at 4 or somethin and master trying to make this shit for you 

- After he had finished making it, WAIT 2 MINUTES….GIRL HOW DID YOU NOT WAKE UP FROM ALL THE CLANGING AND BURNING SMELLS FROM DOWNSTAIRS?!?! Damnnnn girl you dead to the World

- Anyway so he’d wake you up excitedly but at the same time get impatient with you so he’d start off gently stroking your face and whispering in you ears I FCUKING HATE MYSELF instead he’d be peppering (EHEHEHEHE SEE WHAT I DID THERE. EH? EH? ok i get it im a flop don’t need to be so mean about it geez;-;) you with kisses 

- You’d flutter your eyes open slowly and he’d just stare at you in awe, thinking how he’d ever got so lucky to have you ‘Good morning jagi’ ‘…mhmmm’ then he’d passionately kiss you because once again this kids gets random impulses with you 

- He’d smile gently at you and the lean down to kiss your belly too and whisper ‘Good morning babyyyy’

- So he’d help you to the bathroom and brush your teeth for you, tbh he’d even wipe your butt for you like ngl he’s so whipped for you he doesn’t even care if it’s gross to you or anyone LMAOOOO

- And you’re the type on couple to not be uncomfortable by eachother in any sort of way whatsoever. You legit lost your personal space the minute you started tae tbh lol

- So he brings you downstairs and because he’s cheesy af ❤ he’ll close your eyes and start to do a drumroll making sure you don;t fall anywhere lol becaue knowing you you’d fall over your own two feet

- ‘Taeeeee can I please look now?’

‘HMMMMM maybe i’ll consider doing it if you do some cute aegyo for me *giggles*’

‘tae istg’

- He just laughs and moves his hands to rest just on the hem of you waist, hugging you whilst nuzling into your neck


- He’d worry for a second cradling your smol face in his hands because this smol lil bun would think you’re crying because he curt you something’



‘Only for you…*pulls out a red rose and kneels down for you’

- Oh right. So i forgot to explain why you were crying ehehehe oops

- So tae had basically made a whole food-date on your hotel balcony, with roses, and candles (even though it was the morning, WHAT A CUTIEEE) and the table would layed out waaaaay too fancy for anything with 2 bowls of ramen sitting there, ready to be eaten IM FUCKING CRYING WHAT KIND OF SCENARIOS HAVE I JUST MADE UP OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN

- He’d lace your fingers together and kiss you sweetly before the both of you make your way to eat 

- He wouldn’t eat though because he’d want to feed you first and made sure you had twice as much to eat, you were stuffed to the point where you’d think you’d throw up

- So finally he wanted to taste his own ramen because he was STARVINNNNG and so finally you fed him

- As soon as it went into his mouth he stopped all of a sudden and spit out his ramen, almost gagging


- ….Hehe :3 so i missed the MOST.CUTEST.SWEETEST part out.

- /Flashback to 15 minutes ago/ The minute you tasted his ramen you JUST knew something was off- he had made it WAAAAY TOO OVERBEARINGLY SWEET and it hit you when you realised he had mixed up the sugar and salt. He looked at you with such excited eyes, so happy that he finally made something for you and you couldn’t watch his heart break. You quickly swallowed and gave him a thumbs saying how tasty it was :D ERMAGERRRRD HE GOT SO EXCITED HE STOOD UP THERE AND THEN AND DANCED CRAZILY WATCHING YOU TEAR UP AS YOU LAUGHED SO HARD

- Little did he know, you were especially tearing up because the sugar was too much for you but you couldn’t watch the smile on his face fall so you had to eat the rest of the bowl too /i cri…..ANNNNND the 2nd bowl he insisted you eat too because you liked it so much even though you shook your head politely and offered it to him /i cri everytiem/

- /Present time/ He looked at you wide eyed as you gave a meek smile and he started to cry because this was the most sweetest thing anyone had E.V.E.R done for him and it meant SOOOO much to him considering you were even pregnant so he pulled you to him and started to scold you about how you should’ve told him!!! and how you shouldn’t have even cared about what he felt and he began to feel such regret because he only wanted to something right for you ;-; In the end you both started to cry pregnancy got your hormones making you feel all sorts of shit ya’ know

- You held his face in your hands and kissed his nose saying how much you loved him, that even if he fed you something that wasn’t tasty it meant soooooo much to you because you know HOW HARD HE MUST’VE TRIED!! 

‘I REALLY love you Y/N…I hope you know that.i-I..’ poor little kiwi couldn’t even comprehend how much you loved him so he’d just end up kissing you REEEEEAAALLLLYYYYY hard and NEVER LETTING GO OF YOU for the rest of your life day :))))

- So a life with pregnant you and soon to-be-daddy tae would be THE MOST CUTEST THING EVER!!! HE’D LITERALLY PAMPER YOU WITH SO MUCH LOVE!!!! ❤

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Okay so there’s gonna be looooooaaaaads of parts to this because i have a lot to write and this is literally just one kind of scenario thing of it because it would be waaaaay too long~ Okay thanks for reading :D 

Infinity Part 14



Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Park Jinyoung (GOT7), GOT7 members, Mark’s parents, Marika (Your friend), and other surprise characters

Genre:  Slow Build, Mainly Angst, Minor Fluff, Smut (on previous and future chapters)

Warning/s:  Angsty as usual, but no other warnings… I guess

Length:     3,967 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities. You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

A/N: I AM BAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Sorry for the long wait everyone! I am thinking this series will only have a few chapters left.  But then again I am not certain, but it looks like it at this moment.  LOL.  Don’t mind me.


Bambam walked his way out of the campus slowly after he handed over some reports to his professor.  It is almost the end of the semester, and he will be graduating soon. He was able to earn enough hours for his Internship class and had completed majority of his thesis, thanks to his favorite friends.

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Cosmic (Bucky x reader)

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Reveling in Richonne

#59: The Collaboration (7x10)

Team work makes the dream work, y'all! How are R&M going to be physically separated, with only a small tire to connect them, and yet they still manage to tag team and win this walker gladiator fight…together? Like Richonne is the epitome of a dynamic duo. 🙌🏾

So after Rick reassures Michonne that he’s all right, he quickly learns that things are not all right when he turns around to find a weird heavily-armed walker approaching him.

Michonne again yells Rick’s name cuz she can tell something is going down but she unfortunately only has a tire to see through so she can’t exactly get the whole picture. I love that this whole scene is supposed to feel like it’s happening to both Rick and Michonne. 

Like when Michonne ran to that tire, we see that Rosita and Tara ran to one too, but every time we cut away from Rick we see Michonne because, even separated by a wall of trash, they are still united and going through this together.

Rick is trying to take down the trash gang’s walker pet with no luck. He uses some different things to try and stop the walker, like a keyboard and his own hand 😖 but despite his best efforts nothing is working. 

Michonne is only able to see clips of what’s going on which must be super stressful. We keep cutting back to her as she watches Rick struggle to take this walker out and you can just tell how badly she wants to get over there and help.

Plus, one thing I always remind myself of, is that we know Rick’s the main character and they would never kill him off rn, but the characters don’t know that. So, for Michonne, it really does feel like if they don’t figure this walker situation out Rick could be killed. He already got impaled and cut on his leg by this thing so this is a legit urgent situation for them, whereas it was more of just a cool fight scene for us lol. 😋

So it seems like, once again, there may be no way out for our hero. And as Michonne watches on intently, it has to be so tough to know that she can’t step in and help…But wait, this is Michonne we’re talking about. 

I don’t care what’s blocking her, she’s going to find a way to help her man. And help she most definitely does lol. 👏🏽👸🏾

We get a shot of Rick through that same tire hole and so we know that this is supposed to be Michonne’s point of view and then Michonne’s excellent mind comes up with a new approach. 

We hear her say “The walls.” And then we cut back to her and she says “Use them.” And y’all that’s all the queen has to say before we’re getting yet another bit of evidence as to why Richonne is a well-oiled machine. 🙌🏾

This was Richonne tag teaming at it’s finest and so impressive because there literally wasn’t anything Michonne could physically do to help, but being that she is a wise, strategic, boss of a woman she still managed to come to the rescue in this moment.

I love that Rick listens to her. Like always. Cuz you visibly see that when she says just those four words he hears her and looks up at the wall and then knows immediately what she means. Like, right when she says that, he knows what to do and he does it without hesitation cuz he trusts her plan will work. 

I respect that even in this life or death situation, where your mind might just be focused on what’s right in front of you, he still hears his wife’s words and then follows the queen’s decree like a Real One would. 👌🏽

I love that Michonne realized the solution quickly and it worked. Like before she makes this suggestion to use the walls we were seeing clips of her watching on and being concerned but I love that Michonne ain’t no idle chick, so she wasn’t just watching on in helpless horror, she was thinking of how to help Rick win.

It’s cool cuz Rick Grimes is an extremely capable and resilient man but Rick with Michonne is a whole nother beast. Like their game is so much more elevated when they’re together. I firmly believe that Rick and Michonne make each other better and stronger and so they are already nothing to play with when they’re apart but when they’re together, in the same vicinity, they become practically invincible because they are right next to their source of strength. 

(I’m telling you, the only way Negan stands a chance in this coming war is if he can separate the two cuz so long as they’re together they’re coming out on top.)

I so appreciate the collaboration between them in this moment. It just goes to show that their partnership makes them unstoppable. Also, this moment is on the list of times Michonne has physically saved Rick’s life. Like it’s crazy that Rick not only figuratively but also literally would not be here without Michonne lol. 😋

So Rick kills this walker, like the OG he is, and this was me when he took out that Winslow thing…

Originally posted by trendinggifs

And can I just personally thank whoever thought to have this cool little gladiator scene be a Richonne scene as well. Like I appreciate that it was both an entertaining action sequence and also a Richonne bonding moment to further cement why they are perfect for each other. Their teamwork is always on point. 👌🏽😋

There was no doubt that this W they just got was earned as a team. The trash people thought they were throwing Rick for a loop by tossing him down there. But homie you thought. 😂  Cuz all it took was a small little tire opening for Richonne to work their magic and win.

And after Rick kills the trash folk’s pet he looks up at Jadis and yells “You believe us now?” Us. Y’all, I know when Rick said “us” he was talking about him and Michonne, specifically lol. I also love that he says “believe us” because it’s him acknowledging that taking out that walker was a team effort.

I really feel like Rick was saying to the trash people, “Now that you’ve seen the power of Richonne, up close and personal, do you understand that there’s nothing her and I can’t do?” Again, that’s a direct quote from the mind of Rick Grimes lol. 😋😂

Plus, I know Rick’s feeling pretty good that he and his woman just tag teamed this thing and got a W and so he’s def feeling himself rn lol. Cuz he knows full well that he’s got the baddest chick in the game. Especially when he says, “Just tell us what you want and we’ll get it.” And again, I know that “us” mainly means him and Michonne, cuz Rick is now more aware than ever of the power of Richonne.

So they extend a rope for Rick to climb back up, which could not have been easy considering his hand was literally impaled a minute ago. And then, as he stands up there and Jadis tells him what they want, we can still see Michonne in the background of the shot. It’s cool because the fact that R&M are seen together in almost every shot just confirms that they are a unit and that they literally operate as one.

And then after Jadis says they want guns Rick looks down from that high up place and he smiles and I know he’s smiling at his wife lol. I love that she told him to smile and now he can’t stop smiling. 😁 

Like literally for the rest of this episode he stays smiling. And I know Michonne has so much to do with what’s making him smile. 

Thinking about it, I realized that pre-canon or post-canon I’ve never seen anyone make Rick smile more than Michonne. I love that with her, he just naturally and genuinely smiles more. So, here, he’s not just smiling cuz she brought it to his attention to, but also because of her.  

I love when we get to see these two warriors be warriors together and this was one of those great moments.But what I love most is that this moment shows us, yet again, that Rick has a woman who is fully willing and ready to go through all the up, up, ups and downs of life with him. (lol I couldn’t resist that one 😋😂)

Growth?maybe??? Or something else

Ok soooo I’m SUPER suprised onion hasn’t taken full advantage of the Social Repose thing….its very very very out of character for him I just knew he was gonna make like 12 vids but no….is he up to something??? 


So true. So many Youtubers are gaining views and subscribers just by making a video about the Richie/Jaclyn break up. Greg knows how youtube works, he knows it would bring in new viewers, but he chose not to use this topic to help his dying career? 

I’ve had a theory he’s been sabotaging his Youtube career purposefully for a bit now. I ended up not posting the whole theory a couple weeks ago because I thought it might be a little too conspiracy theory to post about, but it’s been getting worse and worse on his end. 

I’ll just post it here lol. It was in response to this post.

Ok conspiracy theory time. I feel like for the past couple months Greg has been sabotaging his income on purpose. (Either that or he has way less of a business sense than I thought.)

He’s been doing things to make it look like he’s trying to help his career like branching out to other platforms (twitch, periscope, younow, etc), but they have been performing VERY poorly. There are two reasons for this. One is he barely promotes them (if at all) on his social media. The other is he does not spend nearly as much time livestreaming for a single session as you should to gain an audience. Yet he keeps doing the same crap every week on these platforms with barley anyone watching. The Greg I know would have bailed already, judging by his past attempts at using new platforms to share his content over the years.

As for his Youtube channels, he’s been frequently re-uploading old videos to channels he normally only uploads new videos to. This is a great way to get your audience to start skipping your videos. Less viewers = less ad revenue and less potential patreon supporters.

It’s almost like he wants his income to drop drastically, but on paper make it look like he’s doing his best to repair it. I can think of two reasons why he would want this.

1. He wants the IRS to think he is falling on hard times and can’t pay off whatever he will owe them, so he thinks they will go easy on him and give him some kind of low cost payment plan to pay it off or maybe even cut down on what he owes.

2. He wants Laney to earn more than him. I think you know why.

(Edit: Damn, I totally forgot to answer the original question in the title lol. No, I don’t think he’s showing personal growth in this situation. Just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.)

@archangels-and-timelords said:

This is tagged with Kassius Konstantine but I’m fairly certain it’s Sato’s death he’s reacting to. He and Konstantine were no longer colleagues at that point.

What I meant to invoke by using ‘colleague’ is comparisons and contrasts between Tua and Konstantine, two fellow Imperial officers of Kallus that had interacted with him the most than other Imperials by the time of their respective deaths. I suppose I should have added 'former’ to that description… but you seem to be implying that the moment someone stops being another’s colleague, their entire relationship is severed, and that two colleagues instantly have concern for the other even if they’ve barely even interacted with one another.

Kallus has worked alongside Konstantine for about a year or so. We’ve seen Konstantine complain to Kallus about the new Inquisitor, and we can be lead to believe that Konstantine has been making other such gossip, complaints, and other comments to Kallus offscreen like how co-workers in other workplaces would, to the point that Kallus thought he and Konstantine had at least some semblance of a friendship (and of course, it turned out Konstantine only used him to rant to someone about his own problems and how he’s in the right).

But even then in “Steps Into Shadow”, where Kallus is probably Fulcrum II already, Kallus and Konstantine do exchange some glances about Thrawn, as if to say 'wtf this guy is weird’. Konstantine also briefly looks at Kallus for validation/as if to say 'You agree this is weird, right? Help me out here!’ when he expresses confusion to Pryce about Thrawn wanting them to stand down (which earns him an annoyed look from Kallus, which he doesn’t see. That also pretty much confirms that Konstantine doesn’t know Kallus is tired of his crap now lol).

But as for Sato, there’s only ONE known instance where they’ve interacted with each other; an offhandedly mentioned holocall between Sato and Fulcrum II about the shortage of pilots for Phoenix Squadron shortly prior to the events of “The Antilles Extraction”. While we can assume that Kallus as Fulcrum II has continued to make active holocalls with Sato and other Phoenix Squadron personnel every now and then until maybe “An Inside Man”, it’s impersonal, as the only topics that would be discussed are military plans and intel, and Kallus obviously cannot get personal anyway for security reasons, lack of trust from the rebels if he gives away his identity, and professionalism.

Now returning to what you said about Kallus actually mourning Sato’s death and not Konstantine’s death, I’m definite that Kallus was guilty and remorseful about being part of the cause behind the Battle of Atollon and every single person & thing lost in that fight. However, Kallus doesn’t know that the commander of Phoenix Squadron died in that blaze right before his eyes, but someone he does know did—Konstantine.

(Though that isn’t to say that Kallus doesn’t care if Sato dies. He would definitely care. It probably wrecked Kallus even more to hear that the leader of Phoenix Squadron died partly because of him in order to kill Konstantine. What I’ve been saying in the past few paragraphs is that you seem to be invalidating the relationship between Kallus & Konstantine, so I pointed out why in terms of story context and meta, his relationship with Konstantine means more than his relationship with Sato.)

Might I add that it’s been hinted a couple times throughout the season that he’s reluctant about putting down other Imperials, even if it’s for the greater good.

For example, as annoyed he could be with Lyste trying to show off, Kallus only intended to use Lyste to distract the other Imperials by making them think he’s the spy until they realize Kallus flew off with the rebels—meaning HE’S the real spy, and Lyste is innocent, so for all Kallus knew, Lyste would be let off the hook. Kallus resorted to framing Lyste because the latter shooting Pryce made everything seemingly perfect for Kallus to stay.

In addition, back in “An Inside Man”, when Azadi comms Kanan that his rebels are going to attack the east wing of the Imperial factory, Kallus looks briefly shocked, then turns away with a reluctant facial expression.

It’s like if a well-meaning person that doesn’t know any better (like a kid) is surrounded by bad people, and then when they realize that these people are bad, they leave. But that person’s been around these people long enough to know who they are and why they do these things. You know firsthand that they could have been better than they are now. You wish things were better. But you have to live your own life now, and sometimes that means you’ll be in direct opposition of the people you used to call friends.

(Disclaimer: I used this analogy to better connect to readers. I am not saying Kallus is innocent or anything like that, because he was in a state where he should’ve known better before he did what he did as an Imperial.)

So, yeah, like I said before, Kallus didn’t know Sato died right then and there until later, probably. So in that moment, he felt bad about a fellow officer he’s worked alongside for months even though those feelings may not be reciprocated if the two switched places. A bit of turn the other cheek.

anonymous asked:

HEY! It's Spanish anon✌🏼how would 2D react to a s/o who cooks some bomb ass Spanish food 🤤(I want some food right now)

A/N: i keep listening to west coast by lana while answering these and i am filled with the urge to draw the husband in miami looking fly as fuck but later cause busy

ALSO i read in an interview like 80 years ago 2d was asked how he keps himself thin or something and he said he had various allergies to foods n shit and i took a little bit of that here but this phase he seems to not give a shit what he eats lol me and risks it for the biscuit you know? idk here you go

  • When you said you had a surprise for him later that night he first assumed it was something sexual, earning concerned glances from his peers and band-members as he had sported a goofy grin on his face all day. ahHYUCK ogfucksorrytheybothhavegappedteathfuck
  • He stares down at the plate in front of him once you serve him, not expecting anything like this at all as he examines the foreign meal. He doesn’t complain though, he enjoys a change in meals as pizza every night was beginning to bore him.
  • He eats it eagerly, finishing the entire plate when he’s done. He compliments your cooking skills too when you’re done and asks you if you could make it more frequently.
  • While the two of you are enjoying a film on the couch, during one of the more quiet scenes, his stomach growls loudly, startling you both. His face loses all color as it growls again before he bolts into the bathroom.
  • Whenever you cook for him, you make sure he takes a few antacid tablets before he eats.

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Its’s Just Too Easy *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Requested by a-girl-who-loves-disney : Hi!!! I saw that requests were open and I was wondering if I could make a request for a Steve Rogers x Reader Christmas themed one. So Steve and reader are together and she has the power of teleportation. She carries around mistletoe and keeps teleporting around to wherever Steve is at the Avengers base and raising the mistletoe and kissing him, then teleporting away. Maybe he eventually is the one to catch her for a kiss. :) Lots of fluff, cuteness, and blushing lol. :) Have a great day!
Warnings: Fluff, probably swearing and Steve being a massive goofball
Admins Note: Thanks for requesting such a cute one-shot! I literally ‘awed’ out loud earning a weird look from my brother. 

The first time you teleported near Steve he didn’t think much of it. You usually use your power to get around, although you can’t use it too much otherwise it drains you, which isn’t good. He was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, Sam was beside him, along with Pietro and Bruce in the same room. It was silent except for the TV, it was on some sports show that Pietro likes to watch, the volume was turned down but it was loud enough to be background noise. 

You appeared beside your boyfriend with a huge grin, a look of determination in your (E/C) eyes, Steve was slightly confused, to say the least. Your hand was held above you both, he looked up and deeply chuckled, mistletoe was dangling between your small fingers and the blush that cascaded across the Super Soldiers face was priceless. 

Before Steve could say or do anything, you leant forward and pecked his lips, you pulled away before he could kiss back and then you vanished; he frowned and looked at Natasha for some indication on what just happened, she shrugged and went back to playing Connect-4 with Sam.

The second time you teleported beside Steve he was walking down the corridors, holding a few files for Tony, the corridor was silent and he was still reeling from the morning incident. You did like to tease him, a lot actually, probably more than Tony at times but he always got you back. You appeared right in front of him, a bright grin as he jumped, skidding to a halt because he didn’t want to run into you. 

You held the mistletoe up and stood on your tippy-toes and kissed his jaw, it was the closest thing you could reach before he could grab you; you suddenly disappeared again. An annoyed sigh escaped Steve, this was turning into a game, he knew that much, he shook the annoyance out of him before carrying on to Tony; on high alert for you now. 

The third and fourth time happened right after each other. Steve was stood talking to Tony, Thor, and Wanda, about random topics but more importantly, Tony was snickering at the fact you were being hilarious. You appeared amongst the group, holding the mistletoe you pulled Steve down, kissed him quickly and leaving again, he lets out an annoyed huff of air. Cursing and turning around, except you were right there and stole another kiss, leaving and Steve shouted for you to appear.

The fifth and final time; Steve was training with Bucky, both just sparring for fun and not really doing much damage to each other, a few trash talk words were thrown but it made them laugh at their stupid comebacks. You prayed you wouldn’t get hit during this one, you gripped the mistletoe and waited till they started to slow down, eventually you found a pause and appeared beside Steve. 

Bucky grinned as you kissed Steve’s cheek, Steve went to grab your hand but you were gone, he let out a long dramatic sigh at his best friend. 
It was the time you got caught out, he left the gym, walking fast to his own room to get showered and pray you wouldn’t show up in that moment. 

He silently and steadily walking through the corridors, you had to be somewhere within the Avengers Base, then he heard your laughter along with; Sam and Natasha’s voice. He peeked around the doorframe, you were watching Sam and Natasha play a game console, he had forgotten the name. 

He watched you as he crept up behind you, you didn’t even know he had found you, Sam had noticed Steve stalking towards you. You let out a slight scream when two arms grabbed you from behind, the scream turned into laughter when you instantly knew it was Steve, he spun you around and a stern serious face was on his.

Took you long enough” you mocked, he raised an eyebrow, you shouldn’t be teasing Steve. 

You” he pointed at you “little lady are in so much trouble,” he tells you, you chuckle still in his grip, it was tight but not enough to cause discomfort. He smiles at you, a glimmer of amusement of today’s events appearing in his blue eyes, he couldn’t deny how cute you looked every time you held the mistletoe up. He leant down and captured your lips in his own, he didn’t want to rush the kiss, like you had been all frigging day; both your hands went into his short, soft blonde hair, his own still on your sides holding you in place. 

You pulled away first, Steve pulled you back into another kiss, not satisfied fully with the kiss before. This kiss had the presence of determination, satisfaction, and passion, it made you smile into his lips and he always loved the strawberry lip-gloss you wore… it made the kisses a lot sweeter. 

“Right” he hoisted you over his shoulder, you began laughing, yelling him to put you down “punishment, (Y/L/N). You think you can get away with pulling that crap all day?” he asked, you giggled as he waved at his friends carrying you down the corridor, you had no idea where. You see Bucky exit a room, he frowned looking at you and Steve.

BUCKY,” You tell, it sounded like Steve was kidnapping you “HELP! Steve is going punish me, I haven’t done anything wrong” Steve stopped and turned, you could still see Bucky, he was now raising his eyebrows at his best friend. You held your hand in a begging motion, pleading the other super soldier to help you.

“Sorry, doll” Bucky shrugged, Steve grinned “I’m pretty, damn sure you’ll enjoy the punishment though” he suggestively winked, causing both you and Steve to blush, Bucky just laughed as Natasha could be heard laughing in the other room; you weren’t exactly talking quietly. 

“James Buchanan Barnes, you wash your mouth out!” you scold as Steve carried you through the hallway, he was still laughing, raising his metal thumb and just grinned in response “otherwise Steve will punish you next” you yelled, a laugh escaped you, Bucky shakes his head and runs off and Steve just lets out another annoyed sigh.

Why am I always the butt of the jokes?” he asked silently, you giggled, trying to look at Steve but failing.

“It’s just too easy,” You tell him, running a hand through his hair, he simply rolled his eyes in response. 

(Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie- Rosalee)

anonymous asked:

Can you post some hc of yoongi and bts?? (I'm sorry if this is annoying of me to ask)

(noo you’re not annoying don’t worry! i’m sorry if i get annoying with my long ass answers though TT) 

hmmm i’m gonna assume this means bts in general and not in relation to any AUs of mine?

ok i’m gonna go by member

(btw these are my own headcanons and you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to ^^)

((although most of them are based on things bts has said, done, talked about, etc))

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