but lol everything was flying


Witchsona commission for roseminer.

boardgames/roses/money witch + flying squirrel familiar

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can I ask your opinion on bottom Finn?

I live for bottom Finn ok? It’s usually where you find all the good Finn fics (along w/switch Finn or gen Finn). I should’ve added that to my post ugh! But I think it was implied so w/e. 

Ya know I’ll be honest and let you know that I don’t actually like reading explicit material 99% of the time… so this tag shouldn’t matter to me right? But the problem is that top/bottom tags always have these homophobic/misogynistic assumptions that the bottom is the only one that gets to be vulnerable and taken care of/etc while the top is the one who is the caretaker/dominant/etc. and since Black folks are consistently stereotyped as being hyper-masculine in real life and this isn’t different  when it comes to Finn. I don’t trust nonBlack people to write Top Finn because of this. They’ve shown time and time again that they will use every opportunity to dehumanize Finn and make him into some racist caricature ooc mess! So I prefer bottom Finn cause at least one problem is avoided right? But…

Bottom Finn just like any type of Finn can be used in a racist manner! The early finnpoe fics were abundant in bottom Finn fics but they characterized him as completely naive and a bit dumb when it came not only to sexuality but also civilization as whole lol. Finn isn’t dumb or naive and doesn’t need Poe or anyone to teach him everything lol!!! Poe teaching Finn to fly? Cool!!! Poe teaching Finn about masturbation?? WTF??? Ya know seeing Black people as naive and childlike is really racist and has a long history in the US as being a tactic to dehumanize and control Black people post-slavery?? I think as long as a writer avoids writing Finn as completely naive and childlike when they write Bottom Finn everything will be a-OK. 

But ya… obviously I prefer bottom Finn (w/o the racism thanks). 

This is a speed-video of how I usually try drawing Doumeki’s face (°◡°♡).:。The full speed video was longer and showed also the finished body and background, but I decided to cut the video in 3 parts, so that each part was a bit slower ^^ I might end up uploading also the other vids of my process later on, I’ll see ^^ Useless to say that this is just my fanart and my personal messy drawing process, the character of course belongs to STwH by the only and immesurable Yoneda Kou Sensei.   ❤

Everyone are very cute! but BB8 with R2 are cutest lol, when Poe said I can fly everything I want to stand up and yelling YESSSSSSOFCOURSEYOUCANNNFLYMEEE in theater(………….), so and about Ren poor Ren(…..) I know everyone wanna pat his hair and give him a little candy, me too. (´・ω・‵)

THANKGOD I finally have a little holidays before new year to doodle everything /sobsobsob  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!

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I get SO annoyed with people criticizing you for everything you do! Like because you're vegan all the sudden means you can't drive a car or fly on a plane (lol wtf)?? Everything we do impacts the planet in some way, but what you do to lessen the impact or help to improve it is what's important. And being vegan is one of the most impactful (in a good way) things we can do as humans! Just wanted to give you props for having to deal with those people and say you're dope as fuck <3


Going vegan is the easiest most impactful thing you can do!