but lol he is the sassiest of them all

So after a long online conversation with my cuz @red-f-smith we’re proud to present


(yes, they’re all the Doctor.)

9 is the oldest. He keeps the others in check and generally makes sure they don’t wreak too much havoc. He’s also a huge sweetheart. And the sassiest little dork in the Tardis.

Exclusive picture of 9: (on a date with Rose)

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10 is the middle child. He’s confused yet flirty and talks a lot. He gets along best with 11 and can usually be found desperately trying to help his little brother clean up his messes before 9 finds out.

Exclusive picture of 10: (just being random)

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11 is the youngest. He’s the most clumsy and dorky of them all and often uses words like “LOL” and “YOLO” while his older brothers facepalm in the distance. Makes a whole lot of trouble but you can’t stay mad at him.

Exclusive picture of 11: (stealing dessert)

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They all get along okay, but (as my cousin put it)-  10 and 11 get along the best, often getting in trouble together and trying to fix the mess before 9 finds out. 9 and 10 get along good enough but are a bit broken because 9 dated Rose first, then Rose started to date 10 because 9 kept disappearing and although made her feel special, 10 made her feel noticed. 9 and 11 are the siblings who don’t do much together, unless it’s teasing 10 or asking for the remote.

A few GIFs from everyday life:

10 and 11 sticking together while 9 interrogates them as to who ate that last cookie-

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11 trying to be cool (again)-

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10 being a flirt-

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9 sassing his head off-

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and what they do every time a neighbor complains about the noises and the craziness-

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