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Mike running hands through Will's hair during their first kiss


It’s more of a subconscious thing - the way Mike has been leaning over, running a hand lazily through Will’s hair. It’s something about the new haircut, maybe. Something about the way Will’s hair doesn’t quite fall over his left eye, but almost manages to do so. Something about how soft and shiny it always looks, how Will is always twirling an errant strand around his finger, a nervous tic he’s developed over the past couple years. It’s something about the way Will stands close to him and smells like synthetic vanilla shampoo when he leans his head on Mike’s shoulder and lets his hair tickle gently against the sharp of Mike’s jaw - clenched as he swallows harshly and tries to ignore the way his heart drums away arrhythmically in his chest.

And so it’s not really a surprise, when Mike angles himself down to kiss Will for the first time - January moon hung high in the sky, bright stars sparkling against a velvet backdrop as fireworks burst and fade against them, welcoming in the new year -  and his hands find their way to Will’s soft hair, running through it until they settle gently at the nape of his neck with a nervous sureness, dancing apprehensively through the soft, short strands there. The saccharine scent of shampoo fills his nostrils and mingles with the smell of cold winter air and snow that’s yet to fall around them, and Mike can’t help the way his mouth pulls up into a smile against the warm press of Will’s lips against his own.


lmao yo i’m convinced melania just tryna outlive this man and collect them billions at this point


171115 Bang PD’s Tweet

さすが~ flinch w @BTS_twt @JKCorden #LateLateShow

As expected~ flinch w @BTS_twt @JKCorden #LateLateShow

[1st Picture]
Chat Room Title: Bangtan + Pdogg
Bang PD: How was the game?
Bang PD: Was it fun? Did the audience and fans like it?
J-Hope: Wah wah~
J-Hope: Keke wow kekekekekekekekeke I was really surprised when the fruits exploded kekeke the noise was really loud kekekekekekekekeke.
Bang PD: Ke I bet the fans will really like your surprised reaction.
Jimin: Kekekekeke it was really surprising kekeke.
J-Hope: Oh yeah~ 
J-Hope: The audience reactions were the best, too.

[2nd Picture]
Pdogg: You guys are killing it.
Min Yoongi: It’s fascinating keke seeing something that I used to only see on YouTube in real life keke.
V: I think the filming went smoothly thanks to James hyungnim.
Jin: This is the first time I realized that fruit could surprise me.
V: Why?
V: Ah, keke.
. (apparently this is Jungkook LOL): I’m sad because I can’t understand English.

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