but look at her outfit


*Miere - Romanian for “honey”  

Wanda looked over her outfit with a critical eye. “You’re sure about this?”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes dramatically from behind her. You brought your hand up to motion to her body in the mirror.  “Wanda, c’mon, you look gorgeous. What is it with you Maximoffs? You could wear a paper bag and make it sexy!”

“Us Maximoffs?” Wanda asked, her head cocked to the side. “As in myself and… Pietro?”

You blushed and hung your head, cursing yourself under your breath. You raised your eyes cautiously to meet her own in the mirror. Her mouth was stretched into a large, bright smile.

“Shut up,” you mumbled slightly.

“I knew it,” Wanda cried. “You have to tell him! But wait until I’m in the room. Please. If you care anything about me you will wait for me to be there.”

You raised an eyebrow at her. “Okaaay… why?”

Wanda turned to you so quickly you were sure you were going to be struck by her long hair. She grabbed your upper arms and laughed. “Miere*, you’ve had him since we arrived.”

Your eyes widened and, without you even noticing, you grinned shyly. “Really?”

“You had to have known,” Wanda chuckled. “My brother, he is not one to hide his feelings well. Have you not noticed his staring? His flirting?”

You shrugged your shoulders lightly, your cheeks feeling like fire. “I just thought he was being goofy.”

Wanda shook her head and turned once more to the mirror to look at her outfit. “If you’re forcing me to take a risk it’s only fair if you take one, too. Tell him how you feel. You can thank me by choosing me as your maid of honor.”

Your eyes widened and you shook your head quickly. “I don’t know…”

Wanda pursed her lips then, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “That’s fine. I will tell him myself.”

“Wanda,” you warned. Wanda listened as she walked into the changing area, her grin permanently stapled onto her face. “Yes?”

“I- I will…”

Wanda snickered and peeked out from behind the changing stall, her long hair falling over her shoulder. “You will what?”

“Cry,” you half-laughed. “All over you.”

Wanda smirked. “And Pietro will comfort you. It’s a perfect plan.”

You rolled your eyes and plopped yourself onto the chair with a huff. “You damn Maximoffs. Making my life so-”

“Exciting,” Wanda finished with a wink.

You couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled from you. “Yeah, that’s the word I was looking for.”

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My favourite Jisoo look ever is the red and black outfit with her hair to the side in the whistle video... Beautiful, magnificent, ethereal, celestial

honestly i don’t even remember that look asdfgh this one?? i know u didn’t ask but now i have to share my favorites asdfg😭😭 this is gonna be long

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From beginning to end, Lillie was an amazing character in Pokemon Sun & Moon!!! Thank you Pokemon for such a wonderful companion!!! ❤️

some people asked for more big 3 and of course i couldn’t refuse :”)

Me: Ok llors, just do a quick edit of Solarra’s design in a screencap just to see how it looks like.

Brain: You are like little baby, watch this.