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i want a scene where emma and regina are working on something together until really late and they both end up falling asleep and in the morning regina wakes up and emma is asleep and laying on her and she's about to wake her up but then she rethinks and just stares at emma and has this look of confusion and love on her face

Since I’ve been in hospital, Amaya has been eating formula. I couldn’t even pump and have her eat that because I had a couple of contrast CTs. Nbd, I’m team #FedIsBest and believe strongly that the breastisbest movement is not only technically inaccurate but also actually quite toxic, but that’s neither here nor there..

You guys. Omg. I definitely do NOT remember the boys’ diapers being like this but I just changed my first formula diaper with Amaya and 😱😲😷 And I ran out of wipes after the first wipe. Of course. And no new packs of wipes to found nearby. We managed, but that is not how I envisioned my welcome home.

Stuart has gone to pick up my course of antibiotics and once I’ve completed them, she’s back on breast because girlfriend cannot handle this formula business.

"I don't want her to grow up just yet."

“Michael, stop putting our daughter in that high chair. Look, her face clearly says no!” I giggled, squatting to match the height of our daughter placed in the high chair, her face scrunched up in confusion.

“No? Come on baby, you like the high chair, right?” Michael’s face lit up, grinning widely while talking to his baby girl.

“Nope. I’m six, daddy!” She responded, giggling in the process, causing her dimples to pop out.

“She’s right, babe. Now come on, and put her on her favorite chair. You’ve been trying to force her into these high chairs for the past six years.” I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pouted, giving me a quick peck on the lips before kneeling down to match the height of his daughter.

A genuine sad expression came upon his face, looking at his baby girl’s face and mine repeatedly.

He stopped, looking at me straightly.

“I don’t want her to grow up just yet.”


I was honestly very sceptical about MIgma when she arrived here. I mean- … Migma was one of thefirst dolls that I’ve seen that I actually liked - the only thing that was always bugging me were her big eyes. So when Soom released Alice/Dreaming Migma, I was like “OMG O.O”.

Fast forward to right now. Migma has the same problem as Stella; without a face-up, her hea looks rather plain - and her upper lips looks weird. So had to give her a face-up, but still- … it too me two days to like her as Mea. Sure, the face-up won’t stay, she also needs her elf ears and needs to be airbrushed purple, but I at least need to like her as she is without all the add-ons. And well - I do like her now :3 Nareths body will get her next week, together with Rex, then We’ll see how well she and Nareth look together.

Oh and yes, Feeple65 fit perfectly fine into Iplehouse nYID clothes (even better though, because Vera came with medium busts and her dress seems to be made for the large bust, orz).

Bechloe week, day 5: Taylor Swift

So there’s this Taylor Swift concert Fat Amy was looking forward to for months. She wanted all the Bellas to come, including Emily. She kinda surprised her friends with this news, they’ve never imagined her on a Taylor Swift concert, but they were willing to come with her, when it means so much…

But there was one little problem.

“What’s wrong, Becs?” - Chloe asked her best friend, after she noticed Beca won’t take the ticket she offered her. “Your face looks like you saw a ghost.” - Still no response from Beca, just her face becoming more and more white. The DJ gulped and looked away, heading to her desk. “What an interesting game! Let’s call it "Why Beca doesn’t want to go to a Taylor Swift concert”. Well yeah, the name is kinda long…“

"This is not funny, Chloe.” - Beca almost yelled at her friend, resting her hands on her desk with her eyes on her computer.

“Please tell me what is it… We both know I’m the most curious person on the Earth and I won’t let you go, until you tell me.” - The redhead came closer to Beca and wrapped her arms around her waist, placing her head on the tiny girl’s shoulders, standing behind Beca. The DJ sighed nervously. Being so close to Chloe wasn’t making things easier.

“Why do I have the feeling that we had this conversation before?” - Beca asked rhetorically, remembering the last time Chloe’s curiosity put them in an awkward, but yet hot situation. Chloe giggled at Beca’s comment because she knew that she meant their shower moment. The redhead felt good of the fact, that they both remember it.

“But if your excuse for not going to the concert is as stupid as the one when I asked you why are you so checked out, then the game is not worth it.” - Chloe pointed out, teasing her friend.

“It’s not a stupid reason.” - Beca whined again and instinctively turned her head to face Chloe. She then wished she didn’t. Because she knew how Chloe knew that it’s easier to take information from Beca Mitchell when you stay close to her, face to face… Eye to eye.

Chloe just waited for the brunette to say something. Chloe wouldn’t step back. And why would she? Her face was less than an inch far from her crush’s face. The redhead can’t tell how long she was waiting for this.

“It’s a pretty awkward situation.” - Beca said, trying to move her mouth as less as possible.

“I don’t see you stepping back.” - Chloe replied with a seductive smile. She got Beca there. The brunette just didn’t want to step back.
Chloe looked at her lips and Beca looked at Chloe’s. The ginger knew this may be her last chance to make a move, so that’s what she did.

Chloe pressed her lips on Beca’s. She was glad to notice that the DJ didn’t pull back. Instead of that, Beca kissed Chloe back, involving a tongue. The surprise of the brunette’s actions got bigger for Chloe, but she wasn’t complaining. They kept the kiss for another 30 seconds, until Beca opened her eyes and took a couple of steps back.

“You mustn’t do this!” - Beca found herself yelling at Chloe for the second time in her life but she still wasn’t sure how to continue.

“What? You kissed me back! But whatever, we’ll discuss this later.” - Chloe tried to come closer, but Beca stepped back again. Was the kiss such a strange thing for her? “Now just tell me the reason.” - The redhead realized they wouldn’t be in that situation if she wasn’t so curious.

“This is the reason, Chloe!” - Beca replied, but calmer than the first time. She knew Fat Amy is somewhere nearly and she could hear anything if she tried.

“What?” - Chloe crossed her arms, expecting the worse. Beca bowed her head, unable to face the ginger.

“Okay. Since the word is already on the street… For some time, I don’t know how long, when I’m listening to a Taylor Swift song and thinking of you in the same time, I start crying.” - The redhead raised her eyebrows, which made the DJ continue, knowing she has a lot to explain to make Chloe understand her right. “I mean, when I’m listening to ‘If this was a movie’, I recall all our memories together when the lyrics "I was playing back a thousand memories, baby
Thinking 'bout everything we’ve been through. Maybe I’ve been going back too much lately, When time stood still and I had you” and next thing I know, I catch myself crying. Just like when I was in love with Jesse and I cried at 'The Breakfast club’, you know?“

"That’s so sweet.” - Chloe came closer to her crush, smiling. But Beca took that as sneering and frowned.

“You can’t laugh at me, you don’t know what it’s like… You don’t know how it feels like to stop listening to Taylor Swift, just to push your feelings down.” - Chloe just giggled at how Beca is blind to the ginger having a crush on her.

“You ever listened to 'Style’? You know, it goes like "You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt. And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt. And when we go…” - Chloe sang the lyrics.

“Crashing down we come back every time…” - Beca continued the lyrics.

“We never go out of style, we never go out of style.” - They both sang in sync. After that, the room filled with awkward silence. But as much as shy Beca is, she likes proving her point:

“You see? I know the song. I know them all. And when I sing it, I think about how it’s made for us and for Claire and Bender. Because frankly, I’m Bender and you’re Claire.” - The brunette’s cheeks got so red when Chloe replied with a giggle. But the ginger didn’t want Beca to have the impression that it’s all a joke for her. It’s not. She just thinks it’s cute and she sees Beca’s soft side for the first time. She didn’t know how to react. “Why are you laughing?! I mean, I know you always tease me just to check my reaction and you don’t feel anything, but don’t play with my feelings!”

“I don’t know why I’m laughing. Maybe it’s because I try to figure out how the badass I fell in love with turned into a cry baby.” - Chloe said sarcastically, checking whether Beca will get the main idea of the sentence or not.

“Fuck you!” - Beca yelled. But her eyes widened when she realized Chloe basically said she’s in love with her. “Wait… what?”

“And it’s probably because you’re so unaware of the signs I’m always giving you that it’s actually adorable.” - Chloe added, making them both laugh. “But don’t you think that when you’re listening to 'If this was a movie’ it’s pretty ironic because you don’t like movies?”

“I hate you.” - Beca said while laughing. “Let me test you. Do you actually know why the lyrics we sang together are made for us?”

“Isn’t it because the first time we were staring at each other, you wore a white t-shirt with a gray shirt on it? It was on the first Bella meeting when you noted that there’s "nothing from this century” on The Bellas’ set.“ - Beca’s eyes brightened at Chloe’s reply. But it also made her kinda mad that Chloe didn’t say anything while she was uncovering her heart.

"Chloe Beale! You should’ve said something about that before I embarrassed myself!” - Beca tried to be serious, but her smile didn’t change. Chloe laughed, bowing her head.

“So.” - The redhead put her arms around Beca’s neck. “You comin’ to the concert? To face the fear? With me?” - Chloe begged.

“Something tells me there’s no reason to be afraid anymore. I mean, I was afraid that I’ll start crying in front of you guys and ruin your night and embarrass myself, but why would I cry now? The girl is mine.” - Beca said seductively and leaned to kiss Chloe, but the ginger stepped back.

“Not kissing on the first date.” - She giggled, taking the ticket from the brunette’s hand, making her race her out of the room.

“Oh, there you are, lovebirds, we’re going to be late for the concert.” - Fat Amy greeted Beca and Chloe when they got out of the room. Their eyes became wide to Amy’s comment. “What? You thought your conversation is private? C'mon, you know that unlike me, walls are thin. So are you going to kiss now or anything? Otherwise, I owe Stacie a lot of money.” - The brunette and the ginger just looked at each other and smirked.

Music recommendations

“Chloe keeps texting me all these Taylor Swift lyrics and I’ve no idea why”, Beca tried to explain her confusion to Jesse, her eyebrows rose up like the question was really bothering her. Jesse couldn’t help but think about how cute she looked when she did that with her face. Their relationship might’ve been a little off lately, but Beca’s appearance wasn’t. Her face was way more interesting than a millionth Chloe-centered conversation anyway.

“I mean, do I look like a Taylor Swift fan to you?”

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A little reunion drabble for you :)

He sees her first and the sight freezes him to the spot; she is kneeling by some strawberry plants, plucking the succulent red fruit and depositing it gently into a basket. Every now and then she places one of the berries into her mouth, and a look of pure bliss passes over her face. He thinks that at one time he would have been quite content to watch her forever this way, knowing that she is alive, that she is safe… but not anymore. She stands—and she still has not noticed him—and walks to the end of the strawberry plants, passing a bush with snow-white flowers. She pauses for a moment, reaching out to reverently touch one of the cherokee roses. As she does, she looks up sharply as startled and notices him at last. Tears swim in her clear blue eyes, and he furiously blinks back tears of his own. The fruit basket tumbles to the ground and a split second later she runs to his waiting arms. He holds her tightly, pressing every inch of his body to every inch of hers. It doesn’t matter that they are miles away from Alexandria; their home, no matter where they are, is in each other’s arms.  

Paula was a mess. She didn’t even want to move from where she was left. The stranger that helped her tried to get her up, tried to take her somewhere safe, but he was a stranger, and very stranger right now was a large red flag in her face. She managed to get him to let her be as she just sat there. 

The sun started to come up and all she could do was pull herself up from the ball she made. Paula couldn’t go home, couldn’t show up to anyone’s house, it wasn’t like she had best friends- just people she tried to sleep with. Even drugged she was able to remember everything they said to her. A shadow moved over her and she just looked down letting her hair fall over her face. Maybe they’d just keep walking. When they didn’t she moved enough to look up at him not saying anything just glaring.

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❛ Yes, well, forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know. ❜ (ascientistandherboss)

Lilia had to bite down on her tongue very hard (She was surprise she hadn’t bitten it in half to be honest) at her mother’s response. “Thank you, Mother, for your wonderful support.” She retorted sarcastically folding her arms with a severely hurt and angry look plastered on her face.


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Hope and Kelley have a hard choice to make

“Shiloh,” Kelley suggested from across the table, but Hope shook her head.

“No way, that’s a dog’s name. Wasn’t there a movie, even?” the goalkeeper answered, spreading peanut butter across her pieces of toast. “What about Regan, it’s Irish.”

But Kelley looked at her, face scrunched up in disgust. “Everyone is going to think of the president, and that we can’t spell his name right. Oh, and isn’t that one of the evil daughters in Lear? No way.”

She gave a vehement shudder. There was no way they’d be naming their kid Regan. Not even if it’s Irish.

“Alright, what about Skye,” she countered, running a toe up and down Hope’s thigh.

But Hope sniggered.

“Only if her middle name is Reign. Skye Reign,” she answered, still laughing.

And Kelley smiled and joined her. “Sounds like an Olympian,” she added, “but one of those winter-sport athletes. Apolo Ohno, Picabo Street, Skye Solo.”

Hope just raised an eyebrow at the last name.

That’s an issue they hadn’t even broached yet.

“What about Madeline,” Kelley threw out, “Maddie?”

“Absolutely not,” Hope declared, “you already make too many dad jokes for a pregnant woman. I’m not subjecting our daughter to a lifetime of more based on her name.”

She passed a carton of juice across the table. “How about Maureen,” she countered, “I love your middle name and it would make your parents happy. Giving her a family name.”

But Kelley rolled her eyes. “Listen, Hope,” she said, “Mo Solo, Mo O'Hara, which’ll just end up Mohara. You gotta consider the nickname factor.”

“Mohara is kind of cute though,” Hope admitted, but crossed the name off her mental list.

“We’ve got some time still, you know,” Kelley said, and put her hand over Hope’s on the table. “A couple of weeks at least. And maybe we’re the kind of parents who don’t know until we see her. That’s okay too.”

But Hope looked across the table at her, eyes serious. “I want to know before she gets here. I want to know the first time I hold her.”

“Okay,” Kelley said, understanding, “I know we said no teammate names, but you and I both really love Alexandra. We could use that, let them all rumble over who it’s for until we tell them it’s not after any of them in particular.”

“Alex O'Hara,” Hope whispered softly.

And Kelley gripped her hand tighter. “Lexi Solo, our Alexandra.”

“Kelley,” Hope said, “we just named our baby.”

“Well, one-third of her, anyway,” Kelley pointed out, “but yeah, we did.” And she smiled widely, feeling the baby kick against her ribs. “I think she likes it through.”

And Hope laughed, rising and coming around the table to rest her head against Kelley’s belly.

“Our little Alexandra TBD O'Hara, we can’t wait to meet you,” she said, feeling Kelley’s hand come to rest in her hair from above.

“Solo,” Kelley teased in response, “but your mama’s right, Lex, we’re really excited to meet you.”

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26 SS Zelink

I’m on it :3

Another day of work ended. Zelda laid on her bed, exausted but satisfied. She spent the day in the forest picking fruit and herbs. Every day on the surface brought something new: new sights, new tastes and smells…She was happy to learn them. She sighed and got up to light fire. Link would be back soon. He spent all day forging something, propabably a new sword, He wouldn’t let her have a look, telling her it was a surprise.
“It must be a superb sword then” she laughed and got to preparing dinner.
It was already dark when Link finally came back.
“I got you a present” he told her excited, before she could open her mouth. “Close your eyes” he asked and she complied. She felt his hands on her breasts and shuddered slightly. Then she felt something heavy being pinned to her blouse.
“Have a look” Link said kissing her gently.
Zelda faced a mirror. His gift turned out to be a brooch. It was made of gold, shaped like a bird with spread wings, with a precious stone in a middle.
“It’s beautiful” she said, grateful and touched. “I thought you were making a sword!”
“A sword wouldn’t suit a wedding dress” he said embracing her from behind while she was still admiring the jewel in the mirror. It took her a moment to realise what he meant.

Tadaaa :3 Let me know if you like it!

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