but look

Once Caryl goes canon, Daryl’s gonna be unstoppable. He touches her a lot now, so can you imagine what he’ll be like once they’re actually together, together? After they’ve started kissing, when they’re in the honeymoon phase of their relationship…

Daryl is not a touchy-feely guy – except that he is when it comes to Carol. He touches her more than he touches anyone else, he talks to her in his soft voice almost all the time, he hugs her no matter who’s watching.

So just imagine what a big, fluffy dork he’s going to be when they become more than friends. Once he starts kissing Carol, he’s never gonna want to stop. He’s going to become that guy; kissing her every chance he gets and being a complete puppy in her presence because that’s already who Daryl is when he’s with Carol.


syaosaku: first & last look of the anime (1x08 // 3x70)


Here is a video of the first doughnut in space

I wonder what’s next