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anyways why make steven visibly have legitimate problems with connecting his human and his gem side only to have the first human he expresses that to be the goddamn racist uncle instead of idk maybe greg or connie

yeah maybe he wants to “know more about his family” but greg is clearly his family, not to mention that it seems like a flimsy excuse since steven’s never mentioned wanting to know more about his family before??

Out of the Frying Pan (5/?)

“If I ask you something right now, do you promise not to bite my head off?”

“Sorry about that,” he muttered, scuffing his foot along the linoleum floor and ducking his head.

“I’m going to take that as a yes,” she continued. “I think you should go for it.”

He lowered his eyebrows in confusion, crossing his arms tightly. Ariel brushed her hair behind her ears and smiled encouragingly nodding at Killian. “What are you talking about?”

“This Emma and her kid. I think you should go for it.”

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Okay so like… everyone knows Akko has the Shiny Rod, but now Lotte Sucy and Amanda (and Ursula of course) know she is trying to revive the Seven Words and yet…. Diana knows all about the Grand Triskelon and the Nine Olde Witches and Arcturus but she of all people still does not actually know that Akko is reviving the Words. Interesting.

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Hi! 12x19 definitly felt as a 6x20 redo, are we going backwards? Castiel should have known better by now not to repeat the same mistakes (the lying, the betrayal, the leaving), it just felt like he's screwing one thing after another nonstop, or is it like Dean said, that Cas can't see straight anymore and what can Dean do about it? He already said that he wants him there, with him and Cas still left...

Cas’ issues with putting Dean and Sam in danger are what drive his weirder decisions a lot of the time. He’s still an ancient being that is statistically more likely to survive incidents (and his track record with asking for help hasn’t been stellar for him). He probably should understand by now that they’re better together, but bad luck and a need for finale setup kind of prevent it even if he would have figured it out during the episode. The whole nephilim possession thing kind of prevents real conversation… for reasons. If Purgatory really is purity and truth, then Cas’ way of showing love has been to keep those he loves out of danger. That’s his priority. He still operates on it being the best course of action and he believes himself more capable of hard decisions. He’s wrong of course, but he desperately wants to prove that he’s not useless to both himself and the Winchesters. As Dean said “He’s not thinking straight”. There is certainly a level where I can understand his feelings though.

At this point, they’re pretty much riding on circumstance to prevent real conversation because they seem to want to reserve every possible resolution for later in the season. Which.. ok, fine. It’s a tv show after all. But man are they running out of scenarios here. There will be a point where if they don’t start resolving things, they’ll either enter retread territory, or they’ll enter what is the narrative equivalent of a fizzled out balloon.

They can only hold their breath for so long, and I’m hoping they don’t pass out from it. 

As long as the show keeps its themes up, the ending will probably be fine. Ridiculous and over the top from a story perspective probably, but fine from a character one. It will probably still have some form of sadness because most likely Mary and some other characters will die, but I seriously doubt Cas will. There’s a limit of how much pain people can handle regarding single characters before it gets gratuitous and becomes an issue. It’s not a good idea to be angsty for the sake of angst. Conflict must have meaning for people to care about it, and they’re running out of ways to use it. 

They’re pretty much doing what I thought they would do with the ep in terms of Cas powering up and disappearing into the wherever. There kind of has to be some positivity in the next eps though. More angst at this point isn’t a payoff, and when you wind the story up that tight, you kind of need something to balance it out if you want to remotely loosen it.(there’s another reason they should loosen it, but it’s hard to explain) I have no idea what their plans are, but I want to trust Dabb. I want to think he knows what he’s doing. This ep was like 80% setup which makes sense for its place in the season, and as setup, Cas’ actions are pretty well in line with that. It’s pretty likely that TFW will all be on the same side in the finale because it’s easier to write/keep track of with so many factors, and because of the themes of the season.

I dunno, though. They may have something planned that fulfills a bunch of narrative stuff and still pulls the angst card. But that card would not be easy to find and I can’t think of a scenario that fulfills everything they’ve put together and still does that in a way that can survive a holdover of several months. If they can do it though, good for them.

I don’t know if it’ll be textual to each other by the end of the season, but it’ll probably be textual to someone since it’s been so focused on and they have to balance it out eventually. If they want to keep it going as a conflict, the audience needs some reprieve, at least to keep interest up over the hiatus. If they don’t come to some true resolution, they’ll still have to do something with all the buildup.

It doesn’t sit right with me when people complain about Young and Menace sounding different and not like the typical Fall Out Boy song they love. I understand being disappointed after all the hype because it’s just not your particular jam. But music is such a changing thing, and when it comes down to it, Fall Out Boy is always going to make what they wanna make. It’s like following an artist who goes through different phases, like drawing different things or using different colors or a particular style. Not everything is going to be your favorite. You may like some phases more overall, or some just aren’t your thing. But if they’re a favorite artist, chances are there are always going to be bits you like about their work, and who’s telling when they’ll make something you love again in the future?

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Hey, I have a question. Ta Moko is used to celebrate someone's life accomplishments, status, and position, correct? So, the gist of the problem with Marisha using them as ref is because it's directly tied to a specific culture? Or because ppl don't understand their weight and impact, even though, in this specific case, they seem to be used for their intended purpose (to denote rank and accomplishment) and changed to reflect more Ashari leanings (by not being on the face)?

The reason I’m asking, is based on purpose, description, placement, and usage; Dragon Age tattoos are far closer to being Ta Moko than what Marisha described. I understand that she gave very Maori examples, but the way it is presented is that they are the closest thing that she could think of that matched what she was thinking. I feel like I’m missing something here. Could you please explain? 

Ok so I am far from being an expert so take my words with a grain of salt but yes that generally what it represents (plus your connection to your whakapapa). Ta moko isn’t just the facial tattoos either (the name is usually used when talking about them though). It’s mostly because of the design that they’re going for and yes I agree the symbolism matches up however ta moko is specifically Maori and it’s generally considered pretty taboo to use it for someone who is not Maori. It’s purely because of the references she used that I’m taking an issue with it because there will be fan artists who take that as the “canon” design and run with it without knowing the whole meaning behind it. If she’d used idk Celtic knots or leaves or something I’d be like “oh sweet that sounds rad”. Also the dragon age tattoos are a made up thing for a made up culture- no real world ties. All I’m trying to do is avoid people bastardizing a sacred Maori practice.

Olicity| Oliver Queen x Felicity Smoak 

Arrow 5 x 19 - Canvas 

Antis like to pretend that the SS fandom is behind all the disgusting hate being sent to “all stories that are not SS” but here I’d like to provide exhibit A.

I’ve said it once that I’ve gotten reviews like these a couple months back and I’d seen them on other sasusaku stories as well. Still do.

This is a troll, people. Several probably tbh. They likely dont even ship anything at all, they just wanna piss people off and act like dicks and cause drama.

Which, let’s face it, I guess they’re doing their job because I am pissed at hell. That kind of bullshit is SO DISGUSTING TO SAY TO ANYONE. 

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@37q thx lol I’m a hypocrite I’m like “ppl especially with trauma are entitled to odd triggers that other ppl would think are overreactions” n then when a joke makes me upset for those very reasons I’m like “wow why don’t I have a sense of humor”