but little tardis made up for it

Sunday - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Sunday
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom meets your whole family for the first time.
Word Count: 1.3k
Warning: More fluff than you could ever wish for, boyfriend!tom so prepare for the feels
A/N: Written for anon - “laying on the couch with tom and tessa and the music is playing in the back and then that one songs come on and you just get up and start dancing to the song”. I took this a little further than that, hope it’s still want you wanted! Credit to gif owner.
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Request (summarized for length): A deanxreader Au where she is dating a friend of Dean’s. The friend asks Dean to hang out with reader during an event. Dean keeps doing so but starts falling for reader and suspects something is going on…

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Not the best thing ever done but it’s halfway decent….

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OKAY BUT DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN the companion who stayed with the Doctor the longest was a piper’s son named Jamie McCrimmon from 18th century Scotland who couldn’t read or write and had no idea what a radio or a toaster or an elevator was, much less a time-and-space-ship? And who probably mentally catalogued Daleks and Cybermen as “metal beasties” and “the other metal beasties”, and made fun of the Doctor for never, ever landing the TARDIS even remotely where he intended, but still called him a clever wee chappie and would follow this rumpled-looking little Englishman to the ends of the earth without hesitation?

And then remember how the Time Lords ripped the Doctor’s companions away from him and wiped their memories, and Jamie woke up in the middle of the Battle of Culloden with a redcoat shooting at him, and the Doctor was exiled on Earth with a broken TARDIS so he could never find them again?

And then remember that one time on the Scottish moors when Ten used the name Doctor McCrimmon.


I’ve Got You - 10th Doctor x Reader

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Bless 10, my baby. I like the other Doctor’s too and to be honest, I’m already in love with Jodie Whittaker, but David Tennant is so handsome and I’m still in love with him too.

An anon requested a 10th Doctor x Reader with the prompts: 20. “i promise i won’t let you fall.”, 24. “i love you today, and i’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that.” and 38. “a milkshake with two straws? how romantic!”

Do you want to request something with a prompt? Click HERE for the prompt list!

“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” you asked Donna for the fourth time.

Donna, the Doctor and you were on an alien planet in a little restaurant. The Doctor had already ordered a milkshake for you and was now eating his lunch that he had made in the TARDIS, but Donna didn’t want to order anything.

“I’m just not hungry, back off, Y/N, will ya?” she said, looking out of the window. She wasn’t herself lately.

“Want the half of my sandwich, Donna?” the Doctor asked, holding up a half of his weird sandwich. Donna wrinkled her nose.

“Gross,” she just said, digging in her purse, trying to find her chap stick.

The waiter came back with your milkshake, with two straws in it.

“For the Mr and Mrs,” he said, smiling at you and the Doctor. You blushed furiously and the Doctor almost choked. Donna started laughing loudly.

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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Seven 

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Michelle Ryan in DWM (#407)

Rumour has it that there was plenty of socialising off set. DWM presses for details. “Oh, lots of going out,” she chuckles. “We went to an 80′s night. It was a place in Cardiff where they play cheesy 80s music.” That’s every club in Cardiff, isn’t it? “It was such a random night. Everyone went, all the cast. It was just brilliant.” Weren’t they recognized? “Yeah, but the people in Cardiff were really friendly. I didn’t get too much hassle. I think it was a Saturday night, and we had the best time.” […]

There was a lot of debate on set over Michelle’s cooking. Is she any good? “Well, David gave me a nine out of ten for my apple pie,” she grins, “so I’ll let you be the judge! He was really impressed that I made my own pastry. No, it wasn’t frozen. On top of the pie, I did a little figure of David with a big quiff, and then the TARDIS, but he said the TARDIS looked more like a Dalek, so the option’s there. Then we made flapjacks and cookies for the crew. Even in Dubai, everyone had breakfast and dinner together, and we were hanging out in the evenings. It was like what happens in the episode itself, in as much as all these characters are strangers, but they’re forced together when they’re stranded on this planet, and they get to know one another and end up having a great time.”

Excerpts from “The Producer’s Tale” by Tracie Simpson, as told to Benjamin Cook in DWM (#407)

I won’t say I’m surprised, but the whole cast seems to have gelled. When you take people abroad, that happens, doesn’t it? They bond a bit more. Michelle Ryan is a fantastic actress. She’s so grounded, and I think she’s absolutely brilliant as Christina. And David is a dream. This is my first episode as producer, but actually, I introduced David to the TARDIS! I brought him on set for his first bit of filming, in our old studios in Newport. It was secret filming, for his very first scene as the Doctor [in 2005′s The Parting of the Ways]. When he saw the TARDIS, he really did jump for joy, and I thought he was going to cry. David makes it worth coming into work every day.

Other parts of this set:  [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ] [ five ] [ six ] [ eight ] [ nine ] [ten]     
[ Masterlist of all Doctor Who Behind-the-Scenes Photosets ]

ladyknighttime  asked:

I pulled off the prom dress and Converse look 2 years in a row. Also, mildly related because clothes, I don't know if you have any experience having to dress business casual but any advice on how to show some personal flair while still adhering to "no jeans and look business casual" for a speech for class?

The most unbelievable true fact about me is that I haven’t worn a pair of bluejeans since grade six. I just don’t like them! I have cargo pants for casual looks, and corduroy pants for business casual looks. I’m not kidding. I hate blue pants and I think it’s fucked up that we all pretend blue pants go with everything. I understand the origin, I understand why they’re a prolific garment, but it’s dumb as all hell.

Imagine if I just wore pink pants with everything regardless of whether or not the rest of the outfit contained pink. Imagine if you came to my house and my closet was pretty normal, except for my ten pairs of pink pants. You’d call me Patsy Pinkpants and no one would be my friend. It’s wrong, Emily. We’re lying to ourselves. They’re not even a pretty blue. It’s fucked up and I hate it.


I think the key is to get some subtle jewelry that you’re super into. Remember being a kid and being like, “Who the hell is actually blowing money on expensive nerd shit like a D20 necklace made of opal? Who is out here buying Battlestar Galactica tie clips? Just get a T-shirt, dude.” Congrats, Em. It’s you. You’re the dipshit they market this stuff to. Welcome to being a grown-up. I hope you like sterling silver charm bracelets and expensive, itchy dress shirts with little TARDIS patterns on them.

Or just dress exactly like Stanford Pines but in a blazer instead of a trench coat. I’ve done that once or twice or seven times.

On a serious note, though, you’re charming and radiant and the fact that you’re in an ugly outfit for the day doesn’t change that. It seriously doesn’t matter. It’s taken me years to cultivate (and, frankly, afford) a wardrobe of grown-up clothes I can tolerate, and I still rip them off like a feral cat stuck in a burlap sack the second I get home.

Brother's Best Friend: Part 3

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Your brother is away so his best friend comes out to play

Warning: Smut

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

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Requested by @bloodofthepen

*Also, the Doctor makes a less than complimentary comment about France. It was meant to be a sort of foreshadowing reference to “The Girl in the Fireplace” and I mean no offense to actual France.

Part I - Part III - Part IV

The Doctor didn’t like to admit that his great big Time Lord brain forgot things, but the truth was that he forgot a lot of things. It was all still stored in his brain, but he just wasn’t constantly thinking about everything, and the things that he didn’t think about got shoved to the back of the storage closet of his mind.

Which was kind of a pain, because the closet was a mess and he couldn’t sort through it all.

It was time to dust off some of the old memories, as well as a few books, and renew his mind on the subject of courting. Because, honestly, he hadn’t thought about that in a long time. When he was the Fifth, he had been rather charmed by one of his companions, but to think that it would actually lead anywhere hadn’t occurred to him, so he hadn’t bothered with any thought of courting. With you, though, it was different. He wasn’t going to let you slip away because he couldn’t take action.

The issue was that he didn’t know how to take action. This body was better with actions than words (although he wasn’t half bad with words, when he really got his head around a concept), but he didn’t have a clue as to how to… well, romance you. He knew how to flirt, sure, but he didn’t want to flirt with you. He wanted you to love him, not think he was some dumb ape just thinking below the waist, no different from any human bloke. Flirting might be fun, but this was serious, and therefore, he had to go about things the serious way.

Lucky for him, nothing was more serious than a Gallifreyan.

He had done his best, so far. Some of it had been instinctual, like the touching, and the staring (he was still waiting for you to rat him out for that), and some things had been brilliant, like taking you to his yet-unnamed planet (he was thinking of letting you name it, since you loved it so much). But that had been going on for a while, and while he liked to think that you were noticing his affection, he wasn’t sure. Maybe you were completely clueless. Or, if he was very unlucky, you knew exactly what was going on and you were kindly ignoring it in order to spare him pain. Hopefully not. Either way, it seemed to Nine that he needed to put a little more oomph into the process. Gallifreyan courting, real Gallifreyan courting instead of this moseying-about he had been doing, had plenty of oomph.

Time to find out what he could do.

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Upside Down (part 6)

Intro: This was one of the first scenes I wrote of this fic, and I love it a lot.  I hope you do too. 

**throws it at you** There.  You have no reason to hate me anymore.

Pairing: Scotty x reader (and best friend!Jim Kirk)

Word Count:  1,300

Warnings: totally 100% fake engineering everything, (I was too lazy to actually come up with proper terms so I just made up words), eventual injury, swears.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Summary: So basically the starting point for this fic was Scotty x reader who loves engineering as much as he does.  So that’s where I went with this fic.  You are second-in-command engineer and Scotty one day ends up being in charge, much to your chagrin.  You butt heads.  Scotty gets hurt.  Feelings get hurt (mostly my own).  Welcome to my trashcan


“Scotty?” You called into the near-empty engineering room. 

It was the next day, Scotty’s first shift back, and having just arrived for yours, you had come in expecting a quiet, somber Scotty, but you couldn’t actually find him.

“Up here, lass.” You heard from above you and looked around until you spotted him, sitting on one of the metal bridges that criss-crossed the engineering room, his legs dangling and his arms resting on the railing. 

You scooted up the stairs and strode over, Scotty not having moved an inch, not even turning to look at you, and you sat down beside him, dangling your legs over the edge as well and resting your forehead against the metal bar. 

You observed the engineering room spread out in front of you, taking in all the intricacies and details of the room, feeling a sense of pride wash over you as you knew every last inch of it. 

“She really is beautiful, isn’t she?” You commented.

“That she is.” Scotty breathed, but he still didn’t look at you. 

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Attention Seeker

Fandom: Doctor Who

Word count: 1039

Characters: Tenth Doctor x reader

Summary: The Doctor isn’t paying attention to the reader. She takes advantage of this.

“Doctor, have you seen my jacket?” you called, hurrying down the steps into the console room. “I think I might have left it at that party…”

You took a quick look around, frowning when you couldn’t see him. “Doctor?” you called again.

Something clattered onto the floor on the other side of the console. You narrowed your eyes before going to investigate.

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Sick Day - Ashton Irwin

A/N: I’m so sorry for my inactivity I’ve been really busy with school and work and although I wrote like five different ones I just couldn’t get them to work but I’ll revisit them later in the mean time here’s a little cliché for you all. It’s so bad but i feel so terrible for not updating so *throws this rubbish at you* please don’t give up on me. All my love and please don’t hate me!

Shivering violently you hurried down the hallway to your lecture room. Running late due to your physical inability to move any faster was not how you’d seen your week heading and frankly you couldn’t afford the time for the sickness plaguing your body but nevertheless here you were. Your head was pounding, your body thermostat fucked majorly and your usual tiredness had turned to extreme fatigue. The result of extreme levels of stress induced by your striving for the highest grades and overloading yourself with work and study.

You couldn’t afford to miss this lecture though and so you were suffering in silence. You had sculled a triple shot latté before class knowing it wouldn’t help your headache but would give you enough of a buzz to make it through the two hour lecture.

Your boyfriend had left home well before you were awake despite your early lecture. He had been heading off to the studio for the day, his band mates picking him up so you could have the car for the drive instead of having to take the bus. Although you could afford to have two cars, you didn’t need more than one. You could catch the bus when Ashton needed the car and when he was touring you could have the car whenever you needed it.

Your caring boyfriend had left you a little note reminding you to stay home and rest if you needed it. You’d barely comprehended it on your hurry out of the house, skipping breakfast in favour of coffee and not being ridiculously late.

The night before you’d been up until two finishing work off, the fourth consecutive night of this and Ashton was terribly worried for you and your health. He had made you tea but hadn’t pushed you to stop knowing you would just ignore him and his requests anyway. Last night you’d had a headache from the stress and lack of sleep and it just hadn’t gone away, in fact it had just gotten worse since then.

You sit down at the back of the lecture hall discretely because despite your best efforts your still a little tardy. As you begin taking out your notebook and pens your phone lights up with a message from Ashton, accompanied very shortly by a Snapchat just for you, not one you’d been included in with the fan base. Your worried boyfriend was making sure you were okay. You send him a snap of you without looking at it with a message a little after when you get no response telling him you’re fine, still a little headache but nothing bad. You don’t want to worry him anymore than he is, he’s recording for the new album and while it’s not so complicated as it is for vocals it’s still stressful and full on. He doesn’t need to be worrying about you.

I was sitting in the studio listening to Calum and Luke singing away with Michael as we put the finishing touches on one of the new songs when I decided I couldn’t wait to see Y/N when I got home to see if she was okay. The unknowing was driving me insane. She was worrying me so much lately, she was exhausted and stressed so often. I had sent her the snap hoping she might send one of her.

When I receive it I stand suddenly, swearing loudly causing Mike to look up at me startled. ‘Mate can you drive me to the uni, I need to go get y/n, she looks shit, I fucking told her to not work so hard.’

That was all I needed to say and the Mike had dropped me off in record time wishing me luck and making sure I would message them all how she is. A loved member of the little family everyone was understandably worried for her.

I stand it the car park finding our car and ringing until she answers me. It takes three consecutive calls but she does eventually answers me.

Ashton had called you without a break three times even when he knew you were at uni and you were beginning to worry for him. You’d grabbed your bag and hastily but quietly stuffed it with your unwritten in book and slid out of the door silently careful not to disturb the lecture. You’d missed his third call but he was ringing again with in a matter of seconds. This time you answer breathlessly. The effort of putting your things away and leaving the room exhausting you. 'Ash baby what’s wrong are you okay?’ You ask flustered. He barks your name out very un-Ashton-like, 'I’m at the car at uni don’t you dare walk back into that lecture hall Madame, or so god help me I will drag you out.’ He says throwing you off. You mutter an apology telling him you’re coming to the car now. With your thick scarf wrapped around your shoulders you stumble to the car in the freezing air. It’s not worth arguing, you know Ash would tear the whole uni apart to find you and make sure you’re okay.

You trudge along in the cool air cautiously and slowly. You hear running footsteps before you see anything, your head tucked against your chest wrapped up and attempting warmth your shivering still persistent.

Ashton skids to a halt in front of you breaking your stride as he crashes into you engulfing you in a massive hug, he kisses your forehead but pulls away abruptly. 'You’re burning up Y/N! Give me that backpack now! And we are going straight home!’ He orders as you shrug off your bag painstakingly slowly trying to limit the pain in your head. 'Babe why didn’t you stay home I would have come straight away and looked after you.’ Ash asks and you shake your head slowly causing you to cringe at the pain. 'I need to stay on top of everything.’ You mutter barely above a whisper for fear of the stabbing pain to your head. Ash tuts sliding your hand into his warm calloused one leading you along to the car slowly and with such care. 'Babe you need to slow down take care of yourself I should have made you stop yesterday, it’s too much you’ve got to ease up you’re worrying me.’ Ashton looks down at you with weary concern and a sort of guilt that he doesn’t deserve to have. 'Let’s get you home and rested and then tomorrow you’re having another day off and I will make you. I love you too much to let you wear yourself out Y/N.’ he says sternly but without malice. You mumble incoherently in protest and he shushes you. 'I’m not backing down, I’m not letting you get any sicker!’ You know he won’t let you out of his sight for the next at least 48 hours so there is absolutely no hope of protest now.

You reach the car and he sticks the hand that isn’t holding yours in front of you, demanding the keys. You take a deep breath bracing yourself for the pain as you move to rummage through your coat pocket. But Ashton being the helpful man that he is gently whisks your hand away and fossicks for the keys with a caution that makes you want to cry. 'Got 'em’ he says winking at you and unlocking the car. 'Don’t you dare move I’m putting your bag in the back and then I’m helping you in.’ He warns and you don’t have the energy to resist so you stand shivering as he puts your bag in the back and opens the door for you guiding you in letting you lean on him as you get in. He shuts the door as gently as he can and then runs around and gets in himself. He turns the air on to warm and comfortable. But you still shiver uncontrollably. 'Baby I’m so worried about you, do you need a doctor or something this isn’t good at all.’ He states and you feel terrible that he’s so worried when he has so many other things to be doing. 'I’m fine just drop me home and go back to the studio. Really Ash. Don’t worry about me.’ You say unconvincingly and he just gives you a look that assures you he will not be going back for he studio today and probably tomorrow too. You sigh and rest you read against the window with your scarf acting as a pillow. Ashton’s smooth driving lulling you into sleep.

You hear the car stop and open you eyes despite the splitting headache that hadn’t lessened any. You’re in the driveway of your house and Ashton is sprinting around the car to open your door and as you start to move he shakes his head sternly at you. Mother hen that he is. He opens the door and you start shivering again. 'Here let me help you. I would love to carry you in but I’m one hundred percent sure you wouldn’t let me do that so I’ll settle for just helping you walk.’ He says knowing you so well.

With Ashton’s help you do make it into the house having a little break in the kitchen before continuing upstairs to your bedroom. Ash sits you down on the bed unfurling your scarf from around your neck, then gently taking off your jacket. Finally he helps you remove your shirt and jeans, leaving you in just your underwear. 'Here I’ll grab you a shirt baby.’ He reaches under your pillow and locates the shirt of his you sleep in. 'Bra off babe everything off before this goes on, I’m not having you wear a bra to bed that’s no fun for anyone.’ He helps you unclasp your bra and slide you underwear off before slipping the soft cotton shirt over your head gently. He kisses your forehead a look of concern washing over his features. 'Go to bed I’ll put all this in the wash and then make you some tea and soup if you’re feeling up to it.’ He runs a gentle hand down your leg as he stoops to pick up your discarded clothes before leaving the room. As you fall asleep all you can think of is how lucky your are to have given your heart to the man you have, someone who cares so well for you physically surely is a perfect candidate for the holder of your heart.

I’d helped her get into bed showing just how sick she really was. After putting her clothes in the wash and then starting to make her some tea and soup I’d wandered up to our room to check on her with the food. I’d made enough that if she was asleep or didn’t want any I could have this lot that was warm. I enter the room to see her cuddled up to her pillow asleep soundly and finally with a look of peace on her face. I slip into bed gently and sip some soup. Tomorrow she is staying here and I am going to make sure she has everything she needs. It’s the least I can do for the beautiful sleeping girl who stole my heart and has cared for it so well.

the Moment is actually terrifying though

like, it’s obviously terrifying as a weapon – dubbed the Galaxy Eater, it can destroy an unfathomable about of matter between one heartbeat and the next and leave no trace behind – but people don’t really talk about its sentience enough

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Silent Night

Eleven x Reader

Request: @doctorppwhouffle Well, here I am. Again. Can I request a fluff one with the prompt 13 (Kiss me)? Elevenxreader, please. Thanks!!! Xoxoxo

Again, thank you for requesting! Due to the holiday season, this one has a Christmas theme to it. I hope you enjoy! Please stop by again sometime! Xoxo

Title: Silent Night

Warnings: Mentions of grieving and implied depression. Other than that, mostly fluff!

Word Count: 2,834

As you hummed along to the familiar Christmas tune that drifted through your home, the smell of pine needles tickling your senses as you hung up the lights around the tree. Glancing outside, there was snow gently, and silently falling outside as you kept warm in your favorite holiday sweater. These things were some of your favorites when it came to the holidays, but this year you were able to share it with the man you cared most about. “Oi! These lights are not very helpful if I do say so myself!” The Doctor exclaimed a few feet away. When you looked over to him you were greeted by the sight of him looking like a Christmas tree himself with how wrapped up he was within the green lit strings. You raised your hand over your mouth to stifle a burst of laughter, taking in the sight of him. “Well, I do have to say you look a lot better than the real tree. Maybe I’ll just keep you wrapped up in those lights.” You teased, walking over Christmas boxes to get to him. He rolled his eyes before connecting them to yours, and smirked. “As fun as it sounds, I’d much rather not be set on fire by lights.” “Ah, there’s a fire extinguisher!” You claimed wrapping your arms around his neck and began stroking the nape of it. His eyes twinkled in the illumination, making them look as if there was a thin layer of gold within them. He laughed not looking anymore reassured than before, letting his head fall back into your hands before looking back down at you. The way he was looking at you made your heart skip a beat and your stomach flutter. You felt so light that you could levitate right off the floor if you weren’t wrapped around your madman. You stood up on your tip toes to kiss his nose before finally taking on the task of untangling the Gallifreyan from the mess of green wires. “So Doctor, how do you usually spend your holidays?” You asked as you finished unwrapping him from the lights. “Ah well, I try to stay out of trouble, but trouble always seems to follow me wherever I go.” You nodded remembering him telling you one story of one of his past Christmas excursions, involving killer Christmas trees. As you started packing up things that wouldn’t be needed for the rest of decorating, you noticed there was a tinge of pain behind his green, golden-lit eyes and a single tear falling down his cheek. “Doctor? Doctor, what’s the matter?” You asked, rushing to his side on the couch. You took his face in your hands and wiped the tear away, not pressing for an answer right then and there. He placed his hand on top of yours, and let the warmth that they both expelled seep into his skin. “My past holiday’s haven’t always been the best. The last time I was doing all of this,” He turned out to reference the Christmas filled living room before you, keeping your hands in his and putting them in his lap. “I was with two people that I cared very dearly about, and I guess I’m still…grieving for them.” He admitted, not looking at you for he was afraid that too much of his vulnerability would be showing. As you listened, you felt a twang of pain pierce your heart. The Doctor has experienced loss many a time, and any other time had been just as painful as the last but now that he was explaining exactly what was going on in that maze of a mind, you felt that maybe having him with you and helping with all of these holiday traditions may be making it even harder for him. You had been wrapped up in having the perfect holiday, you had completely forgotten that maybe he had hit a low. “Doctor…I’m so sorry.” You whispered, squeezing his hands. He half-smiled at your touch and looked around the room before taking a deep breath. “It’s not your fault Y/N. Not at all. All I know is that, this is the best time I’ve had during this time of year. As well as the most quiet comparatively,” he nudged you making you crack a smile. “You’ve brought back my Christmas spirit.” He looked at you with genuine care and love, his face looking soft and glowing. You smiled back, and lifted his hands to your lips and kissed them. “I’m happy that you are here. With me. I know it must be the hardest thing, but I’m thankful for you Doctor. More than anyone or anything.” He took you into his arms and hugged you tightly, kissing your forehead then burying his face in your neck. “Enough with the sad things! Let’s do more Christmas-y things!” The Doctor exclaimed as you guys broke away from each other, making you smile again. As you watched him get up and begin another task of stringing the rest of the garland, you couldn’t help but feel concerned that he was able to switch out of his sadness so quickly. You were happy he seemed to be happy with you here in this moment, but you hoped that he wasn’t putting on a happy face just so you would be happy. “Doctor, it’s okay to not be okay all the time. Even during the supposed happy times,” You mentioned as his back was towards you. He stopped stringing the garland on the tree but didn’t face you, his body looking rigid. You tentatively got up from the couch and crossed over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and letting your head rest on his back. “We can go back to the good stuff here in a second, I just…I just want you to know that you are loved. And it’s okay to feel whatever it is your feeling for however long you feel it. Just, please remember that.” You both stood in silence for a moment, the Christmas music and the crackling fire being the only sounds throughout the house. The Doctor finally took a deep breath, and you took another one with him and your bodies moved in unison. His hands lightly touched your arms, to make them part enough for him to turn around and finally face you. “You are the reason I’m okay. I don’t want you to forget that.” He cupped your cheeks not letting you look away as you tended to do when you felt bashful with him. You both smiled, and with another breath let go of the seriousness, and moved back to the lightness. The Doctor strung some of the silver garland in your hair, and letting it fall in front of your face. You both laughed as you tried to get the slippery pieces off of you failing miserably. “Hey! I thought you were the Christmas tree!” You claimed flinging it back to him, “I think it’s time you had a go at it. I think you’d look better than me as a tree.” You took the spare garland and put it on the real tree as the two of you laughed. “Alright, what do you want to do?” You asked looking around the room. “We’ve put up lights, the tree, baked some things, have a crackling fire, records are playing. There isn’t much else to do in here.” “Well, what about putting that star up? And then we could go out in the snow! It has been falling for the past three days non-stop.” He suggested pulling out your star topper from the nearby box. “Excellent!” You smirked, getting up from the couch and walking over to the six-foot tree. The Doctor followed close behind, looking at the details of the silver ornament. “This is quite beautiful.” He uttered, holding it up for the two of you to see. “Yes, it was my grandmother’s. A family heirloom in a way. It’s survived many, many Christmas’s.” You noted, not noticing that the Doctor was now staring at you and grinning from ear-to-ear at the sight of you. “Like you Doctor.” You claimed, catching him by surprise when you turned to meet his eyes. You smiled, his eyes continuing to dance in the lights, and his hair perfectly placed. You ran your fingers through the soft tendrils all the way back until your hand rested once again on his cheek, his cheekbone cradling your hand as if it was made to stay there. The Doctor grabbed your hand and kissed your palm before taking the star and finally placing it on the designated top branch. “Ah, there we are.” He muttered as he settled back down next to you, beaming as he laid his arm across your shoulders. “Perfect.” You admired, molding into his side and linking your arm around his back.  “Let’s put these boxes away, and then go out for a winter stroll!” The Doctor claimed, squeezing your shoulder before spinning around to get things put away. You giggled as you began to put away some of the extra lights in their designated storage bin. As the Doctor placed empty ornament boxes in another, he spied some of the extra holiday things you had. There were some little figurines, stuffed animals, old things you made when you were a child that your mom passed on to you, an abundance of Christmas cards, and even more bags of garland. “Blimey, you could decorate a whole other house with all these things Y/N.” The Doctor claimed, sifting through the bin. “I suppose so! Maybe we can put some of these things up in the Tardis, eh?” You pondered as you put some of the boxes back into the spare closet. “Why do you keep plants in here?! Shouldn’t this be in a pot of some sort??” The Doctor called over to you, immediately confusing you. “Plants? In a Christmas box? What the bloody hell are you talking about Doctor?” You asked, trying to think of what on earth he could be talking about. As you came around the corner, the Doctor was holding up the small green plant with red berries he was referring to, looking just as puzzled as you. “This plant Y/N! How on earth do you forget that you put a plant in a bin of Christmas things!” You once again found yourself laughing, only making the Doctor more curious. “Oh Doctor,” You muttered, walking further into the room, taking the plant from him. “Doctor this isn’t a plant for planting. It’s a fake plant, it’s mistletoe.” You claimed a little surprised that he hadn’t recognized it. “Mistletoe? Why would you need this fake mistletoe?” He asked, standing up still looking confused as he examined the mistletoe like it was a new creature that had never been discovered. “It’s another Christmas tradition. You hang it up somewhere and whenever there are two people underneath it, they’re supposed to kiss.” You explained, enjoying seeing him lean down to your level to examine it. “Why would you need a designated plant for kissing?” He queried, cocking an eyebrow up at you. You shrugged, “I don’t know, it’s just one of those things that’s been passed down and done for who knows how long.” “Hmm…” He pondered, still looking intently at the mistletoe. You flicked your wrist so it would tap his nose, startling him and almost resulting him falling back into the fireplace. You grabbed his arm to catch him, and pulled back quickly so he only fell on the ground instead of in the crackling fire. You attempted to stifle your laughter unsuccessfully as he looked up at you in shock. “That could have poked my eye out!” He exclaimed, only making you laugh harder. “I wouldn’t have poked your eye out Doctor. And even if I did, I’m sure you had a way to get it back in.” “Not likely!” “You’re more worried about getting your eye poked out by a fake plant, than almost actually catching on fire?” You teased, cocking your head to the side. He smirked up at you as he realized how silly it actually was. “You have a fire extinguisher.” He winked, knowing that you would instantly blush. You watched him start to get up off the floor, and as he got to his knees you put your arm on his shoulder to keep him down. He went to look up at you, once again confused, only to be greeted by your face inches away from his. “Kiss me.” You whispered, holding the mistletoe over your heads. He looked up and chuckled, meeting your gaze with an extra sparkle in his eye. “So this is what it does then?” He asked quietly, grinning at you. You bit your lip and smiled, “Are you going to keep asking questions, or kiss me?” You articulated, letting your arm rest on his shoulder. He let out a quiet laugh as he closed the distance between you and met your lips with his. You felt electric shocks fly through you from your met lips, heating you up from your core. He grabbed your waist as he stood up fully, letting both of your arms fall around his neck, kissing you deeply. The Doctor lifted you off the ground, smiling into your lips as you squeaked in surprise. You parted only slightly to look at each other, the Doctor setting you back down onto the carpet. You stood up on your tip-toes to give him another quick pec, and he rebutted by cupping your face and giving you a few more. “You are beautiful.” He whispered, his eyes darting around the details of your face and finally deep into your eyes. He was looking at you as if you were the only beautiful thing on the planet, or any other universe he had been to. You felt your heart race, his gaze stunning you as if he was a gorgon. You stroked his porcelain skin, and kissed him softly. “Come on, let’s go.” You uttered, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the coat rack. The two of you bundled up quickly, and walked to your unrecognizable front yard, “Talk about a winter wonderland.” The Doctor expressed as you closed the door behind you. “I know, this takes on a whole new meaning of blanket of snow.” As you walked down your steps, careful not to slip on any hidden ice, all of a sudden you were taken down into the freshly fallen, pile of snow. “Oi!” You cried out, as you hit the ground with a puff of snow flying up around you. The Doctor rolled on top of you gently, laughing at your surprise. “That’s what you get for trying to set me on fire.” He joked, poking your side. “Ah! Why you little –“ but before you could utter another word, his lips were pressing hard against yours making you smile under the Doctors soft lips, making you feel so warm, you couldn’t even notice that you were in a cocoon of snow. “Didn’t need mistletoe after all.” You acknowledged, the Doctor shrugging in response. “Well, I figure I don’t need a fake plant to kiss the girl I love.” You were taken aback at his claim, and found yourself speechless. He smiled at you, and kissed you again. “I love you Y/N. Happy Christmas.” You couldn’t keep a beaming grin from appearing on your face, you rolled the Doctor onto his back, switching yourself to be on top of him. You let your forehead rest against his and gave him and Eskimo kiss, happiness radiating through you. “I love you too Doctor, and happy Christmas indeed.” The two of you ended up laying together in the snow, looking up into the sky as the flakes gently fell on your faces. You talked about the stars and the different constellations that lit up the sky for what seemed like hours before the cold was able to seep into your bones. The two of you ran inside and undressed, getting into comfier clothing. You made hot chocolate and sat by the fired and talked about the future and what it may hold for the two of you even though much of it was still unknown. All the two of you really knew was that you wanted to be together for whatever was to come, hopefully having many more Christmas holidays like this one. You both came to the conclusion that it was more than safe to say, that it was the first of many holidays for the two of you to share with one another. The two of you laid by the fire, and drifted into sleep under the white lit tree dreaming of Christmas lights, mistletoe, and snowflakes.

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hi babe can you possibly write a fic for me if you want?? like a "we need to make out. right now. for science" one with tythan? I don't really mind if you want to slightly change anything it's coll XD LOVE YOU okay ill go now

hi babe can you possibly write a fic for me if you want?? like a “we need to make out. right now. for science” one with tythan? I don’t really mind if you want to slightly change anything it’s coll XD LOVE YOU okay ill go now 

 Ethan was just enjoying his lunch in the cafeteria like the good child that he was when Tyler the hottest man on Earth Scheid approached him and sat down next to him with his tantalizing smirk. 

  “Hey, Ethan,” he greeted with the slickest of tones, “I need a favor.”

 Ethan set the gaming console he had in his hand off to the side and gave Tyler his attention, in which he proceeded, “you and I? we need to make out. right now. For science, of course.” 

 Ethan was shocked by this and raised his eyebrows at the other boy. “What makes you think I’d make out with you?”

 Why the hell would Ethan ask that question? Funny story, you see, Tyler was the popular boy in school and Ethan kept to himself and when rumor had it Tyler liked him everything has just spun out of control since then. They flirted a lot, but Ethan felt it was just playful. Hell, Tyler even offered to give him rides to and from school since Ethan was always riding on his dismantled bike.

  “Well because I made a bet with some guys on the team that making out with a guy is much better than with a girl and they believe otherwise,” Tyler explained. 

  “Oh, so i’m just a bet. What is this? ‘She’s All That’?” Ethan replied, returning to his game and muting Tyler for a second.

  “Oh. c’mon, Eth, throw a dog a bone and just make out with me. It doesn’t have to be about the bet. I just wish I could kiss you without the need for some encouragement.” Tyler whined, sliding closer to Ethan as he wrapped his arm around his shoulder to see what he was playing.

 One of the cheerleaders at the table Tyler came from shouted, “YEAH TYLER, GET IT.”

 He threw her a glare before paying attention to Ethan again.

  “Don’t you have some… elite girl or guy to make out with other than me?” Ethan replied, his own heart aching at the words.

  “I’d rather much make out with you instead. And I know you want to make out with me too.”

 “Oh really? What makes you say that?” Ethan asked, playing coy for Tyler to try and coax him out of his little cocky ambiance. This proved to trap Ethan once Tyler replied with his big smirk.

  “Five minutes with me in the Band Room and I can prove you’ll be interested in more than just Pokemon,” Tyler replied cheekily. Ethan narrowed his eyes with a smile and Tyler’s eyes lit up with happiness.

  “Lunch ends in ten,” Ethan stated plainly.

  “Let’s make those minutes count,” Tyler replied as they stood up from the empty table and made their way out of the cafeteria where Tyler’s table exploded with shock and catcalls.


  “Mr. Scheid and Mr. Nestor, why am I graced with your tardy presence?” their teacher asked as they walked in quietly and sat at their desks far apart from one another.

  “I was… doing things…” Tyler said with a smile that only meant mischief.

  “I was things…” Ethan mumbled loud enough for people to hear as he straightened his shirt collar. 

 Everyone let out whistles and giggles as the teacher stared at Ethan before letting out a sigh and returning to her lesson.

 Tyler winked at Ethan who just stared at him and stuck out his tongue to express his playful annoyance.

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Number 2 - Tentoo x rose

“It reminded me of you.”

Tentoo x Rose

The Doctor followed close behind Rose as she swung the door to her flat open and walked in. He wasn’t really sure what to expect or what was expected of him. There was still so much they hadn’t talked about so he just kept his mouth shut for now and followed her lead.

The door closing behind him sounded disproportionately loud in the quiet space.

“Home sweet home, I guess,” Rose said, wry smirk on her face. “Not much here, to be honest, but it’s a blank slate for us now.”

He walked up next to her, looking around at the sparsely furnished living room. “You didn’t think you’d be coming back,” he said, words falling heavily as he was faced with the reality that she had been doing her best to not make this flat a home.

He’d seen how Rose made herself at home and it involved putting stuff everywhere. Her room back on the Estate had been crowded with little bits of memorabilia from years past and trinkets picked up because she liked the look of them and had a quid to spare that day.

She’d made the TARDIS her home too. She’d spread little bits of herself, blankets and shoes and jackets, everywhere. He’d occasionally chided her over making a mess but he’d loved the way she had settled in like she planned to stay.

This though, this room was practically empty in comparison. It was clean and tidy and wholly lacking in personality.

“I didn’t,” she admitted. “But I’m here and I’m with you and now we can make this place a bit more homey.” She reached out and found his hand to squeeze. “Or we can go find somewhere new, I’m obviously not attached.”


“Let me show you something,” she said, not letting him continue. She pulled him towards her bedroom which at least showed signs of her living there. She left him in the doorway and picked her way across the room in the dark until she reached a lamp. Rose rolled her finger across the power dial and suddenly the room was awash in pinpricks of light.

“It’s like a planetarium,” he said, stepping forward to get a better look at the spread of stars on her walls. “You brought the stars to your flat.”

“It reminded me of home,” Rose said. “Reminded me of you.”

The Doctor didn’t know what to say to that so he covered the distance between them and cupped her face in his hands before leaning down to gently kiss her amongst the stars.

ok, the following events changed my life..

today was panel day. I got a great seat by showing up two hours early. When it was John’s turn, this happend:

- he gets announced, music starts, John shows up, kinda dancing, beaming, wearing his Captain-Jack-Coat and his famous custom-made white heels. The growd cheers.

- he is shrugging his coat off, wearing his little Tardis-onesie. Crowd is excited, cheering.

- now John is starting to strip again! He opens his onesie in the front, peeling it off his body. He is wearing a black T-shirt with rainbow-coloured Daleks on the front, saying “Dalek Pride” and a little skirt. John is spinning on the stage. Crowd goes berserk.

- not enough! John gets rid of the skirt, ending up in his Dalek shirt and HIS UNDERPANTS! Crowd is in heaven.

- halfway through his panel his assistant Kelsey (who he calls his Asian bitch btw) is telling him to put on trousers. John asks crowd, if he should put on pants (noooooo) or keep them off (yeeeessss) and tells Kelsey “well, they paid, sooo…”. Crowd cheers happily.

- Three seconds later John shrieks “Omg, I just saw myself on the screen!!! I need to put on pants!”

What can I tell you…my life is complete now.

Oh, btw, he finally killed me off at the end by singing “A thousand years” for Scott, because today is their fourth wedding anniversary.

I will never be the same again. Bye.

Smooth Criminal [Jake Jensen x Reader] One-Shot.

I’m half asleep and this is probably terrible, but I love Jensen and had to give it a shot.

Title: Smooth Criminal

Fandom/Pairing: The Losers/Jake Jensen x Reader

Summary: Rule one: you’re not supposed to flirt with your contact. Jensen didn’t get the memo. Well, he did. But then he shredded it. Because it was stupid.

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Jensen surveyed the crowded plaza; spotting the restaurant Clay informed him was the meeting point and taking a seat on the patio. He waved down a waitress to order a quick drink, since the summer sun was blazing hot above, and fiddled with his earpiece.

“Tell me again why this meeting had to be public?” he grumbled, eyes darting to and fro. “And why I had to be the one doing said meeting?”

“She’s taking a risk even talking to us,” Clay’s voice came over the radio in a bored fashion. “A public place is less suspicious. If Max found out she was sneaking off to abandoned warehouses, he might get a little trigger happy.”

“That still didn’t answer my other question,” he pouted.

“Pooch is still laid up and Cougar’s specialty is shooting people,” Clay grunted. “So you won by default.”

“Fine,” he sighed, squinting as he tried to find his target. “But I’m just letting you know, my acting skills are a little rusty. I mean—I’m good, I’m always good. I could use some polish, is all. The last time I had to perform, I got a little…distracted and—”

“Jensen, shut up,” Clay groaned. “She’s here, at your ten o’clock.”

Perking up, Jensen sat up straighter, his eyes widening as he finally spotted you. He’d never seen a simple sundress look so good. He unconsciously found himself hypnotized by the sway of your hips as you walked.

Weaving through the busy patio, you politely smiled at the waiter approaching you and murmured something while pointing towards his table. The waiter nodded in understanding and moved on. Jensen smirked a little.

You were with him. Suck it, waiter.

“Sorry I’m late,” you offered in greeting as you pulled up a chair. You both waited in silence as a waitress dropped off his drink and told you she’d give you a minute. “I was feeling a little paranoid, so I took a few precautions on the way here. To make sure I wasn’t followed,” you admitted with slight embarrassment. A spy you were not.

“Uh, I assure you, ma’am,” he replied, trying to fake the confidence he didn’t feel and grinning, “you’re in safe hands with me.”

Clay snorted.

“I’m Jensen, by the way,” he offered you a hand to shake. “Jake, that is. Jake Jensen. Heh, I sound like James Bond. Jensen. Jake Jensen. Actually it’s Captain Jake Jensen. But no standing on ceremonies, right? So you can call me Jensen. Or Jake, if you’d like…Whatever.”

There was a long, awkward pause that left him squirming. Clay was trying to muffle his laughter.

“Sorry,” you chuckled with a shake of your head, “I was curious if there was more to your introduction.” You could see a hint of a blush on his cheeks and you bowed your head demurely.

“Well, Captain Jake Jensen,” you grinned, “It is a pleasure to meet you. I am afraid I can’t stay very long. I’m on my lunch break and my boss will know something is up if I’m tardy.”

Jensen nodded in understanding, a little too fervently. Your hand slipped into your purse and you palmed the flash drive. Pulling his hand to yours, you slipped it into his grip as you made to play with his fingers and act coy. He seemed to take the hint, palming the device easily. But he didn’t pull away.

Instead he brought up his other hand, leaving you stretched slightly across the table sitting hand in hand like smitten teenagers. You smothered a grin as he ran his thumb across your knuckles.

“Why do I feel like you’re enjoying this?” you shook your head in amusement.

“Because you are a very perceptive woman,” he grinned widely.

“Damn it Jensen, you’re not feeling up our contact, are you?” Clay interrupted the moment and Jensen dropped your hands and turned his head to mutter into his microphone.

“God no, Clay,” he said in a harsh whisper, “Give me a little credit here. I’m being charming,” he added, turning back to you with a wide, crooked smile.

“Is that possible?” Clay wondered in disbelief, and Jensen looked away once more, his mouth pursed.

“I’m a delight!” he mumbled, before shifting his attention back to you, adjusting his glasses and trying to strike a come hither pose.

“He really is,” you assured him, leaning forward to make sure whoever was in his ear heard you clearly.

“Ha! Hear that,” he added smugly.

“Well sorry to burst your bubble, Mr. Wonderful,” Clay said bemusedly, “but your girl is on a time crunch. So stop making kissy faces and get a move on. You need to start decrypting that drive as soon as possible.”

“Fine,” Jensen muttered, pulling a face. You were still eyeing him with amusement and he gave you a lopsided grin. “I’m supposed to let you get back to work so I can do some work of my own.”

“It is about time for me to leave,” you confessed after glancing at your watch. You stood, and he followed suit, tugging at his t-shirt nervously. “It was a pleasure, Jake. You made my first outing as a spy—memorable.”

“You could just give me your number,” he suggested, ignoring Clay’s admonishments for hitting on an informant. “We could make more memories.”

“You’re a hacker, right?” you teased, leaning forward and placing a light kiss on his cheek. “Find it yourself.”

And with that, you bid him goodbye with an airy smile. His gaze followed you as you left the restaurant until he couldn’t see you any longer.

“I think I’m in love,” Jensen declared.

“That’s just great, really,” Clay said drolly. “Did you get the drive?”

“Of course!” he returned, a little offended as he double-checked his pockets, relieved when he did in fact feel the flash drive. “I’m not an amateur.”

“No,” Clay agreed, “You just think with the wrong head sometimes.”

“Hey! At least I didn’t go sleeping with the enemy,” he reminded his commander as he began to make his way back to his car. “How is Aisha, by the way?”

“She’s sitting right next to me,” Clay smirked. “So you might want to think twice about what you say. She’s already shot you once.”

“Don’t remind me,” Jensen groaned.

“I was playing nice,” Aisha’s voice came over the radio. “It was just your shoulder. I could have aimed lower.”

“No shooting my dick!” he exclaimed, before noticing that there was in fact a crowd of people nearby who all stopped what they were doing to ogle the crazy man. He waved awkwardly, shrugging his shoulders before picking up his pace and practically racing to his car.

“Just get back to base,” Clay advised, having had enough of taunting Jensen. “You’ve got work to do.”

“On my way,” Jensen replied, starting up the engine. He was more than ready to get started.

After all, he had data to decrypt and a date to arrange.

Divorce is Terrible (10th Doctor Imagine)

Hey guys!  I asked for requests a while back and I GOT REQUESTS.  Guys seriously this made me happy.  I wanted to get this out because tomorrow I will be headed to Iceland and then to London for three months.  If you are in London, you might find me.  Use the tumblr code if you recognize me.  I’m an awkward person okay it may take me a second.  The song of the imagine (it has nothing to do with the imagine) is Washington on your Side from Hamilton.  Anyways, this imagine was requested by @suuny96

Pairing: Not really any pairing.

Warnings: Divorce, arguing, depression.


“Y/N!  You’re back!  Me and Donna were just talking about where we’re going next.  She wants to go somewhere relaxing since the last place had people who weren’t very nice."  The Doctor says as I walk into the Tardis after visiting my family. 

"Y/N was almost killed.  So, yeah I would say the people there weren’t very nice."  Donna says. 

"In their defense, Y/N stepped on their holy ground.  They’re very protective of their holy ground.”

“I didn’t know."  I mumbled as I took a seat.  The Doctor gave me an odd look but kept fiddling with stuff on the console.  Donna pointed to the door that led to the bedrooms.  She knew something was up with me.  We walked into my bedroom and took a seat on the bed.

"Okay, what’s up?"  I felt the tears starting to form. 

"My parents are getting a divorce."  I said as the tears started falling.  I tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t stop.  Donna pulled me into a hug and just held me as I cried.  We stayed like that for what seemed like forever till the tears stopped.  I lifted my head from her shoulder and wiped my eyes.  There was a giant stain where I had my head.  "Sorry."  I say quietly.

"You don’t have to apologize for anything.  Divorce is never easy on anyone involved." 

"I just don’t understand.  Everything was fine when I left." 

"They kept it together in front of you because they didn’t want you to see them fighting."  There was silence for a bit.

"Can we keep this between us."  Donna looked at me like I was crazy.

"Why?  You know the Doctor is going to find out one way or another.”

“I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

“Okay, I will respect your request."  She stood up from the bed.  "Now come on, I hope the Doctor is taking us to a spa.  Not like Midnight of course.  Although, I did enjoy that spa.  The Doctor almost died when he went off by himself."  I laughed.

"No surprise there."  We stood there and laughed for a while and went back to the console room to go on that adventure.


"Come on, we have to get Donna to the med bay."  The Doctor says as we practically carry Donna into the Tardis.  The Doctor was mad, and it is my fault.  Even though talking to Donna made me feel a little better, I couldn’t focus on anything, and it led to Donna almost dying.  We got Donna onto a table, and I moved out of the way of the Doctor.  He moved around quickly and fixed up Donna.  Once he was done, he turned to me.  "What was that!"  That took me by surprise.  "If you were paying attention, Donna wouldn’t have fallen."  I felt tears forming in my eyes again as the Doctor turned his back to me.  I took off towards my bedroom again.

Donna’s POV

I woke to find the Doctor looking at a computer screen.  I looked around to find that Y/N wasn’t in the room. 

"Doctor?"  The Doctor turned around as soon as he heard me talk.  He walked over and started checking some things.

"Are you okay?  Do you hurt anywhere?"  He asks.

"I’m a little sore, but other than that I’m good."  There was silence.  "Where’s Y/N?"  He went tense.

"I don’t know.  She took off once we brought you into here.”

“Don’t tell me you yelled at her."  The Doctor stayed silent.  "You yelled at her!"  I yelled angrily.

"Well, if she had her head in the game you wouldn’t have almost died." 

"If you had taken us somewhere relaxing, I wouldn’t have been put in the position I was in!"  The Doctor turned his back on me.  "You don’t even know what’s going on." 

"Of course I do.  Y/N wasn’t paying attention, and you almost died." 

"Y/N’s parents are getting a divorce."  I finally yelled out. He paused.


“Y/N found out her parents are getting a divorce when she went home for a visit.  So she has a right to not be in the best mood."  He looked terrified.  He knew he really messed up.  "Go talk to her."  He nodded and ran off. 


I have been laying on my bed crying since the Doctor yelled at me for letting Donna get hurt, but right now I am cried out.  I still was hiding under my blanket.  I was thinking about getting up and taking a shower, when my door opened.  I peeked out from under my blanket to find the Doctor had walked in.  I turned to face away from him.  I heard footsteps and felt the other side of the blanket life.  The Doctor got under the blanket with me, but I kept my back turned towards him.

"Donna told me."  He says after a few minutes of silence.

"She shouldn’t have."  I say.

"Why didn’t you tell me?" 

"I don’t like feeling like a burden.”

“Why would you ever feel like a burden?”

“Because I feel like the problems we see everyday are way more important than whatever I have to deal with." 

"Y/N look at me."  I didn’t move.  He put a hand on my shoulder.  "Y/N."  I didn’t move for a moment but then turned towards him. "Your problems are important.  What you’re dealing with isn’t easy.  Don’t ever feel like you are any less important than anyone."  He pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me.  "Also, remember I only bring the best with me on my adventures.” I smile and wrap my arms around him as well.  We stay like that for the rest of the night.

Eyeliner - 13th Doctor x Reader

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A/N: Because my other 13th Doctor imagine was very popular, here’s another one!

It was very quiet. You had woken up in your bedroom that resembled your old bedroom in the house where you had grown up. You suspected the TARDIS, but you didn’t mind, it was nice. You had gone to the kitchen in your pyjamas, hoping to see the Doctor there. But she was nowhere to be seen. You had checked the console room, no Doctor there hanging upside down, trying to fix something. You were a little bit irritated. Had she left the TARDIS to go on an adventure without you?

You went back to the kitchen and made some tea for her and your favourite beverage for yourself. She always liked tea in the morning. You would catch her very early in the console room, talking to the TARDIS and sipping from her steaming cup of tea.

‘Very British, alien girl,’ you had teased her and she had rolled her eyes at you.

You had finished making the drinks and then you heard the TARDIS door. You frowned. Was that her? Or an intruder?

‘Doctor!? Is that you? I am armed so watch out!’ you yelled, just in case it was an intruder.

‘With what, Y/N, your sharp wit?’ the Doctor yelled back. You sighed, relieved. You picked up the cups and walked over to the console room. The Doctor was standing there, her coat on and carrying a bag.

Keep reading