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You Crying Over Last Dance (BIGBANG)

“Hi! Could you do a bigbang reaction to them finding you crying about the one last dance mv?”

basically me every time i watch it don’t even bring up top omg

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He would completely freeze when he came into the room, looking at your tear stained cheeks. He would sit beside you, raising your chin up so you could look at him. Gently, he’d coax out of you why you were crying. He’d instantly feel sympathetic that it was his group that made you cry but would hold you until you felt better. He would rock you a little in his arms to help soothe you.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s just a video.”

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He’d sit in silence and hold you as you cried into his shoulder. You were sobbing about his part in the video particularly. He would gently stroke your hair, mumbling words of comfort with his soothing voice. He would lift up your head so he could look at you. He’d wipe a tear away with his thumb and cup your face in his hands. He’d gaze at you sincerely - reassuring you.

“I am right here baby. I am not going anywhere.”

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(this doesn’t seem real, february is too close now)

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Big Bang Reacting to their S/O wearing their shirt

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T.O.P - He’d wake up one morning to find you out of bed. He’d walk downstairs, only to find you standing in the kitchen in only his shirt. He’d walk up behind you, wrap his arms around your waist and mumble into your ear. “You look so good jagi.”

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Taeyang - He wouldn’t be surprised to find you in his shirt. You’d always seemed to wear his clothes; more than you wore your own. That wouldn’t stop him from getting a little turned on though.

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G-Dragon - He’d see you walk out of the bathroom in his shirt, bare feet, and hair still messy from the night before. He wouldn’t be able to stop his mind from wandering and give you a grin. “Come back to bed baby.” he’d grin.

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Daesung - It was the first time he’d ever seen you in his shirt, and even though he’d find it incredibly sexy, he’d find the fact that it went so far down your legs adorable and tease you for it. “Jagi! You’re about to disappear!”

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Seungri - He’d see you casually walking out in nothing but his shirt and be a little shocked, but he’d grab your waist and pull you into him. “Do you know how sexy you look right now jagi?”

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