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CS AU: Witch & The Wolf 

Emma put a few more logs on the fire as the sun was nearly down and Killian would be there soon. She set to work making up their camp - a flick of her wrist and a grand tent appeared, a king sized bed right in the middle and loaded down with soft linens, plush pillows and a warm fur blanket. The soft twinkling lights that lined the ceiling was sure to create the perfect atmosphere, not that they really needed help. Next she magicked a cooler chest filled with delicacies they would surely need later in the night to replenish their spent energy along with wine and other assorted drinks.

A satisfied smile spread across her face as she gave the camp a once over. Nodding as she straightened her flannel shirt, she turned back to the fire and settled into a chair by the fire, watching the sunset. 

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One Shot - Cave Dweller

A/N: This is based off the 3x21 episode. It is my idea of what could have happened to Emma and Hook after fleeing off the ‘Rolly Joger” and Killian punching himself. This would be if the ball at King Mitus’ castle was not that evening and they had to seek shelter. Rated M for sexual content.


Emma was still feeling lightheaded. It had been hours since the kiss with the drunk Captain. Hours since Killian had burst into the cabin and in what appeared to be a fit of jealousy, punched himself. She shook her head trying to clear it of the fog that surrounded her brain. She absently touched her lips and she could still feel the heat of Captain Hook’s lips.

Killian glanced at Emma from the corners of his eyes and saw her touching her lips. His hands fisted at his sides. He felt a strange sensation. He knew what it was and he didn’t like it. They were still traipsing through the bloody Enchanted Forest looking for somewhere to make shelter for the night. He didn’t want them to be seen. He doubted Emma understood just how precarious their situation was.

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Fic: The Notebook, Ch 1

Read at AO3 (it’s my 100th AO3 fic!)

Summary: Regina finds a notebook in Granny’s that makes her look at Emma differently. 

Fuck, I want her so fucking much.

Regina’s brow furrowed as she looked at the stray notebook she’d found in Granny’s. She told herself she’d opened it to try to find the owner, not out of idle curiosity. She wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting—it was a little, yellow, spiral-bound thing, so school work maybe? Definitely not this. The handwriting was so familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

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“This will totally be how it is when CS has kids! One of the kids will get in trouble, Emma will have to play the bad guy, and Killian will be making jokes in the background. When Emma turns around, because the kids are giggling while they’re getting scolded, he’ll give her his best innocent look, and then be all mock stern with the kids about listening to their mum. @thesschesthair love your humor, feel like writing this into a ficlet???” - @ilovemesomekillianjones

@ilovemesomekillianjones because you’re a lovely and amazing human being, I wanted to give you this: I hope you like it. It’s short but sweet. Enjoy!!

Killian reached the front door at the same time as Emma did, tightening his grip on the grocery bags in his hand at the unhappy look on her face.

“You boys go in and sit your butts at that kitchen table.” She ordered the twins as they followed her orders, disappearing into the house with their heads down.

“Did something happen?”

Emma turned to him with a sigh.

“They decided it would be funny to cover Leroy in ketchup while Granny was watching them.” She briefed him before turning.

Killian couldn’t help the smirk that graced his features as he followed her inside.


Emma entered the diner to find Leroy wiping furiously at his red sticky beard and her two sons giggling uncontrollably at the counter. She didn’t get the chance to ask what had happened before Leroy was in front of her.

“You need to keep your brats under control, sister!” he screamed before pushing passed her and storming out the door.

Granny then stood before her, insisting that it was best to take them home. She felt the cold tone in the woman’s voice but couldn’t mistake the slight smile she saw her don when she turned.

“Get your things, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do when we get home.” She informed the boys. Her presence sobered the twins, as the realisation they were in trouble came crashing down. 

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ok so hear me out. What if one day Kuroo, a fighter under the shogun, stumbles upon a shrine nearly in ruins and prays for guidance because he’s so fucking lost in the woods and accidentally summons Kenma, the spirit of the forest?????? 

No One Needs to Know

Summary: CS EF AU,  Captain/Duckling 

Emma hears a noise in the middle of the night.

word count: 1083

For @thenthereshope Happy late birthday, babe! This isn’t the greatest, but I just love you so darn much. <3

She readjusts herself on the bench, stretching her legs out in front of her. The light of her candle illuminates the little corner of the library she’s sitting in quite nicely. Along with the full moon and the cloudless sky, there was actually quite a lot of light.

She loved this little nook. It had a wonderful view of the sea, and it didn’t have much foot traffic. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to spend much time here lately. Her parents had been very busy preparing for the big 25th-anniversary celebration of their rule.

The party had been wonderful. With delicious food and dancing, and lots of laughter.

Once it was over, Emma felt like she needed time to herself.  So, even though it was very late, she came here.


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«you know Bulma, I can’t stand goku anymore, even if we are together since.. EVER. His only thought is “train train train”.. and what about me??»
«oh no Chichi, don’t say those things. You two are perfect for each other. If it wasn’t for you goku would be lost. And I’m sure of it»
«I don’t know.. he seems to have something better to do..»
«vegeta is like him, don’t worry. they always been like this. have you notice how he looks at you? like the first time, he’s so in love with you! You just have to be patient with him.. anyway he’s always Goku!» THESE ARE NOT MY FANART, IF YOU KNOW THE ARTIST PLEASE TELL ME


Tem. XVII; the situation out west.