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Xena & Gabrielle vs. Supercat: Gabrielle & Kara’s loved one reading & complimenting their writing
Xena: Warrior Princess 5x17 | Supergirl 2x22

  • <p> <b>Lena:</b> Did you know he was dating Kara? Because I thought *I* was dating Kara.<p/><b>Clark:</b> <p/><b>Lillian:</b> <p/><b>Supergirl:</b> *blushes and stares at the floor* Oh, gosh, really???<p/><b>Lena:</b> What? What? EYESEX, PEOPLE, LOOK IT UP. PLUS ACTUAL ON-SCREEN DATES. AND FLOWERS. NEED I GO ON.<p/><b>Manhell:</b> *pops out of nowhere* Yeah, no, lady's got a point there<p/></p>

I always thought the quest to take back the castle would be cool for a comic. Action scenes are hard to draw though. I may have done them in like couple(I think?) comics, but yeah they’re a pain. Not to mention with my supplies and working on it traditionally would be difficult and probably leave a result I wouldn’t be happy with. 

SO instead I just sketched simple stuff of some moments that’d probably happen. I can see a lot of casualties, and Gene would get injured pretty bad. But the Minutemen finally take down the mirelurk queen with a couple of missiles after it’s been damaged badly. 

Preston and definitely Piper would get to Gene and go help her out. I also included a drawing with Piper laying Gene down and adjusting her injured leg. This would be right after she’s patched up, so obviously the medicine makes her think all not there XD

The last doodle Ronnie tries to be all tough and basically thinks Gene and the general “youth” are such babies. Gene ain’t happy for one cause of the comment, and two how dare Ronnie put her down when Gene is the one waaaaay older here! The thing is though, she doesn’t know about Gene’s situation and the cryo stuff yet :P

I’m beginning to think those scenes with Fiore and Cassidy are literally just the two of them being bored bc the people they would normally hang out with are off doing other things. deblanc is OBVIOUSLY ALIVE (don’t question it) and probably literally in hell, while tulip and jesse are off dealing with stuff between themselves probably so the third wheels have a bit of fun…seemingly getting high and knocking a giant beach ball around a weird-ass hotel room? the same room where Cassidy is experimenting with a torch and safety goggles hmmm


“Love actually” + 13 years later