but look

venus in air wants to hear your thoughts and feel your brain waves. you are a concept, they want nothing more than to wrap their minds around your soul and know every single detail, vein, mark on your body and brain. they want to live inside your fantasy worlds and know everything that makes you special.

venus in fire simply needs your hand in theirs. they want you to see the world through their eyes because it’s so damn beautiful and nothing can take that from you. the sun will follow them wherever they go because who could take their eyes off that infectious glow that radiates off everyone they encounter.

venus in water feels everything you feel. they want to see every part of you and the way you feel, even the worst parts. you can lay in silence for hours with them and never feel uncomfortable because you’re one with each other. they know you on a spiritual and emotional level that no one could ever come between.

venus in earth only wants you and all of you. they don’t need any extra aspects getting in the way. you are all they want to see, feel, smell and think about. they help you grow in ways you didn’t know were possible and see parts of the worlds inside them that no one could ever see without permission. 


and you’ve suffered the most


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honestly I see so many jokes about how lena constantly says she can always tell when Kara is lying and that she’s horrible at keeping secrets from her but the thing that’s tragic is that lena is actually pretty damn good at spotting what Kara’s feeling, even when she doesn’t know the actual details. it’s part of what makes them such good friends– they’re emotionally honest with each other.

so even if she doesn’t know that Kara is supergirl she probably knows when Kara is lying. And that’s why she always brings it up, she doesn’t know what it’s about but she knows that it’s happening. And can you imagine little 13 year old lena, watching her beloved big brother slowly descend into madness and she knows something is horribly horribly wrong, but she has no idea what and everyone tells her she’s imagining things, that everything is fine?

she’s never been more upset to discover she’s right.

lena may not know that Kara is supergirl but she does know that Kara is lying to her. except, Kara’s not lex–shes the best person she knows. and she’s not lying to any of her other friends or her sister, so it’s just to lena–she can’t fault Kara for that. she’s trying, but she’s a luthor after all. if the most moral person she’s ever met doesn’t trust her then maybe she shouldn’t be trusted.