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do you know of any sources for Tooth Fairy Loki? Because that is amazing and I want to know more, but googling isn't yielding anything useful.

My professor cited a Faroese tradition (in the post I made with the drawing I said Danish bc I was looking at the wrong page of notes: later corrected it, but for some reason the original post is the one that is going around again. Sorry!) but as it stands I don’t know which specific legend/poem/children’s rhyme/etc. he is referring to. 

However, in this paper on Loki in relation to the Vätte and the Ash-Lad, there is talk of a folk tradition in Telemark, Norway, of giving small offerings to the fire for “Loke”, and in “South-Eastern Sweden and Swedish-speaking areas East of the Baltic: milk teeth are thrown into the fire during the recitation of a rhyme that addresses Lokke~Luku~Luki~Nokk(e)…. ´Lokke, Lokke, give me a gold-tooth | Here you have a gold-tooth´” (Heide, 67). They later mention that in the areas closest to Finland milk teeth are offered to either Lokke, Nokk(e), or Tomten. 

The paper goes on to say that this fire-teeth-thing MUST mean that Loki lives under the fireplace, but there are so many other Nordic variants on Loki´s daily business out there (it’s raining while the sun’s out: Loke is beating his children; the sun is shining on wet ground: Loke is out in the fields today, etc.) not to mention the fact that the paper also explicitly cites other crazy ways of disposing of baby teeth, such as shoving them in walls (Iceland) or dropping them through cracks in the floor (Småland) for someone called ‘Mouse’. 

So: there is evidence of this tooth-giving phenom, but I would read this paper with care as I think the spider thread (pun) is weak, and the idea that creatures such as Vätte, Ash-lad, Tomte, ‘Mouse’, etc. are all the same type of being is not accurate: if you take the tail off of a Hulder, she does not a Nissen make, for example. Nonetheless it is exciting to see how much Loke/Lokke we can find in rhymes and folklore throughout the Nordics and Scandinavia, as Loki himself survives only in the myths of Iceland and the Faroes.

I couldn’t control it

when Isaac has just turned into a werewolf and he comes really close to hurting you on a full moon but he stops himself and fluff and awh

You didn’t give me your name so i just used Y/N. I hope that’s okay :)



Isaac and I had been dating for 6 months and I knew about him being a werewolf and everything, So when he turned I was never scared of him until he almost hurt me a week ago. I never expected him to turn and no tbe able to control it quickly. No one has seen him since then and he hasn’t replied


“So what are we watching” he asked sitting on my bed

“Uh i can’t decide, i’m stuck between The Dark Night RIses and The Amazing Spider-Man”

“Just pust Spider-Man” he said

“Okay” I replied and put the movie in and made my way to my bed

We were halfway in to the movie when Isaac put his hand on my thigh. At first i ignored it but then his lips were on neck and things got heated. We were making out when suddenly his eyes started glowing and he pulled away for me and stood up walking towards my bathroom.

“Hey what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I asked getting  following him

“Y/N stay away from me please I don’t want to hurt you” he replied

“I’m not going to go away what’s wrong” I asked getting closer and touching his shoulder.

“I said do away” he yelled turning to look at me with his claws out.

He must of seen the fear in my eyes because his eyes went back to normal and he left my house.

*end of flashback*

“Hey Y/N” said Lydia walking up to me

“Hey Lyd” I replied smiling sadly

“You still thinking about Isaac?”

“Yeah I’m worried and just want to know if he’s okay”

“I’m sure he’s fine, he probably just needs some time to think about it” she replied smiling weakly.

“Who needs time to think about what?” Stiles asked joining us along with Scott

“They’re talking about Isaac” Scott replied “Y/N i’m sure he fine and i’m sure he’ll be back soon, he just can’t stop thinking about how he almost hurt you”

“Yeah I know but-”

“No buts, now let’s go to class” Stiles said reachig forr my arm and Lydia’s

We walked to our next class which was Mrs. Grey’s class an once we walked in and saw Isaac sitting in the front row. We locked eyes and then he looked away which caused me to roll my eyes and take my seat in the back of the class.

“Just ignore him Y/N” Lydia said sitting next to me while Mrs. Grey began talking about lab.

“Okay so i’ve already chosen your lab partners so listen closely”

“James, Sydney, Mario and Anthony first lab……. Nancy, Steven, Taylor, and Melissa fifth lab…….. Y/N, Stiles, Lydia and Isaac last lab… okay let’s get started”

One she said Isaac’s name i immediatly turned to look at Lydia and she looked back at me.

“It’ll be fine trust me” she said reaching for her stuff to move to the last lab table.

“Okay so Y/N you and Lydia will do the lab and Isaac and I will do the lab report” Stiles said reading the instructions.

“WHy have you been avoiding me” I asked Isaac

“I haven’t been avoiding you” he replied

“Really? You haven’t replied to my texts and haven’t reurned my calls you call that not avoiding me?” I asked

“Lokk I was avoiding you okay? The only reason why I was avoiding you was because I almost hurt you and I couldn’t control myself and I hate mysefl for not being able to conrol it. I wouldn’t of been able to live with myself if i did because I love you”

“You love me?” I asked

“Yes I love you, how could I not love you” he said

“I love you too” I replied and he kissed me

“Hey no kissing in my classroom” Mrs. Grey yelled and we pulled away laughing.


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