but look at all this love


i think heeeeellll yeeeaaah GIMME THAT CHUB!! 

gosh darn, human clothes are always just too small for jasper! how annoying _(:3」∠)_

Despite being the tallest of the three, dean always looks the smallest in the shield. So big and yet always slouchy and tiny and adorable. My heart can’t take it


due to what happened today i will not post anything until i feel better, today we lost a beautiful and amazing human being who helped a lots of people, including myself, thru hard times. my condolences go to his family and shinee members. please never forget to seek help if you are going thru hard times you’re are NOT alone you’re loved and you matter! i’ll be here if you ever need to talk to someone don’t lock yourself go and seek help now it might seem that no one cares but believe me a lots of people do so please speak to someone you trust or family. 


just had to check up on this lil dude. still cute. still small.

🎄 Happy Holidays! 🎄

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mike wheeler starts wearing pink at least every other day. when the boys ask if it’s her new favorite color, she puts her hands on her hips, tilts her chin up, and boldly tells them that it is. what she doesn’t tell them is that she’s taught el how to wash dirty laundry and she’s not yet mastered the art of separating red shirts from white shirts.

My current thoughts on makeup: eh I can go with or without it and I don’t really care

But it sure is hard to pass up the chance to wEAR GLITTER ON MY FACE FOR FUN

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47 with Marvin, Jackie and (platonic) Robbie?

I was really hoping someone would ask for this one. It’s so cute!

“You made gingerbread zombies?”

Marvin only realises how long he’s been cooped up in his room practising magic when he finally looks out the window and sees that it’s getting dark outside. A quick check on the clock tells him that it’s 5pm and he’s been working for longer than he’d like to admit. He decides that with that realisation, he might as well get himself a drink and maybe something to eat, and ask Jackie what he’s been up to.

The moment he opens his door, he’s hit with the unmistakable smell of gingerbread. Now he knows that it was definitely worth it to leave his cave for a little while.

He follows his nose into the kitchen and finds Jackie there, to his surprise accompanied by Robbie. Had he known that Robbie was coming over, he wouldn’t have spent his whole day in his room. His little brother deserves to see more of him than just a closed door.

Marvin leans against the doorway and just watches, because the other two haven’t noticed him yet. He looks on fondly as Jackie takes ahold of Robbie’s shaky, uncoordinated hands and helps him draw patterns of icing onto the cookie in front of him. Robbie grins happily as he watches the lines curl smoothly onto the cookie, and he chatters some unintelligible words of joy when it’s finally done. Jackie laughs fondly and ruffles the zombie’s hair.

“Alright, buddy, which one’s the next one?” he asks and watches Robbie look over the undecorated cookies excitedly. His head snaps up when he hears a small knock against the doorframe, Marvin making himself known, and his expression quickly melts back into a loving smile.

Robbie notices too, and he quickly throws an arm up in an enthusiastic wave. “Marr!”

Marvin chuckles happily and pushes himself away from the doorframe. “What are you two up to?”

“Cookies!” Robbie exclaims excitedly and Jackie laughs, adding a small “yeah, what he said”.

Marvin makes his way over to stand between the two of them and check out the gigantic mess they’ve made. There’s multiple plates of gingerbread cookies, some looking rather misshapen, three bags of icing, all different colours, and multiple bowls and containers of other decorations – candies, edible sparkles, sugar beads, the good stuff. Some of it has spilled onto the table and not all decorated cookies are perfect and smudge-free either, but Marvin isn’t one to mind the mess.

He looks at the cookie Robbie has just finished and chuckles. “You made gingerbread zombies?”

Robbie nods enthusiastically, his purple hair flying everywhere, and Jackie explains. “It was Robbie’s idea. He said if there are gingerbread men, there must be gingerbread zombies too, right?” he looks at Robbie while he says that, and Robbie grins proudly. He signs “friend”. “Oh yeah,” Jackie laughs. “We made some gingerbread friends.”

Marvin smiles and stares at the mess of cookies on the table for a few seconds. He loves the idea, and even more he loves seeing his boyfriend and his little brother bonding and being happy. But above all he loves gingerbread. And now that he thinks about it, he’s pretty dang hungry.

“Wait…does that mean I can’t eat them?”

i’m not sure if it’s true or not… but based on what i’ve seen i think it is…

guys, shawols, or anyone who’s seen this, if you ever need to talk our inbox is always open. we’ll always be open to private messages.

i’m so surprised right now… 2017 hasn’t been good.

Jarviiiis <333 coloured/finished this drawing in my first livestream today \o/ I was kinda nervous and talked too much hehe but it was really fun and I like how this piece turned out :D

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Hiiii, it's your secret santa. I finally get my freetime now. How are you doing? Random question, what is your favorite look of Minghao?

ahhhh hi! ^^ i’m doing ok, how are you!! my last final is less than two days away and after that i get to go home for like a whole month so i’m rly excited for that!

omg my fave look of hao’s is definitely don’t wanna cry era when he had that natural brown hair color n they parted it so there was that lil sliver of forehead showing what a looK :(