but lol this scene

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okay so, remember that scene when Hanji's titans were killed by Annie, but of course no one knew it was her? I remember Erwin was there with Eren and he told him "who do you think is the real enemy?" and then he left and Eren was staring at his back... seriously, I really thought Erwin was a traitor and that he was the one who killed the titans, even if we know the truth now, that scene still looks very weird and makes me think crazy shit lmao, but i think that was the point

I think junior high puts it quite well when Eren freaks the hell out whenever Erwin creeps up behind him lmao.

Honestly yeah the scene does feel weird–if Erwin wanted to essentially test loyalty but indirectly inquiring if one figured out that there was a traitor, he should probably give them more than 2 seconds to answer? Like, if you get ambushed from behind and get asked some ridiculously abstract question with no context and are expected to figure out a bunch of stuff in basically a split second…there isn’t going to be much success lmao. Plus he apparently asked the other squad Levi members, possibly even more…how did that go? Did he sneak up on everyone individually, in dark alleyways, on the bathroom, or in bed in the middle of the night?! Someone should write a poltergeist!Erwin AU, he’d do a terrific job^^

I think I could never ever shoot a scene where Danny is supposed to cry coz I think I just would break down in front of him and hug him so tight and tell him that it’s gonna be alright and then the crew probably would go “Come on Haley not again, we really need to finish that scene now! Stop hugging him!” hahah lol

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Why is no one talking about the obviously cut out kiss? They were for sure about to after he picked her outfit😻

Haha I know. For sure he cut that. Zoe was going for it then bam next scene lol

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Why are gifs a big deal? I get some want more variety, I'm not against it, but why does the ethnicity or gender of the person in the gif matter? When I read them, no matter what gif it is, whether the person is a different gender or ethnicity, I always picture myself lol!, I only use the gifs to help set the scene, that's why it's called an imagine. Unless you build an imagine around a certain gif, it can be hard to find a good one to match it so you just have to use the closest one you have.

Thank you Lovely!~ :)


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I hate this crazy theory for Young Adult. Aly said Nick reminisces about his relationship with Jess to her students but it ends up backfiring somehow. And the kids read Nick's book, which, as said in Glue, has explicit sex scenes! When I get these two informations together it makes me wonder if the sex scene was indeed inspired by some of their encounters and if the kids read that and want to talk about it and that's why Nick&Jess are in trouble? It's kids + a sex scene lol this'd be hilarious

HAHAHA, maybe the shed scene is the captain. And Nick secretly liked it. 😂
But it would be weird right if Nick talked about their sexlife in front of students… I can imagine that that’s what their fight is about. Nick being innapropiate and Jess getting mad about it lol.
Whatever happens, I love it when they fight! and that Nick reminisces about their relationship (to Jess!) will always win me over. ❤


Very first scene I EVER saw Iain in -


I loved him right away but lost track of him for a while and then saw him in something else and followed the same pattern LOL

Game of Thrones is finally what sent me into full fan girl mode ♥