but look at him he is so presh


(Colin Ebeling - Betsey’s son - and his husband Will sandwich Hillary)

I’ve looked at his other Hillary-related Facebook posts and now I’m ugly crying. Happy pride month y'all.

JB appreciation post

Alright I already made one for Jinyoung so I think that in light of the comeback it’s only right that I make JB the second one in this series. Let’s begin, shall we?

He is the softest i stg

punch me

s o f t 

he’s also literally a boyfriend 




B O Y F R I E N D– let’s move on before i combust ok

He’s also so motherfucking hot that he could literally punch me in the face and I would thank him


Idk about u but I’m fucked up

c h r i s t 

could u leave with those intense brown eyes sir

me rn

anyway, besides being extremely fucking adorable and soft and SO GODDAMN SEXY, he has an angelic voice and a smile that once brought a puppy back to life


he also looks like he’s 7 when he does that little crouch-y thing (mind you, I was literally in tears when I took this screenshot)

Bonus photo:

okay i’m really done now, just stan our lil leader! He deserves it!! He’s so talented– writes a lot of his own lyrics and can sing his ass off. He’s soft and presh and not scary! My soft baby feeds stray cats in his downtime and gets shy when ahgases call him cute. He also flirts with them. I cry. leave me alone to drown in my tears but stan my lil muffin while ur at it. 

As always, none of these photos are mine (except the screenshot) and all credits go to their original makers.

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The way you drew kuroo's hair in ur last post makes it look so soft and fluffy and I loVE IT

It IS!!! The floofiest hair!!!! It’s a mess but super soft I’m 100% sure of it

Anon said: I’m so happy I finally got to see a bit more of Mina’s personality ;-; I’m love her??? She’s so presh????

I KNOW RIGHT that’s why she’s my fav, she’s so bubbly and happy and bright and silly and super strong I love her a lot!! I wish she’d have more spotlight, honestly o<-<


ANON I’M SORRY BUT HE KINDA REALLY DESERVED IT HAHAHA okay real talk for one single second, Kami has something like a pathological need to look cool and he acts like he’s the coolest cool kid to ever be cool, which usually ends up with him not looking cool one bit out of cosmic retribution or something, it’s kind of a running joke and we all need to get used to it but it makes it all the better when the one time he does look super cool rolls around and he isn’t even trying !!!! amazing that boy is amazing

Anon said: Was the fight between Kiri and Tetsu everything you hoped to see? Remember, we still haven’t seen the sparkles~~~~~

A n o n I’m never satisfied with the amount of Tetsu and Kiri I get because it could always be more there’s never enough Tetsu and Kiri interactions I die every time r i p (true story the match started, the focus shifted on Uraraka and Deku and I might or might not have straight out gone who cARES let’s get back to my kids!!) (I love them too much what can I do I wish they’d shown me the whole fight really haha)

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i think one of the things i love most about bran is how much i love how much his siblings love him.  like for each of the others i have a ~favorite~ dynamic that captures my interest more than the others, but for bran, i feel like a kid in a candy shop because i love his relationship with robb, i love his relationship with sansa, i love his relationship with arya, i love his relationship with rickon, i love his relationship with jon, i love his relationship with

One thing I love about Robotboy is how gentle he is when he picks Tommy up by his shirt to catch or carry him:

Like, Ro knows where on Tommy’s shirt to grab so that he doesn’t choke his best friend or cause him discomfort, even when he’s Superactivated.

Ro is very gentle when handling his kids.

Unlike Protoboy and Affenkugel, who holds Tommy’s shirt with so much force and doesn’t care if it hurts him:

If you look closely you can see tears in Tommy’s eyes! Whether he knows this or not, Protoboy is slowly cutting off Tommy’s airway. Tommy would have probably passed out if Proto hadn’t let him go to let him fall to his death.

Note to self: Darken Billy’s hair color next time you draw him.

Honestly, it’s kinda hard to peg the exact or right colors since Billy’s ghost form is transparent and his hair looks lighter/darker in some scenes. :v

But the way I’ve been coloring his hair now seems way too light compared to these pics. If you’ve noticed, I finally got the right colors for his skin and clothes. I also darkened his eyebrows, starting with “My Blue Boys” and his outline in my “Billy and Billy :P” pic. So I think he’s looking way better!

I’m also working on how to accurately draw Billy’s presh bean-shaped head, which is honestly harder than it looks to recreate in Adobe Illustrator, especially since I don’t have a tablet and have to rely on my glitchy mouse ;3;. But I’m getting closer to accurately drawing the perfect ghost boy! <3. Sorry I’ve been drawing so much of him :c. But he’s just so noodly and fun!!! <3 <3

newtina thoughts #4

are you ready kids

  • I’m in love with the way newt looks at her
  • not just at her, but INTO her
  • sharp, intense, definitely thinking a lot more than he says
    • seeing a lot more than he implies?
  • he’s definitely drawn to her
  • and i love how big a part of his journey tina is? like technically he gets off the boat and the first place he goes to he bumps into tina
    • like literally, she’s eating a hot dog, how american
  • and he just gets her from the get go like
  • when newt and tina track the niffler to jacob’s apartment
  • and newt gets there first and fixes it and sits on the bed with his trunk on his lap
  • and then he laughs a little when tina asks if the niffler got loose again
  • like he finds it absolutely amusing 
  • but he knows she won’t approve so he just. fixes stuff and minimizes damanges. like a dork

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Hee, my url?? hehe))

Send your URL to hear…

  • My muse’s opinion of your muse

“Lewy’s…nice, though he does like to tease a lot and can get a bit TOO personally involved sometimes. N-Not that it’s a bad thing though…I appreciate it…”

  • My opinion of your muse

They have so many muses and all of them are so awesome, i just love them a bunch already. Though, it may be a little bias, Lewy probably currently my favorite, since he’s got a lot of different sides to him and it’s fun to see all those side. But overall, he is just a big old snuggle bug of a boo and that is just presh.

  • My favorite part about our muse’s interactions

I enjoy how much Lewy already seems to care for Rainboo’s well being and is always looking out for him. Also, the teasing is just precious and love how much Lewy likes flustering him and seeing him light the heckle up. It’d adorable.

  • A wish/plot I want to write for our muses

So, very very very many plots and AUs to be had…I just…gimme all them and lets see how these boys do CB

  • A way your muse has made mine better

I guess Lewy can help Rainboo not be so rash with his decisions…especially trying to solve his issues on his own while on his own. Though, he’d definitely have to get through that thick and stubborn skull of his first XD

All answers will be truthful. Do not send if you do not want honesty.

Out of limits - Part One

Storyline: Luke is the quarterback of the senior boys football team, he only tried out for the team a month ago and he already has scouts all over him. Calum was the first to befriend Luke and welcome him onto the team, while others were jealous of Luke for his skills. One night after a huge win Luke is introduced to Calum's best friend Y/N, and he falls attracted to her immediately. Luke however isn’t aware of the protective hold Calum has on Y/N. Y/N wants Luke. There’s no questioning it, but with Calum’s “out of limits” rule to any of the boys on the team she know’s it won’t be easy. Will the two of them be able to make it work even with Calum’s strict rules?

Requested: No.

Smut: Not yet. 

Word count: 2700+

Out of limits - Part One

Luke’s POV

Come on Luke, you’ve got this. I thought to myself as I positioned myself to throw the ball. It’s was cool outside, the field smelt wet and earthy. I could hear the crowd loud and cheering, if I made this throw we’d win. I slowly dragged my arm behind my head swinging my arm up and forward before letting the ball fall out of my grip. I watched it go spiraling down the field, my breathing stopped as I watched. I heard the crowd roar in cheers before being tackled to the ground by my team.

 “What a throw kid!” My coach shouted patting me on the back as we all walked towards the bleachers. “I knew there was something special about you ever since tryouts. Scouts are going to be all over you Hemmings, know that!” He grinned adjusting his hat while grabbing his phone out of his back pocket. 

“Luke! That was insane! Congrats man!” I heard one of the boys shout behind me. I looked back to find the face it belonged to and I saw Calum smiling before tossing me my water bottle.

“Thanks! You played pretty bad if I’d say so myself.” I joked taking a sip of my water. Calum smiled and tackled me onto the field as we wrestled it out; we laughed and tiredly sat up as we caught our breaths.

“Get off the ground you dorks.” I heard a girls voice speak up from behind us. Both of us turned and stood up, greeting the girl with flushed cheeks. 

“Oh would you shut up.” Calum smirked as he picked her up into a tight hug, twirling her around. 

“Ew Cal, get off me you smell like a sweaty football player.” She giggled as Calum shoved her playfully. I brought my eyes up to see her looking directly at me.

“Hey Luke, good game!” She shouted grinning at me and waved me over to them. I smiled and began to walk over to them.

“It was pretty good, better than I’ve ever seen this big boy play.” I chuckled winking causing her to fall into giggles and Calum to straighten himself out.

“I don’t think we’ve officially met. I’m Y/N.” She smiled staring up at me. I looked down at her; she was shorter than Calum and by far shorter than me. Her eyes were piercing and her face was flawless. I followed my gaze to her chest and brought my eyes down her body, taking her entrancing being in. I looked back up to her and smiled, sticking my hand out. 

“Luke.” I responded as I felt her small soft hand grip mine.

Your POV 

“I don’t see what’s so bad about him. He only got here a month ago and he seems like a total sweetheart to me.” I argued as I turned onto Calum’s street. He had been going off about how I should watch myself around Luke for the whole ride home.

“Nothing’s wrong with him Y/N. I just want to get to know him before you try and get it, or whatever you girls call it.” He sighed eyeing me. 

“Oh how presh, Calum’s looking out for me. This is new.” I grinned as I raised my eyebrow and pulled into the driveway.

“You know I’ll always look out for you, no matter what.” He said staring at me with a straight face. 

“I know. I know! I’ll be careful. I just want to explore a little. He seems like a good time. Plus australian and sexy.” I giggled as I watched Calum roll his eyes. “He pulls off the whole ‘just off the field’ look better than you do.” I admitted grimacing at him. I watched as Calum ran his hand through his already disheveled hair and turned toward me.

“You’re crazy, no one can be better than this.” He boasted as he wriggled his eyebrows causing me to fall into another fit of giggles. 

“Alright you little shit, get out of my car. You’re stinking it up.” I taunted unlocking the car door.

“You’ll miss me. Thanks again for driving me.” Calum laughed as he leaned in and kissed my cheek before grabbing his bag and sliding out of the car. I waved and watched him disappear into his house before pulling out of the driveway.

Luke’s POV

It was Saturday night and the team had decided we should go bowling. I agreed happily and picked up a few of the guys who didn’t have a ride, in my car on the way. When we got to the bowling alley all the guys snickered and smirked as they pulled on their shoes. I brought my eyes to locate what they were looking at and saw Y/N standing talking to Calum. She was wearing faded blue jeans and an extremely tight black tank top that complimented her skin.

“What a lucky bastard. I mean have you seen her body? I bet you they fuck in her car after practice.” Michael Clifford, our team’s wide receiver, said looking over at me.

“What about you Luke?” He asked. “What do you think of her?”

“She’s incredibly attractive.” I agreed nodding my head as I glanced back over at Calum and Y/N, wondering if it was true. They did seem rather close, and no guy would turn down a girl like that in their right mind.

“I bet you she gives great jaw.” I heard one boy say.

“She’s probably loud in bed. So fucking hot.” Another one of them added. I flinched at the way they talked about her and decided to walk down to the lanes. 

“Hey Luke! Glad you came!” Y/N smiled up at me. I grinned down at her before noticing the line of skin showing between her jean line and shirt.

“Yeah, me to!” I chimed looking down at the ground as I felt Calum’s eyes on me. 

“Enjoying it?” Calum questioned raising an eyebrow. I felt my jaw tense.

“Enjoying what?” I asked calmly.

“The city?” He inquired with a puzzled look on his face, even though I knew exactly what he meant. 

“Oh yeah! It’s nice.” I replied rolling up the sleeves on my shirt. Calum and I had been too busy talking about ‘The City’ to notice that the boys were all over Y/N, especially Michael. I watched as Calum sighed and started to put the list of names down into the computer. I guess he had just gotten used to the locker room talk. Lucky him, doesn’t happen very often.

“So Luke, want to come with me to get drinks?” Y/N asked as she glanced over at me, I stared over at Calum and watched his jaw lock before looking back over at her.

“Yeah sure.” I swallowed as I stepped up next to her.

Your POV 

I stared at Luke as we stepped up the stairs and away from the boys, taking a minute to admire his good looks. He was quite a bit taller than me; and his quiffed blonde hair made his good looks, look easy. He had bright blue eyes, a chiseled jaw and full lips that were adorned by a black metal ring.

“I hate those guys. They’re all assholes.” I managed to say before completely losing myself to his attractiveness.

“Oh yeah? I kinda got that feeling.” Luke chuckled looking down at me.

“Like honestly, the only reason their ever nice to a girl is because they want to get her in bed. Other than that their total jerks.” I declared stopping at the concession area as I put a hand on my hip. I could feel Luke’s eyes on me as I began to order drinks and snacks and I tried my hardest not to blush, but I knew my cheeks were flushed.

“I’ve got it.” I smiled as I pulled out my wallet grabbing the amount of cash due. 

“No. It’s one thing for those guys to try and get into your pants, you don’t need to pay for those dickheads.” He reckoned pushing my cash back to me before paying with his own money. I smiled at how polite he was. Calum didn’t know what he was talking about. I watched as Luke picked up the trays and walked carefully next to me. When we got back to the lane the boys had already started. Luke placed the trays down on the table before stepping back to sit down on the bench.

“It’s your turn Y/N!” One of the boys shouted at me as I looked away from Luke. I sheepishly smiled and walked over to the bowling balls before leaning over to pick one up. I didn’t realize how low cut my shirt was until I was leant over and could feel all of the boy’s eyes on me. I slowly stood up with the ball in my hand, realizing how revealing my outfit was. I cursed myself under my breath as I walked with the ball. I heard a whistle come from behind me and I knew exactly whose whistle it was; Michael’s. Before I had even thrown my ball I knew Calum was up against Michael, I turned around shamefully as I saw Calum lift a fist to Michael.

“Dude! I was just playing!” Michael stammered lifting his hands up innocently. 

“One more time Michael, and I swear. She’s like my god damned sister you know that?” Calum growled roughly letting go of Michael.

“I know bud, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” Michael nodded at Calum seriously. I realized how bad of an idea the whole situation was. This was boy time. I wasn’t meant to be here. It was time for the boys to talk about girls and take their minds off Football.

“Here” A shy voice spoke up from behind me. I looked back to see Luke holding out his jacket. 

“Thanks.” I mumbled pulling it on before grabbing my phone and slipping off my shoes, quickly returning them to an employee.

“Where are you going?” I heard Calum’s voice shout from behind me.

“Home. Catch a ride with Luke.” I shot bitterly before walking out of the doors and into the parking lot. I hopped into my car and started the engine catching my breath before I started to drive home. I could feel tears stinging my eyes, blurring my vision slightly as I drove faster; it had started raining and was getting foggy out. I finally pulled into my driveway after what had seemed like forever. I stared into my lap as I grabbed my phone and keys before making a mad dash for my house.

When I got inside I slipped off Luke’s jacket and pulled on a sweater. I groaned as I sat down on the edge of my bed rubbing my head roughly trying to take away the stress. I felt stupid for how the night had turned out; it was my fault. Everything. If I hadn’t dressed so slutty Michael wouldn’t of whistled, Calum wouldn’t of gotten mad, and Luke, well I pretty much just embarrassed myself enough in front of Luke I don’t think he’ll ever want to talk to me again. Calum had always been protective, but he had taken it too far at this point. 

Luke’s POV

 Calum and I sat awkwardly in my car as we were managing to literally hit every red light. After Y/N left, the boys just shook it off saying things like “Oh you know girls.” and “It’s probably her time of the month.” But Calum and I hadn’t managed to let go of it that easily.

“So.” I began before letting my voice trail off.

“It’s bad isn’t it?” Calum asked still staring out the window.

 “What?” I puzzled looking at him confused.

“How I react to other guys liking Y/N.” He groaned shifting to face me. “I mean I’ve known her since grade three! What do they expect? I love her. Not in the dating sense no, but some days I do love her more than a girlfriend, just in a different way. The thing is, I’ve watched her go through so many painful heart breaks, and so many periods of depression because of some asshole, that I let myself go whenever a jerk crosses the line. I want the best for her. That’s why I act like that. She doesn’t understand that, she thinks I just don’t want her to be happy. Which is the exact opposite. I would love for her to fall in love with a guy who genuinely likes her, for her. And not her body. Or how good she is in bed. She’s the number one topic in the locker room and it pisses me off what those boys say about her. Dude, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t of tried to hit Michael if you were me.” He finished staring at me.

“No, I would’ve done the exact same thing bud. It sounds like you need to explain to Y/N the real reason you’ve been like this.” I suggested as I turned into Y/N’s neighbourhood.

“I agree, but this isn’t where I live.” He said shortly looking at me. 

“I know. We’re going to talk to Y/N. And if you would please give me a chance to show you that I’m good enough for Y/N I know I can prove to you that I am. I know I’ve done some things that wouldn’t catch your approval, but that’s in the past. How about a clean fresh slate, and if I don’t prove to you that I’m good enough, I’ll stop.” I offered pulling into Y/N’s driveway and parking the car, before turning to Calum to shake his hand.

“Alright Hemmings, I’ll give you a chance. Use it wisely.” Calum stated taking my hand and shaking it with a slight grin on his face. 

“I promise, I will.” I nodded grimacing at him before the both of us jumped out of the car and ran to Y/N’s porch to get out of the rain. I ran my hands through my hair and knocked on the door taking a step back as we waited for the door to open.

After about five minutes Calum and I were still standing staring at the door.

“We’ll talk to her tomorrow.” I spoke up before turning towards the driveway. 

“Hold on a sec.” Calum said from behind me. I looked over to see him twist the doorknob and push the door open. He looked over and smiled sheepishly. I shook my head and we both walked into the house.

“Y/N?” Calum called into the empty house. I could hear music coming from upstairs; we both turned and began to walk up the stairs before entering her room.

“She’s probably showering.” Calum noted nodding to the couch in her room. We both sat down and fell quiet as we waited.

Your POV

 I stepped out of the shower reaching for a towel.


Of course I would forget a damn towel. I picked up a small hand towel and lightly dried my hair with it. I decided since it was just me at home tonight it would be fine to walk out without any clothes on to grab a towel. I sighed and looked in the mirror at my reflection before turning towards the door. I had managed to calm down a bit after I had gotten home and relaxed. I had decided to take a shower so I wouldn’t have to in the morning. I grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open before stepping into my room. I stopped in my tracks and felt myself freeze as two sets of wide eyes mulled me over.

“Fuck, guys!” I screamed trying to cover my upper and lower body with my arms, which wasn’t tending to work to well. I could feel my face heat up as I noticed Luke’s shocked expression. He bit his lip before looking down at the ground. Calum had looked away within the first minute cursing himself for not thinking over the possibility of me being completely naked.

“I’m… uhm… I’m sorry; we were - uhh coming to talk to you about earlier. The door was unlocked and I didn’t think about you not being dressed.” Calum explained clearing his throat still looking to the side. I felt nervous standing there. I slowly reached behind me and grabbed a towel off my shelf wrapping it around me tightly before looking back to them.

“I should’ve locked the front door. Save myself from pervs like you.” I chuckled rolling my eyes at them. Luke looked up slowly and sighed as his eyes wandered my face.

“Good idea.” Calum swallowed, relaxing a bit as he looked up. 

Doodled this on lunchbreak but O+< Another Shinachiku design that I’ve seen a lot of the fandom drawing and that I just love.. I love all the designs for this kid that are out there! The idea that he can have so many different looks and forms and personalities really gives the feeling that he’s the whole NaruSaku fandom’s baby whom we all adore. And dangit, I love that feeling so much.

Blonde hair, orange hair, pink hair–give me all the forms of this adorable boy because they’re all unique and brilliant in their own ways o|—-< FANDOM, KEEP THIS BBY ALIVE AND GROWING.


his dad making sure the shirt fits right on him. so that’s where he got his clean freakiness from lol

i know sth emotional gon happn at Beijing con cuz its a special one for Luhan and i was right , fuq i woke up early for that and baam feels and emotions crashed in like a freaking tsunami ;___;

He still looked weak but he still performed and smiled. He told fans to take care and dont fall sick and thanked the fans who support him and those who came from afar. He told us to take care of ourselves and dont fall sick but look at yourself idiots. We’re the healthy ones in the end and you can barely open your eyes ;u; And he teared up and just cried silently, then wiped away his tears while smiling. His yellow ocean is beautiful, omg the projects and support for him today is amazinggg and he was rlly touched when Suho said this con means as much to Luhan as much as the Seoul con to the Korean members. I know he gon come back tho he isnt fully well yet but its his first concert in his hometown. So his fans made sure to make it special, esp when he fell sick right before that

Then Tao, he’s prob rlly tired emotionally from what happened in Hainan. He said he’s ok and he dont care but boy we know u better than that. You keep it to urself, and he cried today too :( He said that he did nothing wrong so he doesnt need to explain himself. What right is right, what’s wrong is wrong an as long as he has us, its enough. I hope you let it out and truly stick to ur words cuz i know you care and ur affected but ur strong, you’re Tao after all :)

And did i mention all the heartwarming moments between the members w Luhan omg Chen hugged him like its been the longest time its freaking adorable. Then Xiumin w him for that Gee perf and he touched Luhan when he passed by like some kind of acknowledgment. Tao looks at Luhan w hearts in his eyes tho its creepy af but its presh cuz the night before he was showing fans Luhan Die Jungs photo on his phone haha U miss bickering w Lu ge dont u. And Suho mention Luhan a lot, and Lu carried Kai and Sehun w Luhan walked to the banner section of Selu and crying Yixing called the china line : Beijing’s prince, Qingdao’s master and himself as Changsha’s lil pride haha they’re so presh <3

And what I’m worrying about now is the usual - their health. Luhan just come back from his break, and some bitch bashed him said why is he still sick after the break like bitch just wait im coming for u, anw he apologized for his swollen eyes cuz he has thoat infections and there’s a cut on his arms,prob cut by sth and we all know he has bruises and scars esp on his legs. He looks a bit better, but still rlly tired and if he looks like this now, it must be rlly bad before cuz he didnt even show up in public. Throat infection and swollen eyes and god knows what TT.TT 

Chanyeol is unwell and its sad he feels guilty for it like no dont be, its not like u wish it upon urself.  Sehun isnt well either, fans said he hurt his legs or sth he was walking weirdly but he covered his mouth too? idk what’s wrong but he didnt appear at the end so sth must have happened sigh and the rest dont say anything but im pretty sure all of them are not at their best states rn and are either sick or injured

And u know what, there’s news that said EXO gon officially debut in Japan and after finish Japan tours they gon come back. Like what in the world, they have 9 freaking tours in Japan and a comeback tho not sure if its a mini album or single, most likely not full album cuz thats insane and they have year end award too? Last year they didnt even have tours but just practicing for year end shows turn them into zombie and now a Japanese debut and come back, u want them dead dont u -_-  It’s not confirmed yet but it’s expected for a comeback cuz there’s been rumors since the beginning at this year and they usually come back at that time too but rlly , idk if they can go on looking so lifeless like that

Not to mention debut in Japan means way less photos, fancams and fanacc because u know how it is in Japan. they gon go sooner or later but at this time, its not a rlly good idea to debut in a new market w a new language when ur idols look like shiet. not like SM care but can they at least work things out or idk debut next year, cuz rn i just want to fast forward to New Year so they can go home and rest again