but lmao i laughed so hard

that feel when u gotta read ur own stuff so you actually know what you wrote, but u also know you’re gonna find a million typos and sentences that need an edit but you ran out of time, so now you’re gonna know all them mistakes instead of living in blissful ignorance 

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can u tell the story of how u bullied nikkietutorials i'm laughing so hard for some reason and i haven't even heart ur story yet?

GODDD LMAO basically me and tess myspaceswift iconic duo were tweeting ab how much she annoyed us, tess @ed her in a joke tweet, she went thru her twitter saw our tweets and @ed us, blocks tess, and then 4 DAYS LATER goes back and blocks me, then a girl that was stalking me at the time (is she still? probably hi brenna) got mad at me for calling her out on stalking me and tried to say she was in the right for it because shes seen me “bully a youtuber” so i started running w it LMAO anyways why is this my life

Okay but here’s the thing

I have this task for some Norwegian class to find a poem that i like, and then read it to the class

and i just found the best poem ever written


Dear, babycarrot - Henrik Ibsen 1942




lives in the shadow of the carrot



Today I found out that as a fanartist I was probably given too much power

(14/2 is Yamagata’s birthday and 15/2 is Kinoshita’s and I was drawing them for it and then I wondered)

Belgian betrayal

Germany: “I’ll give 7 points to my good neighbour Netherlands, we always have each other’s back. How many are you giving me?”
Netherlands: “None, but thanks for the points. Also, Belgium your song sucks but you’ll get two pity points because you’re my sister.”
Belgium: “HAHA suck it bro, you ain’t get nothing!”
Netherlands: “What is this betrayal?


a summary of kim himchan in Episode 1 of JUNG DAE MAN


I love the beautiful story they paint here. 

Karasuno taunting Oikawa. 

Iwa-chan like “huh?! another team making fun of Oikawa?? heck no. Only we can make fun of him.

Blarkes are like “No bellarke shit kiss, no show! We’ll riot (ง'̀-'́)ง “

And I’m like, there hasn’t been a show since March 3rd 2016 tf are they talking about Lmao I thought the show “isn’t about relationships”, I thought rioting was “disgraceful and only hurts the cast because they’ll never find work again, be homeless and starve” Lol Now their hypocritical delusional asses are begging for a kiss by making threats… didn’t they boycott the start of S3 because “leaks” confirmed canon Clexa, but they couldn’t even make a dent in the ratings since Clexakru carried the show then… no one cares about pathetic blarkes making threats and demands trying to force the shit ship down everyone’s throats lmao

Green eyes meet blue and kiss

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Space met earth and kissed…

Enemies to soulmates kiss…

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Heda and Wanheda kissing… 

So great that Clexa was actually romantic and a canon soulmates ship that shared multiple kisses, admission of love, and passionate love making <3